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w Rev. W. G. SHELLABEAR, D.D., 

JO Author of "A Practical Malay Grammar," 

"Malay English Vocabulary" etc 





All Rights Reserved 


Printed and Published by the Methodist Publishing llouse, 




The accomplishment of the author's original intention, which was to 
produce an English-Malay Vocabulary containing some three or four 
thousand words, has been so long deferred through pressure of other literary 
work, that it has been thought better to abandon it altogether, especially 
in view of the fact that other vocabularies have appeared meanwhile which 
supply the need for a limited word list. The scope of the original work 
has therefore been greatly extended, with the object of producing not a 
mere Vocabulary but a Dictionary which would be as complete as possible. 

An intimate acquaintance with Favre's French-Malay and with Klin- 
kerfs Dutch-Malay dictionaries, and the constant use of these valuable 
works during a period of many years, has enabled the author to profit by 
the experience gained by these writers, and it is hoped that all the essential 
information contained in these more voluminous works will be found in 
this volume in a more convenient and accessible form. 

Subsidiary English Meanings. 

The great defect of many dictionaries of Oriental languages is that 
in looking up an English word one finds a long list of unfamiliar equi- 
valents, without any indication as to the precise shade of meaning which 
is to be given to each. The English student is therefore quite at a loss 
as to which word he should select ; and similarly the Oriental student who 
is seeking the precise meaning of an English word finds so many almost 
synonymous equivalents in his own language that he is very little the 
wiser for his search. In order to obviate this difficulty as far as possible, 
we have followed the plan of the best English-French and English-German 
dictionaries, giving a number of English meanings wherever necessary for 
each English word, and arranging the Malay equivalents under these 
various headings. These English meanings have been taken in the main 
from Webster's International "Unabridged Dictionary, and in the same order 
as they are found there, so whenever the student finds any ambiguity in 
these meanings he should refer to Webster's dictionary. The typographic 
arrangement of Eoman and Italic letters, and the placing of the subsidiary 
English meanings in parentheses, has been designed so that the particular 
meaning of the word of which the student is in search will readily meet 
the eye, and thus the necessity for reading through a whole column of 
meanings (such as will be found, for instance, in Klinkert's dictionary) 
w r ill be avoided, thereby saving much time. 

Pronunciations of English Words. 

Another feature which we believe is rather unusual in dictionaries 
of Oriental languages is that for the sake of Asiatic students we have 
given the pronunciation of every English word. These pronunciations 

-i 314884 

V v. 

"<$jf~ * sr 


are based for the most part on Webster, but we have been careful to follow 
the English usage rather than the American, and for this purpose have 
consulted three or four other English dictionaries. This feature has added 
enormously to the labour of the final preparation of the work, and is; 
responsible for some delay, but we believe that it will be greatly appre- 
ciated by Malay students and Malay-speaking Chinese. 

Dialectic Differences in Malay. 

The Malay language is so widespread, and is spoken by such a variety 
of different races (Malays proper, Javanese, Sundanese, v Achinese, 
Siamese, and Chinese) that the differences of dialect are very considerable 
The Malay spoken on the three great islands of Borneo, Java and Sumatra 
is not by any means the same. There are variations in different parts of 
these islands, and along the coast of the Peninsula, the East Coast especial- 
ly differing from the West. But for the purpose of the English student 
of Malay or of the Malay student of English it is not at all necessary to 
consider all the differences of dialect. For practical purposes there are- 
four main divisions of the Malay language. The first of these is the 
pure Malay, which is spoken in Malacca and Johore and the opposite coast 
of Sumatra (Siak, Indragiri and Jambi) and is known to the Dutch as 
the Eiouw-Lingga Malay. This is the language of Malay literature, and 
is understood by educated Malays everywhere. Secondly should be placed 
the Malay spoken in the north of the Peninsula, which may be called Perak. 
or Penang Malay, and in which Kedah influences appear to predominate. 
Thirdly there is the Malay spoken by the Babas or Straits-born Chinese, 
which is a very distinct dialect, and is of great importance in a work of 
this kind, owing to the fact that the Babas nearly all speak English as 
well as Malay, and that perhaps the majority of Europeans come in touch 
with them and learn Malay from them rather than from the Malays. And 
fourthly we have considered the Malay spoken in the Netherlands Indies 
as a separate dialect, and by this we mean not the so-called Batavia Malay, 
which contains a very large proportion of Sundanese words, but the Malay 
spoken in places so widely separated as Banjermasin, Pontianak, Palem- 
bang and Medan, which approximates more nearly to the pure Malay, and 
as compared with the Malay of Java contains only a small admixture of 
Javanese and Dutch words. For the benefit of Englishmen and Americans; 
living in the Dutch Indies, and for the increasing number of Chinese who 
through the schools of the Tiong Hoa Hoe Koan are learning English, 
we have given a large number of the words which are in general use through- 
out Netherlands India. 

Help Received with the Dialects. 

The author has been very fortunate in being able to obtain valuable* 
assistance in regard to all these dialectic differences. The first draft of 
this dictionary from A to L was made in collaboration with a Perak Malay, 
Mr. Masohor bin Kulop Endut, and the remainder with a Riouw Malay, 
Said Abdu'r-rahman. The latter has assisted with the final revision of 
the whole work, and having living for some years in Palembang, was of 

PREFACE. '* /y 

great assistance in regard to the Netherlands Indies words. A great 
deal of help in regard to such words was also received from Mr. E. A. 
Van Wulven, who worked with the author all through the preparation of 
the first draft, turning up words in the Dutch and French dictionaries, 
and thus rapidly placing these sources of information at his disposal. 
Many valuable suggestions in regard to words used in the Dutch Indies 
have also been received from Mr. Goh Leng Inn, a Banjermasin Chinese, 
and in regard to Perak and Penang words, from Mohamed Said bin 
Mahomed Hussain, of Alor Star, Kedah, and from Mr. G. M. Laidlaw, of 
the Civil Service, who for many years was stationed in Perak, and from 
Mr. Hellier of the Education Department, who read the proof sheets with 
his visiting teacher, Haji Osman, of Province Wellesley. It is to be 
regretted that pressure of time prevented the author from making use of 
a great number of Penang words suggested by Guru Abdu '1-aziz, a Penang 
man, who is a visiting teacher in Singapore. These valuable suggestions 
have been filed for use in a future edition, if such be required. Haji 
Mohamed Said, Secretary to the Sultan of Johore, has also read the proof 
sheets and made many helpful corrections and additions. All the work 
connected with the Baba dialect was done by Mr. Chew Cheng Yong, who 
translated the Baba version of the Few Testament in collaboration with 
the author, and further help in regard to Baba words has been given by 
Mr. Goh Hood Keng, by Mrs. Chew Cheng Yong, and by the linotype 
operator who set the dictionary, Mr. Tan Keng Watt, who is himself a 

Malay Eoot Forms Used. 

In every Malay-English dictionary the Malay words are of necessity 
to be found only in their root forms, derived forms being grouped under 
the root heading. Similarly it has appeared to the author to be best 
in this English-Malay dictionary to give the Malay equivalents for the 
most part in the root form only. This is contrary to the plan adopted by 
Favre and by Klinkert, who under "couper" and "snijden," for example, 
give memotorg, mergerat, memerggal, etc., and Klinkert feels it necessary 
to add (van potorg) (van kerat) (van perggal). It seems much simpler 
to give only the root, and to trust to the intelligence of the student to 
give the proper derived form when using the word. The author has made 
this innovation in spite of the fact that a Malay will give the words every 
time in the forms mmotorg, mrgrat, etc., rather than in the root form. 
For the proper use of the prefix m, and other derived forms, the student 
is referred to the author's Practical Malay Grammar. 


It is customary in Oriental dictionaries to give derivations, and in a 
dictionary of Malay words the derivations are of unusual value, owing to 
the language containing such a large proportion of foreign words. In an 
English-Malay dictionary, however, the real importance of knowing the 
derivation of a word is merely to give an indication as to whether the word 
is likely to be known by the class of person to whom one is speaking or to 


whom one is writing. Thus words of Portuguese, English and Dutch 
origin are not much known except in the great centres of population, and 
Arabic words are for the most part only known to Mohammedans, and 
many of them only to those Malays who have some knowledge of Moslem 
literature. Some Arabic and Sanskrit words have, however, become so 
thoroughly incorporated in the Malay language by long usage that they 
are universally known, and are no longer to be considered as foreign words. 
In this work the derivation of such words is not given, as for instance, 
smoa, fikir, umor, bacha, etc. As regard Arabic, Sanskrit, Persian and 
Hindustani words, it has been thought convenient to omit the derivation 
from those words which are current to such an extent as to be known to 
the Baba Chinese. 

The Baba-Malay Dialect. 

The importance of this dialect, as being the business language of the 
Straits Settlements — the medium of communication of the Chinese mer- 
chants and shopkeepers with the Europeans on the one hand, and the 
Malays on the other, seems to justify the attention which is given to it in 
this work. Words and phrases which are not used by the Babas, and 
would be unfamiliar to them, and perhaps hardly understood, are marked 
with an asterisk [*], and those which are peculiar to them, being corrup- 
tions of the pure Malay or actually Chinese words, are marked (B). By 
this plan it is hoped to accomplish two purposes — (1) to make the 
dictionary useful to the Babas, and thereby introduce them to many Malay 
words which they do not know, and which would greatly enrich their 
vocabulary, and (2) to indicate to European students of Malay those words 
which are most commonly used in the colloquial language of the Settle- 
ments, which we think will be a great assistance to the vast majority tof 
those who come to these lands, and have no ambition to make a thorough 
study of the language as spoken by the Malays. A dissertation on the 
subject of " Baba Malay " will be found in the Appendix. 

Chinese "Loan" Words. 

A considerable number of Chinese words have become thoroughly in- 
corporated in the Malay language, and are well known to the Malays. 
Perhaps the most familiar are chat, chenterg, korgsi, locherg, loterg, sampan 
and sirgkek, certain terms connected with gambling, and words used by 
Chinese doctors, such as sergse, mek, po'ho, koyok, etc. The Chinese words 
used by the Babas form a far larger class, and a great number of these 
have not found a place in this dictionary, for where there is a Malay 
equivalent in common use among the Babas we have not thought it neces- 
sary to always give the Chinese word. Moreover the Babas use an immense 
number of Chinese words in connection with their marriage and other 
ceremonials, which we have not yet had an opportunity to collect. In 
order to make these loan words accessible to the student of Chinese, we 
have added in most cases the correct Chinese spelling with the tonal marks 
as they will be found in Douglas* Dictionary of the Amoy Colloquial, with- 
out which it would be exceedingly difficult to recognise them. It should 


be remarked that it would appear that nearly all the Chinese words which 
have come into the Malay language are from the so-called Hok-kien or 
Amoy dialect, and many of them have the Chang-chew sounds, so that the 
connection between the Baba pronunciation and the real Amoy sound as 
given by Douglas is not always evident to a person unfamiliar with the 
peculiarities of the Chinese dialects. For instance boek is from the Chang- 
chew boeh, and not from the Amoy beh; and paksui is from the Chang- 
chew phah-siii 71 , which looks quite different to the Amoy phah-svg, though 
it is really the same. Similarly one would hardly guess that the word 
chiau for oar could come from the Amoy chiu n if one were not acquainted 
with the Chang-chew sound, and it is not easy to recognise mtg-li in the 
Baba word muili. 

Arabic Words. 

To find an Arabic derivation from the sound of the word as it is 
pronounced by a Malay is almost as difficult as to discover the Chinese. 
This difficulty arises from the fact that the Arabic has two h's, and two 
t's, which the Malay pronounces just alike, and he makes very little if any 
distinction between k, q and kh, and between sin, shin, sad and thd, all of 
which he sounds like our letter s. Consequently one often does not know 
where to look for a word in either a Malay or an Arabic dictionary. More- 
over many Arabic words are utterly mispronounced by Malays, having 
apparently been picked up from the spelling rather than the sound; thus 
to the average Malay who does not know Arabic wahyu becomes wahi, and 
fatiua has become piaa, the letter z is often changed to j, and where the 
accent in Arabic falls on the last syllable it is almost always changed to 
the penultimate, as in the very common words jaivdb and kitab, which in 
Arabic are jaivdb and hitab. Hence in order to assist the student who 
desires to know the correct form of the Arabic words, and at the same 
time to avoid the use of letters with dots under them, we have adopted a 
system of spelling found in Faris' Arabic Grammar, using small capitals h, t 
for the Arabic ha, td and sad, and q for kaf, the other Arabic letters being 
represented in the usual way by th for thd, kh for khd, dz for dzdl, z for 
zd, sh for shin, dl for dldd, tl for tld, and gh for ghain. Much of the 
dictionary was already in type before this arrangement was decided upon, 
and the necessary changes could not always be made, but as far as possible 
the Arabic spelling has been given wherever the difference from the Malay 
spelling is such as to make it difficult to find the word in a dictionary. 
Generally the Arabic form is not given more than once in a group of 
English words of similar meaning, so if not found under any particular 
word it should be looked for under similar English words on the same 

Persian and Hindustani Words. 

A considerable number of Persian words are to be found in the Malay 
language. Probably all of these have come to us through the Hindustani. 
Mr. Ishwar Das, the District Court interpreter, Singapore, was kind enough 
to give me some information in regard to a few words, and to lend me his 


copy of Forbes' dictionary, with the aid of which I have been able to trate 
several words to their original source. Further investigation along this 
line would certainly yield very interesting results. It seems quite possible 
that many Arabic words have also come to us through Hindustani. For 
instance, Forbes tells us that the Arabic word nuqqah signifies a casket 
or box, and only in India does it have the meaning " pipe," from which 
the Malays get their word ogah. It is remarkable that the Arabic letter 
g very frequently becomes g in Malay. I am told that this is the pronun- 
ciation in Hadramaut, whence most of the Arabs in this part of the world 
have come. 

Dutch and Netherlands Indies Words. 

Most of the words used exclusively in the Netherlands Indies, which 
in this work are marked (N.I.), are of Javanese origin, but a number of 
them are from the Dutch, sometimes in a very much corrupted form. As 
far as possible the correct Dutch spelling of such words has been given, 
which will be appreciated by English and Americans living in Netherlands 
India, and also by many of the English-speaking Chinese. When a word 
is simply marked (D.) without the (N.I.), it may be taken that it is 
generally known by Malays and Babas in the British possessions also. 
Soirie words marked (D.) are really French, but have come into Malay 
through the Dutch, and the fact that such words are in most cases pro- 
nounced by the Dutch people with the French accent will account for the 
form in which they appear in Malay ; thus " gage " becomes gaji, " loge ,r 
becomes losi, and " sergeant " is the Malay sersan. For many of the Dutch 
derivations I am indebted to Mr. van Wulven* In most cases where I 
have been in doubt in regard to any Dutch word I have referred the 
matter to him, but it is quite possible that some errors may have crept 
in for which he is not to be held responsible. 

Nautical Terms. 

Great pains has been taken to obtain the most complete and accurate 
renderings of nautical terms. For years past the author has besieged 
with all sort of questions the Malay officers and sailors of the local boats 
on which he has made many coasting voyages. Boatmen at Malacca and 
in Singapore have supplied many words, but the greatest assistance has 
been rendered by Captain Matsum, the Indragiri pilot, who has been 
kind enough to spend many days in going carefully through all the material 
available, and explaining the Malay terms with the assistance of the dia- 
grams in a large book on seamanship. Unfortunately lack of time haft 
prevented a more thorough investigation of this interesting subject. 

Natural History. 

In regard to plant names the work of the Malay lexicographer has been 

immensely simplified by the splendid lists of Malay plant names published 

_years ago by Mr. H. N. Bidley in the Journals of the Eoyal Asiatic Society, 

Straits Branch, to which the author is indebted for practically all such 

material to be found in this work. The Malay names of birds, beasts, fishes 


and reptiles have been much more difficult to obtain and to verify, but our 
thanks are due to Dr. Hanitsch, the Curator of the Baffles Museum, Sing- 
apore, for his assistance in reading all the proof sheets and making some 
corrections. Latin names have only been given where it seemed necessary 
for the sake of a clearer identification. The words bur org, ikan, pokok, etc.,. 
which are usually prefixed by Malays to all names of birds, fish and plants, 
have in most cases been omitted, and should be supplied by the student. 

Other Technical Terms. 

Our thanks are due to the Wardens of Mines in Perak, Pahang and 
Banka for their kindness in supplying the correct terms used in the differ- 
ent methods of tin and goldmining. Also to Mrs. II. B. Mansell and other 
ladies who have taken infinite pains to try and discover and explain to a 
man the technology of needlework. In the matter of medical terms it is to- 
be regretted that the Malay language is lamentably deficient, and even the 
anatomy of the human body appears to be somewhat vague in Malay ter- 
minology. The vocabulary of medical terms prepared by the late Dr. 
Gerrard being a mere complication from all the dictionaries does not help to- 
decide " where doctors disagree. " Dr. Lim Boon Keng was kind enough to 
read the proof sheets, and made a number of valuable suggestions, with 
special reference to the words in use by the Baba Chinese. Dr. Connolly 
began to revise the medical terms, but unfortunately his removal from 
Singapore put an abrupt termination to his work on the dictionary. It is 
to be hoped that some medical man will take up his special department of 
Malay literature and publish a monograph in the Journal of the Boyal 
Asiatic Society. 

Our Printers. 

Great credit is due to the Methodist Publishing House for the rapidity 
and excellence of the work done in the printing of this dictionary. Over 
400 pages of the book were in type before a single sheet was printed off. 
This enabled the author to send proof sheets for criticism to a number of 
persons, and to make an immense number of corrections which otherwise 
could not have been made. Thus it was possible to take full advantage of 
the experience gained during the progress of the printers' work. 


In addition to the works of Favre and Klinkert already referred to,, 
the author desires to acknowledge his indebtedness to Wilkinson's Malay- 
English dictionary, to which constant reference has been made in deter- 
mining the exact meanings of Malay words. A few Malay words given 
by Wilkinson which are not to be found in Klinkert's Malay-Dutch dic- 
tionary, second edition, and which are unknown to my Malay assistants, 
and others of whom I have inquired, have been inserted with the sign 
(W.), which indicates that I have found no other authority for the use- 
of the word. After the first draft was practically finished and while the- 
printing was in progress, the parts of Winstedt's new English-Malay 
Dictionary were published from time to time, but as it seemed unfair tc* 
make use of Mr. Winstedt's material for a rival work which was in course 


of preparation practically at the same time, I have abstained from using 
.any of the new words which have appeared in his dictionary, except in so 
far as I had already gleaned them myself from books published in the 
Malay Literature series and from other sources. The author's special 
thanks are due to Guru Hussain of the Kampong Glam Vernacular School, 
•Singapore, and to his assistant teachers, who in the last few weeks of the 
final correcting of the proof sheets have answered innumerable questions 
in regard to many of the most difficult and almost unknown words, and 
•obscure dialectic forms. A great many of these difficult points have not 
by any means been settled to the author's satisfaction, and all, whether 
Europeans, Malays or Chinese, who use this dictionary, are cordially 
invited to assist in the detection of any mistakes which may be found, and 
to send their criticisms to the Book Editor of the Methodist Publishing 
House, Singapore. 


The Vowels. 

The five vowels have the continental sounds: — 

a as in father. o as in hole. 

e as the ey in they. u as in rude. 

i as in ravine. 

In open syllables these vowel sounds have always a greater degree of 
intensity than in closed syllables. 

In addition to the above, there is in Malay, as in nearly all Oriental 
languages, another simple vowel sound which is often called the short 
vowel sound. In the different systems of Romanizing, this short vowel 
sound has been variously represented by a, a, e, e, i, I, u, u; but all these 
different methods of representing this vowel sound are open to the great 
objection that they mislead Europeans and even natives into giving it an 
incorrect pronunciation, and in a dictionary they have the additional dis- 
advantage of giving rise to so much diversity and uncertainty in the 
spelling of words containing the short vowel that prolonged search is 
often necessary before it can be discovered which of these vowels has been 
used by the lexicographer to represent the short vowel in the particular] 
word which is being sought for. Experience has shown that the best way 
to spell words containing the short vowel with a view to helping the 
student to a correct pronunciation, is to omit the vowel altogether. The 
exact sound of the short vowel should be learnt if possible from a Malay; 
it is almost identical with the half-vowel sound in the first syllable of 
such words as " machine " and " balloon/' 

When two vowels come together, both must be sounded, but the first 
must be run into the second: thus au has very nearly the sound of ow in 
" cow/' as pisau, mau; and ai has almost the sound of the English i in 
"ice," as, surgai, pakai. *■ 


The Malay consonants are pronounced as in English, except that the 
r should always be sounded much more clearly and with more of a ring 
than in English. The consonant rg represents a single sound in Malay, 
and should be pronounced like ng in "singer," never as in " single;" the 
latter sound is represented in Malay by rgg ; thus the two sounds are found 
in the words : si-rga and sitg-gah. The letter Tc in Malay, w r hen it occurs 
at the end of a word, is not sounded like the English Jc, but the syllable 
m which it occurs must be pronounced very short indeed, and the breath 
drawn in so as to produce the shortening of the sound. The apostrophe 
at the end of a syllable indicates a similar abrupt sound. 

In the transliteration of the purely Arabic letters no distinction has 

been made between *1j and \» ; ^ and ^j> ; -r and o ; or £ and iS* 


The other Arabic letters have been transliterated as follows: — ^ ^h, 
£ kh, i dz, j z, ^ sh, ^J> dl, i* tl, £ gh, .-3 f. The nasal 
letter 'ain c. which changes its sound according to the vowel written 

with it, is represented by a rough breathing (') placed before the vowel. 
The purely Arabic letters given above are very generally mispronounced 
by Malays, dz being pronounced as z, th as s, and sometimes / as p, and 
z as /. 

Orthographic Signs. 

As already stated, the inverted comma represents the Arabic nasal 
letter 'ain. It is placed before the vowel which has the nasal sound, as in 
the words 'alam, 'ilmu, m'alim, do a. 

The apostrophe represents the Arabic sign hamzah, both at the end 
of a word as described above, and also in the middle of a word between 
two vowels, where it indicates that the vowels must be pronounced separate- 
ly; this is also the case where the short vowel sound is followed by another 
vowel, as in the words s'isi, k'atas, t'akan, the hamzah being used in such 
cases in the Malay character. The apostrophe is further used to indicate 
an initial short vowel before the consonants m and n, as in the words 'mbele, 
'ntah, 'rggan, etc. 

The hyphen is used where a word is reduplicated, in compound words, 
or to separate from the words to which they are attached those prefixes, 
suffixes and other particles which do not form an integral part of the word 
itself ; these are : the preposition Je-, the abbreviated numeral s-, the passive 
prefix di-, the pronominal suffixes, -leu, -mu, and -rya, and the particles 
-lah, -kali, -nah, -tah. The preposition di is distinguished from the passive 
prefix di- by the absence of the hyphen. 

Root Words and their Derivatives. 

In the Malay language a very large number of words are derived from 
root words by the addition of prefixes or suffixes. 

Some prefixes and suffixes are only used to form nouns, and others 
are used with verbs. The former are: 

Prefix p, which denotes the agent. 

Prefix p and suffix an, forming abstract nouns from verbs. 

Prefix per and suffix an, forming verbal nouns from verbs. 

Prefix h and suffix an, forming nouns from adjectives and nouns. 

Suffix an forming nouns from verbs, and usually expressing the thing 
which is affected by the action. 
The verbal forms are : 

Prefix her, which forms present participles with intransitive verbs. 

Prefix ter, which forms past participles. 

Prefix di-, which forms the passive voice. 

Prefix m, used with transitive verbs. 

Suffixes Jean and i, which form transitive verbs. 


In derived words formed with the prefixes ber, ter, per, di- and k, 
the first syllable of the root undergoes no change, but with the prefixes 
m and p the root in many cases changes its form. A reference to the 
following list of changes will usually enable the student to determine 
what the root is: — 

If the root commences with 

I, m, n, or r, it undergoes no change ; 

b, the prefix becomes mm or pm, as buka, mmbuka; 

p, the prefix becomes mm or pm, and the initial p of the root is elided, 

as putus, mmutus; 
d or j, the prefix becomes mn or pn, as dapat, mndapat; 
t or ch, the prefix becomes mn or pn, and the initial t or ch of the 

root is elided, as taroh, mnaroh; 
g or h or a vowel, the prefix becomes mrg or prg, as gali, mrggali; 
k, the prefix become mvg or prg, and the initial k of the root is elided, 

as karatg, mrgararg; 
s and sometimes ch, the prefix becomes mm or pry, and the initial s 

or ch of the root is elided, as suroh, mryuroh. 

The Peculiarities of Baba Malay Explained. 

The following signs and abbreviations have been used in this dictionary 
in order to distinguish (a) those words which are peculiar to the Babas, 
and (b) those which they do not use. 

1. Words marked (B) are used by the Babas, and also of course by 
others who speak the colloquial Malay of the Straits Settlements, but are 
not used by Malays when speaking among themselves, and in many cases 
would not be understood by them. 

2. Words and phrases marked * are not used by Babas, and for the 
most part would not be understood by them. 

3. If words unfamiliar to the Babas are derived from some other 
Oriental language, then instead of the * they have the signs (Ar.) (Sk.) 
(Pers.) or (Hind.), according to the source from which they were derived. 
In some cases, however, where the Malay spelling is different from that of 
the language from which the word is taken, the spelling of the original is 
given, and then the absence of the * shows that the word is used by the 

4. Words of European and Chinese origin, marked (D.) (E.) (Eur.) 
(F.) (Port.) (Ch.), and also Tamil words (Tarn.), are practically all 
familiar to the Babas. 

5. Words peculiar to the Netherlands Indies (N~.I.), are not used by 
Babas in the Straits unless they also have the sign (B.). 

6. Nautical terms, and also many other technical terms, and the 
names of animals and plants, are for the most part unknown to the Babas. 

The differences in Baba pronunciation are not usually shown, as it has 
been thought better to adhere to a uniform system of spelling. The principal 
differences are as follows: ai becomes e, au becomes o or u, oh becomes o 
or u, eh becomes i, and ah becomes a, final ,h being never aspirated as it is 


by Malays, / becomes p, kh becomes Jc, the verbal prefix per becomes her, 
and u sometimes becomes o, especially final ut becomes ot. Where the 
changes are not regular as here indicated, the Baba pronunciation is often 
given as well as the Malay. 

Transitive verbs formed with the suffix -%, are not used by the Babas ; 
these are not usually marked *, but the suffix -Jean should in almost every 
case be substituted for the -i, except in the word mula'i, which the Babas 
pronounce as a two-syllable word, mulai. 

In paraphrases the reader is expected to substitute Baba words where 
necessary; for instance, sama for the preposition akan, and pada for bayi, 
satu macJiam for s-jnis in names of animals, plants, etc., pryajaran or 
kpandaian for 'ilmu in names of the sciences ('Urn v meaning "magic" in 
the Baba Malay), Jial for pri in the translation of nouns expressing state 
or action, and so forth. Similarly in compound words and examples, as 
under the word " ear," the Baba word kupiiy should be substituted for the 
Malay tlirya. 

It should also be noted that the verbal prefix m has a different use 
among the Babas to that of the Malays. In many words the Babas consider 
it an inseparable part of the word, as mnaujiz, ml el eh, etc., the root forms 
targis, leleli, etc., being never used by them. On the other hand the Babas 
often omit the m where it would be used by Malays; for instance, Babas 
would say yarg trargkan instead of yarg mnrarykan. The sign * does not 
always mean that the word is wholly unknown to the Babas, but that it is 
not used in the particular sense given, similarly 'ilmu is not marked (Ar.) 
under the word " magic," but under " science " it is so marked. 

Where the sign (a) is used to show that a word which is usually a 
noun is to be used adjectivally, that is to say is to follow a noun, it must 
be understood that the Babas would use punja, the word preceding the noun 
instead of following it; thus, for " the headman's house " the Malays might 
say rumah prgJiulu, and the Babas prgJmlu putya rumaJi. 


The root form of Malay word is given, as a general rule. 

The proper derived form to be used.must be learned from the Grammar. 

The verbal form is given with roots which are seldom used as verbs, thusr 

mmanjarg, to stretch, from panjarg; mnpi, to step aside, from tpi. 
The derivation of foreign words familiar to the Babas is not given. 

Arabic Transliteration. 

h k q gh ' tl t dl s sh s z dz Jch H th t 
Accented letters a i u indicate alif yd and wdw respectively in the Arabic. 

J>i Jul* J^.3 jg? Ja>- ULs> **>"& j^>W Jjlf"-* (^ 

dzikir Tarn a qabiil saroii JchaT sifat Tabi'at uadlir mashhur 'alam 

If the Malay spelling sufficiently indicates the letters, the Arabic spelling 

is omitted. 
The Arabic form is given only once in a group of similar words. 

Notes on Baba Malay. 

Words marked thus : — 

Ar. Sk. Pers. Hind. Turk, are not used by Babas. 
Ch. D. E. Eur. Port, are generally known to Babas. 
N.I. are not known by Babas unless also marked B. 
B. are peculiar to the Babas. 
Naut. are generally unknown to Babas. 

Changes in Pronunciation. 

ai to e, as pake, slise for palm, slsai. 

au to o or u, as kdlu, piso for kalau, pisau. 

oh to o or u, as surggu, muso for suiygoJi, musoh. 

eh to i, as jerni, bersi for jerneli, her sell. 

a to ak, as bapak, bukak for bapa, buka. 

i to ik, as bijik for biji, also kchik for kchil. 

kh to k, as ksiat, kabar for khasiat, khabar. 

f to p, as pikir, pakat for fikir, fakat. 

u to o, as patot, btol for paint, btul. 

per to ber, as bersgi for persgi. 
Words to be substituted. 

sama for akan. kerna for bagi. 

kasi for bri. hal for pri. 

sargat for amat. satu macham for s-jnis* 

suffix -kan for -t in transitive verbs. 
omit m after yarg, as yarg traigkan for yarg mnrargkan. 
use prgajaran or kpandaian for 'ilmu in sciences, 
use purya for possessive after words marked (a). 





used adjectivally, that 



Baba Malay. 

following a noun. 































en ph. 



















Netherlands Indies. 






past participle. 















q. v. 

which see. 


Eoman Catholic. 










Straits Settlements. 

s. pi. 

plural substantive. 



v. aux. 

auxiliary verb. 



v. i. 

intransitive verb. 



v. t. 

transitive verb. 



used by Christians. 


Not used by Babas. 



A (a, emph. a), the article, satu, 

abbrev. to s-, which however is 

usually followed by the numeral 

coefficient, according to the class 

of noun referred to, thus: 
s-batarg (stem) with poles and 

other long objects, as, s-batarg 

gigi, a too tli ; 
■s-biji (seed) with small round 

things, as, timba s-biji, a bucket; 
■s-bilali* (splint) with knives, as, 

s-bilah pdaig, a sword : 
s-bntok (curve) with rings and 

fishhooks ; 
s-buah (fruit) with books and 

large objects such as countries, 

houses and ships; 
s-butir (grain) with grain, jewels 

and fruit ; 
sekor (tail) with animals; 
s-hlai* or s-lai with thin or flat 

objects, as clothes, paper, hair, 

etc. ; 
s-kaki (foot) with mushrooms and 

flowers ; 
s-kayu (wood) of rolls of cloth; 
$-kpirg (piece) of objects which 

have been cut, as metals, planks, 

bread ; 
s-kuntuhi (bud) of flowers; 
s-lajris (fold) in stating the num- 
ber of thicknesses of the same or 

similar things; 
s'omig (person) with beings su- 
perior to animals in the scale of 

creation ; 
s-pintu (door) with houses built in 

rows ; 
s-ptftorg (cut) = s-kpirg ; 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car. carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; Ice, t it, fire, 

mirror;^ old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minus, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how T , oil; thin then. 

s-piichok (shoot) with letters and 

firearms ; 
s-targga (ladder) with native 

s-timis (pillar) with rolls of coins, 
packets of native sugar, etc. 

Aaron (ar'?/n), s. Ilarun (At.). 

Aback (a-bak'), adv. (Xaut.) layer 
baksi (L.), lager timpa tiarg. 
Taken aback, terbbgorg. 

Abacus (ab'a-la/s), s. smpoa n , spoa n 
(.Oh. sfg-pod 11 ). 

Abaft (a-baff), adv. (Xaut) di 
blakarg, di bu titan. 

Abandon (a-ban'dun), v. t. (for- 
sake) tuggalkan; (desert) buarg- 
kan. Abandon a habit, buargkari 
'adat. To abandon one's self to 
one's fate, mmbuargkan diri-rya. 

Abandoned (-dund), adj. (for- 
saken) tertirggal, ktiiggalan; (in- 
complete, of work) terbargai* ter- 
b rgkalai ;* ( dese rted ) terb uarg; 
(profligate) hichah, plonteh 

Abase (a-bas'), v. t. mdalikan, hina- 
kan, turunkan. 

Abashed (a-bashf), adj. tersipu- 
sipu, kmalu-maluan. 

Abate (a-baf), v. t. (lessen) ku- 
rargkan; (reduce price) turunkan 
herga; (bargain) tawar. 

Abate, v. i. (decrease) rda, ber- 
kuratg-kurarg; (of water, slightly) 
susut; (considerably) surut; (en- 
tirely) kriig; (of tidal waters) 
■tint pas;* (of rain) tdoh, sidarg* 

Abatis (a-ba-te'), s. ptgmparg deri- 
pa da dali an kayu, sawar* 




Abattoir (a-bat-twar'), s. tmpat 

persm bleha n, tm pa t m m bantu i, * 

paun (E.). 
Abbreviate (ab-bre'vi-at), v. t. 

pendekkan, rergkaskan* sergkat- 

Abbreviation (-a'slH/n), s. pototg- 

an huruf (Ar.), renjkasan,* heja- 

'an rergkas* (Ar. hija)* perkata- 

'an pendek. 
Abdicate . (ab'di-kat), v. i. pcliat 

diri* turun deri-pada takhta A> 

raja an. 
Abdomen (ab-dd'men or ab'do- 

men), s. prat, isi prof. 
Abduct (ab-dukf), v. t. larikan, 

bawa lari. 
Abeam (a-bem/), adv. (Xaut.) di 

rusok. The wind is abeam, aigin 

deri rusok, aigin tiinba ruarq. 
Abel (a'bl), s. Until (Ar.). 
Aberration (ab'er-ra'slwm), s. 

(mental) iigatan kliru. 
Abet (a-bef), v. t. (assist) tolorg, 

ban t u , serial, * be rs ubali a t . 
Abeyance (a-ba'ans), s. pertaiggoh- 

an.* In abeyance, terhnti, ter- 

targgoh* tergan ton). 
Abhor (ab-hor'), v. t. (detest) bn- 

chi; (feel repugn a nee) gfi-glman* 
Abhorrent (ab-hor'rent), adj. k- 

Abide (a-bid'), v. i. (dwell) tiiggal, 

diain* dud ok; (stay) tug gal, nan- 

ti, turggu; (remain stable) ttap. 

To abide by (adhere to), pgaig, 

pegarg (B.). To abide by a decis- 
ion, tritua hukum. 
Abide, v. t. (hear) tahan, drita 

(Sk.), taiggorg : (await) nantikan. 
Ability (a-bil'i-ti), s. (power) 

kuasa; (skill) k/faiidaian. To the 

best of liis ability, digan s-boleh- 

boleh-tya, drgan s-brapa daya- 

upaya-nja. See able. 
Abject (ab'jeki), adj. (degraded) 

hina, kji;* (servile) rndah. 
Abjure (ab-jur'), v. t. (disavow) 

sargkalkan; (renounce) mutgkir, 
etgkarkau* (Ar. munkir, inkdr). 

Ablaze (a-hlaz'), adj. bengal a. 

Able (a'bl), adj. (clever, talented) 
pandai; (strong), kuat; (capable 
of) berk nam; (skilled) paham, 
ah li (Ar.), tahu;:$s 9 able to speak r 
taltu berkata-kata* tahu chakap : 
able to swim, tahu bernaiy. To 
be able to, boleh, dapat * laffot, dan 
(P.), bisa (X.l.) ; as, tiada dapat 
iiiasok, not able to enter. 

Able-bodied (-bod'id), adj. kuat,. 
tgap, gagah. 

Ablution (ab-lii'slu/n), s. pmba-wh- 
au. To perform religious ablu- 
tions, ambit ayer smbahyarg? ambit' 
vudtu (Ar. ): (with sand) bcr- 
tayamum (Ar.). To perform; 
ablutions after evacuations, ber- 
chebok, berislinja (Ar.) ; (of the 
whole body) mandi liadas kchil 
(Pers. (V)dast) ; (after coition) 
■maud I liadas bsar;* (after touch- 
ing a pig or dog) serfu* 

Abnegation (ab'ne-ga'ishun) , s. 
migkalan* Self abnegation (self- 
denial), pri innahan nafsu. 

Abnormal (ab-nor'mcd), adj. tiada 
berperaluran, plek* ganjil, lain 
deri-pada 'ad at. 

Aboard (a-bord'), adv. (Naut.) di 
kapal. To go aboard, naik kapal T 
turun kapal, naik prahu, turun 

Abode (a-bod'), s. tmpat tirggal, k- 
dia man , * kdu doka u . * 

Abolish (a-borish), v. t. (do away 
iwith) hapuskan* hilargkan, tiada- 
kan; (annul, make void) batalkan. 
Abolish a custom, buaigkan 'adat* 

Abominable (a-boni'i-na-bl), adj. 
(odious ) kbnchian; (loathsome ) 
kji* hina. 

Abominate (-nat), v. t. bnehi, luat* 
bnehi mluat. 

Abomination (-na'slnm), s. jfc- 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire. 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minus, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 



Aborigines (ab'o-rij'i-nez), s. pi. 

orarg bukit, orarg asal negri. 
Abortion (a-bor'sru/n), s. (mis- 
carriage) kguguran anal-; (im- 
mature product' of fruits) buah 
burok. To produce abortion, mm- 
buaig anak. 
Abortive (-tiv), adj. (premature) 
kqujjiiran; (ineffectual, coming to 
naught) yarg tajadi, iiada had!, 
batittd, batal. 

Abound (a-bownd'), v. i. lempah, 
rambah, jadi meirah, larhak* in- 
Jechak (B.), berjebah* m'amur 

About (a-bo,wt'), prep. ( concern- 
ing )* deri-hal. faml; (around) 
kliiiry; (near) dkat. ham pi r. 
About to (in the act of) linda'k, 

About, adv. (around) klilirg; (here 
and there) sana-sini; (when mo- 
tion is implied ) ksana k-mari;* 
(nearly) hanipir; (approximately, 
more or less) kira-kira, ayak-agak, 
gamak-gamak * Ibeh kuraiy, arg- 
(jaran, ha vat g ; as, bararg dna-f/nloh 
djxi panjaig-nja, about twenty 
fathoms Jong. To bring about, 
dataigkan. To set about, mula'i, 
iniilai (B.). Hound about, kliliiy. 
To put about, (Naut.) belok. 

Above (a-bnv'),prep. (higher than) 
alas, di alas, tirggi deri-pada; 
(more than) lb eh deri-pada. 
Above all, terutama (Sk.). 

Above, adv. alas. Above-mention- 
ed, tersboi di alas. Over and 
above, lain deri-pada. 

Aboveboard (-bord), adv. njata- 
ff/ata, trus-trarg. 

Abrade (ab-rad'), v. t. (of the skin) 
lec/iet, yhijw, lias* 

Abraham (a'bra-ham), s. Ibrahim 

Abrasion (-ra'zrn/n), s. lerhet, Has* 

Abreast (a-bresf), adv. s-jajar* s- 

baris, bersaiig. Four abreast, 
anipat s-baris. am]xit s-ttar* 
Abridge (a-brij'), v. t. pendekkan, 

rergkaskaih* serykatkan. 
Abroad (a-brawcT), adv. (widely) 
rata; (outside, at large) di luar; 
(everywhere) sana-sini; (in for- 
eign parts) di negri asirg* di 
negri orarg. To get abroad (of 
news), pchah khabar. To live, 
abroad, berdagauj, t'uggal di negri 
oratg (B.). All abroad (con- 
fused), ssat-barat. 
Abrogate (ab'ro-gat), v. t. man- 

sukhkaii (Ar.). 
Abrogated (-ed), adj. mansukh 

Abrupt (ab-rupf), adj. (steep) 
churam; (hasty) digan gopoli, 
Abruptly (-li), adv. gopoh-gopoh, 

serta-merta, golot-golot* 
Abscess (ab'ses), s. bisul, barah, 

chigkrerg;* (internal) smbaran* 
Abscond (al)-skond'), v. i. (hide) 
bersmbunji, smburgikan din; (ab- 
sent one's self) lari. 
Absence (ab'sms), s. ktiadaan. 
During my absence, s-pnninjyalan- 
Absent (-sent), adj. tidak ada, 
tiada, -iiada hadlir* (Ar. nddlir). 
Absentee (al/sen-te'), j/aiy tiada 

hadlir (Ar.). 
Absent-minded (ab^ent-mlnd-ed), 

adj. in/a-itga* lalai, plupa.* 
Absolute (ab'so-lut), adj. (unres- 
tricted) tiada berhirgga; (com- 
plete, perfect) smpitma; (without 
exception ) saJiaja, s-mata-mata, 
skali. An absolute falsehood, 5o- 
horg saliaja, s-mata-mata bohory, 
boh org skali, bohotg trus, bohorg 
tgak-tgak* An absolute impos- 
sibility, mustahil skali (Ar.), s- 
kali-kali taboleh jadi; see below. 
Absolutely (-li), adv. (wholly) s- 
mata-mata; (positively) skali-kali; 

ate, ask, am. final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; Ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; fise. us, minus, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. ' 



(completely) lidbis, as, absolutely 
destroyed, habis binasa. 

Absolution (-lii'shtm), s. klpasan 
deri-pada scilali, k'ampunan. 

Absolve (ab-solv'), v. t. (remit) 
ampunkan, maliapkan (Ar. ma- 
( df) ; (set free) Ipaskan. To ask 
to be absolved (from a debt), 
minta halalkan* 

Absorb (-sorb'), v. t. (swallow up) 
makan, tlan; (suck up) hisap, 
lap, ttap;* (permeate) msra* 
To be absorbed, srap* jrap* 

Absorbent (-<?nt), adj. yarg mrg- 
himp, yarg mnlan. 

Absorption (-sorp'shtm), s. pri 

Abstain (ab-stan'), y. i. (forbear) 
tahani din, jaulikan dm; (refrain 
from) taubat deri-pada* To ab- 
stain from intoxicants, pantarglwi 

Abstemious (-ste'mi-ws), adj. /i- 

Abstinence (ab'sti-nens), s. jimat. 
Total abstinence, lial mmantarg- 
kan arak. 

Abstract (ab-strakf), v. t. (take 
away) kluarkan, chabotkan. 

Abstract (ab'strakt), s. (epitome) 

Abstract, adj. (as opposed to con- 
crete) batin (Ar.). 

Abstracted (ab-strakt'ed), adj. (in 
mind) irga-irga* 

Abstraction (ab-strak'shtm), s. (of 
mind) irga* 

Abstruse (-stroos'), adj. dalam, 
rahsia, rusia (B.), 'umum* (Ar. 
ghumum ?). 

Absurd (-serd'), adj. (nonsensical) 
karut; (incredible) mustahil 
(Ar.) ; (stupid) bodoh; (of talk) 
repek, mrapek (B.). 

Absurdity (-i-ti), s. perkara yarg 
mustahil (Ar.), kbodohan, katut; 
see above. 

Abundance (a-bun'dans), s. klem- 
pahan, kmeicahan. 

Abundant (-dant), adj. mewah r 
I em pah, lachak* mhcliak (B.) r 
berjebah* inamur (Ar.). 

Abundantly (-li), adv. drgan k- 
1 em pah an. 

Abuse (a-buz'), v. t. (misuse) ro- 
sakkan, ml ah pakai; (illtreat) an-* 
iayakan, bergkeigf (revile) clier- 
ell a (Sk.), nsta (Sk.), hamun;* 
(with obscenity or rude words) 
maki; (disparage) chlakan; (ma- 
lign) umpat. 

Abuse (a-bus'), s. (reviling) cher- 
cha (Sk.), nsta (Sk.), hamun* 
maki, as above; (immoral act) A> 
mlahan, aniaya. 

Abusive (-iv), adj. pmaki, pnsia 
(iSk.), kamr. 

Abut (a-but'), v. i. rapat, bertempeh 

Abutment (-ment), s. (of a bridge) 
toigkat, afamn. 

Abyss (a-bis'), s. lobatg yarg tiada 
terduga [taboleh di-duga (B.)]. 

Abyssinia (ab'is-sin'i-a), s. negri 

Abyssinian (-ffn), s. orarg IlabsliL 

Academy (a-kad'e-mi), s. skolah, 
tmpat blajar 'ilmn* 

Accede (ak-sed'), v. i. To accede to,. 
sudi okan* sudikan, berknankan* 
kabulkan* (Ar. qabul), yakan. 

Accelerate (-sel'er-at), v. t. Ikas- 
kan, sgvakan, batgatkan* 

Accent (ak'sent), s. (manner of 
pronouncing) lidali., lafatl (Ar.) ; 
(incorrect or foreign accent) pe- 
lat : (stress) buiyi kras, tkanan 

Accentuate (ak-sen'chu-at), v. t. 
(pronounce distinctly) kraskan bu- 
iyi; (make prominent) vjatakan, 

Accept (-sept'), v. t. (receive) tri- 
ma, sambot; (acquiesce) sudi, ka- 
bul* To accept responsibility 
for, saiggop. 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minus, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 



Acceptable (-sep'ta-bl), adj. (can 
be received) boleh di-trima; 
(agreeably) berknan, yarg di- 

Access (ak'ses), s. (admittance) 
dapat mas ok, izin masok. 

Accessible (ak-ses'si-bl), adj. (ap- 
proachable) yarg boleh di-ham- 
piri* boleh di-masokki, yarg snarg 
rapat (B.) ; (obtainable) yarg bo- 
leh dl-dapati. 

Accession (-sesh'y/n), s. (something 
added) tokok; (to a throne) hal 
naik raja, hal naik krajaan. 

Accessories (ak-ses'so-ris), s. pi. 
(of machinery) perkakas, alatan* 

Accessory (-ses'so-ri), adj. yatg 
mvjertai* yarg mnolorg, yarg mm- 
bantu, s-kutu ;* (in a bad sense) 

Accident (ak'si-dent), s. (mis- 
chance) chlaka, mara* kmalargan, 
mala-pstaka* balak (Ar. baler*). 

Accidentally (-den'tal-li), adv. 
(unintentionally) bukan drgan s- 
rgaja; (by accident) tiba-tiba* 
aleh-aleh* s-kunjorg-ku?yorg* top- 

Acclaim (ak-klam'), v. t. sorakkan. 

Acclamation (ak'kla-ma'sln/n), s. 
sordk, tmpek. 

Acclimatize (ak-kli'ma-tiz), v. t. 
biasakan pada hawa negri lain. 

Acclivity (-kliv'i-ti), s. churaman. 

Accommodate (-kom'mo-dat), v. t. 
(adapt) patutkan, samakan; 
(oblige) tolorg; (adjust, settle) 
slsaikan, slisekan (B.). To ac- 
commodate ten persons, muat s- 
puloh orarg. 

Accommodation (-da'slnm), s. 
(supply of a want) pertoloryan; 
(lodging) tumpargan. 

Accompany (ak-kum'pa-ni), v. t. 
(go with) sertai* ihut, kaican- 
kan, tmani;* (escort) hantar; 
(escort royalty) irirg* 

Accomplice (-kom'plis), s. kawan 
datam ksalalian, subahat. 

Accomplish (-plish), v. t. (achieve) 
sampaikan, hasilkan* lakukan;* 
( complete ) h abiskan, su dahkan, 
gnapi, slsaikan, slisekan (B.) r 
jlaskan, smpurnakan. 

Accomplished (-plisht), adj. ber- 
plajaran* yarg ada plajaran (B.). 

Accomplishment (-plish-ment), s. 
(completion) prgltabisan, ksudali- 
an; (scholastic attainment) p/a- 
jaran, pndapatan* 

Accord (ak-kord'), v. t. (grant) 
bri; (harmonise) perstujukan* 
patutkan, stujukan (B.). 

Accord, v. i. (agree with) berstuju 

Accord, s. perstujuan, miiafakat 
(Ar.), pakat. With one accord, 
drgan satu hati. Of one's own ac- 
cord, drgan kalian dak dm. 

Accordance (-ans), s. perstujuan. 

According as (-ing az), prep. $- 
perti, s-bgimana. 

According to (-ing too), prep. 
jnnurut, atas; as, according to my 
opinion, mnvrut bichara-ku;* ac- 
cording to the law of Moses, atas 
hukum Musa. 

Accordingly (-li), adv. slab itu, 
oleh itu* drgan yarg dmkian* 
s perti yarg dmkian * 

Accordion (ak-kor'di-?/n), s. ko- 
dian (E.), harmonika (N.I.). 

Accost (ak-kosf), v. t. (speak to) 
tgur, sapa* triak. 

Accoucheur (ak-koo-sher'), s. bi- 
dan, dukun. 

Accouchment (ak-kodsh'max), s. 
beranak, bersalin. 

Account (ak-kownf), s. (computa- 
tion) bilaryan, kira-kira; (narra- 
tive) 4 chrita; (importance) gana; 
(reason) sbab. On account of, 
sbab. To take account of, pduli, 
hirau* ambil tahu. Of no ac- 
count, tabrat, rergan, alary* 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, mim*s, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 



kpalarg* On one's own account, 
atas prentah sndiri, atas hal-rya 
Account, v. t. (consider, deem) bi- 

larg, bilaiykan, kvrakan. 
Account, v. i. (render an account) 
bri kira-kira; (answer for) bri 
jawab. That accounts for it, itu- 
lah sbab-nja. To account for, 
ryatakan, trargkan, bri sbab. 
Accountable (-a-bl), adj. yarg m- 
nargorg. He is accountable, ia- 
lak yarg mnarggorg, atas dia-lah. 
Accountant (-ant), s. hrani kira- 
kira, tukarg kira-kira, cliai-hu (Ch.) . 
Accoutre (ak-koo'ter), v. t. Irykap- 

kan, alatkan (Ar.). 
Accoutrements .(-ments), s. pi. 

alat (Ar.), kbgkapan, pakaian. 
Accredit (-kred'it), v. t. (give au- 
thority to) ivakilkan, bri kuasa, 
bnarkan; (put trust in) harapkan, 
Accretion (-kre'shwn), s. tambali- 

an, tokok. 
Accrue (-kroo'), v. i. mak'm ber- 

tambali, bertambalir-tambah. 
Accumulate (-ku'mu-lat), v. t. 
(pile up) timbonkan; (collect) 
himponkan* kumpolkan, kamporg- 
kan; (materials for a building, 
etc.) ramu* 
Accumulate, v. i. bertambali-iam- 

balh bertimbon-timbon. 
Accumulation (-la'slvun), s. (act 
of accumulating) hal mrgliimpon- 
kanf (heap, mass) timbonan, 
Accuracy (ak'ku-ra-si), s. kbtulan, 

Accurate (-ret), adj. btul, briar. 
Accursed (ak-kersf or ak-kers'ed), 
adj. chlaka, terkutok, terVanat 
(Ar.), bdbali (Pers.), maVun 
Accusation (ak'ku-za'sliMii), s. ta- 

dolian* d'awa. 
Accuse (ak-kfiz'), v. t. tndoli;* (in 

a lawsuit) d'awa; (blame) salali- 
kan, chla. 
Accuser (-er), s. prwdoli* pn- 
d'awa* orarg yarg dawa (B.), 

Accustom (-kus'hnn), v. t. biasa- 


Accustomed (-ti/md), adj. (wont- 
ed) biasa, pachak (N.L) ; (ex- 
pert) taint, niahir (Ar.) ; (habi- 
tual) lazini (Ar.). 

Ace (as), s. (in cards) sat. Within 
an ace, dim as* maris* 

Acerbity (a-ser'bi-ti), s. (of taste) 
klat; (of disposition) rrgus* brgis. 

Ache (ak), v. i. berrasa sakit, ber- 
rasa pdeh* berrasa njilu. 

Ache, s. sakit; (of the stomach) 
snak, mulas, sakit prot; (of the 
muscles) srgal. 

Acheen (a-chen'), s. Acheh. 

Achieve (a-chtV), v. t. (perform) 
sampaikaii, liasilkan* lakukan ;* 
(gain, obtain) beroleh* dapat. 

Achievement (-ment), s. (comple- 
tion) pnjhabisan; (successful ac- 
tion) pkerjaan yarg liasil ;* (he- 
roic) perbuatan perkasa (Sk.). 

Achilles tendon (a-kil'lez ten'- 
frun), s. kihg* 

Aching (ak'ing), s. sakit, pdeh* 
■tyilu; (of the emotions) sdeh. 

Achromatic (ak'ro-mat'ik) , adj. 
iiada benverna. 

Acid (as'id), s. asam. 

Acid, adj. mawm, klat, asam (B.). 

Acidity (a-sid'i-ti), s. asam, klat 

Acknowledge (ak-nol'ej), v. t. 
(own, admit) mrgaku, berikrar 

Acknowledgment (-ment), s. 
(verbal) pigakuan, akuan, ikrar* 
(Ar. ic/rdr). 
Acme (ak'me), s. (supreme excel- 
lence) vtama (Sk.), puncliak. 
Acorn (fi'korn), s. buali brargan 

ate ask am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 
' mirror- old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry;, use, us, minus, cure, injure, 
hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful) ; law, how, oil; thin then. 



Acoustics (a-kows'tiks or a-koos'-), 
s. 'ilmu* pnrgaran* 'ilmu* buvji. 

Acquaint (ak-kwfmf), v. t. (make 
to know) bri taliu, kasi tahu (B.), 
knalkan; (inform) m'alumkan 
(At). To be acquainted with, 
tahu, knal, paham, ramah drgan* 
berjinak-jinak'an dry an, biasa 
drgan; (mutually) berknal-knalan. 
To acquaint one's self with, dapat 

Acquaintance (-ans), s. (know- 
ledge) pryiahuan; (a person) k- 

Acquiesce (ak'kwi-es'), v. i. kabul* 
berknan, sudi. 

Acquire (ak-kwlr'), v. t. beroleh* 
dapat, dapati. 

Acquirement (-ment), s. peroleh- 
an* pndapaian. 

Acquisition (ak'kwi-zish'wn), s. 
(act of acquiring) pri mndapai ; 
(the tiling gained) perolehan* 
pndapatan . 

Acquit (ak-kwif), v. t. (release, 
discharge) Ipaskan. To acquit 
one's self, lakukan diri* berlaki;. 

Acquittal (-tal), s. klpasan. 

Acre (a/ker), s. ekar, ekel; (the 
Malay acre) ?7cm/ = lJ English 

Acrid (ak'rid), adj. (of taste) 
pdar;* (of smell) maurg* prat* 
hapak, trgek* 

Acrimonious (ak'ri-mo'm-ws), adj. 
berhati pdeh* pahrt, brgis. 

Acrimony (-mo-ni), s. kpahitan 

Acrobat (ak'ro-bat), s. orarg yarg 
buat permainan yaiy berbahya* 
orarg bermain buaian. 

Across (a-kros'), prep, (athwart, 
crosswise) lintaiy ; (quite over) s- 
brary, s-blah. To step across, 
mlargkah. To go across (a river), 
mnjbrarg. To come across (meet), 
bertmu drgan, jrmpak* 

Across, adv. lintarg, sbrarg. 

Acrostic (-tik), s. tka-tki. 

Act (akt), v. t. (feign) buat-buat, 
pura-pura. To act the fool, mam 

Act, v. i. (behave) berlaku, mlaku- 
kan din;* (put forth energy) b- 
kerja; (perform on the stage) ber- 
main wayarg, lakon* (Jav.). To 
act for, mmaigku. 

Act, s. perbiiatan, pkerja'an, klaku- 
an. Act of parliament, undary- 
uridaig negri. Acts of the Apos- 
tles, Kesa/i Perbiiatan Rasiil-raswl. 

Acting (akt'ing), adj. (officiating) 

Action (ak'sliMii), s. (deed) per* 
buatan, pkerja'an, fe'el (Ar.) ; 
(behaviour) klakuan; (lawsuit) 
d'awaan, kes (E.) ; (fight, battle) 
p prat y an. 

Actionable (-a-bl), adj. yaiy boleh 

Active (-tiv), adj. (agile) pantos, 
taigkas;* (working) yarg ber- 
laku* yarg bkerja; (diligent) 
rajin. cherkas* 

Activity (ak-tiv'i-ti), s. kpantasan, 
rajin, usaha. 

Actor (ak'ter), s. anak-wayarg, anak 
bargsawan, da/arg* Principal ax> 
tor, orarg mil da. 

Actress (-ires), s. prempuan icayanj. 
Principal actress, sri paiygonj. 

Actual (-chu-fll), adj. (real) suiy- 
goh, yaiy s-bnar-rya; (now exist- 
ing) yarg ada skarary. The actual 
state of affairs, hal-ehwal yaiy sah* 

Actually (-li), adv. drgan s-suiy- 
goh-rya, btul-iya. 

Actuate (-at), v. t. grakkan, jalan- 

Acumen (a-ku'men), s. { akal yaiy 
tajam, chcrdek, kpintaran (X.I.). 

Acute (a-kiif), adj. (pointed) ron- 
cheiy;* (shrewd) cherdek, tajam; 
(of sickness) trok. 

A.D. (Anno Dominium the year 
of our Lord) tarikh Msihi (Ar.), 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, mimts, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




tahun Msihi, tahun orarg Kristen 

Adage (ad'ej), s. perkata'an oraiy 
dhulu kala, bidal* ppatah,* p- 

Adam (ad'am), s. nabi Adam (Ar.). 

Adam's apple (ad'amz ap'pl), s. 
Ikum (Ar. llidqum). 

Adapt (a-dapf), v. t. patutkan, sa- 
makan, stujukan, suaikan* 

Adapted (-e&), adj. padan, patut, 
I a yak, s-rasi, suai* 

Add (ad), v. t. (augment) tambah- 
kan; (in small quantities) tokok; 
(sum up) jmlahkan (Ar.) ; (ap- 
pend) samboiy. 

Addendum (ad-den'dwm), s. sam- 
bo ryan. 

Addict (ad-dikf), v. t. biasakan, 
tawani* Addicted to vice, ter- 
tawan oleh hawa-nafsu-rya* 

Addition (-dish'wn), s. (increase) 
pnambalian; (slight increase) to- 
kok; (sum) jmlah (Ar.) ; (an- 
nex) huboiyan* samboryan; 
(Math.) tambah. 

Additional (-al), adj. tambah, lb eh 

Addled (ad'dld), adj. tmblary. 

Address (ad-dres'), v. t. (speak to) 
tyur, sapa;* (direct in writing) 
alamatkan (Ar.). 

Address, s. (speech, statement) per- 
chakapan, uchapan; (direction of 
a letter) 'alamat surat;* (place of 
residence) tmpat thy yah Form 
of address, peraturan bhasa. 

Adduce (-das'), v. t. sbotkan, baiva, 

Adept (ad'ept), s. orary pandai, 
oraiy ahli (Ar.). 

Adept (a-depf), adj. pandai, pa- 
ham, pintar (1ST. I.). 

Adequate (ad'e-kwet), adj. chukop, 
pada* layak, mnasabah (Ar.). 

Adhere (ad-her'), v. i. (stick) Tkat, 
jreket;* (to a party) rapatkan 
diri; (to an opinion) ttap, berkuat. 

Adherent (-ent), s. (of a leader) 
murid; (of a party) sidary* 

Adhesive (-he'siv), adj. yary mlkat, 
Iket* jreket* 

Adieu (a-dvT), inter j. tabek, slamat 
tiryyal, slamat jalan, salam 'alai- 
kum (Ar.). 

Adipose (ad'i-pos), adj. hnak. 

Adjacent (a-ja'sent), adj. di sisi* 
di tpi, dkat, hampir* rapat, ber- 

Adjective (aj'ek-tiv), s. (Gram.) 
sifalt (Ar.). 

Adjoin (a-join'), v. i. bersamboiy, 
berhubory* rapat, bertempel.* 

Adjoining (-ing), adj. bersamborg 
dryan, berhampiran dryan* 

Adjourn (a-jern'), v. t. (postpone) 
tanjyohkan,* tempohkan* yantory, 
pospon (E.). 

Adjourn, v. i. pchah, bersurai.* 

Adjudge (a-juj'), v. t. (decide ju- 
dicially) hukumkan, putuskan hu- 
kum; (deem, consider) bilarykan, 

Adjudicate (a-ju'di-kat), v. t. pu- 
tuskan hukum, jatohkan hukum. 

Adjunct (aj'ungkt), s. tempelan* 

Adjuration (aj'u-ra'srrwn), s. sum- 
pal i. 

Adjure (a-jur'), v. t. suroh bersum- 

Adjust (a-jusf), v. t. (fit) patut- 
kan, pasary, rapatkan; (put in 
order) aturkan; (settle, as ac- 
counts, differences, quarrels) slsai- 
kan, slisekan (B.), jlaskan. 

Adjutant (aj'u-tant), s. ajudan 

Adjutant bird (herd), s. burory 

Administer (ad-min'is-ter), v. t. 
(manage) aturkan, jalankan; 
(give out) bhayikan, bri. To ad- 
minister an oath, bri sum pah. 

Administration (-tra'shi/n), s. 
(act of administering) peraturan; 
(the executive) pnjawatan* pren- 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, miims, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 



tahan< Letters of administration, 
surat Jcuasa psaka. 
Administrator (-trfi-ter), s. yarg 
wmjalankan, pmerentah, pnjawat;* 
(legal) kuasa, wakil* (Ar. tvakil). 
Admirable (ad'mi-ra-bl), adj. teru- 

tama (Sk.), terpuji, elok, indah. 
Admiral (-ml), s. laksamana (Sk.), 

prglima laid. 
Admiration (-ra'shwn), s. lial mrg- 

Admire (ad-mir'), v. t. (prize high- 
ly) indahkan; (regard with appro- 
bation) suka akan, berknan akan, 
gmar akan* bilargkan elok. 
Admirer (-er), s. yarg mrgindah- 

kan, yarg mrgasehi. 
Admissible (-mis'si-bl), adj. lulus, 
yarg boleh di-luluskan, yarg boleh 
di-bri masok. 
Admission (-mish'z/n), s. (access) 
izin masok; (acknowledgement) 
piyakuan* To gain admission, 
da pat masok. 
Admit (-mif), v. t. (give entrance) 
hi masok; (receive) trima, sarn- 
bot; (acknowledge, concede) mrg- 
aku, ikrar (Ar.) ; (allow) lulus- 
Admittance (-tans), s. izin masok. 

No admittance, tgahan masok. 
Admitting that (-ting thai), conj. 

surggoh-pun, sm n ta rg-p un. * 
Admixture (-miks'chur), s. cliam- 

purari, gaulan* 
Admonish (-mon'ish), v. t. (re- 
prove, exhort) tgur, ajar, nasihat- 
kan; (warn) lararg. 
Admonition (ad'mo-nish'im), s. 

nasihat, ajaran. 
Admonitory (ad-mon'i-to-ri), adj. 

yarg mlaraiykan. 
Ado (a-d66') ? s. susah. To make 
no more ado, tiada arnbil susah 
lagi, tiada hirau lagi* 
Adolescence (ad'o-les'sens), s. ba- 
ligft (Ar.), rmaja (Sk.), chukop 

Adopt (a-dopf), v. t. (a view or" 
policy) pileh, trima, pakai, ikut, 
turut; (a child) argkat. 

Adopted (-ed), adj.' Adopted child, 
anak argkat. 

Adoptive (-iv), adj. Adoptive fa- 
ther, bapa argkat. 

Adorable (a-ddr'a-bl), adj. yarg 
patut di-smbah, yarg patut di- 
kasehi; see adore. 

Adoration (ad'o-ra'shwn), s. smbah. 

Adore (a-dor'), v. t. (worship) sm~ 
bah; (love) kasehi, chinta. 

Adorn (a-dorn'), v. t. (decorate) 
hias* hiasi* riaskan (B.) ; (beau- 
tify) elokkan, tambahi h'elokan* 

Adornment (-ment), s. perhiasan, 
prasan (B.), k'elokan. 

Adrift (a-driff), adv. haryut, ter- 
apotg-apory* teratorg-atorg* ber- 

Adroit (a-droit/), adv. pandai, pan- 
tas, ehakatan* pintar (N.I.). 

Adulation (ad'u-la'shwn), s. puji- 

Adulatory (-la-to-ri), adj. yarg 
sargat mmuji. 

Adult (ad'ult or a-dult'), adj. yaig 
sudah sampai e umor, chukop 
'urn or, baligh (Ar.) ; (of men) 
bujarg; (of women) dara. 

Adulterate (a-dul'ter-at), v. t. (de- 
base) lanchorgkan* palsukan; (by 
admixture ) champurkan. 

Adulterated (-ed), adj. lanchorg* 
palsu, cliampuran. 

Adulterer (-er), s. laki-laki yarg 
berzina,; yarg bermukah* yarg ber- 
Adulteress (-es), s. prempuan yarg 
berzina, yarg bermukah,*- yarg ber- 
Adultery (-i), s. zina, mukah* hu 
dak. To commit adultery, ber- 
zina, bermukah* berkndak. 
Ad valorem (ad va-lor'em), adj. 
yarg mnurut herga. 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minws, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




Advance (ad-vans'), v. i. (go for- 
ward) berjalan, mara* tampil* 
rnaju;* (step forward in fencing) 
sarak;* (increase in knowledge, 
age, etc.) naik, bertambah; (in- 
crease in price) naik. 

Advance, v. t. (bring to the front) 
hadapkan, tampilkan* majukan;* 
(in rank) naikkan; (earnest 
money) bri ckrgkram, bayer dhu- 
lu; (the price) naikkan herga; 
( wages ) pinjamkan. 

Advance, s. kmajuan* kmara'an;* 
(earnest money) chigkram ; (of 
wages) pinjaman. In advance, 
di hadapan, dhulu. 

Advancement (-ment), s. (pro- 
gress) kmajuan;* (promotion) 
naik parykat. 

Advantage (ad-van'tej), s. (bene- 
fit) guna, fa'idah, kbajikan;* 
(gain, profit) untoiy, Jaba* m- 
nafa'at (Ar.). To get an ad- 
vantage, mnarg. To take advan- 
tage of (use), gunakan; (cheat) 

Advantageous (ad'van-ta'jws), adj. 
berguna, beruntory, berfaidah. 

Advent (ad'vent), s. kdataiyan. 

Adventitious (ad'ven-tish'ws), adj. 
tiuda s-mna-mna* dataiy-datary) 

Adventure (ad-ven'chur), s. per- 
kara yaiy berbahya, perkara yaiy 

Adventurous (-«s), adj. (daring) 
brahi kna bahya, nekat;* (risky) 

Adversary (ad'ver-sa-ri), s. op- 
ponent) laivan; (personal enemy) 
stru;* (national enemy) musoh. 

Adverse (-vers), adj. (opposing) 
yarg mlawan; (of wind) sakal; 
(unpropitious) malaiy, sial. 

Adversity (ad-vers'i-ti), s. kmalaiy- 
an, chlaka, balak (Ar. bald'). 

Advert ( ad-vert'), v. i. iryat (akan), 
knarg akan. To advert to, iryat- 

Advertise (ad'ver-tlz), v. t. (an- 
nounce publicly) masohorkan (Ar. 
mashhur), bri tahu, kasi taint 
(B.), warwarkan* hebahkan.* 

Advertisement (ad-ver'tiz-ment) , 
s. not is (E.), kryataan, 'alan 


Advice (ad-vis'), s. bichara, nasihat, 
rimdiiyan* prgajaran; (of a doc- 
tor) ptua* (Ar. fativa) ; (inform- 
ation) khabar, pkhabaran* 

Advisable (-vlz'a-bl), adj. patut, 

Advise (-viz'), v. t. (counsel) bi- 
vharakan, nasihatkan; (inform) 
bri tahu, m'alumkan (Ar.). 

Advisedly (-ed-li), adv. dryan s- 

Adviser (-er), s. pmbichara, pna- 
$ if i at. 

Advocacy (ad'vo-ka-si), s. hal mm- 
bantu*, hal mmbicharakan. 

Advocate (-ket), s. wakil bichara* 
pguam* loyar (E.). 

Advocate (-kat), v. t. (defend at 
law) iolorg, bantu; (recommend) 

Adze (adz), s. patil;* (larger) rm- 
bas* chtam* 

JBoMan harp (e-o'li-an harp), s. 
bid oh prindu* 

Aerated (a'er-fit-ed), adj. (bub- 
bling) glgak, merwap (B.), mn- 
did eh, mndidi (B.). Aerated 
water, ayer manis, ayer lamnet(E.). 

Aerial (ar'i-al), adj. argin (a), 
udara (a), di udara. 

Aeronaut (a'er-o-nawt), s. orarg 
naik pundi-pundi tierbarg* 

Aeroplane (-plan), s. kapal terbary, 
intra terbarg* kapal udara.* 

/Esthetics (es-thet'iks), s. pi. f il- 
mu k'elokan* 'ilmu perhiasan* k- 
pandaian fasal Has (B.). 

Afar (a-far'), adv. jauh. 

Affable (af'fa-bl), adj. laku manis, 
pramali, berbliasa, tergkah-laku Im- 
bot (B.). 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry ; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry ; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, mim/s, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful) ; law, how, oil; thin then. 




Affair (af-far'), s. (matter, con- 
cern) lial, perlam; (business) 

Affect (-fekf), v. t. (influence, 
move) grakkan; (feign), buat- 
buat, pura-pura. To affect un- 
favourably, datargkan cJilaka. To 
be affected by, Jena. 

Affectation (af'fek-ta'srmn), s. 
tergkah pura-pura, muka-muka. 

Affected (af-fekt'ed), adj. yarg 
pura-pura laku-rya. 

Affecting (-ing), adj. yarg mmbri 
rawan* yaig mmbri pilu, yarg m- 
milukan, yarg mrawankan* 

Affection (-fek'shwn), s. (love) 
kaseli, sayarg; (strong) msra 
(Sk.) ; (mental impulse, feeling) 
'chita-chita* ram, perrasaan haU; 
(disease) pryakit. To gain a per- 
son's affections, ambil hati orarg. 

Affectionate (-et), adj. pryayarg* 
yarg mrgasehi;* (mutually affec- 
tionate) berkaseJi-kaseJian. 

Affianced (af-fl'anst), adj. ber- 

Affidavit (af-fi-da'vit), s. sarat 

Affiliate (af-fll'i-at), v. t. (adopt) 
argkat anak; (attach to, unite 
with) huborgkan drgan* 

Affinity (af-fm'i-ti), s. (kinship 
generally) persaudara'an* kna- 
mrgna (B.), krabat (Ar.) ; (con- 
nection) perdampiigan* krapat- 
an* perJiuborgan. 

Affirm (af-ferm'), v. t. (ratify) 
tgohkan, ttapkan; (assert positive- 
ly) katakan drgan tntu, surggoJi- 
kan, yakan. 

Affirmation (affer-ma'shtm), s. 
ktgoJian, kttapan, ktntuan. 

Affirmative (af-ferm'a-tiv), adj. 
yarg mryurggoJikan, yaig migya- 

Affix (af-flks'), v. t. (annex) hu- 
borgkan; (fasten) Ikatkan, tam- 

pal; (as a plaster) Ikapkan. To 

affix a seal, buboJi cJiap. 
Afflict (-flikt'), v. t. susdiikan, an- 

iayakan, seksakan, sakiti, Jiawi- 

Affliction (-flik'shwn), s. ksusalian, 

seksa, balak (Ar. bald') ; (disease) 

Affluence (af 'flu-ens), s. (pro- 
fusion) klempahan* kmewahan; 

( wealth ) Jvkayaan. 
Affluent (-ent), adj. (abundant) 

me wait, Jem pah;* (rich) kaya. 
Afford (af-ford'), v. t. (give) bri; 

(stand, bear) talian. Cannot 

afford, tiada mampu* tiada daya, 

ta rupa. 
Affray (-fra'), s. perklaliian, gadoli, 

pergadoh an, Ji uru-Jiara. 
Affright (-frit'), v. t. kjotkan, bri 

takot, gntafkan, pranjatkan, bri 

daJishat (Ar.). 
Affright, s. Jctakotan, dalisliat 

(Ar.), Jiebat (Ar. haibat). 
Affront (-frunf), v. t. hi main, bri 

( aib (Ar.), 'aibkan (Ar.), buat 

Jionar (Pers.). 
Affront, s. araig di muka, e aib 

(Ar.), Jionar (Pers.). 
Afghan (af'gan), s. orarg Kabul 

Afire (a-fir'), adj. yaig kna api. 
Aflame (-flam'), adj. berryala. 
Afloat (-flof), adj. and adv. (float- 
ing) Umbo!; (adrift) Jiaryut, ter- 

aporg-apoig;* (in circulation) ma- 

soh or (Ar. mashJiur). 
Afoot (-foot'), adv. berjalan kaki. 
Aforesaid (a-for'sed), adj. yarg 

tersbot di atas. 
Aforetime (-tlm), adv. dJiulu kala, 

pada zaman dliulu, jman dhulu 

Afraid (a-frad'), adj. takot, rgri* 

Afresh (-fresh'), adv. lagi skali, 

kmbali, s-mula. 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry ; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry ; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minus, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




African (af'ri-kan), s. orarg Kapri, 
orarg Jarggi* orarg hitam: 

African marigold (mar'i-gold), s. 
burga tahi ayam. 

Aft (aft), adv. (Xaut.) di blakary, 
di buritan. 

After (aft'er), prep, (of place) di 
blaharg; (following) mrgikut, m- 
nurut; (of time) kmdian deri- 
pada, I pas, habis, sudah; (ac- 
cording to) sperti, mnurut. After 
that, kmdian deri^pada itu. After 
that — , s-tlah* kmdian deri-pada 
— . After eating, I pas makan, 
habis makan. Alter 3 o'clock, 
Ipas pukol tiga. What are you 
after? apa buat? One after an- 
other (successively) berganti-gan- 
ti, berturut-turut, bergilir-gilir;* 
(in Indian file) berbuntut-buntut, 
berekor-ekor. After all (finally), 
akhir-rya (Ar.), lama-klamaan* 
To go after, chari, charek (B.). 

After, adv. (of place) blakarg; (of 
time) kmdian. 

Afterbirth (-berth), s. uri. 

Afternoon (-noon'), s. ptarg, sore 
(N.I.) ; (noon to 3 p.m.) lohor* 
(Ar. tlohor) ; (3 to 6 p.m.) 'asar 
(Ar.) ; (6 to 6.30 p.m.) maghrib 
(Ar.). In the afternoon, ptarg- 

Afterthought (-thawt), s. fikiran 
yarg mndatarg. 

Afterwards (-werdz), adv. kmdian, 
kmdian deri-pada itu, blakarg, s- 
tlah itu* blakarg kali (N.I.). 

Again (a-gen'), adv. (back, in re- 
turn) kmbali; (once more) lagi s- 
kali; (moreover, besides) lagi, 
pula. Over again, s-mula. Again 
and again, betrularg-ularg. To 
do again and again, ulargkan. 
Now and again, kadarg-kadarg . As 
large again, dm kali bsar. Nev- 
er do it again, jaigan skali-kali 
buat lagi. To sleep again, balek 

tidor, tidor pula.* To happen 
again, mndua kali* 

Against (a-gensf), prep, (upon, in 
contact with) pada, k-pada, akan;* 
(in opposition to) mlarygar, m- 
lawan. Over against, tntarg, dkat, 
di sisi* Against the wind, m- 
njonjsorg argin. The wind was 
against us, argin salah. 

Agape (a-gap'), adj. (with astonish- 
ment) termargu* terblargu* 

Agate (ag'et), s. 'akek kunirg. 

Age (aj), s. 'umor, usia (Sk.) ; 
(period, generation) zaman, jman 
(B.). Of age, sudah sampai 
'umor. Under age, Mum sampai 
'umor. Middle age, spar oh 'umor. 
What is his age? bra-pa 'umor-iya? 
The present age, zaman ini. Past 
ages, zaman dhulu. Twelve years 
of age, dua-Mas tahun 'umor-iya. 
Age after age, zaman-ber zaman. 
He is of the same age as this man, 
'iunor-rya s-baya orarg ini. 

Age, v. i. jadi tua. 

Aged (a'jed), adj. tua. 

Agency (a/jen-si), s. wakil (Ar.), 
pkerjaan wakil* (Ar. wakil). 

Agenda (a-jen'da), s. pi. pkerjaan. 

Agent (a'jent), s. kuasa, wakil 
(Ar.), agen (X.I.) (D.). 

Aggrandize (ag'gran-diz), v. t. 
bsarkan,' Ibehkan; (in rank) tirggi- 

Aggrandizement (ag-gran'diz- 

ment), s. kbsaran, klbehan, ktirggi- 

Aggravate (ag'-gra-vat), v. t. (in- 
tensify) bratkan, Ibehkan, tam- 
bahi; (irritate) bri marah, sakit- 
kari hati, gusari;* (as animals) 
galakkan; (of diseases') bntankan. 

Aggravation (-va'shim), s. (act of 
intensifying) hal mmbraikan, hal 
mlbehkan; (that which aggra- 
vates) pnambah; (that which ir- 
ritates) kmarahan; (of disease) 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror ; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry ; use, us, minws, cure, injure, 

Jnirry; food, foot, awfaol (awful) ; law, how, oil; thin then. 




Aggregate (ag'gre-gat), v. t. hm- 
polkan, himponkan. Aggregating 
100 piculs, jmlali-nja* s-ratus 

Aggregate (-get), s. (assemblage) 
perkumpolan; (sum, total) jmlah 
(Ar.). In the aggregate, bersama- 

Aggression (ag-gresh'wn), s. srarg, 
serbu, tnr poh. 

Aggressive (-gres'siv), adj. yarg 
mnjvarg, yarg hndak ml a wan. 

Aggressor (-ser), s. pnjrarg, yarg 
terdhuhi nil a) g gar. 

Aggrieve (ag-gnV), v. t. duka- 
chilakan (Sk.), susdlii, susahkan 
hati orarg, bri mash gh id (Ar.). 

Aghast (a-gasf), adj. terchtgaig, 
tcrpranjat, grim. 

Agila wood (a-ge'la wood), s. gha- 

Agile (aj'Il or aj'il), adj. pantas, 

Agility (a-jil'i-ti), s. kpantasan. 

Agitate (aj'i-tat), v. t. (move vio- 
lently) goncharg; (disturb) ka- 
chau, ham;* (of liquids) kochak; 
(discuss) bicharakan. He was 
agitated, berdbar-lah hati-nja. 

Agitation (-ta'sh«n), s. (disturb- 
ance) gmpar, kachau, haru-biru* 
rusoh ;* (incitement) asutan, usot- 
an (B.) ; (mental perturbation) 

Agitator (-ta-ter), s. pigasut, pig- 
usot (B.), prgachau, prgachum* 

Agnostic (ag-nos'tik), s. yarg tiada 
migtahui akan Allah* yatg m- 
■tyargkal akan Allah. 

Ago (a-gc/), adv. dhulu, lalu. Two 
years ago, dua tahun lalu. How 
long ago? bra pa lama dhulu? 
Long ago, lama dhulu, lama sudah. 

Agonize (ag'o-nlz), v. i. (be in 
agony) rasai srgsara (Sk.) ; (strive 
earnestly) bermati-mati, inn/glu- 
por (B.) ; (with contortions of the 
body) ronta* 

Agony (-ni), s. seksa, srgsara (Sk.), 
'azab* (Ar. ( adzab). 

Agrarian (a-grar'i-an), adj. deri- 
hal ladarg. Agrarian law, undarg- 
undaig c/wchok-tanam* 

Agree (a-gre'), v. i. (be in unison) 
berstuju, muafakat (Ar.) ; (con- 
sent) kabul* sudi, berknan, redla 
(Ar.) ; (promise) berjanji; (be 
suitable, as food or medicine) s- 
rasi; (coincide) stuju, sama; as, 
jam ini tiada sama, these clocks do 
not agree. 

Agreeable (-a-bl), adj. (to the 
senses) sdap; (to the mind) ber~ 
knan; (willing) sudi, kabul;* 
(conformable) s-tuju. 

Agreement (-mentj, s. (contract) 
perja njian ; ( ha rmony ) muafakat 
(Ar.) ; (concurrence) perstujuan. 

Agriculture (ag'ri-kul-chur), s. 
'ilmu* pladarg, 'ilmu* bertanam, 

• 'ilmu berchochok-tanam. 

Aground (a-grownd'), adv. (Naut.) 
terkandas, tersadai; (cast ashore, 
wrecked ) terda m par. 

Ague (a'gu), s. dmam kura, dmam 

Ah (a), int. ah! hai! 

Aha (a-ha'), int. wall! ambolii! 

Ahead (a-hed'), adv. (Xaut.) (in 
front) di muka; (contrary, of 
wind) sakal ; (in advance) di ha- 
dapan. To go ahead, berjalan 
dhulu. To go or get ahead of, 
mndhului; (surpass) alahkan* 
kalahkan (B.). To push a boat 
ahead, sororg. 

Ahem (a-hem'), int. daham. 

Aid (ad), v. t. toloig, bantu. 

Aid, s. pertolonjan, bantuan. 

Aide-de-camp (ad'dtf-kax), s. Tea- 
pit * prgapit, ptgirirg* 

Aigrette (a'gret), s. jambul; (arti- 
ficial) tajok* jumbai* 

Ail (al), v. i. rasa sdhit, sakit. 

Ailment (aTment), s. pryakit. 

Aim (am), v. i. (by closing one 

iate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minws, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful) ; law, how, oil; thin then. 




eye) bedek ;* (direct a missile 

or weapon) tufa; (endeavour) 

choba; (by magic) tilek. 
Aim, v. t. tujukan, halakan* 
Aim, s. (intention) kahandak, mak- 

sud, kasad (Ar.), hajat (At.); 

(direction) hala* tujuan. 
Aimless (amies), adj. tatntu hala- 

nja* tatntu arah , tatntu tuju-iya. 
Air (fir), s. (atmosphere) udara, 

hawa; (air in motion) argin; 

(tune) lagu, rag am; (appearance 1 ) 

rupa, chara. To take fresh air, 

makan argin, ambil argin. Airs 

(affected manner), muka-miika, 

ragam. To put on airs, mragam, 

bersikap* her sol etc* 
Air, v. t. (expose to the air) argin- 

kan; (expose to heat) diarg* 

garggarg; (expose to the sun) 
. jmor; (hang on a line) sidai* 
Air-bubble (-bub-bl), s. (as in 

glass) inert eh* 
Air-cushion (-kooslwm), s. bantal 

glmbory, bantal gbot* 
Airship (-ship), s. kapal terbarg, 

kapal udara, belun berjntra (E. 

Air-tight (-tit), s. kjap* tiada 

boleh masok argin, ta.tlap* 
Airing (-ing), s. To take an airing, 

mdkan argin, ambil argin. 
Airy (4), adj. (open to the air) 

berargin; (delicate of texture) 

Aisle (II), s. (passage between 

seats) lor org antara hursi \krosi 

(B.)]. . 

Ajar (a-jar'), adj. rrggarg, ber- 

Akimbo (a-kim'bo), adv. berchkak 
pirggaig, bertlkan pirggarg* 

Akin (a-kin'), adj. (of blood re- 
lations) bersaudara, bersanak;* 
(similar to) s-rupa, s-macham, $'- 

Alabaster (al'a-bas'ter), s. batu 
pualam* (Tarn.). 

Alacrity (a-lak'ri-ti), s. (briskness) 
k pan tarn n : ( eage rn ess ) yakin 
Alarm (a-larm'), v. t. (arouse to 
vigilance) jagakan, kjotkan; 
(disturb, cause excitement) gm- 
parkan; (frighten) gertakkan, bri 
takot, bri dahshat (Ar.), kaget 
(X.I.). Alarmed, terpranjat, tel- 
le jot, rgri* 
Alarm, s. (fear) ktakotan, rgri* 
grun, dahshat (Ar.) ; (warning 
signal) smboyan* 
Alarm clock (klok), s. jam smbo- 

yan* jam prgjot tidor* 
Alarmist (-ist), s. prggertak, pm- 

ranjat, pnjgmpar. 
Alarum (a-lar'«m), s. smboyan* 
Alas (a-las'), int. ay oh, adohi, sa- 
ga ig, wahai* 
Albatross (al'ba-tros), s. s-jni* 

buroig chamar yatg bmr skali* 

Albeit (awl-be'it), conj. sing g oh pun. 

Albino (al-be'no, u. s. al-bl'no), s. 

orarg sab on* orarg balar;* (of 

buffaloes) balar* 

Album (aTbz/m), s. buku kosorg 

bagi* gam bar, etc. [kerna (B.)]. 
Albumen (al-bii'men), s. (white of 

an egg) put eh tlor. 
Alchemist (al'ke-mist), s. tukaig 

kiiiiia (Ar.). 
Alchemy (-mi), s. 'ilmu kimia 

Alcohol (-ko-hol), s. pati arak* 

rack an arak (B.). 
Alcove (-kov), s. (recess in a room) 
chrok, anak bilek ;* (garden bow- 
er) balai jambaigan* punjorg* 
Alderman (awl'der-man), s. sidaiy 

majlis bandar* 
Ale (al), s. bir (E.). 
Alert (a-lerf), adj. (watchful) ber- 
irgat, jaga; (brisk) pantos, taig- 
Alexander (al'ekz-an'der), s. Is- 
kandar (Ar.). Alexander the 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minus, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




Great, lakandar dzu 'l-karnain 

Alexandria (-dri-a), s. Iskandariah 

Algebra (al'je-bra), s. 'ilmu 'l-jabr 

Alias (a'li-as), s. nama palsu. 

Alibi (aTi-bl), s. klratgan tiada ha- 
dlir pada tmpat di-tudoh* 

Alien (a'li-en or al/y^n), adj. (for- 
eign) dayaiy ; (different, incon- 
gruous) lain, berlainan. 

Alien, s. oraiy asiig* orary khiar- 
an* orai (j (lagan/. 

Alienable (-a-bJ), adj. yary boleh 

Alienate (-at), v. t. (transfer pro- 
perty) jual, svahkan ; (the affec- 
tions) jauhkan hati ovary. 

Alienation (-a'sh/m), s. (of pro- 
perty) hal mnjual, hal mnjrahkan; 
(of the affections) jauh hati, per- 
struan* m ufanakah ( Ar. ) . 

Alight (a-lTf), v. i. (spring down) 
terjun, trujiui (B.), In van; (of 
birds) hinjyap. 

Alight, adj. terpasary. 

Align (a-lln'). v. t. blulkan baris, 
btuTkan ban jar* luruskan jajar* 
blulkan nirai* 

Alignment (-iwnt). s. bavis gang 
btul, ban jar yaiy hints;* (act of 
aligning) hal mmbtulkan ban jar* 

Alike (a-llk'), adj. s-rupa, s- 
■macham, sama. Somewhat alike, 
akan-akan sama* man dkat sama 

Alike, adv. sama. 
Aliment (ai'i-inent), s. makanan, 

rjki (Ar. rizki), jerki (B.). 
Alimentary (-men'ta-ri), adj. yary 

mnjadi makanan. 
Alimony (-mo-ni), s. blanja, naf- 

kah (Ar.). 
Alive (a-liv'), adj. (living) hidop, 

bevhayat (Ar.), bernjawa; (lively) 

panto*, chakatan* To keep alive 

(as lire or affection), hidopkan. 

j Alkali (aTka-li), s. yavam abu. 

All (awl), adj. (of persons or things 
considered individually) smoa, s- 
yala, sometimes followed by b- 
laka;* (more emphatic) sklian; 
(all over a surface) shir oh, as, 
shiroh bumi, all over the earth; 
slur oh bad an, slur oh tit boh,* all 
over the body; (the whole of any- 
thing) s-ynap, as, s-ynap perhim- 
ponan, all the assembly; (of du- 
ration or length) s-panjary, as, s- 
panjary hari, all day; s-panjary 
jalan, all the way. Other com- 
pounds of s- are frequently used to 
express alb as, s'isi rumah, all 
those in the house; dryan s-bulat 
hati, with all one's heart; dryan 
s-habis-habis kuaxa-tya, with all his 
power; diyan s-pnoh-pnoh harap, 
"with all confidence; s-malam-ma- 
laman, all night. All alone, s- 
batary karah. All but, ryaris* 
hampiv. All over, s-vata-rata 
tmpat; (prep.) sluvoh, antevo 
(NYL). All sorts of, berbayai- 
bayai, plbayai* serba. On all 
fours, mrarykak. All of them, 
ksmoa-nja. All at once, s-kali yus. 
All together, s-vmpak. All of a 
sudden, jxida s-ktika. 

All, adv. (entirely) s-mata-mata* 

Allay (al-hY), v. t. (quiet) diam- 
kan; (appease) puaskan; (evil 
feelings) padamkan; (alleviate) 
kuvarykan, snaiykan. 

Allegation (aTle-ga/sh?m), s. k- 
tvanjan, akuan. 

Allege (al-lej'), v. t, katakan dryan 
tntn, njatakaUy tvarykan, mvyaku. 

Allegiance (-le'jans), s. stia* bakti 

Allegorise (al'le-go-m), v. i. 'iba- 
rat kan, mesalkan, misalkan ((B.), 
kiaskan (Ar.). 

Allegory (-ri), s. perumpama'an,* 
'ibarat, me sal an (Ar. mithal) > kias 

•ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire^ 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minus, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




Alleviate (ad-le'vi-at), v. t. kurarg- 
kan, rergankan. 

Alley (al'li), s. lororg. Blind alley, 
lororg s-krat, jalan buntu. 

Alliance (al-li'ans), s. (union) per- 
huborgan, perskutuan;* (league, 
compact) perjanjian stia* mua~ 
fakat (Ar.). 

Alligator (al'li-ga-ter), s. buaya. 

Alliteration (al-lit'er-a'shtm) , s. 
ulargan liuruf yarg sama butyl* 

Allocate (aTlo-kat), v. t. bhagikan, 

Allocation (-ka'shwn), s. (arrange- 
ment) peraturan; (allotment) 
bhagian, untok. 

Allot (al-lof), v. t. (distribute) 
bhagikan, untokkan; (assign, ap- 
point) tntukan. 

Allotment (-ment), s. bhagian, un- 
tok, habuan* 

Allow (ill-low') , v. t. (give, grant) 
bri, kasi (B.) ; (as a deduction) 
potorg, tolak; (permit) luluskan* 
bnarkan, Ipaskan, biar, kasi (B.) ; 
(acknowledge) mrgaku. To allow 
to leave, Ipas kluar. 

Allowable (-a-bl), adj. (permis- 
sible) boleh di-bri, lulus;* (law- 
ful) halal. 

Allowance (-ans), s. (quantity al- 
lowed, of food) plabur* msara* 
(Ar. mushaharat) : (of money) 
blanja; (deduction) potorgan. 

Alloy (al-loi'), s. (compound of 
metals) pancha-logam* (Tarn.) ; 
(admixture) champuran. Gold 
alloy, snasa. 

Alloy, v. t. champur. 

Allude (-lud'), v. i. bawa chakap; 
as, mmbawa chakap deri-hal sianu, 
to allude to Mr. so-and-so. 

Allure (-lur'), v. t. (entice by bait) 
umpankan; (by a decoy) pikat;* 
(by familiarising) jinak-jinakkan; 
(by sounds) dkut* kesek* 

Allurement (-ment), s. umpan, 

Allusion (al-lii'zln/n), see allude. 

Alluvial (-vi-al), s. kukop* Allu- 
vial soil, tanali 'nap* 

Ally (al-ii') ? v. t. huborg, huborg- 

Ally (al'li), s. pmbantu, pnolorg, s- 

Almanac (awl'ma-mik), s. takivim 

Almeirah (al-mi'ra), s. almari, 
Imari; (for crockery) grobok* 

Almighty (awl-mit'i), adj. yarg 
n i aha kuasa. 

Almond (a'nu/nd), s. badam* The 
'Indian almond, ktaparg. Almond 
eyes, mat a sepet. 

Almost (awl'most), adv. liampir, 
dkat, njaris* climas;* (almost hit- 
ting a mark) sipi. 

Alms (amz), s. sdkah, derma (Sk.) ;. 
(poor rate, incumbent on Mos- 
lems) zakat (Ar.). To distribute 
alms, dadar* 

Almsgiving (amz'giv-ing), s. mm- 
bri sdkah, mndadar* 

Almshouse (-hows), s. rumali wakaf 
bagi orarg miskin* 

Aloe (al'o), s. (Aloe ferox) lidah 
buaya. Extract of aloes, jadam. 

Aloes- wood (al'oz-wood), s. (the 
fragrant wood found in knots on 
the karas tree, Aquilaria malac- 
cense) gharu. 

Aloft (a-i oft'), adv. di at as, k'atas; 
(Xaut.) di tiarg. To go aloft r 
naik tiarg. 

Alone (a-lon'), adj. (solitary) turg- 
gal, s orarg diri, terkoterg-ko- 
ten];* (only) saliaja. All alone, 
s-baiarg karah, s-bataig galah* 

Along (a-long'), prep, mnurut, as,. 
mnurut jalan, along the road. 
All along the road, s-panjarg-pan- 
jaig jalan. See below. 

Along, adv. (lengthwise) pada bu- 
jor;* (onward) k-hadapan. To 
go along the edge of, m?yusor; as, 
mryusor pantai, along the shore. 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire r 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, min^s, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful) ', law, how, oil; thin then. 




Along with, serta drgan, bserta. 

All along (of time), slain, s- 

memarg; (of direction) s-panjarg. 
Alongside (-sld'), adv. di sisi* di 

tpi. To bring alongside, kpilkan* 
Aloof (a-loof), adv. jauh sdikit. 

To hold aloof, tar eh diri. 
Aloud (a-lowd'), adv. drgan suara 

yarg ryariig. 
Alpaca (al-pak'a), s. s-jnis kain 

Alphabet (al'fa-bet), s. alif-ba-ta* 
Alphabetical (-bet'i-kal), adj. In 

alphabetical order, mnurut suswn- 

an liuruf* 
Already (awl-red'i), adv. memaig, 

sdia, sdia sudak. 
Also (awi'so), adv. and conj. pun, 

pvla, jug a, lagi. 
Altar (awl'ter or ol'ter), s. tmpat 

korban (Ar.), tmpat persmblehan, 

mizbali* (Ar. midzbaii). 
Alter, v. t. obalikan ; (of position) 

aleh;* (amend, improve) pinda;* 

see CHANGE. 
Alter, v. i. berobah. 
Alteration (-a'srn/n), s. obahan, 

pinda' an* 
Altercation (-ka'sh?/n), s. pertrg- 

karan, perbantahan* perbabilan* 
Alternate (ol-ternet), adj. yarg 

b e rgan ti-^gan ti, b e rgilir-gilir, * b er- 

slarg. Alternate days, slarg s-hari, 

berslarg-slarg liari, lat s-hari. 
Alternate (orter-nfit), v. i. ganti- 

berganti, berganti-ganti, berlat-lab. 
Alternation (-na'sln/n), s. per- 

Alternative (ol-ter'na-tive), s. (one 

of two things offered to one's 

choice) salah satu; (thing offered 

in place of another) gantian. You 

may choose either alternative, bo- 

leh pileh salah-satu-rya. There is 

no alternative, tiada jalan lain. 
Although (awl-f/j<V), conj. mski, 

mski-pun, su-rygoli, snrggoh-pun, 
jikalau. . . .skali-pun, as, jikalau 

sluroh tanali Jawa itu skali-pun, 

although the whole of Java; pada 

hal* as, although he is not guilty 

he professes to be so, ia migaku 

diri-nja bersalah pada lial tiada 

Altitude (aTti-tud), s. tirggi. 
Altogether (awl'too-gef/t'er), adv. 

s-mata-mata \, skali. 
Altruism (al'troo-izm), s. hal mn- 

chari fa'idah orary lain. 
Alum (al'z/m), s. taicas. 
Aluminium (-u-min'i-mn), s. s-jnis 

timali yarg am at rergan. 
Alumnus (a-lnm'nws), s. anak sko- 

lah, m u rid. 
Always (awl'waz), adv. slalu, sn- 

tiasa (Sk.), snntiasa (Sk.), sdia- 

kala .(Sk.), malar* madarg* s- 

memarg. To be always doing, 

slaroli* miylaroh* To be always 

using, llarkan* 
Am (am), see be. 
Amalgam (a-maTgam), s. cham- 

pur an raksa. 
Amalgamate (-at), v. t. (of' 

metals) champur drgan raksa; 

(combine, unite) huhorgkan,. 

Amalgamation (-a'shwn), s. (of 

metals) hal mnchampur drgan 

raksa; (combination) perhvboryan, 

Amanuensis (a-man'u-en'sis), s.. 

Amass (a-mas'), v. t. kumpolkan,. 

himponl'an,* timbonkan, kamporg- 

Amateur (am'a-tur), s. orarg yarg 

bkerja atau bermain drgan tiada 

mnrima upalt. 
Amatory (-to-ri), adj. yarg mn- 

dataigkan brahi* deri-hal braid* 

drgan 'ashik (Ar.). 
Amaze (a-maz'), v. t. chrgargkan, 

bri hairan, t'ajubkan (Ar.). 

Amazed, terchryaiy, fajub (Ar.),. 

( Ar. ) , termargu-margu* 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; Ice, it, fire,. 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minws, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




Amazement (-ment), s. hairan, 

chryarg, t'ajub (Ar.). 
Amazon (am'a-z*/n), s. soldado 

Ambassador (am-bas'sa-der), s. 

utusan* wakil krajaan* 
Amber (am'ber), s. ambar (Ar. 

'anbar) . 
Ambergris (-gres), s. ambar, 'anbar 

Ambidextrous (am'bi-deks'trws), 

adj. yarg targan-rya sama kuat. 

Ambiguous (am-big'u-?/s), adj. 

yarg dua m'ana-nja, yarg ta'tntu 

art i-nja, 'u mu m * ( Ar. gh u mum ? ) . 

Ambition (-bish'?/n), s. Virginan 

tirggi, hi mm ah tirggi* 
.Ambitious (-us), adj. yarg irgiit 
akan kbsaran atau kuasa, yarg mn- 
chari nama, yarg 1 berhimmah tirg- 
Amble (am'bl), v. i. berjalan seiget. 
Amboina (am-boi'na), s. Ambon. 
Ambulance (am'bu-kns), s. kreta 

hagi orarg sal' it atau luka. 
Ambuscade (-bus-kad'), s. pasokan 

Ambush (am'boosh), s. prgndap. 
Ambush, v. t. 'ndap, adarg* drgan 

Ameliorate (a-mel'yo-rat or a-meT- 

i-o-rat), v. t. baikki, pin da.* 
Amen (a-men'), int. amin (Ar.). 
Amenable (a-men'a-bl), adj. (to 
law or government) dalam pr en- 
tail, dal-am hukum; (liable to 
trial) boleh hna bichara; (tract- 
able) snarg di-patah* suka mnurut 
ajaran, yatg mntgar kala. 
Amend (a-mend'), v. t. baikki, 

btulkan, pinda* 
Amendment (-ment), s. perobah- 

an, pinda* pinda an* 
Amends (a-mendz'), s. (compen- 
sation) balasan. To make amends, 
ganti krugian, bayar diat (Ar.). 
Amenity (a-men'i-ti), s. laku yaty 
manis, Imah-lnibot. 

Amerce (a-mers'), v. t. dndakan. 
America (a-mer'i-ka), s. Amerika, 

neyri Merikan. 
American (-kan), s. orarg Amerika, 

orary Merikan. 
Amethyst (am'-e-thist), s. batu k- 

Amiability (a'mi-a-bil'i-ti), s. laku 

■yatg manis, prgasehan. 
Amiable (-bl), adj. yarg manis 

laku-nja, balk laku, berpigasehan. 
Amicable (am'i-ka-bl), adj. (friend- 
ly) bersahabat* bersobat (B.), 

Amid (a-mid'), prep, di trgali, di 

antara, dalam. 
Amidships (-ships), adv. (Naut.) 

di pmirggargan. 
Amidst (a-midsf), prep, di trgah, 

di antara, dalam. 
Amiss (a-mis'), adj. and adv. 

( wrong ) salah ; ( improper ) ta'- 

patut, tasnonoh; (out of order) 

lakna. 'To take amiss, berkchil- 

Amity (am'i-ti), s. persahabatan* 

Ammonia (am-mo'ni-a), s. garam 

knchiuj kuda. Salts of ammonia, 

mdir* (Pers. nushadir), garam 

Ammunition (am'mu-nish'wn), s. 

(military stores) alat pprargan;* 

(cartridges) patrum* kertus* 

plum, pel or (N.I.) (Port, peloa- 

Amnesty (-nes-ti), s. ampun den- 

pada krajaan, mahap bagi oravg 

Among (a-mung'), prep, di trgah, 

di antara, dalam. 
Amongst (a-mungsf), = among, 

q. v. 
Amorous (am'o-n/s), adj. braid* 

'asldk (Ar.). 
Amount (a-mownf), s. (total) jm- 
I ah (Ar.) ; (quantity) baryak. 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minus, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




Amount, v. i. (reach) jadi, sampai 
akan* To amount to (aggre- 
gate), jmlah (Ar.). It amounts 
to nothing, tiada berfaidah satu 
pun, taapa guna-nja (B.). 

Amphibious (am-flb'i-i/s), adj. yarg 
boleh hidop di laid dan darat pun. 

Ample (am'pl), adj. (spacious) 
laparg, Iga, luas; (sufficient) chu- 
kop, pada* 

Amplify (-pli-fl), v. t. lanjutkan 
chrita, panjargkan kalani;* shwrah 

Amplitude (-tiid), s. kluasan, k- 

Amply (-pli), adv. (sufficiently) 

Amputate (-pu-tfit), v. t. krat, po- 
torg, kodorgkan, kudorykan (B.). 

Amputation (-tii'shW), s. hal 

Amuck (a-muk'). To run amuck, 

Amulet (am'u-k't), s. targkal, 'azi- 
mat (Ar.). 

Amuse (a-miiz'), v. t. sukakan liati, 
bri tertawa, glikan liati. 

Amusement (-ment), s. (that 
which amuses) ksuka'an, kgmar- 
an* prggli liati f (pastime) per- 

Amusing (-ing), adj. pnemawa* 
prggli liati, sronbk* 

An (an), see a. 

Anachronism (an-ak'ro-nizm), s. 
silap fasal peraturan masa* 

Anaemia (a-ne'mi-a), s. kurarg da- 
rali, sriat (W.). 

Anaemic (-mik), adj. puchat Isi* 

Anaesthetic (an'es-thet'ik), s. bins* 
(Pers. bihaush) ; (narcotics used 
by thieves) skut* pukau. 

Analogous (a-nal'o-gus), adj. ber- 
stuju, sama. 

Analogy (-ji), s. (resemblance) 
umpama '(Sk.), perbandinjan, me- 
sal, misal (B.) (Ar. mithal), 'iba- 
rat, tamsil* (Ar. tamthil). 

Analysis (-i-sis), s. hal mmbuka 
dan mmrekm sgala\ bhagian yaig 
mnjadikan s-suatu;* (Gram.). 
'■irab (Ar.). 

Analyze (an'a-Hz), v. t. pchahkan 

Anarchist (an'ark-ist), s. orarg 
yarg tamau turut prentah, orarg 

Anarchy (-i), s. liaru-biru* hum- 
liar a, derhaka. 

Anathema (a-nath'e-ma), s. kuiok r 
sum pali, Vanat (Ar.). 

Anatomize (a-nat'o-miz), v. t. 
( dissect ) lapah* p rggal-prggal ;* 
.(discriminate minutely) slidek* 
siasat (Ar.). 

Anatomy (-mi), s. 'ilmu slerah atg- 

Ancestor (an'ses-ter), s. nenek- 
m oyarg, datok-nenek* 

Ancestral (an-ses'tral), adj. (in- 
herited) psdka. Ancestral cus- 
toms, "adat ?i e nek- ni oyarg. An- 
cestral worship, hal mrymbah ne- 

Ancestry (an'ses-tri), s. (ancestral 
lineage) asal; (race, descent) 
bargsa. Of noble ancestry, ber- 
bargsa, bargsawan* t unman baik- 
baik (B.). 

Anchor (ang'ker), s. sauh. To cast 
anchor, buarg sauh, labohkan sauh+ 
berlaboh. To weigh anchor, boiy- 
kar sauh. 

Anchorage (-ej), s. labohan, pla- 

Anchorite (-ko-iit), s. (hermit) 
orarg bertapa, zahid (Ar.). 

Anchovy (an-cho'vi), s. ikan bilis. 

Ancient (an'shent), adj. (aged) 
tua; (opposed to modern) dhulu 
kala; (of long duration) lama. 

And (and), conj. dan, pun, serta, 
drgan, lagi, sraya;* pun always fol- 
lows the noun or pronoun to which 
it refers. The conjunction is omit- 
ted in such phrases as: tua muda, 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, s5re, sort, sorry; use, us, minws, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




old and young; siary malam, day 

and night; anak-bini, wife and 

children ; pergi arnbil, go and get. 

Andiron (and'I-ern), s. galaiy kayu 


(an'ek-dot), s. chrita, 



.Anemone (a-nem'o-ni) 
anemone, buran.* 

Aneroid (an'e-roid), pnimbarg u- 

Aneurism (an'u-rizm), s. Usui di 
urat darah, biykak urat darah. 

.Anew (a-nvi'), adv. (over again) 
lagi s-kali, s-m-ula, pula, kmbali 
(X.I.) ; (in a new form) bliaru. 

Angel (an'jel), s. mla'ikat. The 
angel of death, malaku 'l-maut 

Angelic (an-jel'ik), adj. mla'ikat 
(a), sperti mla'ikat. 

Anger (ang'ger), s. marali, amarah* 
panas hati, liargat hati* gusar* 
rgrin;* (resentful anger) gram: 
(of God or kings) murka (Ar.). 

.Angle (-gl), s. (corner) pnjuru, 
buchu* sudut;* (bend) siku. 

Angle, v. i. mrga'il, panchirg. 

Angler (-gler), s. prya'il. 

Anglican (-gli-kan), adj. Iiggris. 

Anglicize (-slz), v. t. boat chara 

Angry (ang'gri), adv. marali, gu- 
sar* rgrin;* (resentful) gram; (of 
God or kings) murka (Ar.). To 
be angry with, gusari* To be an- 
gry, naik marali; (stronger) m- 
radaiy, mmberarg, naik mradaig, 
naik berarg; (of princes) ber- 

Anglo- (-glo), Iiggris. 

Anguish (-gwish), s. (physical 
pain) bisa, seksa, sigsara (Sk.) ; 
(mental suffering) susah hati, k- 

Angular (-gu-ler), adj. (pointed) 
ranchorg* renchoty;* (lean) ku- 

Animadversion (an'i-mad-ver'- 

shifn), s. tguran, liardek* chla. 
Animal (an'i-mal), s. binatary, hai- 

wan (Ar.). Wild animals in 

general, mergastua (Sk.). Do- 
mestic animals, binatarg jinak. 

Savage animals, binataiy buas. 

Wild animals, binatarg liar. 
Animal, adj. binatarg (a), chara 

binatarg. The animal passions, 

ha/ra nafsu. Animal food, dagirg. 
Animalcule (-maTkul), s. kjadian 

yaig amat halus, human, hama. 
Animate (-mat), v. t. (give life) 

hidopkan; (stimulate) grakkan 

Animated (-ed), adj. berhati hidop, 

cherkas* pantos. 
Animation (-ma'slii/n), s. ksgaran, 

rsmi yarg sgar. 
Animism (-mizm), s. perchaya 

akan smargat dan hantu. 
Animosity (-mos'i-ti), s. (hatred) 

bnchi; (enmity) perstruan* 
Animus (-mws), s. (intention) 

maksud, niat; (temper) marah. 
Anise (an'is), s. (Pimpinella ani- 

sum) jintan manis. Chinese anise 

(Illiciiim anisatum) adas manis. 
Aniseed (-i-sed), s. biji adas manis, 

biji jintan manis; see above. 
Ankle (ang'kl), s. perglargan kaki* 

Ankle bone, buku lali* mata kaki. 
Anklet (-klet), s. glarg kaki, kron- 

Annals (an'nalz), s. hikayat, tawa- 

rikh (Ar.), s jar ah (Ar.). 
Anneal (an-neT), v. t. spoh. 
Annex (-neks'), v. t. (affix) huborg* 

kan, sambo tykan; (add) tambahi. 
Annexation (an'neks-a'shtm), s. 

per/i ub organ. 
Annihilate (an-ni'hi-lat), v. t. ti- 

adakan, binasakan r , tumpaskan, 

I i a p uskan, jhanna m kan . 
Annihilation (-la'shtm), s. kbi- 

nasa'an, ktiada'an* 

-ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us-, minus, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




Anniversary (an'ni-ver'sa-ri), s. 

ulargan tahun, see axnual. 
.Anno-Domini (fin'nd dom'i-nl), 

tahun Tulian, tarikh Msihi (Ar.). 
Annotate (an'no-tat), v. t. in ana- 

kan (Ar.), tafsirkan (Ar.). 
Annotation (-ta'srnm), s. tafsir 

Announce (an-nowns'), v. t. kha- 

barkan, bri tahu, ni'alumkan 
.- (Ar.), siarkan, warwarkan* sru- 

Announcement (-merit), s. khabar, 

perkhabaran, brita (Sk.). 
Annoy (-noi'), v. t. usek, susahi, 

Annoyance (-ans), s. usek, susah, 

Annual (an'yu-al), adj. (each .year) 

tiap-tiap s-tahun; (lasting* a year) 

s-tahun. Animal assessment, chu- 

kai s-tahun. Annual feast, knduri 

hoi* (Ar. Haul = year). 
Annuity (an-nii'i-ti), s. penchen 

(E.), pansiun (X.I.). 
Annul (an-mil'), v. t. (reduce to 

nothing) tiadakaih; ■' (obliterate) 

hapuskari;* (make void) buargkan, 

batalkan; (abrogate) mansukhkan 

Annular (an'yu-ler), adj. ber- 

Annunciation (an-nun'si-a/shim), 

s. perkhabaran, brita (Sk.). 
Anodyne (an'o-dln), s. pnawar, 

obat yarg nughUanfkan ksakitan. 
Anoint (a-noinf), v. t. minjakki; 

(with a cosmetic or perfume) 

urap, raksi* 
Anomalous (a-nom'a-l?/s), adj. 

tiada bperaturan* ganjil, lain 

deri-pada 'adat, plek* 
Anomaly (-li), s. perkara ya)g lain 

deri-pada 'adat. 
Anon (a-non'), adv. (soon) sgra. 

Ever and anon, kadarg-kadaig, 

krap kali, krap-krap, sriig kali 


Anonymous (-i-mws), adj. tiada 
bernama. Anonymous letter, su- 
rat glap, swat terbarg* surat ra- 
chun argin* 

Another (an-u^'er), adj. (one 
more) lagi satu; (different) lain. 
One after another, I pas satu satu, 
berturut-turut, bertubi-tubi* One 
thing or another, tasatu satu. 

Answer (an'ser), s. jawab, sahutan, 

Answer, v. t. jawab akan, sahuti. 
To answer a letter, balaskan surat. 

Answer, v. i. jawab, bri jawab, 
sahut. To answer for (be respon- 
sible), targgoig, mrgaku, jamin. 

Answerable (-a-bl), adj. (respon- 
sible) yatg mrgaku, yarg mnarg- 
f)°Hj; (proportionate) s-kadar 
(Ar.). I am answerable for that, 
aku-lah yarg mnarggorg hal itu, 
lial itu di atas aku. 

Ant (ant), s. smut Flying ants, 
k/katu* The large red ant, krrgga. 
White ants (termites), anai-anai* 
smut puteh (B.),rayap (N".L). 

Antagonist (an-tag'o-nist), s. 7a- 
wan, stru* 

Antagonistic (-nis'tik), adj. yarg 
mlawan, berstru* bantalian* 

Antarctic (ant-ark'tik), adj. kutub 
slatan* (a). 

Ant-eater (ant'et-er), s. trggilirg. 

Antecedent (an'te-sed'ent)^ adj. 
ya)g terdhulu, yarg mndhului* 

Antechamber (-cham-ber), s. &i- 
lek luar, balai mnanti* 

Antedate (-daf), v. t. dhulukan 

Antediluvian (-di-lfi'vi-an) , adj. 
yarg dhulu deri-pada zaman nabi 

Antelope (-lop), s. kambirg hutan, 
kambirg grun* 

Antenna (an-ten'na), s. (pi. an- 
tennas) surgut-sutgut* patil* 

Anterior (-ter'i-er)^ adj. (in time) 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minws, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




yarg ter dhulu; (in place) yarg 

di hadapan. 
Anteroom (an'te-rodrn), s. bilek 

luar, balai rnnanti* 
Anthem (an' them), s. (Moslem 

chant of praise to God) dbikir 

(Ar.). National anthem, lagu 

Anther (-ther), s. hujorg sulor 

Ant-hill (ant'-hil), s. biisut, porg- 

Anthracite (an'thra-slt), s. ararg 

batu yarg kras. 
Anthropology (an'thro-pol'o-ji), s. 

HI mu* manusia. 
Anthropomorphism (-po-mor'- 

flzm), s. pnjlmaan (Sk.). 
Antic (an'tik), s. klakar, laicak 


Antichrist (an'ti-krlst), s. la wan 
Almaseh, A Imasehu 'd-dajjal 
(Ar.), si-da jal* 

Antichristian (-kris'chan), adj. 
yarg mlawan agania Msihi* [kris- 
ten (B.)]. 

Anticipate (an-tis'i-pat), v. t. (be 
beforehand ) dim I ui ; ( foresee ) 
irgat dhulu, sargka. I did not an- 
ticipate that it would rain, sahya 
ia* sargka hndak hujan. 

Anticipation (-pa/shun), s. pn- 
dhuluan* sargka. To thank in 
anticipation, mnrima kaseh terlbeh 

Antidote (an'ti-dot), s. pnawar ra- 

Antimacassar (-ma-kas'ser), s. 
kain lapek kpala. 

Antimony (-mo-ni), s. batu Sara- 
wak* batu chlak* 

Antipathy (an-tip'a-thi), s. (ha- 
tred) bnchi; (repugnance) gli- 
glman* gli-gman. 

Antipodes (-o-dez), s. sblah sana 
bumi; (something contrary) ber- 
lainan skali. 

Antiquarian (an'ti-kwar'i-an), adj. 
deri-hal perkara zaman* dhulu 
[jman (B.)]. 
Antiquated (-kwat-ed), adj. sudah 

tua, sudah lama, sudah 'urnor. 
Antique (an-tek'), adj. tua, lama r 

Antiquity (-tik'wi-ti), s. (ancient 
times) dhulu kala, zaman dhulu* 
jman dhulu (B.), perba-kala 
Antiseptic (an'ti-sep'tik), adj. yarg 

m Hjhilargkan busok. 
Antithesis (an-tith'e-sis), s. (of 
Avoids ) perbandirgan ;* (contrast ) 
I) er la 'man. 
Antler (ant'ler), s. tandok rusa 
yaig berchabaig, tandok berchrary- 
Anus (a'lw/s), s. klpasan* jubor* 

(Ar. dubur). 
Anvil (an'vil), s. landasan* plan- 
Anxiety (ang-zfe-ti), s. (dis- 
quietude) khuatir, bimbarg, gon- 
dah-gaulana :* ( eagerness ) rindu r 
gerarg (N.I.). 
Anxious (angk'sh?/s), adj. (dis- 
quieted) khuatir, bimbarg, ber- 
gondah hall;* (desirous) rindu. 
Any (en'i), adj. and pron. barary,. 
s-bararg: (one of a number) salah 
satu, salah soranj* At any time, 
barary bila* bila-bila pun (B.)» 
Any kind of, s-bararg, s-nika* In 
many phrases this word requires 
no equivalent in Malay, as, have 
you any more? ada-kah lagi? I 
cannot bear it any longer, sahya 
ta'boleh tahan lagi. Any, with a ne- 
gative, is translated by the phrase, 
satu pun tidak or tiada, as, I do 
not see any, satu pun tiada aku 
Anybody (-bod-i), s. barary siapa, 

barary s'orarg* s'orarg pun. 
Anyhow (-how), adv. bgimana pun. 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minws, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful) ; law, how, oil; thin t7ien. 




Anyone (-wun), s. bararg siapa, 
bararg s'orarg * s'orarg pun. 

Anything (-thing), s. bararg apa, 
bararg s-suatu* apa-apa. Any- 
thing but (not at all), skali-kali 

Anywhere (-whai 1 ), adv. baranj di 
mana pun, di mana-mana pun. 

Aorta (a-or'ta), s. urat nodi bsar* 
urat berdnryut* 

Apace (a-pas'), adv. chpat, sgra, 

Apart (a-parf), adv. (separately) 
berasinj;* (independently) satu- 
satu, asiig-asirg; (separated by in- 
tervals) rrggarg. To set apart. 
sb lahkan, asi rgkan . * 

Apartment (-ment), s. bilek, kamar 
(N.I.) (D.). 

Apathetic (ap'a-thet'ik), adj. 'Max, 
alpa* Had a pduli, tiada berrasa. 

Apathy (-tin), s. alpa (Sk.), lalai. 

Ape (fip), s. jnis munjit yanj tiada 
berekor. For various species see 


Ape, v. t. lira* ajok, jajat (P.). 

Aperient (a-per'i-ent), s. pncha- 
Jiar* obat ptyuchi prat, julap. 

Aperture (ap'er-chur), s. (hole) 
lobarg, chlah, liarg ;* (opening) 
nvulut; (width) buka. 

Apex (a'peks), s. (top) kmunchak, 
■punch ak, merchu;* (tip) hujorg. 

Aphis (a'iis), s. kusin (Ch. ku-sin). 

Aphorism (af'o-rizm), s. bidal* 
tlabai* ppatah* 

Apiece (a-pes'), adv. satu-satu, 
masiig-masirg. One apiece, s'orarg 
sat it, s'orarg s-biji, etc., see a. 

Apocalypse (a-pok'a-lips), s. knja- 
ta'an, icahi* (Ar. waiiyu). 

Apocryphal (-ri-fal), adj. yarg ti- 
ada sah. 

Apologize (a-pol'o-jiz), v. i. minta 
am pun, minta in aha p (Ar. ma' df). 

Apology (-ji), s. (defence) sahut- 
an, jawab; (admission of wrong) 
per minta' an mahap (Ar. ma'af). 

Apollinaris (a-pol'li-nar'is), s. ayer 

Apoplexy (Tip'o-pleks-i), s. saw an 

t erj u n , * sa wan ba tgka i. * 
Apostate (a-pos'tet), s. murtad 

Apostle (-si), s. rasul (Ar.). 
Apothecary (a-poth'e-ka-ri), s. tu- 

kaiq obat, prgadon obat* apotek 

(X.I.) (IX). 

Appall (Tip-pawl'), v. t. bn takot, 
bri dahshat (Ar.), bacholkan* ta- 
warkan hati. 

Apparatus (Tip-pa-ra'h/s), s. per- 
kakas, alat (Ar.). 

Apparel (-par'el), s. pakaian. 

Apparent (-parent), adj. (plain) 
njata, trauj ; (appearing to the 
eye) yanj kJihatan. Heir ap- 
parent, bakat war is* (Ar. warith). 

Apparently (-li), adv. rupa-iya, 
natnpak-nja, pad a lahir-iya* (Ar. 

Apparition (Tip'pa-rish'un), s. pig- 
lihatan; (spectre) hautu. 

Appeal (ap-pel'), v. i. (beseech) 
minta; (refer to a higher court) 
batva bichara* in inta pindahkan 
bichara, apil (E.) ; (call on an- 
other to vindicate one's rights) 
adu* adnkan hat. 

Appeal, s. (at law) apil (E.) ; (call 
for help) permintaan. 

Appear (-per'), v. i. (come or be in 
sight) nawpak, tampak* kJihatan, 
tlahir (Ar.) ; (come into notice, or 
above the surface of land or water, 
or as the sun rising) timbol, terbit. 
To appear before a judge, mrg- 
hadap hakim. Appear, with the 
meaning to seem, is expressed by 
rupa-iya used impersonally, as, he 
appears to be drunk, mabok rupa- 
ma. It appeared to me, ]jada p- 

Appearance (-cms), s. (look, as- 
pect) rupa, bargun* paras* 
meh;* (thing seen) prglihat- 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minus, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then.- 




an. To put in an appearance, ha- 
dlir* (Ar. liddlir). 

Appease (-pez'), v. t. (make quiet) 
snargkan, diamkan; (pacify) da- 
maikan, baikkan; (hunger or 
thirst) hilargkan. 

Appellation (ap'pel-la'shtm), s. na- 
ma, sbotan, glaran, panjgilan. 

Append (ap-pend'), v. t. samborg- 
kan, tambalii, huborgkan. 

Appendage (-ej), s. tempelan* liu- 

Appendicitis (ap-pen'di-si'tis) , s. 
piyakit tali-prot yavg mnempel* 

Appendix (-cliks), s. samborgan. 

Appertain (ap'per-tfm'), v. i. kna- 
mrgna, sargkot drgan, sabit drgan* 
(Ar. thdbii), berknaan drgan. 

Appetite (ap'pe-tlt), s. (desire for 
food) nafsu makan, si era;* (any 
strong desire) k'irginan; (craving, 
as for opium) ktageh* ktaqehan 

Appetizer (-tl-zer), s. timpantkak* 
umvan si era* pmbuka nafsu, pm- 
buka slera.* 

Applaud (ap-plawd'), v. t. (praise) 
puji; (by acclamation) sorak; (by 
clapping) bertpok targan. 

Applause (-plawz'), s. (shouting) 
sorak; (clapping of hands) tpok- 
tpok targan; (praise) puji. 

Apple (ap'pl), s. apel (E.), tufah* 
(Ar. tuffaH). Adam's apple, 
Ikum* (Ar. iiulqum). Apple of 
the eye (pupil), anak mata* biji 
mata (B.) ; (term of endearment) 
biji mata. 

Appliance (ap-pli'ans), s. perkakas, 

Applicable (ap'pli-ka-bl), adj. yarg 
patut drgan, yarg kna, berkna'an'.* 

Application (-ka'shwn), s. (act of 
applying) hal mmakai, lial mm- 
buboh, etc., see below; (close at- 
tention) usalia; (request) per- 
minta'an, surat permohonan* prg- 

Apply (ap-pll'), v. t. (put on) bu- 
boh, knakan; (of flat surfaces) 
Ikapkan; (use, employ) pakm r 

Apply, v. i. (make application) 
minta; (attend closely to) usaha- 
kan diri. It does not apply to- 
me, ta'kna-mrgna drgan aku, taapa 
kna sama goa (B.). To apply for,. 
minta, pohonkan* 

Appoint (-point'), v. t. (fix by de- 
cree) titahkan;* (assign, desig- 
nate) jadikan, tntukan, Itakkan; 
(to a post) argkat; (equip) Irg- 

Appointment (-ment), s. (act of 
appointing) hal' mnitahkan* hal 
vinntukan, etc., as above; (station,, 
position, office) jawatan* pgargan, 
pegargan (B.) ; (to meet) perjan- 
jian hndak bertmu* 

Apportion (-por'shzm), v. t. bhagi* 
kan, vntokkan. 

Apportionment (-ment), s. (act 
of apportioning) hal mmbhagikan; 
(thing apportioned) bhagian, un~ 
tok, habuan* 

Apposite (ap'po-zit), adj. patut ; 
padan, kna, berknaan* 

Appraise (ap-praz'), v. t. hergakan r 
nilaikan herga* tar oh herga, tak- 
sirkan (D.). 

Appreciable (-pre'shi-a-bl), adj. 
yarg boleh di-hergakan; (percept- 
ible) yarg boleh di-rasa, yarg boleh 

Appreciate (-at), v. t. (estimate 
justly) tar oh herga, nilaikan;* 
(esteem highly) indahkan, per- 
hergakan;* (raise in value) naik- 
kan herga; (be sensible of) taliu, 
taliu bezakan (Sk.). To appre- 
ciate a kindness, knargkan budi. 

Appreciate, v. i. (rise in value) 
naik herga. 

Appreciation (-a'shwn), s. hal mrg- 
indahkan, hal mnilaikan* etc., as 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, min-us, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful) ; law, how, oil; thin then. 




Appreciative (-a-tiv), adj. yarg 

mrgindahkan, yary mrynary Midi. 
Apprehend (ap'pre-hend'), v. t. 

(arrest) targkap; (understand) 

mryerti, tdhu, paham* da-pat; 

(fear) takot. 
Apprehension (-hen'srmn), s. 

(fear) ktakotan; (understanding) 

pyyertian, pndapatan. 
Apprehensive (-siv), adj. takot. 
Apprentice (ap-pren'tis), s. orary 

yarg masok perjanjian pada blajar 

suatu pkerjaan, pi at eh* magary 

Apprise (-prlz'), v. t. m'alumkan 

( Ar . ) , b ri tali u, kasi tali u ( B . ) . 
Approach (-proch'), v. t. hampir* 

hampiri* dkati* dkat sama (B.). 
Approach, s. (act of drawing near) 

hal miyhampiri;* (way of acces?) 

jalan masoh . 
Approachable (-a-bl), adj. yarg 

boleh di-hampiri* 
Approbation (ap'pro-ba'shim), s. 

hbnaran, kredlaan (Ar.) ; see ap- 
Appropriate (ap-pro'pri-et), adj. 

padan, patut, laijah, mnasabah 

Appropriate (-fit), v. t. (for one's 

self) ambil bagi din, pakaikan 

(B.) ; (for a special purpose) tn- 

Approval (-proov'd), s. kabul* 

(Ar. qabfd), kbnaran, sudi, hredla- 

'an (Ar.) ; see below. 
Approve (-proov'), v. t. (sanction, 

ratify) bnarkan, kabulkan;* (be 

pleased with) berknankan, redla'i 

(Ar.) ; (receive with favour) sudi- 

Approximate (-proks'i-mfit), v. i. 

liampir, dkat. 
Approximately (-met-li), adv. 

kira-kira, Ibeh-hwary, agak-agak, 

Approximation (-ma'sln/n), s. hal 

mnjadi dkat. 

April (a'pril), s. bulan orary puteh 
yarg k } am pat. 

Apron (a'prim or a'pern), s. hain 
atas dada, band herja, hain parg- 
ku;* (of a buggy) kain tntop 
bogi; (of a ricksha) kampo (Ch. 

Apropos (ap'ro-po), adj. (oppor- 
tune) berstuju. Apropos of, tn- 

Apse (aps), s. (of mosques) mihrab 

Apt (apt), adj. (suitable) patut, 
padan; (habitually inclined) Ma- 
sa; (qualified, expert) ahli (Ar.), 
pandai. Apt to forget, plupa* 
lazim lupa* raj in lupa, kuat-kuat 
hi pa. 

Aptitude (ap'ti-tud), s. h pat u tan* 
kbiasaan, hpandaian; see above. 

Aquarium (a-kwar'i-?/m), s. holah 
kacha bagi ikan-ikan* 

Aquatic (a-kwat'ik), adj. yarg hi- 
dop da! am ayer. Aquatic birds, 
bur org ayer. 

Aqueduct (ak'we-dnkt), s. saluran, 
jmnchuram; (for irrigation) tali 

Aqueous (a'kwi-ws), adj. berayer. 

Aquiline (ak'wi-lin or -lin), adj. 
(of the nose) boujkok* berghok 

Arab (ar'ab), s. orarg 'Arab. 

Arabia (a-ra'bi-a), s. negri 'Arab. 

Arabian (-an), adj. 'Arab. The 
Arabian Xights, s-ribu satu ma- 
lam * alf laila iva laila (Ar.). 

Arabic (ar'a-bik), s. bhasa Arab. 
Malay written in Arabic characters, 
huruf Jawi,* Jawi. 

Arable (-bl), adj. yarg di-bajah* 
Arable land (dry), tanah bajak* 
tanah tiyyala;* (irrigated) tanah 
sairah, bndary* 

Arbiter (ar'bi-ter), s. pmbicliara,* 

Arbitrary (-tra-ri), adj. (at one's 
own discretion) mniirut kahandah 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire* 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, ns, mimes, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




sndiri; (despotic, tyrannical) prg- 

aniaya* tlalim (Ar.). 
Arbitrate (-trat), v. t. bicliarakan, 

putuskan bichara, muafakatkan 

Arbitration (-tra'shwn), s. hal 

mmbicharakan, ,hal muafakatkan 

Arbitrator (-tra-ter), s. pmbichara, 

orarg try ah, prgantara* 
Arbour (ar'ber), s. balai perargin- 

an* punjotg* 
Arc (ark), s. hgkorg, glorg* 
Arcade (ar-kfid'), s. srambi hgkoig- 

Arch (arch), v. t. hgkoigkan;* (of 

the back) borgkokkan. 
Arch, s. hgkorg* hykoig bain* 
Archaeology (ar'ke-ol'o-ji), s. ( il- 

mu* perkara zaman dhulu. 
Archaic (ar-ka'ik), adj. yaty dhulu 

Archangel (ark-an'jel), s. piyhuhi 

Archbishop (arch-bish'i/p), s. bi- 
shop bsar, ktua bishop (X.). 
Archdeacon (-de'kn), s. padri yarg 

mnolorg s 'orarg bishop (X.). 
Arched (areht), adj. berhykoigan* 
Archer (arch'er), s. orarg pmanah* 
Archery (-i), s. main panah, 'ilmu 

Archetype (ar'ke-tip), s. chontoh 

yarg asal, tuladan. 
Archipelago (aL-'ki-pel'a-go), s. gu- 

gusan pulau:* (of small islands) 

tokorg pulau.* 
Architect (-tekt), s. pmta rumah*' 

tukarg plen (E.). 
Architecture (-tek-chur), s. 'ilmu* 

mmbuat rumah dan s-bagai-rya. 
Archives (ar'klvz), s. pi. sural- 

surat krajaan, surat asal-usul. 
Archway (arch'wa), s. jalan di ba- 

wah hgkorg* 
Arctic (ark'tik), adj. sblah utara, 

sblah kutul) utara;* see polar. 

Ardent (ar'dent), adj. (hot) panas, 
hargat;* (passionate, zealous) ra- 
jin, bersurggoh-hati, gatal tularg r 
gerarg (X'.L). Ardent spirit, 

Ardour (-der), s. (heat) hargat* 
panas; (passion, zeal) raj in, maha r 
gerarg (X.I.) ragap (X T .L). 

Arduous (-du-?/s), adj. (involving- 
toil) trok: (difficult) sukar* su- 
salt, mushkil (Ar.). 

Are (ar), see be. 

Area (ar'i-a), s. (open space) hala- 
ntan, tmpal lapatg; (superficial 
extent) hi as, kluasan;* (tract) 

Areca (a-re'ka), s. (Areca catechu) 
pi nary. 

Arena ' (-na), s. (in a cock-fight or 
other contest) glarggarg ;* (field 
of battle) rnedan (Ar. maidan). 

Argue (ar'gu), v. t. bantahkan* bi- 

Argue, v. i. berbantah* berbichara;* 
(dispute) bertrgkar. 

Argument (-gu-ment), s. (reason 
offered in proof) kryataan; (dis- 
cussion) perbantahan* 

Argumentative (-men'ta-tiv), adj. 
(of persons) yarg berbantah* yarg 
suka berbantah* bantahan:* (of a 
subject) yaig mndatargkan per- 

Argus pheasant (ar'gws fez'ant), 
s. kuaii* kuarg raya* 

Arid (ar'id), adj. kritg, kkrvgan* 

Aright (a-rif), adv. btul, drgan s- 
btul-nja, drgan s-patut-rya. 

Arise (a-riz'), v. i. (ascend) naik; 
(get up) bargun, bargkit; (from 
sleep) sdar, bargun tidor; (spring 
up) birgkas:* (come above horizon 
or surface of land, or water) tim- 
bol, terbit; (come into action or 
notice) terbit. 

Aristocracy (ar'is-tok'ra-si) , s. 
bargsa baik, orarg bsar -bsar. 

Aristocrat (ar'is-to-krat), s. orarg 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry ; ice, it, fire r 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minus, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin t/ien. 




bei'barysa* anak baik-baik, orarg 

Aristocratic (-krat'ik), adj. barg- 

sawan* berbargsa* batgsa bail', 

baka baik. 
Arithmetic (a-rith'me-tik), s. 'ilmu* 

kira-kira, 'ilmu* Mtorgan, 'ilmu* 

hisab (Ar.). 
Ark (ark), s. (Noah's ark), bahtra 

(Sk.) ; (ark of the covenant) ta- 
bid (Ar.), pti perjanjian* 
Arm (arm), s. by an; (forearm, and 

often the entire limb) targan. 

Arm of the sea, tlok. To fold the 

arms, plok tuboh* plok targan 

(B.). To keep at arm's length, 

jauhkan. See also 'arms. 
Arm, v. t. Irgkapkan drgari snjata. 
Armada (ar-ma'da), s. anjkatan 

kapal* kbgkapan kapal. 
Armadillo (ar'ma-dil'16), s. tig- 

Armament (-m<?nt), s. klrgkapan, 

alat snjata (Ar.). 
Armchair (arm'chfir'), s. kursi 

targan* krosi targan (B.). 
Armenia (ar-me'ni-a), s. negri Ar- 

Armful (arm/foal), s. s-pnjampu- 

an* s-patgkuan* s-ptgelek'an* 
Armistice (ar'mis-tis), s. perdamai- 

an smantara* 
Armlet (arm'let), s. pontoh* 
Armour (ar'mer), s. plapek badan 

bagi pprargan* bajic bsi, baju 

zirah (Hind.). 
Armourer (-er), s. tukaig snjata. 
Armoury (-i), s. gdorg snjata, tm- 

pat simpan snjata (B.). 
Armpit (arm'pit), s. ktiak. kelek 

Arms (armz), s. pi. snjata, alat* 

pprargan. iSmall arms, snapauj. 
Army (ar'mi), s. intra* bala-tn- 

tra* 'askar (Ar.). 
Aroid (ar'oid), s. (yam) kladi, 

lambok;* (larger) birah* k- 


Aroma (a-ro'ma), s. bau, ban yarg 
harom* ban yarg tuargi. 

Aromatic (ar'o-mat'ik), adj. ha- 
rom* wargi. 

Around (a-rownd'), prep.' kliliig. 

Around, adv. berkUlirg. 

Arouse (a-rowz'), v. t. bargunkan, 
kjotkan, sdarkan, baiykitkan. 

Arrack (ar'rak), s. arak. 

Arraign (ar-raii'), v. t. d'aiva, tu- 

Arrange (-rfmj'), v. t. (put in or- 
der) aturkan; (fit together) rakit- 
kan* rapatkan, susunkan; (as the 
hair) dandan;* (as flowers in a 
bouquet, or jewels in their setting) 
kararg ; (adjust, settle) slsaikan, 
slisekan (B.) ; (determine) tntu- 
kan . 

Arrangement (-ment), s. aturan, 
peraturan, karargan, ktntuan; see 

Arrant (ar'rant), adj. s-mata-mata. 

Array (ar-r<Y), v. t. (as troops) 
atur; (adorn) hiasi* riaskan 

praig ; 


5. (order of battle) 
(dress) pakaian. 
Arrears (-rerz'), s. pi. baki hntarg* 

The rent is in arrears, sewa dhulu 

bin m bager. 
Arrest (-rest'), v. t. (seize) targ- 

kap; (liinder, restrain) tahan, 

tgah, laraig. 
Arrival (-ri'val), s. kdataiyan. 
Arrive (ar-rlv'), v. i. sampai, tiba* 

Arrogance (ar'ro-gans), s. som- 

borrj, punjah* tkbur (Ar. takab- 

Arrogant (-grznt), adj. somborg, 

dakar* piugah* tkbur (Ar.). ^ 
Arrogate (-gat), v. t. d'aiva diri;* 

as, mnd'awa diri pandai* to arro- 
gate wisdom to one's self. 
Arrow (ar'ro), s. anak-panah. anak 


ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minws, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfoert (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




Arrowroot (-root), s. sagu blan- 
da* brohi* ubi garut. 

Arsenal (ar'se-nd.), s. tmpat mm- 
buat snjata, gdorg snjata* 

Arsenic (-nik), s. tvarargan (Jav.), 

Arson (ar'sn), s. lial mmbdkar ru- 
mah drgan srgaja. 

Art (art), s. kpandaian, prgtahuan, 
hikmat (Ay.) ; (device) upaya* 
'akal; (branch of learning) ( il- 

Artery (ar'ter-i), s. ttrat riadi* mat 

Artful (art'ftfol), adj. clierdek, pan- 
jarg 'akal, her' akal, pintar (X.I.). 

Article (ar'ti-kl), s. (clause of con- 
tract, etc.) bob (Av.),fa$al; (com- 
position) .karargan; (a distinct 
part) bhagian; (a particular one 
of various things) perkara, barmy . 

Articulate (ar-tik'u-let), adj. yarg 
di-buryikan drgan trarg. 

Articulate (-lat), v. t. bunjikan 

Artifice (ar'ti-fis), s. daya, 'akal, 
elali* (Ay. mlah), elak (B.). 

Artificer (ar-tifi-ser), s. tukarg, 
utas* vandal* 

Artificial (ar'ti-flsh'al), adj. per- 
buatan mamma; (feigned) pura- 
pura. Artificial flowers, burga 
Jcertas. Artificial teeth, gigi batu, 
gigi palsv, gigi tarn pal (B.) ; (the 
gold between teeth) sumbi gigi. 

Artillery (ar-tiller-i), s. (cannon) 
turiam; (soldiers who work the 
guns) soldado mriam, 'askar m- 
riam (Ar.). 

Artisan (ar'ti-zan), s. tukanj, utas* 

Artist (art'ist), s. (in general) pan- 
dai; (painter, sculptor) pnulis, 
pigukir, tukarg gambar, tukarg 

Artless (-les), adj. (unskilful) ku- 
ram pandai; (sincere, guileless) 
tulus, hati jerneli,* hati linirg* 
hati bersi (B.). 

As (az), adv. and conj. (like) s- 
perti, laksana; (resembling) s'- 
11 m pa ma ( Sk. ) ; ( in the same- 
manner) s-bgimana; (while) ser- 
ta* sambil; (because, since) s- 
danj; (for instance) sperti, mesal- 
nja, misal-rya (B.) (Ar. mithal)* 
As .... as .... , sarna .... sperti . . . 
As far as, sampai, liiiyga,* s- 
Irirgga, takat* s-jauh* As- 
for, as to, akan* As if, s'akan- 
akan* solah-olali* As it were, 
pnaka* As large as, s-bsar. As- 
long as (of time), s-lama, s-lagi. 
As much as, s-baryak, s-brapa. As- 
soon as, serta* apabila* apakala* 
As usual, bagai s-lama, bagai slalu. 
As well as, sama sperti. You 
know as well as I, tuan sama tahv.. 
As yet, lagi. As if it were night,. 
s-laku hari sudah malam. The- 
same as, sama sperti. The same as- 
before, sperti sdiakala (Sk.), sperti 

Asafoetida (as'a-fe'tid-a or -fet'i- 
da), s. (the gum of Ferula nar- 
thex) irggu. 

Asbestos (as-bes'tos), s. s-jnis bahc 
yaig tali an a pi. 

Ascend (as-send'), v. i. t. (a hill r 
ladder, throne) naik; (a hill) 
daki;* (a tree) panjat ; (a river} 

Ascendency (-en-si), s. prentali, 

Ascension (as-sen'slnm), s. lial 
nail-; (of Mohammed) m'irat* 
(Ar. m'iraj). 

Ascent (-sent'), s. (act of rising) 
lial naik; (slope) cliuraman. 

Ascertain (as'ser-tan'), v. t. dapaf 
t a/111. 

Ascetic (as-set'ik), s. orarg bertapa* 

Asceticism (-i-sizm), s. pertapa'an,. 
lial bertapa. 

Ascribe (as-krhY), v. t. bilaigkan, 
agakkan, sargkakan. His death 
was ascribed to poison, di-sargka- 

ate, ask, am, final, care, ear, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror: old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minws, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




kan kna rachun. The book was 
ascribed to — as its author, — di- 
bilargkan pryarary kitab ita. 

Ash (ash), s. nama pohon* kayu di 
Erojmh [pokok (B.)]. 

Ash, s. abu. 

Ashamed (a-shaind'), adj. malu, 
'aih (Ar.), tersipu-sipu. 

Ashen (ash'en), adj. (the colour) 

Ashes (-ez), s. abu. 

Ashore (a-shor'), adv. (on shore) 
di da rat, mndarat ;* (aground) 
terkandas, tersadai;* (cast ashore, 
wrecked) terdampar* To go a- 
shore (Naut.), naik, turun, naik 

Ashy (ash'i), adj. (ash-coloured) 

Asia (a'shi-a), s. bnaa Ashia* 

Aside (a-sld'), adv. (apart) ber- 
asby;* (to one side) di tpi, sblah. 
To lay aside, sblah kan, tpikan. 
To set aside (annul), tiadakan, 
batalkan. To step aside, mnpi. 

Asinine (as'i-nln), adj. s-laku kal- 
dai, dyil, bod oh. 

Ask (ask), v. i. (request) minta, 
pinta;* (inquire) bertaiya, ber- 

Ask, v. t. (request) pinia* minta, 
min takan, poll o nka n ;* ( demand ) 
hint ut; (question) tanja, tanja- 
kan; (invite) ajak, ajat (B.), 
lawa* jnipol, silakan;* see in- 
vite. To ask a favour, sraya* 
sambat (X.I.). To ask leave, 
minta izin. To ask leave to go, 
bermohon* minta diri* minta 
rokhsah (Ar.). To ask in mar- 
riage, pinaiy* To ask for pay- 
ment of a debt, huygu, tar/eh 

\skance (a-skans'), adv. (with a 
side glance) serorg, drcjari ekor 
mata;* (with suspicion) drgan 
mnaroh shah* To look askance, 
Jcerlirg* jUig. 

Askew (a-sku'), adj. and adv. se~ 
rorg, gen jut* bergut, erut* 

Aslant (a-slanf), adj. and adv. 
merirg, serget. 

Asleep (a-slep'), adj. and adv. f{- 
dor; (of princes) beradu;* (of a. 
top) ligat. Half asleep, terpikaii- 

Asp (asp), s. s-jnis ular. 

Asparagus (as-par'a-gws), s. sparoh 
km** (E.) ; akar farsi* 

Aspect (as'pekt), s. (appearance) 
pmandaigan* baiyun* rupa; (po- 
sition, direction) hala* arah. A 
northern aspect, mrghadap k-sblah 

Asperity (as-per'i-ti), s. (of sur- 
face) grutu* nirggrutu (B.), ksat, 
kawp;* (of taste) kfat; (of cha- 
racter) kamr, kras, kkrasan. 

Asperse (-pers'), v. t. (sprinkle) 
rnjis, siraw; (calumniate) chla- 
kan, umpaikan, ftnahkan (Ar.). 

Aspersion (-per'slu/n), s. hal w- 
rnjis, hal mnjiram, umpat, fihiah 
(Ar. ) ; see above. 

Asphalt (as'falt), s. balmy tanali.* 

Asphyxia (as-fiks'i-a), s. Imas. 

Asphyxiate (-at), v. t. Imaskan. 

Aspirant (-plr'ant), s. orarg yarg 
itgin, orarg yarg rindu. 

Aspirate (as'pi-ret), s. biuyi nafas,. 
buiyi huruf " h"* 

Aspiration (-r>Vsh?/n), s. (sound) 
bunji huruf " h ;* (desire) k'byin- 

Aspire (as-pir'), v. i. (desire, long- 
for) itgin, rindu, gerarg (X.I.), 
kpityin (X.I.). 

Ass (as), s. kaldai. 

Assail (as-sal'), v. t. larggar, srarg,. 
serbu, amok. 

Assailant (-ant), s. orarg yarg m- 
laiggar, plarggar* prgamok* 

Assassin (-sas'sin), s. pmbunoh 

Assassinate (-at), v. t. bunoh mn~ 
ch uri-ch u ri, t ika in churi. * 

i-te, as^k, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire,. 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, mim<s, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




Assault (-sawlf), v. t. lanjgar, 
sranj, serbu, amok, tmpoh. 

Assay (-sa/), v. t. ujL 

Assemblage (-sem'blej) , s. per- 
kumpolaii, perhim ponan* 

Assemble (-bl), v. t. kumpolkan, 
kampotgkan, himporikan . * 

Assemble, v. i. berhimpon* ber- 
kiimpol, berkampoig ; (in crowds) 
berkrumun, bertbat* 

Assembly (-bli), s. perkumpolan, 
perhim ponan* majlis. 

Assent (-sent'), v. i. (acquiesce) 
berknan, kabul (Ar.). To assent 
to (admit as true), bnarkan. 

Assert (-serf), v. t. (state positive- 
ly) sbotkan, katakan digan tntu ; 
(maintain) trargkan. To assert 
one's self, trgahkan diri* 

Assertion (-ser'shwn), s. sbotan, 

Assess (-ses'), v. t. (value) nilai- 
kan.* taksirkan (D.) ; (tax) chu- 

Assessment (-ment), s. niiaian* 
chukai pin in, chukai tanali, hasit 
tana It. 

Assessor (-ser), s. (legal) pmbantu 
hakim* kapitan hakim;* (of pro- 
perty) pnilai* 

Assets (as'sets), s. pi. (of a de- 
ceased person) herta psaka: (of a 
bankrupt) baki herta;* (entire 
property) modal, herta. 

Asseverate (as-sev'er-fit), v. t. kata- 
kan drgan surggoh, suiggohkan* 

Asseveration (-a 'shun), s. pnjiug- 

Assiduity (as'si-du'i-ti), s. usaha, 
ra'jin, tkun, geraig (N.I.). 

Assiduous (as-sid'u-Ms), adj. rajin, 
bertkun, her usaha, gerarg (K.I.). 

Assign (as-sln'), v. t. (appoint) 
tntukan ; (make over) srahkan. 

Assignation (as'sig-na'<h//n), s. 
pertmuan* (drgan niat jahat). 

Assignee (-si-ne'), s. (in bank- 
ruptcy) wakil (Ar.). 

Assignment (as-sln'ment), s. fa- 
in luan, pnjrahan; see assign. 

Assimilate (-sim'i-lat), v. i. (be- 
come incorporated) msra ('Sk.), 
bersatu;* (digest) hadlam (Ar.), 
hanchor, cherna (Sk.) (N.I.), 
siau (B.) (Ch.). 

Assimilate, v. t. (make similar) 
mmakan; (absorb) srap; (as 
food) hanchorkan, hadlamkan 
(Ar.), cherna (Sk.) (N.I.). 

Assist (-sisf), v. t. toloig, bantu, 

Assistance (-ans), s. pertolorgan, 

Assistant (-ant), s. pnoloig, pm- 

Assizes (-slz'ez), s. pi. mahkamah 
bsar (Ar.), kot bmr (E.). 

Associate (-so'shi-et), s. (compan- 
ion) kawan, sahabai, sobat (B.), 
tan Ian* handai; (partner) rakan 
(Ar.) ; (member of an associ- 
ation) sidaig.* 

Associate (-at), v. i. berskutu* 
bersaliabat* berkawan, bertman;* 
see above. 

Association (-si-a'slum), s. (con- 
nection ) perhuboigan; (society) 
koigsi (Ch.), klap (E. club), per- 
skutuan* sharikat (Ar.). 

Assort (-sort'), v. t. asirg-asiu/kan 
jnis-rya* pit eh jnis-nja. 

Assortment (-numt), s. (assorted 
tilings) baraig yarg tenmig ;* (a 
variety) berbagai-bagai jrm* 

Assuage (-swaj'), v. t. (pain or 
grief) rergankan, hitaigkan; (heat 
or passion) kuraigkan, sjokkan; 
(appetite) hitaigkan. 

Assume (-sum'), v. t. (take) ambil; 
( p riate ) pakai; ( suppose ) 
satgka; (iake-ioi ;^'anie<i) t?j>MJl> 
bnarkan * To assume responsibil- 
ity for, taiggorg, saiggop. 

Assumed (-siimd'), adj. (pretend- 
ed ) p it ra-p u ra , m uka-muka. 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, ife fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, mimts, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




Assumption (-sump'shiai), s. (act 
of assuming) hal mtgambil; (sup- 
position) sargka. 

Assurance (-shoor'ans), s. (certain- 
ty) ktntuan: (confidence) yakin 
(Ar.), kperchayaan;* (boldness) 
brani; (guarantee ) prgakuan, yrenti 
(E.) ; (insurance) inshuran, an- 
sharan (E.). 

Assure (-shodV), v. t. (make cer- 
tain) tntukan ; (guarantee) mrg- 
aku ; (make true) surggohkan* 

Assuredly (-t>d-li), adv. tntu, s- 

Assyria (-sir'i-a), s. neqri Aram 

Astern (a-stern'), adv. (Xaut.) (in 
the stern) di buritan; (behind a 
ship) di blakarg ; (backward) k- 
blakarg. To go astern, undor. 

Asthma (as'ma), s. llah, ssak dada, 
sakit termrgah-m igah. 

Asthmatic (as-mat'ik), adj. sakit 

Astonish (-ton'ish), v. t. bri liaivan, 
cluganjkari, Vajubkan (Ar.). As- 
tonished, hairan, terchrgarg, t'ajub 

Astonishment (-ment), s. hairan, 
chigarg, t'ajub (Ar.). 

Astound (-townd'), v. t. (stun, stu- 
pii'y) binjorgkan, klirukan. 

Astounding (-iug), adj. hairan, 
'ajaib ( Ar. ) . 

Astray (a-stra'), adj. and adv. swt, 
ksasar (N.I.). To lead astray, s- 

Astride (-strld), adv. (as one rid- 
ing ) terchapok* terchlapak ;* 
(with legs apart) terkatgkaig. 

Astringent (as-trin'jent), adj. (in 
taste) klat; (of medicine) pnahan 
bvaty ayer* 

Astrologers (-trol'o-jerz), s. pi. 
ahlu n-nujum ( Ar.) , sastrawan 
(Sk.) , ahli falak (Ar.)'. 

Astrology (-ji), s. 'ilmu nujum 
(Ar.), 'ilmu falak (Ar.). 

Astronomer (as-tron'o-mer), s. 
orary yarg tali a 'ilmu* bintatg. 

Astronomy (-mi), s. 'ilmu* bin- 

Astute (as-tiit'), adj. pan/arg 'akal,. 
cherdek, bijak* 

Asunder (a-sun'der), adv. berchrai, 
berasvy-asirg* Wide asunder,. 
janh jarak-nja* To fall asunder^ 
jatoh pch ah -blah. 

Asylum (a-si'lum), s. (refuge) tin- 
pat berlindoig. Lunatic asylum,. 
rumah sakit gila, hospital gila. 

At (at), prep, (in proximity to) di r 
pada, dkal; (in some state, con- 
dition, or employment) dalam r 
Uyah, as, dalam sntausa, at peace; 
ttgah bkerjap at work; (of time) 
pada, as, pada mula-ma* at first. 
in many phrases " at " has no 
equivalent in Malay, as, at all* 
skali-kali; at first, dhulu, mula- 
n i id a ; at last, km dian , akh ir-rya 
(Ar.) ; at least, s-kurarg-kuraig : 
at once, xerta-merta; at one, b er- 
st ujv: at present, skararg ; at 
times, kadauj-kadarg. 

Atheism (a'the-izm), s. hal mniada- 
kan Allah.* 

Atheist (-ist), s. orary yarg mniada- 
kan Allah* 

Athirst (a-thersf), adj. berdhaga* 

Athlete (ath'let), s. oratg yaig biasa 
bersuaml berlumba dan s-bagai- 

Athletic (ath-let'ik), adj. pahlawan 
(Pers.), gagah. Athletic sports, 
I urn ha berlari. 

Athletics (-iks), s. pi. perlawanan 
lumba berlari. 

Athwart (a-thwarf), prep, and adv. 
lintarg, mlmtaiy. 

Atlas (at'las), s. kitab pta dunia* 

Atmosphere (at'mos-fer), s. udara, 
hair a. 

Atom (at'wm), s. bnda* yarg bgitu 
hal us sampai taboleh di-bhayikan 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; Ice, it, 'fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minws, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




lagi [bararg (B.)], abu my in* 
jarah* (Ar. dzarrah). To crush 
to atom's, hanchor-lulohkan* Not 
an atom, s-biji liama pun t'ada.* 

Atomize (-Iz), v. t. hanchor-luloh- 

Atone (a-ton'), v. i. (make repar- 
ation for) balaskan; (stand as an 
equivalent for) gantikan. 

Atonement (-ment), s. (reconcili- 
ation) perdamaian; (reparation, 
substitution) goTnti, gantian. 

Atrocious (a-tro'shus), adj. terlalu 
jahat, terlalu brgis* terlalu brat, 
jahat mmbakar* 

Atrocity (a-tros'i-ti), s. jahat mm- 
bakar* jahat mryhargusi* kbrgis- 
an yaig amat sargat* 

Atrophy (at'ro-fi), s. hums kriig, 
kur us mriiykai* 

Attach (at-tach'), v. t. (by adhe- 
sion) ikatkan, tampalkan; (by 
pinning) smatkan; (by tying) 

. ikat, tambat; (by catching on a 
])eg or projection) smykot; (two 
similar things) kmbarkan: (con- 
nect) huborg, samborg; (by ties 
of love or self-interest) dampirg* 
saigkot; (seize by legal authority) 

Attachment (-merit), s. (to a 
friend or party) perdampiiyan* 
pcrsahabatanj* (connection) sary- 
kotan, perhuboryan; (of pro- 
perty) hal mnahan. 

Attack (-tak') ? v. t. laryyar, sraig, 
serbu, amok, tmpoh, rmpoh* da- 
targi;* (of animals) luvu* ter- 
kam; (of birds) prap;* (of evil 
spirits) rasok;* (of diseases) kna. 

Attack, s. piyraiyan, serbu, tmpoh, 
amok, laiggaran; see above. 

Attain (-tan'), v. t. (achieve) 
sampaikan, lakukan* hasilkanr 
(gain) beroleh* dapat. 

Attainable (-a-bl), adj. yaig boleh 
di-sampaikan, yaiy boleh di-dapati. 

Attainment (-ment), s. pndapaU 
an, perolehan* ^ 

Attar (after), s. miiyak atar* (Ar. 

Attempt (at-temf), v. t. cJioia, 
acliu, pandu (Pk.). She made 
two or three attempts, dua tiga kali 

Attend (-tend'), v. i. (pay atten- 
tion) iiyat; (be in attendance) 
layanf'\ (be present) hadlir (Ar.). 
To attend to, perhatikan* pduli- 
kan, plihara, bla* jaga. 

Attend, v. t. (accompany) hantar- 
kan, iriiykan;* (wait on) layani, 
layankan; (care for) plihara, bla* 
jar/a; (be present at) hadlir akan 

Attendance (-cms), s. (service) pla- 
yanan;* (presence) kahadliran 

Attendant (-ant), s. (servant) p- 
layan* jiiak-juak,* kundarg ;* 
(companion) prgiriig* tman;* 
( female ) daya ty-dayaiy, i?iarg* 
kuli po (B.) '(Ch.).' 

Attendant, adj. yaig hadlir (Ar.), 
yarg mlayan;* (consequent on) 
yaig miyertai* 

Attention (-ten'slnm), s. iiyatan, 
perhatian* To pay attention, 
tar oh iiyatan, perhatikan. To 
pay attention to (be attentive), 
indahkan* bena (Pers.) ; (con- 
sider important) brati, bratkan. 

Attentive (-tiv), adj. (intent) ber- 
tkun, berirgat-iigat ;* (courteous) 
b e rbli asa, b e radab ( Ar . ) . 

Attenuated (-u-at-ed), adj. (thin, 
slender) hunts; (less viscid) cha- 

Attest (-test'), v. t. (certify, wit- 
ness to) saksikan; (manifest) 
igatakan, trargkan; (affirm to be 
true) suiygohkan* yakan % 

Attestation (at'tes-ta'slnm), s. k~ 
saksian, kiyata'an, ktrargan. 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; Ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, mimts, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




Attic (at'tik), s. para* bilek dkat 

Attire (at-tlr'), s. pakaian, per- 

Attire, v. t. (dress) knakan pakai- 
*an; (adorn) hiasi* riaskan (B.). 

Attitude (at'ti-tud), s. (noble bear- 
ing) sikap; (posture) gay a, ba- 
rgun;* (feeling, intention) mak- 
sudj kasad (Ar.), liajat (Ar.). 

Attorney (at-ter'ni), s. (legal 
agent) icakil (Ar.), kuasa. Power 
of attorney, surat kuasa, sural 
icakil (Ar.). General power of 
attorney, surat icakil mutlak* 
(Ar. wakil miiTlaq). 

Attract (at-trakt') 5 v. t. (draw to) 
tarek ; (influence the affections) 
miyambil hati; (bring) bawa. 

Attraction (-trak'shwn), s. lial ul- 
nar ek, kuasa Dinar ek, bararg yarg 
mnarek, pnarek* 

Attractive (-tiv), adj. yarg mrg- 
ambil hati, yarg mrggmarkan* 

Attribute (-trib'ut), v. t. (impute) 
bilargkan; (ascribe) saigkakan; 

Attribute (at'tri-but), s. sifat 

Attune (at-tun'), v. t. s-tahkan* 

Auburn (aw'bern), adj. perarg. 

Auction (awk'srn/n), s. leloig, lelarg 


Auctioneer (-er), s. tukaiy leloig. 

Audacious (aw-da'sln/s), adj. (dar- 
ing) Irani, nekat;* (impudent) 
biadab (Pers.), larygar bliasa, ku- 
rarg ajar, kurarg adab (Ar.) ; (in- 
solent) bonjkak* 

Audacity (-das'i-ti), s. (daring) 
brant, nekat;* (impudence) bia- 
dab (Pers.), larggaran bliasa; (in- 
solence) borgkak* 

Audible (aw'di-bl), adj. yarg boleh 
di-drgar, kd igaran . * 

Audience (-ens), s. (act of hear- 
ing) pnrgaran; (interview) hal 
nirghadap; (assembly of hearers) 

sidarg majlis,* majlis. To grant 
an audience (interview), bri mrg- 

Audit (aw'dit), v. t. preksa (kira- 

Auditor (-di-ter), s. (of accounts) 
pmrcksa* kira-kira [orarg yarg 
preksa (B.)]; (hearer) pnrgar* 
orarg yaiy mnrgar. 

Auditorium (-tor'i-wm), s. (hall of 
assembly) rumah tmpat orarg ber- 

Auger (aw'ger), s. gurdi, grodi 
(B.), bor (D.), piggerek. 

Aught (awt), s. bararg apa, bararg 
s-suatu* apa-apa. 

Augment (awg-menf), v. t. tam- 
balii, Ibehkan, batyakkan, bsarkan*. 

Augmentation (awg'men-ta'shwn), 
s. (act of augmenting) hal mnam- 
bahi, etc., as above; (thing added) 
tain ball an. 

Augur (aw'gur), v. i. (foretell from 
omens) tihk, nrnilek (B.), tnorg;* 
( betoken ) tan dakan. 

Augur, s. (soothsayer) pnnorg* p- 

Augury (-gu-ri), s. (art of divi- 
nation) ptnorgan* 'ilmu sihir 
(Ar.) ; (omen, prognostication) 
pdah* tanda, 'alamat, chogan* 

August (aw-gnst'), adj. mulia. 

August (aw'g//st), s. bulan agus* 
bul an oraig put eh yang k-dlapan, 
bulan lapan orarg puteh (B.). 

Aunt (ant), s. mak saudara, mdk 
pnakan (P.). 

Auricular (aw-rik'u-ler), adj. deri- 
hal tliiya [kupiig (B.)], yarg di- 

Auriferous (-rifer-ws), adj. yarg 
berisi 'mas. 

Auspice (aws'pis), s. (omen) p- 
dah* tanda, 'alamat, chogan* 

Auspicious (aws-pish'ws), adj. ber- 
tuah, beruntorg, berbhagia (Sk.). 
Auspicious moment, ktika yarg 
baik, so! at yaig smpurna* 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, s6re, sort, sorry; use, us, minws, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




Austere (-ter'), adj. hras. 
Austerity (-ter'i-ti), s. (severity) 

Authentic (aw-then'tik), adj. 

surggoh* bnar, salt. 
Authenticate (-ti-kat), v. t. bnar- 

kan, siirggohkan* sahkan. 
Author (aw'ther), s. prgararg, mu- 

allif (Ar.), yarg ampurya chrita* 

sahibu 'l-hikayat (Ar.). 
Authoritative (aw-thor'i-ta-tiv), 

adj. drgan prentdli, drgan kuasa. 
Authority (-ti), s. (power) kuasa; 

(jurisdiction, dominion) prentdli; 

(sanction) kbnaran. 
Authorize (aw'ther-iz), v. t. (em- 
power) bri kuasa, wakilkan (Ar.) ; 

(sanction) bnarkan, bri izin; 

(make legal) sahkan. 
Autocrat (aw'to-krat), s. pmrentah 

yarg tiada tertgah* pmrentah yarg 

mutlak* (Ar. muTlaq). 
Autograph (-graf), s. (original 

manuscript) nuskhah (Ar.) ; (sig- 
nature) tanda targan, bkas targan. 
Automatic (-mat'ik), adj. yarg ber- 

grak sndiri-nja, berpsawat* 
Automaton (aw-tom'a-ton), s. pa- 

torg yaig boleh bergrak, gambar 

Automobile (aw'to-mo'bil or -mo- 
be!'), s. mat oka (E. motor car), 

mobil (X.L). 
Autopsy (aw'top-si), s. hat mmblah 

may at. 
Autumn (aw'tf/m), s. musim buali, 

musim luroh* per inula an musim 

Auxiliary (awgz-il'yer-i), adj. pm- 

bantu, pnolorg. 
Avail (a-val'), v. i. (be of use) her- 

guna; (be of advantage) berfa'- 

idah; (have force) ber kuasa. Of 

no avail, stasia, perch u ma. 
Available (-a-bl), adj. yarg boleh 

Avalanche (av'a-laneh), s. ter- 

chbis* kruntohan* (tanah atau 
ayer bku.) 

Avarice (-ris), s. (desire to hoard 
wealth) kikir* chikil* kdkut, lo- 
kek, bakhil (Ar.) ; (^ovetousnesss) 
tam'a (Ar.), tmahak (B.), loba* 

Avaricious (-rish'us), adv. kikir* 
lokek, tam'a (Ar. Tam'a), tmahak 
(B.), loba* 

A vaunt (a-vawnt'), int. ryah*- 
njah-lah* inchit* 

Avenge (a-venj') ? v. t. balas, balas- 
kan, belakan (Sk.) ; (spitefully) 
balas dndam. 

Avenger (-er), s. pmbalas, point ut 
beta (Sk.). 

Avenue (av'e-nu), s. (approach) 
jalan masok; (bordered by trees) 
jalan naorg* 

Aver (a-ver'), v. t. kalakan drgan 

Average (av'er-ej), v. t. (reduce to 
a mean) ratakan , samakan ; (divider 
among a number) bhagikan sama 

Average, adj. (of medium size or 
quality) sdarg, pertrgahan* sder- 
liana (Sk.). 'General average, k- 
rugiari yarg di-bhagikan antara ka~ 
pal drgan muatan* Particular 
average, krugian masiiy-masirg*. 
On the average, pukol rata* pukol 

Averse (a-vers'), adj. ta'suka, ta'~ 
gmar* tasudi. 

Aversion (a-ver'shwn), s. (repug- 
nance) gli, gli-glman* gli-gmam 
(B.); (dislike) bnchi; (for food) 
muak/ : To have a feeling of 
aversion, ralat* (Ar. ghalam). 

Avert (a-verf), v. t. (ward off) 
elakkan, tpiskan, targkiskan* sa- 
lahkan ;* (turn away, the face or 
eyes) polity* palis* 

Aviary (a'vi-a-ri), s. kur organ bit- 
rorg, sargkaran bsar; see cage. 

Aviation (-a'slmn), s. 'ilmu* ter- 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 
mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minus, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. j 




Aviator (-a-ter), s. pnaik* kapal 

terbarg [oiwy yarg naik (B.)]. 
Avidity (a-vid'i-'ti), s. (greediness) 

glojoh, bosor;* (eagerness) rajin, 

gerarg (N.I.) (B.). 
Avocation (av'o-ka'shmi), s. p- 

kerjaan, pnch avian. 
Avoid (a- void'), v. t. (keep away 

from) jau'hlean diri deri-pada; 

(abstain from) pantargkan; 

(evade) elakkan; (escape) Ipas 

deri-pada, Input* 
Avoidable (-a-bl), adj. yarg boleh 

di-elak, yarg boleh di-luput* 
Avoirdupois (av'er-du-poiz'), s. 

and adj. timbargan Iiggris. 
Avouch (a-vowch'), v. t. (maintain 

as true) yakan* surggohkan;* 

(affirm) katakan dujan tutu. 
Avow (a-vow'), v. t. (acknowledge) 

nirgaku; (declare openly) ?yata- 

Avowal (-a\), s. pigakuan. 
Await (-wat'), v. t. nanti, nantikan. 
Awake (-wak'), v. t. baigunkan, 

sdarkan, bargkitkan* jagakan* 

kasi jaga (B.), kjotkan. 
Awake, v. i. banjuu, jaga, sdar, ter- 

Awaken (-n), v. t. bargunkan, sdar- 

kan, baigkitkan* jagakan * kasi 

jaga (B.). 
Awakening (-n-ing), s. lial mm- 

ba-tynnkan, etc., as above. 
Award (a-ward') ? v. t. putuskan hii- 

kum, putuskan bichara, jatohkan 

Aware (-war'), adj. (vigilant) ber- 

irgat-irgat; (conscious) sdar, tahu. 
Awash (-wash'), adj. sama aras 

drgan ayer;* (as a rock) ber- 

Away (-wa'), adv. (at a distance) 

jauh; (absent) tiada, as, away 

from home, tiada di rumah; (from 

a place) pergi, as in the phrases, 

bawa pergi, take away; sudah per- 
gi, gone away; suroh pergi, send 

away. To do away with, make 
away with, binasakan, hilargkan* 
To throw away, buarg. 

Awe (aw), s. ktakotan, dahshat 
(Ar.), hebat (Ar. haibat). 

Awesome (aw'sura), adj. ya^y mm- 
bri dahshat (Ar.). 

Awestruck (-struk), adj. grun. 

Awful (-fool), adj. (awe inspiring) 
hebat (Ar. haibat) . 

Awhile (a-wlnT), adv. s-bntar, s- 
ktika, s-jurus, s-saat (Ar.). 

Awkward (awk'werd), adv. jarg- 
gal* chaiggorg, kekok. 

Awl (awl), s. pnjocltok. 

Awning (awn'ing), s. (of sail- 
cloth) chtri (L.), tenda; (of mat- 
ting, moveable) kajaiy; (of mat- 
ting, fixed) j rub org;* (over a ped- 
dler's stall) srodoig;* (in front of 
a shop) perdali* Awning cur- 
tains, perdali * 

Awry (a-rl'), adj. serorg, erut* 
erauj-erid* berg id, genjut* 

Axe (iiks), s. (Malay pattern, the 
blade fastened to the handle by 
rattan lashings) bliory; (the usual 
]) at torn) Icapak. 

Axiom (aks'i-?mi), s. perkara yarg 
tertntu, perkara yarg tausah di- 

Axis (-is), s. (of the earth) balak 
bumi;* (of a top) paksi* paiysi. 

Axle (aks'l), s. gandar roda* achi* 

Axle box (boks), s. gantaig-gantarg 

roda* kpala roda, pusat roda, bu- 
ff org roda (P.). 
Axletree (-tre), s. rasok kreta.* 
Aye (a), adv. (always) s-lama-rya, 

s-lama-lama-nja; (yes) bahkan* 

Azimuth (az'i-m?<th), s. sukatan di 

kaki largit digan siku deri sblah 

Azure (azh'ur), adj. biru muda, 

biru laid, biru largit. 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

. mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minws, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




Baa (ba), v. i. (bleat as a sheep) 
'mbek* bek. 

Babble (bab'bl), v. i. (utter in- 
articulate sounds) repek* mrapek 
(B.), repet; (talk much) bletir, 
mletir (B.). checker* ryaryali* m- 
ryeryeh (B.), chramah* 

Babbler (-bier), s. pletir* pnche- 
cher* bibiran* pah mletir (B.), 
wak mletir (B.). 

Babe (bab), s. kanak-kanak, budak 
kchil, anak kchil. 

Babel (ba'bel), s. (the city) Babil; 
(confused sound of voices) bisirg, 
geger* irgar* rioh-rndah, see 


Baboon (ba-boon'), s. brok di negri 

Baby (ba'bi), s. kanak-kanak, budak 
kchil, anak kchil. 

Babyhood (-hood), s. masa kchil. 
From babyhood, deri kchil. 

Babyish (-ish), adj. kbudak-badak- 
'an, kanak-kanak (a). 

Babylon (bab'i-hm), s. neqn Ba- 

Bachelor (bach'e-ler), s. bujarg* 
truna* orarg yarg blum kali win 

Bacillus (ba-sil'lMs), s. tumbohan 
halus-halus yarg dapat di-lihai 
drc/an troporg, ham a, which is pro- 
perly a small insect, but is also 
used to mean pollen. 

Back (bak), s. blakarg ; (between 
the shoulders) tamparan ryamok;* 
(of a house, hill, island, etc.) 
balek. Back of the neck! trgkok. 
To turn one's back towards a per- 
son, blakaigi.* Lying on one's 
back, terlntarg. 

Back, adv. (in the rear) di blakarg; 
(to the rear) k-blakarg; (to a for- 
mer place or condition) pularr/, 
kmbali, balek. There and back, 
pergi-balek. Back and forth, ularg- 

alirg, idaig-alek. To give back, 

kmbalikan, pularglwi. To keep 

back, tahankan. 
Back, v. t. (force backwards) undor- 

kan; (support, aid) bantu, tolorg; 

(bet) bertaroh. To back water 

(rowing), abah* To turn a boat 

bv backing water on one side r 

Backache (bak'ak), s. sakit pirg- 

Backbite (-bit), v. t. umpat, fitnaJi- 

kan (Ar.). 
Backbiting (-ing), s. umpat, fiinak 


Backboard (-bord), s. (of a boat) 
papan sandar, pryandar* 

Backbone (-bon), s. tularg blakatg ; 
(the coccyx) tularg torgkerg* tu- 
la tg sulbi (Ar.). 

Backdoor (-dor), s. pintu blakarg, 
pint u m alirg.* 

Backgammon (-gam'mmi), s. ta- 

Background (-grownd), s. (of a 
pattern) tanah dasar ;* (of ground 
in the rear or behind) tanah sblah 
blakatg. To keep one's self in the 
background, tarck diri. 

Backhanded (-handed), adj. (with 
the back of the hand) drgan bla- 
karg targan; (indirect, insincere) 
sin divan. 

Backing (-ing), s. (lining) alasan; 
(support, aid) pmbantuan, per- 
to! organ. 

Backscratcher (-skrach-er), s. pn- 
chakar* pig gar ok. 

Backsight (-sit), s. (of firearms) 

Backside (-sld'), s. pwggorg, pan- 
tat, torgkeig. 

Backslide (-slid), v. i. tirggalkan 
f ibadat (Ar.). 

Backstay (-sta), s. (Xaut.) tm- 
berarg turut, tahan turut, perdi, 
tali lerggaig. 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire ? 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minus, cure, injure, 

hurry; fdod, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




Backstitch (-stich), s. kia* jahii 
bkia, stile* (D. steek). 

Backward (-werd), adv. (with the 
back foremost) mmblakarg; (to- 
wards the back) k-blakarg; (re- 
versely) surgsaig. Backwards and 
forwards, ulatrf-alirg, ularg-aleh. 

Backward, adj. (reluctant) tasudi, 
tasuka; (dilatory) len/ah; (behind 
hand) lambat; (in growth) ker- 
dil* eliding; (in learning) kurarg 
plajaran, kurarg kpandaian. 

Backwater (-waw-ter), s. olak* 
ayer her olak* 

Backwoods (-woodz), s. hutan di 

Backwoodsman (-man), s. orarg 
ulu, ovary pargan* 

Backyard (-yard), s. halaman bla- 
kary* tanah di blakarg rumali. 

Bacon (ba'kwn), s. dagirg babi sa- 
lai, hem (E. ham), babi hem (B.). 

Bacterium (bak-ter'i-wm), s. (pi. 
bacteria) tumbohan halus-halus 
yarg dapat di-lihat drgan troporg, 
dan ada yarg mndatargkan pryakit, 
hama, see bacillus. 

Bad (bad), adj. (morally) jahat; 
(defective) ta'baik, kurarg baik ; 
(worn out, decayed, rotten) bur ok; 
(putrid) busok; (unfortunate) 
malarg, jahat; (counterfeit) Ian- 
clwrg* palsu; (severe, of sickness) 
brat, trok, pay ah; (of wounds) 
parah. A bad egg (addled) tlor 
tmblarxj; (containing a dead 
chicken) tlor bunjkus* A bad 
name, nama jahat, nama Ua* 

Badge (baj), s. (mark, token) tan- 
da, 'alamat (Ar) ; (of police or 
soldiers) marka. 

Badger (baj'er), v. t. usek. 

Badger, s. 'unjul (Ar.). 

Baffle (baf'fl), v. t. (check) tahan- 
kan, tgahkan; (disconcert) birgorg- 
kan, klirukath; (thwart) skatkan. 
Baffling winds, argin beraleh-aleh* 
argin pancharoba* 

Bag (bag), v. t. (put in bags) isi 
da! am karorg; (capture) targkap, 
see catch. 

Bag, s. (of sack cloth) guni, goni 
(B.) ; (of palm leaves, with two 
corners, large) karorg; (smaller) 
kampit, siimpit;* (with four cor- 
ners) bujam* kban;* (for bla- 
chan) toporg;* (of paper, for 
cakes, etc.) kmbal;* (for clothes, 
with wooden base) buntil;* (of 
rattan network) rajut;* (for 
money, small) opau (Ch. io-pau) ; 
( larger ) p it ndi-pun di, unch arg ;* 
(wallet) sitak* bokcha (Turk.); 
(leather valise, European) bek 
(E.) ; (quantity of game) per- 

Bagatelle (bag'a-tel'), s. (a trifle) 
perkara yarg kchil-kcliil ; (the 
game) meja bola smbilan. 

Baggage (bag'gej), s. bararg-bararg ; 
(of an army) perkakas prarg. 

Bagging (-ing), s. kain guni. 

Baggy (-gi)> adj. hidur* ber- 
gdabir;* (as loose trowsers) 
g dob or* 

Bagpipe (-pip), s. srunai pundi- 

Bah (bah), int. clieli. 

Bail (bal), v. t. (water) timba, 
chedokkan. To bail out a boat 
(Naut.), timba ruarg. 

Bail, v. t. (give security for a prison- 
er) jaminkan, akukan, targgorgkan. 

Bail, s. jamin, prgakuan. 

Bailable (balVbl), adj. yarg boleh 
di- jamin. 

Bailer (-er), s. (bucket) timba; 
(cup with a handle) gay org, chen- 
torg, chanthy* 

Bailiff (-if), s. (sheriffs deputy) 
mata-mata saman; (overseer) man- 
dor bsar. 

Bailor (bal-or'), s. orarg jamin, pn- 

Bait (bat), v. t. (harass for sport) 
oja;* (feed, as horses) bri makan; 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minws, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




(furnish bait) umpani, bub oh urn- 
pan. To bait a hook, Tcait umpan, 
bub oh umpan, jargkit (W.). 

Bait, s. umpan; (for crocodiles) 
alir* umpan alir* 

Baize (baz), s. kain kmbli* Jcamli. 

Bake (bilk), v. t. (over a fire) parg- 
gatg; (before a lire) garggarg; (in 
hot ashes) bmbam; (in an oven) 

Bakehouse (bak'hows), s. rum ah 
bakar roti. 

Baker (-er), s. tukarg roti. 

Bakery (-er-i), s. rumah bakar roti. 

Balance (bal'ans), s. (scales) nra- 
cha;* (steelyard) dachirg; (any 
apparatus for weighing) timbarg- 
an ; (of an account) lb eh, baki* 
(Ar. bdqi) ; (equipoise) timbal- 

Balance, v. t. (keep in equilibrium) 
timbarg, timbal;* (equal) sama'i; 
(adjust an account) slsaikan, slise- 
kan (B.). 

Balcony (baTkon-i), s. an j org* 
branda (Port.), sotoh (Ar.), la'~ 
pe n (Ch. ldu-pi n ). 

Bald (bawld) adj. botak; (on the 
temples) suak;* (from disease) 
sulah* bubus* bulus* 

Bale (bal), s. butgkusan, bandla 

Bale, v. t. ikat bandla. 

Baleful (baTfool), adj. yarg mn- 
datargkan bnchana, yarg mmbinasa- 
kan, ya?g mmbri mudlarat (Ar.). 

Balk (bawk), s. (beam) rasok* ba- 
lak (D.). 

Balk, v. t. (frustrate) tahankan, 
skatkan, tgahkan. To be balked 
(disappointed), kaharapan. 

Balk, v. i. (stand still) chandi* 

Bali (bawl), s. bola; (bullet) pluru; 
(of twine) buku; (pellet rolled be- 
tween fingers) gentel; (the Malay 
football) sepalc-raga. Ball of the 
eye, biji mata. Ball of the foot, 
trgah tapak. 

Ball, s. (dancing party) pnarian, 
pesta mnari (NX), majlis mnari. 

Ballad (ballad), s. shair. 

Ballast (-last), s. (Naut.) tolak 
bara; (gravel) batu klikir. 

Ballet (-la), s. tandak s-kawan, tan- 
dak s-rmpak* 

Balloon (bal-loon'), s. pundi-pundi 
mlayary, belun (E.). 

Ballot (baTk/t), s. undi mmileh, 
buah undi, surat undi. 

Ballot, v. i. buarg undi, mrgundi. 

Balm (bam), s. (of resin) balsam 
(Ar.) ; (that which soothes) pna- 
war, prglipor* 

Balmy (bam^i), adj. (odoriferous) 
liarom* wargi; (refreshing) yarg 

Balsam (bawl'sam), s. (balm of 
Gilead) balsam (Ar.). The water 
balsam, inal paya. A pink balsam 
growing on hills, inai batu. 

Balustrade (bal'us-trad'), s. (ma- 
sonry) kisi-km batu; (of wood) 
adan* skat, kelek-kelekan; (of a 
staircase) susoran targga, pmgarg 

Bamboo (bam-b5(V), s. buloh, aur* 
bambu (B.). The hedge bamboo, 
buloh China. The large yellow 
bamboo, aur gadirg* Bamboo 
shoots, rboig. Joints of bamboo 
used as buckets or boxes, taborg. 
Longer bamboo buckets for carry- 
ing water, bach ok* 

Bamboozle (-zl), v. t. tipu, birgotg- 
kan, perkon unkan* 

Ban (ban), s. (interdiction) larary- 
an, pantarg; (curse) kutok, sum- 

Ban, v. t. (prohibit) pantargkan, la- 
rarykan; (curse) kutok, sumpahi. 

Banana (ba-na'na), s. pisarg. Ba- 
nana flower, jantorg pisarg. Dried 
bananas, rim pi* 

Band (band), s. (fastening) pry- 
ikat, ikatan; (ornamental ferrule) 
sampak;* (strap, ring) rlary* sim- 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, mimis, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, avvfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin Men. 


pai; (of musicians, European) 
ben (E.) ; (Javanese musicians) 
garnlan* (Band of robbers, Jcawan 
pryamon, kumpolan pryamon. 
Band, v. i. (conspire) bermuafdkat 

(Ar.), pakat. 
Bandage (band'ej), s. (large) ha- 
nd; (small) balid, bbat, bbatan. 
Suspensory bandage (after circum- 
cision), tali kundarg* See bind- 
Bandage, v. t. band, balut, bbat. 
Bandbox (-boks), s. kotak kertas. 
Bandit (-it), s. pnjamon. 
Bandmaster (-mast-er), s. kpala 

ben (E.). 
Bandolier (ban'do-hV), s. sandarg 

ptrum* sandarg kertus* sleparg* 
Bandy (band'i), v. t. bal&s-mmbalas. 
Bandylegged (-legd), adj. kaki 

perglcar, kergkarg. 
Bane (ban), s. pmbinasa, yarg mm- 

bawa chlaka. 
Baneful (ban'fool), adj. yaig mm- 

binasakan, yarg mndaiargkan mu- 

dlarat (Ar.). 
Bang (bang), s. (a blow) tumbok, 

palu, pukol; (the sound, of large 

objects) gerdam-gerdom ; (smaller, 

as doors and windows) dntam-dn- 

tom; (smaller -s till) kertap-kertup ; 

(as firearms) Intam-lntom; (as the 

fall of a brass vessel) parg, porg; 

see thud. 
Bang, v. t. (strike) tumbok, pukol, 

palu; (so as to make a noise) dn- 

Bang, v. i. (strike) be rant ok, teran- 

tok; (the sound) berdntom. 
Bang, int. d/ntom. 
Bangle (bang'gl), s. glaig cliri* 

wahui* (Tarn.), glarg targan (B.). 
Banian (ban'yan or ban'yan), s. 

(Ficus indiea) ara tampok pinarg* 

ara tandok * 
Banish (-ish), v. t. buarg negri, 

buarg bombai, tondorg* jauhkan 

deri-pada negri. 



Banishment (-ment), s. pri Tcna 
l)uarg negri, pnondorgan* 

Banister (-is-ter), s. pmgarg targga, 
susoran targga. 

Bank (bangk), s. (establishment 
trading in money) berg (E.). 

Bank, s. (of a river or ditch) tbirg, 
tpi; (steep slope) churaman, tu- 
pis ;* (sand bank) btirg, busorg ;* 
(separating rice fields) batas; (em- 
bankment, dike) bndorg* 

Bank, v. t. (heap up earth) tambak, 
timbonkan. To bank a fire, ban- 
tutkan apt, pupok* api. 

Banknote (bangk'nof), s. wary ker- 
tas, not (E.). 

Bankrupt (-rupt), adj. jatoh, bery- 
krap (E.), bargkrut (N.I.) (D.). 

Bankruptcy (-si), s. hal jatoh. 

Banner, (ban'ner), s. turygul* 
panji-panji * bndera (B.). 

Banquet (bang'kwet), s. perjamu- 
an, pesta (NVL). 

Bantam (ban'tam), s. ayam katek. 

Banter (-ter), v. t. bergurau, ber- 
jnaka* bersnda* lawak* 

Bantling (bant'ling), s. kanak-ka- 
nak, anak kcJtik (B.). 

Banyan, s. see banian. 

Baptism (bap'tizm), s. baptis, pm- 
baptisan (X.). 

Baptize (bap-tiz'), v. t. bapiiskan 

Bar (bar), s. (to fasten doors or 
windows, short) slak, prganchiry; 
(long) srgkarg, palarg* kayu 
palaiy;* (rails in a fence or gate) 
kayu mlintarg, kayu rembat* 
pah pagar* palarg;* (banner) 
sawar* rbal;* (grating of a win- 
dow) jerjak;* (closing the lower 
part of a window) kisi~km;* (at the 
mouth of a river) alargan; (coun- 
ter over which liquors are sold) 
meja tmpat jual arak; (place for 
prisoners in court) kandarg ; (the 
legal profession) pkerja'an pnolorg 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; Ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minus, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 

BAR 40 

bichara, pkerja'an loyar (E.). Bar 
iron, bsi batarg. 

Bar, v. t. (obstruct, as with a bar- 
Tier) 'mpary, skat, galarg; (fasten 
with a bar) srgkarg, kanchirg; (ex- 
cept) kchualikan* 

Barb (barb), s. ruit* duri pandan. 
Barbed wire, Jcawat berduri* dawai 
duri (B.). 

Barbarian (bar-bar'i-an), s. (un- 
civilized) orarg hutan, orarg ja- 
Jcun; (cruel, savage) orarg brgis, 
oraty tlalim (Ar.), orarg kasar 


Barbarism (bar'ba-rizm) s. (un- 
civilized state) lial orarg hutan; 
(fault in language) perkata'an 

Barbarity (bar-bar'i-ti), s. kbrgis- 
an, kkasaran (B.), perbuatan ja- 

Barbarous (bar'ba-r«s), adj. (un- 
civilized) kasar; (cruel) bigis, 
gararg, ganas* 

Barbed (barbd), adj. berruit* ber- 
duri. Barbed wire, kawat berduri, 
dawai duri (B.). 

Barber (bar'ber), s. tukaiy chukor, 
tukarg guntirg. 

Barbet (bar'bet), s. burorg pkaka 
hutan* burorg pkaka rimba* 

Bard (bard), s. pigararg sha'ir. 

Bare (bar), v. t. buka, ddah, brgai* 

Bare, adj. (deprived of covering, as 
the head or hills) gondol, lokos;* 
(of trees) rergges* lokos* botak 
(B.) ; (naked) tlanjarg, bogil* 
bulus;* (exposed, but not absolute- 
ly naked) terbuka, terddah; (only 
just) hanja* chuma, as, only a 
bare living, hanja* chukop makan 
sahaja [chuma (B.)]. 

Bareback (bar'bak), adv. tiada ber- 
plana* tiada bersela* 

Barefaced (-fasd), adj. (shameless) 
muka thai, muka slamba, muka pa- 

Barefooted .(-footed), adj. tiada 


berkasut, kaki terbuka, berkaki 
ay am.* 

Bareheaded (-hed'ed), adj. gondol, 
tiada bertopi, tiada berkopiah. 

Barelegged (-legd), adj. btis ter- 

Barely (-li), adv. (merely) sahaja; 
(scarcely) njaris* ta', hanipir ta'; 
as, barely enough, Jiampir ta'chu- 
kop; barely escaped, njaris* ta'~ 
dapat Ipas, hampir talpas. 

Bargain (bar'gen), s. (agreement) 
perjanjian; (advantageous pur- 
chase) untorg ; (some tiling bought 
cheap) bararg murah. To strike a 
bargain, putuskan herga, ttapkati 
jualan. Into the bargain, Ibeh 
lagi, basi* 

Bargain, v. i. (to beat down the 
price) tawar. 

Barge (barj), s. (cargo boat) torg- 
karg, jonjkorg;* (Malay flat-bot- 
tomed boat) ktiap;* (Chinese 
boat) sampan kotak; (pleasure 
boat for a raja) lancharg* geberg* 
prahu knaikan; (for his atten- 
dants) pelarg.* 

Bargepole (-pol), s. galah. 

Bark (bark), s. (of a tree) kulit 
kayu; (for tanning) kulit samak;* 
(sound of a dog) salak, mryalak 
(B.), koigkorg; (the vessel) see 


Bark, v. i. (of a dog) salak, mryalak 

(B.), korgkonj. 
Bark, v. t. (remove the bark from) 

kopak, kupaskan; (in strips) soyak, 

siat, soyat;* (rub off skin) glu- 

Bar-keeper (bar'kep-er), s. oraiy 

jual arak. 
Barley (~li) ? s. shair (Ar.). Pearl 

barley, bras Blanda. 
Barmaid (-mad), s. prempuan jual 

Barm (barm), s. ragi. < 
Barn (barn), s. (Malay rice store) 

Irgkiarg* jlaparg* brmban* ba- 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minus, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




loh* krubory (P.)? lumbory 

(N.L), see bin; (any store) 

gdorg, gudaiy, Irgguan;* (shed) 

Barnacle (bar'na-kl), s. (sessile) 

teritip; (stalked), yuyutan* 
Barometer (ba-rom'e-ter), s. p- 

nimbaty udara. 
Baron (bar'wn), s. suatu pargleat 

barysawan orarg Eropah, see duke. 
Baronet (-et), s. parykat ya?y di 

bawah " baron." 
Barque (bark), s. kapal dua tiary s- 

Barracks (bar'raks), s. baret (E.), 

rumah soldado, tarysi (N".L). 
Barrel (-rel), s. (cask) toiy, pipa;* 

(of a gun) lavas. Double barrel- 
led gun, snapaty dua lavas, snapary 

Barren (-ren), adj. (childless) 

mandul* ta'beranak (B.) ; (of 

land) kurus, darykal* 
Barricade (-ri-kad'), s. skat, r m- 

pary, saivar* 
Barricade, v. t. rbat* 'mpary. 
Barrier (-ri-er), s. skatan, payar, 

sawar;* (leaves, etc., hung as a 

sign to bar the way) yawar* 
Barring (bar'ring), prep, (except- 
ing) mlainkan, harya.* 
Barrister (bar'ris-ter), s. pyuam* 

pnolory bicliara, loyar (E.)> see 


Barrow (-ro), s. kreta sorory, kreta 

Barter (bar'ter), v. t. tukar. 

Basalt (ba/sawlt or ba-sawlt'), s. 
batu marmar hitam.* 

Basal (ba'sal), adj. asal (a), deri- 
pada asaL 

Base (bas), adj. (morally low) kji* 
busok (B.). 

Base, s. (foundation) alas; (pedes- 
tal) tapak; (the lower part, as of 
walls or pillars) kaki; (of trees) 
pargkal; (essential part) pokok; 

(the metal which serves as a found- 
ation for plating) snam* 
Base, v. t. alaskan. 
Baseless (bas'les), adj. tiada ber- 

sbab, tiada beralas. 
Basement (-merit), s. tergkat ru- 
mah yarg masok k-tanah. 
Bashful (bash'fool), adj. kmalii- 
maluan, ksipii-sipnan , ta'lpas la- 
Basil (baz'il), s. (Ocymum basil- 

ieum) slaseh antan, ruku-ruku.* 
Basin (ba'sn), s. (metal) bokor* 
bajan* , loyary; (earthenware) 
manjkok, pasu, paso (B.). 
Basis (-sis), s. (principal compon- 
ent) ibu; (fundamental principle) 
alas, pokok. 
Bask (bask), v. t. (in the sun) ber- 

Basket (bas'ket), s. (coarse, open 
plaiting, as follows in order of 
size) kranjary, jams* raya,* krun- 
torg* kumbu* jlondok* tryka- 
laiy;* (close plaiting) srok* ba- 
hil, porykis, rantary* tarykil* 
kudai* tenoiy;* (carried on the 
back) galas* rarykiry* katary* 
jargki* amborg* gariry;* (in sets, 
one inside another) rombory; (on 
a pole for gathering fruit) sary- 
gorg;* (for setting round-bottomed 
pots in) Ikar. "To begin to make 
a basket, taja.* 
Bass (bas), adj. (of the voice) m- 

rrykorg* bam (Ar.). 
Bassinet (bas'si-nef), s. (cradle) 
bnaian rotan, bo-bue rotan (B.), 
ayunan rotan* 'ndxil raya* 
Bast (bast), s. (of the banana tree) 
tali pisarg, slisir;* (of palms) sam- 
Bastard (bas'terd), s. anak tanikah, 
anak zina, anak yampary, anak 
sundal; (child of a concubine) 
anak gundek. As a term of abuse, 
haram-zadali, anak haram. 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; Ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minus, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, aw fool (awful); law, how, oil; thin Men. 




Baste (bast), v. t. (cudgel) bantai, 
■pvkol, gasah; (in cooking) che- 
cker* drgan Imah; (in sewing) 
jlujor, Ian bnarg. 

Bastinado (bas'ti-na'do), s. ssah 
tapalc Jcaki. 

Bastion (bas'chtm), s. slehoh kota* 
kilum (Tarn.). 

Bat (bat), s. (the large fruit bat) 
Muarg, klambit;* (the common 
small bat) kllaivar* hlaivar, kla- 
war-lawar;* (a smaller species) k- 

Batavia (ba-ta'vi-a), s. Btawi. 

Batch (bach), s. (of bread) s-Jcali 
bakar; (group or collection of 
things) s-lorggok, s-rmpak* s-tom- 
pok; (of persons) s-kawan, s-kum- 

Bath (bath), s. (receptacle) baldi 
mandi;* (act of bathing) mandi. 

Bathe (bai/i), v. i. mandi; (of royal- 
ty) bersiram* 

Bathe, v. t. mandikan. 

Bathing cloth (bailing clawth), 
s. kain basahan, kain basah, chokin 
(Ch. chlw-kun), cliukin (B.). 

Bathos (ba'thos), s. perkara bsar- 
bsar di-tarafkan drgan yarg bukan- 
bukan, s-hirgga nimbri tertawa.* 

Bathroom (bath/room), s. tmpat 
mandi, bilek permandian, kamar 
mandi (N.I.). 

Baton (bat'tm), s. torgkat kbsaran 
yarg di-pakai oleh prglima prarg, 
torgkat kpala ben (E. band) ; (po- 
liceman's) blantan* torgkat warin 
(E. warrant). 

Battalion (ba-taTyim), s. pasokan 

Batten (bat'tn), s. broti, kayu pak* 

Batten, v. t. To batten down a 
hatch, tut op palkah (L.), tutop 

Batter (-ter), s. (in cooking) adon- 
an* berchampur tlor, susu, dan s- 

Batter, s. (slope) churaman. j 

Batter, v. t. (beat repeatedly) titek, 
ktok, tumbok; (demolish) rmoJc- 
kan f hanchor. 
Battered (-terd), adj. (demolish- 
ed) rmok; (dented) Ikok, kmok- 

Battering-ram (-ing-ram'), s. p- 
numbok tembok kota. 

Battery (-i) 5 s. (fort) kubu, benteig 
(N.I.) ; (of artillery) pasokan m- 
riam*; (electric) obat talipon; 
(stamps for ore) pnumbok kararg. 

Battle (bat'tl), s. prarg, pprargan. 

Battle, v. i. ber prarg, berlawan. 

Battle-axe (aks), s. kapok pprargan, 

Battlefield (-feld), s. medan pprarg- 
an, padarg pprargan. 

Battlement (-ment), s. kmunckak 
tembok yarg berchlah-chlah. 

Battue (bat'too) s. perburuan. 

Bauble (baw'bl), s. perhiasan yarg 

Baulk (bawk), s. balak (D.), rasok* 
batarg kayu. 

Bawd (bawd), s. alku, barua, pinarg 
mu da (P.). 

Bawl (bawl), v. i. bertriak-triak, pit, 
mnjret (B.), pkek, kriau (P.). 

Bay (ba), adj. (of horses) merah. 

Bay, s. tlok; (very small) suak;* 
(division of a structure between 
pillars) ruarg;* (laurel tree) po- 
hon salam;* (prolonged barking) 
korgkorg. At bay '(facing assail- 
ant), bertalian, mlawan, mnntarg. 

Bay, v. i. (prolonged barking) korg- 

Bayonet (ba'o-net), s. mala sarg- 
kor* pdarg snaparg (B.). 

Bay window (win-dd), s. jndela 
miganjur* tirgkap mryororg* 

Bazaar (ba-zar'), s. (market) pasar, 

Be (be), v. i. (exist, be present) 
ada; (exist in a certain manner or 
relation) jadi; (take place, hap- 
pen) jadi; (as passive auxiliary) 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; Ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minus, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 


Jena, as, he was beaten, dia kna 
puhol; (with present participles) 
trgah, sdarg, as, he is sleeping, dia 
trgah tidor. To be off, pergi. Be 
off! njah-lah* hinchit* berambus, 

Beach (bech), s. pantai. 

Beach, v. t. (Naut.) kandasJcan. 

Beachcomber (bech'kom-er), s. 
orarg bargsat, orarg haryat. 

Beacon (be'kn), s. (pole on or near 
shore) bairup;* (to guide fisher- 
men) tanda, pancharg. 

Bead (bed), s. (perforated ball) 
maneh, manek-manek ; (of liquid 
or molten metal or glass) titek* 
'Coral beads, merjan* A string of 
beads for prayer, tasbeh (Ar.). 

Beading (bed'ing), s. (ornamental 
edging) lis (I), lijst), kumai* 

Beak (bek), s. (of a bird) paroh* 

Beaker (bek'er), s. (cup with a 
foot) piala* 

Beam (bem), s. balak (D.), batarg 
kayu; (supporting floor-joists) 
rasok;* (floor joists) glgar;* (wall 
plate) alary* tut op tiaiy; (roof 
tie beams) kasau;* (beam of a 
plough) targkai bajak, kmudi ba- 
jak, targkai tig gala (P.) (Pk.) ; 
(of a loom) psa;* (of an an- 
chor) batarg sauh; (of light) sinar, 
chahya; (width of a ship) buka. 
On its beams ends (Naut.), ter> 

Beam, v. i. bersinar. 

Beamy (bem'i), adj. (Naut.) bun- 

Bean (ben), s. kacharg. French 
beans, kacharg pendek. Kidney 
beans 3 kacharg bunchis* (D.j. 
Yam bean, ubi srgkuarg* Bean 
sprouts, kchambah* tauge (Ch. 

Bear (bar), s. bruarg. The Great 
Bear, bintarg bidok* bintarg jorg* 

Bear, v. t. (carry) bawa, baivak 
(B.) ; (support, sustain) targgorg; 

43 BEAT 

(endure) tahan, drita (Sk.), targ- 
gorg; (bring forth children) ber- 
anak; (of royalty) bersalin; (bring 
forth fruit) berbuah, kluarkan 
buah. To bear arms, pakai snjata. 
To bear down (as a woman in 
labour), tran. To bear in mind, 
irgat. To bear malice, mnaroh dn- 
dam. To bear off, bawa pergi. 
To bear with, sabarkan. To bear 
witness, bersaksi, naik saksi. Can- 
not bear, tiada larat, tiada rut* 
taboleh tahan. See also under 


Bear, v. i. (produce fruit) berbuah; 
(refer or relate to) kna-mrgna. It 
bears due north (Naut.), hala-rya 
utara tpat. To bear away (Naut.), 
turut. To bear up (be firm), ber- 
ttap hati. 

Bearable (bar'a-bl), adj. yarg ter- 
dnta ( Sk. ) , yarg dapat di-tahan. 

Beard (berd), s. jarggot. 

Beard, v. t. law an berhadapan, tn- 
targ, lawan bersmuka* 

Bearded (berd'ed), adj. ber jarggot. 

Beardless (-les), adj. tiada ber jarg- 

Bearer (bar'er), s. (one who car- 
ries) pmbawa; (at funerals) prg- 
usorg may at* 

Bearing (-ing), s. (deportment) 
gaya, bargun;* (good or noble ap- 
pearance) sikap; (behaviour ) laku* 
tergkah-laku; (meaning) arti; (di- 
rection) hala;* (journals in ma- 
chinery) lobarg ganda roda* 

Bearing rein (ran), s. ras lipat. 

Beast (best), s. binatarg, haiwan 
(Ar.) ; (wild animals in general) 
mergastua (Sk.). 

Beastly (best'li), s. (degraded) 
kji* hina, bagai binatarg. 

Beat (bet), v. t. (generally) pukol, 
hntam; (with a stick) palu, blarg- 
korg;* (a heavy stick) godam;* 
(with something pliable) sbat, 
ssah; (slang words) gasak, bahan* 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minws, cure, injure, 

hurry; f65d, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




balun* bdal, bantai; (with the 
fist) tumbok; (as a woman) go- 
choh;* (grain in threshing, or 
clothes in washing, or as waves) 
bantiiy; (as carpets) tbah;* (as 
drums) pukol, palu* titir* tpok; 
(in a mortar) tumboh ; (on an 
anvil) tmpa, titek; (overcome) 
alahkan* kalahkan (B.). To 
beat down (in price), tawar. To 
beat up (as eggs), pukol, haru* 
putar, pudi;* (up and down) 
'njut. To beat the breast, tbah 
dada,* tampar dada, tpok dada. 
To beat time on a drum, teiykah.* 

Beat, v. i. (throb) berdbar; (as wind 
or waves) tmpoh, bantiry ; (Naut. 
= tack) ber pal-pal, buary prai. 

Beat, s. (stroke) palu; (pulsation) 
dbar, dntyut;* (of music) sajak 
(Ar. saj'a) ; (round of a watch- 
man) sambaiy.* 

Beaten (bet'n), adj. (vanquished) 
kalah, tewas;* (of metal) tmpa- 
'an* tmpawan* 

Beating (-ing), s. (act of striking) 
hal mmukol, hal mmalu, etc., see 
beat; (pulsation) dntyut* dbar; 
(tacking) berpal-pal, buary prai. 

Beatific (be-a-tifik), adj. yarg 
mmbhagiakan '(Sk.), yarg miyuka- 

Beatify (be-at'i-fl), v. t. (regard 
as happy) bilarykan bhayia (>Sk.), 
bilarykan untoiy (B.) ; (make hap- 
py) bhagiakan (Sk.) ; (B.C.) ma- 
sokkan dalam bilaryan oraiy km- 

Beatitude (be-at'i-tud), s. (happi- 
ness) bhagia (Sk.), sntosa. 

Beau (bo), s. (dandy) si kachak, 
psolek* bisai;* (lover) kkaseh. 

Beauteous (bu'ti-ws), adj. elok* 

Beautiful (-fool), adj. elok* molek, 
chantek, bagits; (of places) per- 
mat;* (of things, words or appear- 
ance) indah. 

Beautify (-fi), v. t; (make beauti- 
ful) elokkan;* (adorn) hiasi* 
riaskan (B.), adon* 

Beauty (bu'ti), s. Felokan. Beauty 
spot, talii Mat, talk Mat (B.). 

Becaim (be-kam'), v. t. tdohkan. 

Becalmed (-kamd'), adj. (Naut.) 
kmatian aryin. 

Because (-kawz'), conj. sbab, kerna. 
Because of, prep, oleh* o'leh sbab,* 
deri sbab, fasal, lantaran (N.I.). 

Beche de mer (bash'de-mar'), s. 
tripary, gamat* haisom (B.) 

Beck (bek), s. sogok* isarat (Ar. 

Beckon (bek'n), v. t. sogok* bri 
isarat (Ar. isharat), isaratkan; (by 
waving the hand or some object) 
lambai; (with the fingers) yamit;* 
(with one finger) kuit. 

Becloud (-klowd'), v. t. klamkan* 

Become (-kum') v. i. jadi, mnjadu 
To become a Moslem, masok Islam, 
masok Mlayu. 

Become, v. t. (suit, match) padan. 

Becoming (-ing), adj. (appropri- 
ate) padan, patut, kna, lay ale; (de- 
corous) snonoh. 

Bed (bed), s. (gen.) tmpat tidor; 
(of princes) peraduan;* (bed- 
stead) ranjary, katil;* (made of 
wood) yta;* (raised platform for 
sleeping on) pntas;* (bridal bed) 
plamin* ranjary kmantin (B.) ; 
(mattress) tilam; (of a river) 
palory suryai;* (of gardens) 
petak; (foundation) alasan. To 
be in bed, tidor. Bed rock, batu 
ham par* dadur* To go to bed, 
masok klambu, peryi tidor; (speak- 
ing to a child) pergi bam* 

Bed, v. t. (set in earth) tanam, 

Bedaub (be-dawb'), v. t. lumorkan; 
(slightly, as with the finger) pa- 
lit* chalit* 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it. fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, s5re, sort, sorry; use, us, min^s, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful) ; law, how, oil; thin then. 




Bedbug (bed'bug), s. pijat-pijat, 

kutu busok, kpindirg (X.I.), ha sat 

(B.) (Ch. bat-sat). 
Bedchamber (-cham-ber), s. bilek 

tidor; (of princes) bilek peradu- 

Bedclothes (-klotfiz), s. (sheet) 

chadar (Hind.) ; (covering) sli- 

mut, gbar* 
Bedding (-ding), s. (native) tikar- 

bantal; (mattress) til am; (for a 

horse) bin elm* 
Bedeck (be-dek'), v. t. hiasi* Has 


Bedew (-du'), v. t. 'mbnnkan, ba- 

sdlikan sperti dnjan 'mbun. To 

be bedewed, kna 'mbun, ber'mbun. 
Bedim (-dim'), -v. t. (make dim) 

kabuskan;* (obscure) klamkan* 
Bedlam (bed'lam), s. (madhouse) 

rumah sakit gila; (place of up- 
roar) tmpat huru-hara. 
Bedouin (bed'oo-in), s. orary B- 

dawi (Ar.). 
Bedpost (-post), s. tiarg katil* 

tia?g ranjanj. 
Bedraggle (be-drag'gl), v. t. gin- 

Bedridden (bed'rid-dn), adj. sakit 

taboleh baiyun, sakit terhampar* 
Bedroom (-room), s. bilek tidor; 

(of princes) bilek peraduan* 
Bedsore (-sor), s. lechet* sbab lama 

terbarirg [mlechet (B.)]. 
Bedstead (-sted), s. katil* ranjaiy. 
Bee (be), s. (honey bee) Ibah; 

(smaller species) kiulut* kram* 

Ibah Mat (B.) ; (carpenter bee) 

Beef (bef), s. dagiixj Imbu. 
Beefsteak (befstak'), s. s-potorg 

dagirg Imbu, bistek (E.). 
Beehive (be'hlv), s. rumah Ibah. 
Beehunter (-hunt-er), s. pawaiy 

Bee line (-Hn), s. jalan mmutus* 

jalan mrintas* jalan mrgat* To 

make a bee line, nuyumbary (kum- 

Beer (ber), s. bir (E.). 
Bees-nest (bez'nest), s. saraty Ibah, 

sialaty;* (abandoned) sambary* 
Beeswax (-waks), s. lilin Ibah, Zi- 

lin sambarg* 
Beet (bet), s. lobak hitam. 
Beetle (be'tl), s. kumbaiy. 
Befall (be-fawl'), v. t. datarg atas, 

berlaku alas,* kna. 
Befall, v. i. jadi, berlaku,* ter- 

doronj* datarg. 
Befitting (-fitting), adj. padan, 

paint, layak. 
Befog (-fog'), v. t. kabuskan* 
Before (-for'), prep, (of place) di 

hadapan, dpan, di muka; (of 

time) s-blum, dhulu deri-pada; 

(facing) tntaig, bertntargan dry- 

an. Before long, tiada brapa 

lama, tiada berlanjut masa.* 
Before, adv. (of place) di hadapan, 

dpan, di muka; (of time) dhulu; 

(earlier) Ibeh dhulu, ter dhulu; 

(already) memarg, sdia. As be- 
fore, sperti sdiakala (Sk.), sperti 

Before, conj. s-blum, dhulu deri- 

Beforehand (-band), adv. ter- 

Befoul (be-fowl'), v. t. chmarkan, 

najiskan, kotorkan. 
Befriend (-frend'), v. t. tolorg/ 

Beg (beg), v. t. (ask) minta, pinta;* 

(make a petition) pohonkan* To 

beg pardon, minta mahap (Ar. 

ma'af), minta am pun. To beg to 

be excused, minta din* 
Beg, v. i. (ask alms) minta sdkah, 

dadok* kidiak (Oh. khit chidh). 
Beget (be-get'), v. t. beranakkan. 
Beggar (beg'ger), s. orarg yarg 

minta sdkah, oraiy kichak (Ch.) ; 

(religious mendicant) fakir (Ar.), 

danrish (Ar.). 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minws, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




Beggar, v. t. (make poor) papa- 
kan;* (make inadequate, surpass) 
lb eld. 

Beggarly (-li), adj. (poor) mishin, 
papa;* (contemptible) hina, Ita* 

Begin (be-gin'), v. i. t. mulai; 
(in weaving mats) lagarg ;* (in 
making baskets) laja.* 

Beginner (-er), s. orarrj yarg bharu 
mulai, orarg bharu blajar. 

Beginning (-ing), s. mula, per- 
mulaan, panjkal, awal (Ar.) ; 
(origin) asah From the very be- 
ginning, deri awal pertama-rya* 

Begone (-gon'), int. ryah* n/ah- 
lah* incliit* berambus, mrgam- 
bus (B.), pergi-lah. 

Begrime ('-grim'), v. t. berslekeh- 

Begrudge (-gruj'), v. t. (regret ex- 
penditure) sayarg. 

Beguile (-gil'), v. t. tipu, perdaya- 
kan* ssatkan. 

Behalf (-haf ), s. In behalf of, ker- 
na, akan* bagi pihak* 

Behave (-hav'), v. i. berlaku. m- 
lakukan diri, bawa diri. 

Behaviour (-yer), s. laku, klakuan, 
prargai, feel (Ar.), iergkah-laku , 

Behead (be-hed'), v. t. prggal* le- 
hir, panchorg kpala, tndas* kmla, 
potorg kpala, tampauj* kpala, 1c rat 

Behest (-best'), s. hukum, psan; 
(of a king) Utah.* 

Behind (-hind'), prep, di blakam, 
di balek; (if motion is implied) 
k-blakarg, k-balek : as, he went be- 
hind the hill, dia pergi le-baU'lc 
bukit. Behind the door, di balek 
pintu. One behind another, be.r- 
irirg-irirg, berbuntut-buntut, ber- 
tonda-tonda* Behind one's back, 
tiada s-tahu. 

Behind, adv. (of place) di blakarg; 
(towards the back) k-blakarg; (of 

time) blakarg, terkmdian. Left 

behind, kiirggdlan. 
Behindhand (-hand), adv. (in 

time) terkmdian, terakhir (Ar.) ; 

(tardy) lambat, lewat. 
Behold (-hold'), v. t. (look at) 

tergok, pandarg, kleh (P.) ; (see) 

lih at. 
Behold, int. tergok, tergok-lah. 
Beholden (-hold'n), adj. (bound 

in gratitude) yarg mnrima kaseh; 

(indebted) berhutarg kaseh. 
Beholder (-er), s. orarg yarg tn- 

lihat, pnergok. 
Behove (-hov'), v. t, patut, hndak, 

1 tarns, tea jib (Ar.). 
Being (be'ing), s. (existence) V- 

adaan; (a living thing) lejadian, 

makhlok (Ar.). 
Belabour (be-la'ber), v. t. (beat 

soundly) bantai, bdal, gasak, hn- 

tarn, tubirg. 
Belated (-lat'^d), adj. lewat. 
Belay (-la'), v. t. (Naut.) tambat r 

Belaying pin (-ing pin), s. 

(Naut.) tol, tuli-tuli. 
Belch (belch), v. i. serdawa, sndawa 

(B.). To belch forth (emit), 

kluarkan , sm borkan; (vomit) 

Beleaguer (be-le'ger), v. t. kporg r 

Belfry (bel'fri), s. bargun-largun- 

an loch erg, rumah locherg. 
Belie (be-lf), v. t. dustakan (Sk.),. 

Belief ' (-lef), s. perchaya, iman 
(Ar.) ; (creed, religion) agama, 

ugama* igama. 
Believe (-lev'), v. t. (regard as 

true) perchaya; (place confidence 

in) harap, yakinkan* (Ar. yaqin). 
Believe, v. i. (think, suppose) fikir,. 

sargka. To believe in (have re- 
ligious faith in), perchaya akan; 
(have confidence in) yakinkan 

£te, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire,,. 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, mimts, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




Believer (-er), s. (religious) orarg 

berimati (Ar.), orarg mii'min 

Belittle (-lit'tl), v. t. hinakan, kji- 

kan* kchilkan, rndalikan, rergan- 

Bell (bel), s. Jocherg, lonchery* 

gnta;* (cow-bell) kriintirg* kron- 

chorg; (miniature bells) girirg- 

Bellicose (bel'li-kos), adj. yarg 

snka berprarg. 
Belligerent (bel-lij'er-ent), adj. 

yarg berpraig. 
Bell metal (bel'met-al), s. loyarg* 

gargsa* tmbaga prun/gu* 
Bell-mouthed, adj. mulut berkchu- 

Bellow (bel'lo), v. i. (of cattle) 

kvak n * miyuak n :* (of mankind) 

ra'o?y, mra org (B) ; (of wind) 

dru, mndru (B.). 
Bellows (bel'loz), s. puputan* lim- 

busan* prghmbus* tiop-tiop api 


Belly (-li), s. prot. 

Bellyache (-fik), s. sakit prot, sakit 
mmulas, mulas, snak; see colic. 

Bellyband (-band), s. (of a horse) 
tali prot; (of children) band; (of 
an elephant) tali rnut* 

Bellyful (-fool), s. To have one's 
bellyful, jmu, muak* 

Belong (be-long'), v. i. (be the pro- 
perty of) jadi inilck (Ar.), am- 
puiya* purya, in such phrases as, 
it belongs to me, aku-lah yaig am- 
purya dia, ia-lah milek-ku, itu 
mhya purya (B.) ; (be connected 
with) mosaic, jadi sidaig* jadi 
member (B.), as, he belongs to 
that club, dia jadi sidaig perskutu- 
an itu. 

Belongings (-ingz), s. lierta bnda, 
liak (Ar.), milek (Ar.) ; as, these 
•are my belongings, ini-lah hak 

Beloved (-luv'ed), s. kkaseh, chin* 
ta, ksayaigan, buah liati. 

Below (-16'), prep, and adv. bawah, 
di bawah, terkbawah; (when mo- 
tion is implied) k-bawah; (down 
stream) sblah hilir. 

Belt (belt), s. (girdle) ikat pirg- 
garg ; (with clasp) tali pnditg; (a 
long cloth) brgkorg; (sword belt 
worn over the shoulder) sandarg* 

Belting (belt'ing), s. (of machin- 
ery) tali psaicat* tali jn'ra. 

Beluchistan (be-loo'chi-stan'), s. 
negri Balchi. 

Bemoan (be-mon'), v. t. (by wail- 
ing) ratapkan; (pity) kasehankan, 
ksiankan (B.) ; (lament) ssalkan. 

Bench (bench), s. (long seat) barg- 
ku; (trestle) kuda-kuda; (work- 
man's) me ja tukanj, meja bindu;* 
(judge's seat) kursi bichara: 
(court of justice) majlis bichara, 
mahkamah (Ar.). 

Bend (bend), v. t. (curve slightly) 
lutor* bntor;* (sharply) bntok;* 
(bend down under pressure) Zn- 
dut* Idorg* To bend the knee, 
fipat lutut. To bend down (bow 
the head), tundokkan. 

Bend, v. i. (be crooked or curving as 
a river) letgkorg; (as trees with 
wind) layah* To bend down 
(the body), tundok; (boughs of a 
tree) Impai* llai;* (with fruit). 
luyot* To bend the body (side- 
ways) letggok ; (in any direction) 
layah * 

Bend, s. (in a stick, etc.) klok* 
kalok* bntok* bergkok (B.) ; (in 
a road or river) slekoh* lergkok* 
bliku* beigkok (B.) ; (in a kris) 
Beneath (be-neth'), prep, and adv. 
di bawah; (unworthy of) tiada 
layak, tiada padan. 
Benediction (ben'e-dik'shim), s. 

berk at. 
Benefaction (-fak'shzm), s. (bene- 

:ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; Ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minws, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




fit conferred) kbajikan, kbaikan 
(B.) ; (gift) kurnia (Sk.), derma 


Benefactor (-ter), s. yarg mmbuat 
kbajikan, orarg dermawan (Sk.). 

Benefice (-fisj, s. ivakaf (Ar.). 

Beneficence (be-nefi-sens), s. 
(kindness) kmurahan; (good 
deeds) kbajikan, kbaikan (B.). 

Beneficent (-sent), adj. (kind) 
murah hati; (producing good) 
yarg mmbuat kbajikan. 

Beneficial (ben'e-fish'al), adj. ber- 
guna, berfaidah. 

Benefit (-fit), s. (favour, act of 
kindness) kurnia (Sk.), kbajikan; 
(advantage, profit) faidah, un- 

Benefit, v. t. (be beneficial to) bri 
fa'idah, bri tint org. 

Benefit, v. i. (gain advantage) ber- 
oleh untorg* dapat untorg, ber- 
untorg, berfaidali. 

Benevolence (be-nev'o-lens), s. 
(good will) prgasehan, kmurahan; 
(act of kindness) kbajikan, kbaik- 
an (B.). 

Benevolent (-lent), adj. berprg- 
asehan, murah hati. 

Bengal (beng-gal'), s. negri Brg- 

Bengalee (-i), s. orarg Brggali. 

Benighted (be-nlt'ed), adj. (over- 
taken by darkness) kmalaman, 
kglapan, ksilaman* 

Benign (-nin'), adj. Imbot hati, 
murah hati; (of diseases) r erg an. 

Benignant (-nig'nant), adj. murah 

Bent (bent), adj. (of the body 
backwards) kdek* Idirg;* (down- 
wards) borgkok; (sideways) berg- 
kok; (concave) Intek; (warped) 
Idirg;* (up and down) borgkok- 
kdek;* (zigzag) biarg-biut* beig- 
karg-bergkok, be?gkak-bergkok(B.) , 
kelarg-kelok;* (crooked) erut* 

Bent, s. (tendency of the mind) 

(hndrorg hati, chondrorg hati (B.). 

Benumbed (be-numd'), adj. 

(slightly) sbar, kbas; (more) 

Benzine (ben-zen'), s. mityak ben- 

Benzoin (-zoin'), s. (sty rax ben- 
zoin) krnnnjan, mn/an (JST.L). 
Bequeath (be-kweth'), v. t. (by 

will) irasiatkan (Ar.) ; (leave to- 

posterity ) tirggalkan . 
Bequest (-kwesf), s. wasiat (Ar.). 
Bereave (-rev'), v. t. (deprive of) 

hilargkan, putuskan ; (by death, of 

children, etc.) pupuskan* 
Bereft (reft'), see bereave. 
Beri-beri (ber'i-ber-i), s. pryakit 

smbap kaki, basal* biri-biri. 
Berry (ber'ri), s. buah kchil, spertt 

knmntirg, mata kuchirg dan s- 

Berth (berth), s. (appointed place) 

tmpat; (sleeping place) tmpat 

tidor, pntas;* (employment) pker- 

Beseech (be-sech'), v. t. pohon- 

kan* mint a sargat, minta baryak- 

Beset (-set'), v. t. (press in upon) 

tin pit, empet (B.) ; (surround) 

lergkoiy* krumuni; (as enemies) 

Beside (-sld'), prep, (at the side 

of) di sisi* di tpi; (near) dkatr 

(over and above) lain deri-pada- 

To be beside one's self with anger r 

lupakan diri. 
Beside, Besides (be-sldz'), adv. 

(more than that) lain lagi, lagi 

pula; (moreover) tambahan pula,. 

lagi pun. 
Besiege (-sej'), v. t. kporg. 
Besmear (-smer'), v. t. lumorkan, 

palit;* (slightly) chalit* 
Besmirch (-smerch'), v. t. chmar- 

kan; (as reputation) busokkan 

nam a. 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, s5rry; use, us, minus, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin t7ien. 


Besot (-sot'), v. t. birgorgkan. 

Bespatter (-spat'ter), v. t. percheh 
drgan chmar; (intentionally) rn- 
jis drgan chmar. 

Bespeak (-spek') v. t. (engage be- 
forehand) tmpali, psan terdhulu; 
(indicate) ryatakan. 

Besprinkle (-spring'kl), v. t. per- 
ch ek, rnjis. 

Best (best), adj. and adv. yarg baik 
skali. terlbeh baik, t crib eh utarna 
(Sk.), terutama (Sk.). The best 
possible, s-baik-baik-tya. To do 
one's best to — , choba s-brapa 

Bestial (bes'chal), adj. chara bina- 

Bestir (be-ster'), v. i. grakkan. To 
bestir one's self, bergolot-golot* 
bergloUglot, bergopoh-gopoh. 

Bestman (best-man'), s. prgapit 
mmplai* pnjawat mmplai* pa- 
wair pua-kia" (B.) (Ch. phod n - 
kid n ). 

Bestow (be-stf/), v. t. (store) sim- 
pan, taroh; (give) bri, kurniakan 
(Sk.), anugrahkan (Sk.), kasi 


Bestride (-stiid'), v. t. kargkarg, 
chlapak* chlapok;* (step over) 

Bet (bet), v. i. bcrtaroli. 

Bet, s. ptarolian. 

Betake (-tfik'), v. t. To betake one's 
self (resort to), pakai, gunakan; 
(go) pergi. 

Betel (be'tl), s. pokok sireli. 

Betel box (boks), s. tepak* tmpat 
sir eh, bkas pinarg :* (for princes 
and weddings) puan ;* (hexa- 
gonal) smbrap;* (pouch of mrg- 
kuarg) bujam* epok;* (of cloth, 
for a bridegroom) burgkusan. 
See also betel tray. 

Betel nut (nut), s. (the fruit of the 
areca palm) buah pinarg. 

Betel pepper (pep'per), s. (piper 
betle) sir eh. 


Betel tray (tra), s. (of metal) 
jororg;* (with a foot) chrana;* 
(boat shaped) chrana bidok* 

Bethink (be-thingk'), v. t. Bethink 
one's self, knarg, terknarg. 

Betide (-tld'), v. t. (happen to) 
berlaku alas. 

Betide, v. i. berlaku, jadi. 

Betimes (-timz'), adj. (early) siary 
hari; (in good time) awal ivaktu 
(Ar.), siargsiarg. 

Betoken (-td'kn), v. t. (show by- 
signs) tandakan; (indicate) ryata- 

Betray (-tra'), v. t. (give up by 
'treachery) srahkan dryan khianat 
(Ar.) ; (deceive) tipu, perdaya- 
kan* To betray one's ignorance, 
njatakan kbodohan. To betray a 
secret, bukakan rahsia. 

Betrayal (-al), s. hal miyralikan, 
hal mnipu, etc., as above. 

Betroth (-trotf/i/), v. t. tunarg. 

Betrothal (-al), s. pertunaryan. 

Betrothed (-trothd), adj. ber- 

Betrothed, s. tunargan. 

Better (bet'ter), adj. Ibeh baik, 
lagi baik; (in health) baik, sehat, 
njaman, smboh* btah.* Better 
than, baik deri-pada, Ibeh baik 
deri-pada. It were better, had 
better, rmak, arggor* Ibeh baik 
(B.) ; as, rmak mati deri-pada hi- 
dop, it were better to die than live. 
To think better of (person), in- 
dahkan Ibeh, tergok Ibeh ada mata 
(B.) ; (an opinion) aleli bichara* 
obah fikiran. To be better off,. 
berfa'idah* Ibeh snarg (B.). 

Better, v. t. (make better) baikki; 
(surpass) Ibehi. 

Between (be-twen'), prep, antara, 
di tryah. Between .... and .... ,. 
antara .... drgan 

Bevel (bev'el), s. senderg serorg. 

Bevel, v. t. serorgkan senderg. 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minws. cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, aw fool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




Bevel gear (ger), s. gigi jntra 

Beverage (bev'er-ej), s. minuman. 
Btxy (bev'i), s. (of persons) Tcum- 

polan; (of birds) kaivan* 
Bewail (be-waT), v. t. rata'/ Jean, 

taigisi* mnatykiskan, triakkan 


Beware (-war'), v. i. uyat, jaya. 
To -beware of, jaga diri deri-pada. 

Bewilder (-wil'der), v. t. biiyoiy- 
kan, klirukan, klerukan (B.), s- 
satkan 'akal. 

Bewildered (-derd), adj. biiyory, 
kliru, kleru (B.). 

Bewitch (-wieh'), v. t. knakan obat- 
guna, hikmatkan (Ar.), knakan 
sihir* (Ar. siliir). 

Bewitched (-wichf), adj. terkna 
obat-guna, terkna sihir (Ar.). 

Bewitching (-witch'ing), adj. yaiy 
mryukakan, yaiy mmbrahikan.* 

Beyond (-yond'), prep, (on the 
further side) sblah, di balek: (of 
roads or water) sbrary; (in time) 
lewat deri-pada; (exceeding) Ibeh 
deri-pada, terlampau deri-pada* 
To go beyond, lalui* Ibehi* lam- 
paui* bnat terlampon pulak (B.). 

Bezoar (-zor'), s. gmala* guliya, 
mstika (Jav.), buntat. 

Bhang (bang), s. (Cannabis indiea) 

Bias (bl'as), s. (leaning of the 
mind) chndroty hati,* chondroty 
hati (B.) ; (slant) seroiy. 

Bias, v. t. clmdrorgkan* chondrory- 
kan (B.). 

Biassed (-ast), adj. brat sblali. 

Bib (bib), s. kain lapek dada pada 
waktu makan. 

Bible (bl'bl), s. Kitab, Kitab Allah, 
The Mohammedans know only 
three divisions of the Bible, name- 
ly, the Law (Taurit), the Psalms 
(Zabur), and the Gospel (Injil). 

Biblical (bibTi-kal), adj. deri-hal 
Kitab Allah, Kitab Allah (a). 

Bibliography (-og'ra-fi), s. daftar 
kitab-kitab dan snrat-surat* 

Biceps (bi'seps), s. buah Iryan, 

Bicker (bik'er), v. i. bertrykar. 

Bickering (-ing), s. pertrykaran. 

Bicycle (bi'si-kl), s. kreta lererg, 
kreta arqin* baisikal (E.), kreta 
roda (B.). 

Bid (bid), v. t. (offer a price) ta- 
■ivar; (order) suroh; (invite) 
paujyil, jmpvt, chia n (B.) (Ch. 
chhicJ 1 ). .In such phrases as, to 
bid defiance, to bid one welcome, 
to bid farewell, bid can be repre- 
sented by bri. To bid fair (seem 
likely), rupa-nja man, boleh di- 

Bid, s. pnawaran. 

Bide (bid), v. i. thy gal. 

Bide, v. t. (wait for) nantikan; 
(endure) tahan, drila (Sk.). 

Biennial (bi-en'm-al), adj. yarg 
dua taJiun skdli, liap-tiap dua 
tali un. 

Bier (ber), s. nsoryan* jnazah 

Bifurcated (bl-fer'kat-ed), adj. 

Big (big), adj. bsar, ydary (Sum.), 
agon/ (Jav.). 

Bigamy (big'a-mi), s. bayoh* To 
commit bigamy (of a woman), 
km barkan • laid, duakan laki, kah- 
win dua laki (B.). To be in a 
state of bigamy (of a woman), 

Bight (bit), s. (bay) tlok; (bend 
of knee or elbows) plipatan; (of 
rope, Naut.) yobah. 

Bigot (big'?*t), s. ovary buta hati, 
oraiy dgil deri-hal ayama. 

Bigoted (-£d), adj. 'dgil deri-hal 

Bigotry (-ri), s . hati dgil deri-hal 

Bile (bll), s. (the secretion) hm- 
pdu; (anger) marah. 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire 
mirror ; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry ; use, us, minus, cure, injure, ' * 
hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful) J law, how, oil; thin Men. 


Bilge (bilj), s. (Xaut,) (flat part 
of a ship's bottom) prot kapal; 
(place for bailing) timba-ruarg. 
Bilge water (Naut), ayer ruarg. 

Bilingual (bl-ling'gwalj, adj. yary 
berbhasa dua. 

Bilious (mTv^s), adj. sahit lim- 
pet;* (passionate) pmarah; (ill- 
tempered) pnyus* prampus* 
brgis (B.). 

Bilk (bilk), v. t. tipu, perdayakan* 

Bill (bil), s. (of birds) paroh;* 
(billhook) pararg jaryok;* (state- 
ment of account) surat hutarg, bit 
(E.), relming (D.) ; (a draft of 
a law) nuskhah undary-undary 
(Ay.) ; (placard) plkat, palkat 
(B.). Bill of fare, daftar nama- 
nama makanan* 

Billet (bil'lct), s. (of wood) s-krat 
Jcayn, bahan* tual:* (a note, short 
letter) surat reigkas;* (berth, 
position) pkerja'an. 

Billet, v. t. tumpargkan soldado di 
ru m ah -r u m ah o) a rg . 

Billhook (-hook), s. parary jaiyok* 
parang chandorg* 

Billiards (-yerdz), s. biliad (E.), 
meja bola (Port.). 

Billion (-yi/n), s. s-juta juta* satu 
milian milian (B.) : (IT. S.) s- 
ribu juta* s-ribu milian (B.). 

Billow (-15), s. ombak, glombarg, 

Billowy (-i), adj. berylombarg, ber~ 
ombdk, beralvn* 

Billsticker (-stik-er), s. oraig yaig 
mnampal plkat [pallcat (B.)]. 

Bimonthly (bi-munth'li), adj. ' yanj 
dua bul an s-kali. 

Bin (bin), s. (enclosed space) ko- 
tab; (for rice) kpok, kmborg* 
blubor* Dust bin, torg sampah. 

Bind (bind), v. t. (tie, make fast) 
ikat: (tie up, tether) tambat; (tie 
hands and feet or four legs) ra- 
pus* rempoiy;* (hands behind 


back) kilas; (tie in bundles) 
berkaskan* ikat bergmal-gmal ;* 
(bandage) balut, bb'at; (as the 
erige^ of a mat or garment) om- 
pok* lapis; (as the spurs are 
bound on a fighting cock) bularg ;* 
(books) jelet* kitab (Ar. jilid), 
jahit bvku (B.) ; (compel) pahsa. 

Binder (bind'er), (that which 
binds) prgikat; (bandage) band, 
Icain bbat; (after childbirth) burnt 
panjauj; (book binder) tukarg 
jelet* (Ar. jilid), tukarg jahit 
buku (B). 

Binding (-ing), s. (on edge of 
cloth) ompok;* (of a book) jelet* 
(Ar. jilid). 

Binnacle (bin'na-kl), s. (Xaut.) 
rumah pdoman, rumah kompas 

Binocular (bl-nok'u-ler), adj. ber- 
mata-dua. Binocular glasses, tro- 
po?g dua maia. 

Biography (-og'ra-fi), s. hikayat* 
kaJiidopan onug [chrita (B.)]. 

Biology (-ol'o-ji), s. 'ihnu hayat 

Biped (bi'ped), adj. berkaki-dua. 

Birch (berch), s. nama potion kayu. 

Bird (herd), s. bur org, urggas* 
Ladybird, anak china* 

Birdcage (-kaj), s. sarykar, s?y- 
karan (B.). 

Birdcatcher (-kach-er), s. pmikat 
bur org. 

Birdlime (-Urn), s. gtah burorg. 

Bird of paradise (uv par'a-dis), s. 
burorg clindrawaseh* burorg indra- 
ivaseli (B.). 

Bird's nest (berdz'nest), s. sarary 

Birth (berth), s. (being born) jadi, 
kjadian, lahir (Ar. tldliir) ; (lin- 
eage, descent) ami, kturunan; 
(origin) asah Of high birth, 
barysairan* berbargsa, orary bsar- 
bmr (B.). Of low birth, bargsa 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minws, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




rndah. A king by birth, raja ber- 

Birthday (berth'da), s. hari jadi, 
hari lahir* (At. tlahir), hari di- 

Birthmark (-mark), s. tanda sama 
jadi, tanda deri memanj* tanda 
bcranak (B.). 

Birthplace (-plas), s. tm]Mt turn- 
pah darali, tanah ayer, tmpat lahir 
(Ar.), tmpat chut-si (B.) (Ch. 

Birthright (-lit), s. (of primo- 
geniture) hak ksuloigan. 

Biscuit (bis'kit), s. biskut, msJcot 

Bisect (bl-sekf), v. t. krat dua. 

Bishop (bish'op), s. bishop (X.) ; 
(in chess) gajah. 

Bison (bi'son), s. sladatg Amerika. 

Bit (bit), s. (for horses) karg, k- 
kary* lagam (Hind.) ; (piece) s- 
kpirg, s-krat, s-chmpircj* s-chbis* 
s-tandiry* s-jorenj;* (a little) s- 

Bitch (bich), s. anjirg btina. 

Bite (bit), v. t. gigit, urggis; (as 
birds and snakes) patok, pagut, 
chatok; (as savage animals) to- 
kak;* (as cattle) ragutf (as in- 
sects or fish) ktit* klip* ktep 
(B.) ; (take hold, as an anchor) 
makan; (take bait, as a fish) ma- 
kan kail. To bite the lips, Hap 

Bite, s. (place bitten off) s-urggis; 
(mark of the teeth) bkam. Mos- 
quito bite, bkas ktip lyamok, bin- 
tit* bintat. 

Biting (bit'ing), adj. (sharp, sar- 
castic) tajam. 

Bitter (bit'ter), adj. (of taste) pa- 
hit; (of pain) bisa; (severe) kras, 
brgis; (of weeping) sdeh. 

Bitterly (-li), adv. (of weeping) 
tersdeh-sdeh, tersdan-sdan* 

Bittern (-tern), s. puchoiy. 

Bitts (bits), s. (Naut.) mid. 

Bitumen (bi-tu'men), s. bolorg ta- 
il ah* 

Bivalve (bi'valv), adj. isi-karary 
yarg bertargkup, sperti kima* ku- 
paig, lokan, tiram, kpali, kraiy, 
dan s-bagai-nja. 

Bivouac (biv'oo-ak), v. i. bermalam 
di tan ah. 

Blab (blab), v. i. bebel* pchahkan 

Blab, s. mulut bochor, orarg bebel- 
an* chupak psok* mulut chlu- 

Black (blak), adj. hitam, Igam; 
(gloomy, as the sky) rdop. Pitch 
black, hitam Igam. Black under 
the eyes, berglatygaiy hitam di 
mata.* A black eye, mata bakup* 
Black and blue (of bruises), Ibam. 
The black substance used for stain- 
ing teeth, grarg* baja* The 
black art, 'ilmu sihir (Ar.). 

Blackball (blak'bawl), v. t. buaiy 
undi tatrima.* 

Blackboard (-bord), s. papan hi- 
tam, pa pan tulis. 

Blacken (blak'n), v. t. hitamkan; 
(the teeth) grarg* berbaja;* (the 
eves) berchlak; (the eyebrows) 

Black eye (I), s. mata bakup* 

Blackguard (blag'gard), s. (scoun- 
drel) orarg kji* orarg busok, pn- 
jara (B.), orarg luchah, orarg 
leche; (vagabond) bargsat. 

Blacking (blak'ing), s. blarykm 
(E.), Welching (B.). 

Black lead (-led), s. tras pensil* 

Blackleg (-leg), s. prgelat. 

Blackmail (-mal), v. t. tuntut waiy 
diyan paksa atau yertak, minia 
upah miyimpan rahsia. 

Blacksmith (-smith), s. tukary bsL 

Bladder (blad'der), s. (taken out 
and inflated with air) glmborgan; 
(urinary bladder) tmpat knchiry; 
(blister) Ipoh, tmbolok.* 'Gall 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minws, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin Men. 


bladder, pundi-pundi hmpdu* 
tin pat m hmpdu (B.). 

Blade (blad), s. (of grass) s-lai, s- 
hlai;* (of a knife) mata; (of an 
oar) daun day org; (of a paddle) 
daun prgayoh; (of an anchor) 
kuku sauh; (of a ploughshare) 
nayam* Shoulder blade, tulary 
blikat* tularg balm. Blade of a 
propeller, daun kipas-kapal. 

Blain (blan), s. bisul. 

Blame (blam), v. t. chla, salahkan, 
chachat, tampek* 

Blame, s. (censure) chla, kclilaan; 
(fault) salali, ksalahan, dosa. 

Blameless (blam'les), adj. tiada 
berchla, tiada bersalah, sucki deri- 
pada salali. 

Blameworthy (-wer-//a), adj. ber- 
chla, sal ah. 

Blanch (blanch), v. t. putehkan. 

Blanch, v. i. mnjadi puchat. 

Bland (bland), adj. Imah-lmbot, 
manis laku. 

Blandishment (blan'dish-ment), s. 
pujok, cliumbU'chumbuan* pujok- 

Blank (blangk), adj. (empty) ko- 
soiy, hampa;* (without writing) 
tiada bersurat; (without expres- 
sion, of the face) muka batu. 
Blank cartridge, ptrum berisi obat 
sahaja, tiada her plum. 

Blank, s. tmpat kosoig, hnpat la- 

Blanket (blang'ket), s. (the fa- 
bric) kmbli* kamli; (bed cover- 
ing) slimut, ybar* gbar panas* 
slimut kamli. A w r et blanket, ba- 
rary atau ovary yary mnawarkan 

Blarney (blar'ni), s. pujok. 

Blaspheme (bias-fern'), v. i. t. hu- 

Blasphemous (blas'fe-mws), adj. 
yary mryhujat* 

Blasphemy (-mi), s. hujat* 


Blast (blast), s. (of air) hmbus; 
(from bellows) hmbusan, puput- 
an;* (of steam) hmbusan ivap; 
(sound) bunji, trompet; (blight) 
balak (Ar. bald') ; (explosion) 

Blast, v. t. (cause to wither) layu- 
kan; (ruin) binasakan. To biast 
rocks, tembak batu, bantunkan 

Blasting (-ing), s. kltopan, klayu- 
an, kbinasaan, see above. 

Blatant (bla-tant), adj. yary mn- 
jrit, lyariry. 

Blaze (blaz), s. njala. 

Blaze, v. i. berryala. 

Blaze, v. t. (mark trees) ranchah;* 
(make public) masohorkan (Ar. 
inashh-iir), m 'alu mkan ( Ar. ) . 

Blazing (blaz'ing), adj. berryala. 

Blazon (bla'zn), v. t. (make public) 
■masohorkan (Ar. mashhur) ; (em- 
bellish) hiasi* riaskan (B.). 

Bleach (bleeh), v. t. putehkan. 

Bleak (blek), adj. (cold) sjok, 
dhyin ;* (exposed) yary kna aryin 

Blear (bier), adj. Blear-eyed, mata 
bilis, mata kabur. 

Blear, v. t. kaburkan. 

Bleared fblerd), adj. kabur. 

Bleat (blet), v. i. 'mbek, bek. 

Bleed (bled), v. i. ber darah, kluar 

Bleed, v. t. (by cupping) bkam* 
buary darah. 

Blemish (blem'ish), s. (defect) 
chachat, chdra (Sk.) ; (in 
character) kchla'an, chachat. 

Blend (blend), v. t. champur. 

Bless (bles), v. t. (invoke a blessing 
on) berkati; (make happy) bha- 
giakari (Sk.) ; (pronounce holy) 
kuduskan (Ar.) ; (praise, glorify) 
puji, bsarkan. 

Blessed (bles'ed), adj. (worthy of 
adoration) terpuji; (happy, highly 
favoured) bhayia (Sk.). 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; Ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, mimts, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin Men. 




Blessedness (-nes), s. bhagia 

Blessing (bles'ing), s. (divine fa- 
vour, benediction) berJcat; (means 
of happiness) bhagia (Sk.). 

Blight (blTt),s. (of insects) bnah;* 
(mildew) lapoh, mlapok (B.), 
kalat* chndawan; (destruction) 
klayuan, kbinasaan. 

Blight, v. t. layukan, rosakkan. 

Blind (blind), adj. buta. Blind of 
one eye, buta s-blah. Blind alley, 
lororg s-krat, jalan buntu. Blind 
drunk, mabok burga slaseh* Blind 
fool, cheme* (Ch. chhi n -mi). 

Blind, v. t. butakan. 

Blind, s. (screen of bamboo or rat- 
tan) bidai; (of a palanquin) kerki 
(Tarn.). Venetian blinds, tirgkap 
kijns, rap-rap (B.), tirgkap ram* 
(D. raam - window) . 

Blindfold (bllnd'fold), adj. bertkap 
mata, bertkop mata;* (reckless) 
buta-tuli, babi buta.* 

Blindly (-li), adj. To act blindly 
or recklessly, buat buta-tuli, mm- 

Blindman's buff (-manz buf), s. 
main China-buta* tutop ibu* 
main les* main tutop mata (B.). 

Blink (blingk), v. i. klip mata, 
kijip mata* kjap mata* Blink- 
ing, terklip-klip. 

Blinker (-er), s. pnutop mata kuda. 

Bliss (blis), s. (blessedness) bhagia 
(Sk.); (joy) suka-chita (Sk.), 

Blister (blis'ter), s. (small, as a 
mosquito bite) bintat, Until, bintel 
(B.) ; (larger) Ipoli, glmborg. 

Blister, v. i. Icheh* Ichop* mltop, 
Ipoh, glmborg; (by burning) 
Ichor* Ichop* Itop, Ipoh, bertm- 

Blithe (bli^/i), adj. suka-hati, ber- 
suka-chita (Sk.). 

Blizzard (bliz'zerd), s. argin ribot 
yarg am at sjok. 

Bloated (blot'ed), adj. brgkak, sm- 
bap; (of the stomach) bunchit, 
kmborg; (with pride) borgkak* 
Block (blok), s. (of wood, sawn off) 
reja; (hewn) bahan* torgkol* 
borgkah* tual;* (for chopping 
on) landas;* (mold for a fez) 
kalbot (Ar) ; (of tin) jorgkorg;* 
(pulley) takal (E.), kapi;* (ob- 
struction) skatan. Double block 
(Naut.), takal dua mata. 
Block, v. t. (obstruct) srgkarg, skat; 
(stop up) timbus, kambus;* (of 
holes) sumbat. 
Blockade (blok-ad'), v. t. (of a 

port) kporg ; (obstruct) skat. 
Blockhead (blok'hed), s. orarg 
bodoh, orarg tolu, orarg drgu,*- 
orarg torgorg* 
Blockhouse (-hows), s. (Malay 

stockade) kubit. 

Block-tin (tin'), s. timah jorgkorg * 

Blonde (blond), s. (of hair) perarg* 

Blood (blud), s. darah. Flesh and 

blood (relations), dagirg darah. 

Blue blood, ba?gsa baik, darah 

puteh. His blood boiled, darah- 

nja mrgirap* 

Bloodless (blud'les), adj. kurarg 

Bloodletting (-let-ting), s. buary 

darah, bkam* 
Blood money (mun'i), s. tbusan 

ryawa, diat (Ar.). 
Bloodrelation ( -re-la 'shun), s. da- 
girg -darah, sanak-saudara. * 
Bloodshed (-shed), s. (slaughter) 

Bloodshot (-shot), adj. Bloodshot 

eyes, mata merah, mata biji saga. 
Bloodthirsty (-therst-i), adj. yaig 
sxtka mmbunoh, yarg hndak m- 
numpahkan darah. 
Blood vessel (-ves-sel), s. urof 

Bloody (-i), adj. berdarah, ler- 
lumor darah. 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; Ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minus, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful) ; law, how, oil; thin then. 




Bloom (blodm), s. buiga; (on fruits) 
kapun buah* kpoh buah.* 

Blooming (-ing), adj. (flowering) 
berburga; (healthy) bersehat. 

-Blossom (blos'sum), s. burga; 
(bud) kudop, kuntum; (of palm 
trees) mayarg; (of bananas) jan- 
torg. In blossom, berbuiga, ber- 
mayaig, berjantorg. 

Blossom, v. i. bet burga; (of palm 
trees) bermayarg; (of bananas) 

Blot (blot), v. t. (stain) chorerg, 
chonterg, slekehkan;* (with blot- 
ting paper) lapkan, mpkan* tkap- 
kan. To blot out, hapus* bun oh. 

Blot, s. titek, tiiik (B.), chonterg, 

Blotch (bloch), s. choreig; (on the 
skin, small) bintek ; (white) pa- 
nan burga; (black) panau bsi; 
(white, on hands and feet) sopak. 

Blotter (blot'ter), s. piglap sural. 

Blotting paper (-ting pa'per), s. 
kertas kmbatg, kertas lap, kertas 
pdap* kertas tkap, kertas pntap* 
kertas sap.* 

Blouse (blowz), s. baju yarg di-pa- 
kai oleh prempuan orarg put eh. 

Blow (bl5), s. (with a stick) sbai, 
palu; (with the flat of the hand) 
tinpelerg, tarn par, spak; (with the 
side of the fist) parap, gochoh;* 
(with the knuckles) tumbok, tin- 

Blow, v. i. t. tiop; (with the mouth) 
hmbus; (wind instruments) tiop; 
(as whales) pargus;* (of bellows) 
pitput* To blow awav (as the 
wind), layargkan, terbargkan. To 
blow out (a light), padam, Hop. 
Blown out of one's course 
(Naut.), bias, rempat. To blow 
up (swell), kmborg, glmborg; (ex- 
plode) It op. To blow out (liquid 
from the mouth), smbur. To 
blow the nose, buarg irgvs; (the 
sound) 'sarg* ksaig* sih;* (with 

the lingers) Ichit irgus* To blow 

over (as a storm), bias* Eain 

blown in, tmpias. 
Blowpipe (blo'plp), s . (blow gun) 

sumpitan; (to intensify heat) 

Blubber (blub'ber), s. hnak paus, 

miry ah ikan paus. 
Bludgeon (bluj'-Mii), s. blantan* 
Blue (bloo), adj. biru. Dark blue, 

biru tua. Light blue, biru muda. 

Sky blue, biru laigit. Blue eyes, 

mata sabun, mata pasak* mala 

yu* Black and blue, biru Ibam. 

Blue blood, bargsa baik, darah 

put eh. 
Blue, s. (the pigment, indigo) nila, 

blau (D.) (KI.) 
Bluebottle (bloo'bot-tl), s. lalat 

hij an, largau hijau. 
Bluestone (-stdn), s. trusi* 
Bluff (bluf), adj. (steep) churam; 

'(rough in manner) kurarg bhasa, 

Bluff, s. (steep bank) tbhg tirggi; 

(braggadocio) gertak, ugut* 
Bluff, v. t. gertak, ugut* 
Blunder (blun'dcr), s. silap. 
Blunderbuss (-bus), s. pmtiras* 
Blunt (blunt), adj. tumpol, kurarg 

tajam, majal;* (unceremonious) 

kurarg bhasa. 
Blunt, v. t. tumpolkan. 
Blur (bier), v. t. (soil) kumalkan;* 

(of vision) kabuskan* kaburkan. 
Blurred (blerd), adj. (of vision) 

klam, kabur, kabus;* (of writing, 

by soiling) kumal;* (of colours, 

by wetting) turun. 
Blurt out (blert owt), v. t. katakan 

digan bergolot-golot* 
Blush (blush), s. bra muka* ch- 

pua* muka berobah (B.). 
Blush, v. i. berobah iverna muka. 
Bluster (blus'ter), v. i. (of wind) 

bertiop kncharg; (of persons) 

Bluster, s. rargah* 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minws, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




Boa constrictor (bo'a kon-strik'- 
ter), s. ular sawa di Amerika. 

Boar (bor), s. babi jantan. Wild 
boar, babi hutan. 

Board (bord), s. (timber) papan; 
(food) makanan; (council) ma- 
jlis, jmaah (Ar.). On board ship, 
di kapal, naik lea-pal. Chess board, 
papan chatur* To go by the 
board, binasa. 

Board, v. t. (feed) bri makan; (a 
ship) naik kapal. 

Board, v. i. (take meals) makan 
drgan bayeran. 

Boarder (bord'er), s. orarg yarg m- 
numpanj, orarg yarg mmbayer ma- 

Boarding (-ing), s. (with planks) 
lial mm.ukol papan; (the planks) 
papan din din), papan lantai; 
(feeding) hal mmbri makan. 
Boarding house, rumah mnum- 
parg. Boarding school, skolah m- 

Boast (bost), v. i. mgahkan diri* 
bsarkan diri, bermgah* chakap 
bsar, chakap mlamborg, tun j ok 
patras* tun j ok rarggi, mryomborg. 

Boasting (bost'ing), s. kmgahan;* 
(empty boasting) chakap argin, 
chakap raborg* chakap mlamborg. 

Boat (bot), s. praliu, sampan; (a 
large Malay sampan) geberg;* (at 
Malacca) prahu nadir; (fishing 
boat) bidok;* (river boat) ktiap;* 
(European, sailing boat) skochi 
(D.) ; (pleasure boat for rajas, 
also model boat, for offerings to 
the spirits) lancharg;* (a child's 
model boat) jorg. See also barge, 
canoe. Ferry boat, sampan tam- 

Boat hook (hook), s. bodok (E.) ; 
(forked for pushing away from 
branches in rivers) galah sargga 

Boat house (hows), s. bargsal 

Boatman (-man), s. anak prahu. 

Boatswain (bo'sn), s. (Naut.) ga- 
nil (E. gunner). Boatswain's- 
mate, tandil, srarg, kasap. Boat- 
swain's chair, planchar, aram- 
a ram. 

Bob (bob), v. i. (up and down mo- 
tion) tergmbut-gmbut;* (on the 
surface of water) ter at org -at org ;* 
(in water) timbol-trgglam. 

Bob, s. (of the head) arggok; 
(plumb bob) batu tali sipat. 

Bobbin (bob'bin), s. (for lace-mak- 
ing) buah renda; (in weaving) 
anak torak* pithy;* (for thread) 
buku bnarg, glendorg bnarg. 

Bobstay (-sta), s. (Naut.) tali 

Bode (bod), v. t. It bodes no good, 
iiada baik padah-rya* 

Bodice (bod'is), s. baju kotorg ;* (of 
Indian women) choli (Hind.) r 
kutarg (X.I.). 

Bodily (-i-li), adj. deri-hal badan, 
badan (a) ; (corporeal, as opposed 
to spiritual) ber Imbaga* 

Bodily, adv. (entirely) s-mata- 
mata, skali, habis. 

Bodkin (-kin), s. (stiletto) piyo- 
chok; (tape needle) jarom pryo- 

Body (-i), s. badan, tub oh;* (dead 
body, of mankind) may at; (of 
animals) bargkai; (trunk, as dis- 
tinguished from the head and 
limbs) batarrj tuboh;* (the ma- 
terial part, as opposed to the spiri- 
tual) Imbaga;* (a mass, a thing) 
bncla; (a corporation) perhimpon- 
an, ma jlis, Imbaga; (a person) 
oraiy, as, anybody, bararg s'orarg; 
nobody, s'orarg pun tidak. A body 
of troops, pasokan. 

Bodyguard (-gard), s. juak-juak* 

Bog (bog), s. paya gambut* paya 

Bogey (bo'gi), s. hantu, momok. 

Boil (boil), v. i. (be in ebullition) 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minus, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




mndideh, bual; (violently, with 
noise) glgak; (be in boiling water) 
rbits; (be excited with passion) 
mradarg. To boil over, lembak* 
ruap. His blood boiled, darah-iya 

Boil, v. t. (cook in water) rbus; (of 
rice) tanak;* (of leaves) chlor; 
(things in general) masak; (to 
softness) lodeh;* (in a double 
saucepan) tim (Ch.). See steam. 
A hard boiled egg, tlor rbus, tlor 
matrg (1\ T .L). ^ soft boiled egg, 
tlor s-tryah masak, tlor s-tryah 
matrg (X.I.). 

Boil, s. bisul. Core of a boil, punat. 
A blind boil, frisi/Z sbun* 

Boiler (boil'er), s. (vessel) Z:?/a/i; 
(of copper) grenseig, dandaiy;* 
(of a steamship) <War (E.) ; see 
cauldron, pax. Boiler plate, bsi 
papan, bsi bailar. 

Boisterous (bois'ter-i/s), adj. (of 
wind) kncharg; (of people) ga- 
rarg; (stormy) glora* 

Bold (bold), adj. (brave) Irani; 
(too forward) kuraiy malu, miika 
slamba, muka thai, muka chandi. 
To make bold, tbalkan muka. 

Boldfaced (bold'fast), adj. muka 
thai, muka slamba. 

Bollard (bol'lerd), s. (Xaut.) mut, 
mol (N.I.). 

Bolster (bol'ster), s. bantal yulirg* 

. bantal golek* bantal pi ok, bantal 

Bolster, v. fc. (prop with pillows) 
sndal;* (support) sokorg; (aid) 
to lory. 

Bolt (bolt), s. (arrow) analc panah; 
(thunderbolt) halilintar* panah 
ptir; (door fastening) kanchiig, 
lachak* slak;* (of cloth) kayu. 
Bolt and nut, pasak skrup* 

Bolt, v. t. (fasten with a bolt) slak* 
kanchirg; (swallow whole) ilan, 

Bolt, v. i. (start or go suddenly) lari. 

Boltrope (-rop), s. (Jfaut.) ris. 

Bomb (bom), s. priok api. 

Bombard (bom-bard'), v. t, tern- 
baki, tembaki digan priok api, 

Bombardment (-ment), s. hal m- 
nembak diyan mriam alau priok- 

Bombast (bom'bast), s. chakap 

Bombastic (bom-bas'tik), adj. ber~ 
bual bsar. 

Bona fide (bo'na fi'di), adi. and 
adv. suiggoh, digan s-siuygoh- 
rya, sah. 

Bond (bond), s. (fastening) ikatan; 
(shackles) rantai, blurggu* ikat- 
an; (binding influence) prgikat, 
perhuboryan, tambatan; (legal obli- 
gation) sural jamin, surat perjanji- 
an, surat akuan. In bond, kna ta- 
han s-blum bayer cliukai. 

Bondage (bond'ej), s. perhambaan, 

Bondservant (-serv-ant), s. liamba. 

Bone (bon), s. tularg. A bone of 
contention, perkara trgkaran. 

Bonfire (bon'flr), s. api bsar, api 
tan da ksukaan. 

Bonnet (-net), s. topi mem-mem. 

Bonny (-ni), adj. chantek, molek. 

Bonus (bo'nws), s. bayeran kerna 
s-sualu k' nut organ, hadiah (Ar.). 

Bony (-ni), adj. bertularg. 

Boo (boo), v. i. (make a noise to 
startle) sergali. 

Booby (boo'bi), s. orarg bodoh, 
orarg digu* orarg tolu. 

Book (book), s. (generally) surat, 
buk u (E.) ; (religious and scien- 
tific works) kiiab (Ar.). Ac- 
count book, surat kira-kira. Story 
book, buku cltrita. Book of 
charms, surat pustaka (Sk.), tib 
(Ar.). To bring to book, tmplak. 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minus, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




Book, v. t. (register, enter in a 

book) suratkan. 
Bookbinder (book'blnd-er), s. tu- 
karg jelet* (Ar. jilid), tukarg 

jahit buku (B.). 
Bookcase (-kas), s. almari kitab, 

almari buku, grab ok surat* 
Bookkeeper (-kep-er), s. tukarg 

kira-kira, pnjurat kira-kira, tukarg. 

masok buk, chai-hu (Ch. tsai-hii). 
Book rest (-rest), s. rehal (Ar.). 
Bookseller (-sel-er), s. pnjual ki- 

tab, orarg jual buku. 
Bookworm (-werm), s. (insect) 

ggat; (person always reading) 

orarg rajin mmbacha. 
Boom (boom), s. (Naut.) an- 

darg-andaiy bawah, bom (E.) ; 

(obstruction to a harbour) batarg; 

(hollow sound) dgum. 
Boom, v. i. berdntom ;* (rise in 

value) naik herga. 
Boon (bdon), s. kurnia ( ! Sk.) ? pm- 

Boor (boor), s. (rustic) orarg da- 
sun; (ill-bred person) orarg kurarg 

ajar, orarg huian. 
Boorish (-ish), s. kurarg ajar, bia- 

dab (Pers.), kasar, chroboh* 
Boot (boot), s. spatu (Port.), spatu 

but (E.). To boot, tambahan 

Bootblack (boot'blak), s. piggosok 

spatu, pmblarcjkin spatu* 
Booth (booth), s. (for hunting) 

jrumbun* butnbun;* (to live in) 

pondok, pondorg* dargau;* (stall 

in market) bargku. 
Bootlace (bootTas), s. tali kasut, 

tali spatu. 
Bootless (-les), adj. (unsuccessful) 

tiada berfaidah, seman;* (use- 
less) stasia, perchuma. 
Bootmaker (-mfik-er), s. tttkatg 

spatu, tukarg kasut. 
Booty (-i), s. rampasan, jarahan* 
Booze (bdoz), v. i. minum mabok. 

Boozer (booz'er), s. pmabok, tahi 

Borax (bor'aks), s. tergkal (Sk.). 

Border (-der), s. (edge) tpi, pirg- 
gir (N.I.) ; (strip laid along the- 
edge) birgkai* biraif (of cloth) 
tpi, ompok:* (of lace) biku;* 
(boundary) smpadan, batasan* 

Border, v. i. (be adjacent) bertem- 
pel* berdempet* berdampirg ;* 
(approach) hampir* 

Bore (bor), v. t. (make a hole- 
through) tbok, kerbok* korok* 
krok: (with a sharp instrument) 
gerek; (make a hole in, but not 
necessarily through) korek; (an- 
noy) jmukan; (bore the ears) 
tindek* chochok kupirg (B.) ; (for 
oil or water) korek. 

Bore, s. (tidal flood) ombak bna;* 
(hole, perforation) tbok'an; (of a 
gun) liaig snaparg* lobarg snaparg ; 
(a tool for boring) prggerek, gur- 
di, grodi (B.), bor* biji navjka;* 
(a tiresome person) prgharu, orarg 
rnrgaru (B.). 

Borer (bor'er), s. (a larva which 
eats into wood) klarah;* (marine 
worm) tmbelok;* (teredo navalis) 

Born (born), see bear. First born r 
anak sulorg. Still-born, rnati da- 
lam prot. To be born, jadi, tum- 
pah darah. 

Borneo (bor'ni-o), s. tanah Brunai- 

Borough (bur'o), s. karnporg, ban- 
dar kchil. 

Borrow (bor'ro), v. t. pin jam. 

Bosh (bosh), s. karut, perkata'an 

Bosom (boozVm), s. (breast) da- 
da: (seat of affections) hati; 
( folds of dress) kendorgan. 

Boss (bos), s. (knob) cliombol T 
borgkol* tombol; (master) tuan r 

Botanic (bo-tiin'ik), adj. deri-hal 
e ihmi tumboh-tumbohan. Botanic 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, ilre T 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minws, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




Gardens (in Singapore), kbun 
bury a. 

Botany (bot'a-ni) s. 'ilmu turnboh* 

Botch (boch), v. t. (patch) tampal, 
tampoiy;* (mar by bad work) 
rosakkan, to pa k-rapekkan. * 

Botch, s. (patch) tampal, tampoiy;* 
(clumsy work) soy eh* k repot, 
kloloh* kerja ropak-rapek* 

Both (both), adj. kdua, kdva-dua, 
dua-dua; (of the members of the 
body or thing? in pairs) kdua-blah, 
as, kdua-blah mala, both eyes. On 
both sides, sblah-mnjblah, kdua 
pihak. Both of them, kdua-nja. 
Both of us, kiia kdua, kita berdua. 
Both mother and child, anak sblah 
mak sblah. 

Both, conj. Both. . . .and. . . ., balk 
.... baik . . . . , as, both men and 
women, baik laki-laki baik prem- 

Bother (bo/7i'er), v. t. (annoy) 
usek, yaryyukan* susahkan; (dis- 
turb) ham. 

Bother, v. i. (worry) khuatir. 

Bottle (bot'ti), s. ' botol (E.), ba- 
laty;* (small) buli-buli* 

Bottom (-trnn), s. (lowest part, as 
of a hill) kaki; (of a hole) bawah; 
(the under surface, as of a vessel) 
pantat; (foundation) alas, lapek; 
(fundament) bunt id, pantat, pury- 
yorg. Bottom upwards, tluiy- 
kop* kpala di bawah (B.). At 
bottom (really), s-bnar-iya. To 
be at the bottom of, sbabkan, jadi 
haniu (B.). To go to the bottom, 

Bottomless (-les), adj. tiada lev- 
el uga. 

Boudoir (boo'dwor), s. bilek bayi 

Bough (bow), s. (large) dahan; 
(main branch or fork) chabary. 
See also branch. 

Boulder (bol'der), s. batu bulat 

Boulevard (bdo'le-vard), s. jalan 

Bounce (bowns), v. i. (hit and re- 
bound) ambid* lantun* antul* 
pant id ;* (spring unceremonious- 
ly) lompat. 

Bounce, s. (rebound) ambid* etc., 
as above; (bluster) vary ah.* 

Bound (bownd) s. (boundary) sm- 
padan; (limit) perhiiyyaan, had 
(Ar.) ; (leap) lompat. 

Bound, v. t. (limit) perhiryyakan; 
hadkan (Ar.) ; (form a boundary 
of) smpadankan. 

Bound, v. i. (spring) lompat, lam- 
bo ry ; (rebound) ambid* antul* 

Bound, adj. and p.p. see bind. 

Bound, adj. (N'aut.) (going to) 
Jin dak k-, mnuju. 

Boundary (bownd'er-i), adj. sm- 
padan, perhiryyaan, preryyan* 
mtara* watas (N.I.) ; (of rice 
fields) batas. 

Bound en (-n), adj. wajib (Ar.), 
ferdlu (Ar.), perlu (N.I.). 

Boundless (-les), adj. tiada ter- 
hiryya, tiada bperhiryyaan, tiada 
berhad (Ar.). 

Bounteous (bown'ti-?/s), adj. (gen- 
erous) niurah hati, dermawan 
(Sk.) ; (plentiful) lempah* me- 
wah, m'amur (Ar.). 

Bountiful (-fool), adj. = bounteous. 

Bounty (-ti), s. (generosity) kmu- 
rahan; (premium) hadiah (Ar.). 

Bouquet (boo-ka'), s. kararyan 

Bourne (boorn or born), s. sm- 
pada n , perhiryyaa n . 

Bourse (boors), s. tmpat perniaya- 
'an broker (E.). 

Bout (bowt), s. (turn) yiliran;* 
(contest) lawan. 

Bow (bow) v. i. (the head) tundok; 
(the body) mmbotykok, soja (B.) 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minus, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




(Ch. clihiu n -jia) ; (the whole body 
with the head to the ground) surg- 
kor, sujud (Ar.), see bend. 

Bow, v. t. tundokkan, etc., as above. 

Bow, s. (of a ship or boat) haluan; 
(overhanging bow of a hoi eh) 
saok. Clipper bow, haluan rbah. 
•Straight bow, haluan tgak. 

Bow (bo), s. (the weapon) pariah, 
busor;* (of a violin) prggesek ; 
(slip-knot) simpol sentalc, simpol 
hidop, simpol puleh;* (necktie) 
dasi (D. dasje). Bow window, 
jndela m iganju r. * 

Bowels (bow'elz), s. prot, isi prot, 
tali prot. The bowels of the earth, 
hati bumi. 

Bower (er), s. pun} org* 

Bowl (bol), s. (earthenware) marg- 
kok, pasu, paso (B.), gloh, chawan, 
eroiy ;* (metal) bokor* batil* lo- 
yarg, sarggan* sargku :* (a coco- 

% nut shell) tm pur org, dasar* che- 
bok ;* (covered bowl) perni* mil- 
kun* margkok, moloig.* 

Bowl, v. t. (roll along) golekkan. 

Bowl, v. i. (play bowls) main pan- 
charg ;* (at cricket) lempar bola, 
rjam bola; (under hand) hum ban 
bola, umban bola* 

Bow-legged (bo'legd), adj. kaki 
pergkar, kergkarg. 

Bowling (boring), s. main pan- 

Bowls (bolz), s. main panchanf* 

Bowman (bo'man), s. pmanah. 

Bowsprit (-sprit), s. (Naut.) chu- 
chor jip (E.), jolorg-jolorg, jorgor, 
bosprit (L.). Bowsprit shrouds, 
bo spnt perdi (L.). 

Box (boks), s. (large) pti; this word 
is commonly used by Europeans 
for all boxes, but Malays use many 
other words, as (an empty packing 
case) torg; (small rectangular 
box) kotak; (small box of light 
material) kpok-kppk; (small boxes 
with covers) chmbul* chpu, km- 

pu;* (receptacle made of a bamboo- 
joint) taborg, gdaborg;* (of paper) 
kmbal;* (tobacco box) slpa, chlpa; 
(sireh box) tmpat sir eh, tepak* 
puan;* (a box on the ear) tmpe- 
I erg : (driver's seat) terpiiL*- 
Cash box, kotak dint. Money box, 
undil* tabotg, cheleig.* Also 


Box, v. i. (fight with the fists) ber- 
tinju* bertumbok, bersantak* 

Boy (boi), s. budak, budak laki-lalci > 
budak jantan. * 

Boyhood (boi'hood), s. masa kchil. 

Boyish (-ish), adj. kbudak-budak- 
'an* sperti budak. 

Brace (bras), s. (prop) sokorg; 
(Xaut.) brasan, tali bawatan; 
(pair) pasarg; (suspenders) tali 

Brace, v. t. (prop up) sokorg; 
(tighten) rgargkan, tgargkan; (in- 
vigorate) sgar; (strengthen) kuat- 
kan; (Naut.) tarek tali brasan. 

Bracelet (bras'let), s. glarg, glarg 

Bracing (-ing), adj. (invigorating) 
yarg mnjgarkan . 

Bracken (brak'n), s. paku s-rakit* 

Bracket (~et), s. (shelf) para- 
para;* (triangular projection) 

Brackish (-ish), adj. payau. 

Brad (brad), s. paku halus, paku 

Brad awl (awl), s. prggerek, pryo- 

Brag (brag), v. i. mgahkan din? 
kmbor* laica. 

Braggadocio (brag'ga-dd'shi-o), s. 
chakap raborg* chakap mlam- 
borg, chakap somborg. 

Braggart (-gert), s. orarg yarg mm- 
gahkan diri, pa mlawa (B.). 

Brahmin (bra'min), s. brahman, 

Braid (brad), v. t. anjam, slampit.* : 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minus, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 


Braid, s. (of hair) slam pit;* (fa- 
bric) pita (Port.). 

Brail (bral), s. (Naut.) stirggi. 

Brail, v. t. (Naut.) stirggi layer, am- 
bit layer. 

Brain (bran), s. otak. 

Brake (brak), s. (appliance to a 
wheel to check motion) lasirg* 
pnahan roda; (a fern) rsam, pa- 
le u s-rakit;* (thicket) smak. 

Bramble (bram'bl), s. pokok duri. 

Bran (bran), s. ddak, busi (Hind.), 
*■ abok bras. 

Branch (branch), s. (main fork of 
a tree) chabarg ; (large secondary 
stem) dahan; (small or tertiary) 
charaig; (of palm trees) pi pah; 
(of a river) anak sutgai, srok'an;* 
(of a railway) chabarg : (of a fa- 
mily) suku bargm;* (of an asso- 
ciation ) chawargan* 

Branch, v. i. berchabarg; (in many 
branches) rarggah* chrarggah* 
To branch off (diverge), mry em- 
pa rg. To branch out (speak dif- 
fusively), rambarg. 

Brand (brand), s. (wood partly 
burnt) puntorg, puntorg api; 
(mark of a hot iron) bkas slar; 
(trademark) chap; (stigma) chla, 
tanda kahinaan. 

Brand, v. t. (with hot iron) slar; 
(affix a mark) bub oh chap; (stig- 
matize) chlakan. 

Brandish (-ish), v. t. (threatening- 
ly) acini; (in sword dance) la- 

Brand-new (brarid'-niV), adj. bha- 
ru skali. 

Brandy (-i), s. brandi (E.). 

Brass (bras), s. tmbaga kuniig ; 
(bell metal) tmbaga loyarg, tm- 
baga prurggu* Sheet brass, tm- 
baga lapisan. 

Brat (brat), s. (contemptuously of 
a child) baka* 

Bravado (bra-va'do or bra-va'do), 
s. rargah* gertak. 


Brave (brav), adj. brani, perkasa 

(Sk.). ' 
Brave, v. t. tntarg drgan brani, lan- 
Bravery (brav'er-i), s. (courage) 

kbranian, perkasa (Sk.), laki-laki, 

as, he wants to show his bravery,. 

dia man mnunjokkan laki-laki-tya ; 

(fine dress) perhiasan* pakaian 

chant ek. 
Bravo (bra'vo), int. sabas. 
Brawl (brawl), v. i. bergadoh, ber- 

Brawl, s. pertrgkaran, gadoh, huru- 

Brawn (brawn), s. (muscle) dagirg 

pjal* dagirg kjal;* (muscular 

strength) kkvatan; (of the boar) 

dagirg babi d end erg, dagirg babi 

Brawny (brawn'i), adj. tgap-sasa* 

Bray (bra), v. t. tumbok, pi pis , gi- 

Vug; see grind. 
Bray, s. pit kaldai, pkek kaldai, 

kaldai piuya triak (B.), kriau 

kaldai (P.). 
Braze (braz), v. t. ptrikan drgan 

tmbaga \patrikan (B.)]. 
Brazen (bra'zn), adj. (of brass) 

tmbaga (a), deri-pada tmbaga: 

(shameless, immodest) muka tbal,. 

muka papan, muka slamba, muka 

kul it babi.* 
Brazenfaced (-fast), adj. muka 

tbal, muka papan, muka slamba,. 

muka kulit babi* 
Brazier (-zher), s. (worker in 

brass) tukatg tmbaga; (pan for 

live coals) Iran* Ugkararg* per- 

bara'an* tmpat bara, arglo (Ch. 

Brazil wood (bra-zil/ wood), s* 

(the wood of causal pinia sappan) 

kayu span/. 
Breach (brech), s. (gap, opening) 

prohorg* pruak. Breach of faith, 

hal mn/obahkan stia. Breach of 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire,. 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minws, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




contract, hal migobalikan janji, p- 
chah janji (B.). Breach of the 
peace, pergadohan. Breach of 
etiquette, larggaran bhasa, laiygar 
'adat (B.). Breach of trust, khia- 
nat (Ar.), pchah amanat (Ar.), 
pchah tiara pan. 

Bread (bred), s. roil; (native thin 
cakes) apam* apom (B.). 

Breadfruit (bred'froot), s. (the 
fruit of artocarpus incisa) buah 
sukun; (a variety without seeds) 
kulor* klueh (B.) (Jaw). 

Breadth (bredth), s. (distance from 
side to side) lebar ; (open space, as 
between doorposts) buka; (extent 
of surface) bidarg, kluasan;* (as 
opposed to length) lintarg. The 
length and breadth* bujor* lintarg- 
rya Breadth of character, Muas- 
an hati. 

Break (brak), v. i. (by pulling) 
put us; (transversely, of long ob- 
jects) pat ah; (but not severed) 
serkali,* skaJi ;* (in pieces) pchah; 
(in minute fragments) spai* r- 
mok; (by pressure from within, as 
an egg when hatched) ttas* m- 
ntas (B.) ; (of a seam) rtas* vi- 
rtus (B.) ; (with a jerk) runtas :* 
(of waves) huipas. To break away 
(as a fish) rabid. To break 
down (as a carriage), rosak. To 
break a fast, buka puma. To break 
off (desist), putus. To break open 
(as durians), merkali. To break 
up (disperse, as an assembly or 
crowd), pchah, bcrtmpiaran* To 
break up for holidays (of a 
school), tutop. The dawn breaks, 
terbit fajar (Ar.). Heart broken, 
pchah hati. 

Break, v. t. (in the respective senses 

, given above) putuskan, patahkan, 
pchahkan, rmokkan; (with a jerk)^ 
runtas.* Break a custom, salahi 
'adat* larygar 'adat. To break a 
habit, buarg 'adat. To break one's 

heart, pchah hati. To break a 
horse, ajar kuda. To break in 
(tame), jinakkan. To break a 
journey at, sirggah di. To break 
a law, larggar hukum. To break 
an oath, makan sumpah. To 
break off (as a bough), cJiamporg* 
To break open (as durians), c/i- 
kah* buka (B.). To break a pro- 
mise, murgkir janji, obah janji. 
To break wind, kntut. 

Break, s. (interruption) kputusan; 
(pause) perhntian; (fracture) p- 

Breakable (brakVbl), adj. (fra- 
gile) rapoh. 

Breakage (-ej), s. (thing broken) 
pchahan, patafian. 

Breakdown (-down), s. (of car- 
riages, etc.) krosak'an, rntan. 

Breaker (-er), s. (waves) pchahan 
ombak, hmpasan glombarg; (water 
cask) (Naut.) pipa ayer, legir 
(D. legger). 

Breakfast (brek'fast), s. makan 
pagi, potor (Ar. futur). 

Breakneck (brak'nek), adj. (dan- 
gerous) yarg mmbaica merbahya* 
yaig mndatargkan bahya. 

Breakwater (-waw-ter), s. kota 
batu pndindinj ombak * batu tahan 
ombak (B.). ' 

Breast (brest), s. (chest) dada; 
(mammae) sum, tclek; (seat of 
consciousness or affection) hati. 
To make a clean breast of a thing, 
mrgaku rahsia atau ksalaJian. 

Breast, v. t. (struggle with) lawan, 
sorgsorg* To breast the waves, m- 
tyorgsoig ombak * mlaivan ombak. 

Breast-bone (brest'bon), s. tularg 
papan dada. 

Breast-plate (-plat), s. lapek-dada 

Breastwork (-werk), s. (fort) 
kubu, bent erg (X.I.) ; (on a ship) 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minus, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




Breath (breth), s. nafas. Out of 
b rea* th, m rgah , t e rmrgak-mrgah, 
cknrgap-ckurgap. To draw a long 
breath, hi ok,* tar eh nafas panjarg. 
To hold one's breath, takan nafas. 

Breathe (bveth), v. i. bernafas, 
tar eh nafas. To breathe one's last, 
putas ryawa. 

Breathless (breth'les), adj. ter- 
mrgak-m/rgali , smh nafas, serghat 
nafas* y rgek* migek* 

Breech (brech), s. (hinder part of 
anything) pan tat. 

Breechblock (brech'blok), s. ho pah 
snapaig, hopah mriam. 

Breechcloth (-klawth), s. chawat. 

Breeches (briehVs), s. sluar, srual* 
(Ar. sarival), clilana (X.I.). 

Breechloader (brech' lod-er), s. (as 
snyder rifle) snajKirg hopah: (as 
shot guns) snapaig patak, snaparg 

Breed (bred), v. i. (produce off- 
spring) beranah; (be pregnant) 

Breed, v. t. (bring forth, beget) 
beranahhan : (bring up) bla* pli- 
karahan, jriara ; (cause, occasion) 
dataryhan, adahan. Breed mag- 
gots, berulat. 

Breed, s. (race) banjsa; (variety, 
kind) baha, bneh. 

Breeding (bred'ing), s. (care of 
animals) pmliharaan; (good man- 
ners) bkasa. 

Breeze (brez), s. argin. Land 
breeze, argin da rat. Sea breeze, 
argin laut. Stiff breeze, argin hn- 
ckarg. Moderate breeze, anjin t- 
ganj Mat* argin sderhana (Sk.). 
Light breeze, argin spui-spui* 

Brethren (bretk'ven), s. see bro- 

Brevity (brev'i-ti), s. rerghas* 

Brew (broo), v. t. (as beer, etc.) 
masah; (plot, contrive) adahan, 

Brewery (broo'er-i), s. tmpat ma- 
sah bir (E.). 

Briar (brl'er), s. pohoh mawar ku- 

Bribe (brib), s. snap, sororg. To. 
give a bribe, bri snap, turnboh 
rusoh* To receive a bribe, ma- 
hart snap, mahan sororg * 

Bribery (brlb'er-i), s. hal bri ataic 
mahan snap. 

Brick (hrik), s. bata,* batu bata. 

Brickbat (brik'bat), s. pchahan 
bata, blalian bata* bata s-hrat^ 
bata ^-r lib is* 

Brickkiln (-kiln), s. da pur bata, 
pmbaharan bata, tin pat bahar batu 
bata (B.). 

Bricklayer (-la-er), s. tuharg batu* 

Brickwork (-werk), s. herja tuharg 

Brickyard (-yard), s. tmpat mm- 
buat bata. 

Bridal (biid'al), adj. prgantin (a). 
Bridal bed, plarnin* plaminan* 
tmpat-tidor hmantin (B.). Bri- 
dal procession, pemrahan pryantin^ 

Bride (brld), s. prgantin prempuan^ 
h man tin (B.). 

Bridegroom (-groom), s. prgantin 
lahi-lahi. m m pi a i ( Tarn. ) . 

Bridesmaid (biidz'mad), s. pro- 
tean* prgirivj prgantin prempuan, 
jmjatrat* pn/antin, prgapit pryan- 

Bridge (brij), s. jmbatan, gertah :* 
(footbridge) titi, titian; (foot- 
bridge with handrail) titi ber- 
adan* titian Jawa :■;* (of a ship) 
bris (E.), bran da; (of a violin) 
huda-hnda . Bridge of the nose,. 
bataig hidorg. Draw bridge, jm- 
batan arghat. Suspension bridge.* 
jmbatan gantorg. 

Bridge, v. t. buat jmbatan, bubok 
titian * buat qertah* 

Bridle (bii'dlj, s. hharg* haig. 

Bridle, v. t. palm harg ; (restrain,, 
control) takan, hi of a * 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire,. 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, inhi?ts, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful) ; law, how, oil; thin then. 




Bridlepath (-path), s. Man Jcchil; 

( track of wild animals') ' dnai* 
Brief (bref ), adj. rergkas* seiykat* 

Brief, s. (conaise writing) reiykas- 

Brig (brig), s. leaped layer bertiary 

Brigade (bri-gad'), s. kumpolan 

dua-tiga pasokan s-ribu soldado. 


Brigand (brig'and), s. pnjamon, 

Brigandage (-ej), pnjamonan. 

Brigantine (brig'an-ten'), s . kapal 
saht tia?y s-trgah. 

Bright (biit), adj. (sinning, shed- 
ding light) traiy-bndrarg* chmer- 
laig,* gilaty-gmilaty* bercliahya; 
(clear, transmitting light) trarg, 
chrah;* (clear, as the sky) chua- 
<ha; (of colours) tua, chuacha;* 
(intelligent) reiyan kpala, trarg 
liaii; (cheerful) bersuka hati, 
ria;* (quick witted) iajam. 

Brighten (brit'n), v. t. trargkan. 

Brightness (-nes), s. trarg, chahya, 
chuacha* kchrahan* See bright. 

Bright's disease (brits' diz-ez'), s. 
s-jnis pnjakit bitah pirggarg. 

Brilliancy (bril'yan-si), s. chahya, 
kilat, chmerlaig * sinar. 

Brilliant (-yant), adj. (bright) 
chmerlaig * berkil at -kilat; (splen- 
did, as persons, talents, etc.) pan- 
dai, mulia. 

Brim (brim), s. (of cups, plates, 
etc.) bibir; (edge, margin) tpi, 
pitygir (X.I.). 

Brimful (brim'fool'), adj. pnoh, 
tpas* tpu* 

Brimstone (-ston), s. blerarg. 

Brindled (brin'dlcl), adj. blarg. 

Brine (biin), s. ayer garam. 

Bring (bring), v. t. (eonvev, but not 
exclusively in the direction of the 
speaker) bawa; (fetch) ambil; 
(conduct, bring with one) hantar, 

hantarkan; (cause, produce) sbdb- 
kan, daiatykan. To bring about, 
bawa, datargkan. To bring back, 
kmbalikan,, pulargkan. To bring 
forth (produce fruit), kluarkan; 
(young) beranakkan; (make ma- 
nifest) kluarkan, terbitkan* lahir- 
kan (Ar. tlahir). Bring in, baiva 
masok. To bring on, bawa, dataiy- 
kan. To bring to light, lyatakan. 
To bring to pass, adakan, sampai- 
kan. To bring up, bawa naik; 
(rear) hi a,* pliham, piara; (vomit) 

Brinjal (brin'jal), s. troiy. 

Brink (bringk), s. tpi, piragir 

Briny (brin'i), adj. masin, asin 


Brisk (brisk), adj. pantas, chpat. 

Brisket (bris'ket), s. dada binatarg. 

Bristle (bris'sl). s. bulu kjor* 

Bristle, v. i. (of hair) chgat* r- 
marg* germarg ;* (of larger ob- 
j ects ) ch rachak . b e rchranch a rgan* 

Bristly (-sli), adj. kjor* 

British (brit'ish), adj. Jrggris. See 


Brittle (-tl), adj. (hard substances) 
rapoh, rtis :* (as wood) rput* 
rpak* rpas;* (as toast) rargup* 

Broach (broch), v. t. (pierce, tap) 
cliochok; (open) buka; (publish) 
kluarkan, lalurkan (Ar. tlahir). 

Broad (brawd), adj. (wide) lebar; 
(extensive, of land, sea or river) 
luas, Iga; (of the chest or should- 
ers) bidarg ; (liberal) hati Iga. 

Broadcast (brawd'kast), adj. ter- 
se pah, bertaburan, berkaparan* 
berhamboran, bertebaran. 

Broadcloth (-klawth), s. mkhlat 

Broaden (-n), v. t. luaskan, lebar- 
kan, laparykan, Igakan. 

Broadside (-sld), s. (side of a ship) 
lamboiy, ereiyan;* (discharge of 
all guns) ternbak s-rmpak* 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, ns, minws, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




Brocade (bro-kad'), s. sundus 
(Ar.), kain sorgket. 

Brogue (brog), s. pel at. 

Broil (broil), s. gmpar, gadoh, rioh- 

Broil, v. t. patggarg, gatggatg. 

Broiling (broil'ing), adj. (of heat) 
trek, panas trek. 

Broken (bro'kn), adj. pulus, paiali, 
pch ah; see break; (in gaps, as 
teeth or a fence) rot gale; (of 
branches) shall'* (of water) 
l-ochak, konchah;* (in health) tua 
lontoh;* (imperfectly spoken) pe- 
lat. Broken ground, lanah Ikak- 
IhoJc. Broken off (as branches, 
etc.) champotg* 

Broker (-kerj, s. dalal (Ar.), 
chatgku* oratg yarg berjual-bli 
bayi oratg lain, broker (E.), mak- 
la'r (J).). 

Brokerage (-ej), s. (commission) 
kain sen (E.), dalal (Ar.), komisi 
(X.T.) (D.). 

Bronchial (brong'ki-al), adj. kroig- 
koig (a). 

Bronchitis (brong-ki'tis), s. ssak 
krotgkotg, ssak dada. 

Bronze (bronz), s. tm'baga snam, 
gargsa* loyatg* 

Brooch (broch), s. kro*arg, kron- 

Brood (brood), v. i. t. (sit on eggs) 
kram, mrgram; (think long and 
anxiously) rouse tg* tfkur (Ar.), 
fikir-fikir (B.). 

Brood, s. prinduan* perindok'an* 

Brook (brook), s. anak surgai, 

Brook, v. t. (bear, endure) tali an. 
drita (Sk.), taiggotg. 

Brooklet (brook'lft), s. anal- ayer. 

Broom (broom), s. ptyapu; (of 
straw) pryapu padi, ptyapu ro- 
wan;* (of coco-nut midribs) ptya- 
pu lidi, ptyapu kasar (B.) ; (of 
-coco-nut fibre) ptyapu sabot; (of 
kaborg fibre) pryapu ijok* 

Broomstick (broom'stik), s. batarg 

Broth (brawth), s. sop (E.), Urn 
(Ch.) ; (chicken broth) kaldu* 
(Port.) ; (if it contains rice or 
other grain) hub or dagity* 

Brothel (broth' el), s. rumah prem- 
puan jahat, rumah jalaty, rumah 
panjatg* rumah sundal, rumah 
chakla (Hind.). 

Brother (bru£///er), s. saudara laki- 
laki; (elder brother) abatg, (polite 
form) kakanda:* (younger bro- 
ther) adek, (polite form) adinda* 
Half brother (of the same mo- 
ther), saudara anjirg ; (of the 
same father) saudara s-bapa. 
Brother german, saudara s'ibu s- 
b a pa , sau dara s-pa n ch ar. * 

Brother-in-law (-in-law'), s. ipar, 
ipar dual;* (the relationship be- 
tween men who have married 
sisters) biras* tatg-mui (B.) 
(Ch. tatg-mtg). 

Brotherly (-li), adj. adek-beradek. 

Brow (brow), s. (ridge over the 
eye) knitg, alls (N.I.) ; (fore- 
head) dalti. 

Browheat (hrow'bet), v. t. gertak, 
n gut* 

Brown (brown), adj. liilam matiis; 
(light brown) peratg ;* (reddish 
brown) eratg* 

Browse (browz), v. t. rayut* garg- 

Bruin (broo'in), s. si bruarg. 

Bruise (brooz), v. t. (of fruit) m- 
tnarkan;* (of flesh, discoloured) 
Ibamkan; ( swollen ) bigkak; 
(smaller) bitichut. 

Bruise, s. mmar* Ibam, brglcak, 
binchut, as above. 

Bruit (broot), v. t. khabarkan, ma- 
sohorkan (Ar. mashhwr), siarkan. 

Brunette (broo-nef), s. mem orarg 
puteh yarg berrambot hiiam. 

Brunt (brunt), s. ttnpoh yarg kras, 

ite, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, s5re, sort, sorry; use, us, minus, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




rmpoh* To bear the brunt, Jena 
Brush (brush), s. brus (E.), pryapu, 
prggosok, sikai (N,L) ; (brush- 
wood) smak; (Malay tooth brush) 
Brush, v. t. gosok, sapu; (the teeth) 

sugi* gosok (B.). 
Brushwood (brush 'wood), s. 
(small) smak: (larger) rpoh* 
rambun;* (secondary jungle) blu- 
Brusque (broosk), adj. prarg-prus* 

rrgus* pram pvs* 
Brutal (broo'tal), adj. sperti Una- 
targ; (cruel) brgis; (savage) ga- 
Brute (broot), s. (beast) binatarg. 
Brutish (broo'tish), adj. rsmi bina- 
Bubble (bub'bl), v. i. mndideh, 
buak* bobok;* (give a gurgling 
sound) glgak, globok* rob ok;* 
(as aerated waters) reneh* m- 
ruap (B.). 
Bubble, s. (film inflated with air) 
glmborg, klmbotg (B.) ; (globule 
of air in a solid or liquid) merteh* 
Bubo (bu/bo), s. sakit klnjaran, 
blialan;* (under armpit) barah 
Mlawar;* (syphilitic) margga. 
Buccaneer (buk-ka-ner'), s. prom- 

Buck (buk), s. riisa jantan, kambirg 

j ant an. 
Buck, v. i. (of horses) terlonchaU 

Bucket (buk'et), s. (for baling) 
timba; (for carrying, of wood) 
torg; (of iron) baldi; (of bamboo 
or tin)ckentorg, chantitg;* (of a 
joint of bamboo) tab org ; (of two 
or three joints) bach ok* 
Buckle (buk'kl), s. kpala tali pirg- 
garg, kpala tali kulit; (a metal 
plate) pndirg. 
Buckle, v. t. (fasten) ganchukan; 

(bend) Intor* To buckle to,, 
bantitg tularg. 
Buckler (-kler), s. (small round 
shield) utar-utar;* (square) k- 
I org;* (larger) prisai. 
Buckram (-ram), s. kain rami 

Buckshot (-shot), s. arggov sna- 
parg* kacliarg-kacharg* pnabur 
Buckskin (-skin), s. kulit rusct. 

kijarg dan s-bagai-iya. 
Bud (bud), s. (of leaves or stem) 
tuna*; (unopened flower) kun- 
tutu, kudo p.* 
Bud, v. i. berlunas, berkuntum, ber- 

Buddhism (bood'dizm), s. agamct. 
yarg di-ajar oleli s'oraig Hindu, 
yanj berglar Buddha, 
Budge (buj), v. i. bergral; berkesut, 

Budget (buj'et), s. arggaran blanja m 
Buff (l)uf), s. kulit Imbu atau ker- 

ban yarg Imbek. 
Buff, adj. werna kulit. 
Buffalo (buffa-16), s. kerbau. 
Buffer (-fer), s. perkakas talian tm- 

poh pad a kreta api. 
Buffet (-f<?t), v.t. (with the fist) 
tumbok; (with the open hand) 
tarn par; (as waves) tmpoli, ban- 
titg, pukol, hmpas. 
Buffeting (-ing), s. tmpolian. 
Buffoon (buf-foon') s. ogak-ogak* 
alan-alan* orarg klakar* orarg 
jnaka* pnernawa* orarg plawak 
Buffoonery (-er-i), s. klakar* 

plawak' an. 
Bug (bug), s. (bedbug) pijat-pijat, 
kritu biisok, kpinditg (N.L) r 
bu'mt (Oh. bat-sat) ; (varieties 
with a bad smell) piatygarg* 
Bugbear (bug'bar), s. mom ok. 
Buggy (-gi) ? g. bogi (E.), kreta 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it fire 

mirror; old < ™^ w j u »« ct > * d ™> 8 <»% sorry; use, us, minus, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfooi (awful) ; law, how, oil; thin then. 




Bugle (bu'gl), s. trompet (E.), 

begol (E.); slompret (2ST.L) ; 

(native horn) tuaiy-tuarg* 
Bugler (-gler), s. pniop trompet, 

tukarg Hop trompet. 
Build (bild), v. t. (of brick) ba- 

rgunkan, buat, ikat, bikin (B.) 

(X.I.) ; (of plank houses) diri- 

kan, tgakkan* To build up, 

itapkan, tgohkan. 
Builder (bild'er), s. tukarg bnat ru- 

Building (-ing), s. rumah, batgun- 

an. Building materials, ramu- 

Bulb (bulb), s. m bawaig. 
Bulge (bulj), v. i. (swell out) km- 

bo?g, kpoh;* (be protuberant) 

bonjol, bujal* jojol* gmbol* 

tombol* tonjol* 
Bulk (bulk), s. (size) bmr, bsar- 

nja; (principal part) kbaiyakan. 

To break bulk (Naut.), inula i 

punjgah. To load in bulk, muat- 

kan tiada berbwykus, lembatykan* 
Bulkhead (bulk'hed), s. (Xaut.) 

din dbg peiak kapal. 
Bulky (-i), adj. bsar, rintarg* 
Bull (bool), s. Imbu jantan, sapi 

jantan (JKT.L). The wild bull, 

Bull, s. (R.C.) swat prentah papa; 

(blunder) silap. 
Bulldog (bool'dog), s. s-jnis an jug 

yarg brani. 
Bullet (-let), s. pi urn, pelor (ST.I.) 

(Port, pelouro). 
Bullet-proof (-proof), adj. yarg 

iahan plum, yarg tiada di-makan 

Bullfrog (-frog), s. katak btoig* 

kodok btorg (B.). 
Bullion (-yf/n), s. padu* Mas 

padu* gold in ingots, as opposed 

to mas urai, gold dust; also mas 

Bullock (-bk), s. Imbu, Imbu km- 

biri, Imbu kasi,* sapi (N*.L). 

Bullock-heart (-hart), s. (the fruit 
of Anona reticulata) buah nona, 
buah nona jantorg (B.). 

Bull's eye (boolz'I), s. (of a target) 
mala sasaran;* (lantern) latnpu 
glap, plita glap. 

Bully (bool'li), v. t. (threaten) ger- 
tak, u gut;* (coerce) paksa. 

Bully, s. prggertak, pigugut* 

Bulrush (-rush), s. mndrorg* ker- 
chut* kumpai* 

Bulwark (-werk), s. (fortification) 
kota; (Naut.) berdu (L.) ; (de- 
fence ) perlindo rgan. 

Bumblebee (bum'bl-be), s. kum- 

Bumboat (-bot), s. sampan pnjaja, 

Bump (bump), s. (swelling) brg- 
kak; (protuberance) benjol* bon- 
jol; (blow) aniok. 

Bump, v. t. 'ntakkan, antokkan, ban- 

Bump, v. i. ber'niak, berantok, ter- 

Bumper (bump'er), s. piala pnoh 

Bumpkin (-kin), s. orarg hutan, 
oraig dusun* 

Bumptious (-sh?/s), adj. yarg mm- 
bsarkan din, yarg m igatas-rgatas* 

Bun (bun), s. roti kismis; (plain) 
roti manis, bludal* 

Bunch (bunch), s. (tuft of grass, 
etc.) rumpun; (cluster of fruit) 
targkai, raigkai, tandan, gugus* 
rotgkol;* (bananas) sisir, sikat;* 
(keys) raigkai; (of cut flowers, 
etc.) jaras* 

Bundle (bun'dl), s. (wTapped up) 
biugkus, bandla (Eur.) ; (tied up) 
berkas, ikat, kbat* gmal* 

Bundle, v. t. (wrap up) burgkus- 
kan, balutkan; (tie up) ikat, ber- 
kaskan, kbat.* 

Bung (bung), s. (stopper) sumbat 
torg; (the hole) mulut torg, lobarg 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; Ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minus, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




Bungalow (bung'ga-16), s. lam- 
la (Hind.). 
Bunghole (-hoi), s. see bung. 
Bungle (-gl), v. t. lintarg-pukarg- 

Jean, bus ut lean, ropak-rapekkan. 
Bungle, s. sogeh* herja lintarg- 

puharg, herja tasnonoh, herja ta- 
lent an (N'.L), herja hnsut. 
Bunion (bun'ymi), s. sahit buhu ibu 

Bunker (bnng'ker), s. hotah, petak. 

Coal bunker, petak ararg di hapal. 
Bunting (bun'ting), s. hain bndera. 
Buoy (boi), s. plamporg* boya 

(Port.), bail-up* which also 

means beacon, q.v. 
Buoy, v. t. (cause to float) iinibol- 

kan; (support, sustain) targgorg; 

(fix buoys) plamporgkan* To 

buoy up one's spirits, ttapkan liati . 
Buoyancy (boi'an-si), s. plamporg- 

an;* (of spirits) liati rergan. 
Buoyant (-ant), adj. (tending to 

float) timbol, lamporg; (light 

hearted) reigan liati. 
Burden (ber'dn), s. (load) bban* 

pikulan. targg organ; (something 

grievous) hbratan; (Naut.) mitai- 

an. Beast of burden, binatarg 

yarg mmbaica bban* binatarg arg- 

kat bararg (B.). 
Burden, v. t. bratkan. 
Burdensome (-s//m), adj. brat, 

sukar* di-targgorg, susah di-targ- 

Bureau (bil-ro' or bu'ro), s. (desk) 

meja talis; (office) opis (E.) ; 

(chest of drawers) almari lachi, 

hero* (Eur.). 
Bureaucracy (bu-rok'ra-si) , s. 

prentah pgairai* 
Burglar (ber'gler), s. pnjamon ru- 

mali, orarg pcliah pintv. 
Burglary (-i), s. hal mmchah pintu. 
Burgomaster (ber'go-mas'ter), s. 

prghuln bandar* 
Burial (ber'ri-d), s. hal mrgubur- 

kan orarg. Burial ground, pku- 

bnran* tanah hubur. Burial 
service, talkin (Ar.). '" 

Burlesque (ber-lesk'), s. ajoh yam 
mrnbri tertawa, jnaka* 

Burly (ber'li), adj. tgap, tgap- 


Burn (bern), v. t. (set on fire) 
bakar, tuna;* (reduce to ashes) 
liaigiiskan, rut org ;* (expose to 
heat) bakar; (scald) clilor; (with 
red-hot metal) star; (with acids) 
btok ;* (heaps of logs) prim* 

Burn, v. i. (be on tire) kna api, di- 
makan apt; (flame) berrgala. 

Burn, s. (injury) luka hargus;* 
(scald) Ichor* Ipoh* chlor (B.). 

Burning (bern'ing), adj. (flaming) 
bern/al a; (vehement) galak. 

Burnish (ber'nish), v. t. gilap* 
it pain * 

Burnt (bernt), adj. di-uiakan apt, 
liaitjus. Burnt offering, korban 

Burr (ber), s. (rough edge) grigix- 
an; (on the head of a chisel) 
pay org;* (prickly seed pod) buah 

Burrow (biir'ro), v. i. goroh* gali., 
korek, krok. 

Burrow, s. krok'an, lobarg binataig 
dalam tanah. 

Burst (berst), v. i. (explode) Itop: 
(break open, as pods) rkah, mer- 
kali; (as buds) kmbarg ; (as 
seams) vtas; (break in pieces) 

Bury (beYri), v. t. tanam; (in a 
grave) kuburkan, kbnmikan ;* (of 
princes) rnakatukan (Ar.) ; .(im- 
bed) bnam. 

Bush (boosh), s. (thicket) smak; 
(shrub) gomporg* 

Bushel (boosh'el), s. mkatan Iiggrls 
- 6& gatitarg. 

Bushy (-i), adj. (of trees) rendarg. 
nmbun* rampak ;* (of eyebrows, 
etc.) Ibat; (of mane or tail) km- 
barg, Ibat: 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not; connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minws, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful) ; law, how, oil; thin then. 




Business (biz'nes), s. (occupation) 
kerja, plcerja'an, jawatan;* (com- 
merce) pemiagaan; (affair) per- 
kara, hal. To engage in business, 
berdagarg* berniaga. 

Businesslike (-Ilk), adj. (system- 
atic) bperatiuan. 

Bust (bust), s. patorg s-krat dada. 

Bustle (bus'sl), v. i. bersibok, ter- 
kochoh -k&choh, b e rkincha rg-kirap, 

Busy (biz'i), adj. (at work) sib ok, 
ada kerja, tasnarg, taslesa* 

Busybody (-bod-i), s. (a meddling 
person) prgachau, prggarygu* 

But (but), adv. prep, and conj. (ex- 
cept) lianja* chuma, mlainkan; 
(on the contrary, .yet, however) 
ttapi, akan ttapi. Nothing but 
leaves, iiada lain mlainkan daun 

Butcher (booeh'er), s. pnjmbleh, 
pmbantai,* pnjual dagirg. 

Butcher, v. t. smbleh, bantai, po- 
torg; (murder) bunoli drgan bryis. 

Butchery (-i), s. pmbunolian drgan 

Butler (but'ler), s. kpala playan* 
kvala boi, botlir (D.) (KI.) ; (of 
princes ) ; pnjawat santapan* bn- 
tara (Sk.). 

Butt (but), s. (cask) pipa (Port.) ; 
(thicker end) paiykal; (target) 
sasar;* (of a rifle) buntut snaparg. 

Butt, v. i. (with the head) sondol: 
(with horns) tandok; (meet at the 
end) jjak* bertmu. 

Butter (buffer), s. mntega (Port.). 

Butterfly (-fli), s. kupu-kupu; see 


Buttermilk (-milk), s. dadeh* 

tairu (Tarn.). 
Buttertree (-tre), s. pokok srg- 

Buttocks (but'toks), s. pi. purggon), 

pant at j torgkerg. 
Button (-tn), s. kanchirg baju, bu- 

targ (Port.). 

Button, v. t. kancliirgkan. 

Button-hole (-holj, s. lobary bu- 
tary, mata jrok* 

Buttonhook (-hook), s. chargkok* 

Buttress (but'tres), s. pnjokorg 
tembok ; (natural, at the base of 
trees) banir* 

Buxom (buks'/au), adj. tgap, tgap- 

Buy (bi), v. t. bli. To buy and sell, 
berjual-bli. To buy for another 
on credit, pialanjkan* To buy 
in order to sell again, raeh* 

Buzz (buz), v. i. (of the ears) ber- 
dsirg; (as a bee) berdrgorg. 

Buzzard (buz'zerd), s. The honey 
buzzard, laiy batek, larg borek. 

By (bi), prep, (near) dkat, ham- 
pir:* (with, by means of, through) 
oleh, drgan; (in oaths) dmi.* By 
and by, s-bntar lagi, lagi s-kjap. 
By day, pada siatg hari. By one's 
self, s'orarg diri. By the side of, 
pada sisi* di tpi (B.). One by 
one, s'oraiy Ipas s'orarg, Ipas satu 
satu, satn-satu. Day by day, s- 
hari-hari, s-hari k-s-hari. To go 
by land, jalan mndarat, jalan 
da rat. 

By, adv. (near) dkat; (passing) 
lain; (past, beyond) largsoig. 

By-law (bl'law), s. peraturan. 

Bypath (-path), s. jalan semparyan, 
jalan strtit* 

Bystander (-stand-er), s. oraiy 
yanj berdiri dkat. 

Byway (-wa), s. jalan sulit* 

Byword (-werd), s. (proverb) per- 
wnpamaan, bidal ;* (contemp- 
tuous saying) sindiran, tlabai* 

Cab (kab), s. kreta sewa. 

Cabal (ka-baT), s. muafakat glap* 

muafdkat jahat* pakatan, suba- 


ite, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; Ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minus, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin Men. 




Cabbage (kab'bej), s. Jcobis (E.), 
kobis tlor.* 

Cabin (-in),, s. (on a steamer) bileh, 
keben (E.), kamar (D.) ; (on a 
Malay boat) kuroiy* magun;* 
(small house) pondok. 

Cabinet (-et), s. (private room) 
bilek; (cupboard or chest of draw- 
ers) bero* (Eur. bureau) ; (advi- 
sory council) mashuarat (Ar.), 
majlis sgala mntri* Cabinet 
council, mashuarat mntri* Ca- 
binet minister, ahlu 'l-mashuarat 

Cable (ka/bl), s. tali sauh, rantai 
sauh; (of coco-nut fibre) tali sa- 
bot; (measure of length) 100 
dpa; (telegraphic message) kawat. 

Cable, v. t. pukol kawat, pukol tali- 
grap (E.). 

Cablegram (-gram), s. pkhabaran 
kawat, khabar kawat. 

Caboose (ka-b56s'), s. (i^aut.) da- 
pur kapal. 

Cackle (kak'kl), v. i. (of fowls) 
kekek* kakak* mrgakak* ber- 
ktok; (when frightened) berkiok' 1 ; 
(giggle) kekek. 

Cackle, s. ktok, kiok n , kekek, as 

Cactus (kak r ti/s), s. lidah jin* li- 
dah badak* lidah buaija. 

Cad (kad), s. oraiy kurarg ajar. 

Cadaverous (ka-dav'er-i/s), adj. 
puchat Isu, puchat Isi* puchat 
Iseh* puchat manai* 

Cadence (ka/dens), s. lagham 
(Ar.). In cadence, berlagham. 

Cadet (ka-def), s. bakal pgawai* 
Cadet corps, pasokan soldado bu- 
dak skolah. 

Cadge (kaj), v. t. indirg* mrg- 
indiiy (B.), bawa prot. 

Caesar (se'zer), s. kaisar (Ar.). 

Cafe (ka-fa/), s. rumah makan mi- 

Cage (kaj), s. sarykar, kurorgan.. 
sigkaran (B.). 

Cage, v. t. kuroig. 

Cain (kan), s. Kabil (Ar.). 

Cairn (karn), s. timbonan batu jadi 
tanda pervyatan. 

Caisson (kas'sfln), s. 'mpargan ayer, 
pintu ayer. 

Cajole (ka-joF), v. t. pujok, bujok* 

Caitiff (ka/tif), s. orarg kji* orarg 
jahat, oraig luchah. 

Cake (kak), s. (gen.) kueh (Ch.), 
piyanan* juadah* (Pers.) ; vari- 
ous kinds are, lempirg, wajek, do- 
dol, benjkary, surabai,* chuchor, 
jmput-jmput, biiyka, asida.* Oil 
cake, hampas bijan, hampas klapa. 
Sponge cake, buah ulu, baulu. A 
cake of soap, s-buku sabon, s-kpirg 
sab on. Cake cutter, trap.* 

Cake, v. i. (as rice in a pot) ber- 
krak; (as mud) bertepek. Caked 
dirt, kredak, gredak (B.). 

Calabash (kaTa-bash), s. labu ayer, 
Tabu jantovg. 

Caladium (ka-la'di-^m), s. kladi. 

Calamitous (ka-lam'i-te), adj. 
malatg, chlaka. 

Calamity (-ti), s. chlaka, mer- 
bahya* kmalargan, mar a* balak 
(Ar. bald'). 

Calcareous (kal-kar'i-ws), s. deri- 
pada batu kapur. 

Calculate (kal'ku-lat), v. i. t. (reck- 
on) kira, hitorg, bilargkan, hisab 
(Ar.), reken (N.I.) ' (D.) ; (on 
the fingers) main jari; (estimate, 
compute) arggarkan, taksirkan 


Calculation (-la'srmn), s. kira-kira, 
bilargan, hitoiyan, arggaran, taksir 

Calculus (-1ms), s. (Math.) satu 
jnis kira-kira; (Med.) batu kararg. 
Renal calculus, batu buah pirggarg. 

Caldron (kawl'drwn), see caul- 

Calendar (kal'en-der), s. (arrange- 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minus, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




ment of time) tarikh (Ar.) ; (al- 
manac) takwim (Ar.) ; (schedule) 
daf tar ( Ar. ), jdwal (Ar.). 

Calender, v. t. grus drgan kelarg* 

Calf (kaf), s. anak Imbu; (of the 
leg) jantorg Mis* buah Mis,* prot 
kaki (B.) ; (leather) kulit anak 

Calibre (kal'i-beT or ka-le'ber), s. 
buka mulut mriam atau snaparg. 
The calibre of this cannon is 4 
inches, mulut mriam ini am pat 
inchi buka-nja. 

Calico (kal'i-ko), ?. blacltu; (print- 
ed) chit, chita. 

Calipers (-perz), s. jatgka. 

Caliph (ka'lif), s. Mali f ah (Ar.). 

Calk (kawk), v. t. se% caulk. 

Call (kawl), v. t. (summon) paig- 
gil; (by shouting) laorg* ruah;* 
(as troops) krah;* (invite) jmpot, 
silakan;* (remind of invitation) 
sonsorg ;* (name) shot, namakan, 
glar; (arouse from sleep) pancjgil, 
sdarkan, kjotkan, bargunkan; (en- 
tice birds) dkut* To call, to 
mind, iigat, knatg. To call on 
(as God), sru* To call to pray- 
er, banj (Pers.). 

Call, v. i. (cry out) bersru* ber- 
triak ; (make a short visit) sirggah. 
To call on (visit), lawat, mlaivat 
(B.), unjorg* ziarah (Ar.) ; see 


Call, s. (cry) triak, sru* laorg;* 
(visit) sirggahan, lawatan;* (in- 
vitation) jmpotan. To* pay calls 
> (mutually) , berdatarg-datarg. 

Calling (kawl'ing), s. (employ- 
ment) pkerja'an, jawatan* pgarg- 
an* pegargan (B.) ; (act of call- 
ing) pry man* 

Callosity (kal-los'i-ti), s. blularg* 

Callous (kalTws), adj. (of the skin) 
mmbatu, mmblularg ;* (in mind) 
kras hati, hati batu. 

Callus, s. blularg* 

Calm (kam), adj. (of wind) tdoh; 

(of water) tnarg; (of the mind) 
tnaiy-hati, ttap-hati, sabar. 

Calm, s. kmatian argin, tdoh. 

Calm, v. t. (the elements) tdohkan; 
(the mind) ttapkan hati, snargkan 
hati. To calm one's self, tahan 

Calomel (kal'o-mel), s. abu raksa* 

Caltrop (kal'trop), s. ranjau chain- 
yak* ranjau mata ampat* ranjau 
poris kaborg.*' 

Calumniate (ka-lum'ni-fit), v. t. 
umpat, fitnahkan (Ar.), jahatkan, 
busokkan nama. 

Calumny (kal'um-ni), s. umpat, fit- 
nah (Ar.). 

Calyx (ka'liks), s. klopak buiga. 

Calve (kav), v. i. beranak (pada 
Imbu sahaja). 

Cam (kam), s. roda psawat* yatg 
tiada bid at. 

Camber (kam'ber), s. hgkorgan* 

Cambric (kam'brik), s. kain kasa 
(Ar. kha&ah). 

Cambium (kam'bi-wm), s. slupat 
kayu* kulit manis. 

Camel (kam'el), s. onta. 

Cameo (kam'i-6), s. gambar tim- 

Camera (-er-a), s. pti prgambil gam- 
bar, pti fotograp, pti prgambil 

Camp (kamp), s. padaig khemah, 
pe rkh em ah an tn tra . * 

Camp, v. i. berkhemah, bntarg khe- 
mah, pasarg khemah, berpondok. 

Campaign (kam-pan'), s. prarg, p- 

Camphor (kam'fer), s. kapur ba- 

Can (kan), v. i. (ab]e) boleh, dapat. 
dan (P.), bisa (KL) ; (have 
time) smpat. See able. 

Can, s. ten* tin (E.), kalirg (N\L). 
Water can, tmpat ayer. Oil can, 
tmpat minjak. 

Canaan (ka'na-an), s. negri Ka- 
ntian (Ar.). 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, hey, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minws, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




Canal (ka-naT), s. trusan* parit, 

Cancel (kan'sd), v. t. (mark out) 

pararg* potorg, bunoh; (with a 

cross) pargkah; (annul, revoke) 

oral'* batalkan. 
Cancer (-ser), s. (Med.) kayap api; 
(sign of the zodiac) sertan* (Ar. 

Candid (-did), adj. (sincere) tulus, 

el-Mas (Ar.), hati btul (B.) ; 

(frank) lurus, trus-trarg. 
Candidate (-di-det), s. ahli yarg 

hndak di-pileh dtau di-lantek* 

orarg yarg mncJiari pkerja'an. 
Candied (kan'did), adj. bersira, 

bersakar* Candied peel, halwa* 

Candle (-dl), s. dian* lilin. Ro- 
man candles, matab* 
Candlenut (-nut), s. buah kras, 

buali kmiri* 
Candlestick (-stik), s. kaki-dian* 

Candour (-der), s. (sincerity) k- 

tulusan, puteh hati, hati btul, 

ekJilas* (Ar. ikhlds) ; (frankness) 

trus trarg. 
Candy (-di), s. manisan, halwa.* 

Sugar candy, gala batu. 
Candy, v. t. sira. Candied, ber- 
sakar* bersira. 
Cane (kan), s. (rattan) rotan; 

(walking stick) torgkdt. Malacca 

cane, smanibu* Sugar cane, tbu. 

Cane work (as chair seats), mata 
. punai. 
Cane, v. t. pain digan rotan, ssah 

diyan rotan. To be caned, Jena 

Canine (ka-mn'), adj. cJiara anjirg, 

anjirg (a). Canine tooth, gigi an- 

jirg, gigi asu;* (of animals) gigi 

Canister (kan'is-ter), s. ten* tin 

(E.), bkas ay an* kaliig (N.I.). 

Canker (kang'ker), s. pkory, cha- 

Canker, v. t. (eat away) makan da- 
lam; (corrupt) rosaJc, rosakkan* 

Cannibal (kan'ni-bal), s. orarg yarg 
makan orarg. 

Cannon (-mm), s! mriam, bdil bsar. 
Cannon ball, pluru mriam. - See 


Cannonade (-ad'), v. t. tembak 

drgan mriam. 
Canoe (ka-noo'), s. kolek; (dugout) 
jalur* sagur* (Pk.) ; (smaller) 
Canon (kan'7/n), s. (rule) kanun 
(Ar.) ; (church official) pargkat 
padri. Canon law, Jiukum agama. 
Canonical (ka^non'i-kal), adj. yarg 
mnurut kanun (Ar.). Canon- 
icals, pakaian padri. 
Canonize (kan'im-iz), v. t. (B.C.) 
masokkan dalam bilargan orarg 
kramat; see saint. 
Canopy (-o-pi), s. turgkup* largit- 
largit; (in processions) pay org 
ub or -lib or* 
Cant (kant), s. serget. 
Cant, v. t. seigetkan. 
Cant, s. (hypocritical speech) per- 

k at a' an pura-pnra. 
Can't =■■ cannot (kant), taboleh. 
Cantankerous (kan-tang'ker-izs), 

adj. bantahan,* dgil, birgah* 
Canteen (-ten'), s. (vessel) tmpat 
bkal;* (building) kdai bagi sol- 
Canter (kan'ter), v. i. berlari mrg- 

Cantharides (kan-thar'i-dez), s. 

Cantilever (kan'ti-le-ver),s. (brack- 
et) siku-siku; (projecting beam) 
rasok miganjur* 
Cantonese (kan-to-nez'), s. orarg 

Makan, CJiina Kuantorg. 
Cantonment (kan-toon'ment), s. 
kamporg yarg di-untokkan bagi 

ate, ask, am. final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, mums, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




Canvas (kan'vas), s. Tcain layer, 
kain mota* 

Canvass, v. t. (examine) preksa, 
slidek* To canvass for subscrip- 
tions, mnjajah mmurgut yuran* 
mnjajah purgut wary (B.). 

Canyon (kan'ytm), s. Imbah yarg 
sargat chiiram, gaorg. 

Caoutchouc (kow'chook, u. s. k56'- 
ch65k), s. gtah, learet (N.L). 

Cap (kap), s. soigkok, kopiah; 
'(white) ktayap* kopiah Ibai* ko- 
piah haii. Percussion cap, leep 


Capability (ka'pa-bil'i-ti), s. kpan- 
daian, knasa. 

Capable (ka'pa-bl), adj. pandai, 
berkuam, alili (Ar.). 

Capacious (ka-pa/shus), adj. luas, 
Iga, laparg. 

Capacity (ka-pas'i-ti), s. (extent of 
space) kluasan, klapaigan; (abil- 
ity) kuasa; (condition, occupa- 
tion) pkerjaan. What is the 
capacity of this jar, brapa muat 
tmpayan ini. 

Cape (kap), s. (promontory) tan- 
jorg, hujorg tanah; (garment) 
baju hit jan s-krai. 

Caper (kap'er), v. i. lompat-lompat, 
lonjak-lonjak* linjak-linjak* glin- 

Capillary (ka-pil'la-ri), s. urat yarg 
halns sperti rambut. 

Capital (kap'i-tal), adj. (finrt in 
importance) terutama (Sk.), iau- 
kin (Ch.) (B.) ; (excellent) indah, 
elok, bagus. Capital punishment, 
hukum mati. Capital letter, hu- 
ruf bsar* 

Capital, s. (chief city) ibu negri, 
kpala negri; (money) modal, po- 
kok; (of a pillar) kpala tiaiy. 

Capitalist (-ist), s. orarg bermodal, 
orarg berherta. 

Capitulate (ka-pich'u-lat), v. i. 
srdhkan diri. 

Capon (ka'pon), s. ayam kmbiri, 

ay am kasi* (Ar. khasi). 
Caprice (ka-preV), s. ragam, terg- 

kah, olah* 
Capricious (-prish'ws), adj. hati 

mrambarg, hati tattap, baryak ra- 
gam, baryak olah* baryak iergkah, 

baryak chreivet (N.I.) (B.). 
Capricorn (kap'ri-korn), s. (sign 

of the zodiac) jidyan (Ar.). 
Capsicum (-si-kwm), s. lada merah, 

chili, cha.bai (Jav.) ; (dried) lada 

knrg, chili kriry. 
Capsize (kap-siz'), v. i. tlnrgkup* 

Capsize, v. t. thirgkupkan* ter- 

Capstan (kap'stan), s. (ISTaut.) pu- 

taran sauh, putaran lawarg, putar- 

an jargkar (L.), kepsen (E.). 

Capstan bars, anak bari. 
Capsule (-sul), s. (pod) kulit biji; 

(of a bottle) pnutop botol; (for 

medicine) savory obat. 
Captain (-ten), s. kaptan, kpitan, 

nakhoda (Pers.), juragan (Jav.). 
Captious (-sh^s), adj. pryachat* 

pnchla, suka chla (B.). 
Captivate (-ti-vat), v. t. hambat 

hati* ambil hati; (please) suka- 

Captive (-tiv), s. orarg taivanan* 
Captivity (kap-tiv'i-ti), s. tawan- 

Capture (kap'chur), v. t. targkap; 

(in war) taiuan* 
Car (kar), s. kreta; (with two 

wheels) kreta s-krat* Motor car, 

matoka. Tram car, kreta elek- 

trik* trem (E.). 
Carat (kar'at), s. timbargan per- 

mata; (of gems) krat; (of gold) 

mutu. ' 

Caravan (kar'a-van'), s. (company 

of travellers) kafilah (Ar.), arg- 

katan;* (covered vehicle) kreta 

pondok* kreta tmpat kdiaman.* 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, mnms, cure, injure, 

hurry; fodd, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin tJien. 




Caravansary (-sa-ri),s. rumah per- 
sirggahan, rumah wakaf (Ar.). 

Caraway (-wa), s. jintan, jmuju. 

Carbine (kar'bln), s. snaparg pen- 

Carbon (-bon), s. ararg. 

Carboy (-boi), s. buy org kacha. 

Carbuncle (-bung-kl), s. (Med.) 
pryakit raja, pkorg inas* pa'ipaj* 
(precious stone) batu yakut 

Carcase (-kas), s. bargkai; (when 
putrid) demur; (swollen and float- 
ing in water) buntarg* 

Card (kard), s. (pasteboard) kertas 
tbal; (playing cards) kartu* daun 
skoporg* (D.), daun trop (D.), 
daun pakau (Ch.) ; (Chinese play- 
ing cards) daun chki, kertas chki 
(B.) ; (visiting card) Teat (E.), 
karchis (D. kaartje), (N.I.). 

Card, v. t. sisir. 

Cardamom (kar'da-mwm), s. buali 
plaga, kapulaga* puar* 

Cardboard (kard'bord), s. kertas 

Cardinal (kar'di-nal), adj. teru- 
tama* x terbsar. Cardinal points 
of the compass (Naut.), ibu mata 
pdoman, ibu mata argin. 

Cardinal, s. (R.C.) pargkat padri. 

Care (kar), s. (anxiety) khuatir 
(Ar. khawdtir) ; (attention, cau- 
tion, watchfulness) jaga, turggu, 
irgat, pduli, himmat (Ar.) ; 
(charge, management) plihara, 
bla-plihara.* To take care, irgat- 
irgat, baik-baik. 

Care, v. i. pduli, bena* To care for 
(take care of), plihara, jaga, bla;* 
(like, desire) suka, indahkan. 
What do I care? indah apa k- 
pada-kuf* apa sahya pduli (B.). 

Careen (ka-ren'), v. i. serget, me- 

Careen, v. t. (Xaut.) sergetkan, me- 

Career (-reY), s. (running) plari- 

an; (course of life) hal kahidop- 

an, pkerja'an, pneharian. 
Career, v. i. (of animals) lari turg- 

gaty-larggaig; (of ships) jalan 

Careful (kar'fool), adj. jimat, irgat, 

chermat, baik-baik, jaga, ati-ati 

Careless (-les), adj. (negligent, in- 
attentive) ta jimat, lalai, chuai,* 

alpa (Sk.) ; (heedless, indifferent) 

hgai* klesa.* 
Caress (ka-res'), v. t. blai* pujok- 

chum b u, * t u njok kaseh-sayarg 

Caretaker (kar'tak-er), s. orarg 

jaga; (of a mosque) noja (Ar.), 

Hiah (P.). 
Cargo (kar'go), s. muatan kapal 

atau prahu. 
Caricature (kar'i-ka-tur'), v. t. 

Caricature, s. gambar pnernawa* 

gambar prgejek. 
Carnage (kar'nej), s. pmbunohan 

orarg ramai. 
Carnal (-nal), adj. (pertaining to 

the body) deri-pada badan, ber- 

lyawa; (lustful) berhawa-nafsu, 

luchah. Carnal passions, hawa- 

Carnation (kar-na'srnm), s. burga 

Carnelian (kar-ne'li-an), s. batu 

'akek merah (Ar.). 
Carnival (kar'ni-val), s. permainan 

ramai-ramai, kelah* 
Carnivorous (-niv'er-ws), adj. yaiy 

makan dagirg. 
Carol (kar'tfl), s. ryaryian, puji- 

Carousal (ka-row'zal), s. kluchah- 

Carouse (ka-rowz'), v. i. minum 

Carp (karp), s. ikan gurami (Jav.). 
Carp, v. i. chla drgan tiada bersbab, 

chari ksalahan. 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort,' sorry; use, us, minus, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 


Carpel (kar'pel), s. pargsa. 

Carpenter (-pen-ter), s. tukarg 

Carpet (-pet), s. permaidani, ham- 
paran;* (smaller) hambal;* (at 
weddings, etc.) puadai* (Tarn.). 

Carriage (kar'rej), s. (vehicle) 
kreta; (deportment) sikap, ba- 
rgun* gaya. Carriage and pair, 
kreta jori. 

Carrier (kar'ri-er), s. orarg pmbaiva 
bararg, kuli kreta. 

Carrion {-uii), s. dagirg busok, barg- 
kai, danur. 

Carrot (-rat), s. lobak merah. 

Carry (-ri), v. t. (gen.) bawa; (on 
the head) junjorg; (in the mouth) 
g org g org; (on the shoulders) pi- 
Jcul; (between two or more per- 
sons) usoig* aiykat (B.) ; (on 
the end of a stick over the shoul- 
der) tiiil* tumpil* tuas* cha- 
kus* chrgkuas* pikul (B.) ; (two 
burdens on a pole) kandar* gan- 
dar;* (astride on the shoulders) 
jularg;* (on a sling over the shoul- 
der) sandarg;* (on the back, pick- 
aback) dukorg, dokorg (B.) ; (on 
the back, in a basket) galas* gon- 
dorg;* (in a scarf) pondorg;* 
(resting on the hip) kelek;* (un- 
der the armpit) kpit* kpet (B.) ; 
(in the folds of a cloth) kendorg; 
(in the womb) kandorg; (as a 
child in a sling on the breast) 
ambin;* (support on both hands) 
ampu; (on the bent arms and lap) 
pargku; (on the palm of one 
hand) tatarg; (hot things tossed 
on the hand outstretched) tatirg;* 
(with the hand hanging down) 
bembet, bibit;* (as above, but 
smaller objects) jenjet, jenjerg;* 
(as a child in the arms) rempus* 
To carry by instalments or piece- 
meal, argkut. To carry off, bawa 
pergi, bawa lari, rampas, sambar; 
(as a thief) tatirg. To carry on, 

75 CASK 

jalankan, kerjakan. To carry 
out, (execute), lakukan* jalan- 

Cart (kart), s. kreta, grobak* pdati 
(N".L). Cart load, muatan kreta. 

Carter (kart'er), s. sais kreta argkat 
bararg, kuli kreta. 

Cartilage (kar'ti-lej), s. tularg ra- 
wan* tularg muda. 

Cartoon (kar-toon'), s. gambar bsar. 

Cartridge (kar'trij), s. ptrum (D. 
patroon), kertus (F. cartouche), 
plum, pelor (IS". I.) (Port, pe- 

Carve (karv), v. i. t. (sculpture) 
ukir; (as fretwork, perforated) 
sogek;* (engrave) lukis; (as 
meat) kernai* 

Carving (karv'ing), s. ukiran; (per- 
forated) krawarg, sogek* an* 

Cascade- (kas-kaoY), s. ayer terjun, 

Case (kas), s. (covering) sarorg, 
sampul;* (box) pti, torg ; (state, 
circumstance) hal, perkara; (law- 
suit) perkara, kes (E.). In any 
case, s-bgimana pun, apa macham 
pun (B.). In case, jikalau, jika 
s-kira-fi/a* asal* kalau. 

Case, v. t. salut* lapiskan. 

Casemate (kas'mat), s. bilek di 
batrah kubu. 

Casement (-ment), s. tirgkap, jn- 

Cash (kash), s. warg, warg tunai. 
Cash box, kotak duit. 

Cash, v. t. To cash a cheque, tukar 
chek (E.). 

Cashew (ka-shoo'), s. gajus, jambu 
smpal* jarggus* (P.). 

Cashier (kash-er'), s. tukarg warg. 

Cashier, v. t. pchat* 

Cashmere (kash'mer), s. kashmiri,* 
klamkari* kain bulu domba. 

Casing (kas'ing), s. salutan* lapis- 

Cask (kask), s. torg, pipa* (Port.), 
legir* (D. legger). 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, -sort, s5rry; use, us, minws, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful) ; law, how, oil; thin then. 




Casket (kas'ket), s. chmbol* chpu, 
chanda pti;* (for writing ma- 
terials) klamdan (Pers.) ; (cof- 
fin) (U. S.) lory* kranda* pti 
or wig niati (B.). 

Casque (kask), s. ktoporg* 

Cassava (kas-sa'va), s. ubi kayu. 

Cassia (kash'i-a), s. (the bark) ka- 
yu manis; (leaves used as a pur- 
gative) sua makki* 

Cassock (kas'sz(k), s. jubah* padri, 
baju padri (B.). 

Cassowary (kas'so-wa-ri), s. bur org 

Cast (kast), v. t. (throw) Jempar, 
lontar, lotaf;* (with a twisting 
motion) balirg;* (lob) umban;* 
(upwards) lamb org; (downwards) 
champak, hmpas, bantirg; (pour 
into a mould) tuarg. To cast an- 
chor, labohkan sauh. To cast 
away, buarg. To cast dice, par eh* 
To cast down (deject), tawarkan 
hati. To cast lots, buarg tindi. 
To cast a net, tebar jala. To cast 
off (reject), tolak; (Naut.) I pas. 
To cast out, buarg. To cast the 
lead, buarg prum* To cast a thing 
in one's teeth, bargkit. To cast up 
(of earth) tambak; (reckon) bi- 
larg, jmlahkan (Ar.). 

Cast, s. (act of throwing) prg- 
umhan;* (throw of dice) pmareh;* 
(in a mould) tuarg. A cast in 
the eye, mata julirg. 

Castanet (kas'ta-net), s. dandi* 

Castaway (kast'a-wa), s. orarg k- 
buargan, orarg yaiy kna karam. 

Caste (kast), s. (class) bargsa. 
Caste-mark, pargkah. To lose 
caste, jadi hina di mata orarg. 
Half-caste (of Malays), Jawi per- 
atiakan, Jawi pkan. 

Castigate (kas'ti-gat), v. t. palu, 

Casting (kast'ing), s. (of metal) 

Casting-net (-net), s. jala; (with 

wide meshes) jala rambarg* 
Castle (kas'l), s. kota; (in chess). 

tir* To build castles in the air, 

mrggantarg asap* atgan-argan 

Castor (kas'ter), s. lererg* kaki 

ranjatg meja dan s-bagai-rya 

[ro da (B.)]. 
Castor oil (oil), s. miryak jarak. 

Castor oil plant, pokok jarak. 
Castrate (kas-traf), v. t. kmbiri- 

kan, kasi* (Ar. khasi). 
Castration (-tra'shwn), s. kmbiri. 
Casual (kazh'u-al), adj. yarg tiada 

di-sargka, yarg bukan srgaja. 
Casualty (-ti), s. kmalaryan, nalias 

Casuarina (-a-re-na), s. pokok 'ru, 

poll on climara (Jav.). 
Cat (kat), s. kachirg. Cat o ? nine 

tails, jari ampai* Wild cat, ku- 

chirg hutan, kuchirg jalarg (B.). 

The cat is out of the bag, kata 

sudah tlanjur, kata sudah terlarg- 

Cataclysm (kat'a-klizm), s. ayer 

bait; (great change) peridaran du- 

Catacomb (-ko5m, u. s. -kom), s. 

kubur dalam goa bsar* 
Catalepsy (-lep-si), s. pitam. 
Catalogue (-log), v. t. daftarkan 

Catalogue, s. daftar (Ar.), pres 

koraib (N.I.) (I), prijscourant) . 
Catamaran (-ma-ran'), s. (Naut.) 

(raft) rakit; (boat with out- 
rigger) prahu berkatir. 
Catapult (-pult), s. (used by boys) 

lastik (E.) ; (obsolete weapon) 

Cataract (-rakt), s. ayer terjun, 

jram bsar;* (of the eye) slupat 

Catarrh (ka-tar'), s. slsma, sma- 

sma* slesma (B.). 
Catastrophe (ka-tas'tro-fi), s. k- 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minus, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, aw fool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 


malargan bsar, chlaka, balak (Ar. 
Catch (kaeh), s. (fastening) gan- 
chu; (that which is caught) targ- 
kapa n, pero I eh an. * 
Catch, v. t. (seize) chapai; (seize 
hastily) sambar, sembarf (cap- 
ture)' tatgkap; (with one hand 
downwards) clrkop; (in the open 
hand or vessel) tadali; (in the 
mouth) taigkup:* (under a ves- 
sel) serkap, serkop; (capture in i 
war) tawan* targkap (B.). m To 
-catch birds (by snaring), mmikat; 
(with a net) mnjariiy; (with bird- 
lime) mrggtah. To catch ^ fish 
(with nets), mnjala, mnjariiy, 
mmnkat, m nanjkul, mryondonj* 
To catch a ball, sanibot bola. To 
catch a train, dapat kreta api, kjar 
kreta api (B.). Cauglrt by the 
flames, di-sigyau oleh api* 

Catch, v. i. (be entangled or fas- 
tened) sarykot; (communicate, as 
fire or disease) jargkit. 

Catching (kaeh'ing), adj. (infec- 
tious) berjaigkit. 

Catechism (kat'e-kizm), s. kilab 

. sual-jawab (X.). 

Catechist (-kist), s. pnjajar (X.). 

Catechize (-klz), v. t. (instruct) 
ajar digan sual* taiga dan jawab 
(B.) ; (interrogate) preksa, sli- 

Catechu (-elm), s. kachu* 

Categorically (-gor'i-kal-li) , adv. 
dryan ttap, diyan tntu. 

Category (-go-ri), s. parglat/taraf* 
(Ar. Taraf). 

Cater (ka'ter), v. i. bri bkal. 

Caterer (-er), s. pmbkal. 

Caterpillar (kat'er-pil-ler), s. vlat; 
(large green) idat sntaduf 
(hairy) ulat buln. 

Caterwaul (-wawl), v. i. miyiau. 

Catgut (kat'gut), s. arpus* tali 
tarysi* (Ch. tharg-si). 


Cathartic (ka-thar'tik), s. pneha- 

har* julap, obat pryuchi prot. 
Cathead (kat'hed), s. (Xaut.) jarg- 

kar dewi (L.), kararg balak. 
Cathedral (ka-the'dral), s. greja 

Catheter (kath'e-ter), s. pryochok 

impat knehiry. 
Catholic (-o-lik), adj. (general, 
universal) rata; (liberal minded) 
hati lapary. The Roman Catholic 
Church, Perkuinpolan orary Srani. 
Catholicity (-lis'i-ti), s. klaparyan 

Cat's-eye (kats'i), s. (stone) batu 
mala-'kachhy, baiduri;* (the 
fruit) buah mata-kuckirg. 
Cat's-paw (-paw), s. (on the wa- 
ter) krarhak ;* (dupe, tool) anak 
taigan. ■ To make a person one's 
cat's-paw, landaskan tulary orary* 
Catsup, = ketchup, q.v. 
Cattle (kat'tl), s. (oxen) Imbu, sapi 
(X.I.) ; (domestic animals) hi- 
dop-hidopan* binatarg yary piara 
di-rumah (B.). 
Catty (-ti), s. kali 
Caudal (kaw'dal), adj. ekor (a). 
Caul (kawl), s. (intestinal) ramek- 
ramek;* (on the head of new born 
babe ) sampu I* t in buni. * 
Cauldron (kawrdri/n), s. (flat shap- 
ed) kawah; (larger) rnchak;* 
(withi small mouth) kanchah;* (of 
brass) grenserg. 
Cauliflower (kol'i-ilow-er), s. kobis 

Caulk (kawk), v. t. (with fibre) 
pakal* klpat;* (with pitch) gala- 
Cause (kawz), s. sbab, inula, asal, 
lantaran (X.I.) ; (lawsuit) per- 
Vara, kes (E.). Without a cause, 
digan tiada bersbab, tiada s-mna-* 
Cause, v. t. jadikan, dalarykan, sbab- 

-ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry, we, ,it, fire, 
' mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minus, cure, injure, 
hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 



Causeless (kawz'les), adj. drgan 

tiada bersbab, tiada s-mna-mna* 
Causeway (-wa), s. jalan tambak. 
Caustic (kaws'tik), adj. (corrosive) 

yarg mmakan, yarg mmbakar; 

(satirical) pryindir, mulut tajam. 

Cauterize (kaw'ter-iz), v. t. slar, 

Caution (-sh?m), s. (prudence) ji- 

mat; (care) irgat, jaga; (warn- 
ing) larargan, nasihat* amaran 

Caution, v. t. (warn) irgatJcan, na- 

sihatkan, lararg, bri amaran (Ar.). 
Cautious (-shws), adj. berirgat- 

irgat, berjimat. 
Cavalcade (kav'd-kad'), s. argkat- 

an yarg berkuda* 
Cavalier (-a-ler'), s. soldado yarg 

Cavalier, adj. (brusque) praig- 

prus* rrgus;* (haughty) somborg. 
Cavalry (-al-ri), s. soldado* berkuda. 
Cave (kav), s. goa, golia, lobarg 

batu, groiggarg* dalam batu. 
Cave, v. i. To cave in (of earth), 

runtoh; (submit) sralikan diri, 

Caveat (ka'vi-at), s. swat tgahan. 
Cavern (kav'ern), s. goa, golia, rga- 

Caviare (kav'i-ar'), s. tlor trubok 

Cavil (-il) ? v. i. chla, chart ksalahan. 
Cavity (-i-ti), s. Ikok, grorggarg;* 

(as a surface mine) lomborg. 
Caw (kaw), v. i. gak-gak. 
Cayenne (ka-en'), s. Cayenne pep- 
per, lada china, chabai (Jav.). 
Cease (ses), v. i. berhnti, brenti 

(B.), putus. 
Ceaseless (ses'les), adj. tiada ber- 

kputusan, tiada berhnti. 
Ceaselessly (-li), adv. snntiasa* 
sntiasa (Sk*.), tiada berhnti-rnti. 
Cedar (se'der), s. pohon araz (Ar.). 
Cede (sed), v. t. srahkan. 
Ceil (sel), v. t. pagukan* 

Ceiling (sel'ing), s. (of cloth or 
canvas) Urgit-largit ; (of boards) 
para* pran* pagu* 
Celebrate (sel'e-brat), v. t. (hon- 
our) muliakan, bsarkan, irgatkan; 
(observe, as a fast) pgarg, pegarg; 
(B.) ; (perform) jalankan. 
Celebrated (-ed), adj. ternama r 
bernama, knama'an* terbilarg,. 
termasohor (Ar. mashhiir). 
Celebrity (se-leb'ri-ti), s. (renown- 
ed person) ovary yarg ternama; 
(fame) kmuliaan. 
Celerity (-ler'i-ti), s. kpantasan, 

pantos, chpat, chakatan* 
Celery (sd'er-i), s. daun sadri (D. 

selderij), daun sop.* 
Celestial (se-les'chal), adj. yarg di 
largit, deri Jargit, laigit (a), deri 
shorga, shorga (a). 
Celibacy (sel'i-ba-si or se-lib'a-si) r 

s. kbnjargan, hal bujaig. 

Celibate (sel'i-bet), s. orarg bujarg* 

Cell (sel), s. (of prisons) bilek 

kcliil, pet ah; (of a police station) 

lokap (E.) ; (smallest element in 

living bodies) petak yarg halus- 

hal us dalam dagirg, kayu, dan s- 


Cellar (sel'ler), s. korok* gdorg di 

bairah tan ah. 
Cellular (-lu-ler), adj. berkotak- 
kotak, berbilek-bilek, berpetak- 
Cement (se-menf), s. kapur batu r 
kapur perkat, simen (E.). Port- 
land cement, kapur hitam, kapur 
Cement, v. t. perkat. 
Cemetery (sem'e-ter-i), s. pkubur- 

an, tanah kubur. 
Censer (sen'ser), s. perasapan* 
perbara'an, * perdupaan* tmpat 
bar a. 
Censor (-sor), s. pmreksa surat. 
Censorious (sen-sor'i-i/s), adj. pn- 

Censure (sen'shur), s. kchla'an. 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minus, cure, injure, 

hurry ; food, foot, awf ool (awful) ; law, how, oil ; thin then. 




Censure, v. t. chla, chercha (Sk.). 
Census (-si/s), s. banchi.* 
Cent (sent) s. sen, duit (P.) (Pk.). 
Centenary (sen'te-na-ri or sen-ten'- 

er-i), s. ulargan s-ratus tahun. 
Centennial (sen-ten'ni-al), adj. 

yaig s-ratus tahun s-kali. 
Centipede (sen'ti-ped), s. lipan, 
hlipan, lialipan (B.), klabarg 
(X.I.) ; (a small phosphorescent 
variety) klmayar; (a kind that 
curls spirally) c/iachirg glarg- 
glarg* vlat moiyyok;* (that 
curls in a ball) srggulorg. 
Centra! (sen'tral), adj. yatg di 

tiyali-tiyah, pmbyyaiy* 
Centralize (-Iz), v. t. (bring to a 
centre) kumpolkan k-tryah, bawa 
k-trgah; (bring to one system) 
Centre (sen'ter), s. tigali, pusat; 
(of a lathe) panjsi plarek* parysi 
bindu* Centre of a circle, pusat 
Centreboard (-bord), s. (Xaut.) 

lunas hidop, yairy. 
Centreing (-ing), s. rargka lerg- 

Centurion (sen-tur'i-tm), s. kpala 
s-ratus soldado, hulubala)y atas s- 
ratus 'askar (Ar.). 
Century (sen'chu-ri or sen'tu-ri), s. 

s-ratus tahun. 
Cereal (ser'i-al), s. pokok berbiji, 
sperti padi, jag org, gandom dan s- 
Cerebral (ser'e-bral), s. otak (a). 
Ceremonial (seYe-mo'ni-al), adj. 
deri-hal istiadat* deri-hal 'adat. 
Ceremonious (-ws), adj. dryan isti- 

'adat* drgan 'adat. 
Ceremony (ser'e-mo-ni), s. attiran, 

prentah, istiadat* 
Certain (ser'tn or ser'ten), adj. 
tntu, tunai, yakin (Ar.). A cer- 
tain city, negri anu. A certain 
man, si-polan (Ar. fulan), si-anu. 
Certainly (-li), adj. tadapat-tiada, 

tntu, nschaya (Sk.), psti* pasti 

Certainty (-ti), s. ktntuan. 
Certificate (ser-tifi-ket), s. sural 
prgakuan, surat ktntuan, surat 
knjataan, surat tanda, sartifiket 
Certify (ser'ti-fi), v. t. (make cer- 
tain) tntukan, yakinkan (Ar.) ; 
(testify) mrgaku, ryatakan. 
Certitude (-tud), s. ktntuan. 
Cessation (ses-sa'srn/n), s. kputus- 

an, perh ntian. 
Cession (sesh'wn), s. srahan* k- 

Cesspool (ses'pool), s. plimbah* 

tump nan lon/kaiy* 
Ceylon (se-lon'), s. pulau Selan, 

pulau 8 rind-it* 
Chafe (chaf), v. i. (wear by fric- 
tion) gesek; (be vexed) sbal* 
Chafe, v. t. (massage) urut. 
Chafed j(ehaft), adj. lias* lechet, 

ml eel let (B.), terklupas. 
Chaff (chaf), s. (husks) skam; 
(jesting) olok-olok, chakap main- 
main (B.). 
Chaff, v. t. olok-olokkan. 
Chafing (chafing), s. (act of rub- 
bing) urutan. Chafing gear, 
(Xaut.) alasan tali. 
Chagrin (sha-greV or shag'rin), s. 

salt it liaii. 
Chain (ehan), s. rantai; (ornamen- 
tal, worn round the neck) kalorg* 
Chain, v. t. rantaikan. 
Chain gang (gang), s. orarg jel, 

oratg rantai (N\L). 
Chain mail (mal), s. baju rantai, 

baju zirah (Ar.). 
Chain pump (pump), s. kinchir* 
Chain shot (shot), s. pluru bularg- 

balirg, pluru berrantai. 
Chain stitch (stich), s. jahitan bkia 

satykot, kia sargkot* 
Chair (char), s. kursi, krosi (B.) ; 
(chairman) kpala majlis; (sedan 
chair) usorgan* tandu* kio (B.) 

site, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minws, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




(Ch. hid)., To take the chair, 
kpalakan majlis. 
Chairman (char'man), s. kpala 
majlis, hpala mitirg (E.), ktua 
maslmarat (Ar.), yarg di-pertua* 
Chaise (shaz), s. hreta dua roda, 

bogi (E.). 
Chaldea (kal-de'a), s. negri 'Irak 

(Ar. 'iraq). 
Chalk (chawk), s. batu kapur; 
(prepared for schools) kapur blan- 
Chalk-line (chawk'lln), s. bnavg 

Challenge (chal'lenj), v. t. (call to 
a contest) rninta lawan, ajak ber- 
adu; (defy) mkis* mrgkis;* 
(take exception to) tamau trim a, 
tolak. To challenge the truth of 
a statement, dustakan* bohorgkan. 
Challenge, s. aditan, pmrgkisan* 
Chamber (cham'ber), s. bilek tidor, 
kamar tidor (N.I.) ; (of princes) 
bilek peraduan;* (legislative as- 
sembly) majlis. Chamber of Com- 
merce, majlis saudagar. 
Chamberlain (-len), s. mntri da- 
Chambermaid (-mad), s. dayaig* 
Chameleon (ka-me'li-wn), s. sum- 

Chamois (sham'wa), s. Jcambirg 
gunorg di Eropah. Chamois lea- 
ther (sham'i le^'er), kidit kam- 
birg kunirg. 
Champ (champ), v. i. t. mamah. 
Champagne (sham-pan'), s. ayer 
arggor pof (NM.)> shampen (E.). 
Champion (cham'pi-wn), s. pah- 
lawan (Pers.), adi (Sk.), johan 
(Pers.), hulubalanj* piglima, 
Champion, v. t. (support) bantu; 

(protect) pliliara. 
Chance (chans), s. nasib, untorg. 
By chance (unexpectedly), tiba- 
tiba* aleli-aleh* datarg-datarg. A 

good chance (favourable oppor- 
tunity), paksa* 
Chance, v. i. jadi. 

Chancel (chan'sel), s. (niche in 

mosques, before which the imam 

stands) mihrab* (Ar. minrab)* 

Chancellor (-ler), s. mntri bsar. 

Chancery (-ser-i), s. mahkamah 

perd'awaan -wary* kot perkam 

ivarg (E. court). 

Chancre (shang'ker), s. mala kau* 

Chandelier (shan'de-ler'), s. lamp-it 

Chandler (chan'dler), s. tukary 
dian* tukaig Klin. Ship's chan- 
dler, pmbkal kapal, kdai barary 
Chandoo (chan'doo), s. madat r 

Change (chanj), v. t. (alter) obah; 
(substitute, exchange) tukar, sa~ 
lin, ganti, gilir ;* (change posi- 
tion) aleh, pindah; (as a liquid 
from one vessel to another) salin; 
(as the wind, voice, seasons, opin- 
ion, etc.) aleh; (money) tukar,. 
urup (N".L). 
Change, v. i. berobah; (of the mon- 
soon) berkaleh musim* bertukar 
musim. Chopping and changing, 
rnchah-rnchah* To change into r 
berobah mnjadi, jlma mnjadi 
Change, s. (alteration) perobahan; 
(of the moon) peridaran;* (of 
clothing) persalinan; (small 
money) tukaran, vrupan (N.I.), 
warg pchah; (silver money) si- 
lirg (E.). Change of life/ putus 
Changeable (chanj'a-bl), adj. ber- 
obah -obah ; (fickle) rnchah* lin- 
chah;* (of the wind) pancharoba r 
Channel (chan'nel), s. (deep part 
of a river) alur, glorg;* (strait) 
slat; (groove) lurah;* (canal) 
trusan;* (means of transmitting) 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice it fire 
mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minws, cure/injure ' r 
hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. ' 


Chant (chant), v. i. t. njaryi, ber- 

dzikir (Ar.). 
Chant, s. ryanjian, dziJcir (Ar.). 
Chanticleer (chan'ti-kler), s. ayam 

j an tan. 
Chaos (ka'os), s. gaulan, champur- 

Chaotic (kfi-ot'ik), adj. champur- 

baur* chain pu r-ga u I 
Chap (chap), v. i. t. Hale, pchah; 
(of wide cracks, as earth) rnerkah. 
Chap, s. (jaw of animals) pipi; 

(fellow) orarg. 
Chapel (chap'el), s. greja kchil. 
Chaplain (-len), s. padri, padri 

bagi intra* padri soldado. 

Chaplet (-let), s. (rosary of beads) 

tasbeh (Ar.) ; (head ornament) 

jarnarg* gandek* 

Chapter (-ter), s. faml, bah (Ar.). 

Char (char), 8. kerja u pah an, kerja 

Char, v. t. hargus. 
Character (kar'ak-ter), s. (letter) 
hiiruf (Ar.) ; (figure) aiyka; 
(style of writing) tulisan; (qual- 
ity, disposition) tabiat, prargai, 
prargi (B.), pkerti (Sk.). 
Characteristic (-is'tik), adj. yarg 

mryatakan prargai. 
Characteristic, s. 'alamat, tanda. 
Characterize (-Tz), v. t. rgatakan, 

tunjokkan, tan dakan. 
Charcoal (char'kol), s. aratg. 
Charge (charj), v. i. t. (command, 
instruct) suroli, psan; (fix a 
♦price ) tar oh herga; (load, fill) isi, 
isikan; (accuse) tudoh* d'awa; 
(attack) srarg, laiggar, tmpoh, 
serbu, Inru* amok. 
Charge, s. (order) psan an; (thing 
cared for) pgargan; (accusation) 
d'awa' an, tudoh an;* (attack) 
srarg, etc., as above. To have 
charge of, bla* jaga. 
Chargeable (charj'a-bl), adj. yarg 
boleh masok kira, yarg boleh di- 


Charger (-er), s. kuda ptwrg. 
Chariot (char'i-ot), s. rata* knaik- 

Charitable (-ta-bl), adj. (benev- 
olent, liberal) dermawan (Sk.),. 
murah-hati; (lenient, favourable) 
Charity (-ti), s. (love) kaseh; 
(liberality) kmurahan; (alms) 
derma (Sk.), kumia (Sk.), sdkah, 
zakal* (Ar.zakat). See alms. 
Charlatan (shar'la-tan), s. orarg 

yarg run d'awa diri-rya paridai* 
Charm (charm), s. (incantation, 
spell) pustaka (Sk.), mantra 
(Sk.), targkal, sihir (Ar.), pna- 
war, jam pi, obat guna; (attractive 
power) pmikat/ hikmat (Ar.) ; 
(object worn to avert mis- 
fortune), targkal, 'azimat (Ar.) ; 
(curse, evil influence) srapah* 
sranah, tulah ;* (to prevent a 
marriage) platan* 
Charm, v. t, (by incantation) jam- 
pikan, knakan hikmat* knakan 
( ilmu; (soothe, allay) tawar; (de- 
light) svkakan, perknankan, ra- 
Charming (charm'ing), adj. (in 
appearance) elok, molek, jlita;* 
(as a view) permai* chantek 
Charnel house (char'nel hows), s. 
tmpat mryimpan tnlarg orarg matL 
Chart (chart), s. pta laid. 
Charter (char'ter), s. surat pretttah 
deri-pada krdjaan; (constitution) 
surat k'adaan; (of a ship) pajak 
Charter, v. t. (a ship) pajak. 
Charwoman (-woom-an), s. prem- 

puan upalian. 
Chary (char'i), adj. jimat, jaga, 

Chase (ehas), v. t. (pursue) burn, 
kjar, usir* liambat; (engrave) 
lukis, ukir* 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minws, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




Chase, s. (the act) pmburuan; 
(thing hunted) perburuan. 

Chasm (kazm), s. chlah batu. 

Chaste (chast), adj. suchi, berseh. 

Chasten (cha'sn), v. t, (punish) 
ajar, seksakan, liukumkan; (pu- 
rify) suchikan, lialuskan. 

Chastise (chas-tlz'), v. t. seksdkan, 
ajar, liukumkan. 

Chastisement (chas'tiz-ment), s. 
seksa, ajaran, hukuman; (from 
God) kisas* (Ar. qisas). 

Chastity (-ti-ti), s. ksuchian, hal 
mnahan nafsu jima (Ar.). 

Chat (chat), v. i. berbual, berbeka* 
checheh* labir, mlabir (B.), 
omorg-omoig (N.I.). 

Chattels (chat'tlz), s. herta-bnda. 

Chatter (-ter), s. bisitg, b echoic.* 

Chatter, v. i. (talk) buat bisity, buat 
bechok* grichau;* (of monkeys) 
reta-reta* kreh;* (of the teeth) 
berantok* glatok* glugut* 

Chatterbox (-boks), s. grruyau, 

Chatty (-ti), adj. chramah* 

Chatty, s. (earthen vessel) klalarg* 
gam oh* kuja* gudu* dorak* 

Chauffeur (sho-fer'), s. pnjalan* 
mat oka,- draiber matoka (E. motor 
car driver). 

Chaw (chaw), v. t. mamah, bah am.* 

Cheap (chep), adj. murah. To be- 
come cheap, jatoh herga. To 
make one's self cheap, murahkan* 

Cheapen (che'pn), v. t. taivar. 

Cheat (chet), v. t. tipu, perdayakan, 
smu* knakan, kichii,* kechoh;* 
(in games) churarg, elat, pn- 
churaig (B.), prgelat (B.). 

Cheat, s. (fraud, deception) tipu- 
daya; (impostor) pnipu, prgelat, 

Check (chek), v. t. tahan, tgah, 'm- 
' parg; (verify, as accounts) p?*eksa, 
sahehkan* (Ar. saute). 

Check, s. (in chess) shah* (D.) ; 

(restraint) tgahan; (order for 
money) chek (E.) ; (design in 
squares) chorale chatur* tapak 
chatur* chorak dam-dam (D.). 

Checkered (ehek'erd), adj. ber- 
chorak tapak chatur* dam-dam 
(D.) ; (diversified) berobah-obah. 

Checkers (-erz), s. (the game) 
main dam (D.). See draughts. 

Checkerwork (-er-werk), s. chorak 
tapak chatur,* chorak dam-dam 

Checkmate (-mat), s. shah-mat* 

(I), schaakmat). 
Checkmate, v. t. (defeat) alah- 

kan* kalahkan (B.). 
CheckroII (-rol), s. daftar nama 

hull* stat (X.I.) (D. staat). 
Cheek (chek), s. pi-pi; (impudence) 

Cheeky (-i), adj. mua* To be 

cheeky, dapat muka. 
Cheep (chep), v. i. chi n ap-chi n ap. 
Cheer (cher), s. (mirth) suka-hati, 

suka-chita (Sk.) ; (shout) sorak, 

Cheer, v. t. (gladden) sukakan hati; 

(inspirit) bri hati, ttapkan hati; 

(applaud) soraki* 
Cheer, v. i. (shout) bersorak, ber- 

tmpek. To cheer up, berttap hati, 

ragap (N.I.). 
Cheerful (cher'fool), adj. ria* ber- 

Cheering (-ing), s. tmpek-sorak. 
Cheese (ehez), s. keju (Port.). 

Cream cheese, dadeh krirg* 
Chemise (she-mez'), s. baju dalam 

pan ja rg ( jxida pre mpuan ) , simes 

Chemist (kem'ist), s. (seller of 

drugs) tukaig obat. 
Chemistry (-is-tri), s. 'ilmu kimia 

Cheque (chek), s. chek (E.). 
Chequered (ehek'erd), adj. see 


ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; Ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, mimts, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




Cherish (cherish), v. t. plihara, 

Cheroot (she-roof, U.S. che-root'), 

s. chrut, chrutu. 
Cherry (cher'ri), s. suatu jnis buah 

di Eropah. 
Cherub (cherub), s. karub (Ar.). 
Cherubim (-u-bim), s. pi. karubiiui 

Chess (ches), s. chatur* gajah* 

To play chess, main chatur* main 
# gajah* 
Chessboard (ehes'bord), s. papan 

chatur* loh chatur* papan dam 

Chessman (-man), s. buah chatur* 

Chest (chest), s. saharah* kotak, 
pti plakai* pti bsar; (breast) da- 
da. Chest of drawers, bero* 
(Eur. bureau), hnari lachi-lachi. 

Chestnut (ches'nut), s. pokok 

Chestnut, adj. (the colour) perarg. 

Chew (elm), v. i. t. (with front 
teeth) kuryah; (with the grind- 
ers) mamah; (as a person without 
teeth) gory eh, goiyel* To chew 
the cud, mamah biak* 

Chick (chik), s. (chicken) anah 
ayam; (window blind) bidai, Mat 
argkit-argkit* kre (N.I.). 

Chicken (chik'en), s. anak ayam, 
ayam prarggaig. 

Chicken pox (-poks), s. chachar 

Chicory (-er-i), s. hindaban (Ar.). 

Chide (chid), v. i. t. tnjkirg, her- 

Chief (chef), s. (village headman) 
prghulu, kpala, ktua, batin;* (in 
N. I.) prgeran, f dipati, pmbarap, 
kria. See chieftain". 

Chief, adj. yarg terutama (Sk.), 

Chiefly (chef'li), adv. terlbeh pula, 
istimeiva* terutama skali (Sk.). 

Chieftain (-ten), s. (Malays of 

higher rank than prghulu) orarg- 

kaya* datok. 
Chignon (shin'yoN), s. satggul, 

siput, konde (Tarn, kundai). 
Chilblain (chil'blan), s. pchah kulit 

sbab sjok. 
Child (child), s. (son or daughter) 

anak; (of princes) ptra* ptri; 

(an infant) anak mnjusu, kanak- 

kanak; (from 4 or 5 years of age) 

budak; (descendants) bani (Ar.). 

The children of Israel, bani 

Israel.* To be with child, miyan- 

donj, buntirg, hamil (Ar.). 

Child's play (easy task), mudah 

di-perbuat* snarg sahaja. 
Childbirth (child'berth), s. hal ber- 

anak , sakit beranak. 
Childhood (-hood), s. masa budak y 

mam kejiil. (Second childhood,. 

balek budak, njanjok. From child- 
hood, deri kchil. 
Childish (-ish), adj. kbudak-budak- 

J an, rsmi budak-budak. 
Childless (-les), adj. taberanak; 

(of women) man did* 
Childlike (-Ilk), adj. sperti budak- 
Chili (chil'i), s. Jada china, chabai 

Chill (chil), s. sjok. Chills and 

fever, dmam sjok, dmam kura, 

dm am gigil. 
Chill, v. t. (make cold) sjokkan; 

(cause to shiver) sramkan, gigil- 

kan; (discourage, depress) taivar* 

kan hati. 
Chilliness (clnTli-nes), s. sjok, 

Chilly (-li), adj. sjok, dirgin* sram- 

sram sjok, sriig-sram* 
Chime (ehim), s. locherg berlagu. 
Chimerical (ki-mer'i-kal), adj. yarg 

di-sargka-saigka, yarg di-waham- 

kan (x\r.). 
Chimney (chim'ni), s. chororg asap, 

sromboig* amp* smprorg amp, som- 

prorg asap (B.). Lamp chimney,. 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire,. 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minws, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin Men. 




chororg lampu, smprorg lampu 
(X.I.), chimni (E.). 

Chimney piece (pes), s. para di 
alas dapur* 

•Chimney sweep (swep), s. orarg 
yaig nuyapu chororg. 

Chin (chin), s. dagu. 

China (chi'na), s. negri China; 
(porcelain) pirggan margkok. 

China grass (gras), s. rami. 

Chinaman (-man), s. orarg China; 
(Straits-born) China peranakan, 
Baba, Baba China; (China-born, 
unable to speak Malay) China 
totok ;* (new-comer) China siig- 
kek (Ch. sin-kheh). 

China ware (war), s. piiggan marg- 
kok, imbikar.* 

Chinchew (chin'chu), s. chinchu. 

Chinese (chl-nez'), adj. china. 

Chink (chingk), s. (gap) chlah, 
chlak (B.), rkaltan; (the sound) 
dntiixj, drug* krnchiig. 

Chink, v. i. berdntiiy, berdrirg* 

Chink, v. t. Untirg* 

Chintz (chints), s. chita, chit. 

Chip (chip), v. t. takek, tokek* 
sempak* serpeh* chompis* 

Chip, s. (of stone) ktul;* (smaller) 
buku; (of wood) fatal* kpirg, 
rompis;* (either stone or wood) 

Chiromancy (ki'ro-man-si), s. (pal- 
mistry) iilek rtak targan. 

Chiropodist (kl-rop'o-dist), s. tu- 
karg khiarkan bubul* atau blulaig* 
di kaki. 

Chirp (cherp), v. i. chit chit, gri- 

Chisel (chiz'el), s. pahat; (brazier's) 
gang* gogol;* (turner's) mata 
plarek;* (stonecutter's) patirg* 
Various kinds of chisel are, pahat 
sromborg* pahat kuku, pahat pu~ 
tar, pahat pmbunoh* pahat jan- 
tan* pahat lebar. 

Chisel, v. t. pahat, pahatkan. 

Chit (chit), s. (sprout) tunas; 
(small, insignificant person) ker- 

Chitchat (chit'chat), s. checheh* 

Chitty (-ti), s. chti, cheti (B.). 

Chivalrous (shiv'al-rws), adj. per- 
kam* dan beradat. 

Chivalry (-ri), s. (warriors) orarg 
pahlawan, oratg prarg; (gallantry 
and courtesy) Makuan perkasa* 
dan biidi bhasa. 

Chloroform (kior'o-form), s. obat 
bias* (Pers. bihaush), obat tidor 
(X.I.) (B.). 

Chock (chok), s. pnjatgga* sndal* 

Chockablock (ehok'a-blok'), adj. 
(Xaut.) rapaUrapat, habis rapat, 

Chock-full (-fool/), adj. pnoh ssak. 

Chocolate (-o-let), s. choklat 

Choice (cbois), s. pileli, a.khtiar* 
(Ar. ikhiidr). 

Choice, adj. pit eh an. 

Choir (kwlr), s. kumpoJan orarg m- 

Choke (chok), v. t. (strangle) ch- 
kek; (with rope) hi jut; (with a 
lish bone) ktidaigan :* (obstruct 
any passage) turn pat* kambus* 
sbu;* (feel choked through fast 
eating) termrgklan* mrgklan. 

Choler (kol'er), s. (anger) marah; 
(of princes) murk a (Ar.). 

Cholera (-a), s. kolera, ta'un* (Ar. 
Ta'un), sakit muntah-berak, ha- 

Choleric (-ik), adj. (irascible) Ikas 

Choose (chooz). v. t. pileli, akhtiar- 
kan* (Ar. ikhtiar). 

Chop (chop), v. i. t. (cut by striking 
repeatedly) chncharg., chincharg 
(B.), chlis;* (one or more blows) 
ttak, pararg. To chop off, prggal* 
panchorg. To chop' up (as a car- 
case), prggal* lapah;* (in small 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, mums, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




pieces) clinch a rg. See cut. To 
chop and change, rnchah. 

Chop, s. s-kpirg dagirg. 

Chopper (chop'per), s. pararg, go- 

Chopping-block (-ping blok), s. 
kayu landas* 

Chopping-knife (mf), s. pararg, 

Choppy (-pi), adj. konchah* ber- 
kochak. Choppy waves, ombak 
saboiy-mvyaboiy , ombak samborg- 
mryamboiy (B.) ? glombaiy kpala 
kra* glombarg bury a Iparg* 

Chopsticks (-stiks), s. spit, sum pit 

Choral (kor'al), adj. njanjian, deri- 

hal mnjanji. 
Chorus (-us), s. (of singers) kum- 

polan oranj voyavji; (of a song) 

Chord (kord), s. (in music) bunji 

Chore (chor), s. kerja kcltil, kerja 

Christ (krist), s. Almaseh (Ar.). 
Christen (kris'n), v. t. baptiskan 

Christian (kris'chrtn), s. oranj m- 

sihi* or aig kristian, oraig krist en 

(X.I.) ; (Bom an Catholic) orarg 

srani, nasrani (Ar.). 
Christianity (kris'chi-an'i-ti), s. 

agama nisihi* (Ar. mashii). 

agama krist en. 
Christmas (-mas), s. hari jadi Al- 
maseh* hari natal (B.C.), hari 

Chronic (kron'ik), adj. mrana, m- 

reryeh* mraiyai* idapan* 
Chronicle (-i-kl), s. kitab tawarikh 

Chronology (kro-nol'o-ji), s. Hlmu 

tawarikh (Ar.). 
Chronometer (-nom'e-ter), s. jam 

yarg btul waklu-iya bagi kapal, 

arloji kapal, horloji kapal (X.I.). 
Chrysalis (kris'a-lis), s. sarorg 

ulat; (of the silk worm) indorg* 

Chrysolite (-o-lit), s. ratna* chm- 

Chubby (ehub'bi), adj. sintal,* 

m until. 
Chuck (ehnk), v. t. (throw) cham- 

pak, buarg. 
Chuck, s. ragum plarck* 
Chuckle (chuk'kl), v. i. glakak, 

glak kak-kak* 
Chum (chum), s. handai* sobaU 

andai (B.), mhabat yarg rapat, 

sobat baik (B.). 
Chunk (ehungk), s. (of wood) s- 

krat; (of stone) torgkol; (small- 
er) ktul* bukn. 
Church (cherch), s. (building) gre- 

ja; (a body of Christians) per- 

kumpolan (X) ; (the church uni- 
versal) eklisia (G.) (X.). 
Churchyard (eherch'yard), s. ha- 

la man greja. 
Churl (cherl), s. oranj hutan, orarg 

kamr, orarg chroboh;* (miser) 

orarg lokek. 
Churlish (eherl'ish), adj. (rude) 

kamr, chroboh;* (stingy) lokek. 
Churn (chern), s. putaran mntega, 

Churn, v. t. buat mntega; (agitate) 

Cicada (si-ka'da, u. s. si-ka'da), s. 

Cicatrice (sik'a-tris), s. parut* 

bkas luka. 
Cider (si'der), s. tuak buah tufah 

(Ar.) ; see api>le. 
Cigar (si-gar'), s. chrut, chrutu, 

rokok blanda (N.I.). 
Cigarette (sig'a-ref), s. rokok, ro- 
kok kertas. 
Cinchona (sin-ko'na), s. pokok 

kwinin (E.), pokok kina (X.I.). 
Cincture (singk'clmr), s. tali pirg- 

gatg, ikat pitygarg, brgkorg. 
Cinder (sin'der), s. ararg. 
Cinematograph (sin'e-mat'o-graf), 

ite, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minws, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




s. wayarg gambar, Tcomidi gambar 

(1ST. I.), wayarg glap. 
Cingalese (sing'ga-lez'), s. orarg 

Cinnabar (sin'na-bar), s. batu 

Cinnamon (-rawn), s. kayu manis. 
Cipher (sl'fer), s. (the figure 0) 

my lea kosorg* arglca not* nombor 

kosorg (B.), nut ( N. I. ); (inter- 
woven letters) huruf bertargkup;* 

(secret writing) tulisan rahsia. 
Circle (ser'kl), s. bulatan* bulat, 

bandar (jST.L). 
Circle, v. i. (move in a circle) ber- 

idar* pusirg-pusirg (B.) ; (as a 

hawk) legar* 
Circle, v. t. (encompass) Milirgi* 
Circuit (-kit), s. (revolution) per- 

idaran;* (district) dairah (Ar.) 
Circuitous (ser-ku'i-tws), adj. m* 

lergkolc, mlemborg * 
Circular (ser'ku-ler), adj. mlerg- 

korg, hertmu puncha* bulat, bun- 

dar (KL). 
Circular, s. sural yatg di-peridar- 

kan* saklar (E.). 
Circulate (-lat), v. i. (move in a 

circle) beridar* berkitar;* (from 

place to place) berjalan, berlaku;* 

(of news) pcliah. 
Circulate, v. t. idarkan* kitarkan* 

jalankan klilirg. 
Circulation (-la'shwn), s. (act of 

moving round) peridaran* per- 

kitaran;* (diffusion) laku; (of 

the blood) jalan darah. 
Circumambulate (ser'kwm-am'bu- 

lat), v. t. slisir* Milirgi* 
Circumcise (-siz), v. t. khatankan 

(Ar.), sunatkan. 
Circumciser (-er), s. mudim* (Ar. 

Circumcision (-sizh'i/n), s. khatan 

(Ar.), sunat. 
Circumference (ser-kum'fer-ens), 

s. lilit bulatan, lergkarg* klilirg- 

rya (B.). 

Circumlocution (ser'krnn-lo-ku'- 

shsm), s. perkata'an mlemborg,*- 

perkata'an Ian jut* 
Circumnavigate (-nav'i-gat), v. t„ 

blayer klilirg, Milirgi* 
Circumscribe (-skiib'), v. t. liirgga- 

kan* liadkan (Ar.). 
Circumspect (-spekt), adj. irgat, 

jaga, saksama (Sk.). 
Circumstance (-stans), s. hal, pri* 

pri-hal, hal-ehwal* (Ar. aiiwdl^ 

pi. of Vial), 
Circumstantial (-stan'shal), adj. 

yaig baiyak pri-hal-rya.* 
Circumvent (-vent'), v. t. perdaya- 

kan, elahkan. 
Circus (ser-kws), s. ivayarg kuda, 

komidi kuda (X.I.), sarkas (E.), 

wayarg sarkas. 
Cistern (sis'tern), s. kolah; (lar- 
ger) kolam. 
Citadel (sit'a-del), s. kota dalam. 
Citation (sl-ta'shttn), s. (summons) 

saman (E.) ; (quotation) purgut- 

an* sbotan. 
Cite (sit), v. t. (summon) saman 

(E.) ; (quote) purgut, sbot. 
Citizen (sit'i-zn), s. anak negrL 
Citizenship (-ship), s. hak anak 

negri,* hal mnjadi anak-negri. 
Citron (sit'rwn), s. limau bali 
Citronella grass (-el'la gras), s. 

City (sit'i), s. negri; (fortified) 

kota; (sea port) bandar. 
Civet (siv'et), s. musarg-jbat. 
Civic (-ik), adj. negri (a), as, hak 

negri* civic rights. 
Civil (-il), adj. (polite) beradab 

(Ar.) ; (polite in speech) ber- 

bliasa; (not official) preman. 

Civil action, d'awaan perkara hak 

atau herta. Civil service, kerja 

kompni, kerja kraja'an. Civil 

war, prarg antara orarg s-negri. 
Civilian (si-vil'yan), s. orarg pre- 

man (D. vrijman). 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; Ice, it, fire, 

mirror; 51d, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minus, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful) ; law, how, oil; thin then. 




Civility (-i-ti), s. adab (Ar.), budi- 

Civilisation (siv'i-li-za'shim), s. 

tamaddun (Ar.), kalialusan 'adat. 
Civilize (-Hz), v. t. haluskan k/a- 

kuan dan 'adat. 
Civilized (-llzd), adj. bcrmudun 

Clack (klak), v. t. berburyi klok- 

klok;* (of speech) bletir. 
Clad (klad), v. t. berpakaian. Clad 

in blue, berpakaian biru. 
Claim (klam), v. t. (demand) tun- 
tut; (challenge as a right) d'awa, 

Claim, s. (demand) d'awa, tuntut- 

an; (right, privilege) hak (Ar.). 
Claimant (klam'ant), s. ovary yary 

mnd'awa, pn untut* 
Clairvoyance (klar-voi'ans), s. 

a was,* 'ilmu trus mat a. 
Clam (klam), s. krarg. 
Clamber (klam'ber), v. i. rarykak, 

mrargkak (B.). 
Clammy (-mi), adj. . (sticky) ber- 

Irgas; (damp) Imbap, 'mbal;* (of 

the skin) Iket* bergtah. 
Clamorous (-er-ws), adj. bertriak- 

triak, bersorak-somk. 
Clamour (-er), s. bisiry, rioh, rioh- 

rndah, irgar* geger* 
Clamour, v. i. bertriak-triak. 
Clamp (klamp), g. apitan* pichry- 

Clamp, v. t. afrit* 
Clan (klan), s. kaum (Ar.), suku* 

Clandestine (klan-des'tin), adj. 

bersmbwyi, m nchuri-churi, diam- 

Clang (klang), v. i. gmrncharg* 

berdrary* berdrory* berdriry* 
Clang, s. krory-krary* drory-dmry* 

krnchaiy-krnchiiy, gm ratak* 
Clank (klangk), v. i. gmrncharg,* 

Clannish (klan'nish), adj. yary ta'- 

mau champur barysa lain. 

Clap (klap), v. t. (as the hands) 

tpok; (place suddenly on, as the 

hand on the mouth) Ikapkan. 
Clap, s. (of thunder) buryi ptir, yu- 

roh* guntor (N.I.) (B.). 
Clapper (klap'per), s. (of a bell) 

anak lochery; (of wood) klntory; 

(turned by the wind) bolary-ba- 

Claret (klar'et), s. s-jnis ajjer ary- 

gor, aiggor merah. 
Clarify (-i-fi), v. t. jernehJcan, 

bersehkan, h nirykan* 
Clarionet (-i-o-nef), s. srnnai, sroni 

(B.), klarnet (Eur.) . 
Clash (klash), v. i. (of sound) gm- 

rnchary;* (collide) berlarggar, ber- 

antok, terantok; (contend) ber- 

Clasp (klasp), s. (a catch) ganchu; 

(of a belt) pndiry; (embrace) 

plok; (closer) dakap* Clasp 

knife, pisau lipat. 
Clasp, v. t. (fasten) ganchukan; 

(embrace) plok; (more closely) 

Class (klas), s. (group) parykat, 

taraf* (Ar. Taraf) ; (in school) 

klas, derjah (Ar.) ; (division) 

bhagian; (kind, variety) jnis, 

Class, v. t. aturkan berpargkat- 

pdrgkat, asirgkan ber jnis- jnis. 
Classic (klas'sik), s. kitab yary ter- 

utama* kitab bhasa Grik dan Rom. 
Classical (-si-kal), adj. deri-hal 

bhasa Grik dan Rom, deri-hal bhasa 

yary halus. 
Classification (-fi-ka'shtm), s. per- 

aturan sperti parykat atau jnis, 

Classify (-fi), v. t. aturkan berpary- 

kat-parykat, asirgkan berjnis-jnis. 
Classmate (klas'mat), s. kawan 

Clatter (klat'ter), s. Map-Mop, ker- 

tap-kertop, krory-krary* grodak, 

gerdak-gerdok, ymratak;* (of 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; iise, us, minus, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




feet on a plank floor) gerdum- 

Clause (klawz), s. (in documents) 
bob (Ar.), -fasal; (Gram.) anj- 
gota perkata'an* 

Clavicle (klav'i-kl), s. tularg slarrj- 

Claw (klaw), s. (of beasts and 
birds) kuku; (of crabs) spit; (the 
whole foot of birds) cliakar. 

Claw, v. t. (grip with nails) chkau; 
(scratch with nails) gam* gar ok; 
(of fowls) kais, cliakar. 

Clay (kia), s. tanah Hat. 

Clean (klen), adj. berseli, perseh;* 
(morally) suchi, taberdosa (B.). 

Clean, adv. skali, skali-kali, s-mata- 

Clean, v. t. chuchi, bersehkan, su Chi- 
lean; (by washing) basoh; (as cot- 
ton) busar* To clean the teeth, 
bersugi* To clean rice or fish in 
water, kosek. To cleaii fish or 
vegetables for cooking, siarg* per- 
siarg (B.). Also see wash. 

Cleanly (klen'li), adj. berseli. 

Cleanse (klenz), v. t. chuchi, chu- 
chilcan, bersehkan. To cleanse 
one's self after defilement, ber- 
suchi, berchebok, beristinja (Ar.) ; 
(ceremonially) ambil ayer smbah- 
yarg; (from defilement of pigs or 
dogs) sertu* See ablution. 

Clear (kler), adj. (transparent) 
hnirg* jerneh; (of the atmos- 
phere) chrah, chuacha; (evident) 
trarg, ryata, jlas; (keen, acute, as 
sight or mind) tajam, trarg; 
(bright) trarg-tmrarg ;* (free 
from blemishes or obstructions) 
trarg, jlah;* (of sounds) traig, 
ryarirg. Clear sky, chuacha, chua- 
cha baik. 

Clear, v. t. trargkan, chrahkan, jer- 
nelikan, as above. To clear jungle, 
tbarg; (undergrowth) ibas. To 
clear a path, rntas, rntis* 

Clearance (kler'ans), s. (act of 

clearing) ktrargan; (distance a- 

part) jarak* Port clearance, pas- 

Clear-cut (-kut), adj. traig. 
Clear-headed (-hed'ed), adj. tajam 

Clearing (-ing), s. (in jungle) 

chrarg;* (felled, but not yet 

burnt) rba* 
Clear-sighted (-slt'ed), adj. mata 

Cleat (klet), s. tupai-tupai* 
Cleave (klev), v. i. (stick) Ikat; 

(unite by affection or interest) hu- 

bow, dampirg* 
Cleave, v. t. blah. 
Cleaver (klev'er), s. pisau pmotoig 

Cleft (kleft), s. chlah, chlalc (B.) ; 

(made by cutting) takek. 
Clemency (klem'en-si), s. kmurah- 

an, bias. 
Clench (klench), v. t. paut; (the 

fist) grggamkan targan; (the teeth 

Clergy (kler'ji), s. padri, pndita 

Clergyman (-man), s. padri, guru 

agama, pndita (X.I.). 
Clerical (kler'i-kd), adj. padri (a) r 

krani (&). Clerical dress, pakaian 

padri. Clerical work, pkerja'an 

Clerk (klark, u. s. klerk), s. juru- 

tidis, krani. 
Clever (klev'er), adj. pandai, bijak+ 

cherdek, alili (Ar.), pintar (NVL). 
Cleverness (-nes), s. kpandaian, k- 

pintaran (N.I.). 
Clew (kloo or klu), s. (ball of 

thread) tukal;* (hint) pertunjok- 

'an; (ISTaut.) kaki layer. 
Clew, v. t. (Naut.) To clew up, s- 

tirggi layer. 
Click (kllk), v.i. ktek, dtek* 
Click, s. ktek, dtek* 
Client (kli'ent), s. (at law) orarg 

yarg mrgupah pguam,* orarg yarg 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minws, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




pakai loyar (E.) ; (in business) 

orarg berlaiyganan* 
Cliff (klif), s. tbiiy tiiyyi, tbirg yary 

churam, churam an bukit. 
Climate (kli'met), s. haiva. 
Climax (-maks), s. (steady in- 
crease) pnambahan; (highest 

point) punch ak* kmunclidk. 
Climb (kllm), v. i. t. panjat, naik; 

(hills) daki;* (of plants) jalar* 

lata, mlata (B.). 
Climber (klim'er), s. pmanjat, yaiy 

mnjalar* yarg mlata, as above. 
Clinch (klinch), v. t. beiykokkan 

liujorg paku; (confirm, as an argu- 
ment) ttapkan. 
Cling (kling), v. i. (by twining 

round) blit; (adhere to) Ikat; 

(hold fast to) paid. 
Clinic (klin'ik), s. plajaran miyobati 

orarg sakit. 
Clink (klingk), s. driry* dchiiy* 

klntiry, kltiry. 
Clinker (klingk'er), s. talii arary 

Clinker-built (-bilt), adj. (Naut.) 

tindeh-kaseh, pa pan borhipis, pa- 
pan bersirip. 
Clip (klip), v. t. (cut off) yuntiry; 

(clasp) chrgkam. 
Clipper (klip'per), s. (for cutting 

hair) yunliiy kuda; (Naut.) kapal 

tiary tiya yary laju. Clipper bow 

(Xaut.) haluan scroig, haluan 

Clique (kick), s. perskutuan ovary 

yary tamau berramali-ramahan 

dnjan or an) lain.* 
Cloak (klok), s. (garment) baju 

kllawar;* (pretext, cover) pnu- 

dory, piyamar* 
Cloak, v. t. (conceal) tudory, samar- 

kan* smbmyikan. 
Cloakroom (klok'room), s. tmpat 

miyimpan pakaian orarg ramai. 
Clock (klok), s. jam bsar, jam din- 

dirg* jam tembok (B.). 

Clockwork (klok'werk), s. psaivat 
jam* psaivat arloji (D.), psaivat 
horloji (N.I.). 

Clod (klod), s. (of earth) yumpal; 
(of clay) kpal;* (a dolt) orarg 
tolu, oraiy toryonj* 

Clodhopper (klod'hop-per), s. orarg 
huian, orarg kurarg ajar. 

Clog (klog), v. t. (obstruct) skat; 
(choke) kambus* turn-pat;* (im- 
pede) tahankan, tgah. 

Clog, s. (impediment) tgahan, p- 
numpat,* (block of wood) pnjig- 
kary; (w^ooden sandals) trompah, 
cliakiak (Ch. chhd-kidh). 

Cloister (klois'ter), s. (covered 
walk) srambi; (monastery), ru- 
in ah oraiy berkhalwat (Ar.), ru- 
in alt orary rahib (Ar.). 

Close (kloz), v. i. (end) habis; 
(come together) rapat; (as a flow- 
er) kunchop. 

Close, v. t. (shut) in top, katop; (the 
eyes) kjam, pjam;* (the hand) 
gtggamkan; (the teeth or lips) 
ktap; (an umbrella) kunchop; (of 
bivalves) tanjkup;* (a hole or 
well) sbu* timbus; (draw to- 
gether, unite) rapatkan; (con- 
clude, consummate) hdbiskan, 
slmikan, slisekan (B.), jlaskan* 

Close, s. (conclusion) pryhabisan, 
ksudahan, kjlasan;* (of a narra- 
tive) tamat (Ar.) ; (precinct of a 
cathedral) halaman. 

Close (klos), adj. (near) dkat, ham- 
pir* rapat, berdampiry ;* (nar- 
row^) smpit; (stingy) lokek, etc., 
see below; (dense, compact) mam- 
pat, ttal;* (intimate) rapat, rafik 
(Ar.), ikrab (Ar. aqrdb). 

Closefisted (klos'fist'tfd), adj. lokek, 
kikir, kdkut, chekel* targkai jriry, 
bakhil (Ar.), aycr di-yryyam ta'- 
tiris (Prov.). 

Closehauled (-hawld'), adj. 
(Naut.) nuyoiysory aiyin. 

•ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, lien, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, lnhms, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 


90 m 


Closereefed (-reft), adj. (Naut.) 
layer habis di-andak. 

Closet (kloz'et), s. bilek Jcchil. 

Closing (kloz'ing), adj. yarg pry* 
habisan, yarg akhir (Ar.). 

Closure (klo'zhur), s. kputusan 
mashuarat (Ar.). 

Clot (klot), s. buku, gum pal, JcpaL 

Clot, v. i. berbuhu, bergumpal, ber- 

Cloth (klawth or kloth), s. (the 
fabric) kain; (of a billiard table) 
lakan (D.) ; (spread on the floor 
at a meal) sufrah (Ar.) ; (clerical 
profession) pargkat padri. Broad- 
cloth, sakhlat (Pers.), kain srg- 
klat (B.). Cloth of gold, kain 
bnarg ma*. 

Clothe (kloth), v. t. pakai, pakaikan, 

Clothes (klo^/iz), s. pakaian, kain- 
baju. With only the clothes one 
has on, dry an s-lai s-pirggarg. 

Clothes-horse (klo^z'hors), s. 
sampaian* kain. 

Clothes-line (-Hn), s. tali pnjmor 
kain, ampaian* kain, tali pryidai* 

Clothing (kloM/ing), s. pakaian, 

Cloud (klowd), s. awan; (red) mega 
(Sk.), teja (Sk.) ; (blemish) cha- 
chat. Kain cloud, awan mrgan- 
dory hujan. -Storm cloud, pokok- 
argin* A cloud of smoke, kpulan 
amp* asap berkpid-kpul* asap 
naik iabun-m nabun. * 

Cloud, v. t. (cover with cloud) sapid 
awan;* (darker.) kabuskan,* glap- 
kan, klamkan;* (stain) datargkan 

Cloudless (klowd'les), adj. tiada 
berawan, chuacha baik, chuaclia,* 
Cloudy (-i), adj. rdop, suram* mn- 

ram;* (indistinct) kabus* 
Clout (klowt), s. (cloth) kain s-krat f 

kain s-chmpirg;* (patch) kain 
tampal; (a blow) spak, tampar. 

Clout, v. t. (patch) tampal, tam- 
porg;* (strike) tampar, spak; 
(with nails) pukol paku. 

Clove (klov), s. bwrga chrgkeh, burga 
chirgkeh (B.). Clove hitch, tarn- 
bat ay am. 

Cloven (klo'vn), adj. terblah. 

Cloven-footed (-foot-ed), adj. ber- 
blah kuku. 

Clown (klown), s. (in a circus) 
orarg klakar, alan-alan* pran,* 7 
smar* orarg lawak (P.) ; (rustic) 
orarg 1 tut an. 

Clownish (klown'ish), adj. s-lahu 
orarg hut an* bur ok lakii* terg- 
kah-laku sperti orarg hutan. 

Cloy (kloi), v. t. jmu* muak* 

Club (klub), s. (cudgel) blantan;* 
(longer) pmntorg ;* (in cards) Jcla- 
war; (association) perskvduan* 
pcrkumpolan, klap \E.). See 


Club, v. i. (unite) bersatu; (to pay) 

berte'yan (Ch. the'h-ien). 
Club, v. t. pntorg* pukol drgan torg- 

kat, pargkorg. 
Clubfoot (klub'foot), s. pekok* 

chepoh* chepok (B.). 
Clubhouse (-hows), s. speles (D„ 

Cluck (kluk), v. i. berktok. 
Clue (kloo or klu), s. (hint) per- 

tunjoWan, tanda, 'alamat, turut- 

Clump (klump), s. (of wood, sawn 

off) reja; (hewn off) bahan;* (of 

trees) gomporg* tompok, klom- 

pok; (of grass or bamboos) rum- 
Clumsiness (klum'zi-nes), s. kcharg- 

Clumsy, adj. (awkward) jarggal* 

charggotg; (of work) kloloh* to,'- 

snonoh, ropak-rapek* 
Cluster (klus'ter), s. (of fruit on 

one stalk) targkai, tandan, terg- 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire„ 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minus, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 


fft- 91 


kel* rorgkol;* (of grass, bamboos, 
etc.) rumpun; (of islands or 
separate fruits) gugusan;* (of 
trees or men) klompok, tompok; 
(tied together) rargkai. 

Cluster, v. i. berkrumun, berkum- 
pol, berdompak,* berdempel* ber- 
tcrgkel,* trerykel.* 

Clutch (kluch), v. t. (seize with 
hands) paid, chapai; (in the closed 
fist) grggam; (between finger and 
thumb) cJugkam; (in fighting) 
clikau, cherkau, chrgkaa* arggan* 

Clutter (klut'ter), v. t. ropak-ra- 

Coach (kdch), s. (carriage) kreta 
tambaiyan, kreta plaigkin; (tu- 
tor) guru pmhantu; (trainer) 
orarg yarg mngajar kuda atau orarg 
yarg berlamba. 

Coach, v. t. ajar. 

Coachman (koch'man), s. sals, 
orarg yarg mnjalankan kreta, kusir 

Coadjutor (ko'a-jfi'ter), s. pnoloig, 

Coagulate (ko-ag'u-lat), v. i. ber- 
buku, berbku* bergampal, kntal. 

Coagulate, v. i. bkukan* kntalkan, 

Coal (kol), s. (charred fragment, 
extinguished) araig; (still hot) 
bara api; (the mineral) araig batu. 
Coal gas, gas. Coal mine, galian 
ararg. Coal oil, miryak tanah, 
vrinjak gas. Coal tar, miryak tar, 
(E.), miryak ter (D.), bolorg* 

Coalesce (ko'a-les'), v. i. (unite) 

Coalition (-lish'wn), s. pakatan, per- 
stajuan, perskutuan* 

Coarse (kors), adj. (of size) kasar; 
(of texture) ksat, kasap* grutu; 
(thick) tbal; (of words or actions) 
kasar, kahar (Ar.), ta'snonoh, chro- 
boh;* (rough workmanship) la'- 
snonoh, gabas* sergut* 

Coarseness (kors'nes), s. kkasaran, 

etc., as above. 
Coast (kost), s. pantai, tpi lout, pirg- 

gir (N.I.). Coast guard, klasi 

yarg mnjaga di tpi laut. Coast 

line, tlok rantau* 
Coast, v. i. susur* rantau* 
Coasting (kost'ing), adj. yarg m- 

Coat (kot), s. baju; (long) jubah 

(Ar.) ; (layer) lapis. Coat of 

mail, baju rantai, baju zirah (Ar.). 

To wear the coat inside the sarong, 

berdagaiy luar* 
Coat, v. t. (with metal or cloth) sa- 

lut;* (with dirt) lumurkan, tepek; 

(with sugar) sira* Coated as 

the inside of a cooking pot, ber- 

Coating (kot'ing), s. salutan* lapis. 
Coax (koks), v. t. pujok, bujok* 

chumbu, kechek. 
Coaxing (koks'ing), s. pujok-rayu* 
Cob (kob), s. (of maize) mmpulor;* 

(horse) kuda turggarg yarg tgap; 

(Jump) buku. 
Cobble (kob'bl), v. t. tampal, tam- 

Cobbler (-bier), s. tukarg mmbaik- 

kan kasut, tukarg jaliit kasut. 
Cobblestone (-bl-ston), s. batu li- 

chin, batu ayer* 
Cobra (ko'bra), s. idar tdorg. 
Cobweb (kob' web), s. sararg labah- 

labah; (pi. in a house) sawarg* 

Festooned with cobwebs, berslirat* 

drgan sararg labah-labah. 
Coccyx (kok'siks), s. tidarg torg- 

Cochin China (ko'chin chfna), s. 

negri Kamboja. 
Cock (kok), s. (fowl) ayam jantan, 

mandorg* ayam jag ok (N".I.) ; 

(tap) chrat* pili ayer;* (ham- 
mer of a gun) pltop, pmtek* 

ptek'an* Fighting cock, ayam 

sab org, ayam sab organ. 
Cock, v. t. (of small things, as a tail) 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minws, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin tlien. 




jiykii;* (of larger things) jorykit; 

(the eye) bliakkan mata, jlirg; (a 

gun) ptek* 
Cockade (kok-ad'), s. 'alamat deri- 
- pada pita di-pakai pada topi* 
Cock-a-whoop (kok'a-hoop'), adj. 

Cockatoo (-too'), s. burorg kakak- 

Cockatrice (-tris), s. ular jadi-jadi- 

Cockchafer (kok'cha-fer), s. s-jnis 

Cockerel (kok'rel), s. anak ayam 

Cockfight (-fit), s. saborgan ayam. 
Cockle (-kl), s. kraiy, lokan. 
Cockle, v. t. berkrut, berkdut* 
Cockleshell (-shel), s. si put krarq, 

putiiy ptri* 
Cockney (-ni), s. anak neyri Lon- 
Cockpit (-pit), s. glarggary; 

(Naut.) bilek bagi orarg luka. 
Cockroach (-roeh), s. Upas* ka- 

chttak (B.) (Ch. kd-tsoah). 
Cockscomb (koks'koni), s. (the 

flower) burya balorg ayam* binga 

jiiyyeh ayam (B.) (Jaw jeryyer). 

See comb and coxcomb. 
Cocksure (kok'slmr'), adj. tertntu, 

tntu skali. 
Cockswain (-sn), s. juru-mudi, 

Cocktail (-tal), s. miniiman ber- 

cliampur arak. 
Cocoa (ko'ko), s. pokok clioklat 

Coco, or coco palm (ko'ko), s. po- 
kok njiur* pokok Ida pa. 
Coconut (-nut'), s. buah lyiur* 

buah klapa. Coconut matting, 

tikar sabot. 
Cocoon (ko-kdon'), s. saroiy til at; 

(of silk) indole* sutra. 
Cod (kod), s. s-jnis ikan. Cod-liver- 
oil, miryak ikan. 
Coddle (kod'dl), v. t. manjakan. 

Code (kod), s. peraturan sgala hu- 

kum, undary-undary. 
Codger (koj'er), s. (miser) orarg 

lokek; (eccentric old man) nja- 

njok* pa pandir* 
Codicil (kod'i-sil), s. tambahan sural 

Codify (ko'di-fi), v. t. aturkan hu- 

kum at au undarg-undarg. 
Coerce (ko-ers'), v. t. (restrain) 

tyahkan., tahankan ; (compel) pak- 

w, krasi, kraskan, gagalii* 
Coercion (-er'slnm), s. paksa, kkras- 

Coercive (-siv), adj. yaty mmaksa- 
Coeval (ko-e'val), adj. sama "umoi\ 

x- n m or, sam a rut ma n. 
Coexist (ko'egz-ist'), v. i. ada ber- 

Coextensive (ko'eks-ten'siv), adj. 

sama rata, sama luas. 
Coffee (kof'fi), s. kopi (D.), kahwa 

Coffeehouse (-hows), s. kdai kopL 
Coffeepot (-pot), s. kipsiau* (Ch. 

kip-sio), pochi kopi (I). potje). 
Coffer (koffer), s. pti. 
Cofferdam (-dam), s. 'm-paryan 

m igrirgkan ayer. 
Coffin (-fin), s. lory* laroiy* kran- 

da (Sk.), pti orary mati (B). 
Cog (kog), s. (of a wheel) gigi 

jntra;* (tenon) putiiy. 
Cogency (ko'jen-si), s. kuasa dalam 

Cogent (-jent), adj. kuat, berkuasa 

dalam bichara. 
Cogitate (koj'i-tfit), v. i. fikir, k- 

navg, tfkvr (Ar.). 
Cognate (kog'net), adj. (allied by 

blood) bersaudara, bersanak* s- 

dagirg s-darah; (of similar nature) 

s-jni$, s-banjsa, s-macham. 
Cognizance (kog'ni-zans or kon'i- 

zans), s. prytahvan. 
Cognizant (-mnt), adj. s-tahu* 
Cognomen (kog-no'men), s. nama 

khtarga* se n (B.) (Ch. si 11 ). 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; Ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, min-ws, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin £7ien. 




Cogwheel (kog'weel), s. jntra ber- 

gigi, roda bergigi. 
Cohabit (ko-hab'it), v. i. (live to- 
gether) tirggal bersama-sama j (as 

husband and wife) bersatu, s- 

ktidoran* s-pertidoran* 
Cohabitation (-i-ta/shiai), s. s- 

Coheir (ko-ar'), 8. sama s-waris. 
Cohere (ko-heV), v. i. berhuboiy, 

jreketj* (logically) berstuju. 
Coherent (-ent), adj. berhuborg, 

jreketj* (logically) berstuju, drgan 

Cohesion (ko-he'zlnm), s. perhu- 

boujan, perdampiigan* hal m- 

Ikat, krapatan. 
Cohesive (-siv), adj. yarg ber- 

hvhorg, yarg mlkat, yarg jreket.* 
Cohort (ko'hort), s. pasokan soldado 

orarg Rom dhulu, kala. 
Coil (koil), v. t. lergkar, lergkarkan, 

lilitkarv,: (ropes) leiykar, sargii 

Coil, v. i. berlergkar, berUlit, berblit. 
Coil, s. lergkar, lergkaran, lilitan, 

blif an, gulorg, sargii (L.). 
Coin (koin), s. (corner) pnjurnj 

(money) warg. 
Coin, v. t. (mint) impa wary* tuarg 

ivauj, bikin iraig (B.) ; (invent, 

originate) a dak an, reka. 
Coinage (koin'ej), s. hal mnmpa* 

wan/, etc., as above. 
Coincide (ko'in-sld'), v. i. bersama- 

9 an j (in place) s-tmpat, bertmuj 

(in time) s-mam :* (concur, agree) 

s-kata, s-turut, berstuju. 
Coincidence (ko-in'si-d<?ns), s. per- 

sama an, perstujuan, pertmuan. 
Coition (ko-ish'?/n), s. jim'a (Ar.). 
Coir (koir), s. sabot.' Coir matting, 

tikar sabot. Coir rope, tali sabot. 
Coke (kok), s. talii ararg batu. 
Colander (kul'an-der), s. tapisan. 
Cold (kold), adj. sjok, dirginj* (suf- 
fering from cold) kdirginan* kna 

sjok. Cold chisel, pahat bsi. In 

cold blood, drgan liati sjokj (de- 
liberately) drgan srgaja. 

Cold, s. (absence of warmth) sjok, 
dirginj* (catarrh) slsma, sma- 
sma,* slesma (B.j. 

Cold-blooded (kold'blud-ed), s. (of 
fish, etc.) darah sjok j (hard-heart- 
ed) kras had. 

Colic (kol'ik), s. sakil mmulas, clii- 
ka, snak, rrgat* 

Collaboration (k^l-lab-o-ra'slnm),. 
s. hal bkerja bersama-sama. 

Collapse (kol-laps'), v. i. (as a bal- 
loon or pneumatic tyre) kmpisj 
(as the sides of a well) runtoh^ 
rnboh (B.) ; (fail completely) ha- 
bis rosak, hilarg I an/so rg. 

Collar (kol'ler), s. (of a coat) lehir 
baju, kalar (E.), krah (D. kraag) ;. 
(ornamental, of metal) Icha* ka- 
loigj* (for a dog) rlauj j* (ring of 
metal or rattan) simpai. Col- 
lar bone, tularg slargka* tularg 
chnak* Collar stud, butarg dasi 
(I), dasje), kanchirg lehir. 

Collate (kol-lat'), v. t. bandirgkan. 

Collateral (kol-lat'er-al), adj. ber- 
hubouit berdampirg* berstuju. 

Collation (kol-la'srn/n), s. (act of 
collating) hal mmbandirgkanj 

• (light meal) makan alas prot* 

Colleague (kol'leg), s. orarg yarg 
sama j a tea I an* oratg yarg sama 

Collect (kol-lekf), v. i. (assemble) 
berku mpol, berhimpon* 

Collect, v. t. (bring together) kum- 
polka n, h impo n ka n, * kampo rgkan ; 
(pick up) kutipj (obtain pay- 
ment) purgutj (gather in heaps) 
lorggokkanj (material for build- 
ings, etc.) ram u* 

Collect (kol'lekt), s. surat do a. 

Collected (kol-lekt'ed), adj. (calm, 
composed) sjok hati, dram, tnarg 

Collection (-lek'slrz/n), s. (act of 
collecting) hal mrgumpolkan, etc.,. 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire,. 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minus, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




as above; (the thing collected) 

kumpolan, himponan* puryutan, 

ramuan;* (contribution of money) 

ynran* te'yan (Ch. theh-ien). 
•Collective (-tiv), adj. bersama- 

Collector (-ter), s. piyumpol, p- 

■mwyitt, piyutip* Collector of 

Land Revenue, pmutyut hasil 

College (kol'lej), s. skolah bsar, 

skolah thygi, madrasah (Ar.). 
Collegiate (kol-le'ji-et), adj. slcolah 

bsar (a). 
Collide (kol-lid')', v. i. berlaryyar, 

terantok, berantok* berlaga. 
Collier (kol'yer), s. orajy yary mry- 

yali arary, ka-pal yarg muat arary. 
Colliery (-i), s. yalian arary. 
-Collision (kol-lizh'wn), s. perlary- 

garan, antolcan. 
Collop (kol'h/p), s. (of meat) s- 

krat, s-potory, s-ktul* 
Colloquial (kol-16'kwi-cd), adj. 

(used in conversation) dalam per- 

rhakapan; (common or familiar) 

klaziman (Ar.). 
Colloquy (kol'lo-kwi), s. perlutoran. 
Collude (kol-liid'), v. i. berpakat 

Collusion (kol-lu'zhwn), s. pakatan, 

subahat* iipu-daya. In collusion, 

s-pakat, bersubahat* 
Colon (ko'lon), s. (large intestine) 

prot tua, leiykar prot; (in writ- 
ing) tan da perhntian [: ]. 
•Colonel (ker'nel), s. prglima yary 

minrentalikaii pasokan, s-ribu orary 
Colonist (kol'o-nist), ovary yary 

dtidok di negri asirg. 
Colonize (-nlz), v. t. buka negri 

bharn, pindah k-negri bharu. 
Colonnade (-on-nad'), s. srambi. 
Colony (-o-ni), s. (the people^ 

kumpolan oraiy yarg dudok di 

negri asirg; (the country) kdudok- 

an oraiy ashy. 

Colossal (ko-los'sal), adj. umbary* 
bayor* bsar skali, saryat bsar, 
amat bsar* 

Colossus (-sws), s. patory yary amat 

Colour (kuTer), s. werna, orna 
(B.). A coloured pattern, cho- 
rak, dondon* Of many colours, 
wern a-werna, pancha-iverna* 

Colours (of a regiment), bndera. 
To be seen in one's true colours, 
kdapatan bndi.* 

Colour, v. t. wernakan; (by dyeing) 
chlop; (with whitewash) sapu ka- 
pur, labur;* (with paint) sapu 

Colour, v. i. (blush) bra* iram* 
naik main. 

Coloured (-erd), adj. berwerna. 

Colourless (er-les), adj. (without 
colour) tiada berwerna; (trans- 
parent) jerneh, hnirg;* (vapid) 
iawar, ambar* 

Colportage (kol'por-tej or kol-por- 
taj'), s. hal mnjaja kitab. 

Colporteur (kol-por-ter') s. pnjaja 

Colt (kolt), s. anak kuda. 

Column (kol'-Mm), s. (pillar) tiarg 
batu; (of troops) lajurj* (of a 
newspaper) ruaiyan;* (of smoke) 

Coma (ko'ma), s. bins* (Pers. 
bihansh) ; (if respiration has 
ceased) slak. 

Comatose (ko'ma-tos or kom'a-tos), 
adj. terlalai, perysan, tiada kha- 
b ark an diri. 

Comb (kom), s. (for hair) sikat, 
sisir; (of a cock) balory* jeryyer 
(Jav.), jirggeh (B.) ; (of honey) 
saraty; (when empty) sambarg;* 
(in weaving) sisir. 

Comb, v. t. sikatkan, sisirkan. 

Combat (kom'bat or kum'bat), v. t 
la wan, laryyar. 

Combat, v. i. berklahi, beradu. 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minus, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin *7ien. 




Combat, s. prarg, pprargan, per- 
lawanan, perklahian. 

Combatant (kom'ba-tant), s. orarrj 
yarg ber prarg. 

Combative (-tiv), adj. pmbantah,* 
yarg suka berklahi, gararg. 

Combination (kom'bi-na'shwn), s. 
perhub organ, perskutuan* cham- 

Combine (kom-bin'), v. t. hub org, 
huborgkan, satukan, samakan, per- 
skutukan* champurkan; see below. 

Combine, v. i. berhuborg, bersatu; 
(confederate) berskutu* berstuju; 
(by affinity) berchampur. 

Combustible (-bus'ti-bl), adj. bo- 
leh di-makan apt, Ikas mnjala, 
snanj mnjala. 

Combustion (-clnai), s. kaliargus- 

Come (kum), v. i. datary, mari 
(P.) ; (arrive) sampai, tiba; (hap- 
pen) jadi. To come about, (hap- 
pen, result) jadi; (Xaut.) belok. 
To come across, jumpa, bertmu, 
jrmpak* dapat. To come and go, 
pefgi balek, lain lalarg* To come 
at (reach, gain), dapat, beroleh ,;* 
(attack) datargi* To come by 
(obtain), dapat. To come down 
(descend), turun; (be humble) 
jadi rndali. To come home, pu- 
larg. To come in, masok. To 
come in for, dapat, trima. To 
come last, chorot. To come Ioosg 
(as plaster), glokak* To come 
near, hampir* datarg dkat. To 
come off (happen), jadi; (escape) 
Ipas; (as a garment) tanjgal* To 
come on (of storms), turun; (of 
fever) naik; (approach) hani'pir* 
To come out, kluar; (of news) 
pchah; (be known) ktara, njata. 
To come round (change), ber- 
obah; (recover) siuman* sehat, 
sudah baik (B.). To come short, 
ta' sampai. To come to (recover), 
irgat akan diri, siuman;* (reach) 

sampai. To come to grief, kna 
chlaka. To come to a head (of a 
boil), tumboh* bermata; (ma- 
ture) smpurna. To come to one's- 
self, sdar akan diri; (after faint- 
ing) siuman pula* To come to- 
pass, jadi. To come together, ber- 
himpon* bcrkumpol. 'To come 
true, jadi, sampai. To come up> 
(ascend), naik; (arise) bargun, 
terbit, timbol. To come up to 
(equal), samakan. To come up 
with (overtake), susul* dapati* 
To come upon (befall), timpa; 
(attack) datargi* 

Comedian (ko-me'di-an), s. pvan,*' 
oratg gang be r main wayaig ptggli 

Comedy (kom'e-di), s. wayaig pty~ 
gli hati. 

Comeliness (kum'K-nes), s. k'elok- 
an, kchantek'an. 

Comely (kum'li), adj. baik paras,. 
elok, chantek, molek. 

Comet (kom'et), s. bintarg berekor,. 
bintarg berasap, bintarg berbimtoi 

Comfit (kum'fit), s. hahca,* manis- 

Comfort (kum'fert), v. t. (console) 
hibm; lipur (Jav.) : (encourage) 
bri hati* ttapkan hati. 

Comfort, s. (consolation) prghibur- 
an; (freedom from pain or want) 
snarg, ksnargan. 

Comfortable (-a-bl), adj. snarg, 
sdap. strihat* (Ar. istirdiiat). 

Comforter (er), s. ptghibur. 

Comfortless (-les), adj. ta snarg. 

Comic (kom'ik), adj. sloroh, yaig- 
mrnbri tertawa, prggli-hati, luchu* 

Comical (-d.), adj. = comic, q. v. 

Coming (kum'ing), s. kdatargan. 

Comity (kom'i-ti), s. budi-bhasa. 

Comma (kom'ma), s. tan da per- 
hntian [,]. Inverted commas, tan- 
da perchakapan [" "]. 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire,. 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minus, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




Command (k^m-mand'), v. t. (or- 
der) suroh, psan; (of God) fir- 
man (Ar.) ; (of kings) Utah;* (of 
princes or prophets) sabda (Sk.) ; 
(exercise authority) prentah, pren- 
tahkan; (guard, as a fort) lindorg. 

Command, v. i. berpsan, pgarg pren- 
tah, pegarg prentah (B.). 

Command, s. (order) liukum, psan- 
an, firman (Ar.), Utah* sabda 
(Sk.), as above; (authority) pren- 

Commandant (kom'man-dant'), s. 

Commander (kom-mand'er), s. 
pnjhulu, kpala; (of an army) prg- 

Commanding (-ing), adj. yarg m- 
mrentah; (forceful) gag ah. 

Commandment (-ment), s. hukum, 

Commemorate (-mem'o-rat), v. t. 
irgatkan, knargkan. 

Commemoration (-ra'sh?/n), s. 

Commence (k^m-mens'), v. i. inu- 
la' i, niulai (B.). 

Commencement (-ment), s. inula, 
permnlaan, avcal (Ar.), ami, paig- 

Commend (kom-mend'), v. t. (com- 
mit) srah, srahkan; (recommend, 
entrust) ptarohkanf (praise) pu- 

Commendable* (-a-bl), adj. terpuji, 

patut di-puji. 
Commendation (kom'men-da'- 

shwn), s. puji, kpujian. 
Commendatory (kom-mend'a-to- 

ri)., adj. yarg mmuji. 
Commensurable (kom-men'srmr-a- 

bl), adj. yarg boleh di-samakan, 

Commensurate (-et), adj. s-kdar* 

s-kadar* (Ar. qadar). 
Comment (kom'ment), v. i. (make 

a remark) sbot; (explain^ trarg- 

kan, shurahkan (At.) ; (make an- 
notations) tafsirkan (Ar.). 

Comment, s. sbolan, tafsir (Ar.). 
No further comment is needed, ta- 
li sah sbot lagi. 

Commentary (kom'men-ter-i), s. 
tafsir (Ar.). 

Commentator (-ta-ter), s. ahli taf- 
sir (Ar.). 

Commerce (kom'mers), s. (trade) 
pern iagtian ; ( i ntercourse ) per- 

Commercial (kom-mer'shal), adj. 
(carrying on commerce) berniaga, 
berdagaig ;* (pertaining to com- 
merce) perniagaan (a). Com- 
mercial house, korgsi saudagar. 
Commercial partner, rakan* 
Commercial school, skolah per- 
niagaan. Commercial town, ban- 
dar* pkan* 

Commingle (-ming'gl), v. i. ber- 

Commiserate (-miz'er-at), v. t. sa- 
yani, kasehankan, kaseliani* 

Commiseration (-a'shwn), s. sa- 
yarg, kasehan, blas-kasehan. 

Commissariat (kom'mis-sar'i-at) , 
s. oranj-oraig yatg jaga bkalan sol- 

Commissary (-sa-ri), s. (deputy) 
trakil, orarg her psanan: (of troops) 
pgawai yarg jaga bkalan sol dado. 

Commission (kom-niish'mi), s. (act 
of doing) lial mmbuat; (charge) 
psanan; (written authority) surat 
prentah; (brokerage or allowance 
in trade) kamsen (E.), upah da- 
lal* (Ar. dalal), kornisi (SI.) 

Commission, v. t. psankan. 
Commissioner (-er), s. tvakil* p- 

Commit (kom-mit'), v. t. (intrust) 

srahkan, am a uatkan (Ar.), ptaroh- 

kan:* (do, perpetrate) buat; 

(bind, pledge) targgorgkan atas. 

To commit to memory, hapalkan* 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minjts, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




(Ar. hafadl). To commit one's 
self to do, targgorgkan ssuatu at as 

Commitment (-ment), s. hal in- 
njrahkan, hal pnjarakan* 

Committal (-tal), s. hal mnjrahkan, 
hal nimbuat. 

Committee (-ri), s. jawatan kua- 
m* komiti (E.). 

Commode (kom-mod'), s. jamban 
kursi, pti jamban, jamban dudok. 

Commodious (-i-//s), adj. (spa- 
cious) Iga, luas, lapatg; (service- 
able) berg una. 

Commodity (-mod'i-ti), s. dagarg- 
au* bararg jualan. 

Commodore, (kom'mo-dor), s. ka- 
pitan kapal yarg mmrentahkart 
lain-laln kapal pula. 

Common (korn'm*/?)), adj. (belong- 
ing to all) sama perolehan* per- 
skutuan* e am ( Ar.) ; (usual) k- 
batyakan; (customary) klaziman 
(Ar.) ; (abundant) jebah* la- 
ehrik* mlechak (B.) ; (ordinary, 
not exceptional) kbanjakan; ( in- 
ferior in quality) knrarg balk. 
Common people, orarg hina-dina* 
Common sense, 'akal-panjavj, hati 
prot. In common, berskutu* Out 
of the common, bukan kpalarg, 
b uka n ala rg-kpa laig. 

Common, s. lanah orarg ramai, ta- 
nah wakaf (Ar.). 

Commonalty (-al-ti), s. oraty k- 
banjakan, orarg hina-dina* 

Commonly (-li), adv. (usually) 
biasa-iya, memanj; (frequently) 
krap, krap kali. 

Commonplace (-plas), adj. kba- 

Commons (-im/nz), s. (common 
people) oraty kbanjakan, orarg 
hina-dina;* (House of Commons) 
majlis mashuarat orarg kbanjakan 
di negri England* 

Commonwealth (korn'mw-n-welth), 
s. pmrentahan orarg banjak. 

Commotion (koni-mo'sh-wn), s. 
(violent motion) kachau; (of 
people) gmpar* hnru-hara; (of 
mind) kloh-ksah* 
j Commune (kom'miiii), s. da'irah* 
di negri Fransis. 

Commune (kom-miiii'), v. i. ber- 
bichara, bermashuarat (Ar.) ; (re- 
ceive the Communion) makanPer- 
jam nan Tuhan (X.). 

Communicable (-i-ka-bl), adj. (of 
diseases) yarg boleh berjanjkit; (of 
knowledge) yarg boleh di-bri tahu. 

Communicant (-kant), s. orarg 
t/anj hiakan Perjamuan Tuhan 

\ (x:>. 

| Communicate (-kat), v. t. (bes- 
j ro\v) bri; (ot (Jod) kurniakan 
j (Sk.) ; (convey) baiva; (make 
i known) bri tahu, m'alumkan 
j (Ar.).' 

■ Communicate, v. i. (have inter- 
| course.) beirham-pur, bermtu, ber- 
j ramah-ramahan ;* (be connected) 
berhuborg ; (receive the Commu- 
nion) makan Perjamuan Tuhan 
Communication (-ka'sluni), s. (of 
disease) hal mnjatgkit; (of in- 
formation) biita (8k.), khabar; 
( intercourse) perraniahan,* per- 
sk ut uan;* ( con nection ) perhu- 
b organ. 
Communicative (-ka-tiv), adj. 

yarg suka berkhabar, perramah. 
Communion (-yim), s. (act of 
sharing ) persk utuan :* ( familiar in- 
tercourse) perraniahan ;* (fellow- 
ship) persahabatan ; (body of 
Christians) perkumpolan (X.); 
(the Lord's Supper) Perjamuan 
Tuhan (X.). 
Communism (kom'mu-nizm), s. 
peratufan bagi nrm persk utukan s- 
gala herta orarg* 
Community (kom-mun'i-ti), s. 
(common possession) perskutu- 
an;* (a body of people) perkum- 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minus, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




polan; (society at large) orarg 

Commutable (kom-mut'a-b'I), adj. 
yaig boleh di-tukar. 

Commutation (kom':mfi-hl'sh?/:n) , 
s. pertukaran. 

Commute ( kom-m fit' ) , v. t . / // kar : 
(a punishment) rergankan. 

Compact (-pakt'), adj. (firm) Hap; 
(densely packed) mam pat, ssak. 
rapat ; (solid) aniap* matt tap* 
padu* pjal :* (of discourse) reiy- 

Compact (kom'pakt), s. perjanjian, 

Companion (kfmi-pan'yun ), s. ka~ 
wan, salt aba t, sobat, hand<ri* so- 
bal ande (f>.), taut an* I man* 
rakan* njapaig* 

Companionable (-a-bl), adj. ra~ 

Company (kuni'pa-ni), s. (fellow- 
ship) pvrsahabatan : (assemblage 
of persons) perknmpolan. klom- 
pok; (guests) jam nan;* (associ- 
ation) perskiituan* sidaig* korgsi 
( Ch. ) , sh arikah ( Ar. ) : (of troops ) 
pasokan. In company (travel- 
ling), bersa'ing* 

Comparable (kom'pa-ra-b!). adj. 
s-tara, s-folok* s-bandiig. 

Comparative (kmn-par'a-tiv), adj. 
/ ( compa i • i n g ) ya rg m mban diig ; 
(relative) drgan kdar-nja* drgan 
kadar-iya* (Ar. qadar). 

Compare (kom-par'), v. t. bandirg, 
bandirgkan. lot ok:* (liken) inn- 
parnakan, samakan. 

Comparison (-par'i-sn), s. (act of 
comparing) hal mmbandinj; (state 
of being compared) bandirg, lara, 
tolok ;* (similitude) perumpama- 
} an, mesa I (Ar. withal), kias 
(Ar.). Beyond comparison, tiada 
iara-iya. tiada bandirg-iya. 

Compartment (-part'mrnt), s. 
petak, koiak. 

Compass (kum'pas), s. (limit, 

boundary) sm padan, perhirgga- 
'an :* (the instrument) pdoman* 
kontpas (E.)« 

Compass, v. t. (go round) klilirgi; 
( s u v vo n i ) d ) kpo rg : ( c ire u invent, 
accomplish) sampaikan. 

Compasses (-e/,). s. pi. jargka* 

Compassion (kom-pash'/m), s. $a- 
i/arg, bias, kasehan ; (of God) rail- 
'mat (Ar.). 

Compassionate (-ct), adj. bcr- 
kasehan, ptyapaig* bias liati: (of 
(?od) rah man ( 'Ar.), rahim (Ar.). 

Compatibility (-pat'i-bil'i-ti), s. 

Compatible (-bl), adj. bersluju, 
brrstujtian. berpalutan, padan. 

Compatriot (-pa'lri-r/t), s. orarg s- 

Compeer (-per'), s. bandirg, iara, s- 

Compel (-pel'), v. t. paksa. gagahi* 

Compendious (-pen'di-ws), adj. 

Compendium f-fiui), s. rergkamn* 

Compensate (kom'pen-sat), v. t. 
bat as. ganti, si I eh * 

Compensation (-sa'sh?/n), s. ganti- 
krugian, balasan, imboh:* (for 
murder) bargun* dial (Ar.). 

Compete (kom-pct') v. i. lairan, 
adu, berlandirg* berfandirg ker- 
y>/:* (in u race) berhrmba; (in 
wrestling) glut.* To compete at 
football, bertandiig fnibol* la wan 
main fnibol (!>.). 

Competence (kom/pe-ivms), s. (fit- 
ness) k paint an, layak ;* (sufficien- 
cy) kpada'an* 

Competent (-twit), adj. (ade- 
quate) chukop, pada:* (suitable) 
paint, layak,* padan. 

Competition (-tisli'v/n), adj. per- 
I a wan an, peraduan. 

Competitor (kom-pet'i-ter), s. la- 
wan, orarg yarg beradu. 

Compilation (kom'pi-hVsh?/n), s. 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, ininws, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin t7ien. 




hal mramu* sural; (that which is 
compiled) ramuan* -sural. 
Compile (kcnn-pll/), v. t. rantu* 

Complacency (-pla'sen-si), s. sudi, 

hal berknan, kredlaan (At.). 
Complacent (-sm), adj. bcrknan, 

sudi, redla (Ar.). 
Complain (-plan'), v. i, (murmur) 
siuyul, rolok .;* (make accusation) 
adu. To complain of, ludoh* 
Complainant (-ant). s. pryadu, p- 

nudoh* pn-d'awa. 
Complaint (-plant'), s. (murmur) 
sutyulan; (illness) piyakil; (ac- 
cusation) pujadiuoi, ludnhan* 
d'awa'an. To make a complaint, 
uiryadu/klakh (X'.L) (J), klaay). 
Complement (kom'ple-uwnt), s. 
(that which completes) piyynap- 
an; (full quantity) khykapan;* 
(completeness) ksinpuma'an. 
Complete (kom-phY), adj. (noth- 
ing Jacking) rhukop, ynap, Itykap; 
(perfect) sm/mrna: (iinished, con- 
cluded) sudah, hub in, jla#, slsai* 
stise (B.). 
Complete, v. t. chukopkan, ynapkan, 
pn oh i* snt pu makan, sudah ka n , 
habiskan, jlaskan* slsaikan* sliw- 
kan (B.), as above: (the study of 
the Koran) khalamkan (Ar.). 
Completely (-li), adv. diyan s- 
</hukop-n/a, dtyan *-pnoh-nja. dryan 
s mpurn a- nja , // a b is, s-h ab its-li a b is, 
s-pnoh-pnoli, x-mata-mata. 
Completion (-plt~'sh/m). s. (act of 
completing) pnjudahan;* (state of 
being complete) ksudahan, pry- 
Jiabisan, ksmpurnaan; (of the 
study of the Koran) kit a tarn 
Complex (kom'pleks), adj. (com- 
posite ) be rbaya i-baya i, pa n eh a* 
rayam;* (complicated) ray a* 
Complexion (krmi-plek'shun), s. 

(of the face) ayer-muka, sri-muka; 
(general aspect) rupa, hal. 
Complexity (-pleks'i-ti), s. see 

CO .MRU-: A". 

Compliance (-pHV/ns), s. klulus- 

ini* kkabulan* (Ar. qabfd). 
Complicate (koni'pli-kat), v. t. 
kusiilkatt . kachankau, klam-kabot- 
kan. rayukan* 
Complicated (-<'d), adj. rayu- 
rayu* kusul, khun-kabot, ler- 

Complication (-ka/slw/n ), s. rayu* 
klam-kabot, sim.polan, kusulan, 

Complicity (kom-plis'i-ti), s. per- 
skuluan* subahfit* pakalan. 

Compliment (kom'pli-mrnt), s. 
(greeting) lubek, salain; (to a 
prince) .sntbah : (expression of 
approbation) pnji-pujian; (con- 
gratulation) perbhayiaan (>8k.). 

Compliment (-ment) v. t. (praise) 
ptfji; (congratulate) sbolkan bha- 
yia (Sk.), bhayiakan (Sk.) 

Complimentary (-men'ta-ri), adj. 
yaty mniuji. 

Comply (kom-pir), v. i. (give con- 
sent) kabul* (Ar. qabid), lulus* 
To comply with (a request), sam- 
paikan, loroiykan :* (a person) 

Component (po'nent), adj. yaiy 
mnjadikan. Component j)arts of 
tlie body, bhayian yauy mnjadikan 
badan, arygota. 

Comport (-port'), v. t. To comport 
one's self, berlaku* baica diri, 
lakukan diri* 

Compose (-pox'), v. t. (put to- 
gether) huboiykan, rapatkan, re- 
ka:* (form, constitute) jadi, jndi- 
kan ; (by mental labour) karaiy, 
rnrhartakan ;* (of verses) ikat 
(/janlun); (soothe, calm) tnary- 
kan hali. 

Composed (-pozd'), adj. Inaty liati, 
sjok hali. 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire> 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minws, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




Composer (-poz'er), s. prgaravg; 
(of music) prgaravg lagu. 

Composite (kom'po-zit, u. s. kom- 
poz'it), adj. (compounded) cham- 

Composition (kom'po-zish'/.m), s. 
(act of composing) hal mrgarant; 
(combination) reka'an* ehampur- 
an; (literary) karargan; (settle- 
ment of debt) kjlasan* 

Compositor (kom-poz'i-ter), s. 
(printing) pigaturhuruf (At.). 

Composure (-po'zhur), s. tnatg 

Compound (kom-pownd'), v. t. (by 
combining) eh am pur, goal: (as 
medicine) banchoh* pudi;* (ad- 
just by agreement) slmikan drgan 

Compound (kom'pownd), adj. ter- 
champ ur, terh uboig. ( 'ompound 
house, rum ah kantpotg. Com- 
pound fracture, patah-riok* pa- 

Compound, s. (mixture) ehampur- 
an; (enclosure round a house) ha- 
laman, kamporg rumah. 

Comprehend (kom'pre-hend'), v. t. 
(include, comprise) muat, kan- 
dorg; (understand) mnjerti, pa- 
ham, ma f hum (Ar.). 

Comprehensible (-hen'si-bl), adj. 
yarg boleh di-kandorg, yatg dapai 
orarg migerti. 

Comprehension (-hen'srH/n), s. 

Comprehensive (-hen'siv), adj. 
yatg berisi baryalc, yarg muat ba- 
ryak, yarg mtgandorg ban/ak per- 
hara, luas. 

Compress (kom-pres'), v. t. mam- 
pat, asak, 'rat.* 

Compress (kom'pres), s. (bandage) 
barut. Cold compress, jaram* 

Compressible (ktfm-pres'i-bl), adj. 
yarg boleh di-mampat, yarg dapai 

Compression (-presh'^n), s. prg~ 
asak'an, pinampatan. 

Comprise (-piiz'), v. t. kandorg* 
muat, berisi. 

Compromise (kom'pro-miz), s. 
(settlement) hal slsai digan mua- 
fakat :* (prejudicial concession) 
hal kna bnehana. 

Compromise, v. t. (settle by ar- 
bitration) slmikan drgan mua- 
fakat;* (endanger life or reput- 
ation) baiea bnehana; (pledge) 
kna masok perjanjian; (connect 
with a crime) babii, terbabit (B.) k 

Compulsion (k#m-pul'sh?m), s. 

Compulsory (->o-ri), adj. (com- 
pelling) yarg mmaksa; (obliga- 
tory) hams, irajib (Ar.), ferdlu 
(Ar. ), perlu (]\\l.), yarg msti 

Compunction (-pungk'shim), s. 
sdeli di hati sbab mnjsal. 

Computation (kom'pu-ta'shwn), s. 
hit org an, bilatgan, kira-kira, arg- 

Compute (kom-pfit'), v. t. bilarg, 
hitotg, kira-kira, hisab* (Ar. hi- 
xab), atggar. 

Comrade (kom'red), s. kawan, han- 
dai* sahabai, see companion. 

Con (kon), v. t. blajar, mrgaji. 

Concatenation (kon-kat'e-na'* 

slwn), s. berturui-turutan, per- 
il uborgan. 

Concave (kong'kav or kon'kav), 
adj. motgkom* 

Conceal (kon-seT), v. t. (hide) sm- 
butyikan; (cover up) tut op, lin- 
doigkan, lit up;* (withhold know- 
ledge) samar* 

Concealed (-seld') adj. terlindorg. 

Concealment (-seTm<?nt), s. sm- 
butyi, perlindotgan, ksamaran.* 

Concede (-sed'), v. t. (yield, sur- 
render) bri; (grant, permit) lu- 
luskan;* (acknowledge, admit to 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minus, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




be true) mrgaku, berikrar (Ar* 
aqrdr) . 

Conceit (-set'), s. (idea, concep- 
tion) sargka, jikiran; (vanity) 
somborg, chorgkak, borgkak* 

Conceited (-ed), adj. borgkak* 
bsar hati, big ah,* dakar* To be- 
come conceited, dapat hati. 

Conceivable (-sev'a-bl), adj. yarg 
boleh di-sargka. 

Conceive (-seV), v. t. migandorg, 
buntirgkan, hamUkan (Ar.) ; (form 
in the mind) rundiry* berronderg 
(B.), fikirkan, sargkakan; (under- 
stand, apprehend) dapat tahu, m- 

Conceive, v. i. kandorg* mrgan- 
dorg, buntirg, hamil (Ar.). 

Concentrate (kon'sen-trat), v. t. 
kumpolkan k-trgah* tumpukari* 
rapatkan; (condense, as liquids) 

Concentric (kan-sen'trik), adj. (of 
circles) yarg sama s-pusat. 

Concept (kon'sept), s. sargka, run- 
dirgan* fikiran. 

Conception (kon-sep'shz/n), s. (of 
the embryo) lial migandorg; (in 
the mind) rundirgan* fikiran, 
sargka; (apprehension) prgertian. 

Concern (-sera'), v. r. (relate to, 
affect) tntarg* kna-mrgna; (in- 
terest) pduli; (be solicitous) khm- 
tir (Ar. khcwraTir), bimbarg. 

Concern, s. (affair) hal, perkara; 
(solicitude) khuaiir; (business) 

Concerning (-ing), prep, deri-hal. 
fasal, tntatg* akan* 

Concert (kon-serf), v. t. (plan to- 
gether) pakat, muafaJcatkan (Ar.), 

Concert, v. i. pakat, bprmuafakat 

Concert (kon'sert), s. (harmony of 
plan) muafakat (Ar.), perstuju- 
an; (musical) buryi-buryian. 

Concertina (-ser-te'na), s. kodian 

Concession (kon-sesh'wn), s. (act 
of yielding) hal mmbri, hal mlulus- 
Jean;* (a grant) Uin deri-pada 

Conch (kongk), s. suatu jnis siput. 

Conciliate (kon-eiri-at), v. t. jinak- 
kan, damaikan,* baikki, muafakat- 
kan (Ar.). 

Conciliation (-a'shwn), >. hal mn- 
jinakkan, etc., as above. 

Conciliatory (-a-to-ri), adj. yarg 
mau mnjinakkan, etc. y as above. 

Concise (-sis'), adj. renjkas* 

Conclave (kong'klav or kon'klav), 
s. pakat an sulit* 

Conclude (kon-klud'), v. t. (reach 
an end in reasoning) putmkan, 
tntukan; (end. finish) liabiskan, 
■sudahkan, skaikan* slisekan 
(B.) : (effect, bring about) itap- 

Conclusion (-klu'xln/ii), ?. kputus- 
an, lint van, prghabimn, pnjudah- 
an, kttapan, as above; (of a book) 
tantat (Ar.) : (of Koran studies) 
khatatn (Ar.). 

Conclusive (-siv), adj. (ending de- 
bate) yatg mmutuskan; (convin- 
cing) yarg mrgyakinkan* (Ar. 

Concoct (-kokt'), v. t. (of food or 
drugs ) $ iapka n, \ cli a m pur, mamk- 
masak; (in the mind) adakan, 

Concoction (-kok'shim), s. (of 
food, drugs) champuran; (men- 
tal) rundirgan* pakatan. 

Concomitant (kon-kom'i-tant), adj. 
yarg miyertai* yarg mrgikut. 

Concord (kong'kord), s. sjahtra 
(Sk.), muafakat (Ar.), perstuju- 

Concordance (k<?n-kord'ans), s. 
daftaf* sqala pcrkata'an dalam 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minus, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




Concourse (kong'kors), s. (a run- 
ning together) pertmuan; (assem- 
bly) perkumpolan , perkrumunan. 

Concrete (kon'kret or kong'kret), 
adj. (as opposed to abstract) la- 
Mr* (Ar. tldhir). 

Concrete, s. korykret (K.). 

Concubine (kong'ku-bln), s. (if 
purchased) yundek, chandek;* 
(free) kndak. 

Concupiscence (kon-ku'pis-sens), 
s. braid* 'ashik (Ar.). 

Concur (kon-ker'), v. i. (meet) &<?r- 
tmu; (agree) bersluju, berknan, 
kabul* (Ar. gab id). 

Concurrence (kon-kiir'rens), s. per- 
tm nan, persiitjuan. 

Concurrent (-mrt), adj. (agreeing 
in opinion) bersluju; (agreeing 
in time) bersama-saina, s-maw* 

Concussion (-kush'?m), s. te rant ok, 

Condemn (-clem'), v. t. (pronounce 
guilty) salahkan-; (judicially) hit- 
kumkan, jatohkau liukum, Itakkan- 
liukum; (pronounce unfit) tolak, 

Condemnation (kon'dem-na/sh im) , 
s. (act of condemning) hal ninja- 
lahkan, hal nuyhukumkan; (state 
of being condemned) liukum an. 

Condensation (kon'den-sa'sh?/n ) , 
s. hal mmampaikan, etc., as below. 

Condense (ken-dens'), v. t. (make 
compact) mampatkan; (of li- 
quids) kntalkan ; (reduce by eva- 
poration) hisapkan; (abridge) 
rergkaskan ;* (steam into water) 
jadikan ayer. 

Condense, v. i. (become compact) 
mam-pat; (as steam) mnjadi ayer. 

Condenser (-er) ? s. perkakas mm- 
buat ayer deri-pada wap. 

Condescend (kon'de-send') v. i. 
rndahkan din, tundok, sudi. 

Condescension (-sen'shi/.n), s. hal 
mrndahkan diri: (courtesy) so- 
pan* budi-bhasa. 

Condign (kon-dln'), adj. layak* 

patut, padan. 
Condiment (kon'di-mmt), s. u- 

lam, mmbal, kichap. 
Condition (kcm-dish'un), s. (state) 

hal, pri* pri-hal* k'ada'an, hal- 

ehual* (Ar. anivctl, pi. of hal) ; 
(essential quality) k'ada'an, sifat 

(Ar.) ; (stipulation) sharat (Ar.). 
Condition, v. t. (limit by condition) 

sluiratkan (Ar.). 
Conditional (-d), adj. drgan sha- 
rat (Ar.), at as sharat (Ar.). 
Condole (kou-dot'), v. i. tumparg 

duh 'a- rih ita* t a m pa /// * usah-hatL 
Condolence (-do'bms), s. tumpary- 

an dvka-rhita* tumpargan siisali- 

Condone (-don'), v. t. ampunkan, 

m ahapkan ( Ar. m a-'df ) . 
Conduce (-dus'). v. i. bawa, bri, da- 

Conduct (-dukt') v. t. (lead) bawa, 

h ant art (by the hand) pimpin; 

(escort, attend) irity;* (manage, 

carry on) jalankan. To conduct 

one's self, bawa diri, berlaku* 
Conduct (kon'dukt), s. (act of 

leading) hal mmbawa, hal mn- 

ja la n'kan ; ( de port men t ) tergkah- 

laku, laku;* (behaviour) klakuan, 

pkertl (Sk.), fe'el (Ar.). 
Conductor (kem-duk'ter), s. pm- 

bawa. pryhantar, ptyanjur;* (on 

trams) tukary leket (E.) ; (on 

estates) krani. 
Conduit (kon'dit), s. panchuran, 

salwran, parit di-ikat batu. 
Cone (kon), s. suatu Imbaga yarg 

kaki~iya bulat dan kmunchak-rya 

ranchoty, sperti baiyunan kukus.* 
Confabulate (kon-fab'u-lat), v. i. 

berchakap-chakap, omo-rg-om&rg 

Confectioner (-fek'slum-er), s. pn- 

jual manisan. 
Confectionery (-i), s, halwa* ma- 


. fete, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minus, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful) ; law, how, oil; thin then. 




Confederacy (-fed'er-a-si), s. per- 

skutuan* pakatan. 
Confederate (-et), adj. berskutu* 

muafakal (Ar.), subahat* 
Confederation (-a'sh?m), s. pcr- 

Confer (kon-fer'), v. t. (bestow) 

bri, kurniakan (Sk.). 
Confer, v. j. berbidw.ra, berrundirq* 
berrondctg (B.) , bcrmadiuarat 
Conference (kon'feiwms), s. (act 
of consulting) hal berbidiara, etc., 
as- above : ( meet i no- ) madi uarat 
(Ar.), ■;// ////// (K). 
Confess (kan-iVs'), v. i. (acknow- 
ledge) migakn, berikrar (Ar.). 
ikrarkan* (Ar. aqrar). 
Confession (-fesh'/m). s. prqaku- 

an; (of faith) dw.Jiadal (Ar.'). 
Confessional (-d), <. / /a / mr gaku 

dosa, tin pal nnyaka do*a (U.C.). 
Confessor (-IVs'ser). s. om/9 yarg 
mrgaku iman-iya* padri yatg mrg- 
ampuni oixug yatg nirqaku dom-nia 
(B.C.). ' ' 

Confidant (kon'ri-dant'), s. orarg 
yarg di-perchayai, handai* $ob at- 
ari de (B.). 
Confide (k^n-fld'). v. [, prrchaya, 

ha rap. 
Confide, v. t. /dardikan* amanal- 

'lean (Ar.). 
Confidence (kori'fi-drns), s. per- 
chaya, harap: (self-reliance) tgoh 
hati, brani. 
Confident (-d?nt), adj. (sure) hi- 
tu, ■ ttap perchaya, yakin* (Ar. 
yaqin) ; (self-reliant) tgoh, Irani 
Confidential (-den'shal), adj. 
(trustworthy) k perchaya an, stia* 
boleh di-perchaya (B.) ; (secret) 
rahsia, nma (B.), sulit* 
Configuration (kon-flg'u-ra/shz/ii) , 

s. rupa Imbaga* 
Confine (kon'fln), s. perhiigga'an* 

smpadan, Jeawasan.* 
Confine (kon-fin'), v. i. (limit) 

perhirggakan ;* (restrain) tahan- 
kan; (shut up, inclose) piigii* 

Confined, (-finer), adj. (narrow) 
•smpil, pichrk* To be confined, 

j brranak, bermlin* 

\ Confinement (-fln'mmt), s. (res- 
traint) pin/Han* kiwotgan; (child- 

j birth) sakil bcranak. 

I Confirm f-ferm'), v. t. (make firm, 
establish) tlapkan, kukohkan* 

j tgohkan: (make certain, verify) 

! Intukan, «nrggohkan, kitkohkan,* 

j yakan* bnarkun, sabilkan* (Ar. 

I I habit) T sahkan. 

\ Confirmation (koii'fer-ma'sh?m), 

j s. ktlapan, ktgohan, hal miyurrj- 

i • goltkau. 
Confiscate (kon'fis-katj, v. t. ram- 
pa* barcug larargan ; (a pledge) 
fundi ur* Confiscated, ierhidur 
k-pada krajaan* di-rampas, ram- 
pamn, di~ papas* 

Conflagration (kon'fla-gra'shwn), 
s. yjnlaan a pi, kmamVan* api, ju- 
laryan* apt. 

Conflict (kon'flikt), s. (collision) 
Imjwhan, perlavanan ; (contest, 
battle) pprargan. 

Conflict (kon-flikf), v. i. (strike to- 
gether) berlaivan, berlaga, banting, 
impoli-mnmpoh ; (contend, strug- 
gle) laican; (be contradictory) 

Conflicting (-ing), adj. berlawan- 

Confluence (kon 'flu-ens), s. (a 
running together) pertmuan; (of 
rivers ) k uala ; ( of people ) per- 
kumpolan, krum-unan. 

Conform (kon-form'), v. t. (make 
.like) srupakan; (bring into har- 
mony) dujukan. 

Conform, v. i. (be in harmony) ber- 
sftijv; (submit) turut. 

Conformable (-a-bl), adj. (simi- 
lar) s-rupa, s-laku* bersama'an; 

«*te, ask, am, fin^l, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recrnt, mere, her, ferry; Ice, it> fire 
mirror;^ oM, not, connect, sore, sort, sorrv; use, us, min?/s, cure, injure, ' 

hurry.; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin ^en. 




(consistent with) mnurut, stuju 

Conformation (kon'f or-ma'shwn) > 
s. (agreement) perstujuan; (ar- 
rangement) peraturan. 

Conformity (kcm-form'i-ti), s. (re- 
semblance) persama'an; (con- 
gruity ) perst ujuan. 

Confound (kcn-fownd'), v. t. (con- 
fuse) haru-birukanj* (mistake) 
salah ambilj (perplex, dismay) ka- 
ehaukan, biryorykan, cluyatykan, 
kUrukan . 

Confraternity ( kon'f ra-ter'ni-ti), 
s. persahabatan. 

Confront (kon-frunt'), v. t. (face, 
oppose) miyhadap; (put face to 
face) smukakan; (contrast) ban- 

Confuse (-fuz'), v. t. (mix, jumble) 
kachau, kusutkatt, rag-ukan* halai- 
balaikan* champurkan; (of the 
sight or mind) rnehamkan;* (per- 
plex) biryorykan, kUrukan. 

Confused (-iuzd'), adj. see above; 
also klam-kabot, chachau,* bbar* 
lopak-lapek* ssa.Ubarat, < porak- 
parek, silaiy-mnjilawj , champur- 
baur* haru-biru* kachau-bilau* 
halai-balai* rundu-randa;* (men- 
tally) pikau* yamam,* malm.* 

Confusion (-fu'zh^n), s. see above. 

Confute (-fut'), v. t. salahi, salah- 
kan (B.), bantdhi;* (silence) 

Congeal (-jeT), v. t. bkukan* 

Congeal, v. i. berbku* 

Congee (kun'je), s. kanji. 

Congenial (k<m-je'ni-al), adj. (sym- 
pathetic) sania praryai, satu hati; 
(naturally adapted) padan, s-rasi, 
patut; (agreeable) berknan di hati. 

Congenital (-jen'i-tal), adj. deri 
mula jadi, deri asal. 

Conger-eel (kong'ger el), s. ikan 

Congestion (kon-jes'chzm), s. k- 

Congested (-jested), adj. ssak. 
Conglomerate (-glom'er-et), adj. 

terhimpon,* tertimbon. 
Conglomerate, s. timbonan, per- 
il impo nan* 
Congratulate (-grach'u-lat), v. t. 

mintakan slamat, sbotkan bhagia 

(Sk.), mryuchap berkat, tumparg 

Congratulation (-la'shwn), s. prg- 

uchapan slamat, hal mnumpary 

Congratulatory (-la-to-ri), adj. 

yary mryuchap berkat. 
Congregate (kong'gre-gat), v. t. 

kumpolkan, himponkan* krumun- 

kan, kamporykan. 
Congregate, v. i. berkumpol, ber- 

himpon* berkrumun, berkam- 

Congregation (-ga/shtm), s. per- 

kumpolan, perhimponan* jma'ali 

Congress (kong'gres), s. (assem- 
bly) perkumpolan; (conference) 

mashuarat (Ar.) ; (legislative 

body) majlis. 
Congruity (kong-gr66'i-ti), s. per- 
stujuan, persamaan. 
Congruous (kong'groo-us), adj. ber- 

stuju, padan. 
Conical (kon'i-kal), adj. sperii 

baryunan kukus, tirus* lonchos. 
Conjectural (kon-jek'ehur-al), adj. 

agak-agak, gamak-gamak* tka- 

Conjecture (-chur), v. i. agak, ga- 

mak* kira, saryka. 
Conjecture, s. satyka, agak, waham 

Conjointly (-joint'li), adv. her- 

Conjugal (kon'ju-gal)., adj. laki- 

bini (a). 
Conjugate (-gat), v. t. (Gram.) 

dbotkan sgala perobahati,* tasrif- 

kan (Ar.). 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minus, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




Conjugation (-ga/stmn), s. tasrif 
(Ar.), 'ilmu saraf* (Ar. sarf). 

Conjunction (kon-jungk'shwn), s. 
(union, association) perhuborg- 
an; (of stars) pertmuan; (Gram.) 
prghuborg perkata'an. 

Conjuncture (-chur), s. (connec- 
tion) perhuboiyan; (combination 
of events) perstujuan hal-ehual* 

Conjure (kon-jur'), v. t. (implore) 
minta sargat, pohonkan* 

Conjure (kun'jur), v. t. (by magic) 
gunakan, jampikan, psunakan 
(Pers. of sun). 

Conjure, v. i. (with magic) pakai 
hikmat (Ar.), pakai 'ilmu; (jug- 
gle) bermam silap maia, bermain 

Conjurer (-er), s. tukary silap, p- 

Conjuring (-ing), s. silap mata. 

Connect (kon-nekf), v. t. huborg, 
samborg; (as letters to form words) 
rargkai; (bring together) tmukan; 
(by tying together) tambat; (in- 
volve) masvk. 

Connect, v. i. berhuborg, bersam- 
borg, berkait. 

Connection (-nek'srnm), s. per- 
huborgan, rargkaian, tambatan; 
(relation) kluarga* saudara. 

Connivance (-nlv'ans), s. (over- 
looking) hal mndiamkan; (assent 
to a crime) s-tahu.* 

Connive (-niv'), v. i. (shut the 
eyes) balek mata, kjamkan mata, 
butakan mata. To connive at, 
biarkan, diamkan. 

Connoisseur (kon-nis-ser'), s. orarg 
dhli (Ar.). 

Connote (kon-nof), v. t. (contain 
by implication) kandorg. 

Connubial (-nu'bi-al), adj. laki- 
bini (a). 

Conquer (kong'ker), v. t. alahkan* 
tewaskan,* mnarg atas (B.) ; (sub- 
due) tundokkan, t'alokkan (Ar.). 

Conquer, v. i. mnarg, jaya.* 

Conqueror (-er), s. yarg mnarg, 
yarg jaya* 

Conquest (-kwest), s. kmnargan. 

Consanguinity (kon'san-gwin'i-ti), 
s. hal bersanak* hal berkluarga* 

Conscience (kon'shens), s. perrasa- 
'an hati, s4ahu hati* 

Conscientious (-shi-en'shws), adj. 
yarg mnurut perrasa'an hati, puteh 
hati* suchi hati. 

Conscious (-sh-ws), adj. (having 
knowledge) berprgtahuan; (cog- 
nizant of) yarg tahu; (possessed of 
one's faculties) sdar, yarg khabar- 
Ican diri* 

Conscription (kon-skrip'shtm) , s. 
hal mrgrah* prgrahan* 

Consecrate (kon'se-krat), v. t. (de- 
vote to sacred uses) wakafkan 
(Ar.), kuduskan* (Ar. qudus) ; 
(set apart to a sacred office) Ian- 

Consecration (-kra'srrwn), s. hal 
mrgkuduskan (Ar.), lantek'an* 

Consecutive (kon-sek'u-tiv), adj. 
berturut-turut, benkut-ikut. 

Consensus (-senses), s. perstuju- 

Consent (-sent'), v. i. (agree) ber* 
stuju; (be willing) sudi, berknan, 
suka, redla (Ar.). To consent to, 
luluskan* kabulkan* (Ar. qabul). 

Consent, s. (being of one mind) 
satu hati; (agreement) perstuju- 
an; (acquiescence) kredla'an (Ar.), 
sudi; (permission) izin. 

Consequence (kon'se-kwens), s. k- 
sudahan-rya, akhir-rya (Ar.), yarg 
di-sbabkan.* In consequence of, 
deri sbab. 

Consequent (-kwent), adj. yarg 
datarg deri sbab, yarg jadi oleh? 
yarg di-sbabkan* 

Consequential (-kwen'shal), adj. 
(resulting) yarg ikut, yarg datarg 
sbab; (pompous) somborg, borg- 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, min«s, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful) ; law, how, oil; thin then. 




Consequently (-kwent-li), adv. s- 
bab itu, olek it it.* 

Conservation (kon^er-va'srum), s. 
hal mmliharakan, pmliharaan. 

Conservative (kon-serv'a-tiv), adj. 
yarg mmliharakan, yarg man sim- 
pan perkara yaig ada, yarg la' wau 
ttikar 'adal. 

Conservator (kon-serv'a-ter or kon'- 
ser-vii'ter), s. pmlihara, pgaivai.* 

Conservatory (kon-serv'a-to-ri), s. 
run/ah kacha mnjimpan pokok $- 
paya jargan kna sjok; (school) 
skolah bmyi-butyian dan s-bagai- 

Conserve (kon-serv'), v. t. plihara- 
kan, slamalkan; (preserve with 
sugar) buat hahra* buat manisan. 

Consider (-sid'er), v. t. (think on) 
fikir, fikirkan; (of the past) k- 
narg; (look on attentively) per- 
hatlkan; (take into account ) kira; 
(pay attention to) irgat; (ponder) 
fimbanj; (estimate, regard) bit at g- 
kan, sifaikan (Ar.). 

Consider, v. i. berfikir, irgat, fim- 

Considerable (-a-bl). adj. yarg 
patut di-irgali, terbilarg : (of per- 
sons) bernama; (important) brat 
A considerable amount, bbrapa ba- 

Considerably (-a-bli), adv. amat* 
satyat, batyak. 

Considerate (-et), adj. yarg tim- 
barg-mnimbarg , yatg bcnrgat; (of 
other's feelings) yatg mnimbarg 
rasa, yatg mnimbarg hati. 

Consideration (-a/sh un), >. hal m- 
mikirkan, etc., see coxsider; (res- 
pect) hormat; (regard for others) 
hal mnimbarg rasa; (reflection) 
fimbargan, iigatan; (motive, rea- 
son)' sbab; (compensation, equi- 
valent) balasan; (gift) bayeran 

Considering (-ing),coirj. pada hal* 
sdarg, sbab. 

Consign (ken-sin'), v. t. (transfer, 
deliver) srahkan; (send) Icirim, 
hantarkan; (assign, set apart) 

Consignee (kon'sln-c'), s. yaty m- 
nrima kiriman. 

Consigner (kon-sln'er), s. yarg 
■mrgirim, ptgirim* orarg yarg 
kirim (B.). 

Consignment (-ment), s. hal m- 
tgirxm, kiriman. Goods on con- 
signment, sambo fan dagargan.* 

Consist (-sist'), v. i. (be composed 
of) <li-huat deri-pada, jadi deri- 
pada, kandorg, berisi; (be founded 
on) daiatg deri-pada: (be har- 
monious with) berstuju dry an. 

Consistence (-sis'tms), s, (exis- 
tence) kfadaan; (solidity, firm- 
ness) ktgohan: (density) kpkatan. 

Consistency (-tm-si), s. (stabil- 
ity) ktgohan; (harmony, congru- 
ity) perdujuan. 

Consistent (-tent), adj. (harmoni- 
ous) brrstiiju. hrrsama'an. 

Consistory (-to-nj, >) perkumpolan 
pad.n, r/iajlis kiua-ktua. 

Consolation (kxm'so-hVshzm), s. 

Consolatory ( ken-so l'a-to-ri), adj. 
yatg mtghibur. pnjhibur, prylipur.* 

Console (kcm-soT), v. t. h'ibur, li- 
pur* (Jav.). 

Consolidate (ken-sori-dat), v. t. 
(make solid) hkukan* kraskan 
(B.) ; (make dense or compact) 
mampabkan; (unite, combine) 
satukan, samakan, kumpolkan. 

Consolidate, v. i. jadi bku* jadi 
kras, jadi tgoh. 

Consols (kon'solz), s. hufaig kraja- 
'an Itggris. 

Consonance (kon'so-nans), s. (in 
music) tola;* (congruity) per- 

Consonant (-nant), adj. (in music) 
bertala;* (agreeing) berstuju. 

Consonant, s. huruf-mati* 

ate, ask, am, final, care, <?ar, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; Ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minws, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




Consort (kon'sort), s. (companion) 
kawan; (husband or wife) suami* 
istri. In -consort, bersama-sania, 

Consort (kmi-sorf), v.i. (associate) 
berkawan, bemiluxbat. berslcutu* 

Conspicuous (kon-spik'u-ws), adj. 
ryata; (notable, eminent) masohor 
(Ar. maslihur). 

Conspiracy (-spir'a-si), s. pakatan 
jahat, sub a hat * 

Conspirator (-ter). s. orarg yarg 
berpdkat jahat,, ovary subahat.* 

Conspire (kon-spir'), v. i. (plot) 
berpakat, bersubahat ;* (concur, 
agree) bcrstvjn, bersama-mma. 

Constable (kun'sta-bl), s. (high 
official ) pga wa if ( pol Iceman ) 
mata-mata, upas (NJ.). 

Constabulary (kiin-stab'u-la-ri), 3. 
perk um.po lam sgala mata-mata. 

Constancy (kon'stan-si), s, kttap- 
an, ktgohan : (fidelity) slia.* 

Constant (-slant), adj. (not chang- 
ing) tiumkf (continuous) ju- 
johf (permanent) Hap, kkal; 
(steadfast) kukoh* tgoh: (faith- 
ful) stia* Also negatively, tiada 
betobah, tiada berhnti, tiada brenU 
(B.), tiada put it*. 

Constantinople (kon'stan-ti-nd'pl) , 
s. Stambid (Turk, istanbid), Kus- 
tantlniah (Ar.). 

Constantly (kon'stant-li), adv. sw- 
tiasa (Sk.), statu, malar* s-mc- 
marg* mnjlaroh* 

Constellation (kon'stel-la'shwn), s. 
gugusan bintarg* klompok bin- 

Consternation (-ster-na'sh?m), s. 
dahshat (Ar.), hebat (Ar. haibat). 

Constipate (kon'sti-pat), v. t. (stop 
up) sumbat, timbus, kambusf (of 
the bowels) smblit. 

Constipation (-pa'slmn), s. kurarg 
lawas, kurarg jalan* smblit, pay ah 

Constituent (kon-stifu-ent), s. 

, (component part) bhagian, anasir 

Constituent, adj. yaig tnnjadikan, 
yarg mnntakan. 

Constitute (kon'sti-tut), v. V (es- 
tablish, make up) jadikan, ada- 
kan; (appoint) tntukan, argkat. 

Constitution (-tii'slwm), s. (act of 
constituting) haf mnjadikan, etc., 
as above; (state of being) k'ada- 
\in ; (physical, qualities) sifat 
(Ar.), pri tuboh,* hal badan; 
( tempo ram ent ) labia t ; ( prin- 
ciples of government) k'ada'an 
prentali * 

Constitutional (-fll), adj. (of 
body) drri-pada sifat (Ar.), ber- 
Irribagaf (of temperament) deri<- 
pada tain at; (of government) 
drri-pada prentali, deri-pada k'ada- 
'an ,* deri-pada hukum Imbaga* 

Constitutionally (-li), adv. sec 

Constrain (kon-stran'), v. t. (se- 
cure, hold tightly) tahan; (com- 
pel, necessitate) paksa, gagahi* 
krasi, kraskan. 

Constrained (-strand'), adj. t ( in 
manner) ta'lpas laku. 

Constraint (-stranf), s. paksa, ga- 
gah* kkrasan. 

Constrict (-strikf), v. t. chrut* 

Construct (-strukf), v. t. (put to- 
gether) pasaiy; (make) buat, tu- 
kaiyi* bikin (B.) ; (build) bargun- 
kan, dirikan, tgakkan;* (arrange) 
kararg, aturkan. 

Construction (-strruYsrnm), s. (the 
act) hal mmbuat, hal mmbargun- 
kan, etc., as above; (form, struc- 
ture) buatan, perbuatan, aturan; 
(explanation) kryata'an; (mean- 
ing) arti, m'ana (Ar. m'ana), 
m-a-na (B.) ; see construe. 

Constructive (-tiv), adj. yarg mm- 
.buat, yarg mntapkan. 

Construe (-strod'), v. t. trargkan, 
ryatakan, artikan. 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror ; old, not, connect, Bore, sort, sorry ; use, us, minws, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awf ul) ; law, how, oil; thin then. 




Consul (kon'std), s. Tconsol (E.), 
wakil kraja'an. 

Consular (-su-ler), s. konsol (a). 

Consulate (-let), s. pargkat konsol, 
tmpat konsol bkerja. 

Consult (k<m-sult') 5 v. i. berbichara, 
berrundirg* berronderg (B.), ber- 
mashuarat (Ar.). 

Consult, v. t. (ask advice) minta 
akhtiar (Ar. iJchtidr), minta fikir- 
an, minta bichara; (have regard 
to) irgat. To consult a horoscope, 
bulca ramal (Ar.). 

Consultation (kon'swl-ta'shim), s. 
bichara, rundirgan* mashuami 

Consumable (kon-sum'a-bl), adj. 
yarg boleh di-blanjakan, yarg boleh 
di-habiskan y yang boleh di-makan 

Consume (W-sum'), v. t. (des- 
troy) rosakkan, hanchurkan; (by 
fire) harguskan; (use up) habis- 
kan; (expend) blanjakan; (waste) 
boroskan; (eat up) makan habis. 

Consummate (-sum'met), adj. sm- 
purna, s-habis-habis, s-gnap, skali. 

Consummate (kon'sum-mat), v. t. 
(complete, perfect) smpurnakan; 
(achieve) sampaikan; (finish) 
gnapi, habiskan, sudahkan, jlas- 

Consummation (-ma'slvun), s. ksm- 
purna'an, ptghabisan, pryudahan. 

Consumption (k<m-sump'slrim), s. 
(act of consuming) hal mrosak- 
kan, hal mrgharguskan, hal m- 
makan, etc., see consume; (state 
of being consumed) krosak'an, ka- 
hargusan, etc.; (phthisis) batok 
krirg, batok lo'sun (Ch. Idh-sun). 

Consumptive (-tiv), adj. yarg m- 
rosakkan, yarg mrghabiskan, etc., 
see consume; (of phthisis) kurus 

Contact (kon'takt), s. pertmuan, k- 
sntohan* In contact, kna, ja- 
mah, jjak* 

Contagion (kon-ta'jim), s. hal mn- 
jargkit, pnjargkitan. 

Contagious (-jizs), adj. berjargkit. 

Contain (-tan'), v. t. (comprise) 
kandorg; (have capacity for) 
muatj berisi. 

Contaminate (-tani'i-nat), v. t. 
chmarkan* najiskan (Ar.) ; (mo- 
rally) rosakkan. 

Contemn (-tern'), v. t. chlakan, 
pandarg mudah* pandarg ta- 

Contemplate (kon'tem-plat), v. i. 
termnorg, tfkur (Ar.). 

Contemplate, v. t. (view attentive- 
ly) perhatikan, amat-amatij* (me- 
ditate on) ftkirkan, irgat-4rgat; 
(purpose, intend) nxaikan, kahan- 

Contemplation (-pla'shim), s. per- 
hatian, tfkur (Ar.) ; (intention) 
mat, maksud. 

Contemporaneous (kon-tem'po-ra'- 
ni-ws), adj. soma masa, satu za- 
man* satu pnan (B.). 

Contemporary (-ra-ri), adj. sama 
masa, satu zaman* satu jman 

Contemporary, s. baya. The con- 
temporary of this man, 'umor-rya 
s-baya orarg ini. 

Contempt (kon-temt'), s. (act of 
despising) hal mmandarg mudah;* 
(state of being despised) kahina- 
'an, kchla'an, kkjian* Contempt 
of Court, mlarggar pretitah mah- 
kamah (Ar.). 

Contemptible (-i-bl), adj. (mean) 
hina, terhina; (vile) kji* 

Contemptuous (kon-temp'chu-tts) , 
adj. yarg mmandarg mudah* yarg 

Contend (kon-tend'), v. i. lawan, 
bertandirg;* (quarrel) lerklahi; 
(fight) berprarg; (argue) berban- 
tah* bertrgkar. To contend 
against, lawan. 

Content (-tent'), adj. (satisfied) 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fee, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minus, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin Men. 




puas hati; (contented) sudi, ber- 
knan; (at rest) snarg. 
Content, v. t. (satisfy) puaskan, 
chukopkan, padafi;* '(please) per- 
knankan, sudikan; (quiet) snarg- 
Content, s. (rest of mind) ksnaty- 

aiv; (satisfaction) kpuasan hati. 
Content (kon'tent), s. (that which 
is contained) isi, muatan. Table 
of contents, isi kitab, fahrasat* 
(At. fihirisl). Contents of a let- 
ter, buiyi sural, isi sural. 
Contented (kon-tent'ed), adj. ber- 
k-nan, sudi, snarg. 
Contention (-ten'shim), s. per- 
lawanan, perklahian, perligkaran, 
perbantahan;* see contend. 
Contentious (-shws), adj. yarg suka 

mlaivan, bantahan* 
Contentment C-tent'ment), s. (rest 
of mind) kmatyan; (satisfaction) 
kpuamn hail. 
Conterminous (-ter'nii-nus), adj. 
yam sama satu smpadan, ber- 
Contest (kon-tesf), v. t. lawan, 
laryyar; (by argument) bantah- 
kan;* (by law) oVawa. 
Contest, v. i. berlairan, berylut* 

beradu, bertandirg* 
Contest (kon'test), s. perlawanan, 
pertandiigan* perglutan* per- 
bantahan* d'awaan; see above. 
Context (kon'tekst), s. perkataan 
yam berdampirg* perkata'an hu- 
borgan; (text) nas (At. nass). 
Contiguous (k<m-tig'u-?/s), adj. 
bertmu, berdanipirg* berdempet* 
rapat dry an. 
Continence (kon'ti-nens), s. hal 
mnahani diri, pri mnaJiankan naf- 
•Continent (-nent), adj. yary m- 

nahani diri. 
Continent, s. bnua* 
Contingency (kon-tin'j en-si) , s. 
perkara yam boleh jadi. 

Contingent (-jent), adj. (possible) 
yary boleh jadi; (dependent) ber- 
gantonj k-pada. 
Contingent, s. perkara yaiy boleh 
jadi; (of troops) bhayian, pasok- 
Continual (-u-al), adj. Ideal, ttap, 
malar* tiada berhnti, tiada brenti 
(B.), tiada put us. 
Continually (-li), adv. (without 
cessation) sntiasa (SL), sdiakala 
( Sk. ) , in alar* ta 'sudah -sudah, 
me maty; (in repeated succession) 
bertalu-talu * 

Continuance (-ans), s. (perman- 
ence) kkal, kttapan, perkanjam- 

Continuation (-a'slnm), s. (act of 
continuing) hal nag'kalkan; (state 
of continuing) hal berkanjam* k- 
ttapan; '( prolongation) hal mman- 
jatgkan, hal nuyamboig; (supple- 
ment) samboiyan, pnambahan. 

Continue (kon-tin'u), v. i. (re- 
main) thy gal; (endure, last) k- 
kal; (go on in spite of difficulties) 
landa;* (be steadfast, persist) 
ttap, karar (At.) ; (run on) trus, 
laigsorg, malar* To continue 
doing, Hark an* 

Continue, v. t. (protract in duration) 
lanjutkan, panjarykan, kkalkan; 
(add to in length) panjarykan, 
tarnbah; (suffer to remain) tim- 
galkan; (keep on) slalukan, talu- 

Continued (-ud), adj. kkal, tiada 
berhnti, tiada brenti (B.), trus, 
bertalu-talu,* slalu. 

Continuous (-u-ws), adj. tiada ber- 
sla* tiada put us. 

Contort (kon-tort'), v. t. (the face) 
erutkan, beryutkan; (the body) 
yliatkan* liokkan* 

Contortion (-tor'shan), s. hal m- 
rg erutkan, etc., as above. 

Contour (kon'toor or kon-toor'), s. 

£te, ask, am, final, care, ear, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; Ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minws, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




bans di pta yarg mryatakan iirggi 
rndah tan ah. 

Contraband (kon'tra-band), s. 6a- 
raig laraigan. 

Contract (kan-trakf), v. t. (draw 
together, as a flower) kunrhnp- 
kan: (reduce, lessen) keh ilkan, 
smpitkan: ( wrinkle ) kdutkan* 
krutkan: (shrink) krlnd; (bring 
on, acquire) da pal. 

Contract v. i. (draw together, as 
a flower) kunrhup; (wrinkle, of 
the face) berkrut : (of cloth or pa- 
per) kdul: (shrink) kchul. 

Contract (kon'trakt), s. perjanji- 
an, konlrek (E.) ; (monopoly) 

Contraction (ktfn-trak'slw/n), s. 
(act of contracting) hat mrg- 
uncJinpkan. hal mujchiikan, etc., 
as above; (state of being con- 
tracted) kampitau. hal kancliup, 
hal berkrut. 

Contractor (-ter), s. pmborotg, 
oranj yarg mmbuai kerja boron). 

Contradict (kon'tra-dikt'). v. t la- 
ir an hat a* ban i ah i* banjkarq 

Contradict, v. i. sargkal. 

Contradiction (-dik'slwm), s. (de- 
nial) ptyargkalan ; (gainsaying)' 
bantali an ;* ( inco nsisten c v ) pe r- 
bentohan* pemli^ehan, 
9 an (Sk.j. 

Contradictory (-dik'to-ri) , adj. 
(denying) yatg mnjanjkal ; (op- 
posing) yatg mnibantahi;* (mu- 
tually contradicting) mlairan-la- 
wan, berslise/i, berbeza (Sk.), ber- 

Contradistinc tion (-dis-tingk'- 

shun), s. Main an, perbandhgan. 
Contrariwise (-ri-wiz), adv. ber- 

salahan, baiek (B.). 
Contrary (-ri), adj. (adverse, of 
wind) mkal* di muka; (in op- 
position) mnndarg ; (repugnant, 

opposed to) mlawan, bersalahan, 
Contrary, s. Mai nan. On the con- 
trary, bersalahan, berlainan, m- 
lainkan, baiek (B.). To the con- 
trary, lain mal'sud, lain piliak.* 
Contrast (k^n-trasf), v. t. bandirg, 

Contrast (kon'trasi), s. (state of 
being contrasted) perbandirgan; 
i(di>similarity) perbezaan (Sk.), 
Contravene (kon'tra-ven'), v. t. 

la iran, larggar, salahi, lalui* 
Contravention (-ven'sh//n), s. hal 

w la wan , h a I n i ryalah i . 
Contretemps (kox'tr-tax'), s. (un- 
fort unate occurrence ) kinalargan; 
(impediment) aval* (Ar. 'aradl) 7 
gndala (Sk.). 
Contribute (kmi-trib'ut), v. t. bri, 

Contribute, v. i. (give a share) 
hhnyi: (assist) bantu, iolo-ry. To 
contribute to, baira, datargkatu 
Contribution (kon'tri-bu'sh?/n), s. 
bhagian, per hi organ ; (gift) /?/??- 
brian ; (subscription) yuran* 
ley an (Ch. Iheh-icn) ; (obli- 
gatory tax for the poor) zakat* 
Contributor '(kon-ti'ib'u-ter), s. 
yanj mm bri, yarg mmbri ic'yan, 
yanj mmbri yuran;* (to a news- 
paper) pnjurat* 
Contrite (kon'trlt), adj. bertobat, 

Contrition (ktfn-trish'*/n), s. tan- 
bat, ksmlan. 
Contrivance (-triv'ans), s. (ar- 
tifice) upaya (Sk.), daya-vpaya* 
'akal; (device, invention) reka- 
Contrive (-triv'), v. t. upayakan* 

Control (-trol'), s. (that which 
checks) pnahan; (authority) pren- 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry- ice it fire* 
mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minus, cureViniure ' 
hurry; fodtf, foot, awfool (awful) ; law, how, oil; thin Men ' 




Control, v. t. (check, .restrain) ta- 
han, pgaig, pegarg (B.), klola;* 
( regu late, go ve rn ) pre ntahkan . 

Controversial - (kon'tro-ver'shal ), 
adj. yaig berbanlah* yarg bertig- 

Controversy (-ver-si), s. perban- 
taha.n* pert igkaran, persliselian. 

Controvert (-vert), v. t. banlalii* 
banlahkan* sem paigkan.* 

Contumacious (kon'tfi-mfi'sh//s), 
adj. krax'kpata, dgil. 

Contumacy (-ma-si), s. dgil. 

Contumely (-me-li), s. clierclia 
(Sk\), tisfa (Sk.). 

Contuse ( kon-t uz' j , v. v. (beat to- 
gether) lumbok : (bruise, as .fruit) 

Contusion (-tfi'zh//n ), s. (act of 
bruising) hal innuinbok: (bL'uisc 
on fruit) minor:* (on flesh, dis- 
coloured) I bam. 

Conundrum (ko-nun'dn/m ), s. I.ka- 
Ikl, jnierka* 

Convalescence ( kon'va-les's^ns ) , 
s. ksinbohaii* kpulehan. 

Convalescent (-srnt), adj. xmboh* 
pul eh, blah* 

Convene (kmi-ven' ). v. i. berkuin- 
pol, berhinipon.* 

Convene, v. t. kmn pf/lkan. himpon- 

Convenience (-yens), s. (fitness) 
k pain I an; (ease) ksnaigan; (con- 
venient time) waklu lapaig. 
Convenient (-rait), adj. (adapted 
to use) paint, la yak;* (handy) 
xnaig : (timely, opportune) xmpaf, 

' da pat * 

Convent (kon'raU), s. riimah oraig 
berkhalirai (Ar.) (bagi prein- 
piian), rum ah rahib prempuan* 
Convention (kym-ven'sh?/n), s. 
(usage) 'adal; (meeting) perkuin- 
polan, niajtis; (agreement) per- 
Conventional (-al), adj. (sanction- 
ed by usage) befadab, klaziman 

(Ar.); (agreed upon) yaig di- 
Convergent (-ver'jent), adj. yarg 

inn u j H pad a s-tinpat, mtn tujuan. 

Converge (-verj'), v. i. tuju pada 
s-tmpal, berlinn, bertiimpu* 

Conversant (-ver'sr/nt), adj. (in- 
timately associated.) perramah, 
berrainah-rainahan ;* (well-info lin- 
ed) tah it, ahli (Ar.). 

Conversation (kon'ver-sa'slnm), s. 
( i .11 tereourse ) perrainahan;* 

■(speech) jrluioran. perdiakapan. 

Converse (k<m-vers'), v. i. (have in- 
t imatc intercou v^) r a in a h ; * 
■ (speak) berrhakap. berfufor, her- 
kata-kala, onion/ (N.I.). 

Converse (kon'vers), s. (inter- 
course) perrainahan ;* (speeeli) p- 
/ n loran. perch akapan . 

Converse, adj. lerbalek. 

Conversely (-li), adj. ganU-ber- 

Conversion (krm-ver'slw/n), s. 
(change) perobahan; (change of 
religion) hal inmbawa iinaii (Ar.). 

Convert (-vert'), v. t. (change) 
obah : (turn from one state to an- 
other) balekkan: (change a per- 
son's, religion-) ma-wkkan againa; 
(exchange) tnkar. 

Convert (kon'vert), s. oraig yaig 
inmbawa iman (Ar.), niualaf 

Convertible (!w>n-vert'i-bl), adj. 
yaig hot eh dd-obahkaii, yaig boleh 

Convex (kon'veks), adj. mhgkoiy, 
bonjol, bergmbol. 

Convey (k^n-va'), v. t. (carry) ba- 
ira: see carry for various methods 
of conveying; (transmit, com- 
municate) bawa, daiau/kan, sain- 
paikan ; (transfer, make over, as 
property) xrahkan, tukar nhma. 

Conveyance (-ans), s. (act of con- 
veying) hal inmbawa, hal mryam- 
paikan, etc. ; (that which conveys) 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minus, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful) ; law, how, oil; thin then. 




pmbaiva, pnambary; (vehicle) Je- 
naikan* kreta; (deed of transfer) 
surat mniikar nama. 

Conveyancer (-an-ser), s. loyar 
yary mmbuat surat mnulcar nama. 

Convict (kon-vikt'), v. t, (convince 
of error) tmplak, salahkan; (pro- 
nounce a legal sentence) Imkum- 
kan, jatohkan h uhwn , put uskan 
liukum, Itakkan liukum. 

Convict (kon'vikt). s.oraiy salah. 
orarg rantai* oratg jel, orarg tu- 
topan (N.I.), banduan (Hind.) 

Conviction (kon-vik'shwn), s. (act 
of convincing) hal mnmplak; (act 
of sentencing) hal mighukumkan^ 
kputumn liukum; (certainty of 
belief) yakin* (At. yaqin), ktntu- 

Convince (-Tins'), v. t. (of error) 
tmplak: (make certain) yakinkan 
( Ar. ) , tntukan. I was convinced, 
ierpaku-lah di-dalam hati-ku. 

Convivial (-viv'i-al), adj. bersuka- 
ria,* b erramai-ramaian. 

Convocation (kon'vo-ka'sh?m), s. 
perhimponan* perkumpolan. 

Convoke (kon-vok'), v. t. parggil 
berhimpon* himponkan* kum- 

Convoluted (kon'vo-lu-ted), adj. 

Convolution (-lu'shun), s. gulovg- 
an, blitan. 

Convoy (kan-voi'), v. t. Mntarkan, 
irirgkan* bersa'iry drgan* 

Convoy (kon'voi), s. hal mryhantar- 
kan, hal di-hantarkan; (fleet or 
train) aigkatan* klrgkapanf (es- 
cort) prghantar, pryiriry* 

Convulse (kon-vuls'), v. t. (con- 
tract violently, as muscles) igarg- 
kan; (shake) goncharg. 

Convulsion (-vul'shtm), s. (dis- 
ease) sawan, pitam; (shaking) 
gonchargan; (tumult) huru-hara. 

Convulsive (-siv), adj. tergoncharg- 

goncharg; (of laughter) glak- 

glak* glakaJe. 
Cony (ko'ni), s. kuchirg blanda. 
Coo (kdo), v. i. pram* kukur* 
Cook (kook), v. t. masak; (rice) 

lanakf (by steaming) kukus; (in 

a double boiler) hgat* Urn (Ch.) ; 

see also, boil, fry, etc. 
Cook, s. jurn-masak* tukaty masak, 

kuki (E.), chompok (Ch. tsorg- 

Cookery (kook'er-i), s. 'ilmu* ma- 
Cool (kool), adj. (moderately cold) 

sjok, din/in;* (lukewarm) suamf 

(not hot) kurary panas; (self-pos- 
sessed) ttap hati; (shady) tdoh, 

Cool, v. t. sjokkan, diiyinkan;* 

(with a spoon) tembok;* (by 

fanning) kipaskan. To cool the 

head by wetting, berjaram* 
Coolness (kool'nes), s. sjok, di- 

Cooly (koo'li), s. (labourer) kuli; 

(house cooly) tukarg ayer. 
Coop (koop)," s. (for poultry) sang- 

kar ay am, serkap. 
Coop, v. t, (poultry) saiykarkan, 

serkapkan: (confine) piryit* ku- 

Cooper (koop'er), s. tukarg tory. 
Cooperate (kd-op'er-at), v. i. kerja 

bersama-sama, serta'i,* bantu, to- 

Cooperation (-a'shun), s. pmban- 

tuan, pertoloiyan. 
Coot (koot), s. ayam-ayam. 
Cope (kop), v. i. (encounter, meet) 

bertmu; (contend) lawan. 
Coping (kop'ing), s. batu kpala 

Copious (k5'pi-ws), adj. baryak, 

lempah* mewah; (of rain) Ibat. 
Copper (kop'per), s. tmbaga, tm- 

baga merah; (vessel) grenserg. 

Copper coin, duit tmbaga. 
Copperas (-as), s. trusi* 

ate ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire,. 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minus, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




Copperplate (-plat), s. tmbaga 
yarg di-lakis, surat yarg terchap 
deri-pada tmbaga yarg di-lukis. 

Coppice (kop'pis), s. blukar. 

Copra (kd'pra), s. ryiur krirg* 
klapa krirg. 

Copse (kops), s. blukar, gomporg* 

Copulate (kop'u-lfit), v. i. bcr- 
stuboh* bersatu, berstidor* s- 

Copy (kop'i), s. (transcript) tiru- 
an* salinan; (individual book) 
Jcitab, s-buah kitab: as, two copies, 
dua bvah; (pattern, model) tu- 
Jadan, chontoh ; (manuscript to be 
printed) nuskliah (Ar.). 

Copy, v. t. (transcribe) tiru* salin; 
(imitate) turut, ikut. 

Copyist (-ist), s. vniru* pryalin. 

Copyright (-rit), s. hah* prgararg 
atas karanjan-nja. 

Coquet (ko-kef), v. i. buat-buat 
kaseh, berchumbu-chwnbmn.* 

Coral (kor'al), s. kararg. Coral 
reef, kararg; (running out into the 
sea) tajur* Coral rock, batu ka- 
rarg. Branching coral, kararg bu- 
iga. Eed coral, merjan* f akek 
(Ar.). Soft coral (Alcyonaria), 
burga kararg. 
Corbel (kor'bl), s. batu pn/argga* 
Cord (kord), s. tali, tali kchil. 
Umbilical cord, tali pusat. Cord 
for pegtop, tali alii* tali gasirg 


Cord, v. t. ikat, kbat.* 

Cordage (kord'ej) s. (Xaut.) tali- 

Cordial (kor'di-al or kor'jal), s. 
bararg yarg mryukakan hati; 
(liqueur) sopi* manis (D. zoopje 
= sip, dram). 

Cordial, adj. (hearty) drgan surg- 
goh hati; (sincere) tulus; (tend- 
ing to cheer) yarg mnyukakan hati 

Cordiality (kor'di-al'i-ti), s. surg- 
goh hati, ktulusan. 

Cordon (kor'don), s. (badge of 

honour) pita kbsaran ; (line of 
sentries) bar-is ptgairal* ban jar 
Corduroy (kor'du-roi), s. kain bin- 

du berlurah* 
Core (kor), s. (inner part) hati, 

rnmpulur;* (if hard, as wood) 

tras;* (of a boil) punat; (essence, 

important part) pail; (of a 

mould) hati achiuin. 
Coriander (ko'ri-an'der)_, s. Mum- 

Cork (kork), s. gabiis (properly 

from the roots of the pulai tree) ; 

(stopper); sumbat, pryumbat, p- 

njumpil (Jay.). 
Cork, v. t. sumbat, sumpil* ryah 

Corkscrew (kork'skroo), s. pnarek 

sumbat* .pmbuka botol, skrup- 

botol (B.). 
Cormorant (kor'mo-rant), s. itek 

Corn (korn), s. (on the toes) blu- 

latg jari kaki* mata ikan; (on 

the sole) bubul.* 
Corn, s. (a single seed) biji, butir;* 

(cereals in general) biji-bijian. 

In America corn is restricted to 

maize = jag org. 
Corn, v. t. (salt, as meat) mrg- 

garam, tar oh asin (B.). 
Cornelian (kor-ne'li-an), s. f akek 

merah (Ar.). 
Corner (kor'ner), s. (angle) pn- 

juru, buchu* siku; (of a cloth) 

puncha; (of a mat) sudut;* (of 

the eye, outer) ekor; (inner) po- 

honf (of the earth) hujorg; (a 

nook) chrok, sudut.* Corner 

stone, batu pnjuru. 
Corner, v. t. ssakkan. 
Cornet (kor'net), s. trompet, slom- 

pret (N.I.). 
Cornfield (korn'feld), s. ladarg, bn- 

darg;* (irrigated) sawah. 
Cornice (kor'nis), s. birai.* 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sdre, sort, sorry; use, us, minws^ cure, injure, 

hurry; fddd, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




Cornucopia (kor'nu-ko'pi-a), s. 
tandok \ilamat kmewahan. 

Corollary (kor'ol-la-ri), s. turut- 
an* baratg yarg di-sbabkan. 

Coronation (k(Vo-na'sln/n), s. li- 
ma kola'ati (Sk.). 

Coronet (kor'o-iu't), s. makola* 
oratg baigsawan lain deri-/>ada 
raja, makola krhil (Sk.). 

Corporal (kor'po-ml), s. kopral 
(E.). Lance corporal, las kopral. 

Corporal, adj. (bodily) badan (a), 
it/boh* (a), deri-hal tuboh ;* (ma- 
teria], as opposed to immaterial) 
bertyaiea; (as opposed to spiritual) 

Corporate (-ret), adj. (Incorpor- 
ated) berlmbaga* drgani prenlah 
kraja'an: (united, general) ber- 
stuju, bcrsama'an. 

Corporation (-ra'sh/.m), s. sidatg 
yatg berlmbaga* ma j fin yatg ber- 

Corporeal (kor-por'i-ed), adj. ber- 
lmbaga* bernjaira; see cokvokal. 

Corps (kor, pi. korz), s, (of troops) 

Corpse (korps), s. ( human ) may at, 
oratg mail, jnazah (Ar.). 
: Corpulence (kor'pu-kms), s. gmok, 
kg m ok' an, prot bunch it. 

Corpuscle (kor'pus-sl), s. petak 
yatg hal its dalam darah dan s- 
bagai-tga. dzarral (Ar.). 

Corral (kor-raT), ?. kandanj. pagar. 

Correct (kor-rekt/), adj. blul, bnar, 
soli, ml tih* (Ar. sail in). 

Correct, v. t. (make right) blulkan, 
baikki. sahkan<; (discipline) ajar, 
ajari :* (by advice, or warning) 
palalt:* (counteract, as by medi- 
cine) la war. 

Correction (-rek'slu/n), s. (act of 

' correcting) hal mmbtulkan, etc., as 
above: (emendation) kbtidan, salt; 
(punishment) ptgajaran, seksa. 

Corrective (-tiv), adj. yarg mm- 
btulkan, yatg tnmbaikki. 

Correctness (-rekt'nes), s. kbhdanj 

Correspond (kor'rc-sponxT), .v./. 
(be like, coincide) bersama'an, ber- 
palufan, sanuii, jadi s-rupa; 
(agree) berslujtt; (by letters) ba- 
l as- m tubal as sural. 

Correspondence (-his), s. (con- 
gruity) persama'an; (agreement) 
perslujuan ; (by letters) hal balas- 
tn tubal as sural. 

Correspondent (-ent), s. pnjurai, 
pnibrita* mukalib (Ar.). 

Correspondent, adj. bersama'an, 
be rpat u (a n. s-rupa, bersl uju. 

Corresponding (-ing), adj. ber- 
slujuan; (of words or sounds) 
soma bunji; (of form) sama rupa: 
(of nature) sama jnis; etc. Cor- 
responding with, mnasabali dtgan 
(Ar.), berblulan dtgan* 

Corridor (k<Vri-dor), s. loronj da- 
lam rumah. 

Corroborate (kor-rob'o-rat), v. t. 
(make certain) tntukan ; (make, 
strong) kualkan; (establish, as 
true) yakati* surggohkan, bnar- 

Corroboration (-ra'shwn), s. k- 
I nt nan, kbnarau. ksutggohan. 

Corrigible (kor'ri-ji-b]j, adj. yarg 
bo/eh di-baikki, yarg bo/eh di-biul- 

Corrode (kor-rod'), v. t. (eat 
away) makan ; (rust) bri ber- 
karat; (consume) habiskan, rosak- 

Corrode, v. i. berkarat. 

Corrosion (-ro'zh?/n), s, 
an* karat. 

Corrosive (-siv), adj. 
makan, ?/atg tnmbri 
Corrosive acid, ayer a pi. 

Corrugated (kor'ru-gat-ed) , adj. 
beralur-alur* berlurah* Corru- 
gated iron, zetg (E.), zing (E.), 
I r malt sari. 

Corrupt (kor-rapt'), v. t. (make 


yatg m- 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sdre, sort, sorry; use, us, minus, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




putrid) bri busok; (vitiate, de- 
base) rosakkan; (by bribery) bri 
snap, '/nasi;* (falsify) lanchoig- 

Corrupt, adj. (putrid) busok: 
(spoiled, debased) rosak, hi nam; 
(depraved) kji* 

Corruptible (-i-bl), adj. yarg hoi eh 
mnjadl busok, yaig botch binasa, 
fana* (Ar. fanaf). 

Corruption (-rup'slu/n), s. (act of 
corrupting) hal minbiuasakan, hal 
mrosakkan, hal mmbri snap; (state 
of being corrupt) hal mnjadl bu- 
sok, krosak'an, kkjian* hal mma~ 
kan sua p. see coijkupt. 

Corsair (kor'sar), s. prompak, la- 

Corset (-set), s. kutaig* (Jaw). 
choli (Hind.). 

Cortege (kor-tazh'). s. perarakan. 

Coruscate (kor'us-kfit), v. i. bcr- 

Cosmetics (koz-met'iks), s. pi. 
iirap-urapan;* substances used as 
cosmetics are : — bdal; pupor* bo- 
reh* To use cosmetics, berbdak, 
ber pupor * 

Cosmic (koz'mik), adj. deri-hal s- 
klian 'alam* 'alam* (a). 

Cosmology (koz-mol/o-ji). s. 'ilrnii 
kjadian sklian 'alam* 

Cosmopolitan (koz'mo-pol/Ran), 
adj. slur oh dunia (a), yanj tiada 
mlhehkan satu negri deri-pada yarg 

Cosmos (koz'mos), s. s-gnap 'alam. 

Cost (kawst or kost), v. i. (require 
an expenditure) datargkan* blanja; 
(cause a loss) bawa rugi, sbabkan 
rugi* To cost one's life, sbabkan 
mati* It costs $10, herga-vja ,9- 
puloh rirggit. It cost me $10, 
sahya sudah bli s-puloh riiygil. 

Cost, s. (amount charged or paid) 
herga; (expense) blanja, oigkos 
(N.L) (D. onkosten) ; (loss, 
detriment) rugi It will not re- 

pay the cost, tiada pularg modal. 
Cost price, herga bli. 

Costive (kos'tiv), adj. kurarg jalan, 
kurarg I a wax, smblil. 

Costiveness (-nes). s. smblit. 

Costly (kawst'li or kost'li). adv. (of 
great cost) hmr herga-nja; (ex- 
pensive-) niahal : (precious) indah. 

Costume (kos'tum or kos-tum'), s. 
pakaian. A complete costume, 
pra igg u * persalinan* 

Cosy (ko'zi). adj. (sheltered) tdoh; 
(convenient) suing. 

Cot (kot), s. (hut) pondok, tratak:* 
(bed) Ini pat iidor kchil. 

Cottage (kot'tej), >. rum ah kchil. 

Cotter (-ter). s. (wedge) baji* 

Cotton (-tn). ?. (cultivated, from 
( fossypium herbaceurn ) kapas : 
(from Eriodendron aid'ractuosum. ) 
kapok: (from Treves ia sundaica) 
kabu-kahu :* (cloth) kain kapas: 
(unbleached) kain b I acini, kain 
■nud ah :* (prints) kain chit, kain 
chita : (thread) bnarg. bnatg ka- 
pas. Cotton wool, kapas. 

Couch (kowch). s. (bed) tm pat ii- 
dor, katil* ranjauj. gta (Sk.), 
kaus* {{-].). 

Couch, v. i. (.lie cojicealed) hndap, 
ndap, migndap (!>.)• 

Cough (kof), s. batok; (as a sign) 
dahani. Whooping cough, batok 
rjan* batok Hah, batok sisek* 

Cough, v. j. batok, berdaham. To 
cough \]]^ phlegm, kahak. 

Could (kood). v. i. boleh, dapat* 
snrpat: see able. 

Coulter (koTtcr). s. nayam* 

Council (kown'sil). s. (assembly) 
ma /lis, mash ua rat (Ar.), ijm'a 
(Ar.) ; (act of deliberating) hi- 
ch a ra, m ashu a ra I ( Ar . ) . 

Councillor (-ler), s. sidanj majlls. 
ah 11 mashuarat (Ar.) 

Counsel (-sel), v. t. bkkarakan, na~ 
sih a t ka n , * b r i n as ih a 1 . * 

Counsel, s. (consultation) blcliara; 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry ; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry ; ice, it, f ire> 

mirror ; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry ; use, us, mnws, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin t/ren. 




(advice) nasihat* bichara, shur 
(Ar.) ; (purpose, design) ka- 
handak, maksud; (secret purpose) 
rahsia; (legal adviser) pmbichara, 
pnolonj bicliara, pguam* To keep 
counsel, ximpan rahsia. To take 
counsel, berbichara, berrundiiy* 
berronderg (B.). 

Counsellor (-ler), s. pmbichara. 

Count (kownt), s. (reckoning) bi- 
largan, hit organ; (charge, allega- 
tion) tudohan* d'awa'an. 

Count, v. t. (enumerate) bilarg, hi- 
tonj, kira, reken ($.1.) (P.), hi- 
sab* (Ar. nisdb) ; (impute, as- 
cribe) bilargkan; (esteem, reck- 
on) bilatgkan, kirakan. To count 
on, harap. It does not count (in 
games), ta'achi* ta'pakai (B.). 

Count, s. pargkat orarg bargsatvan di 
Era pah = earl, q. v. 

Countenance (kown'te-nans), s. 
(appearance) rupa muka; (face, 
features) muka, paras* wajah 
(Ar.), durja (Sk.). Out of coun- 
tenance, te rsipii-sipu. 

•Countenance, v. t. (approve, fa- 
vour) bnarkan, perknankan; (aid) 
bantu, tolorg. 

Counter (-ter), s. (one who counts) 
pmbilarg; (in games) pi (Ch.). 

Counter, adj. (opposite) berhadap- 
an, yarg bertntarg; (adverse) yarg 

Counteract (kown'ter-akf), v. t. 
(act in opposition) la wan; (hin- 
der) tgah, rintarg ;* (neutralise, 
by charms or medicine) tawar, ta- 

Countercharm (-charm), s. pna- 

Counterbalance (-bal'ans), v. t. 
samakan brat, balas timbargan, per- 

Counterfeit (-fit), v. t. '(imitate) 
tiru* srupakan, samakan; (forge) 
lanchorgkan,* palsukan. 

Counterfeit, adj. (by imitation) 

tiruan;* (feigned) pura-pura; 
(forged) lanchoiy* palsu (Port.). 
Counterfeit coin, ivaig palsu, wary 

Counterfoil (-foil), s. kratan rasit 
atau chek yarg tirggal di buku. 

Counteri rritant (-ir'ri-tant), s. 
(fomentation) tuaui. 

Countermand (-mand'), v. t. batal- 
kan, link urn, batalkan psan. 

Countermine (-mm'), v. t. (fig.) 
batalkan drgan smbunji, lawan 

Counterpane (-pan), s. chadar 
(Hind.), spre (-NM.) (D. sprei). 

Counterpart (-part), s. soma. 

Counterpoise (-poiz), s. timbalan* 
hi counterpoise, bertimbalan* 

Countersign (-sin), v. t. (endorse) 
m nduakan tanda taigan. 

Countersign, s. (signature) tanda 
targan yarg kdua; (watchword) 
smboyan* rahsia. 

Countervail (-vaT), v. t. timbal* 

Countinghouse (kownt'ing-hows ) , 
s. opis (E.), kantor (D.) (N.I.) 

Countless (-les), adj. tiada ter- 
bilarg, tiada tpermanai* tiada ter- 
hisabkan (Ar.). 

Country (kun'tri), s. (region, very 
large) bnua;* (smaller) negri, ta- 
nah; (rural region) dusun;* (in- 
habitants, the public) isi negri. 

Country, adj. (rural) dusun; (rus- 
tic, unpolished) ulu, hutan. 

Countryman (-man), s. (compa- 
triot) oraig s-negri; (a rustic) 
orarg dusun,* orarg bukit. 

County (kown'ti), s. da'irah (Ar.), 
jajahan* desa (N.I.). 

Couple (kup'l), s. (two of the same 
kind) pasarg, jodoh; (married per- 
sons) klamin;* (if united or con- 
tiguous) bandoig;* (as two widths 
of a sarorg) kampoh* 

Couple v. t. (tie) tambat; (join) 
huborg, jodohkan, sambovg; (as 
railway carriages) kait. 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minus, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




Couplet (kup'let), s. sloha* pan- 

Coupling (-ling), s. samboigan, hu- 
b organ. 

Coupon (koo'pon or koo'poN"), s. 
teket (B.), ' karchis (N.T.) (T). 

Courage (kiir'cj), s. brant hail, k- 

Courageous (kiir-ii'jy/s), adj. brani, 
perkasa (Sk.), gaga'h. 

Courier (koo'ri-er) s. pn/uroh, su- 

Course (kors), s. (progress) per- 
jalanan, playemn; (path travers- 
ed) jalan; (direction of motion) 
tujuan; (if straight) Igal ;* (pro- 
cedure, behaviour) lah'u* hlahuan; 
(series of actions) gilir;* (part of 
a meal) mjian, hidargan.;* (layer 
of masonry) susun, tindan;* (pi. 
the menses) clatatg bulan, hedl* 
(Ar. haidl). In course, berturut- 
turut, ber •gilir- gilir* Of course, 
tntu, nschaya (Sk.), psti, pasti 
(B.), memarg. 

Course, v. t. burn. 

Course, v. i. lari. 

Court (kort), s. (yard) halanian, 
hompaun (E.) ; (palace) is tana; 
(retinue of king) orarg dalam;* (of 
justice) tmpat bichara, mahkamah 
(Ar.), hot (E.) ; (judicial assem- 
bly), majlis bichara; (a judge) ha- 
him. Supreme court or high court, 
mahhamah, bsar* hot bsar, hantor 
bsar (ISf.L). 

Court, v. t. (seek to gain favour) 
ambit hati; (woo) chunilm;* (seek 
to obtain) cliari. 

Courteous (ker'ti-ws), adj. ber- 
bhasa, beradab (Ar.). 

Courtesan (ker'te-zan), s. sundal, 
prempuan jahat, prempuan jalarg, 
lonteh (N.I.). 

Courtesy (-si), s. bhasa, adab 

Courtesy (kert'si), v. i. rndahhan 
diri mmbri hormat. 

Courtier (kort'yer), s. orarg dalam. 

Courtly (-li), adj. berbhasa, chara 

Court-martial (kort'raar'shal), s. 
majlis bichara bagi soldado. 

Courtship (-ship), s. rhumbu-clium- 

Court-yard (-yard'), s. halaman, 
hompaun (E.). 

Cousin (kuz'n), s. saudara. First 
cousin, saudara s-pupu. Second 
cousin, saudara dua pupu. 

Cove (kov), s. tloh Tcchil, suak* 

Covenant (kuv'e-nant), s. perjanji- 
an, ica'ad (Ar.). The covenant of 
marriage, 'ahad nikah (Ar.). 

Covenant, v. i. berjanji, ber'akad 
(Ar.), berivaad (Ar.). 

Cover (kuv'er), v. t. (gen.) tutop; 
(with a cover or cloth) tudorg; 
(with a hollow vessel) surghop, 
serhop; (with something flat) t- 
kap; (overlay) mlut* turap;* 
(wrap) balut, sampul* idas;* 
(with clouds or dew) saput;* (with 
mats or cloth) bohot;* (with a 
blanket) slimutkan; (completely) 
sluborg, kluboig* litop;* (with 
water or light) lipid;* (conceal) 
smburyikan; (protect) lindorg. 

Cover, s. tutop, tudorg, balut, sam- 
pul* See above. 

Covering (-ing), s. tutop, tudorg, 

Coverlet (-let), s. slimut, chadar 

Covert (kuv'ert), adj. sidit* ber- 
smbunji, glap, samar* bersamar* 

Covet (-et), v. t. (desire earnestly) 
berkahandak, irgxn, rindu; (in a 
bad sense) tam'a* (Ar. Tam'a), 
tmahak (B.), loba* 

Covetous (-us), adj. tam'a (Ar.), 
tmahak (B.), loba* 

Covetousness (-nes), s. tam'a 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minws, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 


(Ar.), tmdhak (B.), loba* k- 
'irginan, dhagi.* 

Covey (kuv'i), s. pvgraman, prin- 

Cow (kow), s. liubu btina. 

Cow, v. t. bri lakot, takoti* bachol- 
lean* hati, kchilkan hati. 

Coward (kow'erd), s. pnakot, ba- 

Cowardice (-is), s. ktakotan, k- 

Cowardly (-li), adj. pnakot, ba- 

Cower (kow'er), v. i. (crouch) tun- 
dok, 'ndap, hndap, migndap (B.) ; 
(quail) bacliol* 

Cowherd (-herd), s. go tubal a hnbu. 

Cowl (kowl), s. tudorg kpala pada 
baju kllawar;* (of a chimney) tu- 
dorg chororg, tudorg smprorg* 
Ventilating cowl, pnatggok an/in* 

Cowrie (kow'ri), s. bia* 

Coxcomb (koks'kom), s. (dandy) 
psolek* orarq antun* oraig her- 
solek (B.). 

Coxswain (koks'n), s. srarg, juru- 
mudi, tekorg (Ch. lai-korg). 

Coy (koi), adj. main, tersipu-sipu. 

Cozen (kuz'n), v. t. tipu, per day a- 
kan* kichu.* 

Cozy (ko'zi), adj. (sheltered) tdoli; 
(comfortable ) snarg. 

Crab (krab), s. kiam, kpitirg. 
King crab,' blargkas. Hermit crab, 
umarg-umaig* Land crab, hudarg 

Crabbed (krab'bed), adj. prrgus* 

Crack (krak), v. i. (burst open) 
blah, rkah, merkah; (break with- 
out separating) rtak; (make a 
sharp sound) rak* rap, krtok* 
krpak, hrpohj (as a whip) berdtas. 
see crack, s. 

Crack, v. t. blah, blahkan, chkali* 
rkahkan* merkahkan, rtakkan. 

Crack, s. (fissure) chlah, chlak 
(B.) ; (split) blah, rkah; (with- 
out opening) rtak; (the sound) 



rap, rak* drap* krap* Ikap* 

Hop, srak-srek* Uus. 
Cracked (krakt), adj. (crazy) 

kpala anjiri, s-trgali tiarg* ksasar- 

Cracker (krak'er), s. (fireworks) 

ptas, merchun; (biscuit) biskut 

(E.), roll kalirg (IST.L). 
Crackle (-kl), v. i. krtak-krtek, k- 

Cradle (krfi'dl), s. baai* buaian* 

bo-bve (B.), ayunan;* (with up 

and down motion) buai bernjut;* 

(of a sarong) dondanj, bo-bue kain 

(B.) ; (hung from the roof) f n- 

dul;* (place of origin) tmpat asaL 
Craft (kraft), s. (skill) kpandaian; 

(manual art) atas* pertukaigan, 

pn ah avian ; ( cu nning ) ch erdek, 

'akal; (Naut.) prahn, kapal. 
Craftsman (krafts'man), s. tuharg, 

Crafty (kraft'i), s. cherdek, panjarg 

Crag (krag), s. batu bsar jjarg ter- 

jojol dl atas gunorg. 
Cram (kram), v. t. (force in) asak, 

padat;* (fill with food) knryarg- 

kan; (force food into a child's 

mouth) jjalkan* 
Cramp (kramp), s. (clamp) pnchrg- 

kam* prgapit; (of the muscles) 

kantu* simpol brgkarorg ;* (of the 

stomach) snak, mulas prot, rrgat* i 
Cramp, v. t. (confine, contract) s- 

sakkan : ( res train ) tahankan ; 

(hold with a cramp) a pit* chrg- 

Crane (kran), s. (the bird) burorg 

klabu* burorg jnjarg;* (machine) 

toinbak sagarg* 
Crane, v. t. (stretch out, as the 

neck) jnjargkan* hulor. 
Cranium (kra'ni-wm), s. trgkorak, 

batu kpala, tmpnrorg, jmala (Sk.). 
Crank (krangk), s. pmutar, ergkol 

Crank, adj. (Xaut.) olerg. 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minws, cure, injury 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful) ; law, how, oil; thin then. 




Cranny (kran'ni), s. clilah, clirdk. 

Crash (krash), v. i. (sound of ex- 
plosion) dntani, dntom; (of falling 
house) gum lam;* (of weapons) 
gnirencheig ;* (of dishes) krarg- 
krorg;* (of falling tree) kerpak; 
(of loud thunder or voice) plir, 

Crash, s. (sound) see above; (ruin) 
krosak'an, kb inmaan. 

Crate (krat),s. (large basket) kran- 
jarg; (protective framework) m- 

Crater (kra'tcr), s. kawah gunorg 
b era pi. 

Craunch (krawueh), v. t. kerkap- 

Cravat (kra-vat'), s. I all Irhir, dasi 
(X.I.) (0. dasje). 

Crave (krav), v. t. pnho-nkan* m in- 
to, sanjat; (long i'ov)rindu, irgin; 
(of pregnant women) id am.* nug- 
idam (B.). 

Craven (kra'vn). adj. pnakot, ba- 

Craving (kraVing), s. k'itginan; 
(for opium, alcohol, etc.), ktagch. 

Crawl (krawl), v. i. (of animals) 
jalar* rayap, mrayap (B.), lata: 
(as children, on all fours) ring- 
kak; (as a .mass of maggots) ger- 

Crayfish (kra'fisli), s. itdaig ka- 
mrg* undaig glakr 

Crayon (kra'f/n), s. kapur blanda 

Craze ( k ra z ) , v . t . // itaujkan l aka U 

Craze, s. (infatuation) 
liati, kahandak, slap.* 

Crazy (kra'zi), adj. (weak, shaky) 
burok: (demented) kpala argin, 
gila bhasa* irgatan ta'ttap, s- 
tixjah tiaig ;* (infatuated) slap* 

Creak (krek), v. i. berkiut", kiarg- 
kiut n , kernfat-kernjut;* (of oars) 

Cream (krem), s. kpala susu. 

Crease (kres), s. (wrinkle) Jcrut, 
(in the skin) ktak* rtak; (mark 
of fold) bkas iipal. 

Crease, v. t. krutkan, kdutkan; 
(crumple) gumalkan* 

Create (kre-at'), v. 1. jadikan, ada- 

Creation (kre-fi'sh//n), s. kjadian; 
(created things) makhlok (Ar.). 

Creative (-tiv), adj. yaig iahu mrg- 
adakati* yarg boleh mn jadikan. 

Creator (-tor), s. pnjadir yaig mn- 
jadikan, khalik (Ar.). 

Creature (kre'ehur), s. maklilok 
(Ar.) ? khalayak (Ar.). A poor 
creature (spoken in pitv) 'hamba 

Credence (krcYbms), s. perrhaya, 
ha raj). 

Credentials, (kre-den'shdz), s. pi. 
sural kiyalaan. sural klmaran, su- 
ral klrargan. 

Credible (kred'i-bj), adj. kpcr- 
diaya'an, yaig hot eh di-perrhaya. 

Credit (-it), s. (trust, confidence) 
peirhaya, harap: (merit) jasa 
(Sk.), pahala: (in commerce) 

Credit, v. t. (believe, trust) harap, 
jwrrhaya; (in bookkeeping) lolak 
hutaig. putorg hutaig, piiitargkan* 

Creditable (-a-bl), adj. (praise- 
worthy) yarg lerpuji; (bringing 
credit) yaig minbri jam (Sk.) : 
(honorable) kahonualan, yaig pa- 
int di-hormati. 

Creditor (-er), s. orarg berpiularg* 

Credulity (kre-du/Ji-ti), s. perchaya 
yarg bukan-bukan. 

Credulous (kred'u-l//s), adj. yaig 
Ikas perchaya. 

Creed (kred), s. (confession of 
faith) pigakuan iman (Ar.), sha- 
ll adal: (Ar.) ; (faith, religion) 
inian (Ar.), again a. 

Creek (krek), s. I! ok, suak* anak 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minus, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




Creep (krep), v. i. (of animals) ra- 
yap, mrayap (B.), lata; (as 
snakes) jalarf (as lizards) mm- 
biaiuak; (as children, on all fours) 
raiykak; (move slowly) ralcap;* 
(stealthily, as a tiger) jlanak;* 
(as plants or vines) jalar* rayap, 
lata, Ml it. 

Creeper (krep'er), s. (plant) akar, 
tanaman yarg mnjalar. 

Creepiness (-i-nes), s. sram, smut- 
sm u tan , g li-g man, * g li-g m a m 

Creese (kres), s. kris* 

Cremate (kre-maf), v. t. bakar ma- 

Cremation (-ma'sh-un), s. hal mm- 
bakar may at. 

Creosote (kre'o-s5t), s. pati miry ah 

Crepe (krap), s. Tcain stra berkdut; 
(Japanese) kain J pun; (Chinese) 
jo'se n (Ch. jiau n -se). 

Crescent (kres's^nt), s. ligkovgan* 
bulan. The Star and Crescent, 
bulan bintary. 

Cress (kres), s. water-cress, smarg- 
gi* skti* 
• Crest (krest), s. (tuft) jarribul; 
(artificial) tajok;* (of feathers, 
erectile) chntovg;* (comb of a 
cock) balorg* jeigger (Jav.), jirg- 
get (B.) ; (summit of a hill) 
merchu* kmimchak; (heraldic) 
'alamat oravg bavysawan* 

Crestfallen (krest'fawl'en), adj. 
sndu* bachol* 

Crevice (krev'is), s. chlah, chlak 

Crew (kroo), s. (assemblage) kum- 
polan oravg; (of a ship) awak* 
prdhu, anak prahu. 

Crib (krib), s. (manger) paloryan* 
lawak-lawak ;* (child's bed) tmpat 
tidor kchil. 

Crib, v. t. '( con fi ne ) hurory; 
(cramp) smpitkan, asakkan; (pil- 
fer) choket* 

Crick (krik), s. kantu* simpol bry- 

Cricket (krik'et), s. (the insect) 

chrykadok; (the game) main kri- 

kit (E.). 
Crier (kri'er) , s. pnjru* tukary triak 


Crime (kiim), s. (violation of law) 

dosa, ksalahan; (iniquity) kjahat- 

Criminal (krim'i-nal), s. ovary sa- 

Criminal, adj. (guilty of crime) 
berdosa; (relating to crime) deri- 
hal dosa, j nay all (Ar.). 

Crimp (krimp), v. t. (make wavy) 
ikalkan;* (entrap, as sailors or 
coolies) chari klasi atau kuli dry an 
tipu, lavikan kuli. 

Crimson (krim'zn), adj. kivmizi 
(Ar.) ; (of the face) merah pa- 

Cringe (krinj), v. i. tundokkan din; 
(abase one's self) vndahkan diri. 

Crinkle (kring'kl), v. i. (in twists) 
berblit; (in wrinkles) berkdut, 

Cripple (krip'pl), s. (lame) oravg 
tempavg; (maimed) oravg kodorg, 
oravg kudovy (B.). 

Cripple, v. t. (maim) kodorykan; 
(weaken) hnahkan. 

Crisis (kii'sis), s. (in disease or 
danger) kmlut;* (decisive mo- 
ment) sa'at yavy smpurna.* 

Crisp (krisp), adj. (curly) kritiry; 
(of cooked food) garirg, rargup, 
kersai* ptdan* 

Crisp, v. t. krithgkan, garirgkan, 
as above. 

Crisscross (kris'kros), adv. lintarg* 
pukavy, silary-mryilavy. 

Criterion (kri-ter'i-wn), s. (esta- 
blished rule) kanun (Ar.) ; (mea- 
sure, standard) kadar (Ar.). 

Critic (krit'ik), s. (reviewer) pry* 
lidek* pvycham;* (one who cen- 
sures) pnchla. 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minus, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




Critical (krit'i-kal), adj. (able to 
judge) yanj tahu bezakan (Sk.) ; 
(careful in judgment) pandai mty- 
lidek;* (fault finding) pnchla; 
(at a crisis) pada sa'at* yaig sm- 
purna; (in disease) pada kmlut;* 
( dangerous ) b erbahya. 

Criticize (-sTz), v. t. (examine as a 
critic) cliamkan; (find fault 
with) clila. 

Criticism (-sizm), s. ptychaman,* 
kchla'an; as above. 

Critique (kri-tek'), s. prgchaman.* 

Croak (krok), v. i. (as frogs) 
krok;* (grumble) bersu-rgut, ro- 

Croaker (krok'er), s. orarg ber- 

Crochet (kro-sha/), s. kaitan. 

Crockery (krok'er-i), s. (glazed) 
pirggan^maigkok; (unglazed) p- 
riok-blatga; (broken) tmbekar* 

Crocodile (-o-dll), s. buaya. Cro- 
codile tears, m nary is pura-pura. 

Crone (kron), s. orarg tua (prem- 

Crony (kro'ni), s. liandai* sahabat 
ya tg rapa t, sob at-a tide ( B . ) . 

Crook (krook), s. (curve, hook) 
kalok* ptgait; (rod with hook at 
the end) ganchu; (for driving 
elephants) chatgkok* kiu*a (Sk.) ; 
(an artifice, trick) "akal. 

Crook, v. i. berkalok* 

Crooked (krook'ed), adj. (not 
straight) bctgkok, erut ; (of a 
sarong) penchotg* Crooked busi- 
ness, kerja tipu. 

Croon (kroon), v. i. kidorg* mrg- 

Crop (krop), s. (of a bird) tin- 
bolok; (of grain) perhumaan* 
pn-uaian;* (of fruit) ptek'an buali, 

Crop, v. t. (cut the ends off) jmg- 
kas;* (browse) gatggut;* (the 
hair as punishment) rag as. 

Croquette (kro-kef), s. katlit (E.), 

bragadel (D. frikkadel) (N.L). 
Cross (kros), s. (gibbet) kayu ber- 

palary* pndpatg* salib* (Ar. 

sa/ifr) : (the sign) paigkah; 

(badge) bintarg. 
Cross, adj. (transverse) lintatg, si- 

latg; (ill-tempered) marah, mra- 

daig, raj ok, mrajok (B.), ngus* 

jauh hati* kchil hati 
Cross, v. t. (lay athwart) linlary- 

kan; (traverse) lahd* linlas; 

(pass over a road or river) sbrarg; 

( thwart x lintaigi* To cross out, 

paigkah, parargkan* bunon. To 

cross the arms, pi ok luboh* plok 

targan (B.) ; (behind the back) 

snjkliitj* To cross the feet, sig- 

kiity 'kaki* kiau-ka (B.) (Oh. 

khiau-kha). ■ 
Cross, v. i. (lie athwart) lintatg, 

silarg; (pass over) sbrarg, mry- 

Crossbar (kros'bar), s. srgkarrj, 

kayu palarg* kayu lintatg, kayu 

Crossbow (-bo), s. terbil* 
Crossbreed (-bred), s. baka rliam- 

puran, bargsa chain puran. 
Crosscut (-kut), s. (short road) 

jalan pin tax* jalan pendek (B.). 

Crosscut saw, gergaji balak. 
Cross-examine (-egz-am'in), v. t. 

bersual'Sual, slidck digan sual,* 

Cross-eyed (Id), adj. mat a julitg, 

(slightly) julitg- julitg ayer. 
Crossgrained (-grand), adj. (of 

wood) urat mlintatg; (of temper) 

prus* prig us* 
Crossing (-ing), s. (going over) hal 

miybrarg ; (intersection) stgkarg 

a in pat; (cross roads) sempatg am- 

Crossing-sweeper (-swep-er), s. 

oratg yarg miyapu jalan. 
Crosslegged (-legd), adj. bersila. 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; Ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minus, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




Crosspiece (-pes), s. palary* srg- 

hanp hayu lintarg. 
Cross-purpose (-per'pws), s. At 

cross-purposes, berlainan mahsud. 
Cross-question (-kwes'ehun), v. i. 

brrsual-xual* s'lidek drgan $ual* 

Cross-road (-rod), s. jalan mm- 

pcugan, semparg am pal. 
Cross-stitch (-stieh), s. jahilan tu- 
la ty blut* 
Crosstrees (~trez), s. (Xaut.) du- 

laig-dula rg, tope rg-tope tg. 
Crossways (-\vaz), s. semjxng. 
Crosswise (-wlz), s. linlatg ; (over 

the shoulder) slempa-iy, sle/xng. 
Crotch (kroch), s. chlah: (between 

the legs) chhih harghaig* chlah 

klrgkaig : (at the end of a post) 

Crotchet (krochVt), s. layhah, ra- 

Crotchety (-i), adj. berterghah, 

chrcirel, banjah ragam. 
Croton (kro'U/n), s. pudiig* adal- 

Crouch (kroweh). v. i. berdkam* 

'?idap, hndap, mtgndap (B.) : (ser- 
vilely) Singh or* 
Croup (krodp), s. (hindpart ol' 

horses) purggorg; (Med.) piyahit 

b uloh ~b uloh* do tghol-do ighol. * 
Crow (krd), v. i. (as a eoek) ber- 

hohoh: (as a babv) agah* mrg- 

agah (B.). 
Crow, s. (the bird) buroig gagah, 

bur org dndaiy ;* (of a eoek) ho- 

hoh ; (of a babv) agah* mtgagah 


Crowbar (kro'bar), s. alabargka 
(Port.), pnuil, pnehorghil, pra- 

Crowd (krovvd), s. kumpolan, per- 
humpolan, oratg ramai, orarg ba- 
njah: (group of persons) Irfompok, 
puak; (crush) hswh'an. 

Crowd, v.i. (press together, throng) 
berkumpol, berhrumun; (press 

forward) berduyun;* (stand in a 
crowd) berlbat* 

Crowd, v. t. (press, push) asalc; 
(press together) mam pat; (till by mihhan. 

Crowded (krowdVd), adj. pnoh 

Crown (krown). s. (royal headdress) 
luahola (Sk.) ; (topmost part) 
punch ah, hmunchah, merchu;* 
(of the head) ubun-ubuu* jmala 
(Sk.). Crown hind, ianah h- 
raja, an, lanah hompni. Crown 
prince, raja muda, turghu bsar, 
lurghu mahota (Sk.). 

Crown, v. t. (kings) lanteh* ma- 
hot ahan (Sk.), tabalhan (Ar.) ; 
(consummate, complete) xmpur- 

Crucible (krof/si-bl), s. hui* bhas 
Tboran* tmpat Ihoran. 

Crucifix (-fiks), s. patorg salib* 
(Ar. mlib). 

Crucifixion (-.fik'sh/ni), s, (act of 
crucifying) hal mnsalibhan (Ar.) : 
(death by crucifying) hmatian di 
hay u said) (Ar.). 

Crucify (-i'l), v. t. mlibhan (Ar.). 

Crude (krodd), adj. (uncooked, un- 
ripe) mnlah; (unfinished, unpre- 
. pared) bahal* as. bahal minjah, 
crude oil; (imperfect) la'smpurna. 

Cruel (krooVl), adj. brgis. 

Cruelty (-ti), s. hbrgisan, ariiaya. 

Cruet (-et), s. buli-buli* Cruet 
stand, tmpat chuha minjah, tmpat 
lada garain. 

Cruise (krooz), v. i. (Xaut.) payor, 
jajalii laid an. 

Cruiser (krodz'er), s. (Naut.) />- ' 
rah 1 1 payar, ha pal praig yaig mm- 

Crumb (krum), s. (small frag- 
ment) rem ah* chbis,* cliotek;* 
(of bread, as opposed to crust) 
id roti. 

Crumble (krum'bl), v. t. hanclmr- 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minus, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (a>vful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




Crumble, v. i. 

berprai-prai* rput, 
rlai* chtai* ber- 

v. t. yumalkan,* 

rpui* psai, 

Crumple (-pi), 

Crunch (krunch), v. t. (as a clog 
crunches a bone) mamah. 

Crunch, v. i. kerkap-kerkop, krop- 

Crupper (krup'per), s. 'mban ekor* 
tali ekor. 

Crusade (kroo-sad'), s. (holy war) 
prary sabil* (Ar. sabil). 

Cruse (krooz), s. buli-buli* balary* 

Crush (krush), s. (violent pressure) 

Crush, v. t. (bruise) lumarkan;* 
(reduce to fine particles) ha n char, 
rmok; (between two surfaces) im- 
pit, em pet (B.), penjek ; (in the 
hand) ram an; (under wheels) ye- 
lek, lerery;* (by stamping) irek* 
latyak : (as a python) divot* 'vat;* 
(force in) padat;* (in a mortar) 
t limb ok ; (with a spoon) lechek; 
(insects) Lindas; (oppress) an- 

Crushed (krusht), adj. hanchor- 
laloh* rmok-rdam* luloh-lan- 
iak;*(o¥ the spirit) hanchor hail. 

Crust (krust), .<. (liard outer sur- 
face) kulit; (of rice at the bottom 
of a pot) krak nasi ; (in wine bot- 
tles) kladak* 

Crustaceous (krus-ta'shv/s), adj. 
berkulit km*. 

Crusty adj. (having a crust) ber- 
kulit; (surly) prtyus* 

Crutch (kruch), s. toiykat ktiak. 

Cry (kri), v. i. (call out) sru* 
triak, laoty :* (with joy or in war) 
sorak, Impek; (clamour) kriau* 
kdau ;* (wail) ratap; (weep) 
taryis* in nary is; (with pain or as 
animals) jrii, inn j 'ret (B.), pkek. 

- To cry violently, till there is no 
sound, m nary is pi jar* 

Cry, s. sru,* triak, etc., as above. 

Crypt (kript), s. bilek dalam hykorg- 

an* .kaki tembok. 
Cryptic (krip'tik), adj. tersmbun/i. 
Crystal (kv\<'ta\) ,*. hablur (Per?!), 

bat ft b I an da* Hock crystal, ki- 

njanj* bain pi u mban * 
Crystallize (-Tz), v. t. bkiikan* 
Crystallize, v. i. mnjadi bku* ber- 

astakuna (Sk.). 
Cub (kub), s. anak bruauj, anak 

hrim a u, da n s-baya i-n/a. 
Cube (kub), s. baryunan* anam prr- 

syi, bnda anam persyi. 
Cubeb (ktVbeb), s. lada berekor* 

lada panjaiy, knunykus* tmukus* 
Cubicle (-bi-kl), s. bilek berdindiiy 

Cubit (-bit), s. hasfa, h*ta* star 
Cuckold (kuk'uld). s. oranj dayns 

(Ar. day nth). 
Cucumber (ku'kum-ber), s. iimon, 

Cud (kud), s. To chew the cud. nia- 
mah biak* 
Cuddle (kud'dl), v. t. lendeh* 

njorykom* (\Y.). 
Cudgel (kujVl), v. t. pnloiy* p- 

Intoty. To cudgel one's brains, 

banting kpala. 
Cudgel, s. blanlan* pmntory* p- 

Cue (ku), s. (tail) ekor; (catch- 
word, hint) isavat (Ar. ishdrat) ; 

(for billiards) kiu-bola (E.). 
Cuff (kuf), s. (of a sleeve) setysery- 

an baju, lipat hyan ; (of a shirt) 

kalar hyan* (E.). 
Cuff, s. (slap) sjxik, lam par; (on the 

face) tmpelety. 
Cuff, v. t. tarn par, spak. 
Cuirass (kwe-ras'), s. lapek dada, 

baju bsi. 
Culinery (ku'li-na-ri), adj. deri-hal 

mamk, masak-mawk (a). 
Cull (kul), v.t. (select) pileh; 

(gather) ptek ; (by cutting with 

the finger nails) yntas* 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry ;^ Ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minus, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




Cullender (kul'leii-der), s. tapisan. 


Culminate (kurmi-nat). v. i. naik 
k-nierchu* sampai k-trnpat yarg 
tirggi skali. 

Culpable (-pa-bl), adj. (worthy of 
blame) pat id di-chla; (criminal) 

Culprit (-prit), s. orarg tudolian* 
orarg yarg kna d'aica, orary ier- 
d'awa, orarg salah. 

Cult (kult), s. (homage) bakti 
(Sk.) ; (system of rites) aturan 

Cultivate (kul'ti-vat), v. t. (bestow 
labour on) kerjakan; (by digging) 
cliargkol; (by ploughing) bajak, 
trggala (Sk.) ; (as a new clearing) 
buka ianali; (plant) tanam; 
(make fertile) suborkan; (care for 
while growing) bla* plihara: (as 
arts and sciences) tuntut. 

Cultivation (-va'sh?m), s. (tillage) 
pcrlvumaan* per lawman, tanam- 

Cultivator (-va-ter), s. pladarg* 
orarg berladarg, orarg bersawah. 

Culture (kul'clmr), s. (act of cul- 
tivating) lial wrgerjakan, etc., see 
cultivate.; (physical and mental 
improvement) budi-bhasa, tamad- 
dun (At.) ; (refinement) kahalus- 

Cultured (-churd), adj. berbhasa, 
halas. bermudun (At.) ; see above. 

Cumber (kum'ber), v. t. bratkan, 
rembetkanf (obstruct) skatkan. 

Cumbersome (sum), adj. brat, 

Cumbrous (-brws), adj. rembet.* 

Cumin (-in), s. jintan. 

Cumulative (ku'mu-la-tiv), adj. 

Cunning (kun'ning), adj. (in- 
genious) pandai, aldi (Ar.) ; 
(crafty) clierdek. 

Cunning, s. cherdek, kcherdek'an. 

Cup (kup), s. margkok, chawan; 
(smaller) chargkir; (of metal) 
batil;* (with a foot) piala 

Cup, v. t. bkam* cliandok (X.I.). 
Cupboard (kub'berd), s. almari, 

Imari, grobok.* 
Cupidity (ku-pid'i-ti), s. loba,* 

tain a (Ar.), tmahak (B.). 
Cupola (kii'po-la), s. (of a howdah) 

hop;* (dome) gubah (At. qub- 

Cupping (kup'ping), s. bkam/' 

ehandok (KL). 
Cur (ker), s. koyok* 
Curable (kur'a-bl), adj. yarg dapat 

di-smbohkan* yarg dapat di- 

obatiy yarg boleli di-obatkan. 
Curacy (khr'a-si), s. paigkat padri 

pnolotg (X.). 
Curate (-et), s. padri pnolotg (X.). 
Curator (ku-ra'ter), s. pmlihara. 
Curb (kerb), s. (of a bit) rantai 

karg, rantai la gam; (of a well) 

■ikat prigi: (of a path) batu pry- 

ikat tpi jalan. 
Curb, v. t. taliankan, lawan, falok- 

kan (Ar.), tgahkan. 
Curbstone (kerb'ston), s. batu pig- 

ikat tpi jalan. 
Curcuma (ker'ku-ma), s. (turmer- 
ic) kun/it ; (imported) kumkuma 

Curd (kerd), s. dadclt* taint 

Curdle (ker'dl), v. i. jadi bleu* bcr- 

bku* jadi tairu. 
Cure (kiir), s. (act of curing), k- 

smbolian;* (remedy) pnawar. 
Cure, v. t. (heal) smbohkan* obati, 

baikkan (B.) ; (restore) puleh- 

kan; (by salting) garami* tar oh 

asin (B.) ; (by smoking) salaif 
(by heating over a fire) parggarg; 
(in the sun) jmor. 
Curiosity (kiir'i-os'i-ti), s. (inquis- 

itiveness) mlit;* (curious thing) 


ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry;ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect^ sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minus, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




Curious (-^s), adj. (making eager 
search) pryiasat* (Ar. siasat), 
prylidek;* (strange, peculiar) 

Curl (kerl), v. i. (as a snake or 
rope) berlerykar, berblit; (as 
paper or leaves) krekut, krukut;* 
(backwards) hit eh: (of hair) 
ikal* kritirg; (of the lower lip) 
jueh;* (as laths in a fire) gltek* 

Curl, v. t. letgkarkan, blitkan, etc., 
as above; (of the upper lip) jroig- 
in;* (of the lower lip) jueJikan* 
chbek;* (the hair with irons) dan- 

Curl, s. blit, krekuf, leH/kar, gulotg, 

Curly (kerl'i), adj. ikal* krithg. 
A curly tail, berglorg* ekor. 

Curmudgeon (ker-muj'wn), s. orarg 
I ok eh f oraig kikir* 

Currant (kur'rant), s. kfcmis hi lam 

Currency (-rai-si). s. (being cur- 
rent) hal berlaku ;* (money in cir- 
culation) warg yatg laku. 

Current (-rent), adj. yatg laku. To 
pass current, laku. The current 
month, bulan irti. 

Current, s. (of water) harus, arus. 

Currier (-ri-er), s. tukarg mnjuchi 

Curry (-ri), s. gulai* laok. kari 
(Tarn.), ma^ak r in pah. Curry 
and rice, nasi qulai* nasi kari 

Curry, v.t. (of leather) chuchi kulit; 
(of horses) garok, vikat. To cur- 
ry favour, lechok* bermuka-muka. 

Currycomb (-kom), s. pig gar oh 
kuda, kerda* (Hind, karera). 

Curse (kers), v.t. kutok, sumpah, 

Curse, s. kutok, sumpah, la'anat 
(Ar.), sranah, srapah* 

Cursed (kers'ed), adj. sial, clxlaka. 

Cursive (ker'siv), adj. (of writing) 

Cursory (-so-ri), adj. (hasty) go- 
poh, gopoh-gapah;* (careless) la~ 

Curt (kert). adj. (brief) pendek, 
reigkas;* (rudely concise) tidak 

Curtail (ker-tuT), v.t. (cut the end 
off) paigkm:* (shorten) pendek- 
kan, reiykaskanj* (reduce) ku- 

Curtain (ker'ten), s. tirai (Tarn.);, 
(for doors or windows) laigsi. larg- 
se (B. ), kain pintu; (for mosqui- 
toes) klambu : (drapery against a 
wall) tablr;* (in shadow plavs) 

Curtsy (kert'si), s. rndahkan diri 
nimbri honn at. 

Curvature (ker'va-elmr). s. (state 
of being curved) hgkorgan. 
Curvature of the spine, botgkok. 

Curve (kerv). s. klok* bntok* Irg- 
kok, Iniek: (of a kri<) I ok :* (of a 
river) kelok* bliku* 

Curve, v. i. Itgkok, hgkoig* 

Curve, v. t. hgkokkan, hgkorgkan* 

Curvet (ker-vet' or ker'vet), y. i„ 
(of horses) bertandak. 

Cushion (koosh'7/n), s. bantal; (for 
a chair) tiJam kurd; (for seats in 
a carriage) lilam; (of billiard ta- 
bles) kosen (E.). State cushion, 
bantal sraga* cJiiu* 

Custard (kiis'terd), s. sri-kayct,. 
sirehkaya. The custard apple,. 
buah xri-kaya, buah sirehkaya. 

Custodian (kus-to'di-an), s. pm~ 
lihara, piyimpan. 

Custody (kus'to-di), s. (care, pre- 
ser va tion ) p m lih a ra'a n, pm b la- 
'an :* (confinement ) kurorgan, 
pirgitan :* (act of guarding) prg- 

Custom (-twin), s. (habitual prac- 
tice) biam, ralip;* (fixed usage) 
'adal, rsam; (manner, way) chara; 
(ceremonial) isti'adat;* (habitual 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire,. 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minus, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin t7ien. 




buying) perlatyyanan;* (tribute, 
tax), chukai, has il, bia (N.I.). 

Customary (-a-ri), adj. (according 
to usage) beradat, te/adat; (con- 
ventional) klazimaii (Ar.) : (ha- 
bitual) biam, me maty. It is 
customary, 'adat-lali. 

Customer (-er) ? s. largganan* 

Custom-house (-hows), s. mm ah. 
chukai, 1 in pal bayer chukai. Cus- 
tom house officer, pgawal chukai, 
.s*/V ah. ban dar ( X . I . ) . C u stom 
house detective, client eig (Oh. 

Cut (kut), v. t. (sever) poloig; (in 
two pieces) blah ; (a piece off) pry- 
yal* kral ; (in several pieces) la- 
pah,* pm gal-pry gal ; (in slices) hi- 
ris, did is* rachck, xubaiy ;* (cut 
the head or top oil:) panchoig ; (on 
a block) fnda*;* (cut ends oil') 
■jxugkas :* (cut oft' limbs) kodoiy, 
kudotg (B.) ; (nose) ronipoiy ; (by 
chopping) ttak, pararg : (chop up 
si nail) f 'h n cha iy, rh in ch a iy ( B . ) ; 
(cut a notch) takok ;* (a slight 
notch) takek; (a shallow incis- 
ion) torch ; (a nick, so as to break) 
klar : (cut with scissors) guntirg; 
(with betel nut shears) kachip; 
(with a chisel) pah at ; (with a 
knife drawn towards one) raeh, 
rack (B.) : (drawn away) raid; 
(cut to a point) ranch oig;* (trim 
■oft: roughness) /xira*; (cut in, en- 
grave) //■/•/>,* lukis; (Cut down, 
trees) tbaig: (cut half through for 
felling) xerpeh;* (brushwood) 
tbas: (cut grain) luai* innuai 
(B.), Uam;* (cut cards) kral; 
(cut down, lessen) kurarykan. To 
cut short, pendekkan. To cut 
stones, srodi* To cut teeth, tum- 
boh yigi, tuinbii gigi (B.). Cut 
and dried (ready), Map. Cut- 
glass, kacha beramh* 

Cut, v. i. makan. 

Cut, s. (gash, notch, etc.) sec above; 

(wound) luka; (blow with whip, 
etc.) sbat. A short cut, jalan pin- 
tas* jalan pendek (B.). 

Cutaneous (kii-ta'ni-//s), adj. pada 
kid it. 

ditch (kuch), s. kaclm* gambir hi- 

Cuticle (ku'ti-kl), s. kulil ari* 

Cutlass (kut'Jtfs), s. pdaiy pendek. 

Cutler (-ler), s 
Cutlery (-i), s 

Cutlet (-let), s 
Cutter (-ter), 

pmotoig, etc. 

sloop rigged) skochi ( 

Cake cutter, trap. 
Cutthroat (-throt), .< 

mmsetg (Ch. ?), 

buaya (N.I.). 
Cutting (-ting), adj 

tukaig pi sau. 

pi mu pa rang dan s- 

s-potoig dagiig. 
5. (one who cuts) 
see err; (Naut.. 
). schuitje). 

s. pmbunoh, 
buaya dar at, 

(sharp, chill- 
ing) sram-srani *jok; (sarcastic) 

Cutting, s. (act of cutting) hal m- 
mot oiy, etc., see cut; (something 
cut oft) potoigan, kratan, etc., sec 
cut; (twig cut for rooting as a 
new plant) atggoran :* (railway 
excavation through a hill) jalan 

Cuttlefish (kut'tl-fish), s. soioig. 
chom ek~ehomek* nus* gurita, 
kreta* pompoig* see octopus. 

Cutwater (-waw-ter), s. (Naut.) 

Cycle (si'kl), s. (interval of time) 
pcridaran dunia* zaman* jman 
(B.), daur (Ar.) : (bicycle) kreta 
lereirj* kreta arqin* kreta roda 
(B.)', baisikal (E.). 

Cyclone (sT'klon), s. topan (Ar. 
Taufdn), ribol berpumy; (whirl- 
wind) taorg* 

Cyclopedia (si'klo-pe'di-a), s. ka- 
inus 'ilmu (Ar.). 

Cygnet (sig'net), s. anak buroiy 
joyinah (Pers.). 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry ; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry ;^ ice, it, f ire> 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minus, cure, injury 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




Cylinder (sil'in-der), s. bulatan to- 

Cylindrical (si-lin'dri-kal), adj. 
y air) bul at I oral'* yarg biilal ba- 

Cymbal (sim'U/1), s. chc"-cl\e n (Ch. 
chhe n )\ (small) datidi (Tain.). 

Cynic (sin'ik), s. pigolok-rgolok, 
PWJi* l/ af ff mtyatgkal kbaikan 

Cynical (-i-kal), adj. pigolok-rgolok. 

Cypher (sT'fer), s. see cirnEK. 

Cypress (sl'pres), s. mru (Ar.). 

Cyst (sist), s. visa* 

Czar (zar), s. raja Unsia. 

Dab (dab), v. t. (with moist cloth, 
etc.) lap : (in order to dry) tkap; 
(give a soft blow) tpok : (with the 
finger) cholil: (with the beak) 
patolt, pa <j ui:'' par/ ok (B.), pc- 

Dab, s. lap, tpok, cholil. pal ok, as 

Dabble (dab'bl), v. i. (in water) 
kbur;* (meddle) gaiggn* niasok 

Daddy (dad'di), s. pa\ pak, irak. 

Daddy fonglegs (long'legz). s. 

Daft (daft), adj. bodoh, pandir* 

Dagger (dag'ger), s. kn's; (bent) 
sewah;* (small) badek :* (very 
small) bladaa* Uimbok la da: 
(broad and curved ) jmbia (Pers. 

Daily (da'li), adj. hari-hari. 

Daily, adv. s-hari-hari, tiap-liap 
hari, s-bilanj hari* saban hari 

Dainty (dfm'ti), adj. (to the taste) 
sdap, n'emai (Ar.), lazat (Ar.) : 
(delicate, elegant, as a child) 
chomil, chomp] (B.) ; (of texture) 

Dainty, s. (delicacy) n'emat (Ar.), 
makanan yarg sdap. 

Dairy (dar'i), s. mm ah mnakorg 
snsu* im/mi mmbuat mnlcga. 

Dais (da/is), s. rambat :* (royal) 
v iiggasa n a ( S k . ) ; ( a t wed d ings ) 
pi rami* 

Dal (dal), s. karhaig dal. 

Dale (dal), s. Imhah. 

Dalliance (dal'.Iwnrs), s. chnnibu* 
sayaig ( !>.). 

Dally (-li), v.i . (waste time, trifle) 
h'ka : (delay) Ivigah: (caress) ber- 
ch u m b a * say a ig (.!>.). 

Dam (dam), s. (mother of animals) 
mak, iba: (barrier, bank or wall) 
bndoig* 'mpaigan, skntan. 

Dam, v. t. In pan/, thai* ska I. 

Damage (dam'ej), s. krusak'an, 
bachana, chdra (Sk. ). mudlamt 
(Ar.): (slight) eh achat, jjas* 
To claim damages, iunhit kru-gi- 

Damage, v. t. rosak. hnrhanokcni. 

Damascening (dfm.i'«s-sf'n'ing), s_ 
(of a krls) pa mar* 

Damascus (da-mfts'kus). s. Vani- 
sh ek (Ar.). 

Damask (dam/a-sk). s. kimkha 

Dame (dam), s. iiirhc',* hibi (B.). 

Damn (dam), v. r. (condemn) hii~ 
kamkan % pu( iiskan hokum : (eurse) 
kufok, I'anaikan, sum pah i. 

Damnable (dam'na-bl). adj. (liable 
to damnation) pal a I di-hukum- 
kan : (odious) kbnchlan. 

Damnation (dam-na'sh//n ), s. (con- 
demnation) h nka man. 

Damning (dam'-ing), adj. yaig m~ 
•Ufa la h ka n * ya ig m igh u k u m ka n. 

Damp (damp), s. (moisture) lm~ 
bap: (fog) kabui. irap: (depres- 
sion) bachol* hati moroig (B.). 

Damp, adj. Imbap, Inbal* Ivhoh;* 
(of the ground) rambah ;* (and 
sticky, as sugar) berhgas. 

Damp. v. t. basahkan, Imbapkan: 
(depress) bacholkan hati* hnah- 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; Ice, it, fire,. 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minus, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




Dampen (damp'n), v. t. same as 

Damper (-er), s. (in flues) pnutop 
ehoroig; (that which depresses) 
pmbachol liati* 

Dampness (-nes), s. Imbap, kabut, 
wap; = damp, q. v. 

Damsel (dam'zel), s. anak dara, 
dayarg* prawan* gadis;* (atten- 
dant) dayarg-dayanj. 

Dance (dans), v. i. tart* mnari 
(B.), tandak (Jar.), bergamboh* 
(/Jaw) : (girls, in pairs) roig- 
gerg; (spectator, with a public 
dancer) eberg;* (Arab dance, in 
pairs) zafin (Ar.) ; (with bells 
on the feet) berjogi; (a sword 
dance) pnchak;* (without weap- 
ons) silat; (with a dab us in each 
hand) her dab us; (as insects) kle- 

Dance, s. iari* mnari (B.), tan dale, 
joget, gamboh* dansa (X.I.) 
(I).). Sword dance, pnchak* 

Dancer (dan'ser), s. prempuan rorg- 
getg, prempuan joget, male joget, 

Dancing (-sing), s. Dancing girl, 
see above. 

Dandelion (dan'de-li-wn). s. pli- 
man* (KX). 

Dandle (dan'dl). v. t. (swinging) 
ulit;* (tossing) timaig. 

Dandruff (-druf), s. klmumor* 
JcUmomoh (B.). 

Dandy (-di), s. psolek* oraty yarg 
bersolek, xi-kach ak. 

Dandified (-fid), adj. psolek* ka~ 

Danger (dan'jer), s. baliya, mara,* 

Dangerous (-?/s), adj. berbahya; 
(of sickness) pa yah; (of a wound) 

Dangle (dang'gl), v. i. (as tassels) 
umbai* jrwmbai* junibai;* (of 
the feet) berayun kaki* juntai;* 
(as a broken arm) terkulai-ku- 

lai;* (as branches) Impai;* (as a 
bat) srygayut* 

Dangling (-gling), adj. untal- 
antil* lint aig -ant irg* kuntal-kan- 
til, kuntanj-kantwg* klepak* 
To sit with the legs dangling, ber- 

Dank (dangk), adj. Imbap. 

Dapper (dap'per), adj. kadiak. 

Dappled (-pld), adj. rintek-rintek , 

Dare (dar), v. i. (be bold) brani. 

Dare, v. t. (challenge) ajak, mkis* 
nnykis;* (in order to make an- 
other fight, etc.) cliabarkan* 

Dare-devil (dar'devl), s. orarg 
nekat* oranj tatakot mati (B.), 
brani mnjetan. 

Daring (dar'ing), adj. brani, per- 
kasa (Sk.), nekat* 

Dark (dark), adj. glap, klam ;* 
(dull, gloomy) suram :* (of 
colour) tua; (of the sky) rdop, 
gobar* kham;* (mysterious, hid- 
den) sulit;* (ignorant) jaliil 
(Ar.) ; (atrocious) jahat. The 
dark ages, zaman jahiliat (Ar.). 
Pitch dark, glap glita, glap mraba 

(B.). • 

Dark, s. kglapan, Mam;* (of night) 

Darken (dark'n), v. t. glapkan, 

Darkness (-nes), s. kglapan, klamf 

(of night) silam* 
Darling (dar'ling), adj. yarg di- 

Darling, s. kkaseh, chinta, ksayarg- 

an, buah hati* biji mata, njawa; 

(of children) timaiyan-* (in ad- 
dressing a child) buntat, intan, 

Darn (darn), v. t. jrumat. 
Darning (darn'ing), s. jrumat; 

(Swiss or stocking-web darning) 

Dart (dart), s. (javelin) Imbiry, 

cliampak-biiaig ,* pndahan;* 

'ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minus, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




(smaller) sligi;* (of blowpipes) 
damak;* (for fishing) tohok* 

Dart, v. i. (move quickly as a snake) 
lanchar;* (dart forward) terpa; 
(dart out, as the tongue) jlir, 
julor; (as flame) julatj* (dart 
past) linias. 

Dash (dash), v. t. (throw or strike 
violently) hntam, bantiry; (down- 
wards) hmpas; (shatter) rmok- 
kan, hanchurJcan ; (spatter) per- 
cheJc. To dash one's hopes to the 
ground, putus harap. 

Dash, v. i. (rush) tmpoh, luru* 

Dash, s. (rapid movement) tmpoh; 
(line or mark) baris. 

Dastard (das'terd), s. pnakot, orary 

Dastardly (-li), adj. bachol* 

Data (da'ta), s. (facts) pri-hal* 
hal-ehwal ( Ar. ) . 

Date (dat), s. (the fruit) hhurma 
(Ar.), kormak (B.). The date 
palm, pohon hhurma (Ar.), pokok 
kormak (B.). 

Date, s. (epoch) zaman, jman (B.), 
mam* ktika, waktu; (day of the 
month) hari-bulan, tarikh (Ar.). 

Date, v. t. buboli hari-bulan. Dated, 
ber tarikh* (Ar. tarikh). 

Daub (dawb), v. t. (with mud) 
lumorkan, cliomorkan* chomot- 
kan; (with colour) dwntery, 
chorety, labur* 

Daughter (daw'ter), s. anak prem- 
puan. Grand daughter, chuchu 
prempuan. Step daughter, anak 
tin prempuan. 

Daughter-in-law (-in-law), s. 
mnaritu prempuan. 

Daunt (dawnt), v. t. bacholkan 

Dauntless Mes), adj. tiada ter- 
bachol hati-n/a* Irani, perkam 
(Sk.), nekat.* 

David (da'vid), s. Baud (Ar.). 

Davit (da'vit or dav'it) (Naut.) 
dewi (E.), prggantorg skochi, pry- 
yantory bot. 

Dawdle (daw'dl), v. i. leryah, Idea, 
lerysan* berlambat, chulas* ch~ 
leh* jalan termut-mut* 

Dawn (dawn), v. i. mula'i trary, 
terbit fa jar (Ar.). 

Dawn, s. trary tanah, dinihari* 
fa jar (Ar.), suboh (Ar.). 

Day (da), s. (as opposed to night) 
siary, siarg hari; (period of 24 
hours) hari, s-hari s-malam; (age, 
period) zaman, jman (B.), masa.* 
All day, s-panjaiy hari, s-hari- 
harian* Alternate days, ber- 
slaty hari. Day by day, s-hari- 
hari, Uap-tiap hari. Next day, 
esok, besok. Noon day, tryah hari. 
The day after to-morrow, lusa. 
The day before yesterday, klmarin, 
dhulu. The third day, tulat. 
The fourth day, tubin* The 
fifth day, tuban* 

Daybreak (dfi'brak), s. fajar m- 

Day-dream (-drem), s. aryul* 

Daylight (-lit), s. siary, trary 
sia ty. 

Daytime (-tim), s. siaty hari. 

Daze (daz), v. t. biiyorykan. 

Dazed (dazd), adj. biryory, ksasar- 
an, nanar;* (on waking) terpikau- 
pikau:* (by confused motion) m- 

Dazzle (daz'zl), v. t. silau, silau- 
kan. To be dazzled (of the eyes), 

Dazzling (-zling), adj. yilary- 
ymilary* dim erla ry* 

Deacon (de'kn), s. diakon (X.). 

Deaconess (de'kn-es), s. diakonis 

Dead (ded), adj. matt, wafat (Ar.) ; 
(of princes) marykat;* (vulgar) 
mampus; (refined expressions) 
hilaiy, kmbali* kmbali k-rahmat 
Allah* mniryyal* mniryyal du- 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire^ 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minus, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




nia, put us njawa. Dead ahead 
(Naut.), tpat di-muka. Dead 
body (of men), mayat; (animals) 
bargkai. Dead calm (Naut.) mati 
an/in. Dead heat, sri. Dead lan- 
guage, bltam oranj dhulu kola, 
Dead leaves, daun kri?g. Dead 
letter (no authority), hilarg kuasa. 

, Dead low water, timpas. Dead 
march, 'lag a pada masa mnjkubor- 
kan oranj* lag a orarg mati (B.). 
Dead shot, pandai mnembak. 
Dead tired, tnat* Iteh-lsu. Dead 
water (Xaut.), olak kmvdi. To 
•stop dead, bcrlinti skali. 

Dead, s. (dead persons) orarg mail. 
The dead of winter, tujak musim 
sjok. The dead of night, waklu 
snnjap sutyi pada malant. 

Deaden (ded'n), v. t. (a< power, 
feeling or sound) hilargkan. 

Deadhouse (-hows), s. bilek tmpat 

Deadlock (-lok), s. skat an, terhnti. 

Deadly (-K), adj. (fatal) yarg mm- 
bawa mati, yarg mmatikan. Dead- 
ly pale, pitch at manai* puchat 
pudar* puchat bagi mayat (B.). 
Deadly enemies, musoh s- urn or 

Deaf (clef), adj. (wholly) lull, 
pkak-tuii (B.) ; (hard of hearing* 
pkak; (temporary) brgap* big- 
arg ;* (unwilling to hear) yarg m- 
mkakkan tlirga. Deaf and dumb, 
bisu dan tidi, bisu pkak. 

Deafen (defn), v. t. tulikan, pkak- 

Deafness (-nes), s. ktulian, kpkak- 
'an, kbryapan* 

Deal (del), s. (share) bhagiam : (of 
cards) parch* chnjkeh* chirg- 
keh (B.). A good deal, sdikit 6a- 
ryak* baryak juga. A great deal, 
banjak. To think a great deal of 
one's sell', bsarkan diri. 

Deal, s. (wood of the fir tree) kayu 
sro y (Ar.). 

Deal, v. t. (divide) bhagxkan; 
(trade) berniaga; (behave) ber~ 
luku ;* (cards) pareh* chrgkeh* 
chitgkch (B.). To deal in, ber- 

niagakan, berjual. To deal with,. 

ja/ankau, bicharakan. 
Dealer (deTer), s. orarg berkdai r 
oranj yarg berniaga; (at cards) 

perdt* chitgkeh (B.). 
Dealing (-ing), s. laku* klakuan y 

tergkah-laku. Double dealing,. 

tipu-daya, pusirg-blit, putar-ba- 

iek, putar-blit. 
Dean (den), s. guru dalam skolah 

Dear (der), adj. (costly) mahal; 
(highly valued) indah; (beloved) 

Dearth (derth), s. (scarcity) k~ 

ku ran/an; (famine) klaparan, k- 

buloran, kboloran (B.). 
Death (deth), s. kmatian, maut; (of 

princes) matgkal* kmargkatan* 

.Heath angel, mafiku 'l-maut (Ar.). 

Death rate, bilargan orarg mati* 

To be at the point of death, nailc 

ombak, ?iazak* (Ar. naz'a). 
Death-bed (deth'bed), s. (time of 

death) ktika maut, ajal (Ar.). 
Death-blow (-bio), s. (event which 

destroys) klrinaxaan, kputusan. 
Deathlike (-Ilk), adj. s-laku mati* 

sperli mati. 
Death's-head (deths'hed), s. tvj- 

Debar (de-bar'), v. t. (shut out) 

skatkan; (refuse, deny) tgali, la- 
va rg : (hinder) tahan. 
Debase (de-baV), v. t. (make base) 

hinakan, rndahkan; (as coinage) 

Debatable (de-bat'a-bl), adj. yarg 

botch di-bantahi* yaig bitat 

pertrgkaran (B.). 
Debate (de-bat'), s. perbantahan* 

b alias* (Ar. hauath). 
Debate, v. i. (dispute) berbaniah* 

bertrgkar; (discuss) berbichara, 

fcte, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minus, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




berrundirg, berronderg (B.), ber- 

akhtiar (Ar. ikhtiar), berbahas* 
(At. bauatli). 
Debate, v. t. banlahkan, bicharakan. 
Debauch (-bawc)i'), v. t. (corrupt) 

rosakkan ; ( sed uee ) ehabol i;* 
(rape) rugul* 
Debauch, s. .ehabol * luchah; 

(drunkenness) mabok. 
Debauchee (deb'o-she'), s. orarg 

ehabol* orarg luchah, pniabok, 

perl out eh (.X.I. ). 
Debauchery (de-bawch'er-i), s. 

ehabol* luchah. 
Debenture (-ben'ehur), s. surat 

Debilitate (-bil'i-tat), v. t. hnah- 

kan, Itch kan. 
Debility (-ti), s. klmahan, kltchan. 
Debit (deb'it). s. hutatg. 
Debit, v. t. masok hutatg, bri mas oh 

Debris (da'bre), s. pchahan rumah, 

pchahan balu. 
Debt (det), s. hutarg. Deep in debt, 

hutarg bcrkredak. 
Debtor (det'er), s. orarg bcrhutatg. 
Debut (da-boo'), s. hal pcrtarna kali 

niasok majlis. 
Debutant (da'boo-tax'), s. oratg 

yarg tuasok majlis pcrtarna kali. 
Decade (dek'ad), ?. s-puloli tahun. 
Decadence (de-ka'd^ns), s. krosak- 

'an, kburok'an. 
Decadent (, adj. yarg ttgah 

mnjadi burok. 
Decalogue (dek'a-log), s. s-puloh 

link am M)isa. 
Decamp (de-kamp'), v. i. (depart 

suddenly) lari, atgkal kaki. 
Decant (-taint'), v. t. tuaig per- 

lahan-lahan , tuatg plan-plan. 
Decanter (-or), s. balatg* srahi* 

glok aycr, klalarg* 
Decapitate (-kap'i-tat), v. t. pan- 

eh org, prngkas* ptggal Ichir* 

potovj kpala (B.) ; (on a block) 


Decay (-ka'), v. i. jadi burok, jadi 
rput* rosak; (become putrid) jadi 
bnsok; (become too soft, of fruit) 
bonjor; (decline, grow less) b er- 
ic it rat g-kuratg. 

Decay, s. burok, kburok'an, krosak- 
'an . 

Decayed (-kad'), adj. burok, rput* 
rpok (B.), bnsok, rosak. 

Decease (-s(V). s. kmatian, wafat 
(Ar.) ; (of princes) matgkat* 

Deceased (-*c±t f ), adj. gang mail, 
yatg hilatg, yarg mnuggal,* yauj 
wafat ( Ar.) : (of princes) mar- 
hum (Ar.). The deceased, si matu 

Deceit (-set'), s. tipu-daya. 

Deceitful (-iool), adj. pnipu, bi- 
daah (Ar.). 

Deceive (-sev'), v. t. tipu, perdaya- 
kan* Milan, knakan. 

Deceiver (-er), s- pnipu. 

December (-sem'ber), s. bulan di- 
scmbcr, bulan oratg put eh yary 

Decency (de's^n-si), s. snonoh, 

Decent (-s^nt), adj. (decorous) s- 
non oh, smtggah ;* (proper) patut; 
(fairly tfood) sdarg. 

Deception (de-sep'slnm), s. tipu- 

Deceptive (4iv), adj. pnipu, yarg 
in n i sat kan . 

Decide (-sTd'), v. t. tntukan, slsai- 
kan, slisekan (B.) ; (render judg- 
ment) bicharakan, putuskan, pa- 
tut kan. 

Decided (-sl'deul), adj. (unmistak- 
able, clear) tyala: (without waver- 
ing) Itap; (iixed purpose) tutu; 
(resolute) tgoh. 

Decidedly (-li), adv. mrggoh, tiada, 
shak lagi (Ar.), lulu. 

Deciduous (-sid'u-7/s), adj. (as 
trees) yaig luroh daun* 

Decimal (des'i-md), s. (decimal 
fraction) pchahan pcrpidohan* 
pchahan s-puloh. 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minus, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful) ; law, how, oil; thin then. 




Decimal, adj. (by tens) s-puloh 

Decimate (-mat), v. t. (destroy a 
large proportion) binasakan ba- 

Decipher (de-si'fer), v. t. buka 
rahsia tidisan, bacha surat chakar 
ay am, ryatakan. 

Decision (-sizh'im), s. (act of de- 
ciding) kputusan, kpatutan; (de- 
termination, choice) bichara, 
ptua* (Ar. fatwa), akhtiar (Ar. 
ikhtiar) ; (quality of being de- 
cided) ktgohan. 

Decisive (-sl'siv), adj. (able to 
decide) yarg miylsaikan* yarg sli- 
sekan (B.), yarg mnntukan; (re- 
solute) ttap. 

Deck (dek), v. t. (adorn) hiasi* 
riaskan (B.). 

Deck, s. (Naut.) dek (E.), gladak; 
(at the stem or stern of a boat) 
lirggi, glmat ; (along the edge of 
a boat) leper-leper; (two or more, 
one over the other) iirgkat. 

Deckhouse (dek'hows), s. (Naut.) 

Declaim (de-klam'), v. i. bertutor, 

Declamation (dek'la-ma'shim), s. 

Declaration (-ra'slmn), s. (act of 
•declaring) /wi muialumkan (Ar.), 
hal mmjalalmn ; ( announcement ) 

Declare (de-klfir'), v. t. (make 
known) bri tahn, nialumkan 
(Ar.) ; (publisli) masohorkan (Ar. 
mashhiir), srukan;* (manifest 
plainly) ryatakan; (assert, affirm) 
sbotkan, katakan drgan tntu. 

Declension (-klen'shwn), s. (slope) 
chondorg; (deterioration) k- 
rosak'an yarg bertambah-tambah ; 
(Gram.) tasrif (Ar.). 

Declination (dek'li-na'shun). e. 
(slope) chondorg, chondrorg (B.) ; 
'(deviation) hal mryemparg. 

Decline (de-klln'), v. i. (bend, hang: 
down) tundok; (slope downward) 
iurun; (decay, diminish) ber- 
kurarg-kurarg ; (deviate) semparg,. 
mnjempary ; (refuse) 'rggan* 

Decline, v. t. (reject) 'rggankan* 
tolak; (Gram.) tasrif kan (Ar.). 

Decline, s. (falling off) kkurargan; 
(deterioration) krosak'an yarg 
bertambah-tambah ; (wasting di- 
sease) kurus krinj, mrana. 

Declivity (-kliv'i-ti), s. churaman y 
chondorg, cliondronj (B.). 

Decoction (-kok'shwn), s. (act of 
boiling) rbusan; (extract) pati. 

Decollete (da-kol'le-ta), adj. ber- 

Decompose (de'kom-poz'), v. L 
(dissolve) hancJiur; (decay) jadi 
bvrok, jadi busok. 

Decomposition (de-kom'po-zish'- 
vm), s. hal hanchiir, pri mnjadi 
b usok. 

Decorate (dek'o-rfit), v. t. hiasi* 
riaskan (B.), chnjkan (B.) (Cm. 

Decoration (-ra'sh?m), s. perhias- 
an, prasan (B.) ; (mark of honour). 
biniaty kbsaran, pityat* 

Decorous (dek'o-ri/s), adj. (seem- 
ly) snonoh; (polite) berbhasa. 

Decorum (de-kor'imi), s. snonoh,. 

Decoy (-koi'), s. (birds) pmikat, 
dnak;* (elephant) chvak* 

Decoy, v. t. (ensnare) targkap 
drgan tipu; (of birds) pikat; (by 
sounds) dkut* kesek* 

Decrease (-kres'), v. i. kurarg, ber~ 
kurary-kurary, susut, tiirim, luak* 

Decrease, v. t. kurargkan, turun- 

Decrease, s. kkuraigan, ksusutan. 

Decree (-kre'), s. (of God) firman 
(Ar.), takdir (Ar.) ; (of princes) 
sabda* Utah;* (of a court) k* 
putusan hukum. 

Decree, v. t. (of God) firmankar* 

fcte, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, flre> 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minus, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




(Ar.), takdirkan (Ar.), hukum- 
kan (B.) ; (of princes) sabda* 
titahkan;* (of a court) putuskan 

Decrepit (-krep'it), adj. tua renta* 

Decrepitude (-i-tfid), s. klmahan, 
hal yarg bur ok. 

Decry (-kri'), v. t. chla, salahkan. 

Dedicate (ded'i-kfit), v. fc. (for sa- 
cred uses) kuduskan (Av.),tahbis- 
kan (Ar.). To dedicate one's self 
srahkan diri. 

Dedication (-ka/slnm), s. hal mrg- 
kuduskan* (Ar. qudfis). 

Deduce (de-dus'), v. t. dataigkan 
fikiran, ambil timbaiyan, ambit k- 

Deducibfe (-dii'si-bl), adj. yarg 
boleh di-daiargkan. 

Deduct (-dukf), v. t. (take away, 
subtract) tolak, potorg. 

Deduction (-duk'slmn), s. (act of 
deducing) hal mndatargkan; (act 
of deducting) hal mnolak; (that 
whicli is deduced, inference) 
kputusan timbargan; (that which 
is deducted) yanj di-tolak, po- 
torg an. 

Deed (ded), s. (action) perbtiatan, 
pkerja'an, feel (Ar.) ; (good 
deeds) f amjal (Ar.) ; (sealed writ- 
ing) snrab yarg di-mtraikan* 
Title deed, gran (E. grant), ku- 
brik (jST.I.) (1). koop brief). 

Deem (dem), v. t. kirakan, sargka- 
kan, fikirkan, bilargkan. 

Deep (dep), adj. (far down) dalam; 
(as a bowl), moigkom* jlok* 
prgga* dalam (B.) ; (as the hol- 
lows of the eyes and neck) chrg- 
korg; (of the intellect, profound) 
dalam; (sagacious, cunning) cher- 
dek; (of colour) tua; (of sound) 
dalam, garau;* (of sleep) llap, 
Inryak* ryadar* chndra.* Deep 
darkness, glap glita* glap mraba 
(B.). Dee]) distress, susah ter- 

lalu sargat. Deep in debt, hutarg 
berkredak. Deep laden, sarat. 
Deep silence, snryap. Deep in 
thought, tfkur (Ar.), sarat m- 
mikirkan* Deep water (deep 
part of a channel or of the sea) 
arorgan * 

Deep, s. (deep water) tubir* lobok* 
ayer dalam; (the ocean) lautan; 
(abyss) klburan.* The deep of 
night, jauh malam. 

Deepen (dep'n), v. t. dalamkan. 

Deepen, v. i. jadi dalam, beriambah 
dalam, makin dalam. 

Deep-laid (dep'lad'), adj. di-ada- 
kan drgan cherdek. 

Deeply (-li), adv. dalam, sargat; see 
also DEEP. 

Deer (der), s. (sambur deer) rusa; 
(barking deer) kijatg, mnjargan* 
(N.I.) ; (chevrotin, large) brgku- 
narg* napoh;* (small = mouse- 
deer) plandok, kanchil (Jav.) . 

Deer-hog (der'hog), s. babi-rusa. 

Deface (de-fas'), v. t. (injure, 
spoil) rosakkan; (obliterate) hi- 
largkan, hapuskan. 

Defacement (-ment), s. krosak'an. 

Defalcate (de-fal'kat), v. i. Ian- 
cho?ykan kira-kira* palsukan 

Defalcation (de'fal-ka'slnm), s. 
lanchoigan kira-kira* 

Defalcator (defal-kat-er), s. plan- 

Defamation (def'a-ma'shtm), s. 
umpat, fitnah (Ar.). 

Defamatory (de-farn'a-to-ri), adj. 
yarg mrg umpat, pig umpat. 

Defame (de-fam'), v. t. umpat, 
fitnahkan (Ar.), jahatkan. 

Default (-fawlf), s. (omission, 
neglect) alpa* lalai; (fault, ill- 
deed) ksalahan. In default of (in 
the absence of), kalau kurarg, sbab 
ktiada'an. Judgment by default, 
kputusan hukum sbab orarg tiada 

*te, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; oil, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, mhms, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin thou. 




Default, v. i. alpa* bersalah, as 
above; (fail to fulfil a contract) 
tiada sampaikan janji; (fail to ap- 
pear in court) tiada hadlir (Ar.), 
t'ada pergi (B.). 

Defaulter (-er), s. orarg alpa* yarg 
tiada sampaikan janji, yarg tiada 
hadlir (Ar.), orarg sal ah; (defal- 
cator) planchonj* 

Defeat (-fef), si (frustration) &- 
tiada an, kbatalan; (loss in battle) 
Kalahari* ktewasan* kalah (B.). 

Defeat, v. t. (frustrate) bdtalkan, 
tiadakan; (overcome, vanquish) 
alahkan* kafahkan (B.). To be 
defeated, alah* lavas* kalah 

Defecate (de'fe-kfit), v. t. berseh- 
lean, hnirgkan* jernehkan. 

Defecate, v. i. buarg-ayer bsar, k- 
surgai bsar* 

Defect (de-fekf), s. (deficiency) 
kkurargan ; (imperfection, blem- 
ish) chla, chachat, chdra (Sk.). 

Defection (-fek'shzm), s. (apos- 
tasy) murtad (Ar.) ; (abandon- 
ment of allegiance) khianat (Ar.). 

Defective (-tiv), adj. (wanting 
lacking) kuratg ; (imperfect) ta- 
smpurna, chdra (Sk.), berchachat. 

Defence (-fens'), s. (act of defend- 
ing) hal mmliharakan, hal mn- 
jaga; (state of being defended) 
pmlihara' an; (that which defends) 
lindorgan, pay org ;* (answer or 
plea) jawab; (vindication, justifi- 
cation) hal mmbnarkan din. 

Defenceless (-les), adj. tiada ler- 
lindorg, tiada pmlihara. 

Defend (-fend'), v. t. (protect) plx- 
harakan, jagakan (B.) ; (shelter) 
lindorgkan; (guard) jaga; (of a 
lawyer) tolorg bichara. 

Defendant (-ant), s. (one who de- 
fends) pmlihara; (who answers a 
charge) yarg kna tudoh* orarg 
tudoh an * yarg kna d'awa. 

Defensible (-fen'si-bl), adj. yarg 

s. (sub- 
( respect) 

adj. yarg 

hal mmig- 

boleh di-jaga'i, yarg boleh di-pli- 
harakan; (justifiable) yarg boleh 

Defensive (-siv), adj. yarg mmli- 
harakan, yarg mnjaga. 

Defer (-fer') v. t. (put off) targgoh- 
kan* gantorgkan, tempohkan, 
posponkan (B.) (E.) ; (delay) 
iempoli kan, lanibatkan. 

Defer, v. i. (submit) turut. To 
defer to a person's wishes, turut 
kalian dak orarg. 

Deference (def'er-ens), 
mission) hal mnurut; 
hormat, tlalim (Ar.). 

Deferential (-en'shal), 
terlalu mmbri hormat. 

Defiance (de-fl'&ns), s. 
kis* hal mmkis* 

Defiant (-ant), adj. yanj mmrgkis,* 
man la wan. 

Deficiency (-fish'en-si), s. kkurarg- 

Deficient (-<mt), adj. kurarg, la- 

Deficit (def'i-sit), s. kkurargan 

Defile (de-fll'), v. t. chmarkan* ko- 
torkan; (ceremonially) najiskari 
(Ar.) ; (rape) rugul* rosakkan 

Defile, s. jurarg* Imbah yaig smpit, 

Defilement (-ment), s. (act of de- 
filing) hal mnchmarkan* hal in- 
najiskan (Ar.) ; (dirtiness) k- 
chmaran* kotor; (pollution) na- 
jis (Ar.). 

Define (-fin'), v. t. (fix the bounds 
of) perhirggakan;* (mark out dis- 
tinctly) ryatakan, tntukan; (fix 
the meaning) arlikan, m'anakan 
(Ar. m'ana). 

Definite (defi-nit), adj. (fixed, de- 
terminate) tertntu; (exact) btuL 

Definition (-nish'?m), s. (deter- 
mination) ktntuan; (explanation) 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, flrfy 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minus, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




Definitive (de-fin'i-tiv), adj. (de- 
terminate) tertntu; (conclusive) 
yaiy mm utuskan. 

Deflate (-flat 7 ), v. t. kmpiskan. 

Deflect (-fiekf), v. t, pesorg* chon- 
dro ujkan, b c tgkokkan. 

Deflected (-ed), adj. penchoig* 
bergkok (?».). 

Deflection (-rlek'sh?m), s. pesorg,* 
chondroty, beigkok. 

Deflower (-fiow'er), v. t. rug id,* 
rosakkan (B.). 

Deform (-form'), v. t. charggakan* 
rosakkan rupa (B.). 

Deformed (-formd'), adj. chary- 
ga;* (as a leaf) krelui;* (hump- 
backed) botgkok; (of the arm) 
ehergkorg* chetgkok (B.) ; (of 
lingers) krokot ; (of the foot) icr- 

Deformity (-form'i-ti), s. chaigga.* 

Defraud (-frawd'), v. t. lipn, per- 
du yakan* ponte-rykan . 

Defray (-fra'), v. t. bayer, blanja- 

Deft (deft), adj. pandai, pantos. 

Defunct (de-fungkt'), adj. mam pus. 

Defy (-f!') 5 v. t. mrgkis* rnkis* 

Degenerate (de-jen'er-Fit), v. i. 
jadi kuraig baik, hilarg baka, rosak 
tain at, romk prargai. 

Degenerate (-et), adj. kuraig baik, 
liina, kji* 

Degeneration (-a'shwn), s. krosak- 
'an prargai, hal mnjadi kurary 

Degradation (deg'ra-da'slvmi), s. 
(act of degrading) hat mmchal- 
kan, ha! nirndahkan, hai mryhina- 
kan; (state of being degraded) hal 
terpchat* krndahan, kahina'an. 

Degrade (de-grad'), v. t. (reduce 
in rank) turunkan; (remove from 
office ) pch at ;* (in reputati on ) rn- 
dahkan; (in character) hinakan. 

Degree (-gre'), s. parykat ; (Xaut. 
on a compass card) mata pdoman. 

By degrees, berparykat-paiykat, 

Deification (de'i-fi-ka sliwn), s. hal 

mnjamakan dtgan Allah, 
Deify (-fl), v. t. samakan drgan 

Tuhan, hormali satua sperti yarg 

pat td bagi Allah. 
Deign (dan), v. i. (think worthy) 

berknan, audi; (condescend) tun- 

dok, rndahkan diri. 
Deism (de'izm), s. agama orarg 

yarg perchaya Allah, Uapi tiada 

percliaya Kitab. 
Deist (-ist), s. orcug yarg perchaya 

Allah, dan liada percliaya Kitab. 
Deity (-i-ti), s. (divinity) ktuhan- 

an:* (a heathen god) dewa, dewi, 

it ah (Ar. pi. alihah). The Deity, 

Deject (de-jekf), v. t. tawarkan 

Dejection (-jek'slmn), s. tawar 

Delay (-la'), v. t. (put off) tary- 

gohkan* posponkan (B.) (E.) ; 

(retard ) lambatkan, logahkan; 

(hinder) gndalakan* aralkan* 

(Ar. f aradl), lahankan. 
Delay, v. i. I ayah, lambal. 
Delay, s. (procrastination) lergah; 

(postponement) tempoh, laiggoh;* 

(hindrance) aral* (Ar. c aradl)> 

gndala* (8k. kndala). 
Delegate (del'e-gat), v. t. (send as 

ambassador) utuskan;* (entrust 

with power) wakilkan. 
Delegate (-get), s. (person sent) 

tdusan* surohan; (person elected) 

Delegation (-gfi'srnm), s. (act of 

delegating) hal mn^ utuskan* hal 

mwakilkan ; ( persons delegated ) 

orarg ulusan* orarg surohan, orarg 

Delete ( de-let'), v. t. hapuskan, 

bun oh, poloig, parary; (with a 

cross) parykaJt. 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minws, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




Deleterious (del'e-ter'i-ws), adj. 
yarg rnndatarghan Indiana, yarg 
mrosakkan, yarg mmbinasakan; 
(noxious) mabok. 

Deliberate (de-lib'er-at), v.i. tim- 
barg, berbichara, fikir; (as a 
council) bermashuarat (Ar.), ber- 
rundirg, berronderg (B.), berura-. 

Deliberate (-et), adj. (with care- 
fu] consideration) drgan berirgat- 
irgat; (cautious) jimat; (slow) 
perlahan-lahan* plan-plan. 

Deliberately (-li), adv. see above; 
also (intentionally) digan srgaja. 

Deliberation (-a/shim), &'. itgat- 
irgat, timbarg-mnimbarg . 

Delicacy (del'i-ka-si), s. ksdapan, 
kahalusan, klmahan, etc., as below ; 

, also (dainties) n'emat (Ar.). 

Delicate (-ket), adj. (pleasing to 
the senses) sdap, lazat (Ar.) ; 
(fine, not coarse) halus, gbu* 
sni;* (slender) rampirg* tirus;* 
(soft and smooth) Imbot; (of 
colour) muda; (refined, gentle) 
halus-manis, Imah-lmbot; (of 
health) Imah, Ua tulary* 'udzar 
(Ar.) ; (requiring careful hand- 
ling) sukar* mushkil (Ar.). 

Delicious (de-lish'tis), adj. (to the 
taste) sdap, lazat (Ar.), n'emat 
(Ar.), enak (Jav.) ; (to the smell) 
harum* wargi. 

Delight (-lit'), s. sukachita, k- 
sukaan, kgmaran;* (of the sen- 
ses) n'emat (Ar.). 

Delight, v. t. sukakan, gmarkan* 

Delight, v. i. suka, gmar* berknan. 

Delightful (-fool), adj. yarg m- 
ryukakan, yarg mrggmarkan* 
sdap, lazat (Ar.). 

Delineate (de-lin'i-at), v. t. tulis, 
gambarkan. ptakan,* sifatkan 

Delineation (-a'shwn), s. (act of 
delineating) hal mmdis, etc., as 
above; (picture, representation) 

tulisan, gambar, pta* sifat (Ar. 

Delinquency (-ling'kwen-si), s. 
(omission of duty) lalai, k'alpa- 
'an;* (fault) ksalahan; (crime) 

Delinquent (-kwent), s. (one who 
neglects his duty) orarg alpa;* 
(transgressor) . orarg salah, orarg 

Delirious (-lir'i-ws), adj. terigau- 
igau* mrapek (B.). 

Delirium (-wm), s. igau* mrapek 
(B.), igau-igauan* rachau* De- 
lirium tremens, gila mabok. 

Deliver (-liv'er), v. t. (liberate, set 
free) Ipaskan, luputkan* beba#- 
kan; (from slavery) merdheka- 
kan;* (save) slamatkan; (give, 
hand over) srahkan, sampaikan; 
(give forth) klvarkan; (in child 
birth) sambot anak. To be de- 
livered of (bring forth), beranak- 
kan, lahirkan* (Ar. tldhir). 

Deliverance (-ans), s. (rescue) 
klpasan, kluputan* kbebasan, si a- 
mat, kmerdheka'an;* as above. 

Deliverer (-er), s. yaig mlpaskan. 

Delivery (-i), s. (handing over) 
sralian, hal mryrah, hal m?yampai- 
kan; (style of utterance) bacha- 
9 an, uchapan; (childbirth) hal 

Dell (del), s. Imbah kchil 

Delta (del'ta). s. ianah 'nap* di 
kuala surgai, knala yarg mrganjvr 

Delude (de-liid'), v. t. tipu, per- 

Deluded (-ed), adj. tperdaya* 

Deluge (dei'uj), s. (overflowing of 
land) ayer sbak* ayer kojoh* 
'mpohan;* (rush of flood water) 
ayer bah; (in Noah's time) tofari* 
(Ar. Taufdn). 

Deluge, v. t. (overflow, overwhelm) 
liputi* jrami* tuiopkan (B.). 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire* 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, mimis, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfaol (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




Delusion (de-lu'zhtm), s. (decep- 
tion) tipu-daya; (state of being 
deluded) hssaian; (false belief) 

Delusive (-siv), adj. yarg mnjsat- 

Delve (delv), v. i. gali, chargkol, 

Demagogue (demVgog), s. prgasut 
orarg hina-dina* piyanjur r f ayat.* 

Demand (dc-mand'), v. t. (a*sk for 
with authority) tuntut; (for pay- 
ment of debt) turggu, tag eh;* 
(question) tanja, tanjakan; (re- 
quire, necessitate) wajib (Ar.) ; 
as, this affair demands an explan- 
ation, wajib-lah rmyatakan hat ini. 

Demand, s. (asking with authority) 
tuntutan. It is in great demand, 
sargat di-tuntut akan dia; sargat 
di-kahandaki akan dia. Goods in 
demand, bararq yarg laku, dagarg- 
an yarg laku;* also laris* and la- 

Demarcate (de'mar-kat), v. t. per- 
hirggakan* tntukan smpadan, su- 
kat tanah. 

Demarcation (-ka'slnm), s. per- 
hirgga'an*, smpadan. 

Demean (de-men'), v. t. (behave) 
lakukan; (debase, degrade) hina- 
kan, kjikan* 

Demeanour (-er), s. (behaviour) 
klakuan, pkerti (Sk.) ; (bearing, 
mien) sikap. 

Demented (-ment'ed), adj. nanar* 

Demerit (de-mer'it), s. (that which 
deserves blame) yarg patut di-chla, 
kchla'an; (fault) Jcsdlahan. 

Demesne (de-men'), s. kamporg 
oraig bsar-bsar. 

Demigod (dem'i-god), s. chndra 

Demijohn (-jon), s. kndi kacha* 

Demise (de-miz'), v. t. (bequeath) 
wasiatkan* (Ar. wasiyat). 

Demise, s. (transfer of the crown) 

kpindahan pargkat raja; (death 

of royalty) margkat* 
Democracy (de-mok'ra-si), s. pren« 

tahan orarg ramai. 
Democratic (dem'o-krat'ik) , adj. 

char a prentahan ramai. 
Demolish (de-mol'ish), v. t. rom- 

bak, robohj rub oh (B.)> runtoh. 
Demolition (dem'o-lish'tm), s. k- 

rombak'an, krobohan, kruntohan. 
Demon (de'mon), s. jin (Ar.) ; 

(evil spirits) hantu-shaitan; see 


Demoniac (de-mo'ni-ak), s. orarg 
yarg di-rasok jin* orarg yarg kna 

Demoniacal (dem'o-niVkal), adj. 
hantu-shaitan (a). 

Demonstrate (dem'on-strat or de- 
mon'strat)., v. t. (point out) tun- 
jokkan; (show, prove) ryatakan, 

Demonstration (deni'tfn-stra'shzm), 
s. (exhibition) pertunjoFan; 
(proof) knjata'an, ktrargan. 

Demonstrative (de-mon'stra-tiv), 
adj. yarg mnjatakan, yarg mnrarg- 

Demoralization (de-mor'al-i-za'- 
shwn), s. chabol* luchah; see be- 

Demoralize (-Iz), v. t. (make im- 
moral) chabolkan,* luchahkan, 
kasi orarg jadi jahat (B.) ; (cause 
to lose heart) tawarkan hati, 
Irgit* Irgek (B.). 

Demur (-mer'), v. i. (pause, delay) 
beriarggoh;* (object to, take ex- 
ception to) 'rggan* 

Demure (-mur'), adj. sopan, sopan- 

Demurrage (-mur'rej), s. blanja 
sbab targgoh* 

Demurrer (-miir'rer), 8. terhnti- 

Demy (-mi'), s. ukoran kertas. 

Den (den), s. (cave) goa, grorg- 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her ferry, ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use us, mmtis cure, injure- 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful) ; law, how, oil; thm then. 




garg;* (squalid haunt) ^ pondok. 
Gambling den, logoh judi. 
Denial (de-nfal), s. (negation) 
ktidak'an; (contradiction) bantah- 
an* hal -mmbantahi;* (refusal to 
grant) 'rggan* tgahan; (refusal 
to acknowledge, disavowal) pnjavg- 
kalan, munjkir (Ar. mitnkir). 
Denizen (den'i-zn), s. anak negri. 
Denominate (de-nom'i-nat), v. t. 
namai* namakan, bri nama, shot. 
Denomination (-na'shun), s. (epi- 
thet) sbotan; (name) nama; 
(class, category) jnis, pargkat; 
(sect) madzhab (Ar.). 
Denote (-not'), v. t. igalakan, tanda- 

Denounce (-nowns'), v. t. (proclaim 
as guilty) salahkan, tudoh ;* (cen- 
sure) chla. 
Dense (dens), adj. (crowded to- 
gether) berasak-asak, ssak, rapat; 
(compact) mampat; (of rain, 
fruit, etc.) Ibat; (of foliage) 
rimbun* rendauj; (stupid) diyu* 
Density (den'si-ti), s. kssak'an, 

krapatan, etc., as above. 
Dent (dent), s. (hollow) Ikok, 
kmek* kpek;* (notch) sumbirg, 
sombetg (B.). 
Dent, v. t. Indoig* Ikokkan, kmek- 

kan* mmbinjkan, as above. 
Dental (den'tal), adj. gig} (a). 
Dental surgeon, doktor gigi, tukarg 

Dentifrice (den'ti-fris), s. oh at p- 

ryugi,* podar gigi,* obat gigi. 
Dentist (den'tist), s. tukatg gigi- 
Dentistry (-tis-tri), s. pkerjaan 

tukatg gigi. 
Dentition (den-tish'?/n), s. tumboh 

Denude (de-nfid'), v. t. (make 

bare) fianjarykan, buka; (of hair 

or trees) gondoikan; (of leaves) 

Denunciation (de-mm'si-ii'shim), 

s. tudohan* kchla'an; see de- 
Deny (-ni'), v. t. (contradict, de- 
clare untrue) dvxtakan* bantaln* 
tidakkan, katakan bukan (B.) ; 
(refuse to grant, withhold) 'nj- 
gankan,* tgah; (disown, disavow, 
repudiate) sargkal. 
Depart (-part'), v. i. (go away) 
prrgi; (retire, retreat) undor; 
(start on a journey) berjalan, ber- 
tolak, berargkal (B.) ; (of prin- 
ces) berargkat; (pass away) hi- 
lauj; (die) mnirygal;* (take one's 
leave) bermohon* winta diri* 
To depart from (forsake), tirggal- 
kan; (desist or deviate from) 
Department (-mt'iit), s. (subdivi- 
sion) bhagian; (of official duty) 
jaicatan*pjabat krajaan* pgtuy- 
an, pkerja'an; (territory) jajah- 
Departure (-par'ebur), s. (act of 
jjoing) pmgian* pnirggalan ; 
X death ) kmatian; ( abandonment 
of a plan or purpose) hal mnirg- 
galkan. A new departure, perkara 
'yaty bhariL After my departure, 
Depend f-pend'), v. i. (rely) ber- 
gantorg, rhadan) ;* (trust, confide) 
lmrapl perchaya. Tt all depends 
u[)on you, alas an/kau-lah perkara 
ini. it depends on the state of 
the tide, ikut pasary surut-rya. 
Dependence (-<?ns), s. (state ot 
depending) hal beryantory, hal 
percliaya; (mutual relation) pri 
kna-nngna; (subjection) pri t'alok 
Dependency (-en-si), s. (subject 

state) negri yary t'alok (Ar.). 
Dependent (-cnt), adj. (hang- 
ing down) bergantorg; also see 
hang; (relying on) bergantorg, 
berharap, tiada bebas; (of nations) 
t'alok (Ar.). 

ate ask am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 
' mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minus, cure, injure, 
hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful) ; law, how, oil; thin then. 




Dependent, s. anak baah; (retain- 
er) prgirirg* 

Depict (-pikf), v. t. (portray) ru- 
pakan, gambarkan, sifatkan (Ar.) ; 
(describe in words) chritakan. 

Deplete (-plef), v. t. hmpakan* 

Deplorable (-pldr'a-bl), a d j . 
(lamentable) yarg patul di-ssal- 
Jcan; (calamitous) malarg, chlaka. 

Deplore (-plcV) v. t. (feel sorrow 
for) bcrsusah akau; (lament, re- 
gret) ssalkan. 

Deploy (-ploi'), v. i. t. (of troops) 
nyyary, rryya igkan . 

Deponent (-pf/jumt), s. orarg yarg 
bersaksi, yaig mmbuat sural sum- 

Depopulate (de-pop'u-lat), v. t. 
(destroy population ) lumpaskan 
isi neyri; (reduce population) 
kuratykan isi neyri, sun/ikan. 

Deport (de-port'), v. t. (carry 
away, transport) buarg, pindah- 
kan, njahkan;* (behave) berlaku* 
lakukan diri* bawa diri. 

Deportment (-ment), s. (conduct) 
laku* klakuan; (bearing) sikap, 

Depose (-pes'), v. t. (dethrone) 
pchai;* (testify) bersaksi, naik 

Deposit (-poz'it), v. t. (lay down) 
Itak; (put, place) bub oh, lav oh; 
(put away) taroh, si m pan; (com- 
mit, intrust) ptarohkan * srahkan. 

Deposit, s. (sediment, of earth) 
lanah 'nap;* (dregs) ham pas, kla- 
dak* krak (B.) ; (for safe keep- 
ing) ptarohan;* (as security) cha- 
garan* wary chayak (B.). 

Depositary (-er-ij, s. pnaroh* 

Deposition (de'po-zish'?m), s. (act 
of deposing or depositing) hal 
bersaksi, hal mmchat* hal mltak, 
etc., see above; (sediment) see 
deposit; (statement, declaration) 

Depositor (de-poz'i-ter), s. orarg 
yarg ptarohkan* orarg yarg simpan 
wary (B.). 

Depository (-to-ri), s. tmpat p- 
tarohan* oraiy ptarohan * 

Depot (dep'o, u. s. de'po), 8. 
(warehouse) gudarg ; (military 
station) tmpat kdudokau sol dado ; 
(U. S.) tmpat perhnlian krela api. 

Deprave (de-praV), v. t. rosakkan, 

Depraved (-pravd'), s. kji* rosak. 

Depravity (-prav'i-ti), s. kjahatan, 
kkjian* chabot* luchah. 

Deprecate (dep're-kat), v. t. (ex- 
press disapproval) chla; (express 
regret) sbotkan pri tiada berknan. 

Depreciate (de-pre'shi-at), v. t. 
pan duty mudah* permudahkan* 
pandanj retyan, pertidakkan, cha- 
pak* chuai* 

Depreciate, v. i. turun herya. 

Depreciation (-a'shwn), s. hal m- 
mandary mudah, etc., see above. 

Depreciatory (-a-to-ri), adj. yarg 
mmandary mudah, etc. see above. 

Depredate (dep're-dat), v. t. samon, 
ram pa*, rompak* 

Depredation (-da'sln/n), s. prya- 
monan, prampasan, prompak'an* 

Depress (de-pres'), v. t. (press 
down) Ik an; (cause to sink) tun* 
dokkan ; (bring down, humble) 
rndahkan; (sadden) sndukan* 
bryokkan* mashghuikan (Ar.) ; 
(make dull, as trade) kurarykan; 
(lower, as the muzzle of a gun) 
tun jam* 

Depressed (-presf), adj. (dis- 
pirited) susah hati, sndu* brgok* 
mashghul (Ar.). 

Depression (-presh'fm), s. (act of 
depressing) hal mnkan, etc., see 
depress; (state of being depress- 
ed) krndahan, mashghul (Ar.), 
sndu* brgok;* (cavity) kmek* 
Ikok; (valley) Imbah. 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minus, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




Deprivation (dep'ri-va'shtm), s. 
(loss) krugian. 

Deprive (de-prlv'), v. t. (bereave, 
as of children) buluskan;* (take 
away) rbot, rampas; (make an 
end of) putuskan, hilargkan; 
(debar, shut out from) tgah. De- 
prived of life, putus-ryawa. De- 
prived of office, terpchat* hilarg 
pargkat (B.). 

Depth (depth), s. dalam. 

Deputation (dep'u-ta'shwn), s. (act 
of deputing) hal mwakilkan, hal 
mmsan; (delegation) orarg suroh- 
an, orarg pilehan. 

Depute (de-put'), v. t. (as agent) 
wakilkan, bri kuasa; (commission) 
psan; (appoint) tntukan. 

Deputy (dep'u-ti), s. pmatgku, 
orarg gantian. 

Derail (de-ral'), v. t. kochilkan* 
deri landasan kreta api. 

Derange (de-ranj'), v. t. (dis- 
arrange) kachau, kusutkan, haru- 
birukan* klam-kabotkan. 

Deranged (-ranjd'), adj. (crazy) 
nanar* ksasaran. 

Derangement (-ranj'ment), s. 
haru-biru* klam-kabot, champur- 
baur* champur-gaul. 

Derelict (der'e-likt), s. (abandoned) 
ktirggalan, tertirggal ; ( carel ess, 
neglectful) lalai, alpa (Sk.). 

Dereliction (-lik'srnm), s. (aban- 
donment) hal mnirggalkan; (ne- 
glect) lalai, alpa (Sk.). 

Deride (de-rid'), v. t. (laugh at) 
tertawakan; (scoff at) olok-olok- 

Derision (-rizh'tm), s. olok-olok. 

Derivable (-riv'a-bl), adj. yarg 
datarg, yarg boleh di-datargkan. 

Derivation (der'i-va'shim), s. k- 
turunan, asal. 

Derivative (de-riv'a-tiv), adj. yarg 
terbit deri-pada* yarg dataiy deri- 

1 pada. 

Derive (-rlv'), v. t. (get from a 

source) datargkan, terbit,* ber- 
oleh;* (trace the derivation) 
irargkan kturunan. 

Derogate (der'o-gat), v. i. To dero- 
gate from, kchilkan, kurargkan. 

Derogatory (de-rog'a-to-ri), adj. 
yarg mrgchilkan, yarg mrghinakan, 
yarg mrosakkan. 

Derrick (der'rik), s. ($aut.) tiarg 

Dervish (der'vish), s. orarg per- 
tapa* orarg bertapa, darvns 

Descant (des-kanf) v. i. (sing) 
'lyaryi; (discourse, comment) ber- 
kata-kata, bertutor. 

Descend (de-send'), v. i. (come or 
go clown) turun; (plunge or jump 
clown) terjun; (go down stream) 
hilir;* (to a humble state) tun- 
dok; (be derived from) turun. 

Descendant (-ant), s. kturunan, 
bneh, anak-chuchu, anak pinak* 
The following words express des- 
cendants of the first five gener- 
ations, anak, chuchu, chichit, 
pint* onerg-onerg* or piat;* Ba- 
bas use olerg-olerg for the fourth 

Descent (-sent'), s. (act of descend- 
ing) hal mmirun, hal mnerjun, 
hilir;* (attack) pnjrargan;* (ex- 
traction, lineage) baka, bneh, k- 
turunan; (declivity) churaman. 

Describe (-skrib'), v. t. (draw, 
delineate) talis, lukis, sifatkan 
(Ay.) ; . (by words) chritakan, 
rnchanakan* prikan* ryatakan, 

Description (-skrip'shwn), s. (act 
of describing) hal mnulis, etc., as 
above ; (sketch, representation) 
tulisan, sifat (At.) ; (by words) 
chrita, kryaia'an; (class, kind, 
sort) jnis, bagai* macham. 
Descriptive (-tiv), adj. yarg m- 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car. carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, ns, minws, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




Descry (-skrl'), v. t. (discern) 
nampak, tampak;* (recognise) h- 

Desecrate (des'e-krat), v. t. (divest 
of sacred office) pcJiat;* (profane) 
najiskan (Ar.), kjikan* 

Desecration (-kra'sh?m), s. lial. 
mmcJiat* hal mnajiskan (Ar.). 

Desert (dez'ert), adj. swyi, blan- 

Desert, s. (solitary place) tanah 
suryi; (uncultivated land) tanah 
blantara* riinba blantara,* hutan 
blantara;* (sandy plain) padarg 

Desert (de-zed/), s. (reward) pa- 
hala; (that which is deserved) 
patut, kpatutan, yarg lay ale; 
(merit) jam (Sk.). 

Desert, v. t. tirggalkan, buarghan, 
bargaikan, * b rgkala ikan. * 

Desert, v. i. lari; (and go over to 
the enemy) belot. 

Deserted (-ed), adj. Jcthggalan, lev- 

Deserter (-er), s. plari* pmbelot; 
see desekt, v. i. 

Desertion (-zer'slw/n), s. (act of 
forsaking) hal mnirggalkan; (ab- 
sconding) pi avian . 

Deserve (-zerv'), v. t. patut mn- 
dapat, patut Jena, liarm Jena, patut 
di — , as, patut di-bri pargkat, he 
deserves promotion. 

Deservedly (-ed-li), adj. Aryan s- 
patut-rya, Aryan s-harus-nja. 

Deserving (-ing), adj. patut, Jiarus. 

Desiccate (des'i-kat), v. t. krirgkan. 

Desideratum (de-sid'e-ra'twm), s. 
(lack, want) kkurargan, Jiajat 

Design (-zln'), v. t. (delineate) tu- 
lis, hiJciskan, ptakan;* (designate, 
appoint) tandakan, tntukan; (cre- 
ate, invent) adakan; (intend, pur- 
pose) Jcahandaki* mat; (of God) 
takdir (Ar.). 

Design, s. tulisan, pta* kaJiandak, 

mat, takdir (Ar.), as above; also 
(intention) kasad (Ar.), maksud. 
By design, snjaja. Design for a 
house, rimba-rimba rumah* plan 
rumah (B.) (E.). 

Designate (des'ig-nat), v. t. (mark 
out) tandakan; (show, indicate) 
tun j ok, ryatakan; (name) glar, 
nama'i* sbot; (appoint) tntukan; 
(select) pileh. 

Designation (-na'shim), s. (act of 
designating) Jial mnandakan, etc., 
as above; (that which designates) 
tanda, knjata'an, nama, ktntuan, 

Designedly (de-zm'ed-li), adv. 
sryaja, Aryan srgaja. 

Designer (-er), s. pnulis pta* 
oratg yaiy ml tikis, yarg mryada- 

Designing (-ing) adj. baryak e akal, 
cherdek, panjary 'akal. 

Desirable (-zir'a-bl), adj. yary di- 
kahandaki, yaty di-gmari* yarg 
di-sulea'i, berknan. 

Desire (-zlr), v. t, man, Jmdak, ka- 
handaki, sualak, suka; (earnest- 
ly) irgin, rindu; (request) minta, 

Desire, s. man, kahandak, suka, ¥- 
itginan, krinduan, niat, maksud, 
Jiajat* (Ar. lidjat), hasrai* (Ar. 

Desirous (-us), adj. berkahandak, 
suka, rindu. 

Desist (de-sisf), v. i. berhnti, Ipas. 

Desk (desk), s. (for writing) meja 
tulis; (lectern) mimbar* (Ar. 
minbar) ; (bookstand for Korean) 
rihal (Ar.). 

Desolate (des'o-let) 1 , adj. (uninha- 
bited) suryi; (forsaken) ktirygal- 
an; (desolated, ruined) rosak. 

Desolate (-lat), v. t. (lay waste) 
rosakkan, binasaJcan. 

Desolation (-la'shtm), s. kbinasa* 
'an, Jcrosak'an. 

•ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minws, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful) ; law, how, oil; thin then. 




Despair (de-spar'), v. i. putus ha- 
rap, putus ana.* 
Despair, s. putus harap, putus asa* 
Despatch (-spach'), v. t. see dis- 
Desperado (des'per-a'do), s. orarg 
gararg, oratrj nekat* samsenq 
(Ch. "?). 
Desperate (-et), adj. (beyond 
hope) yatg putus harap; (of di- 
sease) tiada tersmboh* taboleli 
balk (B.) ; (reckless) tiada mtg- 
inddltkan bahya* t'ada itgal-itgat 
(B.) ; (very hazardous) satgat ber- 
Desperation (-a'sh?/n), s. (state of 
despair) pi i putus harap, pri putus 
Despicable (des'pi-ka-bl), Rdj.hina, 

terhina, kji* 'aib (Ar.). 
Despise (de-sp7z'), v. t. hinakan, 
kjikan* 'aibkan (Ar.), tiada nttg- 
indahkan, pandaty -muda/i* te- 
rgok tamata (B.). 
Despite (-spit'), s. (spite) dtgki; 

(malicious anger) gram. 
Despite, prep, jikalau. . . .skali pun, 
sutggoh pun, in ski pun. Despite 
his youth, jikalau muda skali pun. 
Despoil (-spoil'), v. t. ram pas, su- 
nt on . 
Despond (-spond'), v. K tawar hall, 

jadi barhol* 
Despondency (-en-si), s. gondah* 

tawar liati. 
Despondent (-ent), adj. gondah* 

gondah. gaulana* tawar hati. 
Despot (des'pot), s. pnirentah yatg 
chukop kuasa-nja, pnirentah yatg 
tiada terhirggakan* kuasa-nja, 
orarg tJalim (Ar.), prganiaya. 
Despotic (des-pot'ik), adj. yatg 
tiada terhirggakan* kuasa-nja, tla- 
lim (Ar.), prganiaya. 
Despotism (des'po-tizm), s. kuasa 
yarg tiada terhiigga* aniaya, tla- 
lim (Ar.). 

Dessert (dez-zerf), s. sajian* biiah- 
buah dan tnanisan, ptynchi nvidut. 

Destination (des'ti-na'slHm), s» 
(act of appointing) hal mnntukan; 
(purpose, ultimate design) ka~ 
handak; (place aimed at) tmpat 
orarg hudak pergi, hujonj perjalan- 
an . 

Destine (des'tin), v. t. (appoint,. 
determine) tntukan; (of God) 
takdirkan (Ar.), hukiunkati (B.)_ 

Destiny (-i), s. (predetermined 
state, fate) nasib, untorg, untorg 
nasib; (Clod's fixed order) takdir 
(Ar.) ; (fixed time of death) aial 

Destitute (des'ti-tfit), adj. (defi- 
cient, lacking) kuratg, kkurargan; 
(needy, very poor) papa* miskin- 
pupa* tiada berupai/a* bargsat 


Destitution (-tiVsh?m), s. kkurarg- 
an, k pa pa an* hal bargsat (B.). 

Destroy (de-stroi'), v. t. (pull 
down, as buildings) rornbak, roboh- 
kan, pel) ah : (ruin, spoil) rosak- 
kan, binasakan, punahkan;* (bring 
to naught, annihilate) tiadakan, 
h apmlmi, turn pas, jhan namkan ; 
(put; an end to, kill) habiskan, 

Destroyer (-er), s. pmbinasa; 
(Xaut.) kapal pratg kchil yarg 
lerlalu laju. 

Destruction (-struk'sh?/n), % s. k- 
rotubaVan, krosak'an, kbinasa'an; 


Destructive (-tiv), adj. yarg m- 
rosakkan, yarg nunbinasakan. 

Desuetude (des'we-tud), s. (dis- 
use) hal tiada pakai lagi; (cessa- 
tion) kputusan. 

Desultory (des'ul-to-ri), adj. (dis- 
connected) putus-putus. tiada ttapr 
(unmethodical) tiada bperaturan. 

Detach (de-tach'), v. t. chraikan, 
asirgkan* sblalikan, pnchilkan* 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; lee, it, fire,. 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minus, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful) ; law, how, oil; thin then. 




Detachable (-a-bl), adj. (not 
fixed) mndatarg. 

Detachment (-ment), s. (of 
troops) pasokan. 

'Detail (de-tal'), v. t. rnchanakan* 
kaiakan salu-salu, prikan* butir- 

Detail (de'till or de-tal'), s. (parti- 
culars, small parts) sgala hal, hal- 
eliual* (Ar. auwal, pi. of hal), 
sgala pri-hal, bulir* In detail, 

Detain (de-tan'), v. t. (restrain, 
keep back, withhold) tgah, tali an ; 
(delay) lambatkan : (keep in cus- 
tody) pnjamkan* kurnnjkan. 

Detect (-tekt'), v. i. (discover, find 
out) da pat, da pat tahv : (bring to 
light) njaiakan. To be detected, 
kdapalan hudi* kua largkap, da- 
pat di-lihal. 

Detection (-tek'slu/n), .<?. pndapat- 
an, knjata'an. 

Detective (-tiv), s. ma la-mat a f/lap. 

Detention (-ten'sh//n), s. (act of 
detaining) hal mn'gah* hal m- 
vahan : (state of being detained) 
hal di-tgah, hal di-lahan, hal di- 
lambatkan ; (confinement) pirgit- 
an* kpnjara'an* hal kna jel (E.). 

Deter (-tor'), v. t. (prevent by fear) 
kjolkan, sre.kkan* 

Detergent (-jVnt). s. obat pn/uchi. 

Deteriorate (de-ter'i-o-rat), v. t. 
burokkan, romkkan-; (by friction) 

Deteriorate, v. i. berlambah rosak, 
bertambah bar ok. 

Deterioration (-ra'sb?/n), s. hal 
burok, hrosak'an, bans 

Determinable (de-ter'mi-na-bl), 
adj. yarg boJch di-lnfukan. 

Determinate (-net), adj. tertntu. 

Determination (-na'sh7/n). s. per- 
iling ga an* kintuan. kpulusan, see 
below; also (intention, purpose) 
ma ks a d, kamd * ( Ar . qa sad), n ia t, 
'azam (Ar.),hatkad (Av.'iticjdd). 

Determine (-min),v. t. (fix limits) 
perh'uygakan ;* (.settle) tntukan; 
(shape, prescribe) sifalkan (Ar.) ; 
(ascertain) tntukan: (bring to a 
conclusion) puluskan, slsaikart, 
slixekan (B.): (resolve, have fixed 
intention) tntukan, vialkan. 

Deterrent (-ter'ivnt), adj. yaig 
mnjrek* yarg mrgjot. 

Detest (-test/), v. t. bncM, bnchi 

Detestable (-a-bl), adj. kbnchian. 

Detestation (de'tes-ta'slH/n), s. 
bnchi, gli-gman* gli-gmum (B.). 

Dethrone (de-thron') ? v. t. pchat- 
kan deri-pada takhta kraja'an* 
Lurunkan deri-pada takhta kraja- 
'an* turunkan deri-pada krosi raja 

Detonate (det/o-nat), v. i. Hop. 

Detonation* (-nfi'sln/n), s. Uopan. 

Detonator ( -ter), s. kep (E. 

Detour (da-toor'), s. jalan berblil. 

Detract (de-trakt'),' v. t. (take 
away) kuraigkan, poloig; (de- 
fame) inn pat 

Detriment (det'ri-nmit), s. yarg 
}iindatai()kan rurji, bnchana, mu- 
d/a rat (Ar.). 

Detrimental (-men'ml). adj. yairf 
inrosakkan, yanj mmbri miidlarat 

Devastate (dcv'as-tat), v. t. rosak- 
kan, binasakan, hykarapkan* (Ar. 

Devastation (-ta'shun), s. krosak- 
'an, kbinaman. 

Develop (de-vel'op), v. t. (make 
known or visible) n/atakan ; (give 
forth, produce) kluarkan ; (to un- 
fold, as a bud) kmbargkan; (cause 
to advance or increase) majukan* 
luaskan, tambalii. 

Develop, v. i. (as a flower) kmbarg; 
(as a leaf bud) be mas;* (grow) 
/ urn J) oh ; ( a d van ce ) m ajii . * 

Development (-ment), s. (act of 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror : old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry ; use, us, min««, cure, injure, 

hiirry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




developing) hal miyatakan, etc., 
as above; (developed state) kkm- 
bargan, ktumhohan, kmajuan* 

Deviate (de'vi-at), v. i. (turn aside) 
semparg, mryemparg, mnpi; (stray) 
ssat; (diverge) penchorg* len- 
chorg; (vary, as a compass) sm- 

Deviation (-a/slum), s. hal mryem- 
parg, miysat, etc., as above. 

Device (de-vis'), s. (project, 
scheme) upaya* day a,* daya- 
upaya;* (artifice) daya* 'akal, 
elah* (At. iiilah) ; (emblematic 
design) 'alamat (Ar.), rajah* 

Devil (dev'l), s. iblis, set an (Ar. 
shaiTan) ; (evil spirit) jin. 

Devil, v. t. (cook with Cayenne pep- 
per) debok* (E.). 

Devilfish (-fish), s. doyak ;* (small- 
er) kreta* sotorg, see cuttlefish. 

Devilish (-ish), adj. chara iblis, 
shaitan (a). A devilish business, 
pkerja'an shaitan. 

Devilry (-ri), s. klakuan yaty jahat 
skali, kbigisan. 

Devious (de'vi-?/s), adj. yaig m- 
ryemparg, yarg mlenchoig, sem- 

Devise (de-vlz'), v. t. (invent, 
scheme) upayakan* chari 'akal; 
(work out) reka* adakan; (give 
by will) wasiatkan* (Ar. wasiyat). 

Devoid (-void'), adj. (lacking) 
kurarg, berkurarg, digan tiada. 

Devolve (-volv'), v. t. (hand down) 
srahkan, pulargkan. 

Devolve, v. i. pularg, jatoh. 

Devote (-vof), v. t. (by vow) niat- 
kan; (consecrate) kuduskan* 
(Ar. qudus) ; (to destruction) 
tntukan akan binasa. To devote 
one's self (give attention to), ber~ 
tkun, bersurggoh-surggoh, ber- 
Devoted (-e&), adj. (loyal) ber- 
bakti (Sk.) ; (strongly attached) 

tersargkot hati; (zealous) ta'at*" 
(Ar. Taat). 
Devotee (dev'o-te'), s. orarg ber- 
bdkti (Sk.), orarg ber ( ibadat 

Devotion (de-vd'shwn), s. (strong 
affection) kaseh-sayarg , chinta/ 
(loyalty) bakti (Sk.) ; (in re- 
ligion) 'ibadat (Ar.) ; (prayer) 
do' a, smbahyarg (B.) ; (earnest- 
ness) tkun, taat* (Ar. Taat). 

Devotional (-al), adj. berbakti 
(8k.),bei'ibadat (Ar.). 

Devour (de-vowr'), v. t. (eat greed- 
ily) t Ian, gasak, ma) oh* charop;* 
(consume, destroy) makan habis,. 

Devout (-vowf), adj. (pious) ber- 
bakti (Sk.), beribadat (Ar.), ber- 
iman (Ar.), mu'min (Ar.) ; (sin- 
cere) surggoh hati, tulus hati. 

Devoutly (-li), adv. (piously) 
drgan bakti (Sk.) ; (sincerely) 
drgan s-surggoh-rya, drgan s-bnar~ 

Dew (du), s. 'mbun. 

Dewlap (dii'lap), s. glambir, gla- 

Dewy (-i), adj. ber'mbun. 

Dexterity (deks-ter'i-ti), s. kpantas- 
an, chakatan* 

Dexterous (deks'ter-ws), adj. pan- 
tos, chakatan* ahli (Ar.). 

Diabetes (dl'a-be'tez), s. Jcnchiry 

Diabolical (-bol'i-kal), adj. chara 
iblis, am,at brgis* sargat brgis. 

Diacritical (-krit'i-kal), adj. dia- 
critical marks, baris, nota* (Ar. 
nnqTah), tanda bacha'an. 

Diadem (-dem), s. patam* tkan 
kundai* makota* 

Diagnosis (dfag-no'sis), s. pndapat 
deri-hal pniakit. 

Diagonal (dl-ag'o-nal), adj. serorg. 

Diagram (dl'a-gram), s. pta* gam- 
bar; (magic) rajah * 

Dial (dl'al), s. muka jam, bundar 

ate. ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice it fire 
mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minus, cure, 'injure ' ' 
hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




yary bermata sperti pdoman* 

Sun dial, jam pnimbary bayary- 

bayarg matahari. 
Dialect (di'a-lekt), s. (language) 

bhasa; (local varieties of speech) 

Dialectics (-lek'tiks), s. 'ilmu ba- 

has* (Ar. bauath), 'ilmu per- 

Dialogue (-log), s. pertutoran, 

tutor-mnutor* sual-jawab, cha- 

kap jawab pergi jaivab datarg 

Diameter (dl-am'e-ter), s. sty- 

kary* baris mlintarg di tigah 

Diametrically (dlVmet'ri-kal-li), 

adv. diametrically opposed, lain 

Diamond (di'a-rmmd), s. Man, ber- 

lyan, blyan (E. brilliant) ; (in 

cards) rtin (I), ruiten). Dia- 
mond shaped, blah ktupat. 
Diaper (-per), s. (towel) iuala; 

(for infants) chawat. 
Diaphanous (dl-afa-mzs), adj. 

Diaphragm (dl'a-fram), s. slupat 

Diarrhoea (dl'ar-re'a), s. sakii 

buanj-buary ayer, chirit (N.I.). 
Diary (dfa-ri), s. swat pkerja'an 

s-hari-hari, jernal (E.), buku 

iryatan kerja-kerja. 
Diatribe (-trlb), s. perbantahan* 

Dibber (dib'ber), s. tugal* 
Dibble (dib'bl), v. t. tugal* 
Dibbler (-bier), s. pnugal.* 
Dice (dls), s. dadu (Port), buah 

dadu, buah pari,* buah undi* 
Dicebox (dls'boks), s. kpok dadu, 

koiah dadu. 
Dictate (dik-taf), v. t. (utter for 

another to write) rnchanakan* ■ 

imla' (Ar.) ; (say authoritatively) 

suroh, prentahkan. 

Dictate (dik'tat), s. hukum, pren~ 

Dictation (dik-ta'shun), s. imla'* 
(Ar. imla), rnchana* 

Dictator (-ter), s. pmrentah yary 
tiada terhirggakan* kuasa-rya. 

Dictatorial (dik'ta-tor'i-al), adj. 
yaiy kras prentah-rya. 

Diction (dik'shim), s. raiykaian 
perkata'an* bhasa. 

Dictionary (-er-i), s. kamvs* (Ar, 

Dictum (dik'twm), s. ptua* (Ar^ 

Die (di), v. i. mati; (of princes) 
marykat* wafat (Ar.) ; (vulgar) 
mampus; (euphemistically) hi- 
laiy, mniryyal* mniryyal dunia, 
putus tya-wa, sampai ajal (Ar.),. 
kmbali* kmbali k-rahmat Allah;* 
(cease, be extinct, or extinguish- 
ed) hilary, padam, putus. Die 
away, hilarg, Innjap. Die down 
(of a flame) mala p.* 

Die, s. (dice) buah dadu, buah 
pari* buah undi;* (chance, ha- 
zard) undi* 

Diet (di'et), s. (food, victuals) ma- 
kanan, rjki (Ar. rzki), jerki (B.) * y 
(prescribed food) peraturan ma* 
kanan, makanan pantary (B.). 

Diet, v. t. aturkan makanan, tntukan 
makanan, pantary makanan (B.). 

Dietetics (dl'e-tet'iks), s. 'ilmu 
mnntukan makanan. 

Differ (differ), v. i. (be unlike) 
bersliseh, berlain-lain; (be dis- 
tinguished) berbeza* berbeda; 
(disagree) tiada berstuju; (dis- 
pute) berbantah* 

Difference (-ens), s. perslisehan, 
Hainan, perbeza'an* perbantah- 
an* farak (Ar.). The difference 
is, bersalahan. 

Different (-#nt), adj. lain, ber- 
sliseh, bersalahan, asiry* berbeza.* 
jnis-jnis, macham-macham, ber-* 
bagai-bagai* plbagai,* tiada ber- 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry ; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry ; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, lis, mimts, cure, injure, 

burry; food, foot, awfool (awful) ; law, how, oil; thin then. 




stuju, see differ. Very different, 
terlalu jauh beza-nja* terlalu jauh 
Differently (-li), adv. lain pula. 
.Differential (-en'shal), adj. yatg 
bersliseh, yarg mmbezakan* yarg 
Differentiate (-phi-fit), v. t. beza- 
kan* bedakan, lainkan, asirgkan* 
Difficult (diffi-k/dt), adj. (hard to 
do) mkar* payah; (attended with 
trouble) snmh, muslikU (Ar.) ; 
(arduous) brat, Jcras. Difficult to 
obtain, sitsah dapat, payah da pat. 
Difficult to understand, 'nmum* 
(Ar. g hum urn?). 
Difficulty (-kd-ti), s. ksukamn* 
kpayahan , ks usa ban, kb ra tan , k- 
kramn, as above. 
Diffidence (-drns), s. shak hah 

(Ar.), wain. sgan, see below. 
Diffident (-dent), adj. (distrust- 
ful of' self) shak hali (Ar.), to- 
ttap; (timid) kuratg brani; (bash- 
ful) main, sgan. 
Diffuse (dif-fu//), v. t. (cause to 
spread, as a fluid) kmbargkan; 
(send out, scatter) hamburkan; 
(disseminate, as information) ma- 
Itimkan (Ar.), khabarkan; (as 
light) pancharkan* 
Diffuse, v. i. (of fluids) kmbarg ; (of 
light) panchar; (of scents) smer- 
bak* merbak (B.). 
Diffuse (-fuV), adj. (widespread) 
rambanj; (verbose) mulut ram- 
baiy; (prolix) lanjut.* 
Diffuseness (-nes), s. mulut ram- 

baig, lanjut perkata'an* 
Diffusion (-fii'zlmn), s. hal mrgm- 

batgkan, etc., see diffuse. 
Diffusive (-siv), adj. yarg nngm- 
baig, yarg mmanchar, smerbak* 
■merbak (B.). 
Dig (dig), v.t. (generally) gait; 
(with a hoe) chargkol; (with sharp 
instrument) korek: (as in mining, 
horizontally) chbak:* (poke with 

instrument ) chungkil, 

Digest (di-jesf), v.t. (arrange) 

aturkan: (assimilate food) han- 

chorkan, hadhamkan (Ar.), cher- 

nakan (X.I.), kasi siau (B.) 

(Ch.); (think over) jikirkan; 

(comprehend) mrgerti. 
Digest (dl'jest), s. peraturan liukum 

at an nndarg-undarg. 
Digestible (di-jest'i-bl), adj. yarg 

Ikas hanchor, yauj Ikas hadham 

Digestion (-ch?/n), s. hal mrgatur- 

kan, etc., see dkjkst. 
Digestive (-tiv), adj. yarg nunbri 

hadham ( Ar.), yarg kasi siau (B.) 

Digit (dij'it), s. jan. 
Dignified (dig'ni-fTd), adj. sopan- 

santun* stedi (B.) (E.). 
Dignify (-H), v.t. bsarkan, muha- 

kan. bri hormat. 
Dignitary (-ter-i), s. oraiy bsar. ^ 
Dignity (-ti), s. (honour), kmuha- 
'an, kbsaran; (stateliness of man- 
ner) sopan-saniun* 
Digress (di-gres') v. i. (in writing 
or speech) balek, katakan- lain per- 
kara. To digress from a subject, 
tirggalkan smaniara* 
Digression (-grcshVn), s. pri m- 

njatakan lain perkara. 
Dike (dik), s. (ditch) parit, alnr; 
(embankment) bndorg* tbwj; 
(ridges between rice iields) batas. 
Dilapidated (di-lap'i-dat-ed), adj. 
(of buildings) rmbas* pchah; 
(generally) burok, rosak. 
Dilapidation (-dfi'slmn), s. krosak- 

'an, kburok'an. 
Dilate (dT-lfit' or di-lat'), v. 1. 
(swell up) mvai;* (as the eyes) 
bliak; (by inflation) kmborg, glm- 
boig: (grow wide) iuas; (speak 
largely) lanjulkan perkata'an, 
panjargkan perkata'an. 

hen, recent, mere, her, ferry;ice, it, fire, 

* t6 ' "S "S nlK^f^^IoV^ry;^ us, «*«, *£ injure, 
hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful) ; law, how, oil; thin then. 




Dilate, v. t. muaikan* kmbo?ykan, 

Dilatory (dil'a-to-ri), adj. letgah, 
lumbal, c I in las* chleh* 

Dilemma (dl-lem'ma or di-lem'ma), 
s. pmilehnn aniara dua perkara 
yarg susuh. 

Dilettante (diTet-tan'te), s. oranj 
s-trguh masak dalam pkerjaan. 

Diligence (dil'i-jcns), s. raj in, 
usaha (Sk.). 

Diligent (-jnit), adj. raj in, her- 
n-sain t (Sk.), berlkun. 

Dilly-dally (dini-dal'li), v. i. chu- 
las* chleh* main-main saja (B.). 

Dilute (di-lfit' or di-lfit'), v. t. cha- 
'irkan, chant pnrkan ayer. 

Dilute, adj. chair. 

Dim (dim), adj. (lacking bright- 
ness, of light) klam, muram* 
xuram ;* (of colour) ndam ;* 
(hardly visible) kabus* say up;* 
(not seeing clearly) kubur; (mis- 
ty, indistinct) kabot, balam- 

Dim, v. t. klamkan* kabuxkan* ka- 
burkan, kaboikan, as above. 

Dimension (di-men'sh//n), s. (mea- 
surement) nkoran ; (size) bsar; 
(extent) kluasan, klapaigan. 

Diminish (di-min'ish), v. t. (in 
quantity) kurargkan, luakkan ;* 
(in size) kchilkan. 

Diminish, v. i. rda, susul, kurarg. 

Diminution (dim/i-nfi'slum), s. 
(act of diminishing) hal mrgurarg- 
kan, hal nngcliifkan; (state of be- 
ing diminished) kkuranjan, kluak- 



Diminutive (di-min'u-tiv), adj. 
kchil,sni* Indus, kchik (B.). 

Dimness (dim'nes), s. klam-kabot, 
kabnr, kabus* muram* suram;* 
see dim. 

Dimple (dim'pl), s. chawak* cha- 
re ah pipi* 

Din (din), s. bisitg, bechok* injar* 
irgar-bargar* rioh-rndah, ggak- 

gmpita* bhana;* in some senses 

the meaning may be expressed by 

sound words, such as, gmrencheiy* 

dram, Igak-lgok* etc. 
Dine (din), v. i. makan; (eat the 

principal meal) makan trgah hari+ 

or, makan malum; (of princes) 

Dinghy (ding'gi), s. (Xaut.) sam- 

pan tonda, joufkorq, samboJc 

Dingy (din'ji), adj. (soiled) ch- 

n/ar* kolor; (dusky colour) werna 

Dining (dln'ing), s. Dining room, 

bilek makan. Dining table, meja 

nialx an. 
Dinner (din'ner), s. (principal 

meal) makan tigah hari, or makan 

Dint (dint), s. Ikok, krnek* By 

dint of, dtgan kua*a. 
Diocese (dT'o-ses), s. jajahan yanj 

d.i-prenlahkan olcli s'oratg bishop 

Dip (dip), v. t. (insert in fluid and 

w i tl l d raw ) ch ch air ; ( i mmerse ) 

chlop; (as a glass dipped in water 

to fill it) bnamkan ; (lower a flag) 

Dip, v. i. (incline downwards) chon- 

deny. To dip into a book, bach a 

mlaigkau-luigkau* bach a mlanj- 

Diphtheria (dif-ther'i-a), s. sakit 

Diphthong (dif'thong or dip'- 

thong), s. dua bunji berhuborg. 
Diploma (di-phVma), s. surat k- 

irangan deri-hal plajaran. 
Diplomacy (di-plo'ma-si), s. per* 

afuran nlus-mrgidus;* (tact) 

Diplomatic (dii/lo-mat'ik), adj. 

( tactful ) bijaksana* ber'akal- 

budi. To have diplomatic re- 
lations, idus-mtgutus* 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sOre, 3ort, sorry; use, us, minws, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin Men. 




Diplomatist (di-plo'ma-tist), s. 
utusan* oraiy pandai mrgutus.* 

Dipper (dip'per), s. (ladle) gayorg, 
pnchedok, chentorg, sibur;* (small 
bucket) tiniba. 

.Dire (dlr), adj. (ill-omened) sial; 
(dreadful) dahshat (Ar.), haibat 

Direct (di-rekf), adj. (straight) 
lurus, btul, trus; (sincere) tutus; 
(unambiguous) trus trarg; (not 
oblique) tpat* 

Direct, v. t. (point, aim) tuju; 
(point out) tunjok; (regulate, 
govern) aiurkan, prentahkan; (or- 
der) suroh; (a letter) 'alaniatkan 

Direction (-rek'slmn), s. (act of 
directing) hal mnuju, etc., as 
above: (command, instruction) 
peraturan, prentah, psan, huhum; 
(address) 'alamat surat;* (line) 
tujuan, hala,* arah. 

Directly (-rekt'li), adv. d?gan hi- 
nts, drgan tulm, trus trarg, see 
direct, adj. ; (immediately) diyan 
sgra, s-bntar itu juga, serta-merta. 

Director (-er), s. yarg mmrentah- 
kan; (of a company) kpala. 

Directory (-o-ri), s. kitab panda* 

Dirge (derj), s. lagu prindu* biji 

Dirigible (di'ri-ji-bl), adj. yarg 
bohh di-tujukan, berkmudi. 

Dirk (derk), s. kris. 

Dirt (dert), s. (generally) kkotoran, 
kchmaran;* (mud) lumpur, be- 
cliak, bichak (B.), lechak;* (ex- 
crement) najis (Ar.), tahi* ta'ik 
(B.) ; (loose) sampah, sarap;* 
(dry and flaky) kredak; (from 
the skin) daki. 

Dirtiness (dert'i-nes), s. kkotoran. 

Dirty (dert'i), adj. kotor, chmar* 
najis (Ar.) ; (of water, turbid) 
Tcroh; (smeared with dirt) ber- 
lum,or, chomot, berslekeh;* (after 
evacuation) srgkelat* 

Dirty, v. t. kotorkan, chmarkan, etc., 
as above. 

Disability (dis'a-bil'i-ti), s. ka- 
hilargan kuasa, pri tiada kuasa, 

Disable (dis-a'bl), v. t. (deprive of 
force) Imahkan, kurargkan kuasa, 
hilargkan kuasa; (cripple) kodory- 
kan* kudorgkan (B.). 

Disabled (-bid), adj. (maimed) 
kodorg* kudouj (B.) ; (of ships) 

Disabuse (dis'a-buz'), v. t. Ipaskan 
deri-pada silap atau tipu-daya. 

Disadvantage (dis'ad-van'tej), s. 
bnchana, rugi, mudlarat (Ar.). 

Disadvantageous (dis-ad-van-ta'~ 
ji/s), adj. tiada berfa'idah, yarg 
mmbri mudlarat (Ar.), yarg mn- 
datargkan bnchana. 

Disaffect (dis'af-fekf) v. t. (a- 
lienate) jauhkan hati, perstrukan* 
musohkan (B.) ; (disturb the 
functions) kachau. 

Disaffected (-ed), adj. berstru* 
bermusoh (B.), jauh-hati. 

Disaffection (-fek'shtm), s. per- 
struan* jauh-hati. 

Disagree (dis'a-gre'), v. i. (not 
agree) bersliseh, tiada berstuju; 
(be unlike) berlainan, berbeza* 
berbeda, tiada sama; (quarrel) 
bersliseh; (be unsuitable, as food 
or medicine) ia's-rasi. 

Disagreeable (-a-bl), adj. (un- 
pleasant) tiada berknan, ta'sdap; 
(of smells) maurg. 

Disagreement (-ment), s. per- 
slisehan, ta'stujuan, perbeza'an,* 
perbedaan, mufarakat (Ar.). 

Disallow (dis'al-low 7 ), v. t. tiada 
bri, 'rggankan* tolak, tiada lur 
lus* baialkan. 

Disappear (-ap-per'), v. i. Inryap, 
Imp, hilarg, ghaib (Ar.), pryap* 

Disappoint (-ap-poinf), v. t. (frus- 
trate) tahankan, tgahkan; (de- 
prive of hope) kchewakan, putus- 

-ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minus, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 






kan harap. Disappointed, 

harapan* kchciva. 
Disappointment (-mgnt), s. 

kaharapan* k ch eiuaan . 
Disapprobation (dis-ap'pro-ba/- 

shwn), s. pri tiada berknan, hal 

mryalahkari, hal mnchla, kchla'an. 
Disapproval (dis'ap-proov'al), s. 

same as above. 
Disapprove (dis'ap-proov'), v. t. 

tiada perknankan, tiada bnarkan, 

Disarm (dis-arm'), v. t. targgalkan 

snjata; (deprive of force) hilarg- 

kan kuasa. 
Disarrange (disTir-rairj'), v. t. ka- 

chaukan, halai-balaikan;* (as 

hair) gerbanjkan. 
Disarranged (-ranjd'), adj. porak- 

parek; (of feathers) rarggas* 
Disaster (diz-as'ter), s. kmalargan, 

chlaka, balak (Ar. bala) 
Disastrous (-tn/s), adj. 

Disavow (dis'a-vow'), v. t, 

mmgkir (Ar. mvnkir). 
Disband (dis-band'), v. t. Ipaskan, 

Disband, v. i. pchah, clirai-brai, ber- 

Disbelief (dis'be-lef ), s. tiada per- 
chaya, kurarg perchaya, shah hati. 
Disbelieve (-lev'), v. t. tiada per- 
chaya, kurarg perchaya. 
Disburden (dis'ber-dn), v. t Ipas- 
kan deri-pada targg organ. 
Disburse (-bers'), v. t. blanjakan, 

kluarkan blanja. 
Disbursement (-merit), s. blanja. 
Disc (disk), s. bulat lepir; (for 

throwing, discus) chakra (Sk.). 
Discard (dis-kard'), v. t. (dismiss 

from employment) Ipaskan; (cast 

oiT) buarg, champak; (of cloth) 

spok; (reject) tolak. 
Discern (dis-sern' or diz-zern'), v. t. 

(discriminate) bezakan* beda- 

kan; (perceive) lihat. 


Discernible (-i-bl), adj. (percept- 
ible) nampak, tampak* yarg dapat 
di-lihat, ryata. 

Discerning (-ing), adj. tajam 'akal, 

Discernment (-ment), s. hal mm- 
bezakan* pri mlihat; (sagacity) 
tajam 'akal, cherdek; (insight, 
mental vision) prgeriian. 

Discharge (dis-charj'), v. t. (cargo, 
as vessels) purggah; (loads) borg- 
kar; (an arrow) panahkan; (a 
gun) pasarg; (a debt) bayer, lan- 
sai* halalkan; (obligations, res- 
ponsibilities) sampaikan; (from 
employment) Ipaskan; (from 
office) pchat;* (as water from a 
pipe) pancharkan; (as a wound) 
kluar nanah, nenes* 

Discharge, s. (act of discharging) 
hal mmurggah, etc., as above; (of 
a prisoner) klpasan; (of firearms) 
das;* (from a wound or a diseased 
eye) news* 

Disciple (dis-sl'pl), s. murid, anak 

Disciplinarian (dis'si-plin-ar'i-an), 
s. pandai mrgajar, plat eh* 

Discipline (-plin), s. ajaran, lateh- 
an* sehsa, see below. 

Discipline, v. t. (educate) ajar; 
(accustom to control) lateh* 
biasakan; (chastise, correct) ajar, 

Disclaim (dis-klam'), v. t. murg- 
kir (Ar. mvnkir), satgkaL 

Disclaimer (-er), s. (one who dis- 
claims) ptyaigkal, yarg murgkir; 
(disavowal) ptyargkalan, kmurg- 

Disclose (-kloz'), v. t. (uncover) 
buka, ddah; (reveal) buka, ryata- 
kan, lahirkan* (Ar. tlahir). 

Discolour (dis-kuTer), v. t. obah- 
kan wema, turunkan werna. 

Discolouration (-a'shwn), s. per- 
obaharb werna, kturunan werna; 
(of teeth or fruit) karah;* (of the 

ate, ask, am. final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, ns, minws, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




skin in patches) panau; (on hands 
and feet only) so pah; (with 
roughness) kdal* 

Discomfit (-kum'fit), v. t. (in bat- 
tle) pchah prarg, alahkan* kalaJi- 
kan (B.) ; (disconcert) biiyoiy- 

Discomfiture (-fi-chur), s. Kalah- 
ari* birgorg. 

Discomfort (-fert), s. (uneasiness) 
pri ta'snarg, susah. 

Discomfort, v. t. susahi, susahkan. 

Discompose (dis'kom-poz'), v. t. 
kachaukau, haru-birukan ;* (men- 
tally) birgoigkan. 

Disconcert (dis'tam-serf), v. t. 
(throw into confusion) kachaukan; 
( mental! y ) biiyoigkan. 

Disconnect (-nekf), v. t. chraikan, 

Disconsolate (dis-kon'so-let), adj. 
tiada terhiburkan; (sad, dejected) 
gondah* gondah gaulana* ber- 
dukach it a , * susah -h a ti. 

Discontent (dis'kon-tenf), s. pri 
tiada berknan, hati ta'snaiy. 

Discontented (-e<\), adj. tiada bcr- 
knan, tiada puas hati, ta'suka, ta- 

Discontinuance (-tin'u-ans), s. k- 
putusan, ksudahan, ptghabisan. 

Discontinue (-tin'u), v. t. (cause 
to cease) berhntikan, putuskan, 
habiskan; (leave off) tirggalkan, 

Discontinue, v. i. berhnti, brenli 
(B.), putus, Ipas. 

Discord (dis'kord), s. perslisehan, 
ta'stujuan; (of music) bunji jarg- 

Discordant (dis-kord'ant), adj. 
bersliseh, ta'sluju, jarggal* (as 

Discount (dis'kownt), s. basi* 
kamsin (E.). 

Discount (dis'kownt or dis-kownt'), 
v. t. (make an abatement) kurarg- 
kan, tolak, potoiy; (doubt a state- 

ment) kurarg perchaya, mnaroh 

Discountenance ( dis-kown'te- 
nans), v. t. (put to shame) bri 
main; (refuse approval) tiada per- 
knankan , t'ada sukakan (B.) ; 
(restrain) tgahkan. 

Discourage (-kiir'ej), v. t. (dis- 
hearten) taivarkan hati, bachol- 
knn hati;* (obstruct, restrain) 
tgahkan. I was disco uraged,. 
taivar-lah hati-ku. 

Discouragement (-mcnt), s. tawar 
hati, pn'gahan, as above. 

Discourse (dis-kors'), s. (conver- 
sation) perch akapan, pertutoran; 
( trea tise, d isse rtation ) nchapan. 

Discourse, v. i. beriutor, berkata- 
kata, berchakap. 

Discourteous (-kurt'i-?*s), adj. ku- 
rarg ajar, biadab (Pers.), kurarg 
bhasa, la* tali u 'adat. 

Discourtesy (-es-i), s. biadab 
(Pers.), kkasaran, kuraiy bhasa. 

Discover (-kuv'er), v. t. (reveal, 
make known) lyatakan, ktarakan, 
kluarkan, lahirkan* (Ar. ildhir) ; 
(find out, detect) da pat, dapat 
tain/. His sin was discovered, 
dosa-iya si id ah Mara. 

Discovery (-i), s. kdapatan. 

Discredit (-kred'it), v. t. (dis- 
believe) kurarg perch aya: (bring 
into disrepute) rosakkan vama. 

Discredit, s. kji* nama tabaik. 

Discreditable (-a-bl), adj. yaiy m- 
rosakkan vama, kji* 

Disrreet (dis-kref), adj. sopan, 
bijakmna, b u diman.* 

Discrepancy (-krep'an-si), s. bcr~ 
lainan, perbcza'an* perbeda'an, 

Discretion (-kresh'wn), s. sovan> 
snonoli. Surrender at discretion, 
miyrahkan diri alas pertimbaman 
musoh* Years of discretion, 
Uimor budak-bvdak rnsti ikut 
pr entah negri. At one's own (lis- 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 
mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minus, cure, injure, 
hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful) ; law, how, oil; thin then. ' 




eretion, sperti pertimbargan sn- 
diri. , 
Discriminate (-krim'i-nat), v. t. 
(mark as different) bczakan* 
be dak an. 
Discriminate, v. i. (make a differ- 
ence, treat unequally) lainkan. 
Discriminative (-na-tiv), adj. tahu 
mmileh, tahu mmbczakan* tahu 
Discus (dis'kus), s. chakra (Sk.). 
Discuss (dis-kus'), v. t. (reason 
upon, debate) birharakan, ura-ura- 
kan* see debate. 
Discussion (-kush'7/11), s. bichara, 

Disdain (dis-dfin'), v. t. pandarg 
mudah* hinakan, permudahkan* 
Disdain, s. hal wrghinakan. 
Disease (diz-e//), s. sakit, pnjakit, 

Diseased (-ezd'), adj. her pnjakit, 

Disembark (dis'em-bark'). v. t. 
(discharge cargo or persons) pu?g- 
gah . 
Disembark, v. i. naik d.arat, iurun 

deri kapal. 
Disenchant (-en-chant/), v. t. Ijm- 
kan deri-pada kuasa yarg sial, ta- 
war: (disillusionize) Ipaskan deri 
Disencumber (-kum'ber), v. t. Ipas- 
kan deri-pada icuggoigan ; (of ob- 
structions) trargkan, lapaigkan. 
Disenfranchise (-fran'chlz), v. t. 

hilargkan hak anak negri* 
Disengage (-gaj'), v. t. (set !vee) 

Ipaskan: (detach) buka, urai* 
Disengaged (-gfijd'), adj. (un- 
employed) liada kerja; (at 
leisure) man]; (vacant) kosotg. 
Disentangle (-tang'gl), v. t. urai- 
kan* rombakkan, bukakan (B.) ; 
(the hair by shaking) usai* 
Disfavour (dis-fa'ver), s. hal tiada 

berknan. Tn disfavour at court, 
kna murka (Ar.). 
Disfigure (-fig'ur), v. t. rosakkan 
rrtpa, bnrokkan. 

Disfigurement (-uncut), s. krepot, 

Disgorge (-gorj'), v . t. (vomit) 
mvntahkan, smburkan; (give up, 
surrender) srahkan. 
Disgrace (-graY), s. (loss of re- 
spect) kch ewa : (shame, dishonour) 
malu, e aib (Ar.), k'aipan* ho- 
var;* (cause of shame) ararg di 
muka* kji* 
Disgrace, v. t. (bring shame on) 
bri main, bri ( aib (Ar.), "aibkan ;* 
( t rea t d i scou rteou si y ) k jikan* 
hinakan, tali arm alkan (B.). 
Disgraceful (4oo\), adj. kji* yarg 

mn/bri main. 
Disguise (-glz') ? v. t. samar* sa- 
in arkan* 
Disgust (-gust'), s. kjmuan, kgli- 
an* mvak* luat* bosan* gli- 
gman* gli-glman* gli-gmam, 
Disgust, v. t. (cause loathing) jmu- 
kan. glikan; (offend the taste) 
mvakkan.;* (displease) lualkan* 
Disgusting (-ing), adj. (in appear- 
ance) gli; (in smell) maurg ; (in 
taste) muak;* (offensive) kbnchi- 
Dish (dish), s. (vessel) pirggan; 
(with a cover) bad;* (food 
served) sajian, hidatgan* 
Dish, v. t. saji, hidanj* 
Dishcloth (dish'klawth), s. kain 

Dishcover (-kuv-er), s. indorg saji. 
Dishearten (dis-hart'n), v. t. iawar- 

kan hail, sjokkau haii (B.). 
Dishevelled (di-shev'ld), adj. (of 
hair) tergerbanj, mrggerbaig (B.), 
Dishonest (dis-on'est), adj. pnipu, 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, inintfs, cure, injure, 

hurry ; food, foot, awf oo\ (awful) ; law, how, oil ; thin then. 




tiada tulus hati, tiada amanat 

Dishonour (-er), v. t. (bring shame 
on) bri malu, bri 'aib (Ar.), 'alb- 
ican;* (treat with indignity) kji- 
kan;* (violate chastity) rugul* 
chaboli* rosakkan (B.) ; (decline 
to pay, as a draft) 'rggan mm- 
bayer* ta'mau bayer (B.). 

Dishonourable (-a-bl), adj. kji.* 

Disinclination (dis-in'kli-na'slmn), 
s. hat ta'bermaksud, hal ta'suka. 

Disinclined (dis'in-klind'), adj. 
tiada berknan, ta'suka. I am dis- 
inclined to eat, sahya ta'lalu ma- 
kan* ta'rasa mau makan (B.). 

Disinfect (-fekf), v. t. hilargkan 
kjargkitan, chuchi drgan ayer busok. 

Disinfectant (-fekt'ant), s. ayer 

Disinherit (-her'it), v. t. pchat* 
deri-pada mnjadi waris, tolak deri- 
pada mnjadi war is. 

Disintegrate (dis-in'te-grat), v. t. 
pchah-pchah, prai-praikan . * 

Disinter (dis'in-ter'), v. t. korek 
mayat deri kabor. 

Disinterested (&s-in'ter-est-ed) , 
adj. tiada brat sblah, tiada sblah- 
mnjblah, tiada berharapkan fa- 

Disjoin (dis-join'), v. t chraikan. 

Disjoint (-joint'), v. t. chraikan 
sndi* chabot sndi* rombakkan. 

Disk (disk), s. see disc. 

Dislike (dis-lik'), v. t. ta'suka, tiada 
berknan, luat* 

Dislike, s. hal tiada berknan, luat* 

Dislocate (dis'lo-kat), v. t. (a 
joint) kochilkan* kehelkan;* 
(put out of order) kachau-bilau- 
Jcan, kachau-belokkan (B.). 

Dislocation (-ka'shtm), s. kochil* 
kachau-bilau, as above. 

Dislodge (dis-loj'), v. t. aleh, pin- 
dahkan, klvarkan, halaukan. 

Disloyal (dis-loi'al), adj. tiada 
stia (Sk.), tiada berbakti (Sk.), 

khianat (Ar.), tiada btul hati 


Dismal (diz'md), adj. yarg mmbri 
duka;* (in appearance) mororg? 
(of sounds) dayu* pilu. 

Dismantle (dis-man'tl), v. t. rom- 
bak, borgkar, pchah. 

Dismast (-mast'), v. t. patah tiarg r 
chabot tiarg. 

Dismay (-ma'), v. t. bri dahshat 
(Ar.), gobarkan. 

Dismay, s. dahshat (Ar.). 

Dismember (-mem'ber), v. t. chrai- 
kan arggota (Sk.), bhagi-bhagi- 

Dismiss (-mis'), v. t. (send away) 
Ipaskan; (discard, discharge from 
office) pchat;* (reject) tolak, 
halau, buarg. 

Dismount (-mownf), v. i. (from 
a horse) lurun, lerjun. 

Dismount, v. t. (bring down) tu- 
runkan; (take down, machinery) 
baka, rombak. 

Disobedient (dis'o-be'di-ent), adj. 
tiada mnurut pr entail, derhaka, 

Disobey (-ba'), v. i. larggar, larggar 
prentah, derhaka. To disobey a 
rule, larggar peraluran. 

Disoblige (-blij'), v. t. tiada mm- 

Disobliging, (-ing), adj. hamak* 

Disorder (dis-or'der), s. (confu- 
sion) haru-biru* champur baur* 
champur-gaul, klam-kabot; (tu- 
mult) huru-hara, gadoh; (sick- 
ness) piyakit. In disorder, ropak- 

Disorderly (-li), adj. see above. 

Disorganize (-gan-iz), v. t. haru- 
birukan* kachau-bilaukan* cham- 

Disown (dis-on'), v. t. (refuse to 
own) sargkalkan, murgkirkan, ta'- 
mrgaku; (refuse to allow) 'rggan- 
kan* tolak. 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; Ice, it, fire, 

mirror: old. not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minus, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, bow, oil; thin then. 




Disparage (-par'ej), v. t. pandarg 
mudah* tiada indahkan, chapak* 

Disparity (-i-ti), s. beza* perbeza'- 
an* beda. 

Dispassionate (-pash'im-et), adj. 
(calm) liati tnarg, hati sjok; (im- 
partial) tiada sblah-mryblah. 

Dispatch (-paeh'), v. t. (do quick- 
ly) baigatkan* Ikaskan; (send 
things) kirim, hantar; (send per- 
sons) suroh, hantar; (send a let- 
ter) layargkan;* (kill) bunoh. 

Dispatch, s. (message) surat kirim- 
an; (speed) sgra. 

Dispel (-pel'), v. t. hilargkan, In- 

Dispensary (-pen'sa-ri), s. Mai 
obat, apolek (N.I.) (I).). 

Dispensation (dis'pen-sfi'shwn), s. 
(acts of administration) hal mn- 
jalankan; (exemption) kbebasan, 
izin (Ar.). Dispensation of Pro- 
vidence, takdir Allah (Ar.). 

Dispense (dis-pens'), v. t. (dis- 

• tribute) bhagikan; (administer) 
jalankan. To dispense with, 
(omit) tirggalkan; (do without) 
tiada pakai. 

Disperse (-pers'), v. t. (scatter) 
h am h urkan , serakkan, chrai-brai- 
kan; (diffuse, spread) kmbargkan; 
(dissipate, .dispel) hilargkan, In- 

Disperse, v. i. berpchah, berchrai- 
brai, bertabur, ■bertmpiaran* 

Dispersion (-per'shun), s. lial 
chrai-brai, hal bertaburan. 

Dispirited (-pir'it-ed), adj. tawar 

Displace (-plas'), v. t. (remove by 
lifting) aleh, pindahkan; (by 
pushing) ssar* kesut; (crowd out) 

Displacement (-ment), s. (volume, 
as of a ship) bsar-?ya. 

Display (-pla/), v. t. (spread wide, 
as wings) kmbargkan; (as a map) 
bntargkan; (exhibit) tunjokkan, 

ryatakan, trargkan; (to view) per- 
lihatkan; (vertically) denderg- 

Display, s. (ostentation) kmgahan;* 
(show, parade) tmasa (Sk. tama- 

Displease (-plez'), v. t. gusarkan? 
kchilkan hati. To be displeased, 
tiada berknan. 

Displeasure (-plezh'-ur), s. gusar* 
kchil hati, sakit hati. 

Disposal (-poz'al), s. hal mrgatur, 
etc., as below. 

Dispose (-poz'), v. t. (arrange) 
atur; (settle, determine) tntukan, 
slsaikan, slisekan (B.) ; (incline 
the mind to) chndrorgkan. To 
dispose of (determine the fate 
of), patutkan, pretitahkan; (sell) 
j-ual; (get rid of) buarg. 

Disposed (-pozd), adj. (inclined 
to) chndrorg k-pada. Ill disposed, 
rntau hati. 

Disposition (dis'po-zish'im), s. (ar- 
rangement) aturarv; (inclination) 
chndrorg hati, nafsu; (tempera- 
ment) prargai, tabi'at. 

Dispossess (dis'poz-zcs'), v. t. ram- 
pas herta. 

Disproportionate (dis'pro-por'- 
shwn-et), adj. tiada drgan kadar- 
nja* (Ar. gadar), tiada sama rata. 

Disprove (dis-proov'), v. t. per* 
tidakkan, ryatakan dusta,* ryata- 
kan tiada bnar, ryatakan bohorg- 

Disputable (dia'pu-ta-bl), adj. yarg 
dapat di-bantahi* yarg boleh di- 

Disputant (-tent), s. pmbantah.* 

Disputatious (-ta'shi/s), adj. yarg 
suka mmbantah* yarg suka ber- 

Dispute (dis-puf), v. i. berbantah* 
bertrgkar, bersliseh, balah* 

Dispute, v. t. bantahi* balah* trg- 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minws, cure, injury 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




Dispute, s. perbantahan* pertrgkar- 

Disqualification (dis-kwol'i-fl-ka'- 
slnm), s. sbab yarg mrghilargkan 
kuasa atau Uak* (Ar. uaqq). 

Disqualify (-i-l'I), v. t. (debar le- 
gally), tolak deri-pada hak;* (dis- 
able) hilatgkan kuasa, Imahkan. 

Disquiet (-kwi'et), v. t. susahi, bim- 
bargkan kali. 

Disquisition (dis'kwi-zish'?m), s. 
(search) siasat (Ar.), preksa; 
(essay) surat piylidek* 

Disregard (dis're-gard'), v. t. (neg- 
lect) lalaikan, alpakan;* (over- 
look) lalui* kurarg indahkan, 
tiada sdar akan; (ignore) tiada 
ambit tahu; (slight) chvai* cha- 

Disrelish (dis-rerish), v. t. tiada 
nafsu, tasuka, bnchi. 

Disrepair (dis're-par'), s. In dis- 
repair, bur ok. 

Disreputable (dis-rep'u-ta-bl), adj. 
ber clila, kji* lech eh. 

Disrepute (dis' re-piif), s. nama 
jahat, nama yarg chla, kchlaan, 

Disrespect (-spekf), s. kurarg adab 
(Ar.), kurarg hormat. 

Disrespectful (-fool), adj. kurarg 
ajar, karat q bhasa, kuraig adab 

Disrobe (dis-rob'), v. t. targgalkan 

pakaian* bukakan pakaian. 
Disruption (-rup'shun), s. hat m- 

mchah, chrai-brai. 
Dissatisfaction (dis-sat'is-fak'- 

slvjm), s. hal tiada berknan, hal 

tiada pitas hati. 
Dissatisfied (-fid), adj. tiada ber- 
knan, tiada puas hati. 
Dissect (dis-sekf), v. t. prggal-prg- 

Dissemble (-sem'bl), v. i. buat- 

buat, pura-pura* muka-muka, 

siat-siai (B.) (Ch.). 
Dissemble, v. t. saniarkan* 

Disseminate (-i-nat), v. t. tabur,. 
ham bur. 

Dissension (-sen'shwn), s. persliseh- 

Dissent (-sent'), v. t. bersliseh,. 
tiada berduju. 

Dissenter (-er), s. yatg bersliseh; 
(nonconformist) or atg yarg ber~ 
clirai deri-pada agatna krajaan. 

Dissertation ( dis'ser-ta'sh uu ) , s_ 
percJtakapan, nchapan . 

Dissever (dis-sev'er), v. t. bhagi- 
ka n , ch ra ika n , p u I uska n . 

Dissimilar (-sim'i-ler), adj. tiada 
sama, lain rupa, bersalahan. 

Dissimulation (-u-la'shmi), s*. 
pura-pura* muka-niuka. 

Dissipate (dis'si-piit), v. t. (dispel) 
hi fa ujkan, In vjapkan ; ( squander > 
buaigkan, Itabiskan, boroskan. 

Dissipated (-ed), adj. chabol* lu- 

Dissipation (-pa'slrwn), s. pmboros- 
an, pe rehab ohm* 

Dissoluble (dis'so-lu-bl), adj. yarg 
da pat hanchur. 

Dissolute (-lut), adj. chabol* lu- 

Dissolution (-lii'slum), s. see dis- 

Dissolve (diz-zolv'), v. t. (break 
up) pchah ; (separate) chvai; 
(melt, as salt, ice, etc.) hanchur; 
(melt, as metals) Ibur, chair; (a 
marriage, by a on wife's re- 
quest) pasah* (Ar. fasakh). 

Dissonant (dis'so-nant), adj. jaiy- 
gal* sumbarg* 

Dissuade (dis-swad'), v. t. nasihal- 
kan jargan bual* larargkan drgan 

Distaff (dis'taf), s. tiaig rahat* 
ra h a t * m rga n I e h b na tg . 

Distance (-tans), s. jauh; (inter- 
val) antara, jarak* rrggarg. 

Distant (-tant), adj. jauh, riggarg, 

Distaste (dis-tasf), s. kuraig nafsu. 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minws, cure, injure, 

hurry ; food, foot, awf ool (awful) ; law, how, oil ; thin then. 




Distasteful (-fool), adj. ta'sdap. 

Distemper (-tem'per), s. (malady) 
ptyakit; (paint) kapur bercham- 
pur perk at. 

Distend (-tend'), v. t. kmborg, bun- 

Distill (-til'), v. i. t. (fall in drops) 
titek; (as light rain) rintek-rintek, 
rmyai-rnnjai ;* (condense from va- 
pour) wap di-jadikan ayer dalam 

Distillery (-er-i), s. tmpat baat 

Distinct (-tingkf), adj. (of place) 
asitg* amy-amy;* (different) 
lain, Iain-lain, berbeza* berbeda; 
(clear, well defined) traig, tyata. 

Distinction (4ingk'sh?/n), s. (dif- 
ference) beza* perbezaan* beda; 
(eminence) kmidiaan. 

Distinctive (-tiv), adj. berlainan. 

Distinctly (-tingkt'li), adv. see 


Distinguish (-ting'gwish), v. t. 
(set apart) lainkan ; (discern) 
bezakan* bedakan : (by a mark of 
honour) muliakan. 

Distort (-tort'), v. t, (as the fea- 
tures) eriitkan ; (the body or a 
plank) gldug;* (facts) bohotg- 

Distract (-trakf), v. t. (perplex, 
confuse) kachau, kusutkan ; 
(craze) gobarkan haii. gilakan. 

Distrain (-trail'), v. t. tahan. 

Distress (-tres'), s. (suffering) 
kmkitan, seksa, stgsara* 'adzab 
(Ar.) ; (affliction) ksiisahan : 
(danger) balrya; (distraining) 

Distress, v. t. (cause pain) sakiti, 
seksakan ; (afflict) susahkan; (seize 
for debt) tahan. 

Distribute (-trib'ut), v. t. (ap- 
portion) bhagi, bhagikan, untok- 
kan;* (separate into classes) asirg- 
kan : (as alms or food, etc.) da- 

Distribution (dis'tri-bii'shzm) , s. 

(the act) hal mnibhagikan; (the 

state) pmbhagian. 
District (dis'trikt), s. jajahan* 

da i rah (Ar.), mukim, desa (N. 

I.). District officer, pgawai ja- 
Distrust (dis-trusf), v. t. ninaroh 

shak akan, kuraig perchaya. 
Distrust, s. shak, wasargka* 
Distrustful (-fool), adj. yanj ??i- 

naroh shak, shak hati. 
Disturb (-turb'), v. t. kachaukan; 

(of water) kochak; (from sleep) 

Disturbance (-ans), s. (disquiet) 

kachau; (agitation) haru-biru;* 

(tumult) huru-hara, gadoh, gm- 

par, riisoh* 
Disunion (-un'ywn), s. perchraian, 

Disunite (dis'u-nlt'), v. t. chraikan, 

Disuse (dis-irz'), v. t. (discontinue 

a practice) hihvgkan, buary; 

(cease to use) lapakai, I pas. 
Ditch (d ich), s. parit, aluran* lorg- 

Ditto (dit'to), adv. yatg iersbot di 

at as, itu juga. 
Ditty (-ti), s. s- pat ah kata, gurin- 

Diurnal (dl-er'nal), adj. (in day- 
light) siarg hari; (daily) s-hari- 

hari, tiap-tiap hari. 
Divan (di-van'), s. (council of 

state) dewan (Ar.) ; (council hall) 

balai ;* (couch) gta* 
Dive (div), v. i. slam; (by jumping 

into water) terjun. 
Diver (-er), s. pn/lam. 
Diverge (di-verj'), v. i. (turn aside) 

nnyempaiy, ssat; (differ from a 

type) berbeza* berbeda. 
Divergent (-cut), adj. yarg mtyem- 

patg, ya-ty berbeza* yarg berbeda, 

Divers (di'verz), adj. berbagai- 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror ; old, not, connect, s6re, sort, sorry ; use, us, minws, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




bagai, berjms-jnis, m.acham-ma~ 
cham, rupa-rupa, plbagai.* 

Diverse (dfvers or dl-vers'), adj. 
(different) berlainan, Iain-lain, 
bersalahan, see different; (dis- 
tinct, separate) asirg-asiiy* 

Diversify (di-ver'si-ii), v. t. sn- 
tiasa miyobahkan. 

Diversity (-ti), s. beza* perbeza- 
'an* bed a. 

Diversion (-shtm), s. (turning 
aside) pryempargan; (amusement) 

Divert (di-verf), v. t. (turn aside 
by road or stream) mryempargkan; 
(ward off) tjriskan* targkiskan;* 
(amuse, entertain) sukakan. 

Divest (-vest'), v. t. (unclothe) 
tlanjargkan; (deprive of) pupus* 
Divested of his possessions, yaig 
kna rampas sgala herta-rya or 
milek-rya (Ar.). 

Divide (~vld'), v. t. (part asunder) 
blah; (in small pieces or quan- 
tities) tandirg;* (keep apart) 
chraikan y asirykan; (distribute) 
bhagi, bhagikan, untokkan;* (dis- 
unite) chraikan, jauhkan. 

Dividend (div'i-dend), s. untok* 

Divination (-na'shwn), s. tilek, 
tnorg* ramal (Ar.), 'ilmu sihir 
(Ar.), sastra (Sk.). Divination 
by numbers, tilek abjad (Ar.). 

Divine (di-vln'), adj. Haiti (Ar.), 
deri-pada Allah, Allah (a). 

Divine, s. guru agama. 

Divine, v. t. (anticipate) irgat d- 
hulu; (surmise) agak; (predict) 
nabuatkan (Ar.). 

Divine, v. i. tilek, tnorg* bacha ra- 
mal (Ar.). 

Diviner (-er), s. pnilek, pnnorg, 
sastrawan (Sk.). 

Divinity (di-vin'i-ti), s. (state of 
being divine, deity) kluhana?i;* 
(false god) dewa; (theology) ilmu 

Divisible (di-viz'i-bl), adj. yarg 
dapat di-bhagi, yarg boleh di~ 


Division (di-vizh'wn), s. (state of 
division) perchraian; (that which 
divides) pnchrai; (portion separat- 
ed) blahan, bhagian, untok;* (of 
rice fields, etc.) petak; (of fruits,, 
as oranges) parysa; (alienation,. 
d iscord ) perslisehan ; ( Math. ) 

Divorce (di-vdrs'), s. talak, chrai r . 
pamh* (Ar. fasakh). 

Divorce, v. t. (of the marriage 
bond) clirai, chraikan, talak, bu- 
at yj (by the kadli, at woman's 
request) pasahkan* (Ar. fasakh) ;. 
(separate, disunite) chraikan,. 

Divulge (-vulj'), v. t. (reveal, dis- 
close) lahirkan* (Ar. ildhir) r 
kluarkan, lyaiakan; (proclaim) 
masohorkan (Ar. mashhur), m- 
'alumkan (Ar.). To reveal a 
secret, mmbuka rahsia. 

Dizziness (diz'zi-nes), s. pnirg,. 
rayarg;* (from being at a height) 

Dizzy (diz'zi), adj. pnirg, pnivj 
kpala, piisirg kpdla, rayarg* 
riarg;* (slightly) pnirg-pnirg lalat. 

Do (doo), v.t. buat, bikin (B.) (1SL 
L) ; (finish) sudahkan, habiskan, 
putuskan. Do not, jargan, ta'~ 
vmh. How do you do, apa khabar.. 
That will do, jadi-lah, sudah-lah. 
Well to do, mampu* To do some- 
thing to a person, prgapakan* To 
do without, ta'usah pakai. To do 
the hair, dandan ram,bot* What 
shall we do? apa 'akal kita? apa 
bichara kita? 

Docile (do'sli, u.s. dos'il), adj. ji- 

Dock (dok), s. (for ships) limborg- 
an* galargan* dok (E.) ; (for 
accused in court) kandarg orarg 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire^ 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minus, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




Dock, v. t. (cut off, as a tail) Jcrat, 

pargkas;* (cut wages) potorg. 
Docket (dok'et), s. sural 'alamat* 
Doctor (dok'ter), s. (title) guru; 

(of medicine) tukarg obat, tabib 

(Ar.), dukun; (European) dole- 

tor; (Chinese) sergse 11 (Ch. sien- 

si n = teacher) ; (esp. of magic 

arts) homo* bomor.* 
Doctor, v. t. obatkan; (tamper with, 

f al sify ) cham pur, lanchorgkan . * 
Doctrine (dok'trin), s. pigajaran. 
Document (-u-ment), s. surat k- 

ryaiaan, surat htrargan. 
Dodge (doj), v. i. (in running) 

klechek, berklit;* (by moving the 

body) elak. 
Dodge, s. (cunning trick) 'akal, 

elah* (Ar. iielah). 
Doe (do), s. rasa blina, kijarg btina. 

Doe rabbit, kudiirg blanda btina. 
Doff (dof), v. t. targgalkan* buka. 
Dog (dog), s. anjirg; (for hunting) 

anjirg perburuan . 
Dogcart (dog'kart), s. kreta dokat, 

kreta lokat (E.). 
Dogfish (-fish), s. ikan yu kchil, yu 

Dogged (-g?d), adj. (obstinate) 

dqil, dgel (B.) ; (persistent) mail 

slap* m njlap-njlap . * 
Doggrel, (-grel), s. shair yarg 

Dogma (dog'ina), s. (doctrine) prg- 

a jar an again a. 
Dogmatize (-tiz), v. i. (teach with 

undue confidence) mrgajar d?gan 

Dog's-eared (dogz'erd), adj. k- 

Doily (doi'li), s. Team lapek* lapek 

me] a* 
Doings (doo'ingz), s. perbiiatan, 

Dole (d51), v. t. bri berronchet-ron- 

chet* kasi rench e t-renchet ( B. ) . 
Doleful (dol'fool), adj. (sorrow- 
ful) berdiikachiia* berchinta; 

(dismal) mororg; (causing grief) 
yarg mmblaskan hati. 

Doll (dol), s. anak-anak, patorg. 

Dollar (doi'ler), s. rirggit, rial 

Dolphin (dol'fin), s. lumba-lumba. 

Dolphin-striker (-strlk-er), s. 
(Naub) pnjantan, bvtoh-butoh. 

Dolt (dolt), s. orarg bodoh, orarg- 
bbal, orarg bnak, si~tolu. 

Domain (do-man'), s. (territory) 
ianah milek (Ar.), kawasan;* (de- 
mesne) kamporg. Tlie sultan's 
domain, tanah yaig di bawah pr en- 
tail sultan. 

Dome (dom), s. gubah* (Ar. qub- 

Domeshaped (-shfipt), adj. &er- 

Domestic (do-mes'tik), s. oraig 

Domestic, adj. (of the home) ru- 
mah targga (a). Domestic af- 
fairs, perkara rum ah targga. Do- 
mestic duties, kerja di rumah* 
Domestic animals, binatarg jinak. 

Domesticate (-ti-kat), v. t. (tame) 
jinakkan; (adopt for one's owr* 
country) lazimkan (Ar.). 

Domicile (dom'i-sll), s. tmpat k- 
dndokan, tmpat kdiaman* tmpat 

Dominant (-Bant), adj. yarg mm- 
renlahkan, yarg mnjadi kpala. 

Dominate (-nat), v. prentahkan. 

Domineer (-ner'), v. i. (rule arro- 
gantly) prentahkan drgan chorg- 
kak. To domineer over, kraskan, 
peril ambakan. 

Domineering (-ing), adj. hati bsar, 
brgis, kra* prentah. 

Dominion (do-min'ywn), s. (su- 
preme authority) prentah, pmren- 
tahan; (territory governed) tanah 
prentaJtan, tanah milek (Ar.). 

Domino (dom'i-nd), s. (mask) 
topenj; (the game) damnah* 
main dabal* main paikau (B.). 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire^ 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minus, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




Don (don), v. t. (put on dress) pa- 
kaikan, knakan. 

-Donate (do-naf), v. t. hi; (to in- 
feriors) anugrahkatb (Sk.), kurnia- 
kan (Sk.) ; (for a religious pur- 
pose) wakafkan (Ar.). 

Donation (-nfi'shun), s. pmbrian, 
hadiah (Ar.). 

Done (dun), adj. (finished) halris, 
putus, sudah : (made public, exe- 
cuted) lahir* (Ar. tlahir), slsai, 
sli*e (B.). 

Donkey (dong'ki), s. kaldai. 

Donor (df/nor), s. yarg mmbri, 

Doom (doom), s. (judicial sen- 
tence) hukuman, kputusan hu- 
kuni; (destiny) untoty, nasib, na~ 
sib yarg mala)]]; (ruin) chlaka. 

Doom, v. t. (condemn) jatohkan 
hukum atas, puluskan, link urn ; 
(appoint by fate, destine) tniu- 
kan; (decree, of God) iakdirkan 


Doomsday (doomz'da), s. (day of 
death) ajal (Ar.) ; (final judg- 
ment) hari kianiat, kiamal. 

Door (dor), s. piniu, lawarg (X.I.) ; 
(of a city or fort) piniu gerbatg* 
In doors, di rum ah. Out of doors, 
di Juar, di tanah* 

Doorkeeper (dor'kq>er), s. ;;- 
nutyyu piniu, ovary jaga piniu. 

Doormat (-mat), s. prgsat kali* 
ksatan kali* tikar gosok kali 

Doorpost (-post), s. jnarg piniu* 

Doors ill (-sil), s. bndul pintn* 

Dormant (dor'nvnit) adj. (at rest) 
terdiam; (in abeyance) terhnti. 

Dormitory (-mi-to-ri), s. bilek 
tidor oranj ratnai. 

Dose (dos), s. (of medicine) had 
(Ar.), Hap (Oh.), sain kali makan 
(B.). In doses, s-kian s-kian ba- 

Dot (dot), s. titek, noia* (Ar. nuq- 

Dotage (do'tej), s. njanjok* mrya- 
njot (B.). 

Dotard (-terd), s. oratg tna nja- 
njok* oratg in a m.njanjot (B.). 

Dote (dot), v. i. (he weak minded) 
jadi njanjok;* (be weakly affec- 
tionate) sayatg mtgyila-gila.* 

Double (dub'l),* ad j."( twofold) ber- 
ganda* berUpat, dua kali; (two 
layers) dua lapis; (two of a kind) 
berdua. Double doors, piniu ber- 
kpak dua. Double profits, lipat 
gun da untotg-nja* 

Double, v. i. t. (multiply by two) 
gandakan* duakan; (fold) lipat 

Double-barrelled (-bar'rdd), adj. 
(of a gnu) snapatg kmbar, snapaty 
pryantin* snapatg dua lavas, sna- 
patg mat a dua. 

Double-faced (-fast), adj. hati 
bcrchabatg, muka-muka, m-uka dna. 

Double-tongued (-tungd), adj. 
lidah berchabatg, lidah biawak* 

Doubly (dul/li), adv. dua kali. 

Doubt (dowt), v. i. mnaroh shak 
(Ar.), kuratg perch ay a. 

Doubt, v. t. shakkan (Ar.), kasi ta- 
sdap hati. 

Doubt, s. shak (Ar.), ivaham (Ar.), 
wasaujka (Sk.), bimbarq, ta'sdap 
hati (B.). 

Doubtful (dowt'f^l), adj. (hesitat- 
ing in belief) bimbatg ; (uncer- 
tain) tatnln. It is doubtful, 

Doubtless (-les), adv. iadapat- 
liada, Ha da shak lagi* in hi, ns- 
chaija (Sk.). 

Douceur (doo-ser'), s. baksis. 

Dough (do), s. adonan* 

Doughty (dow'ti), adj. brani, per- 
kasa (Sk.). 

Doughy (df/i), adj. (uncooked, as 
bread) tttntah; (pasty) pkat. 

Douse ((lows'), v. t. slamkan, ch- 

Dove (duv), s. The Malay has no 

-ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minws, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful) ; law, how, oil; thin then. 




generic term. The domestic dove 
is burorg dara* merpati (Sk.) and 
komba (Port.) ; the wild species 
are (beginning with the smallest) 
merboh, ktitir* Ikukiir or balaia* 
punai, per (jam, rawa* 

Dovecote (duv'kot), s. saigkaran 

Dovetailing (-tfd'ing), s. bajary* 
kuku bajarg* 

Dowager (dow'a-jer), s. glaran 
janda ortug berbatgsa* janda 
kaya, bujaig be rid (B.). Queen 
dowager, ban da raja* mak raja 
yarn bujarg (B.). 

Dowdy (dow'di), s. kararg kachak. 

Dowel (dowVl), s. pasak* 

Dower (dow'er), s. (gift) anugrah 
(Sk.) ; (of a widow) blanja atau 
pusaka prempuan janda. 

Down (down), s. (on human skin) 
bulu rowan; (of birds) bvlu pa- 
hat* buhi halus (?>.). Downs 
(grazing land), padaig. 

Down, adv. bairah. di-bawah. To 
go down, turun; (of the sun) tu- 
run, masok ; (of a ship) tigglam. 
Up and down, naik4urun, 'rg- 
kap-igkip* Downwards, k-ba- 
wah. Down stream, hilir.* 

Down, prep, k-hawali, sampai Je- 
bawah, turun. 

Downfall (down'fal), s. (of heavy 
masses) krobohan, kruntohan;* 
(destruction, ruin) kbinasaan. 

Downright (-rlt), adj. (open, un- 
disguised) blul, trios; (altogether) 

Downward (-werd), adv. k-baivah, 

Downy (-i), adj. berbulu. 

Dowry (dow'ri), s. isi kali win* 
mas kalucin* tekpai (B.) (Ch.). 

Doze (doz), v. i. mrgantok, m- 
radam * lalai. 

Doze, s. radam* lalai. 

Dozen (duz'n), s. losin, losen, 
do sin. 

Dozing (doling), s. mrgantok. 

Drab (drab), adj. toerna largsat. 

Drachm (dram), s. see dkam. 

Draft (draft), s. (bill of exchange) 
sural lukaran, draf (E.), wesel 
(S.l.) (I), icissel) ; (rough com- 
position) rnchana* rarg ;* (of 
soldiers) pasokan. 

Draft, v. t. (delineate) lulis; (com- 
pose) rndianakan* kararg; (sol- 
diers) krahkan* 

Drag (drag), v. t. tar ok, seret, liela,. 
runtun, herel* eret* 

Drag, v. i. (as an anchor) laral; 
(linger) laun* berlaun* laral. 

Drag, s. (grapnel) parit, chandat 

Draggle (drag'gl), v. i. (trail on 
the ground) level, mlerel (B.) ; 
(soil by dragging) glumcugkan. 

Dragnet (drfig'net), s. (seine) pu- 
kut ; (a small dragnet) laiggoh* 

Dragoman (-o-rnan), s. juru-bhasa.. 

Dragon (-?m), s. naga. 

Dragon-fly (-til), s. tnun-tnun* 

Dragon's blood (-wnz blud), s.. 

Drain (dran), v. L (cause to flow) 
alirkan* cliuchiirkan* Iclehkan, 
mlelehkan (B.) ; (exhaust of li- 
i\\\\(\)luskan ;* (make dry) kriig- 
kan, sjal* 

Drain, s. lovjkarg, parit, alur* salur- 

Drainage (dran'oj), s. hat ayer vug- 
a/ir* ha I nvgaiirkan ayer* 

Drainer (-er), s. orarg yaig mrggali 

Drake (driik) ? £. itek jantan. 

Dram (dram), -. sukatan obat~s~ 
In/ah sudu* teh [sendok (B.)]. 

Drama (dra'ma), s. ivayaig, ma'- 

Dramatic (dra-mat'ik), adj. icayarg 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; Ice, it, fire,.. 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minus, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 

.. 4 




Drape (drap), v. t. (a window) 
gantorg largsi* \largse (B.)] ; (ar- 
range the folds of a skirt) ikat 
kain btul-btul. 

Draper (dra'per), s. orarg oerkdai 

Drapery (-i), s. (cloth in general) 
kain-kain; (hanging) largsi, larg- 
se (B.). 

Draught (draft), s. (in drinking) 
tgok, dig ok; (of air) argin, pu- 
putan argin* bayu (Sk.) ; (depth 
of water) dalam-rya. A ship of 
10 feet draught, kapal yarg inakan 
10 kaki dalam-rya. See also draft. 

Draught, adj. pnarek. A draught 
ox, Imbu pnarek. 

Draughtboard (-bord), s. papan 
chatur;* (for the Malay game) 
papan dam. 

Draughts (drafts), s. (the game) 
mam dam (D.). See checkers. 

Draughtsman (-man), s. jmidis 
pta* tukaig plan. 

Draw (draw), v. t. (pull, drag) 
tarek, hela, seret, runtun; (extract, 
bring out) (gen.) kluarkan; 
(water) timba, chedok; (sword) 
htm us* chabot; (teeth) chabot; 
(inhale) hisap, tarek nafas; (de- 
lineate, depict) tulis, lukis; (pre- 
pare a draft) rnchanakan* To 
draw a curtain aside, sirgkap tirai* 
To draw breath, tarek nafas. To 
draw near, rapat dtyan, liampir* 
To draw out, panjargkan, Ian jut- 
Jean. To draw together, rapatkan. 
To draw towards one, raeh* To 
draw the pen through, paraigkan* 
To draw up (compose), kararg; 
(troops) atur pprargan, ikat prarg; 
(a curtain) selak. To draw in 
(as claws), sorok* A drawn 
game, sri, balui* 
Draw, v. i. (as a sail) makan argin, 

' To draw away or back, undur. To 
draw near, Jiampir* rapat, datarg 

dkat (B.). To draw together, 

Drawback (draw'bak), s. (loss); (hindrance) sarg\otan. 
Drawbridge (-brij), s. jmbatan 

Drawer (-er), s. lachi, kotak sororg* 

took (B.) (Ch. thoah). Chest of 

drawers, Imari lachi-lachi, bero* 

Drawers (-erz), s. sluar dalam, 

sluar sampak* sluar katok* ch- 

lana dalam (IST.L). 
Drawing (-ing), s. (the art) ilmu 

mnulis; (picture) gambar, pta.* 
Drawing-room (-room), s. bilek 

orarg datarg. 
Drawknife (-nif), s. pisau raeh* 
Drawl (drawl), v. t. lewes* leret* 
Drawn (drawn), adj. (emaciated) 

chrgkotg, chaus* kmporg* A 

drawn game, sri, balui* 
Dray (drfi), s. krela pnarek, gro- 

Dread (dred), s. ktakotan, dahshai 

Dread, v. t. takoti, iakot akan, takot- 

Dreadful (dred'fool), adj. dahshat 

(Ar.), hebat (Ar. haibai). 
Dream (drem), s. nihnpi, mnimpi 

Dream, v. i. bermimpi. 

Dreary (drer'i), adj. sit-sah, yatg 

nimbri sayu* 
Dredge (drej), s. prgaut lumpur. 
Dredge, v. t. (scrape up) kaut, 

lamp;* (sprinkle with flour) ta- 
Dredger (-er), s. prgaut lumpur. 
Dregs (dregz), s. kladak* hampas, 

koret* taki, talk (B.), gredak 

Drench (drench) v. t. (wet) basah- 

kan; (soak) rndarn. 
Drenched (drencht), adj. basah 

kuyop, kuyup (B.). 

<ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minws, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin tJien. 

DRESS 161 

Dress (dres), v. t. (adjust, prepare) 
sdiakan^; (clothe) hiasi* riaskan 
(B.), pakai. To dress up, kackak- 
kan dirt. To dress a .ship, hiasi 
kapal digan bndera. To dress the 
hair, dan dan rambot* bersarggol. 
To dress wounds, obatkan Juka. 
Dress, s. pakaian. Full dress, ,s- 
Irgkap pakaian kahormatan* pa- 
kaian bgkap. 
Dresser (dres'er), s. (hospital as- 
sistant) pnoloiy doklor; (piece of 
furniture) meja da pit r. 
Dressing (-ing), s. (surgical) kain 

band, kain bbal. 
Dressmaker (-mak-er). s. tukatg 

jahit, darji* 
Dressy (-i), adj. kachak. 
Dribble (drib'bl), v. i. vhichir* 

checker (B.), bertifek, lei eh. 
Driblet (-Ik), s. In driblets, ber- 
ch ichirati, beronck el-oncliel* ren- 
cket-re ticket (B.). 
Dried (drid), adj. Dried fish, ikon 
kriig, dang, ikan da'ug (B.). 
Dried meat, dendetn. 
Drift (drift), s. (tendency, inten- 
tion) maksud: (heap) timbonan. 
Drift, v. i. (he borne along) h.anju.l, 
la rat, apotg: (accumulate in 
heaps) berlitnbon. To drift to 
leeward) (Xaut.), bias, see 


Driftwood (drift' wood), s. apotg. 
kayu kanjnt, latgau* 

Drill (dril), y. t. '(bore) gerek; (ex- 
ercise, as soldiers) nngajar bari*. 

Drill, s. (tool) ptggerek. gurdi* 
grade (B. ), bar; (exercise) baris, 
kauri id (Ar.) : (cloth) kain dril 
(K. ), kain patch Blanda. 

Drink (dringk), v. i. 1. minutn : (of 
princes) sanlap:* (to intoxi- 
cation ) m in u m m abok. 

Drink, s. minntnan; (of princes) 

Drinker (-er), s. pminum. 


Drip (drip), v. i. Hick, tins, riiiah* 

Dripping wet, basalt kugop. 
Dripping (-ing),s. mitgak pmdargr 
tnitgak goring* min/ak goreig 
(B.), tnitgak sapi ; (after cook- 
ing) tnitgak Ian jar* 
Drive (drlv), v. t. (urge on) kalau; 
(wild animals) giriig* bur a; 
(nails) pantakr (carriages and 
machinery) jalankan-; (compel) 
paksa; (hurry) burn, batgatkan ;* 
(drive a horse) pgatg ras, pegaig 
ras (B.). To drive away, kalau, 
ngakkan* tondotg* To drive to 
leeward (Xaut.), babas. 
Drive, v. i. (move furiously) ttnpoli; 
(go in* ti carriage) naik kreta, 
berknda; (Xaut.) bias. Driving 
rain, tin pi as. 
Drive, s. (in mines) groiggatg* 
Drivel (driv'l), v. i. (slaver) ber- 
iior: (dote) repel* tnrapek (B.). 
Drivel, s. (slaver) ager liar; (un- 
meaning utterance) repel * raban* 
•tnrapek. (B.). 
Driver (driv'er). s. (coachman) 
mis; (of a cart) pnarek; (of 
motors) pnjalan* draiber (E). 
Drizzle (driz'zl), s. Itujan ritilek- 

rinte k . k uja n rn tga /. * 
Droll (drol), adj. jnaka* sJorok. 
Drollery (-er-i), s'. klakar, gli kali. 
Dromedary (drum'e-der-i). s. onta. 
Drone (dron), s. (bee) Ibak jantan; 
(sluggard) ptggan, pnjegan (B.), 
ibu pnialas:* (humming sound) 
Drone, v. i. berd/gotg. 
Droop (dmdp), v. i. (hang down) 
Inlok; (as branches) hnpai;* 
(languish) lai/u. 
Drop (drop), s. litek, litik (B.), 

Drop, v. f. (pour in drops) ///<?/»;- 
kan, litiskan:* (let fall, gen.) 
ja tohka n ; ( in d ri b I e is, o r a ceident- 
aily) ekickirkan : (of leaves, fruit, 
etc.) lurokkan;* (prematurely) 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minus, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 





gugurkan; (let down, as curtains, 
anchor or nets) labohhan; (dis- 
continue, give up) berhntikan, 
brenti (B.) ; (omit) tirggalkan. 
To drop off, luchutkan. To drop 
on, timpaJcan. 
Drop, v.i. (fall in drops) bertitek, \ 
bertitis* mnitek; (fall in general) | 
jatoh, cliichir, luroh* gugur; see | 
above, and also tall. i 

Dropsy (drop'si), s. smbab; (ele- 
phantiasis) imtui* 
Dross (flros), s. ham-pas, tahi, tmk 
(B.) ; (in smelting) saiga* trak* 
Opium dross, tahi chandu. ^ Silk 
dross, hampas sutra, tahi kutis* 
Drought (drowt), s. kmarau. 
Drove (drov), s. (of animals) lea- 
Drover (-er), s. prghalau, gombala. 
Drown (drown), V.i. (suffocate) 

mati Imas dalam ayer. 
Drown, v. t. (submerge ) Uyglam; 
(inundate) lembak'kan;* (kill by 
immersion) bvnoh di-slam; (over- 
power, of sounds) berhntikan, 
brentikan (B.). To drown one's 
sorrows in wine, hilargkan $u$ah 
dtgan mabok. 
Drowsiness (drow'zi-nes). s. m- 

rgantok, terlalai. 
Drowsy (drow'zi), adj. mrgantok, 
terlalai; (with drink) khayal 


Drub (drub), v. t. pain, pukoh na- 

sak, bantal, 
Drudge (druj), v.i. berllah* her- 

lasak* kerja kuat (B.). 
Drudge, s. orary lasak.* 
Drudgery (-er-i), s. Halt/* kerja 

lasak,* kerja kras (B.). 
Drug (drug), s. (medicine) obat; 

(narcotic) obat bins* (Pers. &t- 

haush), obat tidor. 
Drug, v. t. (stupify with narcotics) 

mabokkath bhiskanf (as thieves) 


Drugget (drug'get), s. (for a pro- 
cession) pmdai (Tarn.). 
Druggist (-gist), tukarg obat, pn- 

jual obat f apotek (!N.I.) (D.). 
Drum (drum), s. (Eur.) tambor; 
(\r.) tubal* nobat;* (mosque 
drum) bdok;* (small) rbana, 
(large) gndarg, gndrarg* 
Drum. v.i. (with the hands) pukol; 
(with the drumstick) pain, ta- 
boh;* (the accompaniment, beat- 
in a- time) tirgkali* 
Drummer (-mer), s. (Eur.) orary 

pmukol iambur. 
Drumstick (-stick), ?. taboh* p- 

main, tarn-bar* 
Drunk (drungk). adj. mabok: 
(sliglulv) khayal (Ar.). Blind 
drank, 'dead drunk, mabok bvrga 
shiseh* mabok ta'sdar (B.). 
Drunkard (drungk'erd), s. pmabok, 
pminum, tahi arak, talk arak (B.). 
Dry (dri), adj. krirg; (of weather) 
kmarau; (thirsty) bans, ^ ber- 
dhaga;* (uninteresting) ta'sdap. 
A drv well, prigi kkrirgan ayer, 
prigi but a. Dry season, musim k~ 
ma ran. 
I Dry, v. t. (gen.) krirykan; (in the 
! sun) jnwr; (in the air) atyinlw^ 
\ To hang on a line to dry, sidal* 
Dried Ml, ikan, krirg, da by. Dried 
j meat, deride nj. 
I Dryness (dri'nes), s. kkrirgan. 
! Dub (dub), v.t. glar, parggil. 
; Dubious (du'bi-ws), adj. (wavering 
! in opinion) bimbarg hati, shah 
I hat I (At.) : (questionable) yajg 
I ada shah. A dubious answer, ja- 
' irab ta/tntu. 
Duchess (duch'cs), s. pargkat prcm- 

yuan berbargsa* istri "duke." 
Duck (duk)/s. (sail cloth) kai» 

layer. ^ 

Duck, s. itek. bebek (X.I.). The 
common duck, itek Jawa. Manila 
duck, itek Manila. Teal, blibis.* 
Diver, itek ayer, dndarg ay err 

ate ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry, ice, it, fire, 
' mirror- old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, mums, cure, injure, 
hCirryi food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




Benggali duck, itelc surati* To 
make ducks and drakes, lanchar- 
kan batu* 
Duck, v. t. (thrust under water) 
slamkan, tryylamkan; (bow the 
head) tundok Icpdla, elakkan kpala. 
Duckling (duk'ling), s. anak itelc. 
Ductile (-til), adj. nuyhuJor. 
Dude (dud), s. si kachak, p*olek. 
Dudgeon (duj'vin), s. marah, gram. 
Due (da), adj. (owing, payable) 
hutaiy, patut di-bayer: (proper, 
suitable) -patut, pa-Jan, Jayak; (ap- 
pointed, exact) tutu, btu'l; (owing 
to a cause) di-datatykan oteh, di- 
Due, adv. tpat* Due East, timor 

tpat* . 
Due, s. (debt) hutaiy: (what is 
right) yanj patut; (right, just 
claim) hak* (Ar. w.aqq). Dues, 
(legal) ch uka i; (ol! clubs) yu- 
Duel (du'el), s. Jawanan muia *'- 

Duelling (-ing), s. bertikaut atau 

mnembak sama s'oraty. \ 

Duet (du-ef), s. biuyi-bunjian ovary \ 
berdua, ryaiyian berdua. ' ; 

Dugong (doo'gong). s. duuoty* 
Duffer (duffer)/ s. oraiy 'bodoh. ! 
oraiy drgu* kledek. ' 

Dugout (dug'owt), s. (Xaut.) j 
jalor, say or (Pk.). j 

Duke (duk), s. paiykal orary her- \ 
barysu* Ixnver ranks are: mar- 
quis, earl, viscount, baron, baronet. 
Dull (dul), adj. Stupid) bodoh, 
bnak, dtyuf (slow) lambat; 
(blunt) tumpol; (dim, obscure) 
Mam,* rdop; (depressing, tedious) 
ta'sdap; (of colour) udam* sput;* 
(of sound) biyap:* (without lus- 
tre) kasam* 
Dull, v. t. see above. 
Dullness (dul'nes), s. see above. 
Duly (dii'li). adv. dtyan s-patut-n/a, 
dryan sperti-tya. 

Dumb (dum), adj. (unable to 

speak) bisu; (speechless) klu* 
Dumfound (dum-fownd'), v. t. klu- 

kan* biiyorykan. 
Dumfounded (~ed), adj. terpgun* 
Dummy (dum'mi), s . (model) 

chant oil ; (lay figure) patory. 
Dumpling (dumpling), s. roti rbus. 
Dumps (dumps), s. hati walary* 

susah hati, morory. 
Dun (dun) adj. werna kuysat. 
Dun, v. t. turyyu hutary, iayeh* 
Dunce (duns), s. orary bnak, orarg 
dryu* oraiy kpala batu. 
I Dung (dung), s. told, talk (B.) ; 
I (manure) baja, 
I Dungeon (dun'jf/n), s. pnjara 
\ ylapr jel ylap (E.). 
Dupe (diip), s. yaiy kna tipu. 
Dupe, v. t. tipu, pcrdayakan* 
Duplicate (du'pli-kat), v. t. kmbar- 

kan, lapiskan. 
Duplicate (-ket). adj. (double) 

km bar. 
Duplicate, s. (copy) tiruan* pn- 

dua* kopi (E.)/ 
Duplicity (dfi-pliVi-ti), s. hati ber- 

Durable (diVa-bl), adj. yaiy tahan 

Jama, yaiy ban/ak tahan. 
Durance (-ans), s. hat kna pnjara* 

ha I kna jel (E.). 
Duration (-a'shvm), 

(of life) 'urn or. 
During (-ing), piep. 

dary, s-lama, if yah. 

Dusk (dusk), s! (morning) 

tanah; (evening) snjakala. 

Dusky (dusk'i), adj. (partially 

'lark) kabus* silam ;* (dark 

coloured) hit am manis. 

Dust (dust), s. (of the earth) Ibu* 

dbu (8k.), dnli:* (powder) ser- 

bok, habok: (liner dust) sarap;* 

(the llnest dust) scrdak* Gold 

dust, 'mas urai. J?ice dust, mlu- 


Dust, v. t. (free from dust) sapu, 

s. lama-nja; 
suiantara, s- 

dte, ask,am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minus, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




sapu habok; (by shaking) kirai- 
kan :* (sprinkle with chist) sirarn 

Dusty (dust'i), adj. berdbu* ber- 
habok. ' 

Dutch (duch), adj. Blanda. 

Dutiful (du'ti-iotfl), adj. berbakti 
(8k.), her jam (Sk.). 

Duty (diVt-i), s. (thai which is 
obligatory) ferdlu (At.), perlu 
(NX), iau-kin (B.) (Ch.) ; (as- 
signed service) wajib (Ar.) ; (loyal- 
ty due to superiors) jam (Sk.), 
bakti (Sk.) ; (taxes) chukai, ha- 
sil, bia (XX). On duty, in/ ah b- 
kerja. Off duty, /pa* kerja. 

Dwarf (dwarf), adj. (of persons) 
kerdd:* (of fowls) katek; (of 
plants ) rn ch at, iernich at. 

Dwarf, s. orarq kerdil* orarq pen- 
dek (B.). 

Dwarf, v. t. krhilkan, ruehatkan. 

Dwarfish (-ish), adj. katek. 

Dwell (dwel), v. i. (abide, continue) 
tirggal, thy gat dap, kkal; (reside) 
diam. dudok, litggal : (of princes) 
smayam ;* (temporarily ) tumpanj. 

Dwelling (-iug), s. tin pat dud ok, 
kdudokan, kdiaman* rum ah. 

Dwindle (dwin'dl), v. i. jadi kuraig, 
smut, luak* berkurarg-kvrtugan. 

Dye (dl), v. t. c/tlop. 

Dye, s. ayer pnchlop. 

Dyer (dl'er), s. tnkarg clilop, pn- 

Dying (-ing), adj. trgah matt, //?>- 

. dak mnitggal* nazal** (At. na- 

za. e ) ; (of princes) hndak man/- 

kal* Dying day, ajal (At.), 

hari mail, siki (B.) (Ch. si-ki). 

Dyke, see dikk. 

Dynamics (di-uam'iks), s. 'ilmu 
kuam baraig yarg bergrak. 

Dynamo (dl'na-rno), s. jnlra clek- 

Dynasty (din'as-ti), s. kt unman 

Dysentery (dis'en-ter-i), s. buanj- 

ayer da rah, berak darah, chirit 
darah (S.I.). 
Dyspepsia (dis-pep'si-a), s. sakit 
kuraig hadham (At.), makanan 
tahancliur* makanan kurarg cher- 
11 a (Sk.), inakari tasiau (Ch.) 


Each (ech), pron. tiap-tiap, masiry- 
masirg, satu-salu, saban (N'.l.) ; 
(in the sense of every) s-bilarg* 
sgala. Each other, s'orarg akan 
s'orarg* satu dry an- lain, satu 
Mima lain (B.). 

Eager (e'ger), adj. in/in, mrgilar 
( B ) . // rrarg ( B. ) ( X.I. ) . To be 
eager to, glitek hndak,* gltek hn- 

Eagle (e'gl), s. bur org lary bsar, 
raja-wali (Sk.) ; but lary raja-wall 
is a small hawk. .Fish eagle, larg 
taut, larg si put * 

Ear (er), s. (organ of hearing) 
tlirga * kupirg (B.) (X.I.) ; (sense 
of hearing) pnrgaran; (handle, 
lug, if one only) iargkai* (if 
two) tlinga;* (of grain) ami? 
bulir;* (of palms) mayarg. To 
give ear, bri ilirga, pamnj tlirga. 
Lobe of the ear. chupiig* tlirga* 
Orifice of the ear, lobarg tlirga. 
Drum of the ear, buti-buli tlirga* 
anak tlirga* External ear, daun 

Earache (er'ak), s. sakit tlirga, 
sakit kupirg (B.) (X.I.) ; (a run- 
ning at the ear) iorek;* (with 
swelling) buntirg ilirga. 

Eardrop (er'drop) ? s. (pendants) 
aniirg-antirg; (flat studs) krahh 
xubarg, see eakring. 

Earl (erl), s. pargkat orarg her- 
bargm yarg ktiga, see duke. 

Earliest (er'li-est), adj. yarg inula 
skali, yarg aw at skali (At.). 

Early (er'li), adv. (soon) skrg* 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minws, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




siaig; (in the morning) pagi-pagi, 
suboh-suboh (Ar.). 

Early, adj. (in advance of the time) 
siary; (of a former period) dkulu. 

Earn (ern), v. t. (deserve, merit) 
patut Jena, patut in n da pat; (ac- 
quire by labour) beroleh* dapat, 
chart. To earn one's living, mu- 
ch ari* m n vh a ri m akan. 

Earnest (er'nest), adj. (heartfelt) 
sunggoh-hati; (ardent, zealous) 
b crsutygoh -su rqqoh , b e rus a h a 

Earnest, s. clnykram, chayaran* 
pan jar ( \ . I . ) . A Iso earnest- 

Earnestness (-n?s), $. singgoh-hati, 
'usaha (Sk.), gentry (H.). 

Earnings (ern'ingz), s. pndapatan, 
pn ch aria n , perofeh an . * 

Earring (cr'ring), s. antiry-antiry, 
kunary-kunaiy s-kbun* kunaty- 
kunaty (1>.) : s<»e i:aiu)i:oi\ 

Earth (ertli), s. (the globe) bumi: 
(inhabited world) dunia: 'a lam 
(Ar.) ; (earth's surface) bumi, 
muka bumi: (dry land, as dis- 
tinguished fro in water) da rat ; 
(soil) tan ah, butni. 

Earthenware (crth'n-war), s. (pot- 
to ry ) pug (/a n - m a tykok, priok-b la- 
iga; (the material) tmbekar* 

Earthly (erth'li), adj. (worldly) 
rhara dunia. Of no earthly use, 
ta'guna safu pun* ta'guna skali, 
ta'guna safu a pa pun (B.). 

Earthquake (-kwjik), s. gmpa 
bumi, lindu (Jay.). 

Earthwork (-werk), s. kerja gali- 
nuygali: (Mil.) kubu. 

Earthworm (-werm), s. ch aching. 

Earwax (er'waks), s. tali I tliiga, 
talk kupiig (B.). 

Earwig (er'wig), s. impiras* 

Ease (ez), s. (freedom from labour) 
snaig, tapatg, perhntian; (from 
care) snary, sntosa* Iga. J 11 at 
ease, taiga,* talntu rasa, la'sdap 

rasa (B.). With ease (easily), 
mudah* s»an/, renjan, gampaiy 

Ease, v. t. snargkan, renyankan. To 
ease one's self, bmuy ager, k'- 

Easel (e'zl), s. kuda-kuda gam bar, 
sa n da ran papan-h Ham * 

Easily (ez'i-li), adv. mudah* sn- 
aiy, gampatg (X.I..). 

East (est), s. Urn or: matahari hi- 
dop, matahari I orbit* mashrik 
(Ar.). The East Indies, neyri di 
bairah anyin. .North-east, timor 
Jaul. South-east, tig gam.* S. X. 
E., ufara timor taut* E. X. E., 
timor timor taut* E. S. E., timor 
m n igga ra . * vS . S . E . , si a fa n m n iy- 

Easter (es't'er), s, paska (Ar. fas- 

Easterly, adj. sblah timor. 

Eastern (est'ern), adj. timor, sblah 
timor. Eastern lands, neyri gang 
di bawah atyin* 

Eastward (est'werd), adv. k-sblah 
timor, a rah k-timor. 

Easy (ez'i), adj. (free from labour) 
s n a ty : ( f ron 1 care ) * n i osa , Iga ; 
(not difficult) mudah* snaty, 
gampanj (X.I.) ; (with little la- 
bour) reryan. Xot easily broken, 
tasuarg-suanj put us* Easy fit- 
ting, loiggar. chlus* Easy-going, 
hcrtuakal* (Ar. lairakkul). To 
find it easy, ram snaty. 

Eat (et), v. i. t. makan; (of prin- 
ces) sanlap:* (meat, etc., without 
rice) ratah : (as cattle) ragut:* 
(slang words) gasak, parap, bdal, 
hntam, chkek, etc.; (in speaking 
to a child) mam. To eat one's 
fill of, puas makan, jnoh makan * 
To eat with the mouth full, ma- 
kan. mmolok-molok, makan ter- 
polok-polok. To eat out of the 
same plate, eat together, makan 
s-daun, makan s-piryyan. See 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry j eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minus, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




food. To eat in (as a canker), 

Eatable (-a-bl), adj. dapat* di- 
makan, boleh di-makan. Lawful 
for eating, halal (Ar.). 

Eatable, s. inakanan; (of princes) 
santapan;* (by a servant of his 
own food, in addressing a prince) 

Eating (et'ing), s. makan. Eating 
house, rumah makan, kdal makan, 
kdai nasi. 

Eau de Cologne (o-de-ko-lon'), s. 
ayer daklorg (F.), ayer kolorg 
(B.), miryak kloryor (X.I.). 

Eaves (evz), chuchorari atap* 

Eavesdrop (evz'drop), v. i. dryar 
mnchuri-churi, drgar miynd&p- 
igndup, mryusor chuchor atap, 
churi-drgar (B.). 

Eaves moulding (mold'ing), s. 

Eavestrough (evz'trof), s. saluran, 
saluran ayer. 

Ebb (eb), s. (of tide) ayer surut; 
(dead low water) timpas. Ebb 
and flow, pasarg-s-urut. 

Ebb, v. i. (of tide) surut; (decline, 
decay) susut. 

Ebony (eb'on-i), s. kayu ararg. 

Ebullition (eb-ul-lish'im), s. (boil- 
ing or effervescence) dideh* mn- 
didi (B.), bual: (noisy) glgak. 
An ebullition of anger, naik ma- 
rah, datarg marah, naik panas, 
naik jfnradarg. 

Eccentric (ek-sen'trik), adj. (out 
of flie centre) ta'sama pusat-rya* 
tiada sama trgah; (irregular) ti- 
ada ikut f adat; (in behaviour) 
berlainan iabi'at* baiyak kletah,* 
sasarjpaitik (B.) (Ch. phdi n -tek). 

Eccen/ricity (-tris'i-ti), s. tabi'at 
yarg plek* kletah* sasaran, pai- 
tik (Ch.) (B.). 

Ecclesiastical (ek-kle-zi-as'ti-kl) , 
adj. deri-lial agama Msihi* (Ar. 
mashxi), Kristian, deri-hal greja. 

Echo (ek'o), s. gma* gaorg, balasan 

Echo, v. i. (repeat the sound) lalas 
buryi, bergma* bergaorg. 

Eclipse ( e-klips' ), s. gerhana (Sk.). 
An eclipse of the moon, bulan di~ 
makan rahu. An eclipse of the 
sun, matahari di-makan rahu. 

Eclipse, v. t. (obscure) glapkan, 
klamkan;* (overshadow by sur- 
passing) Ibehi* 

Economic (e-ko-nom'ik), adj. drgan 
peraturan, drgan tadbir (Ar.). 

Economical (e-ko-nom'i-kl), adj. 
drgan chermat, tahu simpan, blan- 
ja drgan jirnat, jimat, bertadbir 

Economize (e-kon'o-mlz), v. t. 
prentahkan drgan chermat. 

Economize, v. i. simpan, kurargkan 
blanja, tadbirkan blanja (Ar.), 
blanja kiam-kiam (B.) (Ch. 

Economy (e-kon'o-mi), s. (manage- 
ment) prentah, peraturan; (thrift) 
chermat, jirnat blanja, tadbir 

Ecstasy (ek'sta-si), s. (excitement) 
gmbera* An ecstasy of joy, suka- 
chita yarg amat saryat* suka-hatl 
yarg bsar skali (B.). 

Eddy (ed'di), s. (return current) 
olak;* (circular current) pusaran 
ayer, pasaran argin; (whirlwind) 

Eddy, v. i. berolak* 

Edge (ej), s. (of knives, etc.) mata: 
(margin, brink) tpi, pirggir (N. 
I.) ; (rim, as of cups, etc.) bibirf 
(border) birai* aris.* Set on 
edge (of the teeth) rgilu, ryih. 
siiykil* Edge of the sea, gigi 
ayer* gigi laut* tpi laut. 

Edge, v. i. (move sideways) Tcesut. 

Edging (ej'ing), g. (trimming) 
rambu-rambu; (border of a mat) 
ompok;* (of a path) prgikat ja~ 
Ian;* (of lace, scolloped) bikiu* 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minus, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




Edible (ed'i-bl), adj. yarg boleh di- 

Edict (e'dikt), s. Utah* hukum. 

Edification (ed-i-fi-ka'shtm), s. hal 
mngohkan hati 

Edifice (ed'i-fis), s. bargunan. 

Edify (ed'i-fi), v. t. (instruct) 
tgohkan hati. 

Edit (ed'it), v. t. karaig, btulkan 
Jcarargan orarg. 

Edition (e-dish'wn) , s. karaigan. 
Second edition, chap kdua kali- 
rya, chitak'an yarg kdua.* 

Editor (ecf'i-ter), s. prgararg. 

Editorial (ed-i-tor'i-ai), s. kararg- 
an prgararg. 

Educate (ed'u-kat), v. t. ajar, 
ajari, plihara* bla*. 

Education (ed-u-ka'shwn), s. prg- 
ajaran, pmlihara'an* Of no 
education, kurary plajaran. 

Educe (e-diis'), v. t. (produce, 
evolve) kluarkan, 1 ah irk an* (Ar. 

Ee! (el), 8. blui. Conger eel, ma- 

Efface (ef-fas'), v. t. (erase) ha- 
puskan; (cause to disappear) hi- 
largkan, Inryapkan. 

Effect (ef-fekf), s. (result of) yarg 
di-datargkan oleh, yarg di-shab- 
lean oleh;* (impression) bkas, 
ksudahan, kdatargan; (efficiency, 
power) kuasa, khasiat (Ar.) ; 
(purpose, intention) mahsud 
(Ar.) Effects (property), herta- 
bnda, bararg-bararg. 

Effect, v. t. (produce, cause) datarg- 
kan, sbabkan;* (achieve, bring to 
pass) adakan, lakukan* kerjakan, 

Effective (ef-fek'tiv), adj. (able to 
work) yarg boleh bkerja; (effi- 
cient) berguna, berkhasiat (Ar.). 
Effective work, pkerja'an yarg mm- 
bri bkas* 

Effectual (ef-fek'chu-al), adj. yarg 
mlakukan* yarg mryampaikan. 

Effeminacy (ef-fem'i-na-si), s. rsmi 

Effeminate (-nat). adj. chara prem- 

Effervesce (ef-fer-ves'), v. i. buak* 

gig ak , berbusa (!».). 
Effete (ef-fef), adj. yarg sudah hi- 

latg kuasa, burok, Imah. 
Efficacious (ef-fi-ka'sht/s), v. ber- 

kuasa, berkhasiat (Ar.), mustajab 
Efficacy (ef'fi-ka-si), s. khasiat 

Efficiency (ef-fishVn-si ), s. kuasa, 

Efficient (ef-fish'ent), adj. ber~ 

kuasa, berkhasiat (Ar.), pandai, 

ahli (Ar.). 
Effigy (ef'fi-ji), s. patorg, gambar. 
Effluvium '(ef-fliVvi-wra), s. wap, 

ban busok. 
Effort (ef'fert), ?. To make an 

effort, achu, as, she made two or 

three efforts, dua tiga kali di-achu- 

rya; gagahi din: (try) choba. 
Effrontery (ef-frunt'er-i), s. muka 

thai, muka pa pan, muka ta'malu. 
Effulgence (ef-ful'jcns), s. kilat, 

siuar, chahya. 
Effulgent (-j^nt), adj. berkilat, 

gilarg-gmilarg* chmerlary* 
Effusion (ef-fu'zhwn), s. (pouring 

out) pnehurahan, pnehvehoran* 

Effusive (-siv), ?. pramah. 
Egg (eg), s. tlor. White of an 

egg, puteh tlor. Yolk, merah tlor. 

The germ, pusat tlor, mata tlor. 

Preserved eggs, tlor asin, tlor jrok. 

Addled egg, tlor tmblarg. Eggs 

used at a wedding, tlor tajok* 

tlor merah. Fried eggs, tlor mata 

Imbu, tlor mata sapi (X.I.).. 

Boiled eggs, see boil. 
Egg, v. t. To egg on, hurkan, asut, 

a sot (B.) : (as animals) oja* 
Eggplant (eg'plant), s. trorg. 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minws, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




Egg-shaped (eg'shapt), adj. bujor* 

Eggshell (eg'shel), s. kulit tlor; 

(when empty) klompary* 
Egotism (eg'o-tizm), s. hal mm- 

bsarkan diri, mmuji diri, kmgahan 

diri* mrgargkat diri. 
Egotist (-tist), s. yarg mmbsarkan 

diri, orary mudda'i (Ar.). 
Egregious (e-gre'jns), adj. yarg 

mlbehi 'adat, bukan bualan, ier- 

lam pau deri-pada 'adat. 
Egress (e'gres), s. hal kluar, kuasa 

kluar, kluaran. 
Egret (e'gret), s. baryau. 
Egypt (e'jipt), s. negri Ma-sir (Ar. 

Egyptian (e-jip'slnui), adj. Masir 

(a), orary Masir. 
Eh (a), int. eh. 
Eight (at), adj. dlapan, lapan. 
Eighteen (a/ten), adj. dlapan-blas. 
Eighth (atth), adj. yarg k-dlapan, 

nombor lapan (B.). 
Eighty (a/ti), adj. dlapan-puloh. 
Either (Vthev or e'thei), pron. and 

adj. (one or the other) s-barary, 

salah sain, mana satu; (the one 

and the other) kdua-dua, dua-dua. 
Either, eonj. (either, .or. .) baik. . 

baik. ., baik. .atau. . ; sama ada. ., 

aiau. .*. 
Ejaculate (e-jak'ii-lat), v. i. (a 

sudden exclamation) triak, sru* 

kriau (P.). 
Eject (e-jekf), v. t. (expel) halaa, 

bmry; (emit) smborkan, kluar- 

Eke (ek), v. t. (eke out) tokok. 
Elaborate (e-lab'o-rat), v. t. buat 

dryan nsaha* smpurnakan dryan 

Elaborate (-ret), adj. yarg di-buat 

dtyan usaha* 
Elapse (e-laps'), v. i. lain, lew at. 
Elastic (e-las'tik), s. lastik (E.). 
Elastic, adj. knryal, bitgkas* mrg- 
anjal;* 8ee bountce, spring. 

Elate (e-lat),v. t. (with confidence) 

branikan hati; (with pride) bsar- 
kan haii. 
Elation (e-la'slwm), s. hati bsar, 

tiiggi hati. 
Elbow (el'bd), s. siku. 
Elbow, v. t. (outwards) sin j oh;* 

(backwards) sigorg. 
Elder (el'der), adj. lb eh tua, tua 

deri-pada. Elder brother, abary. 

■'igko (B.) (Ch. tg-ko). Elder 

sister, kakak, fachi (B.) (Ch. loa- 
ch \). 
Elder, s. (old. person) orary tua; 

(official) ktua. 
Eldest (el'dest), adj. sulory, yarg 

tua skali. 
Elect (e-iekf), v. t. pit eh. 
Elect, adj. ter pilch. 
Election (e-lek'slwm), a. (act of 

choosing) hal m milch ; (power of 

choice, 1'ree-will) kuasa mmileh. 
Elector (-ter), s. yarg mmileh. 
Electric (-trik), adj. elektrik (E). 

lesfrik (X.I.). 
Electricity (e-lek-triYi-ti), s. kuasa 

Electroplate (e-lek'tro-plat), v. t. 

rhlop perak. 
Elegant (eTc-gaiif), adj. indah- 

indah.* el ok, man is, mjlis (Ar.). 
Element (ere-m^nt), s. (essential 

part) anasir (Ar.), unsur (Ar.) ; 

(rudiment) asal, ■permula'an. 

akar-umbi. The live elements. 

panehabula (Sk. ). 
Elementary (el-c-men'ta-ri), adj. 

(initial) mula-mu/a, permula'an: 

(of text books) punch a; (simple) 

Elephant (el'e-fant), s. gajah, bi- 

ram* Klephant goad, kuwi 

Elephant-driver (-drl/ver), s. gin- 

ha la. gajah, mmti (Sk.). 
Elephantiasis (el-e-fan-tl'a-sis), e. 

Elevate (ere-vat), v. t. (raise, lift 

ate, ask, am, final, care, ear, carry; eve, lien, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minws, cure, injure, 

lulrry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




up) argkat, tirggikan, ' nailckan; 

(promote) argkat; (the voice) 

ryarirgkan; (the spirits) hiburhan 

hati; (the character) baiki prargai, 

Elevation (el-e-va'sh?m), s. htirg- 

gian, tmpat titggi. 
Elevator (ere-va-ter), s. (lift) 

Up (E.). 
Eleven (e-lev'n), adj. s-blas. 
Eleventh (e-lev'nth), adj. yaig k- 

s-blas, noinbor s-blas (B.). 
Elf (elf), s. (fairy) pri (Pers.), 

orarg bun tan* dewa-dewa (B.). 
Elicit (e-lis'it), (bring to light) 

njatakan, lahirkan* (Ar. tldhir). 
Eligible (el'i-Ji-bl), adj. paint akan 

di-pileh, boleh di-pileh. 
Eliminate (e-lim'i-nat), v. t. (set 

aside) sblahkan, tpikan; (sepa- 
rate) asirrjkan; (expel) buanj. 
Elision (e-lizh'/m), s. rcrykamn 

Elixir (e-liks'er), s. eksir (Ar.). 
Elk (elk), s. rum bsar di Eropah. 
Ell (el), s. ela (Port.). 
Ellipse (el-lips') , s. bujor* 
Elliptical (el-lip'ti-kol), adj. bujor* 

bulat, bulat panjaig. 
Elocution (el-5-ku'slum), s. 'ilmii 

ptutoran, 'ihnn mujucliap. 
Elongate (e-long'gat), v. t. panjarg- 

kan, lanjutkan. 
Elope (e-15p'), v. i. lari. Elope 

with a woman, larikan prcmpnan. 
Elopement (-ment), s. plarian. 
Eloquence (el'o-kwtfns), s. pitah 

lidah* faxihat (Ar.), bijak ber- 

chakap (B.). 
Eloquent (-kwent), adj. pitali 

lidah* pandai berkata, pdndai 

chakap, pinlar bichara (XX), fa- 

mh (Ar.). 
Else (els), adj. and pron. lain, lagi. 

What else, apa lagi. 
Else, conj. (otherwise) Tcalau tidak. 

Or else, kalau tidak. 

Elsewhere (-whftr), adv. lain tm- 

Elucidate (e-lii'si-dat), v. t. trarg- 
kan, njatakan. 

Elude (e-liid'), y. t. (escape by 
slipping away) Input;* (avoid) 

Emaciated (e-mfi'slii-a-ted) , adj. 
chdirg; (extremely) knrus krirg, 
kurus kdrgkek* kurus mrirgkai* 

Emanate (em'a-nat), v.i. (issue 
from) kluar; (of scents) merbak, 
s merbak.* 

Emancipate (e-man'si-pat), v. t. 
bebaskan; (of slaves) merdheka- 
kan* Ipaskan. 

Emasculate (e-mas'ku-lat), v.t. 
(castrate) kmbirikan, kasi (Ar. 
kha&i) ; (weaken) hnahkan. 

Embalm (em-bam'), v.t. mamai- 
kan* rmpah-rmpahkan may at, 
mayat tarohkan obat (B.). 

Embank (em-bangk'), v.t. (throw 
up a bank) tarnbak; (confine a 
river) ikat mnyai. 

Embankment (-ment), s. bndoiy* 
tbity ; (for road or railway) jalan 
tarnbak. '; (between rice fields) 
bat as. 

Embargo (em-bar'go), s. (deten- 
tion of commerce) tgahan. 

Embark (em-bark'), v.i. naik ka- 
pal, naik prahu, turun kapal. 

Embark, v. t. (cause to go on 
board) baiva naik kapal; (engage, 
invest in) masok. To embark 
one's money in trade, masokkan 
modal-rya dalam perniaga'an. 

Embarrass ( em-bar 'ras), v. t. (per- 
plex) bimbargkan hati; (obstruct) 
skatkan; (financially) ssakkan, pi- 
(Jiekkan* smpitkan. 

Embarrassment (-ment), s. bim- 
batg hati, skatan, kssak'an, ksmpiU 
an (as above) ; (awkwardness) 

Embassy (em'bas-si) s. (envoys or 
their missions) utusan;* (ambas? 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; Ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minws, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




sador's residence) rumah utusan.* 

Embellish (em-bel'lish), v. t. hiasi, 
riaskan (B.). 

Embellishment (-ment), s. per- 
h iasa n, prasan ( B . ) . 

Embers (em'berz), s. bara api. 

Embezzle (em-bez'zl), v. t. churl 
amanat (Ar.), pchah amanat* 
pchah har apart. 

Embitter ( em-bit' ter), v. t. (make 
sad or sorrowful) susahi; (make 
malignant) sakitkan hati, stru- 

Emblazon (em-bla/zn), v. t. hiasi 
drgan pancha-werna* riaskan drg- 
an orna-orna (B.). 

Emblem (em'blem), s. tanda, ( ala- 
mat (Ar.), as, the crown is an 
emblem of sovereignty, mdkota 
itu 'alamat kraja'an. 

Embody (em-bod'i), v. t. (invest 
with a body) jlma (Sk.) ; (incor- 
porate, collect into a whole) kwn- 
polkan, masokkan. 

Embolden (em-bol'dn), v. t. brani- 
kan, bri hati. 

Emboss (em-bos'), v. t. buat burga 

Embossed, adj. timbol. 

Embrace (em-bras'), v. t. (hug) 
plok, mmlok; (more closely) da- 
kap;* (accept eagerly) trima 
chpat; (include, comprehend) ber- 
isi, mrgandorg. 

Embrace, s. dakap*, plok. 

Embrasure (em-bra'zhur), s. chlah 
kubu bagi mriam. 

Embrocation (em-bro-ka/shim) s. 
obat gosok. 

Embroider (em-broid'er), v. t. su- 
ji* sulam, tkat,* see below. 

Embroidery (-er-i), s. suji;* (on 
a frame) sulam; (with gold 
threads) tkat.* Embroidery frame, 
pmidarg* pmidargan* pidargan 

Embroil (em-broil')? v. t. (in quar- 
rels) gmparkan;* (in confusion) 

kachaukan; (a third party in a 
dispute) babit. 

Embryo (em'bri-6), s. (germ of 
seed) punat; (young of animals 
in the womb) kandorgan. In em- 
bryo, mula-mula, pada permula'- 

Emend (e-mend'), v. t. (correct) 
btulkan, mmbaiki. 

Emendation (e-men-da'shtm), 8. 
(act of correcting) hal mmbaiki; 
(alteration) obahan. 

Emerald (em'er-ald), s. zamrud 
(Ar.), baiu hijau. 

Emerge (e-merj'), v. i. terbit* tim- 
bol, terkluar; (from water) jrgul;* 
(from a hole) rojol.* 

Emergency (e-mer'j en-si), s. per- 
kara yarg tiba-tiba* perkara yaiy 

Emery (em'er-i), s. batu las* 

Emetic (e-met'ik), adj. obat mun- 

Emigrant (em'i-grant), 8. orarg 
yaig berpindah k-negri asirg* yarg 
pindah k-negri lain (B.). 

Emigrate (-grat), v. i. pindah, 
pergi berdagarg* tirggalkan negri. 

Eminence (em'i-nens), s. (high 
ground) tmpat tirggi; (high rank 
or distinction) pargkat tirggi, k- 
bsara?i, kmulia'an* 

Eminent (-nent), adj. (high) tirg- 
gi; (of rank or virtue) mulia; 
(conspicuous) ternama, bernama. 

Eminently (-li), adv. (in a high 
degree) teramat* terlalu sargat. 

Emissary (em'is-sa-ri), 8. (spy) 
sulu* prgintai* 

Emission (e-inish'tm), s. (act of 
sending out) hal mrgluarkan, hal 
mmancharkan; (the thing issued) 
pancharan, panchutan * Noc- 
turnal emission, mimpi kluar 
mani (Ar.), mimpi kluar ayer 
siau (B.). 

Emit (e-mif), v. t. smbur, panchar, 
panchur* panchut.* 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; Ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minus, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




Emollient (e-mol-li-ent), adj. obat 

Emolument (e-mol'u-ment), g. 
(gain) untorg, laba* pndapatan; 
(salary) upah, gaji. 

Emotion (e-mo'shwn), s. chita* 
prasa'an hati, grak hati; (tender) 

Emotional (-al), adj. berhati ra- 
wan* hati Imbot (B.). 

Emperor (em'per-er), s. sultan 
(Ar. sulTan), kaisar (Ar.), org-te 
(B.) (Ch. horg-te). 

Emphasis (em'fa-sis), s. (stress) 
buryi yarg kras, buryi kuat; (im- 
pressiveness) uchapan yarg kuat. 
To lay the emphasis, than suara. 

Emphatic (em-fat'ik), adj. yarg 
di-kata kuat-kuat. 

Empire (em'pir), s. (sovereignty) 
kraja'an; (dominion of an em- 
peror) prentahan sultan. 

Employ (em-ploi'), v. t. (use) pa- 
kai, gunakan; (give employment) 
bri kerja, upahkan. 

Employ, s. see employment. 

Employe (em-ploi'a), s. = employee, 

Employee (em-ploi-e'), s. orarg 
upahan, orarg yarg makan gaji. 

Employer (em-ploi'er), s. tuan, 
toke (Ch. thau-ke), tauke (B.). 

Employment (-ment), s. pkerja'- 
an, pncharian; (office, post) ja- 
watan* pgargan* 

Emporium (em-p5r'i-wm), s. (com- 
mercial town) bandar (Pers.) ; 
(mart) pkan* pasar; (large shop) 

Empower (em-pow'er), v. t. (au- 
thorize) bnarkan, bri kuasa; (com- 
mission) psan; (legallv) wakilkan 

Empress (em'pres), s. sultanah 
(Ar.), permaisuri* 

Emptiness (emp'ti-nes), s. hal ko~ 
sorg, hal laparg, etc. See below. 

Empty (emp'ti), adj. (void) fco- 

sorg, hampa;* (hollow) grorg- 
garg* berrorgga;* (clear, open) 
laparg, lantarg;* (deserted) suryi, 
khali (Ar.) ; (of fruits) mam- 
borg;* (without core or kernel) 
grorggargf (without effect, sin- 
cerity or sense) sia-sia* ta'pakai 
( B. ) . Empty-handed, hampa 
iargan* targan kosorg. Empty- 
headed, kpala argin. Empty talk, 
chakap argin, aula, tmberarg. To 
feel empty (of stomach), Intul* 
kbulor. Empty honey comb, sam- 

Empty, v. t. kosorgkan, hampakan* 
lapargkan, suryikan, etc., as above. 
To empty out, chiirah. To empty 
by baling, timba. 

Emulate (em'u-lat), v. t. (strive to 
equal) choba ikut tuladan, matt 
jadi s4ara: (vie with, rival) la- 
wan . 

Emulation (em-u-lfi'shtm), s. (ri- 
valry) perl a wa nan; (jealous rival- 
ry, envy) chmburu, drgki. 

Emulsion (e-murshwn), s. obat 
yarg s-rupa susu. 

Enable (en-a'bl), v. t. (give suffi- 
cient power) bri kuasa, kuatkan; 
(make competent) layakkan* 

Enact (en-akf), v. t. kluarkan hu- 
kum, perundaig-undargkan ;* (of 
an absolute monarch) Utah* bri 
link urn. 

Enactment (-ment), s. undarg-un- 
durg, hukum, Utah.* 

Enamel (en-am'd), s. chat kachaf 
(of the teeth) salut* gigi. 

Enamour (en-am'er), v. t. brahi* 
brahikan* 'ashik (Ar.), gilakan. 

Encamp (en-kamp'), v. i. 6er- 
khemah (Ar. khaimah) ; (pitch 
tents) bntaig khemah; (remain 
for night) bermalam. 

Encampment (-ment), s. tmpat 
berkhemah. • 

Enchant (en-chant'), v. t. (by sor- 
cery) knakan obat guna, buat; 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; Ice, it, fire 
mirror; old, not, connect, s5re, sort, sorry; use, us, rninws, cure, injure ' ' 
hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. ' 




(charm, please) sukakan, gmar- 
kan;* (with music) rawankan 
hati* geraigkan hati (B.) (N.I.). 

Enchanting (-irig), adj. (charm- 
ing, pleasing) yarg mnjukakan, 
yaig vimbra/ilkan* 

Enchantment (-ment), s. (by 
magic arts) hobatan* obat guna, 
hikmat (Ar.), sihir (Ar.), 

Encircle (en-ser'kl), v. t. (enclose 
within a circle) lergkory;* (bind 
round, as with rope; wind round 
as a snake) blit; (surround) kli- 
lirgi; (as with troops) kporg. 

Enclose (en-kloz'), v. t. (surround)* klilirgi, kporg (as 
above) : (confine, shut up) ku- 
rorg: (in a pen, as animals) kan- 
daig ; (with a covering) tudorg; 
(put in) masokkan: (slip in, as a 
letter in an envelope) slit; (by a 
fence) pa g ark an. 

Enclosure (cn-klo'zhcr), s. (space 
enclosed) kawasan :•;* (for animals) 
kandarg : (thing contained, as iji 
a letter) isi sural. 

Encomium (en-ko'mi-?/m), s. puji- 

Encompass (en-kum'pas), v. t. lerg- 
ko-rg* blit, kporg, kliliiyi. See 


Encore (ong-kor'), s. ularyan* 

Encore, v. t. minta buat s-mula. 

Encounter (en-kown'ter), s. (meet- 
ing) pertmuan; (conflict) plarg- 

Encounter, v. t. (meet) jumpa, 
tmu; (face to face) hadap, tntarg; 
(engage in conflict) larggar, srarg, 
amok; (of animals) berlaga; (of 
fowls)' sab org. 

Encourage (en-kur'ej), v. t. brani- 
kan, tlapkan hati, bri hati;* (pro- 
mote) majukan* jalankan. 

Encroach f (en-krdch'), v. i. ambil 
hak orarg bcransur-ansur atau mn- 
churi-churi* churi smpadan orarg. 

Encumber (en-kum'ber), v. t. (re- 
tard) tahankan; (weigh down) 
brati, bratkan ; (obstruct) skat, 
rcmbet:* (with debts) kredak. 

Encumbrance (-brans), s. (ob- 
struction) skalan, rembetj* (bur- 
den) bban* kbratan. 

Encyclopedia (en-sl-klo-pe'di-a), s. 
kamus sgala 'Hmu* (Ar. qamus). 

End (end), s. (termination) prg- 
habimn, ksudahan, akliir (Ar.) ; 
(conclusion) kputusan, tamat 
(Ar.); (last point) hujorg; (of 
a rope or cloth) puncha; (of part- 
ly burned firewood, or cigar, or 
stump of pencil) puntorg. End 
lor end (in reversed order) surg- 
saig, mryurgsary. End on 
(Naut.), di muka. Ends of the 
earth, hujory bumi. In the end 
(finally), akhir-rya (Ar.), lama- 
klamaan* prghabisan-ma, blakarg 
(I*.). On end, berdiri. To put 
an end to, puiuxkan, sudah- 
kan. End of a beam, kpala kayu. 
Without end, tiada bcrkputusan. 

End, v. t. habwkan, sudahkan, putus- 
kan, iamatkan (Ar.). 

End, v. i. habis, sudali, putus, ber- 

Endanger (en-dan'jer), v. t. datarg- 
kan bahya. 

Endear (en-der'), v. t. ambil hail, 
bawa kaseh* 

Endearment (-merit), s. chum- 

Endeavour (en-dev'er), v. i. (try) 
choba; (exert one's self) usahakav 
diri* ambil pnat; see effort. 

Endemic (en-dem'ik), adj. ttap 
dalani satu tmpat. 

Ending (end'ing), s. pighabisan, 
ksudahan. See end. 

Endless (-les), adj. tiada berkputus- 
an, tiada ksudahan, kkdl. 

Endlessly (-ks-li), adv. slalu, sn- 
tiasa (Sk.). 

Endorse (en-dors'), v. t. (sign) 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; Ice, it, fire, 
mirror; old, not, connect 2 sore, sort, sorry; use, us, innws, cure, injure 
hiirry; food, foot, awfool (awful).; law, how, oil; thin then. ' 




sain di blakatg; (guarantee, sanc- 
tion) mrgaku, bnarkan. 

Endorsement (-mcnt), s. (sig- 
nature) tan da targan; (sanction, 
support, approval) kbnaran, pig- 

Endow (en-dow'), v. t. (supply 
with permanent funds) bri warg 
modal, kiirniakan modal* kasi 
modal; (enrich with faculties, 
etc.) kiirniakan (Sk.), anugrali- 
kan (Sk.), anugrahi; (for re- 
ligious purposes) ivakafkan (Ar.). 

Endowment (-mrnt), s. (religious) 
wakaf ( Ar.) ; (gift) kurnki* anu- 
y rah,* pmbrian. Sec above. 

Endue (en-du'j, v. t. anugrahi* 

Endurable (en-diir'a-bl), adj. yarg 
boleh di-tahan, yarg boleh di-drita 

Endurance (-ans), s. chkal.* 

Endure (en-dur'), v. i. (last) tahan, 
tlap, kkal; (suiter patiently) sa- 

Endure, v. t. (sustain) lahan, la?g- 
gorg, drita (Sk.) ; (suffer with 
patience) mbarkan. 

Endways (cnd'waz), adv. (erect) 
berdiri, lerdiri; (with the end for- 
ward) mmbujor* 

Enema (en'e-ma or en-e'ma), s. i 
boniba doktor (Eur.). j 

Enemy (en'e-mi), s. (personal) ! 
stru;* (common, national) mu- 
soh ; (in general) musoh-mamh* 

Energetic (en-er-jet'ik), adj. kuai, 
rajin, berusaha (Sk.). 

Energize (en'er-jiz), v. t. bri kuasa, 

Energy (-ji), s. (inherent power) 
kuasa, khasiat (Ar.) : (vigour) 
kkualan, raj in, usaha (Sk.) 

Enervate (en'er-vat), v. t. hilarg- 
kan kkuatan, ImaJtkan, Uehlcan. 

Enfeeble (en-fe'bl), v. t. Imalikm, 

Enfold (en-fold'), v. t. slimutkan, 

slubotg, xalut;* (embrace) plok, 

Enforce (en-tors'), v. t. (compel) 

paksa, gagahi;* (strengthen) ttap- 

kan, Igohkan ; (give effect to) 

jalankan. To enforce the law, 

jalankan hukuni, jalankan undaiy- 

Enfranchise (en-fran'chlz)^ v. t. 

(set .free) merdhrkakan;* (give 

civic rights) bri hale ncgri* (Ar. 

Engage (en-gfij') v. i. (pledge one's 

self) janji, mtygop: (take part in) 

inasok lorgan. 
Engage, v. t. (pledge) janji; (gain 

for service) u pah kan ; (a house 

or (carriage) srwa; (by payment 

in advance, e^p. mid wives) Impah; 

(employ or occupy in) masokko.n ; 

(in battle) ikat pratg* 
Engaged (en-gfijd'). adj. (busy) ada 

kerja. bkrrja, Ufsnaig; (betroth- 
ed) bortunaig. 
Engagement (en-gfij'ment), s. 

(pledge) prrjanjian, pnmpahan;* 

(in marriage) iunaig, pcrjodohan; 

(occupation) pkerja'an. 
Engender (en-jen'der), v.t. (cause 

to exist) adakan, jadikan, datary- 

Engine (en'jin). s. rnjin (E.), pm- 

iral* jnfra* Engine driver, pn- 

jalan enjin* 
Engineer (en-ji-mV ) , s. injinir, 

tukarg psawat* 
Engineering (-ing), s. Hlmu psa- 

England (ing'gknd), s. negri Iig- 

English (ing'glish), adj. Irggris, 

or any Ttggris. 
Engrave (en-grav'), v.t. uJcir* 

lukis, pahatkan. 
Engraving (-ing), s. ^( the art) 

prgukiran:* (the thing engraved) 

ukiran* lukimn ; (a print) gam- 


ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; Ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minus, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin Men. 




Engross (en-gros'), v. t. (in writ- 
ing) Urn:* (occupy wholly) s- 
sakkan* To be engrossed in 
work, berturgkus-humix, tvigkn- 
lumor (B.). 

Engulf (en-gulf), v. t. tlan. 

Enhance (en-bans'), v. t. ta-nibali, 

Enigma (e-nig'ma), s. (riddle) 
tha-tki, libi (P.). 

Enjoin (en-join'), v. t. (command) 
suroli, psan, amarkan (Ar.) ; (pro- 
hibit ) tgah kan , tali a nka n . 

Enjoy (en-joi'), v. t. (take pleasure 
in) gmar akan* suka; (possess) 

Enjoyable (-a-bl), adj. sdap. 

Enjoyment (-ment), s. kgmaranr 
ksuka'an, snka-hati, gerarg (X.I.). 

Enlarge (en-larj'). v. i. (grow 
large) bcrtambah; (expatiate) 
lanjutkan pcrkata'an. To enlarge 
upon, shurali (Ar.). 

Enlarge, v. t. (make large) bsar- 
kan; (expand) luaskan, lapaig- 

Enlargement (-ment), s. kluasan* 
k lapanja n , ;; mbsaran . 

Enlighten (en-lit'n), -v. t. (illu- 
minate) trargi, trargkan ; (the 
mind) traigkan, lapanjkan, buka;* 
(instruct) ajar. 

Enlist (en-lisf ) v. t. (register) 
daftarkan (Ar.) ; (soldiers by 
conscription ) krah* 

Enliven (en-Hv'n), v. t. (make 
vigorous or active) galakkan, 
hidopkan ; (the spirits) sukakan. 

Enmity (en'mi-ti), s. (personal) 
perstrua n /* (national ) permusoh - 

Ennoble (en-no'bl), v. t. muliakan. 

Enormity (e-nor'mi-ti), s. (im- 
mensity ) ksargatan ;* ( atrocity ) 
hjahatan, m'asiat (Ar.). 
Enormous (e-nor'rmjs), adj. (im- 
mense) terbsar, terlalu bsar; 
(atrocious) jahat skalL An en- 

ormous size, bsar-nya bukan buat- 

Enough (e-nuf ) adv. cliukop, 

pa da* 
Enough, int. sudah. 
Enquire (en-kwif), v. i. (ask a 

question) tarya; (make examin- 
ation) preksa, slidek* 
Enquiry (-i), s. (question) per- 

fanja'an; (investigation) saksama 

(Sk.). preksa' an. 
Enrage (en-raj'), v. t. marahkan, 

Enraged (en-rajd'), adj. galak y 

hernia* gila, hati terbakar* 
Enrapture (en-rap'chur), v.t. su- 
kakan , gmarkan* 
Enrich (en-rich'), v.t. kayakan; 

(with ornamentation) hiasi* 

riaskan (B.) ; (the soil) gmokkan. 
Enrol (en-rol') v. t. daftarkan 

Ensconce (en-skons'), v.t. (shel- 
ter) lindorgkan; (conceal) sm- 

Enshroud (en-shrowd'), v. t. (of a 

corpse) kapankan (Ar.) ; (cover) 

sluborg, tudorg, sapid* 
Enshrine (en-shrin') v. t. (cherish) 

plihara, simpan. 
Ensign (en'sm), s. (flag) bndera 

(Port.) ; (banner) panji-panjij* 

(symbol) 'alamat (Ar.). 
Enslave (en-slav'), v.t. perham- 

bakan, falokkan (Ar.). 
Ensnare (en-snaf), v.t. jratkan, 

Ensue (en-sii'), v. i. ikut, turut. A 

fight then ensued, kmdian mnjadi 

Ensure (en-shoor'), v.t. tntukan. 
Entail (en-taT), s. ktntuan wa- 

siat* (Ar. wasiyat). 

Entail, v. t. (of property) tntukan 

wasiat;* (cause) bawa, datargkan. 

Entangle (en-tang'gl), v.t. (make 

tangled) kusutkan, T^achaukan; 

(stronger) bojotkan* srgkarut- 

iite, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minws, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




lean;* (in complications) cTiam- 
pur, gndalakan* 
Entanglement (-rnent), s. kusut, 
kachau, ho jot* gndala* as above; 
(of jungle) rambvn* 
Enter (en'ter), v. t. (come or go 
into) vtasok; (violently) tin poll ; 
(penetrate) tut;* (perforate, 
break through) tmbus; (with dif- 
ficulty, just able to get in) lulus;* 
(easily, as a loose ring) chlus* 
To enter into, masok. 

Enter, v. i. masok. 

Enteric (en-ter'ik), adj. prot (a). 
Enteric fever, dmam kpialu. 

Enterprise (en'ter-priz), s. (under- 
raking) perbuatan, pkerja'an bsar 
atau sukar;* (readiness to under- 
take) pran/ai orcurj yanj in nw poh 
perkara yiug sukar* [susah (B.)]. 

Enterprising (-ing), adj. yaig 
brani mnmpoh perkara yarg sukar* 

Entertain (en-ter-tan'), v. t. (sup- 
port) bla* plihara; (as guests) 
jamu* raik an (Ar.), chia n (Ch.) 
( B.) : (amuse) sukakan hall; 
(admit, receive) trima. To en- 
tertain an opinion, tar oh fikiran. 

Entertainment (-inent), s. (act of 
entertaining) hal mmlihara,* hal 
inn jamu* etc.; (that which enter- 
tains) per jam-van ,* ksuka'an, 
xuka-suka (B.), pp.* to, (N.I.) 

Enthral (en-tlirawl'), v. t. lawan- 

Enthrone (en-thron') v. t. naikkan 
k'atas takhta, lantek* tabalkan 
(Ar.), Tcasi dudok jadi raja (B.). 

Enthusiasm (en-thu'zi-asm), s. 
ghairat (Ar.), muhibbah (Ar.). 

Enthusiastic (-as'tik), adj. muliib- 
bah (Ar.), geraiy hati (B.). 

Entice (en-tls'), v. t. (draw on) 
bawa hati oraig, ajak, ajat (B.) ; 
(by persuasion) pujok. See also j 


Enticement (ment), s. hal mrg- I 

ajak, hal mmbujoJc; (temptation) 
Entire (en-tir'), adj. s-gnap, s- 
chukop, smoa, antero (Port.) ; (of 
surface) sluroh; (of contents) s'- 
■m; (of length) s-panjarg; (of 
time) sunt ok* 
Entirely (-li), adv. s-mata-mata, 

s-habi*-h ah is, skali. 
Entitle (en-ti'tl), v. t. (give a 
name) glar, nama'i, namakan, bri 
nama; (give a claim) bri kuasa, 
bri hak* (Ar. naqq) : (qualify, 
make worthy) patutkan, layak- 
kan. The owner is entitled, ter- 
hak-hih bagi yaig ampvrya* To 
be entitled to. patut mndapat. 
Entity (en'ti-ti), s. (real being) 

k'ada'an, ujud* (Ar. wujud). 
Entomb (en-toom' ) , v. t. kuborkan, 

tana m ka n, m akam kan ( Ar. ) . 
Entomology (en-to-mol'o-ji), s. 
'ilmu ulat dan binatarg yaig kchil- 
Entrails (en'tralz), s. id prot,* tali 

Entrance (en' trans), s. (act of en- 
tering) hal masok; (permission to 
enter) izin masok (Ar.) ; (place 
of entering) pintu, mulut; (of 
rivers) kuala. 
Entrance (en-trans'), v. t. (make 
insensible) lalaikan, jadikan ta'- 
sdar oravj (B.), bri khayal (Ar.) ; 
( fharm, delight) sukakan; (cause 
wonder) bri hairari; (stir emo- 
tion) rawankan* hati. 
Entrap (en-trap'), v. t. jratkan, 

Entreat (en-tret'), v. t. minta, po- 

Entrust (en-trust'), v. t. (deliver) 
srahkan; (commit, confide) p- 
tarohkan* amanatkan (Ar.). 
Entry (en'tri), s. (act of entering) 
hal masok; (record in writing) 
sur atari, Icira'an; (place of enter- 
ing) pintu, mulut 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minus, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




Entwine (en-twin'), v. t. (twist 
together) an/aw; (twist round) 
bUt, Hlit. 

Enumerate (e-nii'mer-at), v. t. 
(count) bilavj, hitorg ; (mention 
one by one) sbot satu persatu* 
shot satusatu. 

Enunciate (e-nun'shi-at) , v. t. (an- 
nounce, declare) khabarkan, rya- 
takan, masohorkan (Ar. mash- 
hur), m'ahimkan (Ar.) ; (pro- 
nounce) butyikan. 

Enunciation (e-nun-si-a/shwn), s. 
(declaration) perkhabaran; (pro- 
nunciation) binyi. 

Envelop (en-vel'op), v.t. (a per- 
son) dub 01 (j, dimntkan ; (things) 
hurrjkus, bolot : (in mist) sapid* 
klahot (B.). 

Envelope (en'vel-op or on'vel-op), 
s. (of a letter) sarorg surat, sam- 
pul sural* empJop (NVL). Also 
see above. 

Envenom (en-ven'i/m), v.t. (poi- 
son) bub oli* radian, bub oh ipoh * 
taroli radian (B.) : (with malice) 
pahitkan, sakitkon hati. 

Enviable (en'vi-a-bl), adj. yarg pa- 
tut orarg irgin, yaig di-kahandaki* 

Envious (en'vi-?/s), adj. berdigki, 
iri* hath miggiri hati (B.). 

Environ (en-vl'ivm), v.t. kporg, 

Environment (-ment), s. /nal-ehual 
yarg miglilirgi* 

Envoy (en'voij,*. idusan* pnjuroh, 

Envy (en'vi), v.t. berdigki akan, 
drgki sarna (B.). 

Envy, s. dnjki, iri hati, mrgiri hati 
(B.), hasad* (Ar. Hasad). 

Epaulet (ep'aw-let), s. kilat-bahu* 
renda bahu, jrumbai-bahu* 

Ephemeral (e-fem'er-al), adj. s- 
hari (a). 

Epicure (ep'i-kur), s. orarg yarg 
berlazat (Ar.). 

Epidemic (ep-i-dem'ik), adj. yarg 
mrata* berjargkit. 

Epidemic, s. (of disease) sampar, 
ha war, bnah.* 

Epidermis (ep-i-der'mis), s. kulit 

Epigram (ep'i-gram), s. si oka 

Epilepsy (ep'i-lep-si), s. gila babi, 
sawan babi. 

Epiphany (e-pifa-ni), s. hari-raya 
or a tg Majusi m rgh a dap A Imaseh. 

Episcopal (e-pis'ko-pal), adj. bi- 
shop (a) (E.j. 

Episode (ep'i-sod) ? s. kesah. In 
Malav writings episodes begin 
" M-kemhr 

Epistle (e-pis'l), s. surat kiriman. 

Epitaph (ep'i-taf), s. tulisan pada 
nesan* (Pers. nidi an), tulisan 
alas- boig-pai (B.) (C'h. borg-pai). 

Epithet (ep'i-thet), s. glaran. 

Epitome (e-pit'o-mi) s. (abridg- 
ment) rergkasanj* (short ac- 
count) karargan yaig rergkas,* 
clirita pcndek (B.). 

Epitomize (e-pit'o-mlz), v.t. rerg* 
kaskan* pendekkan (B.). 

Epoch (e'pok), s. (long period) 
zaman. jrnan (B.) ; (shorter) ma* 
sa* deirasa (Sk.). 

Epsom salts (ep'sMin sawlts or 
solts) s. garam pndiahar, purga 
gar am (B.). 

Equal (e'kwal), adj. sama; (in 
height) s-tara; (in age) s-baya, 
s-umor; (in size) s-bsar, sama 
bsar; (in value) sama herga, satu 
herga. Equal to (fit for), padan 

Equal, s. tar a, bandirg. He has no 
equal, tiada tara-nya, tiada s- 

Equal, v. t. (be equal to) sama'i; 
(make equal) samakan, rat akan. 

Equality (e-kwol'i-ti), s. sama, per~ 
sama' an. 

Equalize (e'kwal-iz), v.t. (make- 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minus, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




equal) samahan, ratahan; (make 
alike) srupahan. 
Equally (e'kwal-li), adv. sama, 

dry an bersama'an. 
Equanimity (e-kwa-nim'i-ti), s. 

panjarg kali, sabar. 
Equation (e-kvva'sh?ni), s. (a mak- 
ing equal) -persama'an; (Math.) 

Equator (e-kwa'ter), s. hhattu 'I- 

istiwa (Ar.). 
Equatorial (e-kwa-to'ri-al) , adj. 

Matin : l-i*liwa (a). 
Equestrian (e-kwes'tri-fln), adj. 

Jcuda (a). Equestrian statue, 

gambar orarg berhuda. 
Equidistant (e'kwi-dis'hmt), adj. 

sama jauh, sama jar ah* 
Equilibrium (-lib'ri-?/m), s. (state 

of rest) httapan: (of mind) 

httapan had big oh an hati, ttap 

hati. In equilibrium, bertimbaJ- 

Equine (e'kwin), adj. huda (a), 

sperti huda. 
Equinox (C/kwi-noks), s. mimm 

siarg dan ma! am spina panjarg. 
Equip (e-kwip'), v. t. Irghaphan, 

Equipage (ek'wi-pej). s. (outfit) • 

hhghapun, alat (Ar.). serba \ 

(Sk.) ; (of a house) alat rumah * \ 

serba* rumah: (of a ship) serba I 

hapal* alat praltu* serba prahu:* J 

(retinue, suite) pigirirg :* (car- j 

riage of state) hreta hbsaran. \ 

Equipment (e-kwip'ment), s. h- \ 

Equitable (ek'wi-ta-bl), adj. (im- , 

partial) tinda brat sblah: (just) 

'adil, pa hit. 
Equity '(ek'wi-ti), s. h'adttan, in- \ 

saf* (Ar. inmf). 
Equivalent (e-kwiv'a-lpnh. adj. j 

sama, s-rupa. sama herga. sama \ 

Equivocal (e-kwiv'o-ktfl), adj. (of 

doubtful meaning) yarg dua m'a- 

ita-if/a (Ar. m'ann). ta'tnln arti- 
v/a: (uncertain, doubtful) tatntu r 
ijaig adn shah dolam-nja (Ar.), 
Equivocate (e-k\nv'o-katj, v. i. pu~ 
slrq b'lit, berdnleh* berdolah-da~ 
Equivocation (-ka'sh//n), s. da- 

leh .* dolah-daleh* 
Era (e'ra), s. zaman, jman (B.) r 

niasa, farihli (Ar. ). 
Eradicate (e-rad'i-kat), v. t. (up- 
root) chabot, bantun:* (destroy 
utterly, as disease, errors) binasa- 
han. hilarghan, tiadahan, tvmpas. 
Erase (e-raY), v. t. (rub or scrape 
out) hihis; (obliterate) hap whan, 
iiilfughan, bun oh. 
Eraser (e-raz'er), s. pigihis, pig- 
It a pus. 
Erasure (e-ra'zrmr), ?. hihisan, ha* 

Ere (ar), prep, (before, sooner 
than) s-bhim. deri-pada; 
(rather than) rmah\ as, lie would 
die ere he would steal, rmah-lah 
mat I deri-pada mnchuri. Ere 
long. 1 10 da bra pa lain a. 
Erect (e-rekf), adj. tgah* chgah* 
berdiri bhd: (of hair) rmaig* 
Erect, v.t. (set upright) tgahhan* 
diriha n : ( build ) ba rgu n ha n, buat, 
naihhnn : (*(>t up, as machines) 
Erection (e-rek'shwn) ? s. (act of 
erecting) hal mn'galchan,* hal 
iumbatgunhan. hal mmasaig (as 
above) ; (the thing erected, build- 
ing) ba rgu nan. 
Erotic (e-rot'ik), adj. deri-hal 

bra hi* 
Err (or), v. :i. (deviate from true 
course) ssat : (be mistaken) silap, 
sal ah: (sin) berdosa. 
Errand (er'rand), s. (commission) 
psanan; (message) hlriman, su- 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry ; # ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minus, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thm then. 




roll an. Errand boy, tambi; (in 
Government offices) pion. 

Errata (er-ra/ta), s. pi. (in a book) 
glialal (Ar.), silap (Ar. khildf). 

Erratic (er-rat'ik), adj. (roving, 
wandering) yarg mrgmbara;* (de- 
viating from proper course) ssat. 

Erratum (er-ra't-am), s.; pi. er- 
rata, q. v. 

Erroneous (er-rd'ne-us), adj. ter- 

Error (er'rer), s. (mistake, in ac- 
curacy) dlap (Ar. khildf) ; (de- 
viation from truth) ksaldhan; 
(moral offence) dosa. 

.Eructate (e-ruk'tat), v. t. blahak, 
berdahak, scrdawa, sndawa (B.). 

Eructation (e-ruk-tii'shun), s. ser- 
dawa, sndawa (B.). 

Erudite (eYu-dit), adj. be/ilmu 3 
'alim (Ar.), paham. 

Eruption (e-rup'shun), s. (of vol- 
cano) Uopan* gunorg niltop 
(B.) ; (on the skin) ktumbohan; 
(pimples) jrawat. 

Erysipelas (er-i-sip'e-ks), s. basorg 
api,* basal api.* 

Escape (es-kap') v. i. (flee) Ian; 
(get clear from danger) Jpas, lu- 
chut, luput* elak; (issue) kluar. 

Escape, s. (act of fleeing) plarian; 
(getting free) klpasan, kluputan* 

Eschew (es-choo'), v. t. (shun) 
jauhkan diri deri-pada; (abstain 
from) pantargkan. 

Escort (es'kort), s. prgirirg* omrg 
mrghantar (B.). 

Escort (es-korf), v. t. (as atten- 
dants) irirg* kawankan (B.) ; 
(accompany) sertai, hantar. 

Esculent (es'ku-l^nt), adj. yarg 
boleh di-makan. 

Esoteric (es-o-ter'ik), adj. batin* 
(Ar. bdiin). 

Especially (es-pesh'al-li), adv. (par- 
ticularly) istimewa* kchudli, 
yarg terlbeh skali (B.) ; (in a 
high degree) terutama (Sk.) 

Esplanade (es-pla-nad'), s. padarg; 
(drive by the sea) jdlan di tpi 

Espousal (es-powz'al), s. pertu- 

Espouse (es-powz'), v. t. (betroth) 
tunaigkan; (take to wife) berbinir- 
kan* kahivinkan (B.) ; (take up, 
make one ? s own) ambil, targgorg. 

Espy (es-pi'), v. t. (catch sight of) 
nampak, lihaf; (inspect narrowly) 
intaij slidek* 

Esquire (es-kwir'), s. tuan, glaran 
omrg baik-baik. 

Essay (es-sfi'). v. t. c'hoba, see ef- 

Essay (es'sa), s. (attempt) choba- 
rhoba; (treatise) karargan, rn- 
< hatia (Sk.). 

Essayist (es'sa-ist), s. piyararg. 

Essence (es'scns), s. (constituent 
qualities or substance) zat (Ar. 
dzat) : (the real being) k' add an : 
(distinctive character) pri;* (vir- 
tues of a drug) khasiat (Ar.), 
pati; (tivnt) oi/er warqi, aifcr km* 

Essential (es-sen'shal), adj. (of the 
essence) zat (a) ; (of the highest 
importance) hams, wajib (Ar.), 
fprdlu (Ar.), perlu (N.I.), id- 
dapat-t'wda, yarg msli (B.) ; (con- 
taining the virtues) berkhamit 

Essentially (4i), adv. (in an im- 
portant degree) sargat. 

Establish (es-tab'lish), v. t. (make 
firm) ttapkan, tgohkan; (appoint, 
enact) intukan, Uakkan; (found, 
create) adakan, jadikan; (prove) 
sahkan (Ar.), trargkan. Firmly 
established, karar (Ar.). 

Establishment (-nient), s. kttapan. 
ktgohan, ktntuan, k'addan. See 

Estate (es-taf), s. (state, con- 
dition) hal; (property) herta; 
(property left at death) psaka; 

-ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; Ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, mnws, cure, injury 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 


(plantation) kb-un, ladarg, karg- 
ka* (Ch. ?)_. 
Esteem (es-tem'), v. t. (set a value 
on) nilai* taksir (D.) ; (set a 
high value on, prize) indahkan, 
horm-atkan, permuliakan* brat- 
Esteem, g. (valuation) nilaian* 
taksir (D.) ; (high value) hormat. 
Estimable (es'tim-a-bl), adj. (valu- 
able) berherga; (worthy of es- 
teem) indah, mulia* terbilarg. 
Estimate (es'tim-at), v. t. (judge 
the value) nilai* arggar* taksir 
(D.) ; (calculate roughly) bilarg, 
kirakan; (guess) agak, gamak* 
Estimate (es'tim-et), s. arggaran, 

nilaian* taksir (D. taxeeren). 
Estimation (es-tim-a'shtm), s. (fa- 
vourable opinion) hormat, nama 
Estrange (es-tranj') ? v. t. (separate 
from) berchrai deri-pada, jauhkan 
diri, undorkan; (of the affections) 
jauhkan hati. Estranged from, 
bermusoh drgan. 
Estrangement (-ment), s. per- 

struan* permusohan, jauh hati. 
Estuary (es'chu-a-ri), s. kuala, 

Etch (ech), v. t. (on metal, glass, 

etc.) lukis; (sketch) tulis. 
Etching (ech'ing), s. (damascening 
on a kris) pamur;* (sketch) gam- 
Eternal (e-ter'nal), adj. Ideal, s- 
lama-lama-nja. baka* (Ar. baqaf) ; 
(of the future) abadi (Ar.) ; (of 
the past) azali (Ar.). 
Eternally (-H), adv. s-lama-rya, 

sntiasa* s-memarg. 
Eternity (-ni-ti), s. (without be- 
ginning) azal (Ar.) ; (without 
end) abad (Ar.) ; (the hereafter) 
Ether (e'ther), s. hawa arqkasa 
b (St). 
Ethereal (e-the're-al), adj. (of the 



upper air) argkasa (a) (Sk.) ; 
(light, tenuous) rergan; (delicate) 
Ethical (eth'i-kal), adj. deri-hal 

klakuan yarg baik. 
Ethics (eth'iks), s. f ilmu klakuan 

yarg wajib (Ar.), 'Umu kbaikan. 
Ethiopia (e-thi-o'pi-a), s. negri 

Ethiopian (-an), s. orarg Habshi, 

orarg Jarggi* orarg Kapri. 
Etiquette (et-i-kef), s. ( adat, isti- 
'adat (Ar.), f adat bhasa, tertib 
(Ar.), adab (Ar.). 
Etymology (et-i-mol'o-ji), s. 'Umu 

asal-usul pcrkata'an. 
Eucharist (u'ka-rist), s. Perjamu- 

an Tuhan (X.). 
Eulogize (u'lo-jiz), v. t. puji. 
Eulogy (-ji)., s. pujian. 
Eunuch (u'nwk), s. orarg kmbiri, 
orarg kasi* (Ar. khasi) ; (persons 
holding this office) sida-sida (Sk.). 
Euphonic (u-fon'ik), adj. merdu* 

sdap bunji-rya. 
Eurasian (ii-rfi'zhan), s. orarg 

Srani (Ar. Nasrdni). 
Europe (u'rop), s. negri Eropah, 

bnxia Eropah. 
European (u'ro-peW), adj. Eropah 


European, s. orarg Eropah. (In 

the Straits orarg puteh is only 

used for British). 

Evacuate (e-vak'u-at), v. t. (empty 

out, discharge) buarg, kluarkan; 

(quit, withdraw from) tirggalkan. 

Evacuate, v. i. buarg ayer bsar, k~ 

siugai* berak. 
Evacuation (-a'shim), s. hal mm- 
buarg, hal mnirggalkan, as above; 
(defecation) buarg ayer bsar, k- 
Evade (e-vad'), v. i. (slip away) 

lari, berlpas diri. 
Evade, v. t. (escape) Input;* 
(avoid, as a blow) elak. To evade 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minws, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




the police, I pas deri-pada taryan 

Evanescent (ev-an-es'sent), adj. 
yavf tiuyap, yaty tsap, yary yha'ib 

Evangelical (e-van-jel'i-kal), adj. 
derl-hal injil, mnurut ptyajaran 

Evangelist (e-van'jel-ist), s. guru 

Evangelize (-Iz), v. i. t. ajar injil. 

Evaporate (e-vapVnu ), v. i. (pass 
off in vapour) be neap; ( be dissi- 
pated, pass away) hilaty, lerbaty, 

Evasion (e-va'zhwn), s. hal Input* 
hat mryelak, plarian. See evade. 

Evasive (e-va/siv), adj. plari* pry- 
dak, putar-balek, pusiry blit. 

Eve (ev), s. plan], tore (X.J.) ; (the 
night before) mala hi. The eve of 
Friday, malam jmaai* malam 
hari am pat (B.). New Year's 
eve, malam taliun bharu. 

Eve, s. (the 1irst woman) H.awa. 

Even (e'vn), adj. (level) rata, na- 
tar* da tar;* (uniform) ,«ama, 
mma rata; (calm, of disposition) 
tnary* la mil (B.) (Oh.); (not 
rough on. the surface) paras; (not 
odd, of numbers) ynap. On an 
even keel (Naut.) tyak. 

Even, adv. (precisely, just) juga, \ 
btul; (so much as) juga; (as i 
might not be expected) a kali pun,, 
pun. Even as, sama * peril. Even 
if, even though, stagy oh pun, mski 
pun, iralaii pun (Ar.). Even so, 
bgitu juga. Love even your en- 
emies, kaseh alain niMoh-mu slcali 

Even, v. t. (make level or smooth) 
raiakan, datarkau* papas'kan;* 
(make equal, make quits) sama- 
kan, slsaikan, slisekan (B.). 

Even, s. = evening. 

Evenhanded (-handled), adj. 'adil. 

Evening (e'vn-ing or ev'ning), s. 

( before sunset) plan], sore (NX) : 
(about p.m.) snjakala; (after 
sunset) malam. Evening star. 
bintatg barat. Also see aetek- 


Event (e-vent/), s. (incident) per- 
kara, hal, hal-elucal* (Ar. an- 
tral. ]A. of \\al) ; (issue, result) 

Eventually (e-ven'tu-al-li), adv. 

Ever (ev'er) adv. (only of: the past ) 
pernah. Ever in the future sense 
must be translated as in the fol- 
lowing sentences : If you ever go 
There, kalau barargkali argkau per- 
gi sana. "Whenever you come, ba- 
raty bila atgkau dataty. I canno: 
»».ve!' do it again, skaU-kali sahya 
ta' botch buat lagi. For ever, kkal. 
s-la ma -la m a-rya. -See e vermor k. 

Evergreen (-gren), adj. (pokok) 
i/aty tiada luroh daun* yaiy daun- 
nja statu hijau. 

Everlasting (-last'ing), adj. (eter- 
nal ) kkal, s-lanha-lama-fya, baka* 
(Ar. ba-qa) ; (unceasing) tiada 
put us. tiada herkputusan. From 
everlasting, azali (Ar.). To ever- 
lasting, ahadi (Ar.). 

Evermore (-mor), adv. (for ever) 
sampai kkal, sampai s-lama-lama- 
nja; (always) statu, snliasa* snn- 
iiasa (Sk.j. 

Every (ev'er-i), adj. (all) smoa, 
syala, sklian; (eacli) tiap-tiap, 
masay-masay, s-bilaty* Every 
day, s-hari-hari, hari -hari, sahan 
hari (NX). Every now and 
then, kadary-kadaiy. Every one, 
iiap-liap orary, masiiy-masug 
orary. bilaiy kpala. Every other 
day. bershay-slan] hari, dua hari 
s-kali. Every three days, liga- 
liya hari s-kali. 

Everybody (ev'er-i-bod-i), s. smoa 
orary, syala orary, barary-siapa, 

ate ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, Tecent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 
' mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minus, cure, injure, 
hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




tiap-tiap oranj, baraiy-siapa pun 

Everyday (ev'er-i-da), adj. (in 
common ) lasak. 

Everyone, s. = everybody. 

Everything (ev'er-i-thing), s. ba- 
rarg-apa, bararg s-suatu* smoa, 
sgala s-suatu-,* apa-apa pun. 

Everywhere (ev'er-i-whar), adv. 
s-gnap tin pat, s-gnap sana-sini* 
di-mana-mana pun, mrata-rata. 
To hirnt everywhere, puas mu- 
ch ari, jn oh m tick a ri. * 

Evict (e-vikt'), v. t. kluarkan deri- 
pada hak* (Ar. iiaqq). 

Evidence (ev'i-dtms), s. ksaksian, 
kryata'an, klratyan. 

Evidence, v. t. saksikan. 

Evident (-dent), adj. njala, trary, 

Evil (e'vl), adj. jahat; (calamitous, 
nnpropitious) sial, chlaka. An 
evil influence, badi. The evil one, 
iblis, setan (Ar. shavmn). Evil 
speaking, urn pal, fiinah (Ar.). 

Evil, s (injury, mischief, harm) bn- 
chana, chlaka, balak (Ar. bala) ; 
(moral badness) k/ahatan. King's 
evil (scrofula), pnjakit lehir m- 

Evince (e-vins'), v. t. njatakan, 
trargkan, tun jo kka n. 

Evoke (e-vok'), v. t. (by magic) 
chitakan* baigkitkan;* (call 
forth, as energy, power) kluarkan. 

Evolution (ev-o-lu'shun), s. 
(growth, development) pnumboh- 
an, pigmbaigan,* kmajuan* 

Evolve (e-volv'), v. t. (unfold, open, 
expand) buka, kmbaty, tumboh. 

Ewe (ii), s. domba btina, kambirg 
biri-biri btina. 

Ewer (u'er), s. jak bsar (E. jug), 

Ex- (eks), bkas* The ex-prime 
minister, bkas perdana mntri* 

Exact (egz-akf), adj. (precisely 
correct) btul, tpatj* (neither 

more nor less) gnap; (accurate, 
precise, of persons) chermat* ji- 

Exact, v. t. (demand by force) tun- 
I ut dtgan paksa, luntut dig an kra-s, 
ram pas. 

Exactly (-li), adv. btul tpat* btul- 

Exaggerate (egz-aj'er-at), v. t. 
lampaui* bsarkan. Ibeh-lbrhkan. 

Exaggeration (-a/slum), s. klam- 

Exalt (egz-awlt'), v. t. (lift up) 
tirggikan; (in rank, etc.) atykat, 
naikkan ; (praise, glorify) puj-i, 
bsarkan , mgahkan * muliakan* 
To exalt one's self, mrgatas-nja- 
las* mgahkan* diri, iuygikan 
diri, bsarkan diri. 

Exaltation (-a'sh//n), s. kluggian, 
kbsaran , km ulia'an* kmgahan;* 
as above. 

Examination (egz-am-i-na/slmn), s. 
(investigation) pmreksa'an, sak- 
sam a ( Sk. ) , s iasa t ( Ar. ) , prylidek- 
an:* (test of knowledge) preksa:'- 
an; (interrogation) pertaiya'an ; 
see below. 

Examine (egz-am'in), v. t. (in- 
spect ) preksa; (more carefully) 
belek* slidck;* (judicially) sia- 
mt (Ar.) ; (interrogate) bertarya- 
kan; (test) uji. 

Examiner (-er), s. pmreksa. 

Example (egz-am'pl), s. (sample) 
chontoh; (pattern, copy) tuladan, 
eh out oh; (instance) mesal (Ar. 
mithal) ; (comparison) kias (Ar.) ; 
(warning) laraigan. For ex- 
ample, mesal-?i/a* andai-iya* ka- 
takan saja (B.), mesalkan chakap 
saja (B.). 

Exasperate (egz-as'per-at), v. t. 
gusari* datatgkan marah, naikkan 
mar ah. 

Exasperation (-a'shim), s. marah, 
gusar* gram, panas hati; (of 
princes) murka (Ar.). 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minws, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




Excavate (eks'ka-vat), v. t. (hol- 
low out) korek; (dig out) gali; 
(horizontally) chbak* 
Exceed (ek-sed'), v. t. (go beyond) 
Ibehi, laluij* (surpass) lampaui* 
Exceedingly (-ing-li), adv. a mat* 
saigat, terlampaii* terlampon 
(B.), bukan alarg-kpalaig, bukan 
Excel (ek-sel'), v. t. (go beyond, 
outdo) Ibehi, lalui;* (surpass) te- 
Excellence (ek'sel-lens), s. utama 
(Sk.), k'elokan* kmulia'an. His 
Excellence or Excellency, titan 
yarg ter utama (Sk.). 
Excellent (-lent), adj. yarg m- 
Ibehi* yarg terutama* indah, mu- 
lia, elok. 
Except (ek-sepf), v. t. (exclude) 
lainkan, kchualikan;* (omit) tirg- 
galkan, tolak. 
Except, conj, Jcalau iidak, jlkalau 

tiada, mlainkan, hanja.* 
Except, prep, lain deri-pada, chu- 
ma, hanja* mlainkan. All except 
one, cliuma sain yarg iidak, satu 
sahaja di-kch ualikan. * 
Exception (ek-sep'shwn), s. kchu- 
ali* kchualian* To take excep- 
tion to, tiada berknan akan, t'ada 
s-tuju (B.). 
Exceptionable (-a-bl), adj. yarg 

tiada di-perknankan* 
Exceptional (-al), adj. (forming 
an exception) berkchuali;* (not 
ordinary, superior) bukan bararg- 
bararg* bukan alaig-kpalarg, bu- 
Jcan s-bararg (B.), bukan kpalarg 
lagi (B.). 
Excess (ek-ses'), s. (superabun- 
dance) klbehan, klampauan* k- 
lempahan* ksargatanj* (extra- 
vagance) pmborosan; (remain- 
der) baki* (Ar. baqi), Ibeh. In 
excess, berlepak-lepak* 
Excessive (-iv), adj. terlampau* 

terlampon (B.), terlalu, Ibeh deri- 
pada. { adat; (of heat or price) 
trek; (of pain) trok. 
Exchange (eks-chanj'), v. t. tukar, 
gantl; (money) tukar, nrup (N. 

Exchange, s. (act of exchanging) 
tukaran, gantian; (place of ex- 
change) rumah perniaga'an, tmpat 
pertukaran warg, tmpat mrgurup 
warg (N\L). 
Exchequer (eks-chek'er),'s. (treas- 
ury) perbndahara'an* khazanah 
(Ar.), tmpat simpan warg (B.). 
Excise (ek-siz'), v. t. (cut out) 
krok; (in writing) -pararg* po~ 
Excise, s. cliukai, hastt, bia (IS J.). 
Excitable (ek-slt'a-bl), adj. (ner- 
vous, ticklish) gli, snarg tergli 
Excite (ek-sif), v. t. (arouse) barg- 
kitkan, grakkan; (kindle passions, 
etc.) galakkan, bri berrargsarg* 
radargkan* gmberakan;* (pro- 
voke) usek; (stir up) haru-biru- 
kan* gmparkan* taroh batu-api, 
(animals to fight) oja.* 
Excitement (-ment), s. gmbera,* 
rargsarg* prargsarg, gmpar* ha- 
ru-biru* See above. 
Exclaim (eks-klam'), v. i. bertriak, 

Exclamation (eks-kla-ma'srwn), s, 

triak, sru* 
Exclude (eks-klud'), v. t. (shuf 
out) kluarkan; (hinder from en- 
tering) tgah'; (prevent) tahan, 
(thrust out) tolak, buarg, halau. 
Exclusion (-klu'zhun), s. tgahan. 
Exclusive (-siv), adj. yarg mn'gdh- 
kan, yarg mnolak. Exclusive of 
lain deri-pada, kchuali* 
Excommunicate (eks-kom-mu'ni- 
kat), v. t. tolak deri-pada per 
skutuan atau agama, buarg der 
greja (B.), 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fir< 
mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry \ use, us, minus, cure, injure, 
hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then." 




Excoriate (eks-kor'i-at), v. t. le- 

Excrement (eks'kre-ment), s. tahi, 
najis (Ar.), ia'ik (B.). 

Excrescence (eks-kres'ens), s. gm- 
bol* bonjol, jndol. 

Excrete (eks-kref), v. t. (throw 
off, discharge as useless) buaiy. 

Excruciate (eks-kroo'shi-at), v. t. 
scksa kan , >• igsara lean ( Sk. ) , 
'adzabkan (Ar.). 

Exculpate (eks'kul-pfit), v. t. Ipas- 
Tcan d-eri-pada salah. 

Excursion (eks-ker'shwn), s. (expe- 
dition) aigkalan, sratyan;*' (pleas- 
ure trip) makan aigin. 

Excusable (eks-kftz'a-bl), adj. yarg 
boleh di-ampunij yaixj boleh di- 
mahapkan (Ar. ma'af). 

Excuse (eks-kuz'), v. t. (exculpate) 
Ipaskan deri-pada salah; (pardon) 
ampuni, mahapkan (Ar. ma'af). 
To excuse one's self (take leave) 
bermohon* minta din* To ask 
to be excused (from doing a 
thing) mohon* mini a mahap 
(Ar. ma'af). 

Excuse (eks-kus'), s. (pardon, ac- 
quittal) ampun, mahap (Av. ma'- 
af) ; (apology, subterfuge) daleli* 

Execrable (eks'e-kra-bl), adj. ter- 
kutok, kbnehian, patut kna sum- 
pah (B.). See below. 

Execrate (eks'e-krat), v. t. (curse) 
kulok; (detest) bnchi. 

Execute (eks'e-kut), v. t. (com- 
plete, finish) habiskan, sudahkan, 
smpurnakan, hasilkan (Ar.) ; 
(perform) buai, lakukan* kerja- 
kan; (a deed) sain (E.), buboh 
tanda-targan, taroh tanda targan 
(B.) ; (put to death) bunoh; 
(with the kris) salaig;* (by 
strangling) kujut. 

Execution (-ku'shtm), s. (consum- 
mation) ksudahan; (death penal- 
ty) pmbunohan, hukum bunoh; 
(act of performing) perbuatan. 

Executioner (-er), s. pertanda,* 
plbaija* orarg yaig gantorg orary 


Executive (egz-ek'u-tiv), adj. yaiy 
dapat mlakukan* yarg dapat m- 
■lyerjakan, yanj boleh jalankan 

Executor (-ter), s. kuasa, wakil 
(Ar. irakil) ; (of a will) ivasi 
(Ar. wasi). 

Exemplary (egz-em'pla-ri), adj. 
(serving as a warning) yaig mn- 
jadi lararyan; (serving as a pat- 
tern) yary mnjadi iuladan. 

Exemplification (-pli-fi-ka'shwn), a. 
chontoh, iuladan; (illustration) 

Exemplify (-pli-fl), v. t. (illus- 
trate) ryatakan, mnjadi tulad/xn, 
'iba rat kan (Ar.), mcsalkan (Ar. 

Exempt (egz-emf), v. t. Ipaskan, 
beb axka n, k cli ua likan . * 

Exempt, adj. I pas, bebas. 

Exemption (egz-emp'sh?m), s. k- 
Ipamn, kbebasan. 

Exercise (eks'er-siz), s. hal mlaku- 
kan* hal mm-biasakan diri, snam* 
latehan* Military exercises, ba- 
ns, latehan* kawa'id (Ar.). 

Exercise, v. t. (cause to act) usaha- 
kan:* (practise) biasakan, laku- 

Exercise, v. i. latch* bersnam,* 
kawa'id* (Ar. qawaid). 

Exert (egz-erf), v. t. (put forth, as 
strength or will) kluarkan. To 
exert one's self, umhakan diri* 
gagahi diri* bersuiygoh-surggoh, 
bantiiy tularg, berkial-kial, ber- 

Exertion (egz-er'slum), s. usaha 
(Sk.), bantitg tulaiy, kllahan* 

Exhale (eks-hal' or egz-al'), v. t. 
(breathe out) hmbuskan. 

Exhale, v. t. berwap, merwap, ber- 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry ; # ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minus cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




Exhaust (egz-awsf), v. t. (drain or 
draw out completely) habiskan, 
hilargkan ; (weary or tire out) 
pnatkan, Imalikan, jrehkan* tnaU 

Exhausted, adj. Inat, pereh, ier- 
pereh ( r>. ) . 

Exhaustion (-aws'clmn), s. kpnat- 
an, klmahan. 

Exhibit (egz-ib'it), v. t. (present 
to view) perlihatkan; (show., dis- 
play) tiinjokkan, njatakan. 

Exhibition (eks-i-bi'slrun), s. (act 
of exhibiting) pertunjok'an; 
(show) tmasa (Sk. fa mash a). 

Exhilarate (egz-il'a-rat), v. t. 
(make merry) snkakan, riakan* 

Exhilaration (-ra'shzm), s. kmbarg- 
rabii* ksuka'an. 

Exhort (egz-orf), v. t. (by advice) 
nasih a tka n * irga tkan. 

Exhume (eks-litim'), v. t. korek 
may at deri knbor. 

Exigency (eks'i-jen-si), s. (press- 
ing need) hajat (Ar.) ; (lack, 
deficiency) kkuraiyan, kssak'an. 

Exile, (eks'Jl), v. t. buary deri negri, 
halau, buarg bombai. 

Exile, s. (banishment) pmbuaryan; 
(a person) orary buaiyan, orarg 
dagarg, orarg kluar an, orary kna 

Exist (egz-isf), v. i. (be) ada; 
(live) hidop. 

Existence (-ens), s. V ada' an, iijud* 
(Ar. wujud). 

Existent (-ent), adj. yarg ada, lagi 

Exit (eks'it), s. (departure) kluar- 
an; (way out) tmpat kluar, jalan 
kluar, pintu. 

Exodus (eks'o-dws), s. kluaran. 

Exonerate (egz-on'er-at), v. t. Ipas- 
kan deri-pada sal ah, suehikan deri- 
pada salah. 

Exorbitant (egz-or'bi-tant), adj. 
terlampau* lb eh deri-pada 'adat, 
terlampon mahal (B.). 

Exorcise (eks'or-slz), v. t. (casfc 
out, as spirits) buarg; (destroy 
evil influences by charms) ta- 
irari:* (a person) papas; (a place 
by offerings) semaJi. 

Exorcist (-sist), s. paivarg. 

Expand (eks-piind'), v. i. kmbarg; 
(as rice when boiled) mvai;* (as 
1he stomach) kmborg; (become 
larger) mmbsar. 

Expand, v. t. (open wide) kmbarg- 
kan: (enlarge) luaskan. To ex- 
pand the breast, tebergkan dada* 

Expanse (-pans'), s. (extent) 
kluasan* The expanse of heaven, 
brrtaryan laiyit. 

Expansion (-pan'sh?/n), s. (act of 
expanding) prgmbargan; (enlarge- 
ment, extension) kluasan. 

Expansive (-siv), adj. (wide ex- 
tending) luas; (tending to ex- 
pand) yary kmbarg. 

Expatiate (eks-pa'shi-at), v. i. Ian- 
jutkan perkataan. 

Expatriate (eks-pa'tri-at), v. t. 
buarg deri negri. 

Expect (eks-pekf), v. t. (look for- 
ward to) nantikan; (anticipate) 
sargka; (with hope) harap. 

Expectant (-flnt), s. yarg mnanti- 

Expectation (-a'slmn), s. (act of 
expecting) hal mnanti; (thing ex- 
pected) yarg di-nanUkan, harapan, 
sargka; see expect. 

Expectorate (eks-pek'tor-at), v. i 
kluarkan dahak, kahak, ludali. 

Expectoration (-a'slwn), s. hoi 
mrgluarkan dahak, hal mludali. 

Expediency (eks-pe'di-en-si), s. 
(advantage) untorg, fa'idah. 

Expedient (-ent), adj. (fit, proper)' 
patut, baik, lay ah; (advantage- 
ous) beruntorg, berfa'idah* 

Expedient, s. (means to an end) 
daya-upaya;* (makeshift) 'akah 
elah* (Ar. mlah). 

ate ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire* 
' mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minws, cure, injure, 
hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful) ; law, how, oil; thin then. 




Expedite (eks'pe-dlt), v. t. (has- 
ten) sgrakan, Ikaskan, bargatkan* 

Expedition (-di'srmn), s. (haste) 
sgra, chpat; (excursion) argkaian, 

Expeditious (-di'shus), adj. Ocas, 
chpat, batgat* pantas. 

Expel (eks-peF), v. t. kluarkan, 
b u a tgkan, h a la u kan, tyah ka n* 

Expend (eks-pend'), v. t. (employ) 
pakai, gunakan; (consume) habis- 
kan; (spend) blanjakan. 

Expenditure (-i-chiir), s. blanja, 
perblanja'an, onjkos (X.I.) (I). 

Expense (eks-pens'), s. blanja. 
Petty expenses, blanja kropas-kra- 
pis* blanja kertak-kertik (B.), 
blanja rnchek-rnchek (B.). 

Expensive (-pen'siv), adj. mahal. 

Experience (eks-per'i-cns), s. (per- 
sonal acquaintance) pigtahuan; 
( practice ) kb iasa'a n . 

Experience, v. t. (be acquainted 
with) taha; (have befall one) 
kna, bertmu drgan; (be affected 
by, feel) rasa, tatggotg. 

Experienced (-enstj, adj. (taught 
by practice) 1ahu, biam, maliir* 
(Ar. mahir), masak. 

Experiment (eks-peYi-rnent), s. 
(trial, test) prgujian, pmreksa'an, 
ktyata'an, choba-choba. 

Experiment, v. i. choba, prekm, uji. 

Experimental (-men'tel), adj. (by 
experiment) drgan uji, drgan 
choba-choba; (by experience) 
drgan biasa. 

Expert (eks-perf), adj. yatg biam, 
yarg tahn, paham, mahir (Ar.), 
ahli (Ar.), pandai, pintar (X. I.). 

Expert (eks'pert), s. oratg paham 
(Ar. fa-ham), oratg pandai, ahli 

Expiate (eks'pi-at), v. t. (make 
amends for) gantikan. To expiate 
a crime, bayer hutarg dosa. 

Expiration (eks-plr-a'shim), s. (of 
breath) nafas; (of time) kputus- 
an, ksudahan, ptghabisan, habis 

Expire (eks-plr'), v. i. (breathe 
out) kluar nafas; (die) put us rya- 
wa; (terminate) habis; (cease, 
become extinct, as a lease) mati. 
The time has expired, ivaktu-rya 
sudah lewat. 

Explain (eks-plan'), v. t. trargkan, 
ryatakan, artikan, shurahkan 
(Ar.) ; (of riddles or problems) 

Explanation (eks-pla-na/slmn), s. 
(act of explaining) ktyata'an, p- 
tgertian; (meaning) arti; (recon- 
ciliation) perstujuan; (commen- 
tary) to f sir (Ar.), shurah (Ar.). 

Explanatory (eks-plan'a-tor-i) , adj. 
yarg mnrargkati, yatg mryatakan. 

Expletive (eks-ple/tiv), s. sumpah. 

Explicit (eks-plis'it), adj. irarg, 

Explode (eks-plod'), v. i. Hop, m- 
Itop (B.). 

Exploit (eks'ploit), s. perbuatan 
perkasa (Sk.), perbuatan yarg ber- 
nama (B.). 

Exploration (eks-plor-a'slnm), s. 
pmreksa a n, p tylideka n. * 

Explore (eks-pleV), v. t. (examine) 
preksa; (minutely) slidek;* (by 
probing) duga; (for discovery) 

Explosion (eks-plo'zlum), s. Uop-. 

Explosive (cks-plo'siv), adj. yarg 

Exponent (eks-po'nent), g. yarg 
mnandakan, yatg trargkan (B.). 

Export (eks'port), s. dagargan yarg 
kluar* baraig yatg di-hantar 
kluar deri negri. 

Export (eks-porf) , v. t. baiua kluar, 
baiva dagatgan.* 

Exporter (-er), s. yatg mmbawa 
dagatgan kluar. 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minus, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




Expose (eks'poz), v. t. (display, ex- 
hibit) buka, tunjokkan; (lay 
bare) ddah, buka; (lay open, dis- 
close) ryatakan, tunjokkan; (as a 
signboard) dende-rgkan* To ex- 
pose to. the sun, jmor. To be ex- 
posed to, kna. 

Expostulate (eks-pos'tu-lat), v. i. 
To expostulate with, tmplak. 

Exposure (eks-po'zhur), s. hal mm- 
buka, hal mnjadi terbaka. In- 
decent exposure, tersalah kain. 

Expound (eks-pownd'), v. t. arti- 
kan, trargkan, ryatakan: (as a 
commentary) tafsirkan (Ar.). To 
expound a knotty point, nrai* 

Express (eks-pres'), v. t. (squeeze 
out) prolx ; (represent, manifest) 
ryatakan; (declare what is in 
one's mind) trargkan, katakan. 

Express, s. (messenger) surohan 
yatg pantas; (train) Tc-reta som- 
botg ; (circular) saklar ("R), pm- 
bri-tah u. 

Express, adj. (exact) btnl; (dis- 
tinct, clear) trarg, njata; (for a 
particular purpose) dtgan stgaja, 
Ichax* (Ar. khans). 

Expression (eks-presh'?m), s. (act 
of expressing) hal mmrah, hal 
mnjatakan, hal rnnratgkan, kryata'- 
an ; (phrase) perchaka pan , per- 
bhasa'an :* (of the face) ayer 
muka; sec expkkss. 

Expressive (eks-pres'iv), adj. yatg 
miyatakan, yatg innrargkan. 

.Expressly (-11), adv. (with distinct 
purpose) dtgan stgaja. 

Expulsion (eks-pui'shi/n), s. Ital 
mmbuatgkan, hal mtiolak. 

Expunge (eks-punj'), v. t. (blot 
out) ha pus,* bunoh; (destroy, an- 
nihilate) binamkan, turn pas. 

Expurgate (eks'per-gat), x.i.ber- 
sehkan, suchikan. 

Exquisite (eks'kwi-zit), adj. (ex- 

cellent) indah, el ok; (extreme) 
yarg a mat sargat, yaig terlalu. 
Exquisite, s. (fop) psolek, si ka- 

Extant (eks'tait), adj. (still exist- 
ing) yatg lagi acta. 
\ Extemporary (eks-tem'por-a-ri), 
| adj. (without preparation) yarg 
i tiada di-sdiakan dhulu. 
j Extempore (-por-i), adv. drgan 
\ tiada mtydiakan, dtgan tiada di- 
| sdia-kan dhulu; (suddenly) serta- 
| inert a. 

I Extemporize (-iz), v. t. (speak ex- 
: tempore) bertutor dtgan tiada m- 
! vjdiakan dhulu; (prepare hastily) 
j siapkan serta-merta. To extem- 
| porize verses, berpantun. 
'Extend (eks-tend'), v. i. (spread 
out) kmbatg, larat, rambak;* (as 
a sore) royak;* (as liquids) ruak, 
\ mruap (B.). To extend to, sam- 
\ pal. 

\ Extend, v. t. (stretch out, prolong) 
panjatgkati; (as a rope) rntarg : 
(tightly) tgatg; (enlarge, expand) 
; luaskan, lapatgkan; (prolong, of 
1 ime ) lanjutkan, tatggohkanr 
(hold or stretch forth, as the arm) 
Indor, unjok, kdatg;* (as the legs) 
lunjor; (as the wings) kmbarg- 
kan; (as the tongue) julor; (be- 
stow, as svmpathv. etc.) bri, vn- 

j jok. 

| Extension (-ten'sin/n), s. (act of 

extending) hal mmanjargkan, etc., 

as above. Extension of time, ma- 

sa pertatygoltan* tern poll. 

; Extensive (-siv), adj. (of wide ex- 

i tent) luas, laparg, rambarg, bi~ 

\ dang. 

j Extent (eks-tenf), s. (space, bulk) 
j kluasan, klapargan, kbsaran; (de- 
I gree, measure ) kdar* kadar* (Ar. 
! qadar) . 

I Extenuate (eks-ten'u-at), v. t. 
(make slender) snikan* halusi; 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire ; 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minws, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




(palliate, lessen) rergankan, ku- 

Exterior (eks-ter'i-er), adj. luar, 
sblah luar, lahir* (Ar. tldhir). 

Exterior, s. luar, sblah luar, hulit. 

Exterminate (eks-ter'mi-nat), v. t. 
tumpas, binasalcan. 

Externa] (eks-ter'nal), adj. luar, 
sblah luar, lahir* (Ar. tlahir). 

Extinct (eks-tingkt'),adj. (quench- 
ed) padam; (without survivor) 
pupus* habis; (dead) habis malL 

Extinguish (eks-ting'gwish), v. t. 
(quench) padam; (put an end to) 
tiadakan, hilargkan, habiskan. 

Extirpate (eks'ter-pat), v. t. (root 
out) chabot, bantun;* (destroy 
wholly) pupuskan* tumpas. 

Extol (eks-tol'), v. t. puji, bsar- 
lean, tirggikan. 

Extort (eks-torf), v. t. atnbil drgan 
kras, ram pas, hisap darah. 

Extortioner (-tor'slnm-er), s. pa'- 

Extra (eks'tra), adv. yarg lb eh, tarn- 
bah, tokok, basi* An extra help- 
ing of rice, nasi tambah. 

Extract (eks-trakf), v. t. (pull out) 
chabot; (withdraw) kluarkan; 
(select) pileh. 

Extract (eks'trakt), s. (quotation) 
puigutan, chabotan; (copy) tint- 
an;* (essence) pati, khasiat (Ar.). 
Mukim extract, gran kchil (E. 
grant) . 

Extraction (eks-trak'srrwn) , s. (the 
act) hal mnchahot, etc., as above; 
(lineage) kturunan, bneh. 

Extradition (eks-tra-dish'wn) , s. 

Extraneous (eks-tra/ni-ws), adj. 
(not belonging to) yarg tiada ber- 
kna'an, yaig tiada mnasabah drgan 
(Ar.) ; (foreign) kluaran, daganj, 
deri negri lain. 

Extraordinary (eks-tror'di-na-ri) , 
adj. (unusual) yarg tiada biasa; 
(more than ordinary) bukan ba m 

rarg-bararg, bukan s-bararg (B.), 
bukan kpalaiy, bukan buatan, Ibeh 
deri-pada 'adat; (rare, uncom- 
mon) plek* jararg; (wonderful) 
hairan, 'ajdib (Ar.). 

Extravagance (eks-trav'a-gans), s. 
(excess) ksargatan, klampauan;* 
(prodigality) pmborosan. 

Extravagant (-gant), adj. (beyond 
proper limits) tersargat, terlam- 
pau f terlampon (B.) ; (wasteful) 
boras. To be extravagant, m la- 
bor os. 

Extreme (eks-trem'), adj. (far- 
thest) yarg jauh skali, yaig hu- 
jorg; (last, final) yarg pighabisan, 
yarg akhir (Ar.) ; (excessive) ter- 
lampau* terlalu, terlampon (B.) ; 
(of heat) trek; (of pain) trok. 

Extremely (-li), adv. amat* sa- 
rgat, skali, terlalu, terlampau* 
terlanchut* bukan buatan, ter- 
lampon (B.). 

Extremity (eks-trem'i-ti), s. (ut- 
most limit) liujorg; (necessity) 
kssaVan, kpich ok/an* kputusan. 

Extricate (eks'tri-kat), v. t. (dis- 
embarrass) Ipaskan, luputkan.* 

Exuberance (eks-u'ber-ans), s. k- 
■me wall a n, Idem pali an* klampau- 

Exuberant (-ant), adj. yarg mlem- 
pah* yaig meirah. 

Exude (eks-ud'), v. i. leleli, mleleh 

Exult (egz-ulf), v. i. bersuka sbab 

Exultation (eks-ul-ta'slrim), s. 

suka~ria* suka-haii sbab kmnary- 

Eye (I), s. mata. Eye of a needle, 

lobarg jarom. Hollow of the eye, 

Ikok mata. To see with the mind's 

eye, terbayatg-bayatg di-mata. To 

keep one's eye on a child, lihat- 

lihalkan budak. 
Eye, v. t. mata'i, teigok, buargkan 

mata (B.), tatap* 

ate, ask, am, final, care, ear, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; Ice, it, fire,. 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, mim/s, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




Eyeball (I/bawl), s. biji mata. 
Eyebrow (I'brow), s. lenity. To 

raise the eyebrows, knjit* 
Eyeglass (I'glas), s. kacha mata;'' 

chermin mala. 
Eyelash (I'lash), s. bulu mata. 
Eyelid (l'lid), s. klopak mata, plu- 

pok mata* 
Eyesalve (I'sav), s. chlak. 
Eyesight (I'sit), s. ptglihalan. 
Eyetooth (I'tooth), s. gigi a$u* 

gigi atijity. 
Eyewitness (I'wit'iifs), s. saksi 

yatg sndiri mil hat. 
Ezekiel (e-ze'kwd), s. nabi ffi-zhiel. 

Fable (fa'bl), s. chriia perum- 
pa ma' an * c/t rita, reka-rekaan;* 
(falsehood) chriia boh org. 

Fabric (fab'rik), s. perbuo.tan, 
baa ki n ; ( etl i f iee ) ba nj un a n ; 
(cloth) tinman. 

Fabricate (fab'ri-kiit ), v. t. (con- 
struct) bunt, tukatgi;* (invent) 
jadikan, adakan ; (a story) reka* 

Fabrication (-ka'shwn), s. perbual- 
an; (falsehood) bohoig. 

Fabulous (fal/u-!//s), adj. (fic- 
titious) jadi-jadian; (passing 
belief) 'ajaib (Ar.), mudahil 

Facade (fa-sad' or fa-sad), s. 

Face (fas) 

(visage) make, wa- 

jah (Ar.).dwrja (Sk.) ; (surface) 
muka: (appearance, aspect) ru- 
pa; (grimace) muka end. Face 
downwards, tiara p. Face up- 
wards, llntanj. Face to face, her- 
tntatgan. mnntarg mata. To 
make faces, xriryai* To pull a 
long face, tarek muka dua-blas, 
bual muka amui. (B.). 
Face, v. t. (confront) intatg; (stand 
opposite to) hadap; (encounter, 
oppose) la wan; (cover, as with 

metal) saint; (smooth the sur- 
face, as stone) pa hat. 
Facet (fas'et), s. (of a diamond) 

Facetious (;fa-se'sh?/,s), adj. ber- 
gurau, bersnda* berjnaka* ber- 
sluroh , xuka main (B.). 

Facile (fas'il), adj. (easy) snarg* 
mudah ;* (mild, affable) manis; 
(yielding) Imah-lmbot; (expert) 
pant a*. 

Facilitate (fa-siJ/i-tat), v. t. mu- 
dahkan* snatgkan. 

Facility (-i-ti), s. (ease) ksnaigan. 
kmudahan;* (dexterity) kpantas- 
an; (opportunity) paksa* smpai, 
plnatg* snarg (B.). 

Facing (ffi'sing), s. (sheathing, 
covering) solid an; (of a coat) li- 
pid an- Icii ir baju, setyxergan hyan 

Facsimile (fak-sim'i-le), s. Uni- 

Fact (fakt), s. (act, event) per- 
bualan, pkerjaan, hal; (reality) 
kbtulan, hakikat (At.). In fact, 
as a matter of fact, s-bnar-nja, 
s-suiygoh-n/a-, pada hakikat-nja 
(At.), yaty btul-tya (B.). 

Faction (fak'sh?m), s. (party, cli- 
que) pihak* pakatan; (dissen- 
sion) per-siixehan* 

Factious (-srn/s), adj. (turbulent) 
piyharu;* (raising dissensions) 
bersliseh* bertrgkar. 

Factitious (-ti>h'//s), adj. yatg di- 
buat-buat, ciiatggeh* pura-pura* 

Factor (fak'ter), s. (agent) wa- 
kil (At.) ; (contributing circum- 
stance ) hal yatg mnjbabkan* per- 
kara yatg mndatargkan. 

Factory (-tor-i), s. (gen.) pabrik 
(N.I.) (I).); (in which rol- 
lers are used) kelatg* as, tapioca 
mill, kelatg nbi* Various ex- 
pressions are used, as, pine apple 
factory, tmpat 7na*a'k nanas, enpn 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minus, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfc^ 'awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




nanas; ice factory, enjin ayer 

Factotum (fak-to'tj/m), s. orarg 

Faculty (fak'7/l-ti), s. (natural 

function) si pat (Ar. si fat), haa- 

m; (body of teachers) majlis 

sgala guru. 
Fad (fad), s. (fancy) kgmaran* 

ksuka'an ; (capricious hobby) p- 

herja-an xin-sia* pkerjaan ta-~ 

berg una. 
Fade (fad), v. i. (wither, decay) 

tayu, mala;* (lose colour or 

brightness) turun, udam* nialis;* 

(grow dim, disappear) habits* 

Iniyap, hilaig. 
Faeces (fe'se», s. najis (Ar.). 
Fag (fag), v. i. (tire) berpnat; 

(work hard) berllah* Fagged 

out, lteh-l*n* 
Fag , s . (m e n i al ) hamba ; ( d rud- 

gery) Halt* 
Fag-end (fag'end'), s. puncha. 
Fagot (fag'y/t), s. her Iras hayu atau 

Fail (fal). v. i. (be wanting) hu- 

vary, berkurarg : (beeome weak) 

jadi It eh ; (omit) laiai, alpa;* 

(not accomplish) t a' jadi. tasam- 

pai, asi:* (become bankrupt) 

jatoh, beigkrap (K.). 
Fail, v. t. (forsake) titggalkan. 
Fail, s. Without fail, tiada boleh 

tidak, t a' da pot tiada. 
Failing (fal/ing), s. (imperfection) 

khura rga n ; ( infirmity ) hi mail an ; 

(fault) ksalahan. rlila. ehachat. 
Failure (fal'ur), s. (deficiency) X*- 

kurargan ; (omission) alpa (SkA ; 

(deterioration) rosak, krosak'an ; 

(want of success) hal ta'jadi, hoi 

ta'jaya* hteirasan* 
Fain (fan), adj. gmar* suka, ber- 

Faint (fant), adj. (weak) Imali, 

It eh, Isu;* (through loss of blood) 

mob oh clarah ;* (timorous) ba- 

ch ol* tawar hati; (hardly per- 
ceptible) habus* rdam* sayup; 
(of colour) iiiuda, udam* malis* 
pudar :* (of light) mala p.* 

Faint, v. i. (lose strength) jadi 
I mah. jadi 1 1 eh ; (swoon) petgsan, 
khgar, tiada sdur dkan din. 

Faint-hearted (-hartVd), adj. /a- 
war hati, hati kchit. 

Fainting, s. pergmn. 

Fair (far), adj. (beautiful) elnk. mo- 
tel', chant ek, permai :* (not dark) 
put eh : (of hair) k unity; (of sky 
or weather) bercfiuacha* chuacha 
baik; (equitable) "adit, paiut. 
hnar; (average) sdanj. -Fair 
play, k'adilan. The fair sex, bi- 
largan prenrpuan, prempuan-prcm* 

Fair, s. pasar hari ray a, pasar yarg 
di-ttapkan hari-nja. 

Fairly (ffvr'li). adv. (justly) d)gan 
s-patut-nja. dtgan 'ad it ; (moder- 
ately) sdatg, s-derhnna- (Sk.) r 
dtgan kudnr-nja (Ar. ). 

Fairness (tTir'nes). s. (honesty) 
k'adilan, ktulusan. inmf* (Ar. 

Fair-spoken (far-spo'kn), adj. mu~- 
tut man is. 

Fairway (lar'wa), s. (Naut.) 

Fairy (i'ar'i), s. pri* pari (Pers.),. 
bidaduri. pfri, oratg ksiatun (B.)- 

Faith (fath).s. (belief, con tide nee) 
perch a ya, harap; (religions) h- 
jierchayaan , iman (Ar.) : (re- 
ligion) agama. igama. vgama: 
(fidelity, ' loyalty) stia (Sk.)» 
hakti (Sk.). To break faith. 
ohahkan stia* pchah perjanjian 

Faithful (fath'fool), adj. stia* h- 
perch a ya-'a n . boleh di-perch ai/a 
(B.). ' The faithful (Moham- 
medans), oranj mumin (Ar.). 
To promise faithfullv, janji baik- 

ate, ask, am. final, care, car, carry: Ave, hen, recent, ni^re. her, ferry; ice, it, fire r 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use. us, nrin?/s. cure, injure, 

hi w irry; food, foot, awfool (awful) ; law, how, oil; thin then. 




Faithfulness (-nes), s. stia* kbak- 

Faithless (fath'les), adj. (not be- 
lieving) kurarg perchaya; (with- 
out religion) tiada beragama; 
(disloyal) tiada k perchaya an, 
khianat (Ar.). 

Fake (fak), v. t. tipu, lanchorg- 

Falcon (faw'kn orfawl'kn), s. laiy 
sikap* larg sewah (P.). 

Fall (fawl), v. i. (generally) jatoh, 
also in the sense of to occur, be- 
come bankrupt, fall sick, fall in 
price, fall into one's hands; (as 
an avalanche or mass of earth) 
runtoh; (of large, heavy objects) 
roboh, ruboh (B.) ; (of trees) 
tumbarg, rbah; (of men) rbah; 
(of hair, dead leaves, ripe fruit, 
-etc.) luroh* gugor (B.) ; (pre- 
maturely, as unripe fruit, etc., 
also of meteors) gugor; (slowly, 
as feathers or paper) lepek; (in 
driblets, or accidentally on the 
way) chichir; (in drops) titek, 
tit is ;* (of the tide) surut; (of 
the wind), sasap;* (of the sea) 
tdoh; (of bread or cakes) bantat; 
(be captured, as a city) alah* 
kalah (B.). To fall in various 
postures, of the body, of which 
either rbah or jatoh may be used 
— (face upwards) jatoh tlntaig; 
(with limbs extended) terjrarg- 
kaig; (face downwards) jatoh 
tiarap; (with head bowed) jatoh 
tersurgkor; (on the hands) ter- 
jrotgkon); (sprawling) jatoh ter- 
jrumus;* (in a sitting posture) 
jatoh terdudok ; (forward on 
hands and knees) jatoh jrahap.* 
To fall back, undor. To fall into, 
a hole, mud or sin, prosok; (a pit- 
fall or unseen hole) perlus* To 
fall in with (meet), bertmu, ber- 
jumpa, terjrmpak;* (agree with) 
berstuju dtyan. To fall off (with- 

draw), undor; (diminish) ber- 
kurarg. To fall on (light on), 
timpa; (attack) tmpoh, larggar. 
To fall out (as teeth) targgal* 
gugor (B.) ; (quarrel) bersliseh;* 
happen) jadi. To fall through, 
ta'jadi, batal (Ar. baJYal). 
Fall, s. (act of falling) kjatohan, 
kruntohan* etc., see above; also 
(ruin, overthrow) khinasa'an : 
( avh t er f al 1 ) jra in, * aj/p-r t erju n ; 
( decl ivity ) churaman ; ( autumn ) 
musim luroh daun* musim daun 
gugor (B.) ; (of a tackle) tali; 
(of halliards) an jar* 
Fallacious (fal-la'sln/s), adj. (il- 
logical) salah; (misleading) pni- 
Fallacy (fal'la-si), s. (misconcep- 
tion) salah ambilan* silap (Ar. 
khildf) ; ( deceitful ness) iipu. 
Fallibility (fal-li-bil'i-ti), s. pri 

boleh ssat, pri boleh bersalah. 
Fallible (fal'li-bl), adj. yarg boleh 

ssat, yarg boleh bersalah. 
Fallow (fal'lo), adj. tandus* Fal- 
low land, tanah mati, tanah rargr 
False (fawls), adj. (unveracious } 
bohorg, dusta, justa (B.), aula; 
(not loyal) tiada stia, khianat 
(Ar.) ; (not genuine) lanchorgr 
palsu (Port.) ; (erroneous) tiada 
briar; (in fun) olok-olok; (in 
music) jarggal* False hair, 
chmara. A false step, salah lanj- 
Falsehood (-hood), s. bohoig, dm- 

ta, auta. 
Falsification (fawl-si-fi-ka'sh^n), 
s. hal mmbohorgkan, etc., as below. 
Falsify (fawl'si-fi), v. t. (repre- 
sent falsely) bohorgkan; (forge, 
make false) lanchorgkan* palsu- 
kan, dustakan. 
Falter (fawl'ter), v. i. (in speech) 
gagap* gagok (B.) ; (in one's 
steps) oyorg* uyorg (B.), loyonj* 
lilau;* (in mind) bimbarg. 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minws, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (a>vful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




Fame (fam), s. (report, rumour) 
khabar, werta;* (renown) nama, 

Famed (famd), adj. bernama, ter- 
nama, kfiama'an* terbilarg, ma- 
sohor (Ar. mashbur). 

Familiar (fa-mil'yer), adj. (inti- 
mate, as friends) dkat, ramah,* 
bcrramah-ramalton* msra (Sk.) ; 
(well versed in) pah am, pachak* 
ahli (At.) ; (accessible, uncon- 
strained, easy) beba-s, jinak, ber- 
jinak- jinak' an; (well known) ra- 
'alum (Ar.), ktahvan. Familiar 
friend, handai, sobal-hande (B.). 
.Familiar spirit, bantu jam nan.* 

Familiarity (fa-mii-i-ar'i-ti), s. k- 
ramahan* kbebasan, kjinaVan, 
prgtabuan; see above. 

Familiarize (fa-mil'yer-iz), v. t. 
(habituate) biasakan; (make ac- 
quainted) bri tabu, kasi tahu 
(B.). To familiarize one's self, 
da-pat tabu, jadi ahli (Ar.), jadi 

Family (fam'i-li), s. (household) 
isi rumab; (wife and children) 
anak-bini. perm Hi (X.T.) ; (chil- 
dren and grandchildren) anak- 
buah; (kindred) klnarga, kaum* 
kaum-kluarga* pttak, r hike web 
(B.) (Cli.), mnak-mudara (N. 
I . ) ; ( lineage 1 ) b neh , k t u ru nan ; 
(group) bargsa. Family man, 
orarg beranak-bini, orarg yarg ada 
an-ak bini (B.). Family tree, 
salasilah (Ar.), tromba* In the 
family way, buntiig, ha mil (Ar.). 

Famine (fam'in). s. klaparan, k- 
buluran; (scarcity) kkurargan, as, 
a water-famine, kkurargan ayer. 

Famish (fam'ish), v. t. (die of 
hunger) mail la par, mati kbulur- 
an; (suffer extreme hunger) bu- 
lur, kbulur, bolor (B.). 

Famous (fa'im/s), adj. bemama, 
ternama, knama'an, terbilarg, ma~ 
xohor (Ar. mashhur). 

Fan (fan), s. kipas. Winnowing 
fan, njiru; (a round shape) ba- 

Fan, v. t. kipaskan; (winnow) tarn- 
pi-, tampis (B.) ; (blow on) Hop, 
puput* hmbus; (excite, stir up) 

Fanatic (fa-nat'ik), e. orarg panas 
darah fasal agama. 

Fanatical (~al), adj. panas darah 
fasal agama. 

Fanaticism (-insizm),s. khrasan dan 
panas darah fasal agama. 

Fanciful (fan'si-fool), adj. (guided 
by fancy) yarg di-sargka; (fasti* 
dious) baryak chrewet, arggnn;* 
( unreal ) bukan-bukan. 

Fancy (fan'ei), s. (imagination) 
pri mmikir;* (thought, idea) irg- 
atan, fikiran hati, rasa hati; (lik- 
ing) suka, ' kgmaran* 

Fancy, adj. Fancy goods, bararg 
perhiasan. Fancy price, herga 
gila* herga bukan-bukan, herga 
mubazir (Ar.). 

Fancy, v. t. (imagine, portray in 
the mind) ftkir, irgat; (like) 
gmar* suka, perknankan; (be- 
lieve with insufficient evidence) 

Fang (fang), s. gigi asu* taring, 

Fan-palm (fan'pam'), s. palas, 
lontar, serdarg, and similar palms. 

Fantastic (fan-tas'tik), adj. (ima- 
ginary) yarg di-sargka; (capri- 
cious) baryak olah;* (eccentric) 
plek* ta'tntu arah, pancharoba,* 

Far (far), adj. jauh, dura* 

Far, adv. jauh. As far as, s-jauh, 
s-brapa, mmbawa datarg. As far 
as I know, s-tahu sahya* yarg 
*ahy a tahu. Far better, tcrlbeh 
baik. Far apart, jauh jarak-rya* 
jauh sat u sarna lain (B.). Far 
and wide, s-gnap tmpat, mrata~ 
rata tmpat. 

Farce (fars), s. (low comedy) 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire,. 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minus, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful) ; Law, how, oil; thin then. 




fnaka;* (ridiculous or empty 

show) perk am yaig sia-sia* 
Farcical ( far'>i-kal), adj. ber- 

jnaka* sloroh, sia-sia:* see above. 
Fare (far), s. (passage money) 

tambatg, teatg tambatgan; (in a 

carriage) sara : (food) makanan; 

(person conveyed) oratg tambajg- 

an. .Hill of fare, daflar nam a- j 

nam a makanan* j 

Fare, v. i. (journey) brrjalan : (be, ! 

happen) hcrla-ku.* jadi. \ 

Fare well ( fa r-wel' ) , in t. .s /<; ma I \ 

tiiggal, slamat jalan, see goodbyi-:. I 
Farfetched (far' feel it'), adj. wka- \ 

reka'an.* \ 

Farinaceous (far-i-na'sb/^s), adj. j 

deri-pada tpoig, berlporg. 
Farm (farm), s. (lease, monopoly) 

pajak : (cultivated land) ladaty, ; 

ha mar' 
Farm. v. t. (lease) pajak: (culti- 
vate) berlunam , brrh uma* bn m - : 

Farmer (farm'er). s. (one who 

leases) pmajak: (cultivator) pla- [ 

darg* orarg ladatg. 
.Farrier (far'ri-er), s. lukarg pukol 

bsi ku da,. 
Farsee i n g ( fa r-se' i ng) , ad j . ya ig 

mil hat deri jauh; (sagacious) bi- 

Farsighted (L'ar-sItVd). a<lj.= FAK- ' 

SKKLNU. ((. V. 

Farther (far7//er ), adj. yatg IbeJi, . 
jauh. The farther side, sbratg. 

Farther, adv. I boh jauh; ( mo re- 
aver) dan lagi. lam bah an pal a. 

Farthest (far'/Aest). adj. yatg lev- 
lb eh jauh, yarg jauh ska 1 1. 

Farthing ( far77/ ing) . s. s-suku ; 
deri-pada sat it "'penny/' q.v. , 

Fascinate (fas'si-nat). v. t. (as a j 
serpent) knakan badi; (cap- | 
tivate) ambil hall. 

Fascination (-iia'sh/m), s. badi; i 
(sexual) 'ashik (A.). ; 

Fashion (fasb^/n), s. (workman- j 

ship) kerja, Mukargan; (pattern, 
model) rupa, macham; (man- 
ner, sort) char a, pri;* (prevail- 
ing style) 'ad at, klaziman (Ax.), 
p<> sat. ( K. ) . /// odal ( N . 1. ) . 

Fashion, v. t. (form, shape) rupa- 
kan. lokoh ; (adapt) s-rupakan. 

Fashionable (-a-bl), adj. char a 
'adat, lazim (Ar.). 

Fast (fast), v. i. (abstain from 
food) puasa; (be hungry) lapar. 

Fast, s. puasa. 

Fast. adv. (of sleep) 'flap, tyadar* 

Fast, adj. (tirmly shut) lerkatop; 
(fixed) ttap,kukoh;* (difficult to 
move) ktat. ktial;* (linn against 
attack, faithful) Iguh ; (adher- 
ing) Ikat; (immovable) mail; 
(moving rapidly) Ikas, chpal, 
sgra, dra*, laju, targkas* panias; 
(of speech ) lanchar* lant as (B.) ; 
(dissipated) perlonleh (N\L). 
Fast and loose, chandakia* Fast 
colours, wma la'lurun, tvertia 
I a ban basoh. 

Fasten (fas'n). v. t. (by tying) 
ikat; (with a knot) sim-pol; (te- 
ther) lam bat; (by fitting to- 
gether) pasatg; (by joining) sam- 
bo ty. hulxng; (by lashing to- 
gether) snmhul* hand at;* (as a 
bundle of sticks) berkas; (as 
limbs together or to the body, or 
two goats together) kbat ;* (by 
splicing) larggam;* (with nails 
or pegs) pakukan, pasak; (with, 
pins) smal. 

Fastening (fas'n-ing), s. prgikal, 
ikalan, simpolan, iambatan, etc.; 
see also holt, nrcKU-:, pixion. 

Fastidious ('fas-lul'i-Ms), adj. (dif- 
ficult to please) pmileh* baryak 
sfori (B.) : (in dress) ratggi: 
(fanciful) banjak chreicet, auj- 

ate, ask, am, final, care, ear. carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; Ice, it, fire, 

mirror: old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minus, cure, injure, 

curry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




Fastness (fast'nes) ; s. (firmness) 
Jctgohan; (stronghold) kota, ku- 
bu, benterg (N. I.). 

Fat (fat), adj. (not lean) gmok, 
tambun;* (of babies) muntil; 
(oily) Imak; (fertile) gmok, su- 
bor. Very fat (of women) gmok 
gdemporg, gmok kdemporg. 

HFat, s. Imak, mityak. 

.Fatal (fa'tal), adj. (deadly) yarg 
mmbawa mati; (causing destruc- 
tion) malarg, chlaka, yarg mm- 
baiva binasa. 

Fatalist (-1st), s. orarg yarg per- 
chaya nasib manusia sudah ter- 

Fatality (fa-tal'i-ti), s. (invincible 
necessity) nasib yarg tiada dapat 
di-lalui;* (tendency to destruc- 
tion) lial yarg malarg, kmalargan, 

Fate (fat), s. (immutable law) na- 
sib; (fixed decree of God) takdir 
(Ar.) ; (destiny) untorg; (al- 
lotted life, doom) ajal (Ar.). 

Father (fa'///er), s. bapa, ayah* 
orarg tua, 'm.pek (B.) (Oh. rg- 
peli),. 'ntia (B.) (Oh. rg-tia) ; 
(polite form, esp. in court lan- 
g uage ) ayah an da. * 

Father, v. t. (adopt) argkat anak; 
(assume as one's own) saiggop. 

Fatherhood (-hood), s. hal mnjadi 

Father-in-law (in-law), s. mniua* 
(laki-laki) , mertua jantan (B.). 

Fatherland (-land), s. tanah ayer. 

Fatherless (-les), adj. tiada her- 
bapa, yatim* (Ar. yatim), piatu, 
tabapa (B.). 

Fatherly (-li), adj. chara bapa, 
sperti bapa. 

Fathom (fath'i/m), p. dpa. 

Fathom, v. t. duga, buarg prum;* 
(comprehend, get to the bottom 
of) duga, migerti, taigkap. Ru- 
mah panjarg dlapan* a house 
eight fathoms long. 

Fathomless (-les), adj. tiada ier- 

Fatigue (fa-teg'), s. pnat, kpnatan, 

It eh, llah, kllahan, Irgoh. 
Fatigue, v. t. pnatkan, llahkan. 
Fatness (fat'nes), s. (corpulency) 

gmok, tambun;* (fertility) gmok, 

k gmok' an, ksuboran. 
Fatten (fat'tn), v. t. tambunkan* 

Fatty (fat'ti) adj. berlmak. 
Fatuity (fa-tu'i-ti), s. drgu* k- 

Fatuous (fat'u-ws), adj. drgu* 

bodoh, bnak. 
Faucet (faw'set), s. (tap) chrat* 

kpala palp ayer, kpala panchur 


Fault (fa wit), s. (defect, blemish) 
ch achat, chdra* chla; (moral 
failing) ksalahan, salah; (mis- 
take) silap (Ar. khilaf). To find 
fault with, tgur, chachat, salahL 

Fault-finding (fawlt'flnd-ing), s. 
hal mnchla, hal mnchachat* 
suka taigkap salah orarg (B.). 

Faultless (-les), adj. tiada ber- 
ch achat, tiada berchla, tiada ber- 
salah, smpurna. 

Faulty (-i), adj. berchachat, ber- 
chla, ber salah. 

Fauna (faw'na), s. sgala binatarg 
dalam xuatu bnua* [negri (B.)]. 

Favour (ffi'ver) s. (kindly dispo- 
sition, of a superior) kurnia,* 
anugrah;* (kindness) kmurahan, 
kasehan, ksian (B.) ; (kind act) 
kurnia* kbajikan* kbaikan (B.). 
To ask a favour, sraya* sambat 
(N.T.). To curry favour, chari 
kurnia* chari muka. 

Favour, v. t. (treat kindly) kaseh- 
ankan; (show bias towards) chon- 
drorg k-pada; (assist) tolorg, 
hasilkan (Ar.). 

Favourable (-a-bl), adj. (kind) 
murah; (advantageous) berguna, 
berfa'idah; (assisting) yarg mno- 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minws, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 





lory. A favourable omen, padali 
yarg bail:* 'alamat yary baik. A 
favourable wind, argin paksa* 
argin turut, argin baik. 

Favourite (-it), adj. kkaseh, pileh- 
an, yavg di-sukai, yarg di-gmari* 

Favouritism (-it-izm), s. pandary- 
mmandarg muka orarg , pileh- 

Fawn (fawn), s. anak rusa. 

Fawn, v. i. pura-pura mmbri hor- 
mat* tertundok-tundok. 

Fealty (fe'al-ti), s. bakti (Sk.), 

Fear (fer), v. i. takot. 

Fear, v. t. takot akan, takotkan. 

Fear, s. takot, ktakotan, liebat (Ar. 
haibat), dahshat (Ar.). 

Fearful (fer'fool), adj. (frighten- 
ed) takot; (timid) pnakot; (in- 
spiring fear) haibat (Ar.), dah- 
shat (Ar.). 

Fearless (-les), adj. iiada takot, 
tiada taha iakot, brani. 

Feasibility (fe'zi-bil'i-ti), s. pri 
boleh jadi. 

Feasible (fe'zi-bl), adj. yarg boleh 
jadi, yarg berlaku* 

Feast (fest), s. (festival) hari 
ray a, hari bsar, pesta (Port.) 
(N.T.) ; (festive meal) perjamu- 
an* makan bsar (B.) ; (in honour 
of the dead) kanduri (Pers.), 
kanduri arwah* (Ar. arwaii, pi. 
of ron). 

Feast, v. i. berjamu* berkanduri* 
makan bsar (B.), buka pesta (X. 


Feast, v. t. yamu* ■jamukan* kasi 
. makan bsar (B.) ; (delight) suka- 

Feat (fet), s. perbuatan, pkerjaan. 
Feather (fetf/^er), s. bulu. 
Feather, v. t. (cover with feathers) 

bri berbulu. To feather an oar, 

balekkan mat a dayoig. 
Feathered (-erd), adj. berbulu. 
Feathery (-er-i), adj. s~rupa bulu. 

Feature (fe'chur), s. (form) rupa; 
(of the human face) paras* ayer 

Febrifuge (feb'ri-fuj), s. obai 
dm am. 

February (feb'roo-ar-i), s. bulan 
yarg Tcdua, bulan Feberwari. 

Fecund (fe'kund), adj. biak, pridi* 

Fecundity (fe-kun'di-ti), s. biak, 
k biak' an. 

Federal (fed'er-al), adj. yarg ber- 
skutu* yarg muafakat (Ar.), yaiy 
s-pakat (Ar. fakat). 

Federate (fed'er-at), v. t. per- 
skutukan* muafakatkan (Ar.). 

Federation (fed-er-a'shun)_, s. lial 
m r/iperskutukan* perskutuan* 

Fee (fe), s. upah. Eetaining fee r 
wary pnmpali. School fee, bayer- 
an skolah, warg skolah, duii 

Fee, v. t. upahkan. 

Feeble (fe'bl), adj. Imah, Ueh. 
letak* ta'kuat, dla'if (Ar.) ; 
(with old age) renta* 

Feeble-minded (-mlnd'ed), adj, 
kurary ( akal. 

Feed (fed), v. i. makan; (of prin- 
ces) santap.'- See eat. 

Feed, v. t. (give food) bri makan; 
(by mouthfuls, as a child) snap- 
kan } suapi; (satisfy) knnjargkan, 
puaskan; (supply to a machine) 
masokkan, isikan, jalankan; (a 
fire) rumbunkan* 

Feed, s. makanan. Off its feed (of 
animals), chulas* 

Feel (fel), v. i. rasa. 

Feel, v. t. (perceive by touch) rasa? 
rasa'i; (touch, handle) jamah, 
jabat;* (groping, as a blind man} 
raba, gagau ;* (groping in a hole 
or bag) slok, chlok; (by placing 
the flat of the hand on) tpamf* 
(perceive by the mind) rasa, ra- 
sa' L To feel sick, dugal* muaL 

Feeler (feTer), s. (of insect?) 
sunjul* jarggot (B.) : (in con- 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minws, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




versation) chakapan pnduga, pan- 
chiiy chakap (B.). 

Feeling (-ing), s. (sense of touch, 
consciousness) rasa, perrasa'an; 
(physical impulse before evacua- 
tion or labour) rsa; (mental 
state, emotion) chita* chita- 
rasa* rasa-hati; (sensibility, ten- 
der feelings) pilu, rawan* kpilu- 

Feelingly (-li), adv. digan pilu. 

Feign (fan) v. t. buat-buat, pura- 

Feint (fant), s. achu* achah* 

Felicitate (fe-lis'i-tat), v. t. (make 
happy) sukakan; (wish pleasure, 
congratulate) bri slam at. 

Felicitous (-h/s), adj. (happy) 
berbhagia (Sk.) ; (prosperous) 
mujur;* (appropriate) berstuju. 

Felicity (-ti), s. (blessedness) 
bhagia (Sk.) ; (prosperity) mu- 
jur,* untoig balk. 

Feline (fe'lin), adj. chara kuchirg, 
bagai kuchiig. 

Fell (fel), v. t. (cause to fall, per- 
sons) rbahkan; (cut down, as 
trees ) tba rg, tu mba njka n . 

Fell, v. t. jahit btairi. 

Fell, adj. (cruel) bigis; (fierce, 
savage) gararg, buas. 

Felloe (fel'lo), s. biigkai* roda, 
lev erg. 

Fellow (fel'lo), s. (companion) 
kawan, tman* taulan;* (associ- 
ate, partner) skutu;* (mate) jo- 
do h; (in universities) guru. In 
•compound words, sama and s-, as, 
fellow-citizen, oraig s-negri; fel- 
low-creature, sama manusia; fel- 
low-workman, yaig sama pkerja- 
an; or as above, as, playfellow, 
tman bermain* kawan main-main 

Fellowship (-ship), s. (friendship) 
persahabatan; (partnership or 
joint interest) perskutuan* koigsi 

Felly (fel'li), s. see felloe. 

Felon (fei'tm), s. orarg rantai, 
oraig berdosa satgat; (whitlow). 
klurut* klurutan (B.). 

Felonious (fe-lo'ni-ws), adj. amat 
berdosa* saigat jaliat. 

Felony (fel'tm-i), s. dosa bsar. 

Felt (felt), s. kain tbal, kain bulu. 

Female (fe'mal), s. prempuan, 
btina, as below. 

Female, adj. (human) prempuan; 
(of animals) btlna. 

Feminine (fem'in-in), adj. chara 
prempuan; (in gender) muan- 
uath (Ar.). 

Fen (fen), s. paya, tanah paya. 

Fence (fens), s. (that which in- 
closes) pagar; (roughly made) 
sawar;* (sword play) silat. 

Fence, v. t. pagarkan. 

Fence, v. i. silat, pnchak,* see 


Fencer (fen'ser). s. pndekar* 
Fencing (fen'siug), s. (sword 

play) pnchak* silat; (inclosure) 

Fend (fend), v. t. To fend off 

(Xaut. ), dapra (L.). 
Fender (fen'der), s. (for a fire) 

pagar api; (Xaut.) bantal pryarg- 

ga, dapra. 
Fennel (fen'nel), s. adas, adas 

Fenny (fen'ni), adj. paya (a). 
Ferment (fer'ment), s. (yeast, 

etc.) ragi; (tumult) gmpar, huru- 

Ferment (fer-menf), v. i. ragi, 

khamir (Ar.). Fermented palm 

juice, tuak. Fermented rice, 

Fermentation (fer-men-ta'slmn), 

s. pri mragi. 
Fern (fern), s. paku-paku* pokdk 

pakii (B.) ; (bracken) rsam. 
Ferocious (fe-r5'sh?/s), adj. garaig, 

buas, ganas;* (of buffaloes) ja- 


ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minws, cure, injury 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




Ferocity (fe-ros'i-ti), s. kgararg- 

Ferret (fer'ret), s. binatarg yaiy 

mmburu kuchirg blanda dalam lo- 

Ferret, v. t. (search out) slidek* 

siasat (Ar.). 
Ferrule (fer'ril or fer-rool), s. sam- 

pak* imin* 
Ferry (fer'ri), s. (place of cross- 
ing a river) prghalan; (vessel for 

crossing) prahu tambargan, prahu 

Ferry, v. i. sbrarg, mrybraiy. 
Ferry, v. t. sbrarg, sbrargkan. 
Ferryboat (-bot), s. see ferry. 
Ferryman (-man), s. pnambarg. 
Fertile (fer'tll or fer'til), adj. (of 

land) sub or, gmok; (of trees) 

berbuah baiyak; (of the mind or 

imagination) ber'akal. 
Fertility (fer-til'i-ti), s. ksuboran, 

Fertilization (fer-ti-li-za'srrim), s. 

hal mrggmokkan. 
Fertilize (fer'ti-llz), v. t. (make 

fertile) suborlcan, gmokkan; 

(with manure) baja. 
Fervent (fer'vgnt), adj. (hot) ha- 

rgat, panas; (zealous) surggoh 

hati, raj in. 
Fervently (-li), adv. drgan ber- 

surggoh hati. 
Fervid (fer'vid), adj. (hot) lia- 

rgat; (zealous) surggoh hati, 

rajin, gerarg (X.I.). 
Fervour (fer'ver), s. (heat) panas, 

kahargatan; (zeal) surggoh hati, 

rajin, ghairat (Ar.), gerarg (X. 

Fester (fes'ter), v. i. nanah, inn a- 

nah, bernanah, rbok* 
Festal (fes'tal), adj. liari raya (a). 
Festival (fes'ti-val), s. hari raya, 

pesta (N".I.) (Port.), hari bsar. 
Festive (fes'tiv), adj. (festal) hari 

raya (a) ; (gay) yarg bersuka- 


Festivity (fes-tiv'i-ti), s. (gaiety) 
ksukaan, termasa;* (feasting) 
perjamuan;* (festival) hari raya r 
pesta (X.T.) (Port.), hari bsar. 

Festoon (fes-toon'), s. karargan 
burga berkelok-kelok. 

Festoon, v. t. berkelok-kelok, ber- 

Fetch (fech), v. t. (go and bring)- 
am bit, pergi ambit, ambil baivw 
k-mari; (sell for) dapat, da pat 
herga. In describing the actions- 
of taking and conveying it is- 
necessary to be much more ex- 
plicit in Malay than in English. 

Fete (fat), s. hari-raya, tmasm 
(Pers. taniasha) , pesta (i\ r .L). 

Fete, v. t. jamn* 

Fetich (fe'tish), s. taigkal. 

Fetid (fe'tid or fet'id), adj. busok ; 
(of animals) liamis; (of fish) 
hanfxr; (of urine) hanchirg, ha- 
rirg;* (of water) bargar ;* (of 
wounds) bach-in,* kohorg, ka- 
harg ;* (of coco-nut oil) trgek : 
(food) hapak. 

Fetlock (fet'lok), s. tumit kuda. 

Fetter (fet'ter), s. rantai, blrggur 
pas on/; (for an elephant) srgkla 

Fetter, v. t. ranlaikan, blrggukanr~ 
(restrain) iahan. 

Fetus (fe'tws), s. kandorgan. 

Feud (fud), s. beta, perslruan* 

Feudal (fu'ch/1 ) , adj. hamba raja (a) .. 

Feudalism (-izm), s. pri hal oravj 
Eropah dhulu mmgarg tanah raja, 
hampir s peril hamba-raja Mlayu. 

Feudatory (ffi'da-tor-i), adj. ham- 
ba raja, see above. 

Fever (fe'veL-), s. dmam. Fever 
and ague, dmam gigil, dmam 
kura. Black water fever, dma»< 
kura drgan knchirg darafi. Con- 
tinued fever, dmam s-hari-harL 
Intermittent fever, dmam berstauj 
hari. Typhoid fever, dmam k~ 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, m§re, her, ferry; ice, it, fire^ 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, mhws, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




Feverish (-ish), adj. ddar. 

Few (fu), adj. sdikit, sikit. 

Fewer (fu'er), adj. kurarg. 

Fez (fez), s. tarbus* (Ar. Tar- 

Fiance (fe-ox'sa), s. tunargan. 

Fib (fib), s. bohoig, karut. 

Fibre (ffber), s. (a thread) urat; 
(fibrous material) sabot; (strength, 
toughness) gagah. 

Fibrous (fl'br^s), adj. srabot* 
ber sabot (B.). 

Fickle (fik'l), adj. ta'tlap, berobah- 
obah, linchah;* (chopping and 
changing) rnchah. 

Fiction (fik'shwn), s. (tiling in- 
vented or imagined) yaiy di-ada- 
kan, yarrj di-sargka; (deceptive 
story) chrita bohorg; (fictitious 
literature) chrita. 

Fictitious (fik-tish'ws), adj. (feign- 
ed) pura-pura; (not real) ta'- 
surggoh, bohouf. 

Fiddie (fid'l), 's. (oriental) rbab 
(Ar.) ; (European) biola (Port.). 

Fiddle, v. i. (play the fiddle) gesek 
biola; (move the fingers restless- 
ly) repes* krepes* 

Fiddlebow (fid'l-bo), s. pnjgesek 

Fiddler (fid'ler), s. oraig yaiy main 
biola, orarg yaiy mrg gesek biola. 

Fiddlestick (iid'1-stik), s. prggesek 

Fidelity (fi-del'i-ti), s. Ma (Sk.), 
kbaktian (Sk.). 

Fidget (fij'et), v. i. (changing po- 
sition) lisah* glisah* blisah* 
kchoh-kchah;* (with the hand) 
rapai* grapai* repes* 

Fidgety (-i), adj. lisah* lesak* 
kchoh-kchali* kreteh* rsah* bagi 
kpitirg (B.). 

Fiduciary (fi-du'shi-a-ri) , adj. 
amanat (Ar.). 

Fie (fi), int. cheh, chis. 

Field (feld), s. (open country, not 
tilled) padarg; (cultivated) la- 

darg, huma;* (irrigated) satvah, 

bndarg;* (battlefield) medan. 

Field glasses, troporg dua mata. 

Field mouse, tikus tanah. Field 

of battle, medan pprargan (Ar. 

maiddn), Field marshal, prglima 

Fiend (fend), s. selan (Ar. shai- 

r LYm), iblis (Ar.). 
Fiendish (fend'ish), adj. sperti 

shaitan, sargat jahat. 
Fierce (fers), adj. gararg, ganas* 

buas; (of wind) kras; (of fire) 

galak, marak;* (of waves) ylora* 

To look fierce, bersirya* 
Fiery (fi'er-i or fi'ri) adj. (of or 

like fire) bernjala; (ardent, vehe- 
ment) gmbera;* (spirited, as a 

horse) latykas* Fiery red (as 

the face),- m erah padam. 
Fife (fif), s. siiliiy, srulirg* ser- 

Fifteen (fif ten), adj. lima-blas. 
Fifteenth (fif tenth), adj. yarg 

Fifth (fifth), adj. yarg k-lima. 
Fiftieth (fif ti-eth), adj. yarg k- 

lima-puloh . 
Fifty (fif ti), adj. lima-puloh. 
Fig (fig), s. (the tree) pohon ara; 

(the fruit) buah ara. 
Fight (fit), v. i. (in war) berprarg; 

(of individuals) berklahi, lawan; 

(of animals) berlaga; (of ele- 

plants) berjuarg;* (of cocks) 

without artificial spurs) pupoh;* 

(with spurs) saboiy. 
Fight, v. t. prargi* berjuargkan* 

Fight, s. ppraiyan, perklahian. 
Fighting-cock (fifing-kok), s. 

ay am sab organ, ay am saboiy, ay am 

play a* 
Figment (fig'ment), s. yarg di-ada- 

kan, yaiy di-sargka, reka-reka'an* 
Figurative (fig'ur-a-tiv), adj. drgan 

umpama, bertuladan* drgan f iba- 

rat, drgan kias* (Ar. qids). 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minws, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




Figure (fig'ur), s. (form) rupa; 
(shape of the body) sikap* ro- 
man; (statue) patorg; (drawing) 
tulisan, gambar, pta;* (symbol of 
a number) aiyka;* (type, repre- 
sentative) upama, umpama, tu- 
ladan; (figure of speech) 'ibarat, 
Jcias* (Ar. qias). 

Figure, v. t. rupakan, gambarkan, 
umpamakan, 'ibaratkan, see above; 
(as a saroixj) tlpokkan;* (com- 
pute) hitorg, kira. 

Figured (fig'urd), adj. bertulis, 

Figurehead (fig'ur-hed) s. (Uaut.) 
naya-naya, kalok paku. 

Filament (fiTa-ment), s. urat. 

Filbert (fiTbert), s. s-jnis buah 

Filch (filch), v. t. churl. 

File (fil), s. (line, row) baris, de- 
ret, jejer* ban jar;* (of papers) 
kumpolan sural. Bank and file, 
r'ayat, orary banjak. To walk in 
single file or Indian file, jalan 
berbuntut-biintut, berekor-ekor* 

File, s. (the tool) kikir. 

File v. t. (arrange, set in order) 
aturkan, susun. 

File, v. t. (with the tool) kikirkan; 
(of the teeth) asah, daboiy;* 
(make the teeth level) rpaiy;* 
(with a concave surface) Intek; 
(with points) runchi'iy* 

Filial (fiTi-al), adj. chara s' orarg 
anak, sperti anak, patut bagi anak. 

Filibuster (fiTi-bus-ter), s. prya- 
mon, prom-pah, prampok (N.I.). 

Filigree (fil'i-gre), s. krawary. 

Filings (fH'ingz), s. tahi kikir, 
abok kikir. 

Fill (fil), v. t. (make full) pnohi; 
(put or pour in) isi, muat; (with 
food) knryarykan; (hold, as an 
office) pgary. To fill in (as re- 
claimed land) tambak; (by pres- 
sure) asak, ?n a in pat. To fill up 
(stop up) turn pat;* (a hole with 

earth) timbus, sbu* To fill out 
(swell, expand) bernas* glmborg. 

Fillet (fil'let), s. (band for the 
hair) jamaiy* bularg-bularg prg- 
ikat kundai;* (strip of meat) s- 
potoiy day try. 

Fillip (firiip), v. t. jntek, kits* 
ptiiy* kuti (B.). 

Fillip, s. jntek, ktis* ptiry,* kuti 

Filly (fiTli), s. kuda btina yary lagi 
inn da. 

Film (film), s. slaput* hulit ari; 
(on fruits) slupat;* (of cine- 
matograph) gambar. 

Filter (fil'ter), v. t. tapis, turas.* 

Filter, s. tapis, pnuras,* pnapis, 
sari yy an (N.L). 

Filth (filth), s. (gen.) kkotoran, 
kchmaran;* (loose) sampah, sa- 
rap;* (dry and flaky) kredak; 
(from the skin) daki. 

Filthy (fil'thi), adj. kotor, chmar* 
najis; (of water) kroh; (smeared 
with dirt) berglumor, berslekeh* 
berlmuas* Filthy language, 

Filtration (fil-tra'shwn), s. tapisan, 

Fin (fin), s. ship, ridip* 

Final (fi'nal), adj. piyhabisan, yarg 
akJiir (Ar.), yaig mmutuskan, 
yaig mtyudahkan; (decisive) 

Finale (fi-na'le), s. ksudahan, k- 
putusan, pryhabisan. 

Finality (fl-naTi-ti), s. kputusan. 

Finally (fi'nal-li), adv. akhir-iya 
( Ar. ) , ksu dahan-iya, pryhabisan- 
nja; (ultimately) lama-klamaan, 
blakaiy kali (JB.) ; (utterly, be- 
yond recovery) habis-habis. 

Finance (fi-nans'), s. (of a state) 
hasil kraja'an; (income of an in- 
dividual) pndapatan, perolehan;* 
(science of raising and expending 
revenue) 'ilmu perbndahara'an* 

lite, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minus, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




Financial (fi-nan'shal or fi-nan'- 
shal) adj. deri-hal ivarg. 

Financier (fin-an-ser') s. orarg 
yarg pandai mnjalankan perkara 

Finch (finch), s. bur org pipit, bu- 
rorg chiak. 

Find (find), v. t. (meet with) jum- 
pa, bertmu; (get by seeking) 
dapat; (perceive, feel) rasa, da- 
pat; (gain, acquire) beroleh* 
dapat; (provide, supply) bri, kasi 
(B.) ; (arrive at, determine) 
tntukan. To find fault with, 
cilia. To find out, dapat tahu. 
To be found out in one's real 
character, kdapatan budi* dapat 
tahu asam klat-iya (B.). To find 
it easy, rasa snarg. 

Finding (find'ing), s. (decision, 
verdict) kputusan hukum; (dis- 
covery) pndapatan. 

Fine (fin), adj. (refined, of metals) 
suchi, tulen (Jav.) ; (excellent, 
beautiful) elok, bagus; (not 
coarse) halus, rmai* sni;* (in 
small particles) rnek;* (as pow- 
der) lumat* pel us;* (of weather) 
chuacha, chuacha balk. 

Fine, s. dnda. 

Fine, v. t. dndakan. 

Finery (fin'er-i), s. perhiasan, 
adun,* prasan (B.). 

Finesse (fi-nes'), s. muslihat (Ar.). 

Finger (fing'ger), s. jari. Fore- 
finger, jari thin j ok. Middle 
finger, jari liantu* jari mati. 
Eing finger, jari manis. Little 
finger, jari klirgkhg, jari Id erg - 
keig (B.). Finger* glass, marg- 
kek chuchi targan, margkok vi- 
rion}* Finger nails, kuku. 

Finger, v. t. sntoh digan jari; 
(with one finger) cholet; (the 
violin) repes* ptek (B.). 

Fingering (-ing), s. lial mnjntoh 
drgan jari; (in music) krepesan* 

Finical (fin'i-kal), adj. pmileh, 
olahan* grumit* arggun* 

Finis (fl'nis), s. tamat (Ar.). 

Finish (fin'ish), v. t. (arrive at the 
end of, bring to an end) habiskan, 
slsaikan; (put an end to) sudah- 
kan, puiuskan; (perfect) sm- 
purnakan, gnapkan ; (complete 
the reading of the Koran) Ma- 
tarn (Ar.). 

Finish, s. prghabisan, ksudahan. 

Finished (fin'isht), adj. (perfect) 

Finite (fi'nlt) adj. bperliirgga'an* 
berk ad (Ar.). 

Finny (fin'ni), adj. bersirip. 

Fir (fer), s. snobar (Pers.). 

Fire (fir), s. api; (blaze, flame) 
tyala api; (hot coals) bar a api; 
(conflagration) hatgusan, tunu- 
an;* (ardour) laigkas* gmbera* 
Fire brigade, mata-mata bomba, 
orarg bomba. Fire crackers, mer- 
chun, ptas. Fire engine, bomba, 
en je?i p madam apt. On fire, ber- 
ryala, terbakar. To set on fire, 
chuchoh* pasaty api, siokkan 
( B.) (Ch. sio). To take fire, kna 
api, mnjala. 

Fire, v. t. (set on fire) chuclioh* 
siokkan (B.) (Ch.) ; (burn in a 
kiln) bakar; (cause to explode) 
tembak, pasarg; (inflame, irri- 
tate) gmberakan* ratgsarg* ga- 
lakkan. To fire a gun, mmbdil* 

Firearm (-arm), s. snaparg, snjata 

Firebrand (flr'brand), s. punt org 

Firefly (-fli), s. klip-klip, kunarg- 
kunarg, api-api. 

Fireman (-man), s. tukarg api. 

Fireplace (-plas), s. da pur. 

Fireproof (-proof), adj. yarg tahari 

Firewood (-wood), s. kayu api. 

Fireworks (-werks), s. burga api, 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; Ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minws, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




Firing (-ing), s. (discharge of fire- 
arms) bdil. 

Firkin (fer'kin), s. torg, pipa* 

Firm (ferm), adj. (fixed) ttap; 
(strong, stable) tgoh, kukoh;* 
(compact) mampat; (solid, as 
flesh) pjal* knryal; (viscous) 
kntal; (tight, as knots) trek, kn- 
charg, chrot;* (as a cork) Mat; 
(steadfast) chkal hati* 

Firm, s. (company, partnership) 
korgsi (Ch.), sharikat (Ar.), gu- 

Firmament (fer'ma-ment), s. (sky) 

• largit, bntargan largit, chakraivala 

Firmness (ferm'nes), s. kttapan, 
ktgohan; see firm. 

First (ferst), adj. (ordinal num- 
ber) yarg pertama, nombor satu; 
(earliest) mula-mula, yarg asal, 
awal (Ar.) ; (foremost) dhulu; 
(most eminent) terutama* yarg 
masohor skali (B.). First fruits, 
buah burgaran, bnah sulorg. At 
first, bharu-bharu, mula-mula. 

First, adv. dhulu, ter dhulu, mula- 

Firstborn (-born), adj. sulorg. 

First-class (-klas), adj. yarg teru- 
tama (Sk.), nombor satu (B.). 

First-rate (-rat), adj. yarg teru- 
tama,* nombor satu (B.). 

Fiscal (hYkal), adj. perbndaliara'- 
an (a).* 

Fish (fish), s. ikan. Dried fish, 
da'irg, ikan krirg. Flying fish, 
ikan blalarg, ikan terbarg (B.). 
Preserved fish (pickled in salt), 
pkasam* pnjasam (B.), prap 
rmpah (B.). 

Fish, v. i. targkap ikan; (with a 
line) panchirg, kail, mrga'il; 
(with casting net) jala, mnjala; 
(with a seine) pukat, mmukat; 
(with a bag net) targkul, mnarg- 
kul; (with a shrimp net) son- 

dory* mnjondorg* surgkor* m- 
ryurgkor;* (with a drift net) 
jarirg, mnjarirg; (with fishtraps) 
tahan lokah, tahan bubu, see trap. 

Fisherman (fish'er-man), s. nlayan, 
(Tarn.), prgail, pnjala, prnukat, 
etc., as above. 

Fish hawk (fish'hawk), s. larg laut, 
larg siput* 

Fishhook (-hook), s. mata ka'il. 

Fishing (-ing), adj. targkap ikan 
(a). Fishing boat, prahu prga'il, 
sampan pukat. Fishing rod, 
juran ka'il, batarg juran, joran 
(B.). Fishing stakes, blat* ke- 
loiy, jermal* 

Fishmonger (-nrwng-ger), s. orary 
berjual ikan, oraig praeh ikan* 

Fishspear (-sper), s. sramparg, 
tmpulirg* kujur* 

Fish trap (-trap), s. lokah, serkap, 
bubu;* see trap. 

Fishy (fish'i), adj. (of smell) ha- 
njir, hamis. 

Fissure (fish'ur), s. chlah, chlalc 
(B.), rkah* merkah. 

Fist (fist), s. grggam; (in fighting) 
buku lima. 

Fisticuffs (fist'i-kufs), s. tinju* 
goclwh, tumbok. 

Fistula (fis'tu-la), s. (in ano) 
rkalxan di lobaig jubur (Ar.). 

Fit (fit), s. (convulsion, paroxysm) 
pitam; (of children) sawan; 
(mood, passing humour) tirgkah, 
prargai, ragam, urirgan (B.). 
By fits and starts, oncharg-on- 

Fit, adj. (suitable) patut, padan; 
(worthy) layak; (becoming, pro- 
per) snonoh, smrggah;* (appro- 
priate) s-tuju, s-rasi; (expedient) 

Fit, v. t. (make suitable) patutkan, 
stujukan; (make ready) siapfcan, 
sdiakan, Irgkapkan;* (adjust) kna- 
kan, btulkan, pasarg; (adjust in 
layers) susun; (as beams or poles) 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror ; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry ; use, us, minus, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




rakitkan* raigkapkan (B.) ; 
(close together) rapatkan. To 
fit out, Irgkapkan, alatkan (Ar.). 

Fit, v. i. kna, suai* padan. 

Fitful (fit'fool), adj. ta'ttap, ber- 
obah-obah, pancharoba* oncharg- 

Fitly (fit'li), adv. digan s-patut-iya, 
drgan sperti-nja, drgan snonoh. 

Fitness (fit'nes), s. kpat atari, per- 

Fitting (fifing), adj. patut, padan. 

Fittings, s. pi. perkakas. 

Five (flv)„ adj. lima. The five 
senses, pancha-indra* 

Fix (fiks), s. (dilemma) kmpunan. 

Fix, v. t. (niake firm) tgohkan, 
ttapkan; (make definite) tntu- 
kan; (fasten immovably) matt- 
kan; (secure by wedging, etc.) 
sndal* sntal (B.), sndat* gan- 
jal;* (by hanging or hooking) 
sargkotkan; (of the eyes looking 
fixedly) Ikat; (as the eyes of the 
dead) buntarg.* 

Fixed (fikst), adj. tgoh, ttap, tntu, 
etc., as above. Fixed price, herga 
mail. Fixed star, bintarg ttap. 

Fixture (fiks'chur), s. (article 
attached) perkakas. 

Fizz (fiz), v. i. dsir* Itis* 

Flabby (fiab'bi), adj. (yielding to 
the touch) Imbek; (of flesh) 
bonjor, boyot;* (hanging loose) 
Mmpirg* kopak-kopak, berglabir, 
glambir (B.). 

Flaccid (flak'sid), adj. = flabby, 

Flag (flag), v. i. (hang loosely) 
kulai,* julai* glepek; (droop, 
lose vigour) layu, Imah. 

Flag, s. (standard) turggul;* 
(European) bndera (Port.). To 
dip the flag, turun-naikkan bn- 
dera. To lower a flag, turunkan 

Flag, s. (paving stone) batu rubin. 

Flag, s. (Acorus calamus) jrargau. 

Flagellate (flaj'el-lat), v. t. ssah. 

Flageolet (flaj'o-let), s. bargsi* 

suliig, srulirg* 
Flagitious (fla-jish'ws), adj. ter- 
lalu jahat. 

Flagon (flag'im), s. srahi (Ar.), 

Flagrancy (fla'gran-si), s. k • jahat- 

Flagrant (fla'grant), adj. (burn- 
ing) berryala; (atrocious) jahat 
skali, jahat mmbakar. 

Flagstaff (flag'staf), s. tiarg bn- 

Flagstone (-ston), s. batu rubin. 

Flail (flal), s. kayu pnbah padi* 

Flake (flak), s. klupas. 

Flaky (flak'i), adj. berklupas. 

Flame (flam), s. ryala, tyala api, 
lidah api;. (of zeal, etc.) gmbera* 

Flame, v. i. berryala, ramak,* ma- 
ntle* julaig* 

Flamingo (fla-ming'gd), s. s-jnis 
bur org berkaki panjarg. 

Flank (flank), s. (of an animal) 
lamborg* rusok; (of an army) 
sayap, gading* 

Flank, v. t. (be on one side) di 
sisi* di sblah; (on both sides) 
sblah-niryblah; (attack the flank 
of an army) sraig sayap musoh. 

Flannel (flan'nel), s. kain panas. 

Flap (flap), v. i. (as sails) kirap* 
kapai-kapai, glebar;* (as flags) 
kibar;* (as a fish on land) gltek* 

Flap, v. t. kbaskan, kribas* kibas. 
To flap the wings, mrgpak-rgpak, 
kibarkan sayap. 

Flap, s. (of shutters hanging ver- 
tically) tentarg; (of a table) daun 
meja; (of a coat) lipatan baju; 
(to cover a keyhole) chapirg* 

Flare (flar), s. suar* 

Flare, v. i. marak* berryala, pan- 
char. To flare up, naik marak. 

Flaring (-ing), adj. (of fire) yarg 
marak;* (of colours) chindai* 
gararg (B.). 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minws, cure, injure, 

hurry; fo5d, foot, awfool (awful) ; law, how, oil; thin then. 




Flash (flash), s. , (of lightning) 
halilintar* panah ptir 9 mat a pttr; 
(of weapons) kilat. 

Flash, adj. (showy, of colours) 
chindai;* (counterfeit) lanchorg* 

Flash, v. i. (burst out, as light- 
ning) panchar, berkilat, berkilau;* 
(at intervals) saborg-miyabory, 
kilau-kilauan* To flash in the 
pan (misfire), tidak mlalak* 

Flashy (-i), adj. (brilliant) kilau;* 
(showy) adun;* (of colours) 
chindai* gararg (B.). 

Flask (flask) s. buli-buli* balarg* 
botol (E.). Powder flask, ker- 

Flat (flat), adj. (level) rata, datar* 
natar* papak;* (not concave, as 
a plate) leper; (lying flat, level 
with the ground) rata dry an bu- 
nd; (prostrate) jrumus;* (thin 
as compared to the width) pipeh;* 
(tasteless)" tawar, ambar* cham- 
pah;* (spread out, not rolled up, 
as a mat) babar;* (of the heads of 
animals) dogol. 

Flat, s. (sandbank) btirg; (flat side, 
of a knife, etc.) papar.* pnam- 
parg;* (flat-bottomed boat) k- 
tiap;* (floor of a house) tirgkat, 

Flat-iron (-fern), s. strika (D. 
strijken), ut-tau (Ch.) (B.). 

Flatten (flat'tn), v. t. (make 
level) ratakan; (by pressure) 
pe?yek; (with the feet) latam;* 
(make smooth or blunt, as teeth 
by filing) paparkan* ppatkan;* 
(bamboos by hammering) lupoh* 
Flatter (flat'ter), ^ v. t. (praise) 
argkat-argkat , pufi-puji; (coax) 
pujok, chumbu* plecheh* gom- 
Flattery (-i), s. piiji-pujian, chum- 

buan* pujok, pmbujoVan. 
Flatulent (flat'u-lent), adj. prot 

Flaunt (flawnt), v. i. peragakan 

Flavour (fla'ver), s. (smell) ban; 

(taste) rasa. 
Flavour, v. t. sdapkan, rnchahkan* 

Flavourless (-les), adj. tawar, 
ambar* champah* 

Flaw (flaw), s. (crack) rtah; (de- 
fect) chachat, chla, chdra (Sk.) ; 
(in timber) rkah, merkah. 

Flax (flaks), s. rami. 

Flaxen (flaks'n), adj. (of flax) 
deri-pada rami; (the colour of 
flax) perarg* Flaxen hair, ram- 
bot perarg, rambot tali api (KL). 

Flay (fla), v. t. kuliti* kupas kulit, 

Flea (fle), s. kutu anjiig. 

Fleck (flek), v. t. (spot) rintek- 
kan; (spatter) rchekkan. 

Fledged (flejd), adj. berbulu, ber- 

Fledgeling (flejling), s. anak 
bur org. 

Flee (fle), v.i. lari, ambus* umbas* 
bawa diri. 

Fleece (fles), s. kulit domba, kulit 
biri-biri, s-gnap bulu deri-pada s'- 
ekor domba. 

Fleece, v. t. guntirg bulu domba; 
(defraud of money) makan herta t 
chkek warg orarg (B.). 

Fleecy (fle'si), adj. (of sheep) ber- 
bulu; (like wool) sperti bulu 
domba. Fleecy clouds, awan me- 
ga* berarak. 

Fleet (flet), s. (of ships) klrgkapan, 
argkatan* klrgkapan kapal. 

Fleet, adj. (swift) pantas, laju, 

Fleeting (-ing), adj. (transitory) 
tiada kkal, fana* (At. fana'). 

Flesh (flesh), s. (muscles and fat, 
animal food) dagirg, isi; (the 
human body) badan, tuboh;* 
(mankind) manusia; (carnality) 
hawa-nafsu; (soft substance of 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; Ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minws, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awf^l) ; law, how, oil; thin then. 




fruit) isi. Flesh and blood (re- 
lations), dagirg darah. 

Fleshly (-lij, adj. (animal, not 
vegetable) berryawa; (human, not 
celestial) manusia, bertuboh* 
jasmani (Ar.). 

Fleshy (-i), adj. gmok, tambun* 
see fat. 

Flexible (fleks'i-bl), adj. Intor, 
Hat, Intok, Imbot, Imah-lorglai;* 
(through use) lusoli. 

Flick (flik), v.t. (with the fingers) 
jntek, ktis* kuti (B.), ptekf 
(with a whip) chtas. 

Flicker (flik'er), v. i. (flutter) 
mrgpak-rgpak ; (waver as a flame) 
klip-klip, kerlip; (as light) ber- 
kilau-kilau ;* (as light on water) 
ilau;* (before the eyes) blau- 

Flight (flit), s. (act of flying) hat 
mnerbaiy; (act of fleeing) plari- 
an; (flock of birds) bur org s- 
kawan. A flight of stairs, targga, 
supana (Sk.). To put to flight, 
halau, burn. A flight of ambi- 
tion, tirggi himmah (Ar.), bsar 
argan-argan* napsu bsar (B.). 

Flighty (-i), adj. kpala a?gin. 

Flimsy (flim'zi), adj. (loose, 
slack) ggaif (without reason, 
vain) sia-sia* perchuma. 

Flinch (flinch), v. i. tersentak. 

Fling (fling), v.t. lempar, Ion tar, 
lotar;* (upwards) lamborgkan; 
(of heavy things) humbalarg- 
kan;* (at a mark) temporg* to- 
gan* To fling away, buarg. To 
fling down, hmpaska?i, chanipak- 
kan, bantirgkan. 

Fling, s. (act of flinging) lempar- 
an; (contemptuous remark) k- 
Ma'an, maki. To have one's 
fling (of dissipation), main gila. 

Flint (flint), s. batu api. Flint 
and steel, pmantek api.* 

Flintlock (-lok), s. istlrggar 

Flip (flip), v.t. ktis, ptirg;* (with 
finger and thumb) jntek. 

Flippant (-pant), adj. (talkative) 
bachar* suka bletir, suka mletir 
(B.); (fluent) lanchar;* (pert, 
not serious) clivra. 

Flirt (flert), v.t. (throw with a 
jerk) jntek, ktis. 

Flirt, v. i. (coquet) kaseh mrgada- 
rgada, buat-bvat kaseh, berchum- 
bu-chumbuan* main kaseh sa- 
yarg (B.). 

Flirt s. prempuan yarg pura-pura 

Flirtation (fler-ta'sfrwn), s. (love 
making) thumb u-ckumbuan* 

Flit (flit), v. i. layarg, terbary m- 

Flitch (flich), s. babi s-blah yarg 

Float (flotj, v. i. (rest on surface) 
timbul; (drift along) hanjut, 
apoig, atorg* To float down (in 
the air), layarg, lepek;* (down 
stream) hanjut k-hilir* 

Float, v.t. (cause to float) timbol- 
kan. To float a company, buat 
korgsi, buka satu korgsi (B.). 

Float, s. (a raft) rakit; (corks or 
light wood for floating nets) 
plamporg, pluntarg;* (for ang- 
ling) plamporg ka'il. 

Flock (flok), s. kawan. 

Flock, v. i. (gather in companies) 
berkrumun, berkumpol, berkawan, 

Floe (flo). s. ayer batu yarg teraporg 
di laut. 

Flog (flog), v. t. ssah, dra* blasah* 
sbat, sembat* 

Flood (flud), s. (water covering the 
land) aycr sbak* J mpohan* ko- 
joh* banjir (IST.I.) ; (freshet, 
rushing water) ayer bah; (rising 
tide) ayer pasarg; (superabun- 
dance) bah. The Flood (of 
JSToah) taufan (Ar.), ayer bah. 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minws, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin Men. 




Flood, v. t. 'mpoh* sbak* kojohi* 

liputi* ladorgi* 
Flooding (-ing), s. (inundation) 

ayer bah, ayer sbak* 'mpohan* 

Floor (flor), s. (of split niboty) 

Jantai; (of planks) lantai papan; 

(staging, as a wharf) plantar* 

Floor tile, batu rubin, batu ubin. 

Three floors, tig a teigkat. Upper 
.floor, loteiy (Ch. lau-terg). 
Floor, v. t. (cover with a floor) 

buboh lantai; (knock clown) rbah- 

kan, jatohkan; (silence in argu- 
ment) diamkan. 
Flooring (-ing), s. lantai, papan, 

plantar; see floor, s. 
Flop (flop), v. i. (strike about) 

kltok y glpar* glupor; (sound of 

falling into water) dbor* 
Flop, s. (the sound) klbole, clilpok* 

klbap, dbok, dbap, chlmporg* ter- 

Flora (flor'a), s. tumboh-tumbohan 

dalam suatu bnua* [negri (B.)]. 
Floral (flor'al), adj. burga (a), 

deri-pada burga. 
Florid (flor'id), adj. (red, of the 

face) bra* merah. Florid lan- 
guage, bhasa beribarat (Ar.). 
Florin (flor'in), s. ivarg Irggris- 

dua "shilling." 
Florist (flor'ist), s. orarg ya?y ber- 

jual burga. 
Flotation (flo-ta/shtm), s. lial m- 

Flotilla (flo-til'la), s. argkatan 

prahu kchil-kchil. 
Flotsam (flot'sam) s. apory, la- 

Flounce (flowns), v. i. banthy diri. 
Flounce, s. ropol* (E. ruffle). 
Flounder (flown'der), s. ikan trom- 

pah, ikan baival. 
Flounder, v. i. oyorg-ambarg* ber- 

jalan terkergkarg-kergkarg. 
Floundering (-ing), adj. (tum- 

bling and rising) rbah-rempali* 

Flour (flowr), s. tporg, tporg halus. 

Flourish (flur'ish), v. i. (as plants) 
sub or, riap* rambak;* (be pros- 
perous) rambak* mamur (Ar.). 

Flourish, v. t. limbai;* (as weap- 
ons) layam;* (in circles) kitar* 

Flourishing (-ing), adj. (prosper- 
ous) jaya* beruntorg; also see 


Flout (flowt), v. t. nsta (Sk.) ? olok- 
olok, hinakan. 

Flow (flo), v. i. (as rivers) alir;* 
(water out of a pipe) panchur; 
(in small quantities) cliuchor, 
leleh, mleleh (B.) ; (of tide) pa- 

Flow, s. aliran* chuchoran, leleli- 
an; see above. Ebb and flow, pa- 

Flower (flow'er), s. burga, kmbarg 
(N.I.) ; (of palms) mayarg; (nu- 
merical coefficient of flowers) kun- 
iom; (choice part) pilehan; 
(flowers in general) burga-burga' - 
an; (worn behind the ear or in the 
hair) suntbg* 

Flower, v. i. berbuiya; (of bana- 
nas) berjantorg; (of palms) ber- 
mayarg. Flowered silk, kain 
suira berburga or berchorak. 

Flowergarden (-gar-dn), s. ta- 
man* kbun burga. 

Flowerpot (-pot), s. pasu-burga, 
jambargan* paso-burga (B.). 

Flowery (-i), adj. berburga. 
Flowery language, bhasa ber'iba- 
rat (Ar.). 

Fluctuate (fluk'chu-at), v. i. naik- 
turun, berobah-obah. 

Fluctuation (-a/slum), s. perobah- 
an, naik-turun. 

Flue (floo), s. chororg, chororg asap, 

Fluency (flo5'en-si), s. lanchar* 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, mums, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




Fluent (-ent), adj. (liquid) cha'ir; 
(of speech) lanchar* pantas mu- 
lut, peiak-lidah* fasih-lidah 

iFluently (-li), adv. sperti ayer. 

iFluff (fluf), ' s. buhl halus-halus, 
bulu ramarg* 

Fluffy, adj. (of hair) kersarg* 

Fluid (floo'id), adj. cha'ir. 

Fluid, s. bnda cha'ir; (of the fluid6 
of the body) ayer, as, ayer lior, 
ayer Indah, ayer mat a, etc. 

Fluke (fiook), s. (of an anchor) 
kukti sanh; (accidental advan- 
tage) paksa; (in billiards) flut 

Flume (floom), s. tali ayer. 

Flummery (flum/mer-i), s. (pap) 
bubor; (empty compliment) pm- 

Flunkey (flimg'ki), s. orarg gaji 
yarg mmakai pakaian kbsaran. 

Flurry (flur'ri), s. (of wind) aigin 
s-bntar; (commotion) kachan-bi- 
lau* kochoh-ganjah, huru-hara. 

Flurry, v. t. kachaukan, harukan* 

Flush (flush), v. i. (turn red) bra* 

Flush, v. t. (flood with water) 

Flush, adj. (abounding) me wait; 
(liberal) murah; (level) sania 
rata, s-lari, kanchap* 

Fluster (flus'ter), v. t. kachau, 
biigorgkan, klirukan, klerukan 

< B -)- 7 . « 

Flute (floot), s. suing, sruhrg* 

banjsi* serdam* muri (Pers.) ; 

(groove or channel) glugor* 

Fluted (-ed), adj. ber glugor* ka- 

Flutter (flut'ter), v. i. (as butter- 
flies) beralorg-atorg ;* (as flags) 
kibar;* (as birds) glpar, gleser;* 
(of the heart) berdbar. 

Flutter, s. (hurry) gsa* kochoh- 
garyah; (mental agitation) kloh- 

Flux (fluks), s. (act of flowing) hal 
mrgalir;* (change) perobahan* 

Fly (ill), v. i. (as birds) terbarg; 
(soar, be borne as a leaf) layarg; 
(run, flee) lari. To fly at (at- 
tack) serbu, ierkam; (of fighting 
cocks) prap* pupoh* 

Fly, s. (house' fly) lalat; (blue bot- 
tle) lalat hi jau, largau* hijau; 
(large stinging fly) largau; 
(horse fly) pikat;* (fruit fly) 
bari-bari* krok;* (sandfly) agas; 
(fire fly) klip-klip, kunarg- 
kunajy;* (dragon fly) sib or- 
sib or* iunu-tunu* Fly fishing, 

Flycatcher (fli'kach-er), s. bberek* 

Flying fish (firing fish), s. ikan 
blalaig* ikan terbarg (B.). 

Flying fox (foks), s. khiarg. 

Flying lemur (le'mur), s. kuborg* 

Flying lizard (liz'erd), s. chchah 

Foal (fol), s. anak kuda; (of an 
ass) anak kaldai. 

Foam (fom), s. baeh, busa (B.) ; 
(at the mouth) Inja* (W.). 

Foam, v. i. berbueh, berbusa, map, 
mruap (B.). 

Focalize (fd'kal-iz), v. t. (bring to 
a focus) kumpolkan, satiikan. 

Focus (fo'kws), s. mata, pusat. 

Focus, v. t. (a telescope or camera) 
fokas (E.). 

Fodder (fod'der), s. makanan yarg 
di-bri k-pada kuda, Imbu, dan s- 

Foe (fo), s. (personal) stru;* 
(common, national) miisoh. 

Foetus (fe'tws), s. kandorgan. 

Fog (fog), s. kabot. 

Fogey (io'gi), s. pa' si-bndul* 

Foggy (i°g'gi)> adj. berkabot, ka- 

Foible (foi'bl), s. kchla'an, chachat 

Foil (foil), v. t. (baffle) tahankan, 

&te, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire^ 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minus, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




.Foil, s. (of metal) prada* kerjarg* 
krajarg,* kroncharg ;* (for fenc- 
ing) pdaiy sruni* 

Foist (foist), v. t. masokkan mn- 
churi-churi, churl masokkan (B.). 

Fold (fold), v. t. (lay over) lipat; 
(the arms) plok tub oh* plok ta~ 
rgan (B.). To fold up (as a 
flower), kuncliup. To fold in 
two, as blankets or mats, lirgkup* 

Fold, s. (part laid over) lipatan; 
(slightly) klepet;* (doubling, 
triplirg, etc.) lapis; (crease, wrin- 
kle) krut, kdut;* (of drapery) 
pulun* Two fold, dua kali 
ganda* dua kali baryak. 

Fold, s. (pen) kandarg. 

Folding (-ing), adj. Folding doors, 
pintu berkpak dua. 

Foliage (fo'li-ej), s. daun-daunan. 

Folio (fo'li-o), s. kertas yarg di- 
lipat s-kali; (page) muka buku. 

Folk (fok), s. ovary; (relatives) 
pnak-puak (B.), kaum (Ar.), 

Folklore (fok'lor), s. cJirita orarg 
dhulu kala. 

Follow (fol'lo), v. t. (go after) 
ikut, turut; (go with, as a leader) 
irirg;* (chase, pursue) usir* 
kjar; (imitate) tiru;* (obey, 
yield to) tvrut. To follow suit, 
chargkok* To follow up, ikut, 

Follower (-er), s. (attendant) 
prgirirg* tman, pawai* sakai;* 
(disciple) mvrid; (of a prophet) 
umat* (Ar, urn mat). 

Following (-ing), adj. kmdian. 
Following wind (Naut.), argin 
turut, aiyin so r org buritan. The 
following day, esok-rya. The fol- ; 
lowing month, bulan di hadapan, 
bulan datarg. 
Folly (fol'li), s. kbodohan. 
Foment (fo-menf), v. t. (dry) 
tuam; (wet) dmah;* (instigate) 
asut* usot (B.). 

Fomentation (fo-men-ta'slrwn), s. 
tuam, dmah;* (instigation) a- 
sutan* usotan (B.). 
Fond (fond), adj. yarg suka, prya- 
yarg;* (indulgent) yarg mmanja- 
kan, yarg mmbri muka. 
Fondle (fon'dl), v. t. blai,* mam- 
main sama (B.). 
Fondness (fond'nes), s. sayarg. 
Font (font), s. tmpat baptis (X.). 
Fontanel (fon'ta-nel'), s. ubun- 

Food (food), s. makanan, rjki 
(Ar. rizki), jerki (B.) ; (of prin- 
ces) santapan;* (word used of 
one's own food in addressing prin- 
ces) ayapan;* (exclusive of rice) 
laok; (all kinds of laok) laok- 
paok* Plain food, makanan 'alas 
kadar (Ar.). 

Fool (fool), s. orarg bod oh, orarg: 
kurarg 'akal, orarg kpala argin. 
To play the fool, main gila. 

Fool, v. t. (deceive, cheat) tipu, 
perdayakan* perkonunkan;* 

(bilk) ponterg. 

Foolery (-er-ij, s. kbodohan, laku* 
orarg gila, klakuan orarg gila. 

Foolhardy (-har'di), adj. brani 
gila-gila, mmbabi-buta* mmbabi 
(B.), brani mati (B.). 

Foolish (-ish), adj. bodoh, bbal. 

Foolishness (-nes), s. kbodohan. 

Foolscap (foolz'kap), s. kertas 
bsar-rya 16 x 13 inchi, terlipat 
jadi 13 x 8 inchi. 

Foot (foot), s. kaki, also as mea- 
sure of length; (base, pedestal) 
kaki, lapek* The foot of a hill, 
kaki bukit. 

Football (foot'bawl). s. (the Malav 
ball) buah sepak-raga; (the game) 
sepak-raga. To play Malay foot- 
ball, bersepak-raga. The Euro- 
pean ball, bela sepak, futbol (E.). 

Footbridge (-brij)\ s. titian* titi. 

Footed (-ed), adj. Four-footed, 
berkaki ampat. 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; Ice, it, fire> 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, mintis, cure, injure, 

hurry ; food, foot, awf <?ol (awful) ; law, how, oil ; thin f Tien. 





Foothold (-hold), s. tumpuan* 

Footing (-ing), s. (ground for the 
foot) tumpuan* tmpat tumpu- 
an* tmpat berdiri (B.) ; (posi- 
tion, condition, rank) parykat; 
(total of a column of figures) 
jmlah (Ar.). 

Footman (-man), s. or any gaji. 

Footmark (-mark), s. bkas tapak, 
bkas kali, ksan* 

Foot-pad (-pad), s. piyamon. 

Foot-path (-path), 3. jaJan kchil, 
jalan kaki lima. 

Footprint (-print), s. bkas tapalc, 
bkas kaki, ksan* 

Footsore (-sor), adj. sakit kaki. 

Footstep (-step), s. bkas kaki: (the 
sound) butyl tapak; (mark, to- 
ken) tan da, bkas. 

Footstool (-stood), s. alas kaki, 
pnumpu kaki* pnojarg* 

Fop (fop), s. psolek* prgadon* 

Foppish (-pish), adj. psolek* ber- 
solek (B.j, segak* 

For (for), prep, (because of) kerna, 
sbab; (indicating aim or purpose) 
bagi* akan* buat ('X.I.) : (in- 
stead of) ganti; (during) s-pan- 
jaixj. For all that, surggoh pun 
dmkian* surggoli pun bgitu. 
For all the world, s-mata-mata. 
For ever, s-lama-lama-iya. For 
good, kkal. 

For, conj. kerna, sbab, sdaiy. 

Forage (for'ej), s. makanan bagi 
binataiy, makanan binataiy (B.). 

Forage, v. i. chari bkal* cliari ma- 
kanan, rampas makanan. 

Forasmuch (for-az-much'), conj. 
sdaty, sdarykan* 

Foray (for'a), s. pnjraryan* 

Forhear (for-bar'), v. i. (pause, 
delay) taiyyoh; (refuse, decline) 
'ryyan;* (control one's self) ta- 
han, sahar. 

Forbear, v. t. (avoid, abstain from) 
pantarykan, berhnti deri-pada. 

Forbearance (-ans), s. panjarg 
liati, sabar. 

Forbid (for-bid'), v. t. (prohibit) 
larary, laraiykan; (hinder, pre- 
vent) lyahkan ; (in religious 
things) haramkan. God forbid, 
di-jaulikan Allah. 

Forbidden (-dn), adj. pantary, p- 
niali* haram (Ar. iiaram). 

Forbidding (-ding), adj. (repul- 
sive) odoh* 

Force (fors), s. (strength) kuasa, 
kkuatan, yagah; (compulsion, 
coercion) paksa, kras. 

Force, v. t. (compel) paksa, krasi;* 
(do violence to) gagahi* To 
force back, undorkan. To force 
open from the inside, ttas. To 
force in from outside, landa* To 
force down by the hair, suyun.* 
To force food on a child, tamukan 
makanan k-pada budak* 

Forceps (for'seps), s. arykup* 
pry pit. 

Forcible (for'si-bl), adj. (power- 
ful) kuat, yagah; (using force) 
dtg an kras, dtgan paksa. 

Ford (ford), s. aroiy-aroryan* 

Ford, v. t. arorg* 

Fordable (-a-bl), adj. boleh di- 

Fore (for), adj. (in time) dhulu; 
(in place) di hadapan, dpan; 
(Xaut.) di haluan. 

Forearm (for'arm), s. hujoiy Iryan. 

Forearm (for-arm/), v. t. Irgkap- 
kan ter dhulu* 

Forebode (for-bod'), v. t. (fore- 
tell) njatakan terdhulu. It fore- 
bodes evil, 'alamat chlaka datarg, 
pdah-njU' ta'baik ;* see foretell. 

Foreboding (-ing), s. (anxious ex- 
pectation) kliuatir, kbimbaryan. 

Forecast (forecast), v. t. (plan be- 
forehand) fikirkan dhulu, bichara- 
kan dhulu, upayakan dhulu, un- 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry ^ ice, it, flre^ 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minws, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, bow, oil; thin then. 




tirg-untirg ;* (calculate before- 
hand) arggarkan. 

Forecast, s. bichara, timbargan, 

Forecastle (fok'sl), s. (2saut.) 
tirgkat di haluan; (where sailors 
live) lokor (E. locker) s 

Foreclose (for-kloz'), v. t. putus- 
kan, berhntikan. 

Foreclosure (-klo'zhur), s. kputus- 

Foredoom (for-doom'), v. t. tntu- 
kan terdhulu, takdirkan (Ar.). 

Forefather (for'fa-^er), s. neneJc- 

Forefend (for-fend'), v. t. (hin- 
der) tgalikan; (prevent approach) 
jauhkan; (prevent) tahankan. 

Forefinger (for'fing'ger), s. jari 

Forefront (for'frunf), s. tmpat 
yarg di hadapan. 

Forego (for-go'), v. t. (leave) tirg- 
galkan; (renounce) sargkalkan; 
(precede) dhului. 

Foregone (for'gon'), adj. A fore- 
gone conclusion, perkara yarg tntu 
terdhulu, yarg sudah tntu. 

Foreground (for'grownd), s. tmpat 
yarg dkat. 

Forehatch (for'hach'), s. (Naut.) 
ptrana lawargan (W.), palkah di 

Forehead (for'ed), s. dalii. 

Foreign (for' en), adj. (outside, 
alien) luar, asirg;* (not native) 
dagarg, blati* (Hind, wildyati) ; 
(strange) gharib (Ar.) ; (not con- 
nected with) ta' s-tuju. A for- 
eign country, negri orarg. For- 
eign secretary, datok luar. 

Foreigner (-er), s. orarg luar, 
orarg asirg * orarg dagarg, dagarg- 

Foreknow (for-no'), v. t. iahu 

Foreknowledge (for-nol'ej), s. 
prgtahuan dhulu. 

Forelock (for'lok), s. jambul. 

Foreman (foreman), s. mandor r . 
tandil* kpala. 

Foremast (for'mast), (JSTaut.y 
tiarg toparg, tr'urjket dol (L.). 

Foremost (for/most), adj. (in< 
time) terdhulu; (in place) yarg 
di hadapan; (in rank) terutama* 

Forenoon (for'noon'), s. pagi, pagv 

Forensic (for-en'sik), adj. deri-hal 
bichara, deri-hal mahkamah (Ar.).. 

Foreordain (for-or-dan'), v. t. tak- 
dirkan (Ar.). . 

Forepart (for'part), s. (in time) 
permula'an; (in place) haluan,. 

Forerunner (for'run-ner), s. prg- 

Foresail (for'sl), s. (Xaut.) layer 

Foresee (for-se'), v. t. tahu dhuliu 

Foreshadow (for-shad'6), v. t. tan- 
da-Jean dJiulu, ryatakan dJiulu. 

Foreshorten (-short'n), v. t. pen- 
dekkan bila tulis garnbar. 

Foresight (fdr'slt), s. (foreknow- 
ledge) prgtahuan dhulu; (fore- 
thought) iigatan akan hari km- 
dian, Jial mmbicharakan dhulu: 
(of a gun) mat a bdil, pdoman* 

Foreskin (for'skin), s. kulop* 

Forest (for'est), s. rimba, Jiutan. 

Forestall (for-stawl'), v. t. (anti- 
cipate) dJiului; (hinder) tafian- 

Forestay (for'sta), s. (]STaut.) tali 
prgarggok, sued, trirgket suai. 

Foretaste (for'tast), s. pndhulu- 
an* Jial mrasa dhulu. 

Foretell (for-tel'), v. t. ryatakan 
dhulu, bi*i tahu dhulu, tlali* 

Forethought (for-thawt), s. pri 
mmiJcirkan dJiulu, Jial mrgupaya- 
kan* dhulu, irgat Ibeh dhulu 
(B.) ; (prudent care) jimat. 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire,. 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, mimts, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 





Foretoken (for-to'kn), v. t. e ala- 
mathan dhulu (Ar.), tandakan 

Foretopmast (for-top'mast), s. 
(Xaut.) trirgket game dol (L.)- 

Forewarn (for-worn'), v. t. laraiy- 
kan dliulu, irgatkan dhulu, na- 
sihatkan dhulu/'' 

Forfeit (for'fit), v. t. (lose or lose 
the right to) hilarg, lunchor;* (be 
deprived of) kna ram pas. 

Forfeit, s. dnda. 

Forfeiture (for'fi-chur), s. dnda. 

Forge (forj), v. t. (beat) tmpa* 
titek; (counterfeit) lanchoigkan* 
palsukan. To forge ahead 
(Naut.) lajak. 

Forge, s. dapur tukarg bsi. 

Forged (forjd), adj. lanchorg* 
sluigkatg* palsu (Port). 

Forger (forj'er), s. planchorg* p- 
niru tanda targan* 

Forgery (-er-i), s. pniruan* plan- 
ch oty an * 

Forget (for-gef), v. t. (lose remem- 
brance) lupa; (neglect) lalaikan* 
buat indah ta'indah (B.). 

Forgetful (-fool), adj. plupa, 
alpa (Sk.), suka lupa (B.). 

Forgetfulness (-nes), s. lupa-lupa'- 
an; (temporary) lupa-lupa irgat, 
irgat-irgat lupa. 

Forging (forj'ing), s. tmpa an* 

Forgive (for-giv'), v. t. ampuni* 
ampunkan, mahapkan (Ar. ma'- 

Forgiveness (-nes), s. ampun, V- 
ampunan, mahap (Ar. ma'af). 

Fork (fork), s. (for eating) garfu 
(Port.), sramparg; (of branches) 
chabarg ; (forked stick for catch- 
ing wild animals, etc.) charggah;* 
(between the limbs) kargkarg, 
chlah kargkarg, klargkarg, krarg- 
kaiy* kramparg* pukarg ;* (of a 
road) semparg. 

Fork, v. i. berchabarg; (of roads) 

Forked (forkt), adj. berchabarg. 
Forked lightning, kilat saboig- 

Forlorn (for-lorn'), adj. (deserted) 
ktirggalan, tertirggal; (wretched) 
dalam ksusahan, dalam ksukar- 
an* A forlorn hope, perkara 
yatg berbahya dan hampir putus 
harap, perkara yatg ta'guna harap 
lagi (B.). 

Form (form), s. (shape) rupa, 
tokoh, sipat* (Ar. sifai), oa- 
rgun;* (bodily substance) Im- 
baga;* (ceremony) peraturan; 
(mould) achuan; (pattern) tu- 
ladan, chontoh ; (bench) bargku. 

Form, v. t. (give shape) rupakan,. 
tokoh; (construct) jadikan, buat, 
rekaj* (arrange, adjust) aturkan; 
(constitute) jadi. 

Formal (-al), adj. (orderly) bper- 
aturan; (ceremonies) be/adat* 
kuat ikut f adat (B.) ; (outward, 
lacking reality) pada lahir* (Ar. 
ildhir) . 

Formalism (-izm), s. kuat mrgikut 
peraturan, kuat ikut 'adat (B.). 

Formality (for-mal'i-ti), s. ~ per- 

Formation (-ma'sh^n), s. (act of 
shaping) pri mrupakan; (con- 
struction) k'ada'an, rupa, reka'- 
an;* (of troops) ikat prarg. 

Formative (form'a-tiv), adj. yatg 
mrgadakan* yarg mnjadikan. 

Former (-er), adj. dhulu, terdhulu,. 
lama, ya?g mida-mula, yarg sudah- 

Formerly (-li), adv. dhulu, dhulu 
kala, pada zaman dhulu, itu hari, 
jman dhulu (B.). 

Formication (f or-mi-ka'slmn) , s. 
smut-smut an. 

Formidable (for'mi-da-bl), adj. 
yarg mmbri takot, yarg kasi takot 
(B.), yarg mnakoti* yarg mmbri 
dahshat (Ar.), hebat (Ar. hai- 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minus, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 





Formula (for'mu-la), s. (set form) 

peraturan; (rule, prescription.) 

ptua* (Ar. fatwa), sharat (Ar.) ; 

(in magic) mantra* jampi. 
'Formulate (-lat), v. t. aturkan, 

sharatkan (Ar.). 
.Fornication (for-ni-ka/srum), s. 

persundalan, perchabolan,* zina 

Forsake (for-sak'), v. t. (abandon) 

tiiyyalkan; (renounce) sarykal- 

Forsooth (for-sooth'), adv. s-suiy- 

Forswear (for-swar'), v. t. sarykal 

dry an sum pah. To forswear one's 

self, makan sum pah. 
•Fort (fort), s. kota, kubu, bentery 

Forth (forth), adv. (out) k-luar; 

(onward) k-hadapan. And so 

forth, dan s-bagai-nja. Back and 

forth, pergi balek, ulary-aliry* . 

From this time forth, mulct i deri- 

pada masa ini, deri ini jam (B.). 
Forthcoming (-kum'ing), adj. 

(ready) sdia; (appearing) klihat- 

an, tampak* nampak. 
Forthwith (-wi£/z/), adv. sgra, s- 

bntar itu juya, serta-merta. 
Fortieth (for'ti-eth), adv. yary k'- 

ampat puloh. 
Fortification (for-ti-fi-ka'shtm), s. 

(act of fortifying) pri mryota'i* 

hal kotakan (B.) ; (fort) kola, 

kubu, bentery (N.L). 
Fortify (for'ti-fi), v. t. tyohkan, 

kuatkan, kota'i* kotakan (B.). 
Fortitude (-tud), s. tgoh hati, k- 

tyohan, kttapan, clikal hati. 
Fortnight (fort'nit), s. dua jma'at, 

dua mirggo, ampat-blas hari, 

tgoh an, kttapan, clikal hati* 
Fortnightly (fort-nit'li), adj. tiap- 

tiap dua jma'at, dua mirggo s-kali. 
Fortress (for'tres), s. kota. 
Fortuitous (for-tu'i-tws), adj. yarg 

tiba-tiba* jadi, yarg jadi diyan 
tiada saryka. 
Fortunate (for'chu-net), adj. &er- 
bhagia (Sk.), bertuah, beruntorg, 
Fortune (for'chun), s. (chance, ac- 
cident, fate) nasib, untorg; (sue 
cess, happy event) mujor* kmujor- 
an* untorg baik, bhagia (Sk.) ; 
(wealth) kkaya'an. To tempt 
fortune, bawa nasib. 
Fortune-teller (-tel-ler), s. /?- 
tnoiy* pnilek, tukary tilek, tukarg 
teryok untory (B.). 
Forty (for'ti), adj. ampat-puloh. 
Forum (for'mn), s. pasar di neyri 
Rome; (court) majlis bichara, 
hot (E.). 
Forward (for'werd), adj. (in ad- 
vance) di hadapan; (ready, 
prompt) pantas; (bold) brani; 
(of women) chandi;* (before the 
time) dhulu deri-pada masa-rya. 
Forward, v. t. (accelerate) Ikaskan, 
sgrakan, bargatkanj* (help on- 
ward) majukan;* (transmit) ki- 
rim, hantarkan. 
Forwardness (-nes), s. (eager- 
ness) kpantasan; (boldness) k- 
branian, chandi, as above. 
Fossil (fos'sil), adj. yarg tlah mm- 
batu* yary sudah mnjadi batu 
Fossil, s. barary yary sudah berobah 

mnjadi batu. 
Fossilize (-iz), v. t. mmbatu; (be- 
come rigid) jadi kaku. 
Foster (fos'ter), v. t. (nourish) 
bla* plihara, didek;* (at the 
breast) teteki;* (promote, encour- 
age) majukan* 
Foster-brother (-bru^'er), s. sau- 

dara susuan. 
Foster-child (-child), s. anak susu- 
Foster-mother (-muta'er), s. mak 

susu, mak tetek. 
Foul (fowl), adj. (filthy) chmar* 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minus, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




kotor; (polluted) najis; (of lan- 
guage) charut; (of smell) busok, 
hanchirg, haryir, bachin* bargar* 
hamis, haritg* hapak, see fetid; 
(of wind) (Naut.) sakal; (en- 
tangled) kusut, tersangkot; (un- 
fair, of games) churarg, prgelat. 

Foul, v. t. an, chmarkan,* 
saigkotkan, as above; (collide 
with) lanj gar; (in games) elat* 
prgelat (B.). 

Foul, s. (in games) elat* prgelat 

Foul-mouthed (-mowtht), adj. 

pncliarut, mulut rampus* 
Found (fownd), v. t. (cast) tuarg; 
(establish, fix firmly) tgohkan, 

ttapkan; (lay foundation) buboh 

alas, alaskan: (begin, originate) 

dirikan, adakan. 
Foundation (fown-da'shwn), s. 
(act of founding) lial mntapkan, 

hal mndirikan, hal mrgadakan; 
(groundwork, basis) alas, kaki 
tembok; (endowment) ivakaf 

(Ar.). Without foundation, tiada 

bersbab, sia-sia. 
Founder (fowDd'er), s. (of metals) 

pnuarg * tukarg tuarg; (one who 

lays foundations) prgalas, ya?y 

mm bub oh alas, yarg mrgadakan. 
Founder, v. i. karam, trgglam. 
Foundling (-ling), s. anak purgut, 

anak buargan* 
Foundry (-ri), s. tmpat tuarg, tm- 

pat tuarg bsi, pnuarg an, * plbur an* 
Fount (fownt), s. (fountain) mata 

Fountain (fownt'en), s. (natural) 

mata ayer: (artificial) panchuran 

ayer; (source) pohon* asal. 

Fountain pen, kalam* berisi tinta. 
Fountain-head (-hed), s. asal, 

pohon* inula. 
Four (for), adj. ampat. On all 

fours, berjermang* mrargkak. 
Four-cornerd (-korn'erd), adj. 

ampat persgi, ampat bersgi (B.). 

Fourfold (for'fold), adj. ampat 
kali ganda* ampat lipat (B.). 

Fourfooted (for-foot'ed), adj. ber- 
kaki ampat. 

Four-in-hand (f5r '-in-hand'), s.. 
and adj. kuda dua pasarg. 

Fourscore (for'skor'), adj. dlapan 
puloh, lapan puloh. 

Foursquare (for'skwar'), adj. am- 
pat persgi, ampat bersgi (B.). 

Fourteen (for'ten), adj. ampat- 

Fourteenth (for'tenth), adj. yaty 

Fourth (forth), adj. yarg k' ampat » 
nombor ampat (B.). 

Fourth, s. suku, perampat* 

Four-wheeled (for-wheld), adj.. 
berroda ampat. 

Fowl (fowl), s. (birds in general) 
burorg, org gas;* (domestic) ayam.. 

Fowler (-er), s. pmikat* 

Fowling-piece (fowl'ing-pes), s_ 
snaparg tembak burorg. 

Fox (foks), s. rubah (Pers.), gener- 
ally supposed to resemble the mu- 

Foxy (-i), adj. (wily) cherdek, 
e akal plandok, panjarg 'dkal; (red- 
dish-brown in colour) perarg; 
(of smell) bau musarg. 

Fracas (fra-ka'), s. gadoli, huru- 
liar a* 

Fraction (frak'slnm), s. (portion, 
fragment) bhagian, s-krat; (in? 
arithmetic) pchahan. 

Fractious (-slvws), adj. rajok* 
suka mrajok (B.), prargai jahat; 
(of horses) chandi* mragam. 

Fracture (-chur), s. pchahan, pa- 
tahan, tmpat yarg patah; (the 
act) hal mmcliali, hal mmatah^ 
Compound fracture, patah-riok* 
pat ah rmok* 

Fracture, v. t. (break asunder) 
pchah; (of long objects) patah; 
(crack) rtak. 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; did, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minus, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




Fragile (fraj'il or fraj'il), adj. 
(brittle) rapoh, rpas* rmargj* 
(delicate in health) Imah. 

^Fragment (frag'ment), s. pchahan, 
patahan, s-hrat, s-potorg, s-chbis* 
s-cltotek;* (of food) sisa; (of 
cloth or things cut) reja. 

Fragrance (fra/grans), s. harum* 

Fragrant (-grant), adj. wargi, 

Frail (fral), adj. Imah, ta'kuat. 

Frailty (-ti), s. klmahan, ksalahan. 

Frame (fram), v. t. (fit together) 
rapatkan; (plan, devise) upaya- 
kan* reka* 

Frame, s. (skeleton, framework) 
rargka; (of windows and doors) 
pmidaiy ;* (bodily structure) Im- 
baga* baiyun, badan; (disposi- 
tion, mood) tinjkah; (of a pic- 
ture or spectacles) biiykai;* (for 
embroidery) pmidaiy an. 

Framework (fram'werk), s. rargka. 

France (frans), s. negri Fransis, 
negri Pranchis. 

Franchise (fran'chiz), s. (pri- 
vilege) izin, permisi (N.I.) ; 
(right to vote) kuasa mmbri 

Frangipanni (fran-ji-pan'ni), s. 
kmboja, burga kmoja. 

Frank (frank), adj. (open) tras- 
trarg; (candid) tnlus, ekhlas* 
(Ar. ikhlds). 

Frank, v. t. (a letter) sgnro* 

Frankincense (frank'in-sens), s. 
kmnnjian, slaty gi (Sk. astargga), 
dupa (Sk.). 

Frantic (fran'tik), adj. gila, be- 

Frap (frap), v. t. (Naut.) pral 
(L.), blit 

Fraternal (fra-ter'nal), adj. ber- 

Fraternity (-ni-ti), s. persahabat- 
an perskutuan.* 

Fraternize (frat'er-niz), v. i. 6er- 
sku t u* bersahabat. 

Fratricide (frat'ri-sid), s. hal mm- 
bunoh saudara. 

Fraud (frawd), s. tipu-daya, tipu. 

Fraudulent (frawd'u-lent), adj. 

Fraught (frawt), adj'. pnoh digan, 

Fray (fra), s. perklahian, pergadoh- 

Fray, v. t. srabul* liavs. 

Frayed (frad), adj. (of a rope, in 
the middle) rntan; (at the end) 
srabot, kmbaiy; (of cloth, at the 
edge) berchtai-chiai* 

Freak (frek), s. ragam, tirgkah. 

Freckle (frek'kl), s. lahi-lalat, talk 
Mat (B.). 

Free (fre), adj. (not under res- 
traint) bebas; (liberated) Ipas; 
(from slavery) merdheka;* (la- 
vish) murah; (gratuitous) per- 
chum a, chuma-chu?na; (unob- 
structed) bolos* lawas. Free and 
easy, mgak* Ipas laku* 

Free, v. t. bebaskan, Ipaskan, mer- 
dhekakan* as above; also (re- 
deem) tbus. 

Freebooter (fre'boot-er), s. prya- 
mon; (at sea) prompak, lanun* 

Freedman (fred'man), s. orarg 
merdheka,* orarg tbusan. 

Freedom (fre'dt/m), s. kbebasan, 
klpasan, merdheka;* see tree. 

Freehold (-hold), s. gran mall 
(E. grant). 

Freely (-li), adv. see free. 

Freemason's hall (f re-ma's wuz 
hawl), s. rumah hantu. 

Freewill (fre'wil'), s. kahandak 
yarg bebas, akhtiar sndiri* (Ar. 

Freeze (frez), v. i. berbku* mn- 
jadi ayer batu (B.). 

Freeze, v. t. bkukan* mnjadikan 
ayer batu (B.). 

Freight (frat), s. (load, cargo) 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minws, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful) ; law, how, oil; thin then. 




muatan; (sum paid) tambary, 

sewa muatan. 
iFrench (french), adj. fransis, pran- 

Frenchman (-man), s. ovary Fran- 
sis, Pransman (N.I.), Prasman 

Frenzied (fren'zid), adj. gila, be- 

Frenzy (-zi), s. gila, berarg* 
(Frequent (fre'kwent), adj. krap, 

krap kali, srirg (N.I.). 
Frequent (fre-kwenf), v. t. nlary* 

ularyi* saba (Sk.), slaroh.* 
Frequently (-li), adv. krap-krap, 

sntiasa* slain. To use frequent- 
ly, Hark an* 
Fresh (fresh), adj. (new) bliaru; 

(vigorous) sgar, lam pa I* (W.) ; 

(not dried or preserved) liidop; 

(not salt) lawar; (of wind) 

Freshen (fresh'n), v. t. (make less 

salt) iawavkan. 
Freshen, v. i. (of wind) knchaiy. 
Freshet (-et), s. ayer bah. 
Freshman (-man), s. murid yaiy 

bharu mas ok skolah bsar. 
Fret (fret), v. t. (wear away) ma- 

kan, haus; (irritate) marahkan. 
Fret, v. i. (chafe) hans; (fray) 

srabnt;* (be irritated) mmbakar 

liaii, lampas* mem eh. 
Fretful (fret'fool), adj. Ikas marali, 

lampas* memek, pngns* 
Fretwork (-werk), s. krawarg. 
Friable (fri'a-bl), adj. rpas* rput- 

rlai* ktai* 
Friar (fii'er), s. orarg bcrkhalwat 

(Ar.), rahib (Ar.). 
Friction (frik'shtm), s. gosok, prg- 

yosok'an, saiyyit;* (massage) 

urutan, urut-urut; ( disagree- 
ment ) persliseh an. 
Friday (fri'da), s. hari jma'at, liari 

Friend (frend), s. katvan, sahabat, 

taulan* handai, rakan* sobat 

(SI.) (B.). 
Friendless (frend'les), adj. tiada 

berkawan, ks'oratyan* 
Friendly (-li), adj. bersahabat, ber- 

sobat (B.) ; (kind) berprgasehan,* 

tar oh ksian (B.). 
Friendship (-ship), s. persahabaU 

Frigate (frig'et), s. kapal prarg 

bertiarg tiga. 
Fright (frit), s. ktakolan, kkjotan, 

Frighten (fiit'n), v. t. kjotkan, 

takotkan, bri takot, kasi takot 

(B.), bri dahshat (Ar.), kaget 

(X.I.), gerlak. 
Frightened (-nd), adj. terkjot, ter- 

pranjat, chmas* srek. 
Frightful (-fool), adj. hebat (Ar. 

haibat), dahshat (Ar.), adamat 

(Ar. 'allmat). 
Frigid (frij'id), adj. sjok, dirgin;* 

(of manner) kras, tgar* 
Frill (fril), s. ropol '(E. ruffle). 
Fringe (frinj), s. rambu-rambu, 

runibai-rnmbai* vbor-ubor, gun- 

jai* iram-iram;* (of hair on the 

forehead) andam; (edge, border) 

Fringe, v. t. buboh rambu-rambu, 

etc., as above. 
Frippery (frip'er-i), s. pakaian 

j/a rg ch a ntek-chantek. 
Frisk (frisk), v. i. lompat-lompat, 

lonch at-lo n ch a t, linjak-linjak* 

ber tan dale. 
Frisky (-i), adj. lerhijak-lnjak* 

terlo n ja k-lonjalc . * 
Frith (frith), s. tlok. 
Fritter (frit'ter), s. dadar* Ba- 
nana fritters, pisaiy yoriry, rn- 

dary* pisary. 
Fritter, v. t. (cut in pieces) c7m- 

chaiy. To fritter away (waste), 

habiskan, boroskan. 
Frivolity (fri-vol'i-ti), s. klakuan 


ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, mhms, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




Frivolous (friv'o-rns), adj. (of no 

importance) rergan; (silly, given 
to trifling) sia-sia* 
Frizz (friz), v. t. krititg, ppuah* 
Frizzled (friz'zld), adj. kritirg, 

Fro (fro), adv. To and fro, pergi- 

balek, ulaig-alirg* ularg-alek* 

Frock (frok), s. pakamn prempuan 

dan budak-budak Eropah. 
Frog (frog), s. katak, kodok (N.I.). 

(B.). Bull frog, katak btonj, 

katak bntorg, kodok btorg (B.). 
Frolic (frol'ik), s. suka-ria* 
Frolic, v. i. bermain-main, bersuka- 

ria;* see frisk. 
Frolicsome (-simi), adj. yatg suka 

bermain, suka main-main (B.). 
From (from), prep, (places) deri; 

(persons, things) deri-pada; (be- 
cause of) oleh* sbab. From 

house to house, masok rumah 

kluar rumah. 
Frond (frond), s. (of ferns) daun 

paku-paku; (of palms) pi pah. 
Front (frunt),s. (forepart) muka, 

hadapan; (of a ship) hahtan. In 

front of, di hadapan, bertntaigan 

drgan, mnntarg, mrghadap. 
Front, adj. di hadapan, dpan, di 

muka. Front teeth, gigi sri* 

gigi dpan (B.). 
Front, v. t. hadap, tntaig. 
Frontage (frunt'ej), s. (front 

part) muka; (extent of front) 

Frontier (fron'ter), s. smpadan, 

perhirgga'an* prerggan* batasan, 

kawasan* watas (N.I.). 
Fronting (frunt'ing), prep, di 

hadapan, tntarg. 
Frontispiece (frun'tis-pes), s. 

gambar yarg pertama dalam buku. 
Frontlet (frunt'let), s. jamarg* 

ptam* tparam;* (of elephants) 


Frost (frawst or frost), s. hal mm- 
bku* Hoar frost, 'mbun bku.*" 
Frosted glass, kacha kusam* 

Frost-bitten (frawst'bit-tn), adj.. 
kakii sbab sjok. 

Froth (frawth or froth), s. bueh,. 
busa (B.). 

Froth, v. i. berbueh, berbusa (B.) r 
map* mruap (B.). 

Frothy (-i), adj. berbueh, berbusa. 

Froward (frd'werd), adj. (disobe- 
dient) derhaka; (perverse) kras 
k pal a , tgar* 

Frown (frown), v. i. krut, krnryit* 
bersut* bsu (B.). 

Frozen (fro'zn), adj. bku* mnjadi 
ayer batu (B.). 

Frugal (froo'gal), adj. chermat, 
jimat, liemat (Ar. himmat). 

Frugality (froo-gal'i-ti), s. cher- 

Fruit (frdot), s. buah; (produce) 
hasil; (various fruits) buah-buah- 
an. Fruit bat, kllawar. Fruit 
fly, bari-bari* krok* Fruit tree,. 
pokok buah. 

Fruitage (frdot'ej), s. buah-buah- 
an, hasil. 

Fruitful (-fool), adj. (of animals) 
biak; (of soil) gmok; (of plants) 
berbuah baryak. 

Fruition (froo-ish'^n), s. laba* 

Fruitless (fr55t'les), adj. (barren) 
tiada berbuah, mandul;* (vain, un- 
profitable) sia-sia* perchuma, se- 
man, tiada berfa'idah, ta'guna. 

Frustrate (frus'trat), v. t. bantuU 
kan, batalkan, sia-siakan* tiada- 

Fry (fri), s. anak ikan. Small fry, 
bararg yarg sia-sia* orarg yaiy 
tiada di-indahkan. 

Fry, v. t. (in fat) rndarg;* (with 
or without fat) gorirg. 

Fryingpan (fri'ing-pan), s. kuali. 

Fuddle (fud'dl), v. t. mabokkan. 

Fuddled, adj. mabok. 

Fudge (fuj), s. tahi aigin, karui. 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire,. 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minus, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




JFudge, v. t. buat-buat, adakan, pal- 
sukan (Port.). 

fuel (fu'el), s. bkal api; (of wood) 
kayu api. 

Fugitive (fii'ji-tiv), adj. (escap- 
ing) yaig lari, plari;* (not dur- 
able) tiada ttap, yarg hilarg. 

Fugitive, s. oranj plan* oranj yaiy 
lari (B.). 

Fulcrum (ful'krwm), s. landasan* 
alas pnuil.* 

Fulfil (fool-fir), v. t. (carry into 
effect) sampaikan, smpurnakan; 
(complete) liabiskan, gnapkan. 
To fulfil a tow, layer niat. 

Fulfilment (-ment), s. hal miyam- 
paikan, etc., as above. 

Full (fool), adj. (filled up) pnoh. 
tumpat;* (of numbers) gnap; 
(sufficient) chukop; (of time) 
sunt oh;* (sated) kmyarg, puas; 
(of load or burden) sarat; (to 
overflowing) tpu* aboig* tpas; 
(bulging) kpoh;* (of the moon) 
pernama* A full year, s-tahun 
tutop, s-tahun sunt ok* btul s- 
fahun (B.). A full month, s- 
bulan suntok* btul s-bulan. Full 
dress, pakaian kbsaran. Full to 
the brim, tpu* Crammed full,, 
pnoli trak* 

Full-blooded (fool-blud'ed), adj. 
totok* (Jav.). 

Full-blown (-blon), adj. (of flow- 
ers) kmharg; (perfected) sm- 

Full-dress (-dres), s. pakaian k- 
bsaran, pakaian hykap. 

Full-grown (-gron), adj. chukop 
bsar, chukop 'umor. 

Fully (-li), adv. (entirely) s-mata- 
mata* dry an s-chukop-nja, digan 

Fulminate (fiil'mi-nat), v. i. (make 
a loud noise) berguroh; (explode) 
Hop,* mltop (B.). 

Fulsome (fool'simi), adj. terlalu 
baryak, yarg mnjmukan. 

Fumble (fum'bl), v. i. raba, rapai* 
g rapai* krabek* 

Fume (turn), s. (vapour) wap, ha- 
wa; (smoke) asap,rabun;* (rage) 

Fume, v. i. (smoke) berasap; (rage 
with anger) berarg* naik gm- 
bera* naik mradarg. 

Fumigate (fti'mi-gat), v. t. asap- 
kan; (medicinally) rabunkan* 

Fumigation (-ga'sh?/n), s. rabun* 

Fun (fun), s. main-main, snda m 
yurau* To make fun of, per- 
mainkan* usek. In fun, main" 

Function (fungk'sh?m), s. (per- 
formance of duty or office) kerja, 
jaw at an;* (appropriate action) 

Fund (fund), s. (stock, capital) 
modal, pokok. 

Fundament (fun'da-ment), s. 
puiggoig, pantat, poiygorg (B.). 

Fundamental (-men'tal), adj. asal. 

Fundamentally (li), adv. pada 
patykal-?ya, pada asal-rya. 

Funeral (ffi'ner-al), s. perkubur- 
an. Funeral prayers, talkin 
(Ar.). Funeral procession, per- 
arakan mayat, berarak orarg mati 
(B.), aigkatan jnazah (Ar.). 

Funereal (fu-ner'i-d), adj. (mourn- 
ful) berduka-chita* perchinta'an, 
susah liati (B.). 

Fungus (fung'gws), s. kulat* can- 
da wan, lumut. 

Funk (fungk), s. bachol* 

Funk, v. i. srek. 

Funnel (fun'nl), s. (chimney) cho- 
rorg, si'omborg* somprorg (B.), 
smprorg (N.L), ponel (E.) ; (for 
filling bottles) klonsorg* 

Funny (-ni), adj. pnernawa* prg- 
gli liati* yarg glikan liati (B.) ; 
(peculiar) plek* 

Fur (fer), s. kulit berbulu. 

Furbish (fer'bish), v. t. upam* 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry ; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry ; Ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minws, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




Furious (fur'i-ws), adj. (with an- 
ger) mradarg, beraig;* (stormy) 

Furl (ferl), v. t. gulorg. 

Furlough (fer'lo), s. chuti. 

Furnace (fer'nas), s. dapur, tanur 
(Ar.) ; (for smelting) rlau* 

Furnish (fer'nish), v. t. (provide) 
Irgkapkan* sdiakan; (adorn) hia- 
si* riaskan (B.) ; (with pro- 
visions) bkalkan. 

Furniture (fer'ni-chur), s. (equip- 
ment) klrgkapan;* (of a house) 
serba-rumah* perkakas rumah, 

Furore (fu-ror'), s. gmbera.* 

Furrow (fur'ro), s. (in earth) 
alur, galur;* (wrinkle) knit, 
kdut, ktak* glmbor, krutu* 

Furry (fer'ri), adj. berbulu. 

Further (fev'ther), adj. (more re- 
mote) lb eh jauh; (additional) 
Ibeh, lagi, lain. Nothing further, 
lain tidak. 

Further, v. t. (assist) bantu; (pro- 
mote) majukan* 

Furtherance (-ans), s. kmajuan.* 

Furthermore (-mdr), conj. tarn- 
bahan pula, dan lagi, lagi pun, s- 
bagai lagi* 

Furthest (fer'ttest), adj. yarg tcr- 
Ibeh jauh, ya?y jauh skali. 

Furtive (fer'tiv), adj. mncliuri- 

Fury (fiir'i), s. gmbera* berarg* 
mar ah bsar (B.). 

Fuse (fuz), v. i. Ibur, hanchor. 

Fuse, s. tunam* sumbu, murarg 

Fusible (fuz'i-bl), adj. yarg dapat 
Ibur* yarg boleh Ibur. 

Fusion (fu'zhwn), s. (act of melt- 
ing) pri mlbur, klburan; (union, 
blending) champuran. 

Fusilade (fu-zil-lacT), s. pri m- 
nembak s-rmpak* 

Fuss (fus), s. chrewet (N".I.) (B.)^ 

Fussy (fus'si), adj. chrewet. 

Fustian (fus'chan), s. kain bludw 

Fusty (fust'i), adj. berbau lapok,. 
trgek, ban mlapok (B.). 

Futile (fu'til), adj. sia-sia* tiad® 
berfaidah, ta'guna. 

Futility (fu-til'i-ti), s. sia-sia* 

Future (fii'chur), adj. yarg akan 
datarg, datanj, yarg mndatarg, 
blakaig. In future, blakaiy-kali 
(X.I.). The future life, hari 
kmdian, akhirat (Ar.). 

Future, s. zaman datarg, hari km- 
dian, hari yarg mndatanj. 

Gab (gab), s. To have the gift of 

the gab, pitah lidah, bletir,* jadi 

tukarg mletir (B.). 
Gabble (gab'bl), v. i. grichau* 

repek, petes* mnjeryer (B.). 
Gable (ga'bl), s. tiba-layer. 
Gabriel (gfi'bri-el), s. Jibraii 1 

Gad (gad), v. i. kmbara;* (run 

wild) jalarg, kinckarg-kincharg* 

Gadfly (gad'fli), s. pikat* 
Gaff (gaf), s. (fish spear) sram- 

parg; (Naut.) bom atas, gaf el 

(D.), gap (E.), andaig-andaig 

Gag (gag), v. i. jluak. 
Gag, v. t. smpalkan, sumbatkan mu- 

Gage (gaj), s. (pledge) chagaran* 

chagak'an (B.) ; (challenge) adu- 

Gaiety (ga'et-i), s. suka-ria* suka- 

Gaily (ga'li), adv. drgan suka- 

chita* drgan suka-suka (B.). 
Gain (gan), v. t. (get, obtain) ber- 

oleh* beruntorg, hasil, berlaba* 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ico, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minus, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




beroleh laba;* (be victorious) 
mnarg; (reach, attain) dapat. 
To gain a person's affections, mrg- 
ambil kali oraig. 

•Gain, s. untorg, faidah, laba* kla- 

Gainings (gan'ingz), s. untorg, 
laba,* pndapatan. 

♦Gainsay (gan-sa/), v. t. bantahi* 

-Gait (gat), s. jalan, gaga. 

'Gaiter (gat'er), s. lapek Mis* 

'Gala (ga'la), s. tmasa (Sk. tama- 

•Galanga (ga-lang'ga), s. Irgkuas. 

•Galaxy (gal'aks-i), s. (the Milky 
Way) bima-sakti (Sk.) ; (assem- 
blage) perhimponan yarg mulia. 

Gale (gal), s. riboi, t'ofan (Ar. 
Tan fan). 

Galena (ga-le'na), s. baiu bijeh. 

Galilee (gal'i-le), s. negri Galil 

Gall (gawl), s. hmpdu. Gall blad- 
der, pundi-pundi* hmpdu. 

Gall, v. t. (chafe) lechetkan; (vex, 
annoy) us eh; (harass) kachau, 

Gallant (gallant), adj. (splendid) 
mulia, apas;* (courageous) brani, 
perkasa (Sk.). 

Gallant (gal-lanf), adj. berbhasa. 

Gallantry (gal'lant-ri), s. perkasa 
(Sk.), brani, budi-bhasa. 

Galleon (gal'le-?m), s. galiorg 
(!). gal jo en). 

Gallery (gal'ler-i), s. (corridor) 
slasar;* (in mines) grorggarg;* 
(on brackets or columns) bran da 
(Port.), penuginan* pranchah* 

Galley (gal'li), s . (ancient war ves- 
sel) ghali (D.galei) ; (ship's boat) 
bot (E.), skochi (D.) ; (native 
barge) pelarg;* (Naut., kitchen) 

Galley worm (-werrn), s. cliachirg 

Gallinule (-mil), s. ayam-ayam. 

Gallipot (-pot), s. si'tun* flap* 

Gallon (gal'ltm), s. sukatan Irg- 
gns = % gantarg. 

Gallop (gal'kp), v. i. chorgklarg* 
berlari mndua* 

Gallows (gal'loz), s. tmpat gantorg- 
an, pergantonjan. Gallows bird, 
sisa pergantorgan. 

Galoshes (ga Josh '<?s), s. pi. kasut 

Gallstone (gawl'ston), s. batu-batu- 
an hmpdu. 

Gambier (gam'ber), s. gambir. 
Gambier estate, ladarg gambir, 
kaigka gambir (Ch. ?). 

Gamble (gam'bl), v. i. bermain 
judi, berjudi. 

Gambler (-bier), s. pnjudi* tahi 
judi. Gambling den, logok judi. 

Gambling (-bling), s. judi. 

Gamboge (gam-booj'), s. gtah kam- 

Gambol (gam'bol), v. i. bertandak, 
lo mpa t-lo m pat, t erk inja-kinja. * 

Game (gam), s. (sport, play) per- 
main an; (scheme, plan)' 'akal; 
(animals pursued) perburuan* 

Game, adj. (plucky) brani. 

Gamecock (gam'kok), s. ayam sa- 

Gamekeeper (-kep-er), s. gombala 

Gammon (gam'-nizm), s. paha babi. 

Gander (gan'der), s. argsa jantan. 

Gang (gang), s. (group of labour- 
ers) kawan* pasokan. Gang-rob- 
ber, pnjamon, cherg-piarg (B.) 
(Ch. cheig-piarg = house-break- 

Ganges (gan'jes), s. surgai Gargga. 

Gangrene (gang'gren), s. mati 

Gangway (-wa), s. (passage) ja- 
lan; (of planks) titian; (opening 
in bulwarks) pintu kaya* 

Gaol (jiil), s. pnjara, jel (E.). 
Gaol bird, oraig rantai. 

Gaoler (jal'er), s. pnuiggu pnjara* 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minus, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




mata-mata jel, wadar (E.), sipir 
(N.I.) (D. cipier) ; see warder. 

Gap (gap), s. chlah* chlak (B.), 
rawarg* lomparg* prohorg* 

Gape (gap), v. i. (of the moutli) 
rgarga, margau* wykap;* ch- 
hgap;* (of wounds) babarg* ke- 
bak;* (wide open) rrgganj, pi a- 
hargj* (yawn) kuap* mrguap. 

Garb (garb), s. pakaian. 

Garbage (gar'bej), s. sampah, ham- 

Garble (gar'bl), v. t. (mutilate) 
rosakkan, kachau. 

Garden (gar'dn), s. (plantation) 
kbun; (ornamental) la man* 
kbun burga (B.). 

Garden, v. i. berkbun. 

Gardener (-er), s. tukarg kbun. 

Gardenia (gar-de'ni-a), s. burga 
susu, burga China. 

Garfish (gar'fish), s. ikan puput. 

Gargle (gar'gl), v. t. berkumor- 

Gargle, s. obat humor. 

Gargoyle (gar'goil), s. pat org pan- 
chutan ayer. 

Garish (gfir'ish), adj. gilarg- 
gmilarg* berkilat; (of colours) 
chindai* gararg (B.). 

Garland (gar'knd), s. karargan 
burga, karaigan daun. 

Garlic (-lik), s. bawarg puteh, ba- 
te arg China. 

Garment (-ment), s. pakaian, kain- 
baju; (a single garment) kain s- 
lai (or s-hlai), baju s-lai, etc. 
Long outer garment, jubah (Ar.). 
Long garment worn under the 
jubah, gam is* (Ar. qamis), baju 

Garner (-ner), v. t. kumpolkan, 
taroh, simpan dalam gdorg. 

Garnet (-net), s. yakut merah 
(Ar. yaqut). 

Garnish (-nish), v. t. (adorn) 
hiasi* riaskan (B.) ; (furnish, 
supply) Irgkapkan* 

Garret (gar'ret), s. para* ataa 
bilek dkat atap. 

Garrison (gar'ri-sn), s. orarg ka~ 
walan* kota. 

Garrison, v. t. hgkapkan drgan sol- 

Garrotte (gar-rot'), v. t. kujut*- 
ch kek. 

Garrulous (gar'ru-lws), adj. bleth\ 
mhiir (B.), chlupar* chloteh* 

Garter (gar'ter), s. gtah sarory 
kaki, gtah stoken (E.), karet kaus- 

Gas (gas) s. hawa, wap, gas. Gas- 
meter, miter gas (E.), jam gas. 

Gaseous (gas'e-i*s), adj. berwap. 

Gash (gash), v. t. Mar. 

Gash, s. Mar, rebak* 

Gasket (°-fis'ket), s. (ISfaut.) stop* 

Gasoline (gas'o-len), s. minjak ben- 

Gasometer (gas-om'et-er), s. taigki 
gas (E.). 

Gasp (gasp), v. i. rgap-iyap, urgap,* 
cliuupip, urykap ;* (choke) chkok- 
chkek,* Imas. At one's last gasp,. 
naik ombak, naza (Ar.). 

Gastric (gas'trik), adj. prot (a). 

Gate (gat), s. (of a city) pintu 
bsar, pintu kota, pintu gerbarg;* 
(of a fence) pintu pagar, lawarg 
(X.I.) ; (large gate) pintu lawarg 
(Jav.) ; (to keep children in a: 
house) adarg pintu* 

Gatekeeper (gat'kep-er), s. pnury- 
gu pintu* orarg jaga pintu. 

Gatepost (-post), s. tiaig pintu. 

Gateway (-wa), s. muka pintu pa- 

Gather (ga^'er), v. t. (collect) 
kumpolkan, him.ponkan;* (in 
heaps) lorggokkan, timbonkan; 
(pluck) ptek : (fruit with a pole) 
jolok ; (in a basket on a pole) 
sarggoig ;* (pick up) pargut, ku- 
tip; (materials for w r ork) ramu;* 
(rice harvest) tnai;* (derive an 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire,. 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minws, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




inference) ambit;* (in folds, as a 
garment) pulun* kdut. 

♦Gather, v. i. (assemble) bcrkum- 
pol, berhimpon* berkrumun; (of 
boils) mnanalt, argkut nanah. 

♦Gather, s. (plait or fold) pulun* 
kdut, simak* 

•Gathering (-ing), s. (assembly) 
perkumpolan, perhimponan,* ma- 
jlis (Ar.), sidarg;* (abscess, tu- 
mour) Usui; (on the finger) klu- 
rut* klurutan (B.). 

•Gaudy (gawd'i), adj. gilarg- 
gmilarg* chindai* gararg (B.), 
rarggi (B.). 

Gauge (gaj), v. t. ukor, jaigka, su- 
kat; (estimate) taksir (D. tazeer- 
en) ; (judge of) timbaig. 

Gauge, s. (size) ukoran, jargka; 
(width) lebar, buka;* (instru- 
ment for measuring) prgukor, 

Gaul (gawl), s. negri Fransis dhulu 

Gaunt (gawnt), adj. kurus, chdirg* 

Gauntlet (gawnt'let), s. sarorg ta- 
rgan. To throw down the gaunt- 
let, minta lawan, ajak beradu. 

Gauze (gawz), s. kain kasa (Ar. 
khasah). Wire gauze, ayakan da- 

Gavel (gav'el), s. prgtok. 

Gavial (ga'vi-al), s. buaj/a joloig- 
joloig, jnjolorg* 

Gawky (gawk'i), adj. charggoig, 

Gay (ga), adj. (merry) bersuka- 
suka, ria;* (in colours) chindai* 

Gaze (gaz), v. i. pandarg, rnoig. 
To gaze at, tatap* 

Gaze, s. pandargan. 

Gazelle (ga-zel'), s. kijarg. 

Gazette (ga-zef), s. surat khabar 
hraja'an, surat khabar kompni, 
werta* krajaan. 

Gazette, v. t. khabarkan dig an pr en- 

Gear, s. (equipment) klrgkapan, 
alat* serba* abah-abah;* (cog- 
wheels) roda bergigi, jntra* ber- 
gigl Eunning ' gear (Naut.)> 

Gecko (gek'o), s. tkek, tokek* 

Gelatine (jel'a-ten' or jel'a-tin), s. 
(from seaweed) agar-agar. 

Gelatinous (je-lat'in-i/s), adj. 6er- 
pulut, berpulot (B.). 

Geld (geld), v.t. kmbirikan, kasi* 
(Ar. khast). 

Gelding (-ing), s. kuda kmbiri. 

Gem (jem), s. permata, manikamf* 
(small valuables) mata-bnda. 

Gem, v. t. tatahkan. 

Gender (jen'der), s. jnis jantan- 

Genealogy (jen-e-al'o-ji), s. k- 
turunan, silasilah (Ar.), salasilah 
(Ar. silsilah), suku sakat* susor- 

General (jen'er-al) adj. (belonging 
to all) perskutuan * sama peroleh- 
an* 'am (Ar.) ; (usual, habitual) 
kbiasaan, sperti slalu, sntiasa;* 
(for the most part) kbaryakan. 
Registrar general, pndaftar 'am 

General, s. prglima praig, Jcpala 

Generality (-aTi-ti), s. perkara 

Generalize (jen'er-al-iz), v.t. 
(take comprehensive views) ram- 

Generally (-li), adv. krap-krap, 
sntiasa ( Sk. ) , biasa-nja. 

Generalship (-ship), s. kpandaian 

Generate (jen'er-at), v.t. (beget) 
beranakkan; (produce, cause) ada- 
kan, jadikan, sbabkan, kluarkan. 

Generation (-a'shwn), s. (act of 
begetting) pri mmperanakkan, 
pri mrgadakan, etc., as above; 
(progeny) bneh, kturunan; (step 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror: oldj not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minws, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




in descent) kt unman, pargkat; 
(age) zaman, jman (B.). 

Generic (je-ner'ik), adj. deri-hal 
jnis, jnis (a). 

Generosity (jen-er-os'i-ti), s. k- 
murahan, murah hati. 

Generous (jen'er-ws), adj. murah 
hati, tan/an terbuka, abor* derma- 
wan (Sk.). 

Genesis (jen'e-sis), s. (first book of 
Moses) kjadian; (origin) asal, 
pargkat, puncha. 

Genial (je'ni-al), adj. manis, sdap- 

Genitals (jen'i-talz), s. hnaluan. 

Genius (je'ni-ws), s. (supernatural 
being) jin (Ar.), hantu; (taste, 
inclination) chondorg hati; (un- 
common intellectual power) A> 
pandaian 'ajaib. 

Genteel (jen-teT), adj. berbliasa, 

Gentile (jen'til), s. (non-Jewish) 
bargsa asirg (X.). 

Gentility (jen-til'i-ti), s. budi- 

Gentle (jen'tl), adj. (not rough) 
halus, manis; (not violent) per- 
lahan, plan (B.) ; (tender, meek) 
Imbot hati; (docile) jinak; (of 
sounds) sdap, merdu;* (of wind) 
spui* spui-spui bhasa* 

Gentlefolks (-foks), s. orarg baik- 
baik, orarg bargsaivan* tuan-tuan. 

Gentleman (-man), s. (well born) 
orarg baik baik, orarg berbargsa* 
orarg bargsaivan * tuan; (of refined 
manners) orarg berbhasa, orarg 
halus. Gentlemen, tuan-tuan, 

Gentlemanly (-li), adj. berbhasa. 

Gentleness (-nes), s. kahalusan, 

Gentlewoman (-woom-an), s. 
prempuan baik-baik, prempuan 
berbargsa* 'nchek-nchek prem- 

Gently (jen'tli), adv. drgan manis^ 
perlahan-lahan* plan-plan. 

Gentry (-tri), s. tuan-tuan. 

Genuflexion (jen'u-flek'slmn), s>. 
pri mlipat lutut. 

Genuine (jen'u-in), adj. (true) 
surggoh, btul, iahakik (Ar.) ; (of 
pure blood) jaii; (pure, as gold> 
tulen (Jav.), chia n (Ch.)(B.). 

Genus (je'm/s), s. jnis. 

Geography (je-og'ra-li), s. 'ilmu* 
bund. Physical geography, 'ilmu* 
bid at dunia. 

Geology (je-ol'o-ji), s. 'ilmu* batu.. 

Geomancy (je'o-man-si), s. ramal 

Geometry (je-om'et-ri), s. ilmu^ 

Germ (jenn), s. (of seed) kcham- 
bali;* (of an egg) pusat tlor; (of 
a: coconut) toniborg ; (of disease) 
human, hama; (origin, first prin- 
ciple) ami, tunas. 

German (jer'man), adj. jennan. 

Germane (jer-man'), adj. padan, 
pat at, berstuju. 

Germany (jer'inan-i), s. negri Jer- 

Germinate (jer'mi-nat), v. i. (ot: 
seeds) berkchambah;* (of plants) 
bertumboh, bertunas, bertarok* 

Gestation (jes-ta'sh?ai), s. pri m- 

Gesticulate (jes-tik'u-lat), v. i. ber- 
lerggok, terliok-liok * bermain ta- 
rgan, berimrat (Ar. ishdrat). 

Gesticulation (-la/slum), s. lenj- 
gok, imrat (Ar. ishdrat). 

Gesture (jes'chur), s. leiggok, isa- 
rat (Ar. ishdrat). 

Get (get), v. t. (obtain) dapat, ber- 
oleh;* (procure) ambil, charikan; 
(receive) trima. 

Get, v. i. (become) jadi; (come to- 
be) hi a. To get ahead, get along, 
berunlorg, mara* maju* berjalan 
(B.). To get astray, ssat. To 
get at (reach) dapatkan. To get 

»te, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire,. 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minus, *ciire, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




back, pularg. To get clear, Ipas, 
luchut. To get drunk, jadi ma- 
bok. To get into, masok. To get 
near, die at, hampir* To get on, 
maju* berjalati (B.). To get over 
(pass over) lalui;* (recover from 
sickness) smboh* puleh. To get 
to, sampai, tiba, datarg k-. To 
get up, baigun; (ascend) naik, 
pan j at; (from sleep) baigun tidor. 

Gewgaw (gii'gaw), s. baranj sia- 
sia* baranj ta' berg una. 

Geyser (gi'zer or ga'zer), s. pan- 
chutan ayer panas. 

Gharry (gar'ri), s. kreta kuda, 
kreta seica. 

Ghastly (gast'li), adj. (of pallor) 
puchat Isu* puchat manai* pu- 
chat bagi may at (B.) ; (horrible) 
dahsliat (Ar.). 

Ghee (ge), s. minjak sapl. 

Gherkin (ger'kin), s. Union kchil. 

Ghost (gost), s. (disembodied spi- 
rit) liantu, h an hi bargkit; (spirit 
of life) smargat; (spirits of dead 
persons) anuah (Ar.). See 
spirit. The Holy Ghost, Boh 
Alkudus. To come under the in- 
fluence of a ghost, kna tgur hantu, 
terkna, tersampok. 

Giant (ji'ant), s. gergasi, nenek 
gergasi, raksasa (Sk.), dnawa 

Giant, adj. bsar skali, amat bsar* 
Gibberish (gib'ber-ish), s. rapek, 

ryenjer (B.). 
Gibbet (jib'bet), s. kayu prggan- 

Gibbon (gib'btfn), s. slamarg* 

The wou-wou, orgka. 
Gibe (jib), v. i. sindir, olok-olok. 
Gibe, s. (sarcastic jest) sindir; 

(scoff) olok-olok. 
Giblets (jib'lets), s. hall j ant org 

dan hmpdal ay am yarg bo I eh di- 

Giddiness (gid'di-nes), s. pniig, 

riarg* gayat* pusirg matar 

Giddy (gid'di), adj. (lightheaded) 
kpala pnirg, pusirg kpala, riarg;* 
(inducing giddiness, as heights) 
yarg mriargkan,* yarg mmbri ga- 
yat;* (of character) kpala argin> 

Gift (gift), s. pmhrian, buah targan* 
hadiah (Ar.) ; (from an inferior) 
persmbahan; (from a superior) 
anugrah (Sk), kurnia (Sk.) ;. 
(royal gift sent with a letter) 
birgkisan;* (alms) sdkah, derma 
(Sk.) ; (bribe) suap; (tip) baksis 
( Turk, bakhshish ) . 

Gift, v. t. (endow) kurniakan (Sk.), 
anugrahi (Sk.). 

Gig (gig), s. (carriage) bogi, kreta 
bogi; see dogcart; (boat) bot 
(E.), skochi (D.). 

Gigantic (jl-gan'tik), adj. bsar 
skali, amat bsar* 

Giggle (gig'gl), v. i. kekek* ter- 

Gild (gild), v. t. (overlay with 
gold) salut, sadur;* (with gold, 
leaf) bub oh 'mas kertas; (with 
paint) sapu ayer 'mas; (by jDlat- 
ing) clilop 'mas. 

Gilding (gild'ing), s. see above. 

Gill (gil), s. (offish) insarg , isarg * 
paru-paru : (of fowls) glambir* 

Gill (jil), s. sukatan Irggris-^ 

Gilt (gilt), adj. di-sadur* di-sapu 
mas, di-chlop mas. 

Gimbals (gim'bals), s. (Xaut.) 
g la tg-g la tg pdo m an . 

Gimcrack (jim'krak), s. bararg 
yarg rupa-rya balk, ttapi Ikas 
rosak, s m ba ran].* 

Gimlet (gim'let), s. gurdi, grodi. 

Gimp (gimp), s. bakram* (E.). 

Gin (jin), s. (snare) jrat, rachek; 
(shears) sagarg,* sayarg-sayary ;*' 
(Hollands) sopi* (D. zoopje = sip,. 
dram), jin. Cotton gin, psawat* 
mryuchi kapas. 

Ginger (jin'jer), s. lialia, jai 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire,. 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minws, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




(JST.L) ; other species are burylai* 
baryle (B.), tmu kunchi. 

♦Gingerly (-li), adv. dtyan chermat. 

Gingham (ging'am), s. kain yery- 
gaiy (D. yinyany). 

•Gipsy (jip'si), s. s-bargsa orarg 
kulit hitam yary bertaburan di 
bnua Eropah. 

•Giraffe (ji-raf ), s. zirafah (Ar.). 

Gird (gerd), v. t. (encircle) blii, 
blet (B.) ; (make fast, as with a 
girdle) ikat, bbat, barut; (with 
a belt over the shoulder) sandarg* 

♦Girder (gerd'er), s. rasok* balak 
(D.). Iron girder, rasok bsi. 

'Girdle (ger'dl), s. tali piiyyaiy, 
piyikat piigyary, kndit, tali kndek 
(B.), gndit;* (over the shoulder) 
sandary;* (of silk or cloth) bry- 

"Girdle, v. t. (encircle) blit, blet 
(B.) ; (bind) ikat. 

<lirl (gerl), s. budak prempuan, 
an ah prempuan, anak dara, gadis* 
prawan* nona (N\L). 

♦Girlhood (gerl'hood), s. dara, per- 
dara'an* hal anak dara. 

•Girlish (-ish), adj. sperti budak 

'Girth (gerth), s. (for a saddle) 
tali prot; (of an elephant's how- 
dah) tali rergka;* (measure round 
the body) bsar-rya; (round a tree) 

•Gist (jist), s. (main point) perkara 
yaig terutama;* (essence) pati. 

•Give (giv), v. t. bri, kasi (B.), bagi 
(P.) ; (of inferiors) persmbah- 
kan; (of superiors) kurniakan 
(Sk.), anugrahkan (Sk.) ; (as 
dishes at table) sorory; (more 
politely in requesting a person 
to give) kirikan; (pay) bayer; 
(produce, emit) kluarkan; (allow) 
bri, biar; (deliver over) srahkan; 
(apply one's self) srahkan diri; 
(bend, as a bridge) Indut* Idory;* 
(cause) baiua, datarykan. To 

give away (transfer) srahkan; (in 
charity) sdkahkan. To give back, 
pulargkan, knibalikan. To give 
birth to, beranakkan, bersalin- 
kan* tlahirkan (Ar.) To give 
chase, kjar. To give forth, kluar- 
kan. To give in (admit defeat), 
srahkan diri; (announce, make 
known) bri tahu. To give off 
(emit), kluarkan, smburkan. To 
give out (announce), khabarkan; 
(distribute) bhagikan. To give 
over (abandon), tiiygalkan; (re- 
sign) srahkan diri. To give place 
(withdraw) undor. To give and 
take, kadarkan* untorg rugi. To 
give tongue, salak, mryalak. To 
give up (surrender) srahkan. To 
give way (withdraw) undor; (of 
earth) runtoh, mtoh (B.) ; (of 
buildings) roboh, rub oh (B.) ; (of 
a seam) rtas; (of a joint) pokah.* 

Gizzard (giz'zerd), s. hmpdal, mrn- 

Glacier (glas'i-er or gla/sher) s. 
swgai ayer batu, surgai bku* 

Glad (glad), adj. (happy) gmar* 
suka-hati, bersuka-suka, bersuka m 
cJiita;* (pleased) berknan. 

Gladden (glad'dn), v. t. sukakan, 
g markan, * perknan kan . 

Glade (glad), s. chrarg* 

Gladiator (glad'i-a-ter), s. pn- 

Gladly (-li), adv. berknan, diyan 
suka hati. 

Gladness (-ness), s. suka-chita* 
suka-ria* ksukaan, suka-hati. 

Glair (glar), s. puteh tlor. 

Glamour (glam'er), s. (magic in- 
fluence, spell) badi. 

Glance (glans), s. (flash of light) 
sinar;* (quick look) jlirg. ker- 
lirg* lingar;* (with a motion of 
the head) jlirg- jluat* 

Glance, v. i. (flash) bersinar* ber- 
kilat; (look quickly) skali pan- 
darg, jlirg, kerlirg* lirgar* main 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minus, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




mata. A glancing blow, kna sipi. 
To glance back or behind one, 
Gland (gland), s. biji kin jar* biji 

kin jar an. 
Glanders (glan'derz), s. sardi 
(Hind. = a cold), sakit irgus, pn/a- 
kit bnjkak bernanah di rahaig* 
Glare (glar), s. (dazzling light) 

silau, kilau* chmerlarg* 
Glare, v. i. (shine brightly) ber- 

silau, berkilau;* (look fiercely) 

bliakkan mata. 
Glaring (glar'ing), adj. (very 

bright) gilarg-gmilarg;* (of pat- 
terns or colours) gararg. 
Glass (glas), s. (the substance) 

kacha; (lens, mirror) chermin; 
(drinking glass) glas; (telescope) 

Glassy (glas'i), adj. sperti kacha. 
Glaze (glaz), v. t. (make glossy) 

kilatkan; (as a sarorg) grus* 
Glaze, s. (on earthenware) spoil ; 

(gloss) kilat. 
Glazier (gla'zher), s. tukarg kacha. 
Gleam (glem), s. sinar* 
Gleam, v. i. bersinar* 
Glean (glen), v. i. t. purgut, ch- 

diig* graijarg* (W.). 
Glebe (gleb), s. tanah ivakap (Ar. 

ivaqaf) . 
Glee (gle), s. (joy) suka-chita* 

suka-ria* suka-suka; (part song) 

ryanjian bersajak (Ar. saj c a). 
Gleeful (gle'ftfol), adj. bersuka- 

Gleet (glet), s. knchirg nanah. 
Glen (glen), s. gaoig. 
Glib (glib), adj. bleiir* mletir 

(B.), lanchar* 
Glide (gild), v. i. lanchar* I'm jar* 

liryaig* lunchor* lorot, mlorot 

(B.) ; (as a river) alir ;* (as a 

snake or thief) susor, jlinap.* 
Glimmer (glim'mer), v. i. berklip- 


Glimpse (glims), s. tampak* s- 

bntar, natnpak skali 'mbas. 
Glisten (glis'n), v. i. kerlap* ber- 

Glitter (glit'ter), v. i. berkilat, ber~ 

kilau* chmerlaig* gmerlap* gi~ 

larg-gm ilarg* kerlap. 
Gloat (glot), v. i. pandarg drgan 

Globe (glob), s. (sphere) bulatan- 

(the earth) bulat dunia. 
Globular (glob'u-ler), adj. bulat > 

buntar* buntal, bun da r (X.I.). 
Globule (glob'ul), s. biji, butir* 

until* gent el. 
Gloom (gloom), s. klam* kglapan,. 


sura ni* rmatg ;* (mel- 

ancholy) susaJt-hati, duka-chita* 
perchintaan, mororg. 

Gloomy (-i), s. (clouded) rdop, 
klam* glap, rrgarg* tar am, *traiy~ 
Imarauj;* (melancholy) moroty, 

Glorify (glor'i-fl), s. muliakan. 

Glorious (-i-//s), adj. mulia, indah- 

Glory (-i), s. mulia, kmulia'an, srL 

Glory, v. i. (boast) bermgah* 
mgahkan* din, puji diri, bsarkan 
diri, see boast. 

Qloss (glos), s. (lustre), kilat, li- 
chau;* (on cloth) grus;* (com- 
mentary) tafsir (Ar.). 

Glossary (glos'sa-ri), s. daftar per- 
kataan yarg pick* 

Glossy (-si), adj. Mat, lichau* 

Glove (gluv), s. sarorg taigan. 

Glow (glo), v. i. berpijar* ber- 
baharg, see below. 

Glow, s. (intense heat) pijar;* 
(heat of fire) baharg ; (of the- 
body) aba* liawa; (phosphores- 
cence) pndar;* (of sunset) mam- 
barg kunirg. 

Glowworm (glo'werm), s. kunarg- 
kunarg* idat klip-klip. 

Gloze (gloz), v. i. (wheedle) pujok. 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire,. 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minus, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin Men. 




•Glue (gloo), s. perhat, mmbalau* 

Glum (glum), adj. prrgus* 

•Glut (glut), v. t. (satiate) jmu, 
jlah; (overfeed, stuff) tamu* 

'Glutinous (glu'tin-us), adj. pkat, 
Ikat-lkat, Indir, Iket* 

-Glutton (glut'tn), s. orarg glojoh, 
plahap,* orarg dmap* 

Gluttonous (glut'tn-ws), adj. glo- 
joh, plahap,* dmap,* char ok* 
busau* rakus.* 

<3narled (narld), adj. biggal-btg- 
gol* pggal-pygol* jndal-jndol 
(B.) ; (full of knots) berbu'ku. 

•Gnash (nash), v. t. kertak, gertak. 

i Gnat (nat), s. njamok kchil, agas. 

•Gnaw (naw), v. t. uiygis, krumit, 
gruborg* krip* grip;* (gnaw 
through or into) krok, kerb ok* 

<niome (nom), s. hanhi lanah, jm- 

<jo (go), v. i. (as complete action) 
pergi; (process or act of going) 
jalan. To go again, ulanj. To 
go away, pergi. To go back, ba- 
lek, kmbali, pularg. To go down, 
turun. To go forth, khiar. To 
go home, pularg. To go in, ma- 
sok, lulus* To go off (depart) 
pergi; (explode) I top, lalak* To 
go on (advance) mar a* maju;* 
(proceed) largsorg, landa;* (per- 
sist) ttap. To go on talking, ber- 
kata-kata juga, lagi berchakap 
(B.). To go out, kluar; (from a 
house) turun k- tan ah. To go 
over (traverse) lahii* lain (B.) ; 
(cross) sbrarg; (examine) prek- 
sa. To go through (penetrate), 
tmbus; (slip through) lulus* 
tins* chins;* (endure) tali an, 
drita* To go up, see ascend. 
To go upstream, do uphill work, 
daga* To go with, ikut. To go 
without (omit), tiiygalkan. To 
let go, Ipaskan. To go out to sea, 
k-laut, mlaut. To go straight on 

(without stopping) nonorg, m- 
nonoty (B.). To go in and out 
frequently, chlum-chlam* To go 
from house to house, mnjajah ru- 

Goad (god), s. kusa (Sk.). 

Goad, v. t. (urge on) pachu, surgga 

Goal (gol), s. (at football) gol 
(E.), lawary (N.I.) ; (aim, pur- 
pose) maksud. 

Goat (got), s. kambiiy. 

Goatsucker (got'suk-ker), s. burorg 

Gobble (gob'bl), v. t. tlan, lantak, 
lulor* baham* 

Go-between (go'be-twen), s. orarg 
trgah, tlargkai* ptgantara* korg- 
chhin (Ch.) (B.) ; (in marriages) 
oraiy pminaiy* oranj yarg m- 
minarg (B.). . 

Goblet (goblet), s. piala* 

Goblin (goblin), s. bota (Sk.),;m- 
balarg* polorg. 

God (god), s. Allah, Tuhan; (other 
than the one God) Halt, pi. alihah 
(Ar.) ; (of the Hindus) sami, 
dewa, dewata; (of the Chinese) 
topekorg, datok (B.). God for- 
bid, di-jauhkan Allah. 

Goddess (god'des), s. dewi* dewa- 
dewa (B.). 

Godhead (-lied), s. ktuhanan* 

Godless (-les), adj. tiada beragarna, 
kpista (Sk.). 

Godliness (-li-nes), s. bakti (Sk.). 

Godly (-li), adj. berbakti (Sk.), 

Godown (gd'down), s. (warehouse) 
gdoig, gudarg. 

Goggles (gog'glz), s. chermin-maia 
bsar, chermi?i-?nata pnahan dbu* 

Goggle-eyed (gog'gl-Id), adj. rnata 
patorg* mala blalanj* mala ter- 
jojol, mat a udary* 

Going (go'ing), s. jalan. 

Goitre (goi'ter), s. by ok* gondory* 

Gold (gold), s. 'mas. Gold dust, 

«te, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minws, cure, injure, 

hurry ; food, foot, awf oo\ (awful) ; law, how, oil ; thin then. 




'mas urai. Gold foil, 'mas Jcran- 
charg* 'mas krajarg* Gold lace, 
pita 'mas, that 'mas* Gold leaf, 
'mas Tcertas, 'mas prada (N.I.). 
Gold mine, galian 'mas* lomborg 
'mas. Gold thread, bnarg 'mas, 
'mas tali* Gold reef, tlerarg 
'mas. Pure gold, 'mas tulen* 
'mas China, 'mas s-puloh, 'mas 
tua. An alloy of gold and brass, 

<j olden (gold'n), adj. 'mas, k'mas- 
an*, sperti 'mas, s-rupa 'mas. 

<joldsmith (-smith), s. tukarg 
'mas, pandai 'mas (N.I.). 

Golosh (go-losh'), s. kasut gtah. 

Gondola (gon'do-la), s. sampan 
tambarg di negri Venice. 

<Iong (gong), s. (with a knob in 
the centre) gonj; (smaller) ta- 
wak-tawak* kromory;* (without 
knob) chanarg* brerg-breig. 

♦Gonorrhoea (gon-or-re'a), s. sakit 

dood (good), adj. balk, elok; 
(nice) bagus; (kind, benevolent) 
muralb hati; (useful) berguna; 
(suitable) patut, layak* For 
good and all, sampai s- 1 a ma-lama- 
nja. A good deal, banjak. Good 
ileeds, kbajikan* ( amal (Ar.). 
Good health, sehat. Good nature, 
kmurahan hati, balk hati. Good 
day, good morning, salam (Ar.), 
tabek. In good time (early) 
siarg-siarg. To hold good (re- 
main valid), ttap. To make good 
(indemnify), gantikan rugi. 

Good, s. (goodness) kbaikan; (wel- 
fare, advantage) fa'idah, kbaji- 
kan;* pi. (property) herta, banog- 
bararg; (merchandise) dagaigan* 
bararg jualan (B.). 

Good, adv. As good as, s'akan-akan* 
sama sperti. 

Good-bye (-bi'), adv. slamat tirg- 
gal, slamat jalan, slamat blayer s 
tabek; (in leaving a house) tirg- 

yal-lah, dudok-lah; (parents to 
children) tirggal baik-baik. 

Good-humoured (-lm'merd or 
u'merd), adj. balk prargai, baih 
hati, hati baik. 

Good-looking (-look'ing), adj. 
elok, chantek, molek. 

Goodly (good'li), adj. (pleasant) 
sdap; (comely) elok, molek; (con- 
siderable) banjak. 

Good-natured (-na'churd), adj. 
murali hati, baik hati, hati baih. 

Goodness (good'nes), s. (being 
good) kbaikan, k'elokan; (kind- 
ness) kmurahan. 

Good-tempered (-tem'perd), adj. 
sabar, tnaiy hati,* ta prargai (B.). 

Goodwill (good-wil'), s. (kindly 
feeling) kmurahan; (of a busi- 
ness) untorg deri sbab klaziman 
ova rg berhgganan* 

Goose (goos), s. (the bird) argsa; 
(tailor's iron) strika (I), strij- 
ken) ; (simpleton) orarg bodoh, 
or aiy digu* orarg birgorg. 

Gore (gor), s. (blood) darah; 
(clotted) darah bku;* (triangular 
piece in garments) pesak; see 


Gore, v. t. (with the horn) tandoh, 

Gorge (gorj), s. (throat, gullet) 

krorgkorg; (narrow defile) gaory. 
Gorge, v. i. (eat greedily) pajoh* 

parap, clikek, gasak, radak; 

(glut) jmu, jlak. 
Gorged (gorjd), adj. jmu-jlalc, 

knnjarg, brykayary* 
Gorgeous (gor'jt/s), adj. mulia. 
Gorget (gor'jet), s. dokoh* badory. 
Gorilla (go-ril'la), s. s-jnis mawas* 

di negri Afrika. 
Gormand (gor'mand), s. orarg yarg 

makan lazat* (Ar. ladzat). 
Gory (g5r'i), adj. berdarah, ber- 

lumor darah. 
Goshawk (gos'hawk), s. s-jnis bu- 

rorg larg. 

ate, ask, am, final, care, ear, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minws, cure, injure, 
t hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin Men. 





Gosling (goz'ling), s. anak argsa. 

Gospel (gos'pel), s. (the book) 
Injil (Ar.); (glad tidings) Jchabar 
yarg baik. 

Gossamer (gos'sa-mer), s. sararg 
laba-ldba yarg amat halus, kain 
kasa halus (Ar. khasah). 

Gossip (gos'sip), s. (the person) 
pmbawa mulut, pmbual; (idle 
talk) bual, omorg (JNT.L), chakap 
mrapek (B.). 

Gossip, v. L (chat) berbual, ber- 
dadu* omorg-omorg (N".L) ; (tat- 
tle) baiva mulut. 

Goth (goth), s. bargsa Jerman 
dhulu kala; (barbarian) orarg 
hutan, orarg brgis. 

Gouge (gowj or gooj), s. paliat 

Gouge, v. t. chiugkil. 

Gourd (goord), s. labu, Mola, 

Gourmand (goor'mand), s. orarg 
yarg makan lazat* (Ar. ladzat). 

Gout (gowt), s. srgal kaki, kaki 
srgal, pryakit pirai* 

Govern (guv'ern), v. i. pgarg pren- 
tah, pegarg prentah (B.) ; (con- 
trol) klola.* 

Govern, v. t. prentahkan, klolakan* 

Governess (-es), s. guru prempuan. 

Government (-ment), s. (adminis- 
tration) pr entail, tadbir (Ar.) ; 
(ruling power) prentah, kraja'an, 
kompni (E. company). 

Governor (-er), s. pmrentah, gam- 
nor (E.), gobernor (N".L), wall 

Gown (gown), s. baju panjarg; (as 
worn by Arabs) jubah (Ar.) ; (by 
ladies) gaun (E.). 

Grab (grab), v. t. (seize, clutch) 
cliapai, paut; see grasp. 

Grace (gras), s. (favour bestowed) 
anugrdh ( Sk. ) , kurnia ( Sk. ) ; 
(mercy of God) rahmat (Ar.) ; 
(physical beauty) Velokan sikap* 
sikap yarg manis; (blessing at 

meals) berkat. Days of grace, 
hari pertarggohan, tempoh (Port.). 
In his good graces, berknan k- 

Grace, v. t. (adorn) hiaskan, hiasi* 
riaskan (B.) ; (honor) muliakan. 

Graceful (gras'fool), adj. bersri-sri, 
manis laku* molek. 

Graceless (-les), adj. jahat. 

Gracious (gra'shws), adj. (benefi- 
cent) murah hati, berkasehan; (of 
God, merciful) rahman* (Ar. 
ramnan), raliim (Ar. maim). 

Gradation (gra-da/shim), s. hal 
berpargkat-pargkat, hal beransur- 

Grade (grad), s. (step or degree) 
pargkat, tergkat, darjat (Ar.) ; 
(gradient) churam. 

Gradient (gra'di-ent), s. (slope) 
churam; (of roads) jalan yarg 

Gradual (grad'u-al), adj. (by steps) 
berpargkat-pargkat, bertergkat-terg- 
kat; (by successive advances) ber- 
ans ur-ansur, * sdikit-sdikit. 

Gradually (-li), adv. see above. 

Graduate (grad'u-at), v. t. (mark 
or determine by degrees) jargka- 
kan; (admit to a grade or de- 
gree) bri pargkat. 

Graduate (-et), s. (of a college) 
orarg ber pargkat. 

Graduated (-at-ed), adj. berjargka. 

Graduation (-a/stum), s. (the act) 
hal di-bri berjargka, hal di-bri 
pargkat; (marks on a steelyard) 
mala dachiig. 

Graft (graft), s. chargkok* 

Graft, v. t. (by causing a branch to 
root) tut, chargkokkan* 

Grain (gran), s. (single seed) 
biji, butir;* (cereals) biji* 
bijian; (seed for propagation) 
bneh; (of sand or gems) butir f 
(the weight) timbargan = -fy saga; 
(fibre in wood) urat, chorek* 
Against the grain, ta'sudi. 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, mums, cure, injure, 

hurry; f65d, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin t/ien. 




<Irain, v. t. (with paint) barek- 

Grammar (gram'mer), s. (the 

science) nahti (Ar.), saraf (Ar.) ; 

(a hook) kitab naliu* (Ar. nanti). 

Grammatical (gram-mat'ik-al), 

adj. yarg mrgikut 'ilmu nahu 
(Ar.), migikut jalan bhasa. 
•Gramophone (gram'o-fon), s. pti 

•Grampus (gram'ptts), s. s-]nis ikan 

Granary (gran'a-ri), s. Irgkiarg* 

blub or * gdorg bras; see barn. 
Grand (grand), adj. (great) bsar; 
(extensive) luas; (illustrious) 

mulia, mulia ray a;* (magnificent) 

indah-indah; (majestic) maha 

Grandchild (grandchild), s. chucliu. 

Great grandchild, chichit. Great 

great grandchild, pint* onerg- 

onerg, see descendant. 
Grandee (gran-de'), s. orarg bargsa- 

wan* orarg bsar-bsar. 
Grandeur (gran'jur), s. kbsaran, k- 

Grandfather (grand'fa-^er), s. 

datok* nenek, 'rgkorg (B.) (Oh.). 

Great grandfather, moyarg. 
Grandiloquent (gran-dil'o-kwent), 

adj. mulut bsar. 
Grandmother (grand'mnWi-er), s. 

nenek prempuan, datok prempuan, 

ma (B.) (Ch.). 
Grange (granj), s. (farmhouse) ru- 

mah pladarg* 
Granite (gran'it), s. batu bsi. 
Granivorous (gran-iv'or-ws), adj. 

yatg makan biji-bijian. 
Granny (gran'ni), s. nenek prem- 
Grant (grant), v. t. (give over) bri, 

srdhkan; (of superiors) kurnia- 

kan (Sk.), anugralikan (Sk.) ; 

(allow, concede) luluskan* biar- 

kan, bri, bri izin. Granting that 

, s-mntarg* miygoh pun. To 

take for granted, perchayakan, 
harapkan, fikir sudah tertntu. 

Grant, s. (concession) izin; (gift) 
pmbrian, kiirnia (Sk.) ; (docu- 
ment) surat izin, gran (E.). 

Granular (gran'u-ler), adj. berbiji- 
biji, bergliga. 

Granulate (-lat), v. t. (of sago) 

Grape (grap), s. buah aiygor 

Grapeshot (grap'shot), s. arggor 

Grapevine (-vin), s. pokok aiygor. 

Graphic (grafik), adj. (written or 
painted) bertulis, berlukis; (clear- 
ly described) traiy. 

Graphite (-it), s. araig berbku* 

Grapnel (grap'nel), s. (Naut.) 
(small anchor) sauh jargkar; 
(thrown for boarding another ves- 
sel) sauh terbarg; (thrown ahead 
for towing) sauh chmat; (for 
dragging) pmarit, gara pulirg. 

Grapple (grap'pl), v. t. (seize) cha- 
pai, targkap, paid, chkau. 

Grasp (grasp), v. t. (with the 
hand) pgarg, cliapai, pant; (be- 
tween the two hands) rargkum; 
(between thumb and palm) spit; 
(in clenched fist) gig gam; (with 
the palm downwards) chkau, chrg- 
kau;* (as birds of prey) sambar, 
sembar;* (with the arms) dakap* 
plok; (seize, take possession of) 
rbot, ram pas, targkap; (compre- 
hend) mrgerti, dapat, paham, 
maflmm (Ar.). See grip. 

Grasp, s. pgargan, grggaman, plok, 
etc., see above. 

Grasping (-ing), adj. (seizing) see 
grasp; (avaricious) loba* tarn a 
(Ar. nam' a), tmahak (B.). 

Grass (gras), s. (in general) rum- 
put; (coarse) lalaiy; (citronella) 

Grasshopper (gras'hop-per), s. 6?a- 
larg, chrgkadok. 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minws, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




Grassy (-si), adj. berrumput. 

Grate (grat), s. (of upright bars) 
kisi-kisi;* (for a fire) tigkaraig* 

Grate, v. t. (rub roughly) garut* 
garok, kikir; (reduce to small par- 
ticles) parut, kukor.* 

Grate, v. i. (make a harsh sound) 
grat* krniyau;* (as a key in the 
lock) kertap* 

Grateful (grat'fool), adj. yaig m- 
nrima kaseh, yaig mmbalas guna, 
yarg mmbalas trim a has eh, tahu 
orarg purya jincherg (B.) ; (giving 
pleasure) sdap, yarg mnjukakan. 

Grater (-er), s. kikir, parut, ku- 

Gratification (grat-i-fi-ka'shwn), s. 
(act of satisfying) pri mmuas- 
kan;* (enjoyment) ksukaan; (re- 
ward) pmbalasan , upah ; (present) 
saga hati. 

Gratify (grat'i-fl), v. t. (please) 
sukakan; (satisfy) puaskan. 

Grating (gracing), s. (of upright 
bars) kisi-kisi;* (lattice work) 
jala-jala, maia-punai; (over a 
hatch) tudorg jala-jala. 

Gratis (gra'tis), adv. chuma-chuma, 
perchuma, takna duit, pri (E. 

Gratitude (grat'i-tiid), s. (state of 
being grateful) pri mnaroh trim a 
Tcaseh; (towards God) hal mmbri 
shukor (Ar.) ; (thankfulness) 
shukor* (Ar. shukiir). 

Gratuitous (gra-tu'i-te), adj. 
(without recompense) chuma-chu- 
ma, perchuma, ta'kna duit; (with- 

- out pay) drgan tiada bayeran; 
(without cause) tiada s-mna- 
mna* tiada bersbab. 

Gratuity (-i-ti), s. (free gift) l\a- 
diah (Ar.) ; (tip) baksis (Turk. 
bakhshish), kamsen (E. commis- 
sion) ; (recompense for a favour) 
Grave (grav), adj. (important) 
brat, pntirg* iau-kin (Ch.) (B.) ; 

(serious, solemn) santun* sopan* 

Grave, v. t. ukir, lukis. 

Grave, s. kubor, makam (Ar.) * y 
(shrine) kramat; (cavity in the 
grave) liarg lahad (Ar.), lobarg 
tikus;* (Chinese grave) jirat 
(Ar. ?). 

Graveclothes (grav'klo^z), s. kain 
kapan* (Ar. kafan), kain tutop- 
orarg mati (B.). 

Gravel (grav'el), s. klikir, kersek* 
gersek* ibu pasir* 

Graver (grav'er), s. pnjukir,* p- 
lukis* pisau mlukis, wali tbok 
burg a* 

Gravestone (-st5n), s. nesan, nerg- 
san, (Pers. nishdn), b org -pal 
(Ch. borg-pai) (B.). 

Graveyard (-yard), s. tin pat pku- 

Gravitate (grav'i-tat), v. i. (tend 
to move) hndak bergrak, chondorg. 
hndak rapat. 

Gravitation (-tfi'shim), s. kuasa ul- 
nar ek, kuasa krapatan. 

Gravity (-ti), s. (heaviness) kbrat- 
an; (sobriety) sopan-santun;* (se- 
riousness, enormity) ksargatanf 
(force of attraction) kuasa m- 
narek. Centre of gravity, pusaf 

Gravy (gra'vi), s. kuah. 

Gray (gni), adj. klabu; (gray-hair- 
ed) beruban; (of the hair) uban. 
({ray eyes, mala yu* mala 

Graze (graz), v. i. (eat grass) 
makan rumput, ragut rumput* 
gaiggut;* (wound slightly) lechet,. 
lias* jjas.* 

Grease (grez or gres), v. t. (apply 
oil) bub oh minjak, min/aki; (pots 
in cooking) lenser* lirgsir;* see 


Grease (gres), s. Imak, miiyak,. 
cliarbi (Hind.) ; (on the human 
body) hgas. * 

ate, ask, am, final, care, ear, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minws, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful) ; law, how, oil; thin then. 


Greasy (gre'zi or gre'si), adj. ber- 

Imafa berminjak, berlrgas. 
Great (grat), adj. (in size) bsar; 

(in extent) luas; (in quantity) 

baryak; (in degree) amat* sargat; 

(in some compound words) maha* 

raya; (eminent) mulia. 
Great Britain (grat-brit'n), s. 

negri Irggris. 
Great-grandchild, s . chichit. 
Great-grandfather, s. moyary. 
Great-grandmother, s. moyarg 

Greatness (grat'nes), s. kbsaran, £- 

sargatan, klnasan, kmuliaan; see 


Greaves (grevz), s. lapek Mis* 

Grecian (gre'slum), adj. Yunani, 

Greece (gres), s. negri Yunan 
(Ar.), negri Grik. 

Greed (gred), s. glojoli, loba* bu- 

Greediness (gred'i-nes), s. glojoli, 
loba* busau* 

Greedy (-i), adj. (for food) glo- 
joli, plahap* busau* rakus;* 
(avaricious) loba* tama* (Ar. 
Tarn' a), tmaliak (B.). 

Greek (grek), adj. Yunani, Grik. 

Green (gren), adj. (the colour) 
hijan; (not ripe) muda, mntah; 
(half ripe) mrgkal; (not dry, not 
seasoned) basah. 

Green, s. (the colour) hijau; 
(grass plot) padarg; (vegetables) 
sayur, sayur-mayiir,* sayur-saynr- 
an; (shoots) puchok-pucliok. 

Greengrocer (gren'gro-ser), s. pn- 
jual sayur. 

Greenhorn (-horn), s. orarg bliaru, 
sirgkek (Ch. sin-kheh) . 

Greet (gret), v. i. t. (address) tgur; 
(more politely) tgur-sapa;* (give 
salutation) bri salam, bri tabek; 
(to princes) smbali, junjoig duli* 

Greeting (-ing), s. salam, tabek. 

Gregarious (gre-gar'i-ws) , adj. 


berkawan-kawan, biasa berkawan. 
Grenade (gre-nad'), s. priok api. 
Hand grenade, priok api lempar- 

Grenadier (gren-a-der'), s. soldado 
yarg mlempar priok api. 

Grey (gra), see gray. 

Greyhound (gra'hownd), s. s-jnis 
anjiig perburvan. 

Gridiron (grid'I-ern), s. bsi p- 

Grief (gref), s. duka-chita* k- 
dukaan* perchintaan, sdeh, 
niashghul (Ar.), susah (B.). To 
come to grief, kna chlaka, kna k- 

Grievance (grev'ans), s. (wrong 
suffered) bnchana; (grudge) dn- 

Grieve (grev), v. i. ber duka-chita* 
berchinta, mnaroh perchintaan, 
tersdeh liati, bersusah liati (B.). 

Grieve, v. t. dukakan* duka-chita- 
kan* susafii, sbalkan liati.* 

Grievous (grev'ws), adj. (causing 
sorrow or pain) susah; (atrocious, 
aggravated) terlalu brat. 

Griffin (griffin), s. groda,* naga 
bersayap; (greenhorn) orarg blia- 
ru, sirgkek (Ch. sin-kheh) ; (of 
horses) kuda bliaru. 

Grill (gril), v. t. panggarg. 

Grim (grim), adj. (fierce) gararg; 
(cruel) bigis; (frightful) dahshat 
(Ar.), hebat (Ar. haibat). 

Grimace (gri-mas'), s. oiyorg* 
grin/ut* srirgai* muka moryet 
(B.). To make grimaces, erut- 
kan muka; (with the lower lip) 

Grime (grim), s. daki, kotor, ch- 

Grimy (grim'i), adj. berlumor, 
berchonteixj, berdaki. 

Grin (grin), v. i. (show the teeth) 
srgeh, kseh* krnnjeh;* (smile) 
snryuni simpol, niesm (Jav.). 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, niinws, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




Grin, s. srgeh, Terrify eh* snryum 
simpol, as above. 

Grind (grind), v. i. t. (with mill 
stones) Tcisar; (with a roller) gi- 
lirg; (between two rollers) Tcelarg;* 
(on the chobelc) pi pis;* (in a 
mortar) tumbok; (on a grind- 
stone) chanai; (on a whetstone) 
asah, Tcilir; (under foot) pireTc* 
To grind the teeth, TcertaTc gigi* 
Tcraphan gigi* gigit gigi (B.). 

Grinder (grlnd'er), s. gigi graham, 
gigi gerham. 

Grindstone (-ston), s. batu chanai, 

Grip (grip), v. t. (with the hand) 
pant, chapai, pgarg; (with the 
fingers) chiykam; (with the 
thumb and palm) spit; (in the 
closed fist) grggam; (as in wrest- 
ling) ploTc, dahap,* jramah* 

Grip, s. (grasp) see above; (of a 
sword) ulu.* 

Gripe (grip), s. sahit mmulas. 

Grisly (griz'li), adj. (horrible) 
dahshat (Ai\),hebat (Ar.haibat). 

Grist (grist), s. (meal) tpotg. 

Gristle (gris'l), s. tularg muda, 
tularg halus, tularg raw an.* 

Grit (grit), s. pasir, TcerseTc;* 
(courage) Tcbranian. 

Gritty (grit'ti), adj. berpasir. 

Grizzled (griz'zld), adj. bertompolc 
Tclabu, berrinteh;* (of the hair) 

Grizzly (griz'zli), adj. = grizzled. 

Groan (gron), v. i. ra'org* mra'org, 
'ra-rg* mrgrarg. 

Groan, s. ra'org, 'rarg* ratap-ra' org . 

Grocer (gro'ser), s. pnjual rmpah- 
rmpah, gula dan s-bagai-rya. 

Grocery (gro'ser-i), s. rmpah-rm- 
pah, gula dan lain-lain-rya. 

Grog (grog), s. aralc. 

froggy (-gi), adj. teroyorg-oyorg, 
uyorg (B.). 

Grogshop (-shop), s. Mai araTc. 

Groin (groin), s. pargTcal paha. 

Groom (grodm), s. sais (Hind.), 
gombala Tcuda. 

Groom, v. t. (curry or clean) si- 
Teat, garoh. 

Groove (groov), s. alur, parit, lu- 
rah;* (beading) Tcumai;* (habit- 
ual course of life) f adat. 

Groove, v. t. buat alur, mmarit.* 
Grooved and tongued (of planks), 

Grope (grop), v. i. raba-raba, ga- 
gau* Tcrapai;* (in a hole or bag) 

Gross (gros), adj. (coarse) Tcasar; 
(great, flagrant) bsar, amat sa- 
rgat; (total) jmlah (Ar.), smoa- 
rya (B.). Gross receipts, jmlah 
sgala pndapatan* pndapatan Tco- 
tor* Gross weight of a load, 
brat-iya drgan Tcreta sTcali. 

Gross, s. (twelve dozen) dua-blas 
dusin. In the gross, bororg. 

Grotesque (gro-tesk'), adj. pleTc* 
'aja'ib (Ar.), ganjil rupa-nja, jarg- 

Grotto (grot'td), s. goa. 

Ground (grownd), s. (surface of 
the earth) bumi, tanah; (region, 
place) tanah, tmpat; (founda- 
tion) alas; (first principle) asal; 
(background) tanah, dasar;* (pre- 
mise, reason) sbab, fasal. Ground 
floor, teiyleat di bawah. Ground 
rent, sewa tanah, hasil tanah. . 
Ground swell, alun.* To fall to 
the ground, bantut. To gain 
ground (advance), mara* Tc-hadap- 
an; (prosper) maju* To lose 
ground, undor. 

Ground, v. t. (lay on the ground) 
Uah; (found) alaslcan; (fix firm- 
ly) tgohTcan. 

Ground, v. i. (Naut.) terTcandas, 

Groundless (-les), adj. tiada ber- 
sbab, tiada s-mna-mna.* 

Groundnut (-nut), s. Tcacharg ta- 
nah* hacharg gorirg. 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minus, cure, injure, 

hurry ; food, foot, awf ool (awful) ; law, how, oil ; thin *7ien. 




Grounds (growndz), s. hampas, 

Groundwork (grownd'werk), s. 
alas, pokok. 

Group (groop), s. tompok, klom- 
pok, kobok;* (of trees) gomporg;* 
(of hills, islands, fruits) gugusj* 
(of animals) Jcawan; (of persons) 
kumpolan, pasokan. In groups, 

Group, v. t. (arrange in separate 
groups) asirg-asirgkan* aturkan, 
aturkan berpasok-pasokan, torn- 
pok-tompokkan, pasok-pasokkan. 

Grove (grov), s. gomporg* 

Grovel (grov'l), v. i. (without 
moving) tiarap; (crawl) rargkak, 
mrargkak (B.) ; (be low, abject) 
jadi liina. 

Grow (gro), v. i. (of inanimate ob- 
jects) tambali; (of animals and 
plants) tumboli, tumbu (B.) ; 
(thrive) jadi; (become) jadi. To 
grow out of (result), daiarg deri- 
pada. To grow steadily, mranjak 
bsar* To grow up, bsar, jadi 

Grow, v. t. (cultivate) tanam. 

Growl (growl), v. i. (as a tiger) 
aum* ra'org* mra'onj (B.) ; 
(dogs, etc.) ra'org* mraorg (B.), 
grorg;* (lower sound) dram, mn- 
dram (B.) ; (grumble) suiyut, 

Growl, s. aum* ra'org* mraorg 
(B.), etc., as above. 

Growth (groth), s. (process of 
growing) pri bertambah-tambah, 
pri bertumboh; (that which 
grows) tumboh-tiimbolian. 

Grub (grub), v. i. korek, gali; (as 
a duck or pig) sodok. To grub 
up (uproot small things) clmrg- 
kil; (trees) borgkaskan* 

Grub, s. ulat. 

Grudge (gruj), v. t. (envy) dn/ki, 
hasadkan* (Ar. nasad) ; (have re- 
luctance) ta'sudi, sgan. 

Grudge, s. (malice) dndam, sakit 

Grudgingly (gruj'ing-li), adv. s- 
gan, bagi man ta'maa (B.). 

Gruel (groo'el), s. kanji. 

Gruff (gruf), adj. rrgus* To 
speak gruffly, jerkah* 

Grumble (grum'bl), v. i. surgut, 
rurgut* rrgul* rotok* murgam* 

Grumbling (-bling), s. surgutan. 

Grunt (grunt), v. i. kroh* m- 
rgroh* dram, mndram (B.) ; 
(when struck, or in lifting a 
weight) diyek. 

Guano (gwa'no), s. baja tahi 

Guarantee (gar-an-te'), s. piy- 
akuan, akuan, grenti (E.). 

Guarantee, v. t. aku, mrgaku, sarg- 
gop; (be sure of) tunaikan* 

Guarantor (gar'an-tor'), s. prgaku, 
si prgaku. 

Guard (gard), v. t. (protect by 
watching) kawal;* (keep in safe- 
ty) pliharakan; (watch) jaga, 
twggu; (shield, shelter) lindorg. 

Guard, s. (body of men) kawalan;* 
(defence, protection) plindorg- 
an; (watchman) orarg jaga, p- 
nurggu; (of a sword hilt) ganja* 
Guard of honour, pasokan yary 
mryambot orarg bsar-bsar, kawal- 
an kalwrmatan* Off one's 
guard, lalai, kurarg irgat, kurarg 
jaga. On guard, berkawal* ber- 
jaga. On one's guard, berirgat- 
irgat. Bodyguard, jaak-jiiak* 

Guarded (gard'ed), adj. (cautious) 
b erirgat-irga t, b erjaga. 

Guardian (-i-an), s. prgawal* p- 
nurggu; (in law) wall (Ar.), 
wakil (Ar.). 

Guava (gwa'va), s. jambu biji, 
jambu batu, jambu biawas* 

Gudgeon (guj'?m), s. (of a rud- 
er) (Naut.) kokot btina. 

Guerdon (gev'dun), s. pmbalasan. 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minws, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




Guerrilla (ger-ril'la), s. prarg 
kchil* prarg berpasok-pasokan* 

Guess (ges), v. t. (judge at ran- 
dom) agdk, gamak;* (conjec- 
ture) terka;* (think, suppose) 
Jcira; (suspect, imagine) sargka. 

Guess, s. agak, kit a, sargka, p- 
nerka* as above. 

Guesswork (ges'werk), s. agak- 
agak* gamak- gamak* terka' an* 

Guest (gest), s. jamu* jamuan* 
orarg jmpotan; (lodger) orarg m- 

Guffaw (guf-faw'), s. ilai* glakak. 

Guidance (gld'ans), s. hal mnibawa 
jalan, panduan* etc., as below. 

Guide (gid), v. t. (lead the way) 
bawa jalan, tunjokkan jalan, 
panda;* (conduct) hantar; (lead 
by the hand) pirn pin; (with a 
rope or stick) tuntun;* (manage) 
jalankan; (direct, order) pren- 
tahkan, aturkan. 

Guide, s. prghantar, pmimpin, pan- 
du* prganjur* pmbawa jalan, 

Guidepost (gid'post), s. tiaig p- 
nunjok jalan. 

Guild (gild), s. perskutuan* orarg 
mniaga [korgsi (B.)]. 

Guilder (gild'er), s. rupiah blanda, 
perak (N.I.). 

Guile (gil), s. tipu-daya, 'akal, 
musliliat (At.). 

Guileless (gll'les), adj. tuhts-Jiati. 

Guillotine (gil-lo-ten'), s. psawat 
pnndas* psawat* mmrggal lehir 
orarg, psawat* mmotorg kertas 
dan s-bagai-rya. 

Guilt (gilt), s. (criminality, sin- 
fulness) kjahatan, salali; (crime) 
dosa, ksalahan. 

Guiltless (gilt'les), adj. tiada ber- 
salali, tiada salali. 

Guilty (-i), adj. bersalah, salali. 

Guinea (gin'i), s. warg Irggris- 
21 shillings. Guinea fowl, ayarti 

mutiara. Guinea pig, tikus Blan- 

Guise (glz)> s. (custom) e adat; 
(behaviour) terykah laku; (ap- 
pearance) rupa; (garb) chara. 

Guitar (gi-tar'), s. kchapi, gam- 
bus* gitar (E.). 

Gulf (gulf), s. (abyss) lobarg, 
chlah gunoig; (bay) tlok. 

Gull (gul), s. bur org chamar* bu- 
rorg simbaig.* 

Gull, v. t. tipu, perdayakan* 

Gullet (gullet), s. krorgkory. 

Gullible (-li-bl), adj. mudah* kna 
tipu, snarg kna tipu. 

Gully (-li), s. gaoig, jurarg* 

Gulp (gulp), v. t. (in drinking} 
tgok, go (j ok; (in eating) polok. 
To gulp down, tlan, lulor* 

Gulp, s. tgok, chgok.* 

Gum (gum), s. (from trees) gtah; 
(mucilage) ayer perkat; (of the 
teeth) gnsi. 

Gum benjamin (ben'ja-min), s. 
krnnryian, mryan (N.I.). 

Gumboil (gum'boil), s. bisul gusi. 

Gumlac (-lak), s. hmbalau* mm- 

Gummy (-mi), adj. jrekat, Iket* 

Gumption (gump'shim), s. 'akal. 

Gun (gun), s. (firearm) snaparg, 
bdil; (cannon) mriam; (smaller) 
Ida* rntaka* pmuras* Double- 
barrelled gun, See DOUBLE-BARRELL- 
ED. Shot gun (breechloader), 
snapanj patah, snaparg kulai* 

Gunbarrel (gun'bar-rel), s. laras. 

Gunboat (-hot), s. kapal prarg 

Gunmetal (-met-al), s. gargsa* lo- 

Gunner (-ner), s. soldado mriam. 

Gunny (-ni), s. kain karorg. kain 
guni (Hind.), kain goni (B.). 

Gunpowder (-pow-der), s. obat 

Gunshot (-shot), s. (act of firing) 
das* Out of gunshot, s-jauh ta- 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, ben, recent, mere, her, firry; Ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minus, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin Men. 




sampai di-bdil. A gunshot 
wound, luka plum, luka bdil. 

Gunsmith (-smith), s. tukarg 

Gunstock (-stok), s. batarg sna- 

Gunwale (gun'nel), s. (Naut.) 
berdu (L.) ; (temporary to in- 
crease freeboard) rubirg, kapa. 

Gurgle (ger'gl), v. i. robok* gro- 
bok* glgak, berdbok-dbok* 

Gush (gush), v. i. (issue, rush 
forth) panchar, panchur, churat; 
(upwards) panchnt;* (from the 
mouth or a hole) smbur; (squirt 
out) lanchur;* (of entrails) bu- 

Gush, s. pancharan, panchutan* 
etc., see above. 

Gusset (gus'set), s. Armhole gus- 
set, kekek. Shirt gusset, pesak. 

Gust (gust), s. puputan argin* 

Gusto (gus'to), s. kgmaran,* ksu- 

Gusty (gust'i), adj. A gusty wind, 
argin gunorg-gunorgan* argin 

Gut (gut), s. tali prot; (of a fish 
line) tali prambot;* (for violin 
strings) tatgsi (Ch. thaiy-si). 

Gut, v. t. (take out bowels) siarg* 
psiarg (B.) ; (plunder contents) 
rampas; (destroy contents, as 
fire) habis makan isi-nja. 

Guttapercha (gut-ta-per'cha), s. 

Gutter (gut'ter), s. alur, saluran* 
panchuran; (in S. S.) lorgkarg, 
which is properly a cesspool. 

Gutter, v. i. (as a candle) lilin 
ml el eh. 

Guttural (gut'ter-al), adj. deri- 
pada krorgkorg, krorgkorg (a). 

Guy (gi), s. (Naut.) gai (E.), 
bliban, cliaigkirg;* (from mast- 
head for live ballast in small boat 
sailing) dugarg. 

Guzzle (guz'zl), v. i. lulor* chkek, 

gasak, pajoh* 
Gybe (jib), v. i. berkisar. 
Gymnasium (jim-na/zi-wm), s. 

rumah bersnam* bergumol dan 

Gymnast (jim'nast), s. orarg yarg 

pandai bersnam bergumol dan s- 

Gymnastics (jim-nas'tiks), s. ( il- 

mu snam. 
Gypsy (jip'si), s. see gipsy. 

Ha (ha), int. wall. 
Haberdasher (hab'er-dash-er) , s. 

orarg berkdai kain, orarg yarg 

bnka kdai kain (B.). 
Habiliment (ha-bil'i-ment), s. pa- 

Habit (hab'it), s. 'adat, lazim 

(Ar.), rsam (Ar.). Biding 

habit, pakaian prempuan mnurg- 

garg kuda. 
Habitable (-a-bl), adj. yarg boleh 

di-dudoki* yang boleh buat tirg- 

gal (B.). 
Habitat (hab'i-tat), s. (of animals 

or plants) tmpat asal. 
Habitation (hab-it-a'shim), s. k- 

diaman* tmpat dudok, tmpat tirg- 

Habitual (hab-i'chu-al), adj. biasa, 

kbiasa'an, ter'adat, klaziman 

(Ar.), memarg, slaroh* 
Habitually (-li), adv. biasa-rya, 

Habituate (-at), v. t. biasakan. 
Hack (hak), v. t. pararg, ttak, ta- 

kok, takek. A hacking cough, 

batok ta'lpds. 
Hack, s. (horse for all work) kuda 

lasak; (for hire) kuda sewa; (of 

carriages) kreta sewa. 
Hackney (hak'ni), adj. (for hire) 

seiva; (for common use) lasak. 
Hackney, v. t. pakai sargat-sargat, 


ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; Ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect^ sore, sort, sorry; use, us, ininws, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




Hades (ha'dez), s. 'alam barzakh 

(Ar.), 'alam maut (Ar.). 
Haft (haft), s. (handle) ulu;* 

(end of knife or chisel that fits 

into handle) putirg. 
Hag (hag), s. prempuan tua odoh* 

prempuan tua tjarg muka burok 

Haggard (hag'gerd), adj. (hollow- 
eyed) mata chrgkorg; (of the 

face) muka chrgkrorg, muka chrg- 

korg (B.), pipi kmpot* pipi km- 

porg* pipi kmpus (B.). 
Haggle (hag'gl), v. i. tawar-mna- 

Hail (hal), s. hujan batu. 
Hail, dnt. (to kings) daulat (Ar.). 
Hail, v. i. (call loudly) triak, sruj* 

(come from) datarg deri-pada. 
Hail, v. t. (shout to) laorg* ruah* 

Hailfellow (-fel'lo), s. handai-tau- 

lan* sobat-ande (B.). 
Hailstone (-ston), s. s-biji hujan 

Hair (har), s. (of the head) ram- 

bot; (of the human body) bulu 

roma; (of animals) bulu; (of the 

mane) bulu trgkok. False hair 

(switch), chmara. Short hairs 

(on the forehead, etc.), anak 

Hairbreadth, (-bredth). s- s-ram- 

bot. A hairbreadth escape, rya- 

ris* mati, hampir mati, ryawa di 

huj org rambot (Prov.). 
Hairbrush (-brush), s. brus kpdla, 

brus rambot. 
Hairdresser (-dres-er) s. (barber) 

tukarg chukor, tukarg guntirg; 

(for ladies) tukarg sarggul, tukarg 

Hairless (-les), adj. (of the head) 

gondolj botak, sulah}* (of the 

body) tiada berbulu. 
Hairpin (-pin), s. chuchok sarggul, 

chuchok kundai* korek kupirg 


Hairsplitting (-split-ting), s. per- 

bantahan yarg halus-halus. 
Hairy (-i), adj. berbulu, ber- 

srrgam* srabut;* (of the face) 

Halberd (hal'berd), s. tombak p- 

rgaivinan* (a spear of state). 
Halcyon (hal'si-on), s. raja udarg. 
Halcyon, adj. tnarg. 
Hale (hal), adj. tgap, tgap-sasa,* 

sihat, sehat, bersehat. 
Hale, v. t. tarek, hela. 
Half (haf), s. s-trgah, s-blali, s- 

par oh ; (an indefinite portion) s- 

krat. By halves, spar oh jalan. 

Two and a half, trgah tiga.* 

Half a day, s-krat hari. 
Half -asleep (haf-a-slep'), adj. ter- 

pikau-pikau* blum bargun btul. 
Half-brother (-bru^'er), s. (with 

the same father) saudara s-bapa; 

(with the same mother) saudara 

s-mak, saudara anjirg. 
Half-caste (-kasf), s. (of Malays) 

Jaivi peranakan, Jawi pkan. 
Halfcock (-kok'), v. t. chkahkan 

pmtek s-takok. 
Half-cooked (-kookt), adj. mntah, 

margkar* jlantah* biji limau* 

berhati lemo (B.), lagi berhati; 

see hard. 
Half-deck (-dek'), s. (N"aut.) 

lirggi, leper-leper, glumat. 
Half -grown (-gron'), adj. trgah 

Half-hearted (-hart'ed), adj. ta- 

xuar hati, hati kchil, bachol* 

yap-yap* indah ta'indah (B.), 

bagi mau bagi ta'mau (B.). 
Half-mast (-mast'), s. s-krat tiarg, 

s-trgah tiarg. 
Half -moon (-moon'), s. bulan s- 

Half -open (o'pn), adj. terlargah* 
Halfpenny (ha'pen-ni), s. s-trgah 

" penny " = 2 sen. 
Half ripe (haf 'rip'), adj. mrgkal; 

(when the colour changes) kirau.* 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minws, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




Halfway (-wa'), adv. (half the 
distance) spar oh jalan; (in the 
middle) di trgah; (partially) 
spar oh. 

Half-witted (-wit'ted), adj. Tcuravg 
'akal, trgah tiarg* 

Half-yearly (^er'li), adj. 'nam 
bulan s-lcali, tiap-tiap 'nam bulan, 
s-trgah tahun s-kali. 

Hall (hawl), s. (public building) 
balai* balai-rorg* deivan (Pers.) ; 
(entrance room of a house) ba- 
lai* srambi; (mansion) rumah 

Hallelujah (hal-le-lu'ya), s. sgala 
puji bagi Allah = the Arabic ex- 
clamation Al hamdu 'l-illah. 

Halliard (hal'yerd), s. (JS T aut.) 
an jar (L.), b abut an. 

Hall-mark (hawl'mark), s. chap 
prgakuan atas mas-perak. 

Halloa (hal-lo'), int. o'i, aise (B.) 
(E. I say), 

Halloo (hal-165'), v. i. triak, la- 

Hallow (hal'ld), v. t, (consecrate) 
kaduskan* (Ar. qudus) ; (rever- 
ence) hormatkan, muliakan, t'a- 
tlimkan (Ar.). 

Hallucination (hal-lii-si-na'shtm) , 
s. (wandering of the mind) ssat 

Halo (ha/15), s. pagar bulan, Jean- 
dorgan bulan. 

Halt (hawlt), v. i. (stop) berhnti, 
brenti (B.) ; (walk lamely) jalan 
temparg, jalan incharg-inchut. 

Halt, adj. temparg. 

Halt, s. perhntian, perhentian (B.). 

Halter (hawl'ter), s. tali pnambat 
kuda, tali kuda, tali kjai* sntaji* 

Halve (hav), v. t. blah dua, bhagi 
dua, potorg dua. 

Halves (havz), s. By halves, sparoh. 
To go halves, bhagi dua. 

Halyard (hal'yerd), s. (Naut.) 
anjar, bubutan. 

Ham (ham), s. paha binatarg, Jcaki 
babi bersalai* babi hem (B.). 

Hamadryad (ham-a-dri'ad), s. ular 
tdorg aba. 

Hamlet (hamlet), s. kamporg 
kchil, dusun* 

Hammer (-mer), s. pukol bsi, ktok 
bsi, tukol* bsi, pmukol bsi, martul 
(N.I.) (Port.). 

Hammer, v. t. (forge) tmpa; 
(beat) pukol, titek. 

Hammock (-mok), s. ayunan* 
buaian* bo-boe (B.). 

Hammock-litter (-lifter), s. redi, 
usorgan* tandu* 

Hamper (ham'per), s. kranjarg, 
bakul, rantarg* kroibok* 

Hamper, v. t. (obstruct, embarrass) 
skatkan, tahankan, sargkak. 

Hamstring (-string), s. urat k- 

Hamstring, v. t. ktirg* krat ktirg* 

Hand (hand), s. (of man) targan, 
(of a clock) jarom; (hand's 
breadth) plmpap;* (side, direc- 
tion) sblah; (workman) fukarg, 
hull; (handwriting) tulisan, khat 
(Ar.) ; (control) prentah. At 
hand, dkat. Hand in hand, ber- 
stuju. Hands off! Ipasl Hand 
to hand fighting, berklahi rapat- 
rapat, berprarg mndada.* In 
hand (of money) baki (Ar.) ; (in 
preparation) trgah di-buat. Note 
of hand, surat tanda targan. Off 
hand, sgra. On hand, hadlir 
(Ar.). To change hands, '6er- 
tukar tuan. To clap the hands, 
bertpok targan. To come to hand, 
sampai, tiba. To get one's hand 
in, biasakan diri, mahir (Ar.). 
To have a hand in, masok 
targan, masok-champur dalam. 
To have one's hands full, ber- 
sibok. To get the upper hand, 
mnarg. To lay hands on, targkap, 
rampas. To lend a hand, tolorg. 
To live from hand to mouth, kais 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minus, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




pdgi makan pagi, Jcais ptarg ma- 
kan ptarg (Prov.). To take in 
hand, mula'i, jalankan. To wash 
the hands of, Ipaskan diri deri- 

Hand, v. t. (pass, transmit) hulor- 
kan, sorory, unjokkan; (politely 
in asking a person to give) kiri- 
kan* To hand down (to one's 
children) psakakan. To hand 
over, sralikan. To hand round, 
idarkan* peridarkan* 

Handbill (hand'bil), s. saklar (E. 

Handbreadth (-bredth), s. plm- 
pap, plompap (B.), tabah* 

Handcart (-kart), s. kreta sororg, 
kreta tolak (B.). 

Handcuff (-kuf), v. t. pasorgkan. 

Handcuff, s. pasorg, gari* (Hind. 
kari) . 

Handful {-lool), s. s-grggam; 
(when pressed) s-kpal. A hand- 
ful of men, sdikit orarg. Double 
handful (gripped), s-rargkum;* 
(scooped up) s-raup* s-jambak* 

Handicap (han'di-kap), s. per- 
beda'an yarg di-bri dalam per- 
lumbaan; (hindrance) gndala* 
bban;* (start in a race) ganda* 

Handicap, v. t. bratkan atas, tahan- 
kan, gndalakan* rembetkan* 

Handicraft (-kraft), s. pertuka?gan. 

Handiwork (-werk), s. pkerjaan 
targan, pkerjaan. 

Handkerchief (hang'ker-chif), s. 
sapu-targan, stargan* bimpo (B.) 
(Ch. bin-po-) ; see kerchief. 

Handle (han'dl), s. pmgaryan; (of 
a knife) ulu;* (of an axe, charg- 
kol, etc.) batarg; (of a plough) 
targkai; (across a bucket) pa- 
kau;* (of a pot) targkai; (if two) 
tlirga, kupirg (B.) ; (of a door) 

Handle, v.t. (touch) jamah, jabat;* 
(hold) pgarg; (manage, use) 
pakai; (of buying and selling) 

jalankan, pemiagakan; (treat) 

Handmaid (hand'mad), s. dayarg* 
orarg gaji prempuan (B.). 

Handrail (-ml), s. (of stairs) su- 
sovan targga, pmgarg targga, 

Handsaw (-saw), s. gergaji targan. 

Handsome (han'simi), adj. tam- 
pan* elok, molek, baik paras* 
hebat, chrar* (W.) ; (liberal) mu- 
rah hati. 

Handspike (-spik), s. (lever) 
pnuil* prgumpil; (capstan bar) 
(Xaut.) kayu putaran sauh. 

Handwriting (-ri-ting), s. tulisan, 
tulis targan, khat* (Ar. khaT), 
bkas targan. 

Handy (-i), adj. (skilful) pandai, 
pantas; (near) hampir* dkat. 

Hang (hang), v.t. (with a rope) 
gantorg, gantorgkan; (on a hook 
or pe^) sargkotkan; (on a rod or 
string) sidai* sampaikan; (put 
to death) gantorgkan, kujut* 
To hang the head, tundok. To 
hang fire, Itop bertirggalan. 

Hang, v. i. (be suspended) ber- 
gantorg; (as fruit, monkeys by 
their arms) gayut;* (dangle) 
kulai* juntai, umbai* ampai* 
Impai* To hang about (as a 
thief), imbarg-imbarg* To hang 
back, bertahan. To hang by the 
eyelids, bergantorg pada rambot s- 
hlai (Prov.). To hang down (as 
wings), klepek* To hang on, 
berpaut. To hang over, chondorg. 

Hangdog (hang'dog), s. orarg Una, 
orarg kji* 

Hanging (-ing), s. (against a wall) 
tabir;* (in doors, etc.) largsi; 
(curtain) tirai* klambu. 

Hangman (-man), s. tukarg gan- 
torg orarg. 

Hangnail (-nal), s. soyak pryirat 

Hank (hangk), s. untirg* 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; See, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, min^s, cure, injure, 

hurry; fo5d, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




Hanker (hang'ker), v. i. irgin; (of 
pregnant women) idam* mnj- 
idam (B.). To hanker after, ka- 
handaki* napsukan (B.). 

Hansom cab (han'smn kab), s. 
s-jnis kreta sewa di negri Eng- 

Hap (hap), v. i. (happen) jadi. 

Haphazard, s. At haphazard, ta- 
tntu arali, rambarg. 

Hapless (hap'les), adj. malarg, ta'- 
beruntorg, sial. 

Haply (-li), adv. barargleali. 

Happen (-pn), v. i. jadi; (turn 
out) datarg. To happen again, 
mndua-kali* I dont know how 
it happened, J ntah bgimana-kah 

Happily* (-pi-li), adv. (fortunate- 
ly) untorg; (in a happy manner) 

Happiness (-pi-nes), s. bliagia 
(Sk.), Jcsuka'an, suka-eliita* k- 
snarcjan; see below. 

Happy (-pi), adj. (fortunate) ber- 
bhagia (Sk.) ; (joyous) bersuka- 
chita* suka, ria* suka-ria;* (con- 
tented) snarg hati. Happy-go- 
lucky, bertuakal (Ar. tawakkal). 

Harangue (ha-rang'), s. uchapan 
drgan sitara njarinj. 

Harass (har'as), v. t. (weary) 
pnatkan; (distress) susalii, susah- 
kan, usek; (molest) garggu* 

Harbinger (har'bin-jer), s. (fore- 
runner) prganjur* 

Harbour (-ber), s. plabolian, laboh- 

Harbour, v. t. (afford lodging) 
tumpargkan; (shelter) lindorg- 
kan; (indulge, cherish, as 
thoughts) tar oh. 

Harbourmaster (-master), s. 
(Naut.) sJiaJibandar, komdor 

Hard (hard), adj. (firm, solid) 
kras; (very hard) kras mmbatu; 
(stiff) kaku, tgar;* (of cooked 

meat) knnjal; (of cooked rice) 
jlantah;* (of potatoes) bgar;* 
(of fruit) margkar;* (of the 
'heart) kras, tgar* dgil; (dif- 
ficult) susah, sukar* payah; (of 
work) trok; (rough, harsh) kasar, 
kras. Hard and fast, (Naut.) 
tiada dapat bergrak. Hard la- 
bour, kerja kras, kerja brat. 
Hard lines, hal yarg amat susah. 
Hard of hearing, brat tlirga,* 
pkak, brgal.* Hard on one's 
clothes, ganas pakai kain. Hard 
wood (heart), tras;* (of palms) 
ruyorg* See half-cooked. 

Hard, adv. (urgently) surggoh- 
surggoJi, drgan raj in, drgan tkun; 
(vehement) kuat-kuat ; (of wind) 
kncharg ; (of rain) that. Hard 
by, dkat. Hard over (iSTaut.), 
chkar. Hard up, ssak. 

Harden (hard'n), v. t. kraskan, 
leak u kan ; ( strengthen ) k uatkan ; 
(as steel) spoil ; (the heart) t gar- 
Jean;* kraskan; (the skin) blor* 

Hard-featured (-fe'cherd), adj. 
rupa prtgus* bersut* muka kasar 

Hardheaded (-hed'ed), adj. bijak* 

Hardiness (-i-nes), s. brani, k- 
branian, ktgoJian, kkuatan. 

Hardihood (-i-hood), s. (boldness) 
brani, perkasa (Sk.) ; (impu- 
dence) kkiirargan bhasa, kurarg 
ajar (B.), borgkak* 

Hardly (-li), adv. (with difficulty) 
susah, sukar* pay all ; (scarcely) 
bharu; (not quite) ta'sampai; 
(severely) susaJi, drgan kras. 

Hardness (-nes), s. kkrasan, ktgar- 
an;* see hard. 

Hardpan (-pan'), s. batu hampar* 

Hardship (-ship), s. (privation) 
k susah an, kssak'an, kpichek'an;* 
(injury) bncliana, aniaya. 

Hardware (-war), s. perkakas deri- 
pada bsi tmbaga dan s-bagai-rya. 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; Ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minws, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




Hardy (-i), adj. (bold) Irani, ga- 
gali; (firm, strong) tgoli, kuat. 

Hare (har), arnab (At.), see rab- 

Harelip (har'lip), s. bibir sumbirg, 
bibir rabit. 

Harebrained (-brand), adj. kpala 

Harem (har'em), s. (the dwelling) 
tmpat kdiaman bagi prempuan; 
(the women) sgala istri dan gun- 
dek s'orarg Islam; (of a raja) isi 

Hark (hark), int. drgar-lah. 

Haricot (har'i-ko), s. dagirg rbus. 
Haricot beans, biji kacharg pen- 

Harlequin (har'le-kwin), s. orarg 
klakar; (in the ma' y org) pran* 

Harlot (-lot), s. sundal, prempuan 
j alary, prempuan jahat, loki (Ch. 
l6'-ki), prempuan loki. 

Harlotry (-ri), s. persundalan. 

Harm (harm), s. (injury) bncliana, 
clilaka, chdra (Sk.), mudlarat 
(At.) ; (loss) rugi; (misfortune) 
kmalargan. To 'do no harm to, 
tiada prgapakan* 

Harm, v. t. buat bncliana, bncliana- 
kan, clidrakan* bri mudlarat 
(At.), rugikan, datargkan rugi, 
rosakkan, sakiti.* 

Harmful (harm/fool), adj. yarg 
mmbuat bncliana, etc., as above. 

Harmless (-les), adj. yarg tiada 
mmbuat bncliana, etc., as above. 

Harmonics (har-mon'iks), s. 'ilmu 

Harmonious (har-mo'ni-ws), adj. 
berstuju, srasi; (living in peace) 
bersntosa* bersjahtra (Sk.), s- 
kata, satu liati; (of sounds) mer- 
du* sajak (At. saj'a), s-tala. 

Harmonium (-Mm), s. armunian 
(E.), organ (E.). 

Harmonize (har'mon-iz), v. t. per- 
stujukan, padankan, talakan. 

Harmony (-i), s. (agreement) per- 

stujuan; (concord) sjahtra (Sk.),. 

aman (At.) ; (of music) sajak 

(At. saj'a), tola* 
Harness (har'nes), s. pakaian kuda,. 

abah-abah (Jaw). ^ To die in 

harness, mati terdiri. 
Harness, v. t. (with armour) Irg- 

kapkan;* (horses) pakai. 
Harp (harp), s. (in the Bible trans- 

lation) kcliapi, properly a lute. 
Harp, v. i. ptek kcliapi; (repeat 

tediously) ularg-ularg. 
Harpoon (har-poon'), s. (JSTaut.) 

(with one point) sruit, pnerok; 

(two points) piarit; (three points) 

sramparg; (with an iron point) 

tmpulirg; (with a line) tohok, 

Harpoon, v. t. (JSTaut.) ter ok, sram- 
parg, tmpuliiy, toliok. 
Harpy (har'pi), s. puntianak, wil- 

mana (Sk.). 
Harrier (har'ri-er), s. s-jnis anjirg 

Harrow (har'ro), s. sikat, sisir, 

Harrow, v. t. sikat. 
Harry (-ri), v. t. (pillage) rampas, 

samon, jarali;* also = harass, q. v. 
Harsh (harsh), adj. (to the touch) 

ksat, krutii* mrggrutu (B.) ; (to 

the taste) Mat, prat;* (to the ear) 

garau* parau* srak; (severe, 

rough) brgis, kras. 
Harshness (-nes), s. kkrasan, etc., 

see above. 
Hart (hart), s. rusa jantan. 
Harum-scarum (har'ian-skar'^m), 

adj. kpala-argin. 
Harvest (har'vest), s. (the act of 

gathering) pnnaian;* (the season) 

musim mnuai* musim potorg 

padi (B.) ; (crop) perolehan* 

Harvest, v. t. (grain) potorg, tuai* 

kiam, sabit; (fruit) ptek, purgut; 

(pepper, coffee, etc.) kutip. 

ate ask am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 
' nnrror- old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minus, cure, injure, 
hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




Hash (hash), v. t. chncharg, chin- 

charg (B.), hiris, cha'irg* 
Hasp (hasp), s. JcoJcot btina* 
Haste (hast), s. gopoh, sgra, chpat, 

Ocas, dras. 
Hasten (has'n), v. d. gopoh, sgra, 

golot-golot* gsa-gsa* 
Hasten, v. t. baryatkan* sgrakan, 

Ikaskan, gopohkan. 
Hastily (has'ti-li), adv. bargat- 
bargat* gopoh-gopoh, terkochoh- 
kochoh, golot-golot* gsa-gsa* 
Hasty (-ti), adj. gopoh, bargat* 

Hat (hat), s. topi (Hind.), kopiah, 
chpiau* (Port.) ; (native sun hat 
of leaves) trendak; see cap. 
Hatblock (-Wok), s. kalbut* 
Hatch (haeh), v. t. (sit on eggs) 
hram, 'ram* mrgram; (plot, con- 
coct) adakan, jadikan. 
Hatch, v. i. ttas* mntas (B.). 
Hatch, s. (brood) prindun* 
Hatch, s. (Naut.) palkah (L.), 

tutop gladak. 
Hatchet (-et), s. patil* Impale. 
Hatchway (-wa), s. (ISTaiit.) pal- 

Hate (hat), v. t. bnchi, gtek.* 
Hate, s. kbnehian. 
Hateful (hat'fcwl), adj. kbnehian, 

makroh (Ar.). 
Hatred (ha/tred), s. kbnehian. 
Hatstand (hat'stand), s. pryarglcot 

Hatter (-ter), s. tukarg topi. 
Haughtiness (haw'ti-nes), s. som- 

borg, chorgkak, takbur (Ar.). 
Haughty (-ti), adj. somborg, chorg- 
kak, takbur (Ar.). 
Haul (hawl), v. t. tar el:, hela, seret, 
heret* runtun. To haul over the 
coals, chercha* herdek* To haul 
down (sails), turunkan. 
Haul, s. (act of hauling) hal m- 
narek, etc. ; (that which is caught, 
as fish) targkapan. 

Haulm (hawm), s. batarg sayur 

yarg .krirg. 
Haunch (hawnch), s. pargkal paha. 
Haunt (hawnt), v. t. (frequent) 
ulargi* idaig-ularg (B.), slaroh* 
To be haunted (by ghosts), ber- 
hantu, berpuaka. 

Haunt, s. tmpat berkumpol, tmpat 

Have (hav), v. t. (possess) ber- 
oleh* purya'i* ada (B.), mileki;* 
(get possession of) dapat; (as an 
auxiliary verb) sudah, tlah* To 
have a care, jaga, irgat. To have 
done with, habis pakai, ta pakai 
lagi. To have it out, katakan trus 
trarg. To .have on, pakai. To 
have to, ta' dapat tiada, wajib 
(Ar.). He had to sit down, man 
ta'mau dudok-lah ia. To have 
(possess) is also expressed by the 
prefix ber-, as, berbini, to have a 

Haven (ha'vn), s. (harbour) laboh- 
an } plabohan; (shelter) plindorg- 

Haversack '( n av' er -sak), s. bok- 
cha (Turk.), uncharg* 

Havoc (hav'ok), s. krosak'an. To 
make havoc of, rosakkan. 

Haw (haw), v. i. gagap* 

Hawk (hawk), s. burorg larg. 

Hawk, v. i. (clear phlegm from the 
throat) berkahak. 

Hawk, v. t. jaja. 

Hawker (-er), s. pnjaja. 

Hawse hole (hawzhol), s. (Naut.) 
orlap (E.), lobarg rantai sauh. 

Hawser (-er), s. (ISTaut.) tali bsar, 
tali pnonda, tali pndarat. 

Hawthorn (haw'thorn), s. pokok 
berduri yarg di-bnat pagar di Ero- 

Hay (ha), s. rumput krirg. 

Hazard (haz'erd), s. (chance) un- 
torg, nasib (Ar.) ; (danger) bahya, 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minws, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (avvful) ; law, how, oil; thin then. 




Hazard, v. t. kna bahya, datargTcan 
bahya, masok bahya. To .hazard 
one's life, buarg igawa. 

Hazardous (-ws), adj. berbahya. 

Haze (haz), s. kabot, } mbun asap. 

Hazy (-i), adj. berhabot, lea- 
bus* mmbalam;* (confused, of 
thought ) klam-kabo t. 

He (he), pron. ia* dia; (in court 
language, when speaking of in- 
feriors) paclial* He-goat, kam- 
birg jantan. 

Head (lied), s. (in general) Jepala; 
(human) kpala, batu Jepala* 
jmala;* (of a king) ulu;* (of a 
•boil) punat, mata bisul; (of a 
nail) payorg;* (chief, leader) Je- 
pala, prghulu; (of a family) k- 
tua; (of a coin) kpala, ibu;* 
(understanding) ( akal, irgatan; 
(subdivision of a topic) bliagian, 
bob (Ar.) ; (cluster of flowers) 
targkai. From head to foot, slu- 
roJi tuboJi* satu badan (B.). 
Head sea, ombak deri Jiahian. 
Neither head nor tail, tiada liujorg 
pargJeal, t'ada kpala buntut (B.). 
Head wind, (Naut.) a^xjin sakal. 
Over head and ears in debt, liu- 
targ berkredak. To lose one's 
head, naik birgoiy. To make head 
against, lawan, sorysory. To 
strike one's head against, antokkan 
kpala k-,* ayolkan kpala k-;* 
(another's head) sugunkan kpala 
k-;* (push down) tumuskan kpala 
k-.* Head downwards, turygarg, 
sun jam.* To hold head down- 
wards, turgganjkan. Head over 
heels, turggarg-balek. To play 
heads or tails, main lerap* main 
sampak* main kpala burya. 

Head, adj. kpala, ktua. 

Head, v. t. kpalakan, dliului* To 
head for, tuju. To head off, pin- 

Headache (hed'ak), s. sakit kpala; 
(of kings) grirg ulu* 

Headcloth (-klawth), s. trgkolok* 

bularg ulu* dstar (Pers.), sigar* 
Headdress (-dres), s. (of women) 

peril iasan kpala. 
Header (-er), s. To take a header,. 

terjun kpala dJiulu. 
Headfirst (-fersf), adv. kpala dJiu- 

lu, tertonjyery. 
Headgear (-ger), s. perliiasan k- 

Headhunting (-hunt-ing), s. ka~ 

Heading (-ing), s. (of a letter) k- 

pala surat; (division of a writing) 

Headland (-land), s. tanjorg, Jiujorg 

tan alt. 
Headless (-les), adj. terpancliory 

kpala* tiada berk pala. 
Headlight (-lit), s. (of a train or 

car) api yary mryuloli. 
Headlong (-long), adv. (of a fall) 

turyganj-lanjgaiy, lintaty-pukary,. 

tertumus, tertorggeig, smbam; 

(hastily) tergopoh-gopoli. To- 

run headlong, lari surykor-saiykar. 
Headman (-man'), s. kpala, ktua, 

prghulu, orary bsar, batin;* (1ST. 

I.) prgeran, dipati, pmbarap, kria. 
Headpiece (-pes), s. (head) kpala; 

(understanding) ( aleal; (helmet) 

Headquarters (-kwar'terz), s. tm- 

pat kdiaman pmrentali soldado* 

tmpat kluar prentali. 
Headsman (hedz'man), s. orarg 

pnndas* pertanda* 
Headstrong (hed'strong), adj. kras 

kpala, binjal* tyar* dgil. 
Headway (-wa), s. (progress) k- 

ma j nan;* (sufficient height under 

an arch) cliukop tirggi. To make 

headway, maju* lajak. 
Headwork (-werk), s. pkerja'an 

dry an otak. 
Heady (-i), adj. (wilful) kras k- 

pala, dgil; (intoxicating) mabok, 

kliamir (Ar.). 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire,. 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minus, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




Heal (hel), v. i. smboh* Mali* jddi 
baik (B.) ; (persons or limbs, but 
not used of wounds or diseases) 

Heal, v. t. (diseases) obatkan, sm- 
boh;* (persons) smbohkan* pu- 
lehkan, bri sehat (Ar. siiniat) ; 
(dissensions) damaikan* baikkan 


Health (helth), s. seliat (Ar. stH- 
nat),'afiat (Ar.). Health officer, 
pgawai ksehatan.* 

Healthful (-fool), adj. (healthy) 
ryaman* sgar; (promoting health) 
yarg mvibri sehat, yarg sgarkan. 

Healthy (-i), adj. (of persons) ma- 
man* sgar, seliat, bersehat (B.) ; 
(of plants) sub or; (of places) 
hawa baik. 

Heap (hep), s. timbonan, tompok, 
torggok* lambak, lorggok. 

Heap, v. t. timbonkan, tompokkan, 
etc., as above. To heap up (as 
grain), momboig. 

Hear (her), v. t. drgar; (listen, pay 
attention) drgar, bri tlirga;* (ac- 
cede to) lulu sk an* kabulkan* 
(Ar. qabiil), ikutkan (B.). 

Hear, v. i. drgar. 

Hearing (-ing), s. pnrgaran. To 
obtain a hearing, di-bri mrg- 

Hearken (hark'n), v. i. drgar. 

Hearsay (her'sa), s. khabar orarg, 
brita* orarg puiya cliakap (B.). 
Hearsay evidence, ksaksian kha- 
baran orarg. 

Hearse (hers), s. (carriage) Jcreta 
orarg mati; (framework over the 
body) kranda* long;* (bier) 

Heart (hart), s. (organ circulating 
blood) jantorg; (seat of the affec- 
tions) hati, kalbn (Ar.) ; (centre, 
of a tree) tras;* (of a country, 
etc.) try ah; (spirit, courage) surg- 
goh hati; (the symbol, as in play- 
ing cards) daun Ikok;* (vital part, 

essence) pati. At heart, bating 
(Ar. b&Tin). By heart, hapal* 
(Ar. hafadl), luar kpala (B.).. 
Heart and soul, s-suiggoh hatL 
To break the heart, rosakkan hati, 
hanchorkan hati. To have at 
heart, kahandaki. To not have 
the heart to, tiada sarupai hati 
man. To have the heart in the 
mouth, hilarg smaigat. To lose, 
heart, hilarg brani, to war hatL 
To lose one's heart to, jatoh hati 
Jc-pada, chinta, 'ashek (Ar.),. 
brahi* To set the heart at rest, 
snargkan hati. To set the heart 
upon, irgin, rindu. To take heart 
of grace, branikan hati. To take 
to heart, berchintakan* makan di 
hati. To wear one's heart on 
one's sleeve, buka rahsia sndiri. 
With all one's heart, drgan surg- 
goh hati, diyan s-bulat hati. 
Half-hearted work, kerja sambi- 

Heartache (hart'ak), s. sdeh di 

Heartbroken (-bro'kn), adj. han- 
chor hati, rosak-hati, pchaii hati. 

Heartburn (-bern), s. pdeh hati* 

Hearten (-n), v. t. branikan hati. 

Heartfelt (-felt), adj. sunjgoh hati.. 

Hearth (harth), s. dapur. 

Hearthstone (-ston), s. batu dapur,. 
turgku* tunjku dapur. 

Heartily (hart'i-li), adv. drgan 
surygoh hati, digan rajin. 

Heartless (-les), adj. (spiritless) 
tawar hati, drgan ta" smaigat 
(B.) ; (without affection) tiada 
mnaroh kaseh, bnjis. 

Heartrending (-rend-ing), adj. 
yarg mrghanchorkan hati. 

Heartshaped (-shapt), adj. rupa 
daun Ikok, rupa jantorg. 

Heartsick (-sik), adj. gondah-gau- 

Heartwood (-wood), s. tras* 

Hearty (-i), adj. (cordial) surggoh 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minws, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




Jiati, tulus hati; (zealous) rajin; 
(healthy) sehat, bersehat (B.). 
A hearty laugh, tertawa glak- 
glak* tertawa mrgglakak (B). A 
hearty meal, makan knnjarg. 
Hale and hearty, sehat dan 'afiat 
(Ar.), baik badan (B.). 

Heat (net), s. panas, hargat;* (ra- 
diant heat) baharg; (a feeling of 
bodily heat or passion) radarg; (of 
rage) gmbera;* (sexual) biarg, 
miarg (B.) ; (of fever) pi jar;* 
(slight fever) ddar. Prickly heat, 
warn panas, ruam panas. A dead 
heat, sri. See hot. 

Heat, v. t. panaskan, hargatkan; 
(before a fire) garggarg; (over a 
fire) parggarg; (in the smoke) 
salai;* (to cause perspiration) 

Heat, v. i. mnjadi panas. 

Heath (heth), s. (a plant) lazan 
(Ar.) ; (waste land) padaig tku- 

Heathen (he'tfin), s. '(pagan) orarg 
kafir; (irreligious person) orarg 
tiada beragama. 

Heathenish (-ish), adj. (barbar- 
ous) Tcasar, brgis, kurarg ajar. 

Heathenism (-izm), s. agama orarg 

Heave (hev), v. t. (lift, raise) arg- 
kat; (throw) lempar, lontar. To 
heave up (Naut.), obis. To heave 
up an anchor, borgkar sauh. To 
heave taut (Naut.), rgargkan. 
To heave short (ISTaut.), tudirgkan 
sauh. To heave the lead (JSTaut.). 
buarg prum (L.), buarg duga. To 
heave the log (Naut.), buarg ikan- 
ikan. To heave a sigh, kloh* tarek 
nafas (B.). To heave to (ISTaut.), 

Heave, v. i. (rise and fall) atorg- 
atorg;* (of the breast) berdgap* 
To heave in sight, nampak, tarn- 

Heaven (hev'n), s. (the sky) largit, 

argkasa (Sk.), chakrawala (Sk.) ; 
(place of Deity) shorga (Sk.) ; 
(of the Hindus) k'indra'an* 
kyargan;* (the lower regions, in 
which birds fly) udara. 
Heavenly (-li), adj. yarg deri shor- 
ga, shorga (a). The heavenly 
bodies, matahari-bulan-bintarg . 

Heaviness (hev'i-nes), s. brat, k- 

Heavy (-i), adj. brat; (heavy for 
its size, of high specific gravity) 
aniap;* (of rain and crops) Ibat; 
(hard to bear, grievous) susah, 
payah; (of sleep) Una* llap, 
Innjak* njadar;* (of the eyes) 
mat a kuyu* mata la.yu, mat a 
ralip* Heavy laden (of ships), 

Hebrew (he'broo), s. orarg Ibrani* 
orarg Yahudi, orarg Jaudi; bhasa 
Yahudi, bhasa Jaudi. 

Heddle (hed'dl), s. (in weaving) 

Hedge (hej), s. pagar anak kayu; 
(of bamboo) pagar buloh* pagar 
bambu (B.) ; (of a certain thorny 
tree) pagar ddap* pagar chrgkrirg. 

Hedge, v. t. pagarkan. To hedge in 
(protect), lindorgkan; (surround) 

Hedgehog (-hog), s. landak. 

Heed (hed), v. t. (mind) irgat, 
pdulikan; (take notice of) per- 
hatikan, indahkan. 

Heed, s. To take heed, give heed to, 
irgat, etc., as above. 

Heedless (-les), adj. kurarg irgat, 
kurarg jaga, alpa,* lalai, digan 
tiada hirau* 

Heel (hel), s. tumit. Head over 
heels, lintarg-pukarg , turggarg- 
laiggarg, turggarg-b >alek. To take 
to one's heels, argkat kaki. To 
walk on one's heels, jalan ber- 

Heel, v. i. (ISTaut.) serget, senderg, 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minws, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




Hegira (he-jfra or hej'i-ra), s. hi]- 
rah (Ar.). 

Heifer (hefer), s. anak Imbu btina. 

Height (hit), s. tirggi, ktirggian; 
(utmost degree) ksargatan; (sum- 
mit) kmunchak, merchu* 

Heighten (hlt'n), v. t. (raise, ele- 
vate) tirggikan, naikkan; (in- 
crease, intensify) Ibehkan, tarn- 

Heinous (ha'nws), adj. kbnchian, 
jahat skali. 

Heir (ar), s. tear is (Ar. tvdrith). 
Heir to the throne, baked raja* 

Heiress (ar'es), s. waris prempuan. 

Heirloom (ar'loom'), s. pusaka, 

Hell (hel), s. nraka, jaliannam, laid 
api. Gambling hell, tmpat judi, 
log ok judi. 

Helm (helm 1 ), s. (Xant.) kmudi; 
(tiller) pakra kmudi. 

Helmet (hel'met), s. (defensive) 
ktoporgj* (sun hat) topi (Hind.). 

Helmsman (helmz'num), s. (Xaut.) 

Help (help), v. t. (assist) tolorg, 
bantu; (by supporting) sokorg; 
(prevent) tahankan, tgalikan. I 
cannot help it how can I help it ? 
apa boleh buat. I cannot help 
doing it, ta'boleh tidak sahya buat. 
I cannot help laughing, ia'dapat 
sahya mnahan tertawa, mail ta- 
mau msti tertawa (B.). 

Help, s. pertol organ, bant nan. 

Helpful (-fool), adj. yarg mnolorg, 
berg una, berfa'idah. 

Helpless (-les), adj. (weak, feeble) 
Imali, dia if (Ar.) ; (unable to 
help one's self) tiada berdaya, 
tiada daya-upaya;* ( irremedi- 
able) tiada tertgah* tiada ter- 

Helpmate (-mat), s. (helper) pm- 
bantu; (a wife) kawan, ahli 

Helpmeet (-met), s. same as above. 

Helter-skelter (hel'ter-skel'ter ) , 
adv. turggarg-larggarg, lintarg-pu- 
karg, puntarg-pantirg , berpchah- 
blah, sara-bara* tersra-sra* 

Helve (helv), s. (of an ax) ulu* 

Hem (hem), s. (the sound) daham. 

Hem, v. i. (make the sound) ber~ 

Hem, s. (border of a garment) klim,. 
lipat (B.) ; see seam. 

Hem, v. t. (sew the edge) klim, m- 
rglim. To hem in, kporg. Hem- 
ming (the stitch), sembat* kra- 
warg* Hemstitching, klim trus. 

Hemisphere (hem'i-sfer), s. s-blah 
dunia, s-blah bulatan* 

Hemlock (-lok), s. shaukaran 

Hemorrhage* (hem'or-rej), s. turn- 
pahan darah, lelehan darah. 

Hemp (hemp), s. (the fibre) rami; 
(the drug) ganja. 

Hen (hen), s. ayam btina; (before 
it lays) ayam dara; (after) ibic 

Hence (hens), adv. (from this 
place) deri sini; (from this time) 
deri-vada masa ini* Ipas, lagi; 
(for this reason) sbab ini, sbab itu* 
Three days hence, Ipas tiga hari, 
tig a hari lagi. 

Henceforth (-forth'), adv. deri- 
pada masa ini* mula'i deri-pada 
masa ini* deri tempo ini (B.). 

Henchman (heneh'man), s. sakai,* 
prgirhg* kundarg* tman. 

Hencoop (hen'koop), s. serkap 
ayam, sargkar ayam. 

Henhouse (-hows), s. rban, rban 

Henna (-na), s. inai. 

Henpeck (-pek), v. t. To be hen- 
pecked, berkmudi di haluan* jadi 
baisikal* terlalu banjak makan 
trunjok bini (B.). 

Her (her), pron. ia* dia, dia purya,. 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire,. 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minws, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




-rya (prempaan). Hers, dia pu- 
ma. See she. 
"Herald (her'ald), s. bntara (Sk.) ; 

(forerunner) prganjur* 
Herald, v. t. khabarkan, britakan* 
Heraldry (-ri), s. 'ilmu silasilah 

Herb (herb), s. sayur, rum put, 

Herbage (herb'ej), s. sayur-sayur- 

an, rum put, tanam-tanaman, 

Herculean (her-ku-le'an), s. amat* 

bsar, amat* susah, terlalu bsar 


Herd (herd), s. (of cattle) kawan* 
kumpolan (B.) ; (rabble) orarg 
hina-dina* chkuak orarg sam- 
serg (B.) (Ch. chit-koah). 

-Herd, v. i. (as cattle) berkawan* 
berkumpol (B.). To herd to- 
gether, berkrumun. 

Herdsman (herdz'man), s. gom- 
bala, gmbala. 

Here (her), adv. sini, di sini; (at 
this time) skararg. Here and 
there, sana sini, k-sana k-mari. 

Here, int. nah. 

Hereabouts (her'a-bowts'), adv. 
dkat sini. 

Hereafter (her-aft'er), adv. hn- 
dian, deri-pada masa ini* blakarg- 
Jcali (S.I.) (B.). 

Hereafter, s. hari kmdian, akhirat. 

Hereat (-at'), adv. sbab ini. 

Hereby (-bi'), adv. oleh itu, oleh 
ini, drgan ini. 

Hereditary (he-red'i-ta-ri), adj. 
psaka, pusaka, saka* saka-baka;* 
(of disease) baka. Hereditary es- 
tate, herta psaka, tanah psaka. 
Hereditary enemies, stru* turun- 
tmurun, musoh turun-tmurun. 

Herein (her-in'), adv. dalam ini, 
sbab ini, oleh ini. 

Hereof (-of or -ov'), adv. deri-pada 
ini, deri-hal perkara ini. 

Heresy (her'e-si), s. lid' ah (Ar.). 

Heretic (-tik), s. orarg bid! ah 

Heretofore (her'tao-for), adv. d- 
hulu, sampai skararg. 

Herewith (-with'), adv. drgan ini, 
bserta drgan ini, bersama-sama 

Heritage (her'it-ej), s. psaka, pu- 
saka, herta psaka. 

Hermaphrodite (her-maf'ro-dlt), 
s. orarg papak* orarg banchi* 
khuntha (Ar.). 

Hermeneutics (her-me-nu'tiks), s. 
'ilmu tafsir (Ar.). 

Hermetically (her-met'i-kal-li), 
adv. (by fusion) di-lbur, di-tuarg. 
Hermetically sealed, di-tutop 
drgan di-lbur, di-ptrikan. 

Hermit (her'mit), s. orarg pertapa. 
Hermit crab, umarg-umarg. 

Hermitage (-ej), s. pertapa' an, 
tmpat bertapa. 

Hernia (her'ni-a), s. burnt* 

Hero (her'o), s. orarg pahlawan 
(Pers.), oraig perkasa (Sk.), oraiy 
perwira (Sk.), anak laki-laki. 

Herod (her'od), s. raja Herodis. 

Heroic (her-o'ik), adj. perwira- 
perkasa (Sk.), pahlawan (Pers.). 

Heroine (her'6-in), s. prempuan 
perkasa (Sk.). 

Heroism (her'o-izm), s. perkasa 
(Sk.), brani. 

Heron (her'im), s. bur org bargau, 
bur org kntala;* (the purple heron) 
burorg puchorg; (a large species) 
bur org rarggorg* 

Herring (her'ring), s. s-jnis ikan di 
Eropah, rupa-tya sperti ikan km- 

Herringbone (-bon), adj. Herring- 
bone pattern, puchok rborg. Her- 
ringbone stitch, siku kluarg, biku- 

Hers (herz), pron. see her. 

Herself (her-self) pron. ia* sndiri, 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, mhms, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




dia sndiri, diri-tya, sndiri-rya 
(prempuan) . 

Hesitate (hez'i-tat), v. i. yap-yap* 
giap-giap* (W.), bata-bata* sgan, 
bimbarg; (in speech) gagap* ga- 
goh (B.). 

Hesitation (-ta'shzm), s. kbimbarg- 
an hati, gamam* k bata-bata' an* 

Heterodox (het'er-o-doks), adj. 
yarg tiada btul inian-rya* 

Heterodoxy (-a), s. pig a jar an yarg 
mryalahi shariat (Ar.). 

Heterogeneous (-ge'ni-i/s), adj. 
berjnis-jnis, berlain-lainan, Iain- 

Hew (1m), v. <t. (with an ax) ta- 
rah;* (with a chisel) pahat; 
(hack, chop) pararg, ttak. Hew 
down, tbarg; (small growth) 
tbas. Hew off, krat, prggal* 
panchonj; (of branches) tutoh* 

Hexagonal (heks-ag'o-nrtl), adj. 
'nam persgi, berbuchu* 'nam. 

Hey (ha), ant. hai, oi. 

Heyday (ha/da), s. masa ksukaan, 
mam suka-ria* tempo ksuka'an 


Hezekiah (hez-e-kl'a), s. raja Hiz- 

Hiatus (hl-a'te), s. (aperture, 
chasm) clilali; (space where some- 
thing is missing) tmpat kosorg, 

Hibernate (hi'ber-nat), v. i. m- 
nahun* pada musim dinjin. 

Hibernian (hl-ber'ni-an), adj. = 
IRISH, q. v. 

Hibiscus (hi-bis'k-ws), s. burga ray a. 

Hiccough (hik'kup), s. sdu. 

Hidden (hid'dn), adj. tersmbunji, 
tersmbiuyet (B.), sulit* balin* 
(Ar. baTin). 

Hide (hid), v. i. smburyi, smbunjet 
(B.), bersmbunji, slindorg, slu- 
borg, sorok* srok (B.), sulit;* see 
DrsGUiSE. Hide and seek, main 
smburyi, main clikop puyoh* main 

Hide, v. t. smburyikan, slindorgkan, 
sluborgkan; (under something) 
susopkan* sorokkan* srokkan 
(B.) ; (keep secret) rahsiakan; 
(shelter) lindorgkan; (cover up) 

Hide, s. (undressed) blulargj* 
(dressed) kulit samak* 

Hideous (hid'i-ws), adj. bur ok mpa, 
odoh* haiban (At.). 

Hiding place (hld'ing plas), s. 
tmpat bersmbwyi, tmpat sulit* 

Hierarchy (hl'er-ark-i), s. prentah 

Hieroglyphic (hi'er-o-glif ik), s. tu- 
lisan bergambar; (magic diagram) 

Higgle (hig'gl), v. i. see haggle. 

Higgledy-piggledy (hig'gl-di-pig f - 
gl-cli), adv. klam-kabotj lintarg- 
pukarg, kachau-birau,* rarggas* 

High (hi), adj. (lifted up/ tall) 
iirggi; (distinguished) mulia; (of 
rank) berpargkat; (of waves) 
bsar; (of wind) kncharg, bsar; 
(of price) mdlial; (of the voice) 
srirg* lanshg;* (of smell) ber- 
bau. High and dry (of a ship 
on a beach), kkrirgan, tersadai* 
High day, hari bsar, hari raya. 
High life, orarg berbargsa. High 
living, makan ladzat (Ar.), blanja 
kasar (B.). High noon, trgah 
hari rmbarg* trgah hari trek 
(B.). High priest, imam bsar. 
High school, skolah tirggi, skolah 
bsar (B.). On the high seas, di- 
trgah lautan. High tide, pasarg 
pnoh. High time, sndah sampai 
ivaktu-rya. High treason, derhaka 
k-pada raja. High water, pasarg 
pnoh. High-water mark, tikas* 
bakat* With a high hand, digan 
kra-s, drgan gag ah. 

High, adv. tirggi. High and low 
(everywhere), s-rata-rata tmpat, 

•ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; Ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minws, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




High-flown (hi'flon), adj. yarg 

High-handed (-hand'ed), adj. prg- 

aniaya, tlalim (Ar,). 
Highland (hi'land), s. tanah gu- 

norgan* tanah bukit. 
Highlander (-er), s. orarg hukit, 

terutama* di negri Skotland. 
Highly (hl'li), adj. amat* sargat, 

Highminded (-mlnd'ed), adj. hati 

Highness (-nes), s. (loftiness) ktirg- 

gian. His Highness, yarg mafia 

mulia, k-baivah dull. Your High- 
ness (to a ruling prince) tuan-ku; 

(to other princes) trgku. 
Highroad (-rod), s. jalan raya* 

jalan tsar. 
High-seasoned (-se'znd), adj. pdas, 

yarg baryak rmpah-rmpali. 
High-sounding (-sownd'ing), adj. 

somborg, bsar-bsar. 
High-spirited (-spir'it-ed), adj. 

High-strung (-strung), adj. lam- 
pas* Ikas berrasa* 
Highway (-wa), s. jalan raya, jalan 

Highwayman (-man), s. pryamon, 

Hilarious (hi-lar'i-ws), adj. prgilai* 

mrgglakak (B.). 
Hilarity (hi-lar'i-ti), s. ilai* ter- 

taiva glak-glak, tertawa glakak 


Hill (hil), s. (in order of height) 
bukit, chargkat* borggol* per- 
matarg* marggul* porgsu.* Hill 
paddy, padi ladarg, padi bukit. 

Hillock (hil'^k), s. borggol* marg- 
gul,* porgsu* bukit kchil (B.) ; 
(raised by white ants) busut, 

Hillside (hil'sid'), s. churaman bu- 
kit, tpi bukit. 

Hilltop (hil'top), s. kmuncliak bu- 
kit, puchok bukit (N.I.). 

Hilly (-i), adj. berbukit; (uneven) 

Hilt (hilt), s. ulu* pdarg, ulu* kris, 
Him (him), pron. ia,* dia (laki- 

laki) ; see he. 
Himself (him-self), pron. ia* sn- 

diri, dm sndiri, diri-rya, sndiri-rya^ 

kndiri-rya (N.I.) (laki-laki). 
Hind (hind), s. rusa btina. 
Hind, adj. blakarg. 
Hinder (hind'er), adj. blakarg, 

Hinder part, balek; (of a ship) 

Hinder (hin'der), v. t. (keep back) 

tahan, tgah; (obstruct) skat, sarg- 

kot, gndalakan;* (prevent) sarg- 

kali, lalau* aralkan (Ar. ( aradl) :. 

(stop) berlintikan. Hindered in 

work, terhal. 
Hindmost (hind'mdst), adj. yarg di 

blakarg skali, pnchorot. 
Hindoo, Hindu (hin'doo), s. orarg 

Hindustani (hin-doo-sta'ne), s.. 

bliasa liindustan, brggali. 
Hindrance (hin'drans), s. tgahan. 

skatan, sargkotan, gndala (Sk.). 

'udzur (Ar.), aral* (Ar. 'aradl). 
Hinge (hinj), s. engsel (D.). 
Hinge, v. i. (depend) bergantorg: 

(have hinges) berengsel (D.). 
Hint (hint), v. t. isaratkan (Ar. 

Hint, s. isarat. 
Hinterland (hin'ter-land), s. dared, 

Hip (hip), s. pukarg. Hip bone, 

tularg pukarg. Hip roof, bumborg 

limas* atap limas* praboni* 

lima. A house with a hip roof r 

rum ah limas* To carry on the 

hip, kelek. To have a person 

on the hip, alahkan* teicas* 

kan* kalahkan (B.). To smite 

hip and thigh, lutu* 
Hip, int. Hip, hip, hurrah, hip, hip, 

hore, buryi sorak orarg puteh. 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, s5re, sort, sorry; use, us, minus, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful) ; law, how, oil; thin t7ien. 




Hippopotamus (hip-po-pot'a-nws), 

s. farasu 'l-bahar (Ar.). 
Hire (Mr), v. t. (houses, etc.) sewa; 
(persons) upah. Hired man, 
orarg upahan, orarg gaji. 
Hire, s. sewa, upah. 
Hireling^ (hlr'ling), adj. orarg ma- 

lean gaji yarg i?gat ivarg sahaja. 
Hirsute (her'sut), adj. ramus* ran- 

dok* srabot* berbulu panjarg. 
His (hiz), pron. ia* dia, dia purya, 

-nja (laki-laki). 
Hiss (his), v. i. (the sound) dsir* 
dsirg; (as a snake) hmbus; 
(whistle) bersiul. 
Historian (his-tor'i-an), s. prgararg 

hikayat* rawi (Ar.). 
Historical (his-tor'i-kal), adj. hi- 
kayat* (a), deri-hal hikayat* 
yarg di-hikayatkan* etc., as below. 
History (his'to-ri), s. hikayat* 
(Ar. Hikayat), chrita, kesah (Ar. 
qissah), tarikh* (Ar. tdrlkh), s- 
jarah (Ar.) , riwayat (Ar.). 
Hit (hit), v. t. (touch, reach the 
object aimed at) kna, mrgna'i;* 
(attain to) sampai; (strike) pain, 
pukol, see strike. 
Hitch (hich), v. i. sargkot. 
Hitch, s. (obstruction) sargkotan; 
(knot) simpol. Clove hitch, clin- 
ch arg ayam* simpol manok* 
Hither (InWer), adv. k-mari, k- 
sini. Hither and thither, k-sana 
Hitherto (-too), adv. (of time) 

sampai skararg. 
Hive (hiv), s. sargkaran Ibah. 
Hive, v. t. sargkarkan Ibah. 
Hives (hivz), s. glgata.* 
Hoar (hor), adj. puteh. Hoar frost, 

'mbun bku.* 
Hoard (hord), s. simpanan. 
Hoard, v. t. simpan, taroh. 
Hoarding (-ing), s. papan terden- 

Hoarfrost (hor'frawst), s. 'mbun 

Hoarse (hors), adj. garau* parau* 


Hoarseness (-nes), s. garau* srak. 

Hoary (hor'i), adj. (white) puteh; 

(of hair) uban. Hoary antiquity, 

zaman perbakala* 

Hoax (hoks), v. t. permainkan, tipu 

drgan jnaka.* 
Hoax, s. jnaka* 
Hob (hob), s. para buarg dkat da* 

Hobble (hob'bl), s. (ropes on the 
feet) srgkla* To walk with a 
hobble (limp), berjalan temparg. 
Hobble, v. i. berjalan temparg, in- 
charg-inchut, berjalan sergkaiy;* 
(on the heel) jergkot;* (on tip- 
toe) jergket. 
Hobble, v. t. srgklakan* rantaikan. 
Hobble-de-hoy (-de-hoi'), s. orarg 

muda jarggal.* 
Hobby (hob'bi), s. (favorite em- 
ployment) pkerja'an yarg di- 
suka'i* pkerjaan suka-suka hati 
Hobbyhorse (-hors), s. kuda-kuda 

Hobgoblin (hob'gob-lin), s. lota 

(Sk.), polorg, jmbalarg* 
Hobnail (hob'nal), s. ladam* kasut, 

paku pada tapak kasut. 
Hobnob (hob'nob), v. i. arggap-arg- 

gap* ramah-ramahan* 
Hock (hok), s. tumit binatarg. 
Hocuspocus (ho'kws-po'Ws), s. 

jam pi. 
Hod (hod), s. torg pmikul kapur 

batu bata dan s-bagai-rya. 
Hodge-podge (hoj'poj), s. cham* 

Hoe (ho), s. chargkol. 
Hoe, v. i. t. chargkol. 
Hog (hog), s. babi, babi kmbiri, 

babi kasi* (Ar. khasi). 
Hoggish (hog'gish), adj. (glut- 
tonous) glojoh; (selfish) yarg 
irgat diri-rya sahaja. 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minws, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




Hogshead (hogz'hed), s. pipa 
(Port.), leger (D. ligger). 

Hoiden (hoi'dn), s. anah prempuan 
yarg her main s-lahu jantan. 

Hoist (hoist) , v. t. arghat, naikkan; 
(jSTaut.) abis. 

Hoity-toity (hoi'ti-toi'ti), adj. 
(thoughtless, giddy) kpala argin; 
(haughty) somborg. 

Hold (hdld), v. t. (cause to remain, 
keep) pgarg; (in the fist) grg- 
gam; (in the mouth) gorggorg; 
(in the arms) parghu; (restrain) 
tahan; (retain) simpan; (possess) 
mil eh (Ar.) ; (conduct, carry on) 
jalanhan; (contain) muat; (con- 
sider, think) bilargkan. To hold 
forth (exhibit), unjokhan. To 
hold in, tahan. To hold off, jauh- 
han. To hold one's tongue, 
srgap* berdiam diri, tutop niulut 
(B.). To hold over, targgohkan. 
To hold out (offer), unjokhan. 
To hold up, argkatkan, naikkan; 
(check, halt) berhniikan. To 
hold water, tiada bochor. To hold 
an appointment, junjorg pargkat* 

Hold, v. i. (not give way) ber- 
talian; (continue, persist) ttap; 
(cleave, remain attached) Ikat. 
To hold forth (speak in public), 
berkata-kata* mrgajar (B.). To 
hold in, tahankan diri. To hold 
on (keep hold), berpaut; (Xaut.) 
(keep on one's course) tahar. To 
hold out, tahan, drita (Sk.). To 
hold together, bersama-sama. To 
hold up (remain unbent), tahan; 
(cease) berhnti. 
# Hold, s. (grasp) pgargan; (author- 
ity) huasa; (Naut.) petah. To 
take hold, chapai. 

Holdfast (hold'fast), s. hohot* see 

Holding (-ing), s. tanah mileh 
(Ar.), tanah sewa (B.). 

Hole (h5l), s. lobarg, liarg;* (in a 
garment) char eh;* (in paper, 

pots, etc.) psoh; (hollow) Ikok; 
(cave) goa; (in a tree) rorgga* 
groiggarg;* (crack) rtah; (cavity) 
tmbok; (right through) tmbns. 

Holiday (hol'i-da), s. (festival) 
liari bsar, pesta (Port.) ; (vaca- 
tion) liari klpasan, chuti (Hind.). 

Holiness (ho'li-nes), s. hkudusan 
(Ar.), ksuchian, see holy. 

Holland (hol'kmd), s. negri Blanda. 

Hollow (hol'lo), adj. rorgga* grorg- 
gaig* glorggarg;* (empty) ham- 
pa;* (concave) Ikok; (sunken, of 
eyes) chrgkorg; (from loss of 
sleep) chnjhra;* (of the face) 
clirgkrorg* chrgkorg (B.) ; (of the 
cheeks) kmpotg* kmpus (B.) r 
knipot;* (of sound) gma* gaorg ; 
(of fruit) mamborg* A hollow 
tooth, gigi tmbok * gigi berlobarg. 

Hollow, s. Ikok. The hollow of the 
back, tamparan njamok. 

Hollow, v. t. tbok, horeh, krok. 

Holly (-li), s. pokok di Eropah 
daun-nja sperti jruju. 

Holocaust (hol'o-kawst), s. korban 
bakaran* (Ar. qurbdn). 

Holster (hol'ster), s. sarorg pistol. 

Holy (ho-li) , adj. kudus ( Ar. qudus) ; 
(pure) suchi; (pious) berbakti 
(Sk.). The Holy City (Jeru- 
salem), baitu 'l-mukaddis (Ar.). 
Holy Ghost, Roh Alkudus (Ar.). 
The Holy Land, tanah Kanaan, 
negri Sham. The Holy Spirit, 
Roh Alkudus (Ar.). Holy war, 
prarg sabil (Ar.). Holy writ, 
Kitab Allah. 

Holystone (-ston), s. (Xaut.) batu 
skrub (E. scrub). 

Homage (hom'ej), s. bakti (Sk.). 
To pay homage, berbuat bakti. 

Home (horn), s. rumah targga; (na- 
tive land) tanah ayer; (habitat) 
tmpat asal; (asylum) tmpat Tin- 
dorg. At home, di rumah. To- 
feel at home, berramah-ramahan* 
To be at home in a subject, bijak. 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, mfrws, cure, ,in jure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




ahli dalam (Ar.). To go home, 
pulanj, baleh. To have a home, 
berrumah-targga. Home Secret- 
ary, datok dalam* 

Home, adj. yarg di negri sndiri. 

Home, adv. (to one's country) pu- 
larg; (to its place, as a nail) mati. 

Homeless (hom'les), adj. tiada ber- 

Homeliness (4i-nes), s. (comfort) 
snarg, strihat (Ar. istiraiiat). 

Homely (-li), adj. (like home) ru- 
mah tanjga (a) ; (comfortable) 
snanj, strihat (Ar.) ; (simple, un- 
pretending) sahaja-sahaja,* jargan 
tidak* bagi sari-sari pun/a (B.). 

Homemade (-mad), adj. buatan 

Homesick (-Sik), adj. rindu akan 
tanah ayer. 

Homespun (-spun), adj. tnunan 

Homestead (-sted), s. rum ah targ- 
ga, kampo rg-h alam an. 

Homeward (-werd), adv. k-rurnah. 
Homeward bound, hndak pu/ary. 

Homicide (hom'i-sid), s. bunoh, 

Homiletics (-let'iks), s. 'ilmu khut- 
bah* (Ar. khuTbah). 

Homily (-li), s. khutbah (Ar.). 

Hominy (-ni), s. jagoiy tumbok. 

Homoeopathy (ho-me-op'a-thi), s. 
'■ilmu obat yarg mndatargkan per- 
rasa' an s-rupa piyakiUiya. 

Homogeneous (ho-mo-je'ni-ws) , 
adj. sama s-jnis, sama tabi'at. 

Hone (lion), s. batu asah prghalus* 

Honest (on'est) adj. (upright, just) 
bnar; (trustworthy) kperchayaari, 
amanat (Ar.) ; (sincere, truthful) 
iuhts, tit (B.) (Ch.). 

Honesty (on'es-ti), s. kbnaran, k- 

Honey (hun'i), s. ayer madu, ayer 
Ibah, manisan Ibah. Honey bear, 

Honeybee (-be), s. Ibah. 

Honeycomb (-kom), s. sararg Ibah, 
indorg madu;* (when empty) 

Honeycombed (-komd), adj. her- 
bok;* (with weevils) berasai* 

Honeymoon (-moon), s. s-bulan 
Ipas nikah* (Ar. nikcai). 

Honor (on'er), s. see honour. 

Honorary (on'er-er-i), adj. (confer- 
ring honour) kahormatan, yarg 
kahormat; (without pay) tiada 

Honour (on'er), v. t. hormatkan, 
muliakan, bsarkan, ra'ikan (Ar.) ; 
see below. 

Honour, s. (respect, reverence) hor- 
mat, t'atlim (Ar.) ; (dignity) k- 
mrdiaan, kbsavan; (virtue, inte- 
grity) kbaikan, ktulusan, ekhlas 
(Ar.) : (high rank) kmulia'an. 
Debt of honour, hutarg yarg tiada 
salt (Ar.), hutaty judi. Maid of 
honour, perwara (Sk.). On one's 
honour, Aryan tidus-ekhlas (Ar.). 
A point of honour, perkara ktulus- 
an hati. To do the honours, mn- 
jamu* mryambot orarg jmpotan, 
ra'ikan orarg (Ar.). Word of 
honour, perjanjian eklilas* (Ar. 

Honourable (on'er-a-bl), adj. ber- 
hormat, mulia, mukarram (Ar.), 
m'utabar (Ar.) ; (not base) tulus- 
ekhlas (Ar.). The Honourable — , 
ya ty b erh or mat — . 

Hood (hood), s. (for the head) tu- 
donj kpala, trgkolok* korgsan;* 
(of a carriage) tutop, tudorg, kap 

Hoodwink (hood'wingk), v. t. tipu, 
butakan mata, klirukan. 

Hoof (hoof), s. kuku kuda, kuku 
Imbu, etc. Cloven hoof, kuku ber- 

Hook (hook), s. (curve) kalok;* 
(implement for hooking) ptgait; 
(for fishing) mata kail; (for fast- 
ening) ganchu. By hook or by 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry ;^ ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minws, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin tbesu 




crook, dvgan s-habis daya-upaya* 
Hook and eye, chakok* butarg 
kait. On one's own hook, atas 
targgorgan sndiri. 

Hook, v. t. halt, ganchukan, kail; 
(catch) targkap. 

Hookah (hook'a), s. ogalt* (Hind. 
Tiaqqah - tobacco-pipe), gudu- 
gudu* Ika* (W.). 

Hooked (hookt), adj. (of the nose) 

Hoop (hoop), s. simpai, prglorg* 
Hoop iron, bsi simpai. 

Hoop, v. t. simpaikan. 

Hoopoe (hoop'o), s. hudhud (Ar.). 

Hoot (hodt), v. i. bertriak sperti 
buryi porggok* hut. 

Hoot, v. t. (derisively) utek, utik 

Hop (hop), v. i. (of frogs) lompat; 
(as fish and small birds and 
animals) lonchat; (on one leg) 

Hop, s. s-jnis akar yarg pahit burga- 

Hope (hop), s. harap. 

Hope, v. i. harap; (expect) nanti- 
kan; (place confidence in) mnaroh 
harap akan, perch ay a ok an, yakin* 
(Ar. yaqin). Let us hope, s- 

Hopeful (hop'fool), adj. (expec- 
tant) yarg mnantikan; (promis- 
ing) yarg hoi eh di-harapi. 

Hopeless (-les), adj. putus harap, 
putus asa* putus 'sa,* tiada ha- 

Hopper (hop'per), s. chororg prg- 

Horde (hord), s. pasokan orarg mrg- 

Horizon (ho-n'zim), s. kaki largit, 
tpi largit. 

Horizontal (hor-i-zon'tal), adj. 
sama rata. 

Horn (horn), s. (of animals) tan- 
dok; (of a rhinoceros) sumbu 
badak, chula* badak; (wind in- 

strument of horn or bamboo) 

tuarg-tuarg, tntuarg;* (of brass) 

trompet (Eur.) , slompret (N".L). 
Hornbill (horn'bil), s. burorg 'rg- 

garg* burorg klergkerg* burorg 

Horned (hornd), adj. bertandok. 
Hornet (hor'net), s. tabuan; 

(smaller) krawai* 
Hornless (horn'les), s. (of cattle) 

dogol* tiada bertandok. 
Hornpipe (-pip), s. (tune) lagu 

mnari; (dance) tarian klasi* 
Horny (-i), adj. bertandok, sperti 

tandok, berblularg* 
Horoscope (hor'o-skop), s. ramat 

( Ar. ) , surat nujum ( Ar . ) . 
Horrible (hor'ri-bl), adj. rgri* dali- 

shat (Ar.), hebat (Ar. haibat). 

haiban (Ar.), tabaik skali (B.). 
Horrid (-rid), adj. rgri* tabaik 

skali, bogot* busok. 
Horrify (-ri-fl), v. t. bri takot, ta- 

kotkan, bri dahshat (Ar.). 
Horror (-rer), s. hebat (Ar. hai- 

bat), dahsliat (Ar.). 
Hors de combat (hor-de-kom'ba).. 

adj. Isi* tiada harakat lagi (Ar.). 
Horse (hors), s. kuda; (cavalry) 

sol dado berkuda; (frame with 

legs) kuda-kuda. 
Horseback (hors'bak), s. On horse- 
back, turggarg kuda, berkuda. 
Horse-chestnut (-ches'nut), s. po- 

kok brargan. 
Horse-cloth (-klawth), s. kambli 

kuda, slimut kuda. 
Horse-collar (-kol-ler), s. halkah 

(Hind, lialqali). 
Horse-fly (-fll), s. pikat;* (small- 
er) largau. 
Horsehair (-har), s. lulu kuda. 
Horseleech (-lech), s. lintah. 
Horseman (-man), s. orarg ber- 
kuda, orarg mnurggarg kuda. 
Horsemango (-mang-go), s. ba- 

charg, macharg* mmbacharg* 
Horseplay (-pla), s. main kasar. 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minus, cure, injure, 

hurry; f65d, foot, awfool (awful) ; law, how, oil; thin then. 




Horsepower (-pow-er), s. TcTcuatan 

kuda, kuasa psaivat* A 3 HP 

engine, enjin tig a kuda. 
Horserace (-ras), s. lumba kuda. 
Horseradish (-rad-ish), s. rmurg- 

gai* kelor (a tree). 
Horseshoe (-shoo), s. bsi kuda, 

spatu kuda, ladam* kuda. 
Horsewhip (-whip), s. chmti* 

Hortatory (hor'ta-to-ri), adj. yavg 

mmbri nasihat* pnasihat* yarg 

■mmbri a jar an baik (B.). 
Horticulture (hor'ti-kul-chur), s. 

'ilmu berkbun, 'ilmu bertanam 

sayur dan pokok buah-buahan. 
Hosanna (ho-zan'na), s. uchapan 

Hose (hoz), s. (stocking) sarorg- 

kaki; (a pipe) palp kain, paip 

Hosier (ho'zher), s. orarg berkdai 

saroig-kaki dan s-bagai-nja. 
Hosiery (-i), s. sarorg-kaki dan s- 

Hospitable (hos'pi-ta-bl), adj. yavg 

suka mnjamu* yarg mnjambot 

orarg dag arg. 
Hospital (-tal), s. rumah sakit. 
Hospitality (-tal'i-ti), s. pri mn- 

jamu orarg* pri* mmliharakan 

oraig dagarg. 
Host (host), s. (army) intra* bala- 

tnira;* (throng) perkumpolan, 

orarg ramai; (one who entertains) 

pnjamu;* (landlord of an inn) 

tuan rumah tumpargan. 
Host, s. (term used by Boman Ca- 
tholics for consecrated bread) roti 
Hostage (hos'tej), s. orarg yarg di- 
srahkan k~pada musoh akan mrg- 
aku perjanjian, orarg sandaran* 

orarg taiyg organ. 
Hostess (host'es), s. prempaan yarg 

mnjamu* istri pnjamu* 
Hostile (hos'tll or hos'til), adj. 

(personally) berstru;* (of a com- 
mon enemy) bermusoh. 
Hostility (hos-til'i-ti), s. perstru- 

an* permusohan; see above. 
Hot (hot), adj. panas, hargat; (of 
slight fever) ddar; (severe fever) 
pijar;* (of passion) berarg* gm- 
bera;* (of spices) pdas; (feeling 
hot with perspiration) rimas,* 
Imas (B.). In hot water, terkna 
bnchi. See heat. 
Hotbed (hot'bed), s. tanah beratap- 
kacha spaya mriapkan tanam- 
Hotch-potch (hoch'poch), s. cham- 

pur-baur* champur gaul. 
Hotel (ho-tel'), s. rumah tumparg- 
an, rumah makan, panchaus* 
Hot-headed (hot'hed'ed), adj. Ikas 

mar ah, pmarah* prampus* 
Hothouse (-hows), s. rumah ber- 

atap dan berdindirg kacha. 
Hotpress (-pres), v. t. strika (D. 

Hot-tempered (tem'perd), adj. p- 

■manas* pmarah, pradaiy* 
Hough (hok), v. t. ktirg* 
Hound (hownd), s. anjirg perburu- 

an, anjirg mmburu (B.). 
Hound, v. i. bum. To hound on, 
hurkan* asut* usot (B.) ; 
(animals) oja* 
Hour (owr), s. jam; (time) ivaktu. 

At what hour? pukol brapa? 
Hourglass (owr'glas), s.jamp)asir* 
Houri (hoo'ri or howri), s. bida- 

Hourly (owr'li), adv. tiap-tiap jam, 
s-jam s-kali; (frequently) krap- 
krap; (continually) sntiasa (Sk.). 
House (hows), s. (building) ru- 
mah; (large dwelling) gdorg; (in 
speaking of one's own) tratak* 
pondok; (household) rumah targ- 
ga; (family) isi rumah, kaum- 
kluarga,* chikeiveh (B.) ; (tribe, 
race) suku-bargsa.* To keep 
house, berrumah-targga. To keep 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minus, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




open house, sntiasa berjamu.* 
To go from house to house, mn- 
jajah rumah. 

House (howz), v. t. (as people or 
cattle) tumpargkan ; (Naut., of 
spars) turunkan, guntorgkan. 

Houseboat (hows'bot), s. prahu 

Housebreaking (-brak-ing), s. hal 
mmchah rumah, samon. 

Housefly (-fli), s. Mat. 

Household (-hold), s. isi rumah, 
kaum (Ar.), kaum Jcluarqa* chi- 
Jceweh (B.) (Ch. chit-ke-'e ?). 

Householder (-er), s. tuan rumah. 

Housekeeper (-kep-er), s. (head 
servant) prempuan ktua rumah. 

Housekeeping (-ing), s. kerja ru- 

Housemaid (-mad), s. prempuan 
orarg gaji, prempuan makan gaji 


Housewife (-wlf), s. istri* tuan- 

rumah, ahli 'l-bait (Ai\). 

Housework (-werk), s. kerja ru- 

Hovel (hov'el), s. pondok, tratak.* 

Hover (hov'er), v. i. (in flight) am- 
barg* duyorg;* (hang about as a 
thief) imbarg-imbarg* 

How (how), adv. bgimana, btapa* 
apa macham, macham mana, 
brapa. How do you do? apa kha- 
bar? How far? brapa jauh? 
How long? brapa lama? How 
much? brapa, brapa herga? How 
often? brapa kali? 

Howbeit (how-be'it), conj. (al- 
though) surggoh pun; (neverthe- 
less) ttapi. 

Howdah (how'da), s. rergka,* ba- 

However (how-ev'er), adv. (in 
whatever manner) bgimana pun; 
(in any case) dalam pada itu. 
However bad, s-jahat-nja* bgi- 
mana jahat pun. However great, 
bgimana bsar. 

However, conj. (notwithstanding) 

dalam pada itu; (yet) ttapi. 
Howitzer (how'its-er), s. tomorg* 

mriam katak* 
Howl (howl), v. i. (of dogs) lolorg; 

(of children) lalak; (wail) ratap; 

(loud weeping) raorg. 
Howsoever (how-so-ev'er), adv. 

bgimana skali pun. 
Hub (hub), s. (of a wheel) gantarg- 

gantaty* buy org ro da (P.). 
Hubble-bubble (hub'bl-bub'bl), s. 

ogah* gudu-gudw* see hookah. 
Hubbub (-bub), s. iiyar-irgar* 

rioh-rendah, rioh-rndah (B.). 
Huckster (huks'ter), s. pnjaja. 
Huddle (hiuTdl), v. i. berkrumun. 
Hue (ml), s. iverna, orna (B.). 

Hue and cry, tmpek-sorak. 
Huff (huf), s. (scab) krupirg, kro~ 

perg (B.) ; (rage) raj ok, ragam. 
Hug (hug), v. t. plok; (more close- 
ly) dakap;* (hold fast) pgarg, 

pegarg (B.). To hug the land 

(Naut.), mryusor pantai. 
Hug, s. plok, dakap* 
Huge (huj), adj. bsar skali, amat 

bsar* umbarg* bagor.* 
Hulk (hulk), s. kapal yarg ter- 

chabot tiarg. 
Hull (hul), s. (of rice, etc.) kulit; 

(after removal) skam; (of a ship 

or boat) ba dan kapal, badan prahu.. 
Hull, v. t. (by peeling off, as maize) 

kupas; (by pounding, as rice) 

Huller (liul'ler), s. (pounder work- 
ed by the foot) tsorg hindek* Isorg 

Hum (hum), s. drgorg ; (of a top) 

srirg; (of conversation) diyouj r 

drgam;* (in the ears) dsirg, fry- 

Hum, v. i. berdrgonj, bersrirg* ber- 

siorg* ber dsirg. 
Human (hu'man), adj. mannsia 

(a), orarg (a), chara manusia. 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; Ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minws, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




Humane (hu-man'), adj. murah 
hati, berpryasehan. 

Humanitarian (hu-man-i-tar'i-an) , 
adj. = humane, q. v. 

Humanity (hu-man'i-ti), s. (man- 
kind) manusia; (humane feel- 
ings) kmurahan hati, pryasehan. 

Humanize (hu'man-iz), v. t. (soft- 
en, make gentle) hnbotkan, jinak- 
kan; (refine, civilize) haluskan, 

Humanly (-li), adv. cliara manusia. 

Humble (lium'bl), adj. (not pre- 
tentious) hina, rndali; (not 
proud) rndali liati. 

Humble, v. t. hinakan, rndahkan. 

Humble-bee (-be), s. kumbary. 

Humbug (hum'bug), s. (a trick, 
deceit) tipu-daya, dusta* aula, bo- 
horg; (imposter) pnipu , pndusta * 
pmbohory, pmbual, tmberarg (S.). 

Humbug, v. t. tipu, bnat dusta* 

Humdrum (-drum), adj. tiada ber- 
obah-obali, s-raqam, itu-itu jncja 

Humid (hii'mid), adj. Imbap, by as, 
'mbal ;* (of the ground) rambah* 

Humidity (hu-mid'i-ti), s. (as on 
sugar) hyas. 

Humiliate (Im-mil'l-at), v.t. rndali- 
kan, hinakan. 

Humility (-ti), s. rndali hati, k- 
rndahan hati. 

Humming-bird (hum'ming-berd), 
s. spoil putri* 

Hummock (-mok), s. muryal;* 


Humorist (hii'mer-ist or li'mer-ist), 

s. ovary klakav, ovary jnaka* 
Humorous (-u$), adj. pnevnawa* 

bev jnaka* sloroli, suka cliakap 

kasi tertawa (B.). 
Humour (hu'mer or u'mer), s. 

(state of mind) praryai, rsmi; 

(facetiousness) jnaka* Good 

humour, hati tnary. Bad humour, 

hati kusut. 

Humour, v.t. (indulge) manjakan y . 
bvi muka; (soothe) pujok. 

Hump (hump), s. borykol* borg^ 
got* ymbol, ponok* klasa.* 

Humpback (-bak), s. ovary boiykok^ 

Humus (lm'nn/s), s. tanali baja. 

Hunch (hunch), s. (lump) ktul;* 
also = hump, q. v. 

Hunch, v.t. (with the elbow) 
tmbi;* (crook the back) botykok- 

Hunchback (-bak), s. ovary bory- 

Hundred (hun'dred), adj. ratus. 

Hundred, s. ratus. 

Hundredth (-dredth), s. pervatus* 

Hundred-weight (-wat), s. tim- 
baryan hyyris- 112 pound. 

Hunger (hung'ger), s: lapar, Z-« 
laparan; (excessive) kmavok* bu- 
lur, bolov (B.), kbuluran. 

Hunger, v. i. lapar, berlapav; 
(eagerly desire) iryin, rindu. 

Hungry (-gri), adj. lapar; (exces- 
sive) bit lur, bolor (B.) ; (after 
illness) kmarok; (and left with- 
out food) kbulor-kblai* 

Hunk (hungk), s. ktul* 

Hunt (hunt), v.t. (chase) buvu y 
usir* kjar; (seek) chari; (ver- 
min in hair) slisek* To hunt 
up, preksa, slidek* siasat (Ar.). 

Hunt, v. i. bevbuvu. 

Hunt, s. (chase) pevburuan, 
(search) hal mnchari. 

Hunter (-er), s. pmburu. 

Hunting (-ing), s. pevburuan. 

Huntsman (hunts'man), s. ymbata 
anjiry pevburuan. 

Hurdle (her'dl), s. payav sasak* 

Hurl (herl), v.t. lempar, lotar* 
lontar, bality* heban* 

Hurlyburly (heiTi-berri), s. hum- 

Hurrah (hur-ra'), int. hore (E.),. 
btiryi sorak orary put eh. 

Hurricane (hur'ri-kan), s. ribot 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire,, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minws, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




to fan, to pan , (Ar. Taufdn). Hur- 
ricane lamp, lantirg (E.), lantera 

Hurriedly (Mr'rid-li), adv. gopoh- 
gopoh, golot-golot,* drgan sgra, 
kochoh-kochoh, gopoh-gapah* 

Hurry (hur'ri), v. i. bergopoh, ber- 
sgra, bargat* Ikas. 

Hurry, v. t. bargatkan* sgrakan, 
Ikaskan, kjan* (W.). 

Hurry, s. gopoh, sgra. 

Hurry-scurry (-skur'ri), adv. go- 
poh-gapah* tersra-sra,* kincharg- 

Hurt (hert), v. t. (cause pain) sakiti, 
sakitkan; (injure, harm) rosakkan, 
bnchanakan; (wound the feelings) 
kchilkan hati, kchikkan hati (B.). 
See pain. 

Hurt, s. (wound) lulca; (injury) 

Hurtful (hert'fool), adj. berbn- 
chana, yarg mrosakkan, yaig mu- 
dlarat (Ar.). 

Husband (huz'band), s. laJci; (po- | 
lite form) suami (Sk.). 

Husband, v. t. simpan, chermat- 

Husbandman (-man), s. pladaiy, 
orarg berhuma* 

Husbandry (-ri), s. kerja pladarg, 

Hush (hush), int. diam! J s! 

Hush, v. t. (make quiet) diamkan; 
(as a child) ulit.* To hush up, 
rahsiakan* tut op. 

Hush, v. i. berdiam diri. 

Hush, s. sniyap. 

Husk (husk), s. (of maize) kulit, 
klorgsorg; (of rice, etc.) kulit; 
(after removal) skam; (of the 
coco-nut) sabot. 

Husk, v. t. (by peeling off) kiditi* 
kupas, kobak,* kobek (B.) ; (re- 
move the sabot of a coconut) gu- 
bal;* (by pounding, as rice) tum- 
bok; (by pinching, as birds) ku- 

Husky (-i), adj. garau* parau* 

Hussar (huz-zar'), s. soldado ber- 
kuda, orarg kndara'an* 

Hussy (hus'si or huz'zi), s. prem- 
puan kurarg sopan. 

Hustings (hus'tingz), s. parggorg. 

Hustle (hus'l), v. t. (push) tolak, 
tmpoh; (with the elbow) sigorg. 

Hustle, v. i. (force one's way) tm- 
poh, rmpoh;* (hurry) gopoh- 
gopoh, kochoh-kochoh, kincharg- 

Hut (hut), s. pondok, tratak;* 
(temporary) dargau* sapau;* 
(made by fowlers) bumbun.* 

Hutch (huch), s. rban, sargkar* 

Hybrid (hi'brid), s. baka champur- 

Hydrant (hi'dmnt), s. mulut tali 
ayer bomba, mulut paip. 

Hydraulic (hi-draw'lik), adj. ayer 
(a), deri-pada ayer, drgan kuasa 
ayer. Hydraulic jack, bichu* 
bomba. Hydraulic press, apitan* 
bomba. Hydraulic mining, kerja 
parit* lampan mlereh* (Ch. lam- 
pan) ; (by monitors) tembak* 

Hydraulics (-liks), s. 'ilmu psawat* 

Hydrocele (hi'dro-sel), s. burnt* 
sakit pa-sarg-pasargan, sakit bodek, 
argin pasarg-pasarg (B.). 

Hydrogen (hi'dro-jen), s. s-jnis 
wap yaiy amat rergan. 

Hydrography (hi-drog'ra-fi), s. 
'ilmu mnduga dan mnulis pta laid. 

Hydropathy (hi-drop'a-thi), s. 'il- 
mu mrcjobati drgan ayer. 

Hydrophobia (hi-dro-fo'bi-a), s. 
gila anjirg. 

Hyena (hi-e'na), s. dlub'u (Ar.). 

Hygiene (hi'ji-en or hi'jen) s. 'ilmu 
sehat (Ar. sinnat). 

Hymn (him), s. sha'ir puji-pujian, 
maulud (Ar.), dzikir (Ar.). 

Hymnal (him'nal), s. kitab puji- 
pujian, kitab maulud (Ar.). 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirro r ; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minus, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin tTien. 




Hyperbole (hl-per'bo-li), s. per- 
kata'an yarg mlampaui* klampau- 
an* chaJcap yarg lb eh deri-pada 
patut (B.). 

Hypercritical (Iri-per-krit'i-kal) , 
adj. (captious) sargat pnchla;* 
(excessively exact) sargat pry- 
lidek* terlalu panclai hiam (Ch.) 


Hyphen (hi'fen), s. tanda samborg- 

an surat [ - ] . 
Hypnotism (hip'no-tizm), s. 'ilmu 

pllap* 'ilmu prgundarg* 'ilmu 

Jcasi orarg tidor (B.). 
Hypnotize (-tlz), v. t. llapkan, 

kundarg* tidorkan (B.). 
Hypochondriac (hip-o-kon-dri'ak) , 

s. yarg mryargkakan diri sakit. 
Hypochondriasis (-a-sis), s. lial 

mnjargkakan diri sakit. 
Hypocrisy (hi-pok'ri-si), s. pura- 

pura* muka-muka, siat-siat (B.) 

Hypocrite (hip'-o-krit), s. orarg 

pura-pura* orarg dua muka, mu- 

nafik (Ar.). 
Hypocritical (-krit'i-kal), adj. 

pura-pura* mvka-muka, siat-siat 

(B.) (Ch.) Hypocritical smile, 

snnjum raja* snnjum kambirg* 
Hypodermic (hi-po-der'mik), adj. 

di bawah kulit. Hypodermic 

syringe, bomba mnanam obat di 

bawah kulit. 
Hypothecate (hl-poth'e-kat), v. t. 

Hypothesis (-sis), s. arggaran, per- 

Hypothetical (hi-po-thet'i-kal) , 

adj. yarg di-sargka. 
Hyssop (his'sop), s. zufa (Ar). 
Hysterics (his-ter'iks), s. s-jnis 

pnjakit s'akan-akan latah* [mlatah 


I (I), pron. (addressing equals or 
inferiors) aku;* (equals or in- 

timate friends) kami;* (to supe- 
riors) sahya, snda* hamba* ham- 
ba-tuan* patek;* (among princes) 
beta;* (between husband and wife,, 
between the nobility, and generally 
in letter writing) kakanda,* adin- 
da;* (of an elderly man speaking: 
to younger men) mamanda;* 
(speaking to his own family) 
ayahnda;* (used gen. by Euro- 
peans) sahya; (by Chinese) goa. 
Ice (is), s. ayer batu, ayer bku* r 
Ice chest, pti ayer batu. Ice. 
cream, aiskrim (E.), es putaran 


Ice, v. t. sjoJckan drgan ayer batu > 
ayer-batunkan;* (with icing, as- 
cakes) sira* 

Iceberg (Is'berg), s. aporg ayer batu. 

Icebound (-bownd), adj. terskat 
oleh ayer batu. 

Icicle (-i-kl), s. juntaian ayer bku* 

Icing (-ing), s. gida sira.* 

Icon (I'kon), s. gambar. 

Iconoclast (l-kon'o-klast), s. orarg 
yarg mrosakkan berliala [datok 

Icy (I'si), adj. (abounding in ice) 
berayer batu; (cold) sjok.dirgin;* 
(of manner) Icras, tgar* 

Idea (I-de'a), s. (mental image) 
irgalan, fikiran; (conception) p- 
rgertian; (apprehension) pndapat- 
an; (notion, thought) sargka; (in- 
tention, design) argan-argan* 
niat, maksud, chita-chita* akhtiar 
(Ar. ikhtiar). 

Ideal (-al), adj. (mental) pada 
irgatan; (faultless) smpurna; 
(imaginary) yarg di-sargkasarg- 

Ideal, s. (standard of perfection) 
tujuan. The ideal of beauty, F- 
elokan yarg smpurna. 

Idealize (-iz), v. t. fikirkan sm- 

Identical (i-den'ti-M), adj. sama 
skaliy sama s-rupa, sama s-jnis. 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry ; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry ; ice, it, f Ire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minws, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin t7ien. 




Identification (-fi-ka'shtm), s. pri 
mrysahkan* (Ar. s#h), piynalan. 

Identify (-fl), v. t. (make to be the 
same) samakan, stujukan; (estab- 
lish the identity) njatakan per- 
samaan, salikan (Ar.), knal. 

Identity (-ti), s. persama'an. 

Idiocy (id'i-o-si ) , s. kkuraryan 'akal, 

Idiom (-ora), s. jalan bhasa. 

Idiomatic (id-i-o-mat'ik), adj. yarg 
mnurut jalan bhasa. 

Idiosyncrasy (-sing'kra-si), s. ta- 
bi'at sndiri, tabi'at masirg-masirg, 
tabi'at yarg plek* kletah* 

Idiot (id'i-ot), s. orary sasar, orary 
k unity 'akal, orary try ah tiary ;* 
(as a term of reproach) orary bo- 
doh, bahlul* (Ar. buhl ul). 

Idiotic (-ot'ik), adj. (crazy) sasar; 
(foolish) bodoh. 

Idle (I'dl), adj. (lazy) malas, klesa,* 
chulas* chleh* prygan, ptyegan 
(B.) ; (unemployed, inactive) 
tiada bkerja. 

Idle, v. i. leka, buat malas, lalai, 
makan tidor sahaja. 

Idleness (-nes), s. kmalasan, k- 
chulasan* ptyegan (B.). 

Idol (I'dol), s. berhala* pat org, to- 
pekory (Ch.), datok (B.). 

Idolater (I-dol'a-ter), s. oraty yarg 
mtymbah berhala* prymbah ber- 
hala* orarg yarg smbah datok 

Idolatrous (-trws), adj. yarg mrym- 
bah berhala.* Idolatrous worship, 
smbahyanj k-pada berhala* smbah- 
yarg datok (B.). Idolatrous sacri- 
fices, persmbahan k-pada berhala* 
smbahyanj datok punja barary 

Idolatry (-tri), s. siribahyaiy k-pada 

berhala* smbahyary datok (B.). 
Idolize (I'clol-iz), v. t. (make into 

an idol) jadikan berhala;* (love 

to excess) yilakan. 

Idyll (I'dil or id'il), s. pantun, 
si oka* 

If (if), conj. jika* jikalau, kalau, 
jika s-kira-rya* kira-rya* lamun* 
ivalau (Ar.). As if, spertikan, 

Igneous (ig'ni-i/s), adj. (of the 
nature of fire) berapi. Igneous 
rocks, batu di-lbor api. 

Ignis fatuus (ig'nis fat'u-^s), s. 

Ignite (ig-nif), v. i. (begin to burn) 
benyala, mnjala. 

Ignite, v. t. pasavg api, clutch oh* 

Ignition (ig-nish'un), s. pri* m- 
ryala, mala' an. 

Ignoble (-no'bl), adj. (not noble, 
humble) rndah, hina; (base) kji* 

Ignominious (-no-min'i-'ws), adj. 
main, ( aib (Ar.). 

Ignominy (ig'no-min-i), s. kchla'- 
an, mala, 'aib (Ar.). To suffer 
ignominy, kna mdlu, dapat malu. 

Ignoramus (-ra'im/s), s. orary bo- 
doh, bahlul (Ar.). 

Ignorance (-rans), s. kbodohan, k- 
bbalan, hal tasdar; see below. 
The times of ignorance, zarnan 
jahiliah (Ar.). 

Ignorant (-rant), adj. (destitute 
of knowlege) bodoh, bbal, kuranj 
pali am, jahil (Ar.) ; (unaware) 
Aryan tiada tahu, ta'sdar. 

Ignore (ig-nor'), v. t. ta'mau knal, 
tapandary muka, tiada ambil tahu, 

Iguana (i-gwa'na), s. s-jnis biawak 
di negri Amerika. 

Ill (il), adj. (sick) sakit; (of prin- 
ces) grirg;* (bad) tabaik, jahat. 
Ill at ease, ta'snaiy hati, khua- 
tir, charyyory, kekok. Ill breed- 
ing, kurary bhasa, kurary ajar 
(B.). Ill fame, nama jahat. 
House of ill fame, rumah jalaiy* 
rumah sundal, rumah prempuati 

site, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minus, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




jahat. Ill humour, ta'baik hati. 
Ill will, sakit hati. 

Ill, s. (injury) bnchana; (wicked- 
ness) salah, kjahatan. 

Ill-bred (il'bred'), adj. kuraiy ajar, 
kuraiy bhasa, kasar. 

Ill-conditioned (irkon-dislu/nd), 
adj. praiyai jahat. 

Ill-considered (il'kon-sid'erd), adj. 
kuraiy jikir. 

Illegal (il-le'gal), adj. yary mlary- 
gar hukum, sal ah, haram (Ar.), 
laiyyar lo (E. law) (B.) ; (not 
valid) tiada sah; (prohibited) 

Illegible (il-lej'i-bl), adj. tiath da- 
pat di-bacha, taboleh bach a (B.). 

Illegitimate (il-le-jit'i-met), adj. 
(unlawful) yaiy m laiyyar hu- 
kum, haram (Ar.) ; (bastard) 
anak yampary* anak sundal, anak 
haram, anak tanikah (Ar.), anak 
ta kah iv 'in (B.). anak berkndak 


Ill-fated (il'fat'cd), adj. sial, nasib 

Ill-favoured (il'ia/verd), adj. 
odoh* bur ok (B.). 

Ill-gotten OTgot'ten), adj. Ill- 
gotten gains, laba yaiy haram* 
untoiy yary taberkat (B.). 

Illiberal (il-lib'er-al), adj. kikir* 
lokek, kiam-siap (Oh.) (B.). 

Illicit (il-lis'it), adj. laraiyan, pan- 
tary, tertyah* Illicit opium, 
chand a ylap. Illicit intercourse, 
z in a ( A r . ) , buat jahat. 

Illimitable ( il-lim'it-a-bl) , adj. 
tiada bperhiiyyaan* tiada ber- 
hiiyya* tiada berhad (Ar.). 

Illiterate (il-lit'er-et), adj. tiada 
berplajaran, tiada berilmu* ta- 
tahu surat (B.). 

Ill-judged (il'jujd'), adj. kuraiy 

Ill-luck (il'hik'), s. malaiy, untoiy 
jahat* chlaka, nasib tabaik. 

Ill-mannered (il'man'nerd), adj. 

ta'sopan, kuraiy adab (Ar.), baleh 
adab* biadab (Pers.). 

Illness (il'nes), s. piyakit; (of prin- 
ces) yriiy* 

Ill-natured (ii'nachurd), adj. hati 
ta'baik, praiyai jahat. 

Illogical (il-loj'i-kal), adj. tiada 
sabit* di 'akal (Ar. tliabit), tfada 
jalan (B.). 

Ill-omened (il/o'inend), adj. sial, 
'alamat-iya tabaik. 

Ill-starred (il'stard') adj. ta'baik 
ktika-tya, sial, malaiy. 

Ill-tempered (il'tem'perd), adj. 
prig us * praiyai tabaik. 

Ill-timed (il'tlmd'), adj. salah k- 

Illtreat (il-tref), v. t. an'myakan, 

Illude (il-lfid'), v. t. tipu, ssatkan, 

Illuminate (il-liYmin-at), v. t. traiy- 
kan, lyatakan ; (with a torch) 
suloh; (as buildings) pasary api. 
Illuminated manuscripts, surat 

Illumination (il-lii-min-Fi/shim), s. 
(act of illuminating) hal miirary- 
kau ; (that which illuminates) 
t ra iy , kiyata'an , eh ah ya . 

Illusion (il-liVzlw/n), s. kssatan, 
smu* salah saiyka. 

Illusive (-siv), adj. yaiy mnjsatkan, 
yaiy mnjmu* tiada suryyoh, palsu. 

Illusory (-so-ri), adj. yary mnjsat- 
kan, yaiy mnjmu* hohoiy. 

Illustrate (irius-trat). v. t. (make 
clear, bright, intelligible) traty- 
kan, lyatakan; (explain) traiykan, 
art i kan; (by examples) umpaina- 
kan, 'ibaralkan, mesalkati, kias- 
kan* (Ar.) ; (by pictures) yam- 
bar kan, hiasi dry an yambar* 

Illustration (il-lus-tm'shan) s, 
(act of illustrating) hal mnrary- 
kan, etc., as above; (that which 
illustrates) knjata-an, pryertian, 
perumpama'an, 'ibarat, mesal (Ar. 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minws, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 





mithal), kias* (Ar. qias) ; (pic- 
ture) gam bar. 
Illustrative (il-lus'tra-tiv) , adj. 

yarg mnratgkan, etc., as above. 
Illustrious (il-lus'trd-^s), adj. ma- 

sohor (At. mashhur), bernama, 

ternama. mulia. 
Ill-will (il'wil'), s. dndam, sakit 

Image (im'ej), s. patoig, gambar, 

rupa, tuladan : (idol) berh.ala* 

datok (B.) ; (in a glass or lense) 

Imagery (im'a-jer-i or im'ej-ri), s. 

(images in general) gambar: 

(mental) iigatan. 
Imaginable (im-aj'in-a-bl), adj. 

yarg boleh di-satgka. 
Imaginary (-a-ri), adj. (fancied) 

yarg di-migka; (not real) biikan- 

Imagination (-a'sln/n), s. sargka- 

sargka hati, fkiran hati, an/an- 

Imaginative (-a-tiv), adj. yarg m- 

Imagine (im-aj'in), v. t. fikirkati, 

sargkakan . 
Imagine, v. i. frkir, irgat, sargka, 
Imbecile (:i m V-sel ) , adj. mmr, 

kurarg 'akal. 
Imbecility (-sil'i-ti), s. ksamran. 
Imbed (im-bed'), v.t, bnam. 
Imbibe (im-bib'), v.t. (drink) mi- 

nam: (suck in) himp: (absorb 

into the mind) trima. 
Imbrue (im-broo' ) , v.t, rndam. 
Imbue (im-M'), v.t. isi, pnohkan. 
Imitate (im'i-tat) v.t. (follow a 

pattern) tiru :* (follow example) 

ikut, tnrut, cbargkok;* (counter- 
feit) tiru* lanehorgkan :* (mi- 
mic) ajok. 
Imitation (im-i-ta'srr?/n), s. (act of 

imitating) pri mniru* pri mrg- 

ikut, etc., as above; (copy) tiru- 

an* lanchoujan* 

iteT^^^aircare/car, carry; eve,, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror- old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, mums, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 

Imitative (im'i-ta-tiv), adj. yarg 

mniru* yarg mnurut. 
Imitator (-ter), s. pnirv* 
Immaculate (im-mak'u-let ) , adj k 
tiada berrhla, tiada berch achat, 
her a el i. 
Immanent (im'ma-nent), adj. ha- 

dllr (Ar.). 
Immaterial (-ter-i-al), adj. (not 
corporeal) tiada berlmbaga* bu- 
kan jasmani (Ar.), t'ada badan 
(B.) ; (unimportant) tiada mig- 
apa, tiada brat, tiada pntiig* 
Immature * (im-ma-tur'), adj. (of 
fruits) rituda; (of children) trgah 
mils, budak lagi, blum baligh 
(Ar.) : (of plans) blum smpurna, 
blum siap. 
Immaturity (-i-ti).s. (of children) 

Immeasureable (im-mezh'ur-a-bl ) , 
adj. tiada bperhingga'an* tiada 
berhirgga* tiada terliitorg, tiada, 
ter hi sab* (Ar. nisdb). 
Immediate (im-me'di-et), adj. (not 
separated) rapat, dkat; (not de- 
laying) yarg serta-merta, yarg 
*gra, dnjan s-bntar. 
Immediately (-li), adv. (without 
< I eJ ay ) serta-m erf a, s-bntar it u 
jugu, s-bntar-bntar, drgan sgra, ini 
juga, lantus (X.I.). 
Immemorial (im-me-mor'i-al), adj. 
ya\g tiada terirgat. From, time 
immemorial, deri zaman perba- 
Immense (im-mens'), adj. amat 
bsar* bukan bvatan, mrgat bsar* 
Immerse (im-mers'), v.t. (in a 
fluid) rndam, achap; (as men 
or animals) slamkan ; (dip) ch- 
dop, chchah* chichah (P.); (en- 
gross, as in work) kambus* 
Immersed (im-mersf), adj. (in 
work) nib ok, turgkus-lumus;* (in 
water, earth, etc., but partly show- 
ing) terbnam. 
Immersion (im-mer'shim), s. hal 




mrndam, hal mnchlop; see im- 

Immigrant (im'mi-grant), s. orarg 
dagaig, oraig berpindah. 

Immigrate (-grat), v. i. rnasok ber- 
dagaiy* da-tat g berpindah. 

Imminent (-nent), adj. yarg hn- 
dak nrnimpa, die at. Imminent 
danger, bahya yarg hndak muiin- 

Immobility (im-mo-hiJ/i-ti), s. pri 
tiada bergrak, kttapan. 

Immoderate (im-mod'er-et), adj. 
terlampau, terUimpon (ft.), ter- 
lampau deri-pada 'ad at. yatg m- 
Ibehi jaigka* lheh deri-pada pa- 
tut, terlalu sa-njat. 

Immodest (im-mod'est ), adj. yarg 
tiada ntnaroh sopan, tiada ber- 
mala, tiada snonoh, bisi.* 

Immodesty (-es-ti), adv. pri* tiada 

Immolate (im'mo-lat), v. t. korban- 
kan* (Ar. q urban). 

Immoral (im-mor'al), adj. tiada 
briar, jahat, cliabol* luchah, fasik 

Immorality (i.m.-mo-raTi-ti), s. Jc- 
jahatan, perrhabolan* tar hah. 

Immortal (im-mor'tal), adj. yarg 
tiada akan rnati, yarg muorgkai 
lap/it. kkal, baka (Ar. baqa). 

Immortality (im-mdi'-tal'i-ti), s. 
..pri* tiada mati, pri* tiada binam. 

Immortalize (im-mor'td-Tz), v. t. 
kkalkan : (make illustrious) 
tim bolkan nama* masoh orkan 
nama (Ar. mash h ar). 

Immovable (im-moov'a-bl), adj. 
yatg tiada bergrak, ttap, tgoh, 
man tap* 

Immune (im-miin'), adj. (exempt) 
bet) as, I pas. 

Immunity (-i-ti), s. (freedom, ex- 
emption) kbebasan, klpasan. 

Immure (im-mur') ? v. t. kurorg, 
pirgit;* (in prison) pnjarakan* 
jelkan (E.). 

I m m u tab i 1 i ty '( ini-mu- 1 a-bil'i-ti ) , 

s. pri* tiada berobah. 
Immutable (im-mfi'ta-bl) , adj. 

yatg tiada da pat di-obakkan, tiada 

terobah, tiada berobah, ttap. 
Imp (imp), s. anak setan (Ar. shai- 

•van), see impish. 
Impact (im'pakt), s. larggaran, 

tin pohan. 
Impair (im-par'), v. t. (make less) 

kurargkati; (make worse) rosak- 

kan ; (make weak) hnahkan. 
Impale (im-paT), v. t. sula (Sk.). 
Impalpable (im-pal'pa-bl), adj. 

(cannot be felt) tiada berrasa; 

(not corporeal) tiada berlmbaga* 
Impanel (im-pan'ei), v. t. daftar- 

kan (Ar.). 
Impart (im-parf), v. t. (give a 

share ) bhagika n ; ( com municate ) 

bri, bri tahu, kasi tali a (B.). 
Impartial (im-par'shal), adj. tiada 

chndrotg, tiada brat sblah, tiada 

sb tah - m njb lah , 'adit. 
Impartiality (im-par-shi-aTi-ti), s. 

Impassable (ini-pas'a4)l), adj. ti- 
ada dapat di-iaiai* tiada dapat 

di-ja/ani* tiada, lerlintas* ta'- 

bo/ eh jalan (ft.) : (too small to 

get ugh) tiada lid as* 
Impassioned (im-pash'imd), adj. 

bersu tggoh -sn rggoh hati. 
Impassive (ini-paVsLv), adj. tiada 

Impatience (im-pa'sheiis), s. kku- 

raigan sabar, panas da rah, glisah * 

pngus:* as below. 
Impatient (-slient), adj. (want of 

patience) kurarg sabar, panas da- 

rah: (restless) glisah* blisah;* 

(fretful) prig us* 
Impeach (im-peeh') ? v. t. (accuse) 

tudoh:* (arraign) d'awa. 
Impeachment (-numt), s. tudoh- 

an* d'awa. 
Impeccable (im-pek'a-bl), adj. 

tiada berdosa. 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, min-us, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




Impecunious (im-pe-ku'ni-ws), adj. 
tiada berwarg, miskin, papa* 

Impede (im-ped'), v. t. (keep back) 
tahan; (obstruct) skat, sargkot, 
gndalakan* (Sk. kandala). 

Impediment (im-ped'i-ment), s. 
gndaia* skatan, ''mpargan, sarg- 
koian, oral* (Ar. 'aradl). Impe- 
diment in speech, ielur, gagap* 
gag ok (B.). 

Impel (im-pel'), v. t. tmpolikan, 

Impend (im-pend'), v. i. bergan- 
toig; see imminent. 

Impenetrability (im-pen'e-tra-bil'- 
i-ti), s. pri tiada lid* kbal; ka- 
lis* as below. 

Impenetrable (-bl), adj. (to weap- 
ons) yarg tiada lut* kbal: (to 
water) kalis:* (as a net) kdap;* 
(to persons) tiada terlintas* 

Impenitence (-i-tens), s. hal tiada 
bertobat (Ar. taubai), hal tiada 

Impenitent (-tent), adj. tiada ber- 
tobat, tiada mn/sal, dgil. 

Imperative (im-per'a-tiv), adj. 
(authoritative) digan kras; ( obli- 
gator v) tadapat-tiada, wajib 
'(Ar.jjerdht (Ar.), perlu (X.T.). 

Imperceptible (im-per-sep'ti-bl), 
adj. tiada tori Heat, tiada vampak, 
tiada di-rasai. 

Imperceptibly (-bli), adv. (slow- 
ly) pcrlahan-lahan, plan-plan. 

Imperfect (im-per'fekt), adj. tiada 
smpurna, kuratg smpurna, blum 
smpurna, bantut, berchdra (Sk.), 
berch achat. 

Imperfection (im-per-fek'shtm), s. 
chdra (Sk.), chachat. 

Imperial (im-per'i-al), adj. sultan 
(a), krajaan. 

Imperial, s. fat mis* 

Imperil (im-per'il), v. t. dataigkan 
bahya, bahyakan. 

Imperious (im-per'i-'ws), adj. som- 
borg, bsar hati. 

Imperishable (im-per'ish-a-bl) r 
adj. yarg tiada rosak, yaig tiada 
binasa, kkal, baka* (Ar. baqa'). 

Impermeable (im-per'mi-a-bl), adj. 
kalis* kdap* see impenetrable. 

Impersonal (-son-al), adj. yarg 
tiada k'ada'an sndiri. 

Impersonate (-at), v. t. (endow 
with the form of a human being) 
jlma (Sk.) ; (represent another 
person) srupa'i* samari* samar- 
kan din* 

Impertinent (-tl-nent), adj. (rude) 
borgkak* kuratg ajar (B.), (as a 
child) mua* 

Imperturbable (im-per-ter'ba-bl). 
adj. tiada terkachau, tiada tergrak 
hati-tya, sabar. 

Impervious (im-per'vi-i/s), adj. 

Impetuous (im-pech'u-ws), adj. (of 
the elements) glora* tmpoh; (of 
persons) pan as darah. 

Impetus (im'pe-tus), s. lajak, kua- 
sa lajak-rya. 

Impiety (im-pl'e-ti), s. hal tiada 
b era gam a. 

Impinge (im-pinj'), v. i. kna. 

Impious (im'pi-7/s), adj. tiada Ler- 
aqama, tiada berbakti k-pada 

Impish ( i mp 'ish ) , ad j . nakal, da jot, 
haprit (Ar. 'afrit). 

Implacable (im-pla'ka-bl),- adj. 
Ua da t erdamaikan . * 

Implant (im-plant'), v. t. tanam, 

Implement (im'ple-ment), e. per- 
kakas, alat (Ar.). 

Implicate (im'pli-kat), v. t. (in- 
volve) masok, chanipur, kusnt; 
(as a third party) babit. 

Implication (-kFi'shmi), s. (state 
of being implicated) pri* masofa 
champur: (as a third party) hat 

' tcrbahit: (an implying, infer- 
ence) hal mndatargkan, perkara 
yarg di-datargkan ; see infer. 

fcte, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; Ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minus, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then* 




Implicit (im-plis'it), adj. (implied) 
terkandorg; (without doubt) tgoh, 
yahin (At.), tiada shak (Ar.). 

Implied (im-plld'), adj. (included) 
terkandorg, yarg masok. 

Implore (im-plor'), v. t. minta, po- 

Imply (im-pli'), v. t. (contain by 
implication) hand org. 

Impolite (im-po-lif), adj. kurarg 
bhasa, kurarg hormat, kurarg adab 
(Ar.), biadab (Pers.) ; (of speech) 

Impoliteness (-nes), s. kurarg bha- 
sa, etc., as above. 

Impolitic (im-pol'i-tik), adj. (with- 
out a policy) tiada bperaturan; 
(unwise) tiada berbudi; (inex- 
pedient) tiada b erf a' id ah. 

Import (im-porf), v. t. (bring in) 
bawa masok; (include, imply) 

Import (im'port), s. (merchandise) 
dagargan masok;* (intention, 
meaning) maksud, arti, in ana 
(Ar.), mana (B.). 

Importance (im-por'tais), s. kbrat- 
an, indah, niustahak (Ar.). To 
add to one's own importance, ma- 
halkan dirt. 

Important (-tant), adj. brat, pn- 
tirg* indah, mustahak (Ar.), bu- 
kan kpalarg, bukan baraig-bararg * 
bukan s-bararg (B.). 

Importer (-ter), s. yarg mmbawa 
dagargan? masok [baraig (B.)]. 

Importunate (-tu-net), adj. yarg 
mrergek-rergek, chrewet. 

Importune (im'por-tim'), v. t. re- 
rgek-rergek, doigetg* kechek. 

Importunity (-i-ti), s. dorgetg* 
rergek-rergek, kechek. 

Impose (im-pos'), v. t. (lay on, in- 
flict) Itak, knakan, jalohkan. 

Impose, v. i. To impose on, impose 
upon, tipu, perdayakan* 

Imposing (-ing), adj. (impressive) 

yarg mrggrakkan hati; (in appear- 
ance) sajak, hebat* toa-van (B.) 
(Ch. tod- pan). 

Imposition (im-po-zish'?/n), s. (act 
of imposing) hal mignakan, hal 
mltak; (thing imposed) targgorg- 
an; (punishment) hukuman; (ex- 
action) aniaya; (imposture) tipu- 

Impossibility (im-pos-si-bil'i-ti), s. 
mustahil (Ar.). 

Impossible (im-pos'si~bl), adj. yarg 
tiada boleh jadi, ta'dan* mustahil 
(Ar.) ; (as an exclamation) mana 
boleh, masakan* 

Impost (im'post), s. chukai, bid 

Imposter (im-pos'ter), s. pnipu. 

Imposture (im-pos'chur), s. tipu- 

Impotence (im'po-tens), s. (sex- 
ual) mati puchok; (weakness) k- 
Imahan, letak* 

Impotent (-toit), adj. (sexually) 
mati puchok; (weak) letak* tiada 

Impound (im-pownd'), v. t. kurorg, 
masok paun (E.).* 

Impoverish (im-pov'er-ish), v. t. 
(make poor) papakan* kasi mis- 
kin (B.) ; (exhaust the strength) 
Imahkan; (make land sterile) ku- 

Impracticable (im-prak'ti-ka-bl) , 
adj. yarg tiada berlaku* yarg tiada 
jadi, mustahil (Ar.). 

Imprecate (im'pre-kat), v. t. $um- 
pahi, kutoki. 

Imprecation (-ka'shim), s. s-umpah, 
kxrtok, srapah* sranah. 

Impregnable (im-preg'na-bl), adj. 
tiada akan tewas* tiada teralah- 

Impregnate (-nat), v. t. (make 
pregnant) buntiigkan, hamilkan 
(Ar.) ; (of fruit) bri berbuah; 
(infuse, imbue, fill) pnohi, masoki. 

Impress ( im-pres' ) , v. t. (imprint) 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, mums, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); iaw, how, oil; thin tlien. 




chap, than chap, chitakkan;* (fix 

in the mind) tanam, mtraikan;* 

(take by force, as sailors) krah- 

Impress (im'pres), s. chap, bkas. 
Impression (im-presh'wn), s. 

(stamp, mark) chap, bkas; (effect, 

influence) bkas, graVan; (remem- 
brance) perirgatan. It left a 

strong impression on my mind, 

termakan k-dalam hati sahya. 
Impressive (im-pres'iv), adj. yaig 

m-rggrakkan hati. 
Imprimatur (im-prl-ma/ter), s. izin 

mnchapkan . 
Imprint (im-prinf), v. t. chapkan, 

Imprison (im-priz'n), v. t. (in 

gaol) pnjarakan* jelkan (E.) ; 

(confine) kurorg, pi/git* sargkar- 

Imprisonment (-ment), s. hat kna 

pnjara* hal kna j el (E.). j 

Improbability (im-prob-a-luTi-ti), | 
: s. hal tiada di-nantikan, hal tiada 

di-harap. j 

Improbable (im^prob'a-bl), adj. 

yarg tiada di-sargka, yarg tiada di- 
harap, taboleh di-tunaikan* 
Impromptu (im-promp'tu), adj. 

yarg tiada di-sdiakan, serta-merta. 
Improper (im-prop'er), adj. (un- 
fit) tiada pa tut, tiada layak; (un- 
becoming) ta'smiggah* chroboh* 

tiada an on oh; (not suitable) tiada 

Improperly (-H), adv. tiada k- 

tahuan, tiada kruan* . 
Impropriety (im-pro-prfe-ti), s. 

(unsuitableness) ta'stujuan, pri* 

yarg tiada b erst up/; (that which is 

improper) chroboh* klakuan ta- 

Improve (im-proov'), v. t. (make 

better) baikki, molekkan, btidkan; 
. (amend) pinda;* (utilize) pakai, 

Improve, v. i. (grow better) jadi 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minus, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 

baik, bertambah balk; (increase) 
/; ertambah ; ( advance ) maju* 
jadi; (in health) baik, btah* 

Improvement (-ment), s. tambah- 
an, kmajuan* 

Improvidence (im-prov'i-dens), s. 
kurarg chermat, kborosan. 

Improvident (-dent), adj. ta' cher- 
mat, boros. 

Improvise (im'pro-viz), v. i. (in 
verse) berpantun. 

Imprudence (im-prdo'dens), s. ku- 
rarg irgat, kurarg jaga. 

Imprudent (-dent), adj: kuraig 
itgat, kurarg jaga. 

Impudence (im'pu-dens), s. borg- 
kak* slamba,* kurarg malu; as 

Impudent (-dent), adj. (bold, im- 
pertinent ) boigkak;* (shameless, 
immodest) slamba* tabermalu, 
mnka thai; (as a child) mua.* 

Impugn (im-pun'), v. t. bantahi* 
lawan kata. 

Impulse (im'puls), s. grak'an. 

Impulsive (im-pul'siv), adj. panas 

Impunity (im-pd'ni-ti), s. kbebas- 
an, hal tiada kna hukum. 

Impure (im-puY), adj. tiada suchi, 
kotor, chmar;* (ceremonially) na- 
jis, nararn (Ar. imram) ; (lewd) 
chabol* luchali. 

Impurity (-i-ti), s. kclimaran* ko- 
tor, najis, h/chah ; as above. 

Imputation (im-pu-ta'shim), s. 
(act of imputing) hal mmbilarg- 
kan, hal mnarggorgkan; (charge) 
tudohan* tukasan* chaj (E.) 
(B.). To make a false imputa- 
tion, tukas* 

Impute (im-puf), v. t. (attribute, 
ascribe) bilaigkan; (lay the res- 
ponsibility on) targgorgkan. 

In (in), prep, di, dalam, di dalam, 
k-dalam; (among, between) an- 
tara; (with reference to time) 




pada, dalam, as, pada musim liu- 
jan, in the rainy season; dalam 
tiga liari, in three days; (after 
certain verbs) akan* sama (B.), 
as perchaya akan, to believe in; 
(of languages) drgan, as, mnulis 
drgan bhasa Mlayu, to write in 
Malay; (when motion is implied) 

- k-, as, pergi rnandi k-kolam, to go 
and bathe in the pond. Inasmuch 
as, pada hal, sdatg, sdargkan* In 
that, sbab, sdarg. In the distance. 
deri jauh. In the name of, drgan 

In, adv. dalam, rnasok, ada. In and 
out, kluar rnasok, chlam-chluni* 
To be in, ada, hadlir* (Ar. nd- 

Inability (in-a-biri-ti), s. hal tiada 
tahu, hal tiada her day a. hal tiada 

Inaccessible (in-ak-ses'i-bl), adj. 
yarg tiada hoi eh di-hampiri,* ya?g 
tiada hoi eh di-dapati. 

Inaccuracy (in-ak'ku-ra-si), s. pri* 
tiada btul: (error) ksalahan, silap 
(Ar. khildf). 

Inaccurate (-ret), adj. tiada btul, 
tiada saliih* (At. samn). sal ah, 

Inaction (in-ak'sh«n), s. (absence 
of motion) diam : (idleness) ma- 

Inactive (-tiv), adj. (inert) tiada 
dapat hergrak, ta'boleh bergrak; 
(not industrious) kurarg raj in, 
pnjgan* pry eg an (B.). 

Inadequacy (in-ad'e-kwa-si), s. k- 

Inadequate (-kwet). adj. ta'chu- 
kop, ta'sampai, kurarg. alarg- 
alarg* tiada mm ada' i* tiada 
drgan sperti-nja. 

Inadmissible (in-ad-mis'si-bl). adj. 
tiada lulus* tiada di-trima. 

Inadvertence (-vert-^ns), s. alpa* 
lalai, kurarg siasat (Ar.). 

Inadvertently (-ent-li), adv. drgan 

kurarg iigat, drgan alpa (Sk.). 
Inalienable (in-aTyen-a-bl), adj. 

yarg tiada boleh di-jual, yarg tiada 

boleh di-pin da It ka n . 
Inane (in-an'), adj. (void of sense) 

sia-sia :* (useless) tiada berguna. 
Inanimate (in-an'i-met), adj. tiada 

brrryatca, tiada bernafas. 
Inanition (in-a-nish'//n), s. kbulor- 

Inanity (i n-an'i-ti ) , s. ' sia-sia* 
Inappeasable (in-ap-pez'a-bl), adj. 

tiada dapat di-kruyargkan. 
Inapplicable (in-ap'pli-ka-bl), adj. 

tiada pa dan. tiada berpatutan, 

tiada kna, ta-stuju. 
Inappreciable (in-ap-pre'shi-a-bl) , 

adj. yarg tiada pa tut di-nilaikan* 

terlalu kehil. sdikit skali. 
Inapproachable (in-ap-pr5ch'a-bl) , 

adj. yarg tiada boleh di-hampiri* 

ya iy ta'boleh rapa t ( B. ) . 
Inappropriate (in-ap-pro'pri-et) , 

adj. tiada pa dan, tiada paint, tiada 

Inaptitude (in-ap'ti-tfid), s. pri* 

tiada pah a m, pri* kurarg pandai. 
Inarticulate (in-ar-tik'u-let), adj. 

klalut* klelut* telur. 
Inasmuch (in-az-much'), adv. fol- 
lowed by as, pada hah sdarg, sdarg- 

Inattention (in-at-ten'sh?/n), s. 

alpa (Sk.), I pa* lalai. 
Inattentive (-tiv), adj. alpa* la- 
lai* kurarg iigat, kurarg jaga. 
Inaudible (in-aw'di J bl), adj. tiada 

boleh di-drgar. tiada kdrgaran. 
Inaugurate (-gfi-rat), v. t. (invest 

with authority) lantek:* (of 

kings) tabal (Ar.), nobat (Ar.) ; 

(initiate, begin) mula'i, Itakkan. 
Inauguration (-ra'shwn), s. lantek'- 

an* permula'an ; as above. 
Inauspicious (in-aws-pish'?/s), adj. 

sial, nahas* (Ar. nana*). 
Inborn (in'born), adj. mmbaka. 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, mimts, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin Men. 




Inbred (in'bred), adj. = inborn, q.v. 
Incalculable (in-kal'ku-la4)l), adj. 

yarg tiada ternilaikan* tiada ter- 

hitorg, tiada tpermana'i* tiada 

terhisabkan* (Ar. nisdb). 
Incandescence (in-kan-des'sens) , 

chahya puteh. 
Incandescent (sent), adj. her- 

chahya puteh. 
Incantation (-ta'shtm), s. jampi, 

mantra (Sk.). 
Incapability (in-ka'pa-bil'i-ti), s. 

hat tiada berkuasa, hal tiada boleh. 
Incapable (in-ka'pa-bl), adj. tiada 

berkuasa, tiada boleh, ta'boleh, ta- 

dapat* tiada paham. 
Incapacitate (in-ka-pas'i-tat), v. t. 

(disable) Imahkan, hilargkan kua- 

sa; (disqualify) jadikan ta'layak, 

sblahkan, tolak. 
Incapacity (-i-ti), s. hal tiada la- 
yak, hal tiada paham, hal kurarg 

Incarcerate (in-kar'ser-at) v. t. pn- 

jarakan* jelkan (E.). 
Incarnate (-net), adj. yarg mnjlma 

OSk.), yarg tlah* mnjadi manusia. 
Incarnate (-nat), v. t. jlma (Sk.). 
Incarnation (in-kar-na'sh?m), s. 

pn jlma 'an (Sk.). 
Incase (in-kas') v. t. salut* sador* 
Incautious (in-kaw'shws), adj. yarg 

kurarg irgat, kurarg jaga, lalai. 
Incendiarism (in-sen'di-a-rizm), s. 

hal mmbakar rumah drgan sryaja. 
Incendiary (-ri), adj. yarg sryaja 

mmbakar rumah. 
Incense (in'sens), s. (the odour) 

bau-bauan; (the materials, mixed) 
dupa (Sk.), starggi (Sk. aMargga) ; 

(benzoin) kmnnjan. 
Incense, v. t. (perfume under a 
cover) ukop;* (in the open) 
asapi* asapkan. 
Incense (in-sens'), v. t. (make 
angry) marahkan, gumri* panas- 
kan; see infuriate. 

Incensed (-sensf), adj. marah, gu- 

Incentive (in-sen'tiv), s. prggrak* 

grak hati. 
Inception (in-sep'slitm), s. per- 

mu I a an, awal (Ar.). 
Incertitude (in-ser'ti-tiul), s. shak 
(Ar.), wasargka (Sk.). 

Incessant (in-ses'sant), adj. tiada 
berhnti, t'ada brcnti (B.j, tiada 
berputusan, sntiasa (Sk.), slalu. 

Incessantly (-H), adv. sntiasa 
(Sk.), slalu, bertalu-talu* ber- 
turut-turut, tiada bersla* Inces- 
santly studying, tiada berchrai 
deri-pada blajar* than blajar. 

Incest (in'sest), s. sumbary* 

Incestuous (in-ses'chu-i/.s), adj. 
sumbary * 

Inch (inch), s. inchi (E.) ; (the 
breadth of a finger) jari. By 
inches, beransur-ansur.* 

Incident (in/si-dent), adj. (happen- 
ing accidentally) yarg tiba-tiba 
jadi* yarg jadi drgan tasrgaja; 
(appertaining to) bersabit drgan* 
^Ar. f habit) y berkna'an drgan. 

Incident, s. perkara, hah 

Incidental (in-si-den'tal), adj. yarg 
di-sambilkan* yarg tiba-tiba* 

Incidentally (-H), adv. sambil~m- 

Incinerate (in-sin'er-at), v. t. ha- 
rguskan, jadikan aba. 

Incipient (in-sip'i-ent), adj. yarg 
bharu inula i, my da. 

Incise (in-sl//). v. t. (carve) ukir;* 
(cut a gash) torch, klar, rebak* 

Incision (in-sizh'wn), s. tor eh, klar, 
rebak * 

Incisive (in-si'siv), adj. tajam. 

Incisor (-zer), s. gigi manis, gigi 

Incite (in-slf), v. t. (to help or ac- 
company.) ajak, ajat (B.) ; (to do 
something one does not do one's 
self) asut, usot (B.), chochok, 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minws, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




achum,* goda;* (in cock-fighting) 

Incitement (-merit), s. asutan, 
usotan (B.), achuman* 

Inciter (-er), s. prgasut, prgusot 
(B.), prgachum* 

Incivility (in-si-vil'i-ti), s. hurarg 
bhasa, biadab (Pers.). 

Inclemency (in-klem'en-si), s. 
(severity) kkramn; (storminess) 

Inclement (-exit), adj. hras, glora.* 

Inclination (in-kli-na'shtm), s. 
lenchorgan, serget, chondorg, chu- 
raman, as below; (of the mind) 
hati, grab hati, chndrorg. 

Incline (in-klln') v. i. (deviate) 
lenchorg; (of long objects, up- 
wards) jovg'hit; (downwards) 
tundok; (sideways) serget, chon- 
doig, rnerirg; (of flat surfaces, up- 
wards ) chura m ; ( downwards ) 
landai* chndrorg; (sideways, as 
a deck), imbal* senderg* serget; 
(of the mind) chndrorg. 

Incline, v. t. lenchorgkan, jorgkit- 
kan, etc., as above. 

Inclined (in-klind'), adj. (of the 
mind) chndronj, brat hati; (slop- 
ing) churam. 

Inclose (in-kloz'), v. t. (within a 
ring) lergkorg; (surround) kli- 
litgi; (with troops) kporg; (con- 
fine, shut up) kurorg, kandarg; 
(by a fence) pagarkan; (with a 
covering) tudorg; (with a wrap- 
per) burgkuskan, sampulkan;* 
(put in) masokkan; (slip in) slit, 
sisip;* (wrap roughly) bolot. 

Inclosure (in-kld'zhur), s. (inclosed 
space) kandarg; (in a letter) su- 
rat yarg di-kmbarkan* surat yarg 
di-masokkan (B.). 

Include (mnklud'), v. t. (contain) 
kandorg, muat To be included, 
mas ok. 

Including (-ing), prep, serta drgan. 

Inclusive (in-klii'siv), adj. masok. 

Incognito (in-kog'ni-to), adv. drgan 

mryamarkan diri* 
Incoherent (in-ko-her'ent), adj. 

tiada berhuborg; (logically) tiada 

berstuju, tiada bperaturan; (in 

speech) klalut* klelut* mrapek 

Incombustible (in-kom-bus'ti-bl), 

adj. tiada dapat di-makan api* 

taboleh makan api (B.). 
Income (in'kum), s. (gain) laba* 

untorg (B.) ; (revenue) hasil; (re- 
ceipts) perolehan* pndapatan; 

(salary) gaji. Income tax, chukai 

pncharian, warg hair an (N.L). 
Incommensurable (in-kani-men'- 

shur-a-bl), adj. yarg tiada boleh 

Incommensurate (-et), adj. yarg 

tiada santa drgan, yaig bukan s- 

kdar* (Ar. qadar). 
Incommode (-mod 7 ), v. t. susahi, 

Incommodious (-i-ws), adj. tiada 

snarg, siimh. 
Incommunicative (-mu'ni-ka-tiv), 

adj. pndiam, tasuka chakap (B.). 
Incomparable (in-kom'pa-ra-bl) , 

adj. tiada bertolok* tiada berban- 

dirg* tiada tara-tya, yarg tiada 

dapat di-bandirgkan. 
Incompatibility (in-kom-pat4-bil'- 

i-ti), s. pri* tiada berstuju. 
Incompatible (-pat'i-bl), adj. tiada 

b ers tuju, b ersala h an . 
Incompetence (in-kom'pe-tens), s. 

kpandaian alarg-kpalarg ,* hal ku~ 

rarg pandai, kbbalan. 
Incompetent (-tent), adj. kurarg 

pandai, tiada paham, tiada kuasa. 
Incomplete (in-kem-plet'), adj. 

tiada smpurna, blum habis, tiada 

gnap, blum Irgkap, blum siap. 
Incomprehensible (in-kom'pre- 

hen'si-bl), adj. tiada dapat di- 

ktaJiui* tiada dapat di-ryatakan, 

ta'boleh mrgerti (B.). 
Inconceivable (in-kan-seVa-bl), 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ico, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, mums, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




adj. yary tiada ma-sob 'akal, mus- 

tahil (Ar.), tiada dapat di-sary- 

Inconclusive (-klu'siv), adj. yary 

tiada mmutuskan, yary blum slsai* 

yary blum slise (B.). 
Incongruity (in-kong-groo'i-ti), s. 

pri* tiada berstuju. 
Incongruous ( in-kong' grooms ) , 

adj. tiada berstuju, tiada berpatut- 

an, tiada kna, bersUseh* 
Inconsequent (in-kon'se-kvvcnt) , 

adj. tiada turut-mnurut. 
Inconsiderable (in-kon-sid'er-a-bl) , 

ad j . akiuj-kpala ig, alary-alary* 

Inconsiderate (-et), adj. tiada m- 

nimbary rasa. 
Inconsistency (-sis' ten-si), s. pri* 

tiada berstuju; (absurdity) kariit; 

(changeableness ) lindiah* 
Inconsistent (-tent), s. tiada ber- 
stuju, tiada bersamaan, ya-ty m- 

njalahi;* (fickle) tiada ttap. 
Inconsolable (-sol'a-bl), adj. tiada 

terhiburkan, yondah-yaulana,* ta- 

boleh kasi hibur (B.). 
Inconspicuous (-spik'u-zzs), adj. 

kurary narnpak, kurary klihatan. 
Inconstancy (in-kon'st&n-si), fi. 

pri* tiada tgoh, pri* tiada ttap, 

Inconstant (, adj. tiada 

tyoh, tattap, berobah-obah, lin- 

chah* birnbary. 
Inconsumable (in-ktm-sum'a-bl) , 

adj. yary tiada di-blanjakan, yary 

taboleh di-makan api. 
Incontestable (-test'a-bl), adj. yary 

tiada dapat di-bantahi* yary tiada 

Incontinence (in-kon'ti-ntfns), s. 

(of the passions) luchah, yasary;* 

(of discharges) beser* 
Incontinent (-nent), adj. (uncon- 
. trolled) yary tiada tertahan; (un- 
chaste) luchah-, chabol* yasary* 
Incontrovertible (-tro-ver'ti-bl), 

I adj. yary tiada dapat di-bantahi* 

j yary taboleh di-lawankan (B.). 

I Inconvenience (in-kon-ve'ni-ens), 

I s. susah, yarygu* 

j Inconvenience, v. t. susahi, garggu- 

j kan* 

' Inconvenient (-ent), adj. ta'snary, 

\ susah. 

| Incorporate (in-kor'por-at), v. t. 

! (combine) satukan; (introduce 

! into) masokkan; (blend) cham- 

; pur: (make a legal body) jadikan 

j hnbaga.* 

| Incorporeal (in-kor-por'i-al), adj. 

I tiada berlmbaga* tiada bertuboh* 

\ t'ada badari (B.). 

| Incorrect (in-kor-rekt'), adj. tiada 

| b\u\, salali, silap (Ar. khildf), 

\ tiada salt* (Ar. sail). 

' ; Incorrigible (in-kor'ri-ji-bl), adj. 

! tiada boleh di-baikki, taterajar. 

! Incorrupt (in-kor-rupf), adj. (not 

i spoiled) tiada rosak; (not de- 

\ praved) briar, suchi. 

\ Incorruptible (-i-bl), adj. (in- 

j capable of decay) tiada jadi busok, 
taboleli hanchor; (not to be brib- 
ed) tiada makan suap. 
Increase (in-kres'), v. i. (become 
more or greater) tambali, ber- 
tarnbah, berbaryak-baryak ; ( by 
growth) riap-riap;* (of disease) 
butan; (by generation) pridi* 
berbiak* mmbiak (B.). 
Increase, v. t. tambali, tambahi* 
tambahkan, bsarkan, baryakkan, 
Ibehkan; (by adding) tokok; (a 
disease) brilankan. 
Increase (in'kres), s. tambahan, 
klebehan, tokok. Increase of 
salary, naik yaji. 
Increasingly (in-kres'ing-li), adj. 

Incredible (in-kred'i-bl), adj. tiada 
masok 'akal, mmtahil (Ar.). It 
is incredible, masakan* mana 

ate ask am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 
' mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minus, cure, injure, 
hurry j food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




Incredulity (in-kre-du'li-ti), _s. 

shah (Ar.), wasargha (Sk.). 
Incredulous (in-kred'u-lws) , adj. 

2/argf tiada perchaya, shah hati 

Increment (in'kre-ment), s. tarn- 

bahan, tokok. 
Incriminate (in-krim'i-nat), v. t. 

tiidoh* d'awa. 
Incrust (in-krusf), v. t. (coat) 

salut* Incrusted with rust, ber- 

harat. Incrusted with barnacles, 

berkararg. Incrusted with mud, 

berlumor dry an lumpur. 
Incrustation (in-krus-ta'shi/n), s. 

(deposit) kredak, Madah;* (of 

rice at the bottom of the cooking 

pot) hrah. 
Incubate (in'ku-bat), v. i. 'ram,* 

hram, nirgra mhan . 
Incubator (-ba-ter), s. dapur p- 

rgram. r 
Incubus (-bws), s. pnindeh. 
Inculcate (in-kul'kat), v. t. ajar 

Inculpate (in-kul'pat), v. t. chla- 

han, salahhan; (a third party) 

Incumbency (in-kum'ben-si), s. 

(that which is incumbent) targ- 

gorgan, bban;* (possession of 

office) pnjawatan* 
Incumbent (-bent), adj. (resting 

or imposed on) mnindeh, tertarg- 

gorg at as; (as a duty) terwajib 

bagi (Ar.). 
Incumbent, s. yarg mmgaig jawat- 

an* pnjawat* 
Incumbrance (-brans), s. (obstruc- 
tion) shatan, rembet;* (burden) 

Incur (in-ker'), v. t. kna. To in- 
cur a debt, buat hutarg. 
Incurable (in-kur'a-bl), adj. tiada 

terobatkan,. tiada ahan smboh* 
Incursion (in-ker'shtm), s. pryrarg- 

an* larggaran. 

Indebt (in-def), v. t. (bring into 
debt) targgoighan hutarg alas. 

Indebted (-ed), adj. berhutarg; (be- 
holden) berhutarg kaseh* 

Indecency (in-de'sen-si), %.hlahuan 
tiada bermalu, etc., as below. 

Indecent (-sent), adj. tiada ber- 
malu, tiada snonoli; (obscene) 
chabol* luchah, hotor (B.) ; (of 
language ) charut. 

Indecision (in-de-sizh'?ai), s. hbim- 
ban/an hati, hati ta'ttap. 

Indecisive (-sfsiv), adj. (not decid- 
ing) yarg tiada slsaikan [slisekan 
(B.) |, yarg tiada mmutuskan; 
(hesitating) birnbarg hati. 

Indecorous (in-dek'or-ws), adj. hu- 
rarg bhasa, tiada patut, tiada sno- 
noli, tiada smrggah* chroboh* 

Indeed (in-ded'), adv. s~surggoh-?ya, 
s-bnar-rya, surggoh, btul; (not 
only so, but) bahkan* 

Indefatigable (in-de-fat'i-ga-bl), 
aaj. ta'taliu pnat, rajin. 

Indefeasible (-fe'zi-bl), adj. tiada 
boleh di-batalhan, tiada boleh di- 

Indefensible (-fen'si-bl), adj. (can- 
not be defended) tiada terpli- 
hara;* (unjustifiable) ta boleh di- 

Indefinite (in-defi-nit), adj. '(un- 
certain) ta-tntu; (unlimited) tiada 

Indelible (in-del'i-bl), adj. tiada 
terhapus* taboleh hilarg. 

Indelicacy (-i-ka-si), s. hlahuan 
kura?g bhasa, kkasaran, hlahuan 

Indelicate (-i-ket), adj. hurarg 
bhasa, hasar, chroboh* 

Indemnification (in-dem-ni-fl-ka'- 
sh?/n), s. pri* mrggantikan rugi. 

Indemnify (in-dem'ni-fi), v. t. gan- 
tikan rugi, sileh rugi* 

Indemnity (-ti), s: gantian rugi, 
bayeran krugian; (for murder) 
bargun* tbiisan ryawa, diut (Ar.). 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, mums, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




Indent (in~denf), v. t. (notch) 
sumbirgkan, sombergkan (B.) ; 
(dent) Ikokkan;- (bind by con- 
tract) buat perjanjian dry an; 
(order) psan. 

Indent (in'dent), s. (order) surat 

Indentation (in-den-ta'shwn), s. 
(in the edge of knife) sumbirg, 
sombeig (B.) ; (notch) takek, ta- 
kok;* (depression) Ikok. 

Indenture (in-den'chur), s. surat 

Independence (in-de-pen'dens), s. 
kbebamn, kmerdhekaan (Sk.). 

Independent (-dent), adj. (free) 
bebas, Ipas den milek ( Ar.) ; (not 
subject) tiada t'alok (Ar.) ; (not 
relying on) tiada bergantorg k- 

Indescribable (-skrib'a-bl), adj. 
tiada terprikan* tiada tersifat- 
kan* ta'boleh di-katakan, jatgan 
di-kata lagi. 

Indestructible (-struk'ti-bl) , adj. 
tiada boleh binasa, tiada boleh 

Indeterminable (-ter'mi-na-bl), 
adj. tiada dapat di-ktahui* tiada 
dapat di-hirggakan* 

Indeterminate (-net), adj. ta'- 

Index (in'deks), s. (of a book) 
fahrasat* (Ar. fihrist), isi kitdb, 
daftar (Ar.) ; (that which points 
out) pnunjok. Index finger, jari 

Index, v. t. daftarkan (Ar.). 

India (in'di-a), negri Hindi* negri 

Indiarubber (-rub'ber), 8. gtah, 
karet (N.L). 

Indian (in'di-an), ®&j. hindi* liin- 
dustan. Indian corn, jagorg. In- 
dian file, berddai-ddai* berbun- 
tut-buntut, berekor-ekor. Indian 
hemp, ganja. Indian ink, dawat 
china* bak (B). (Ch.). 

Indicate (in'di-kat), v. t. (point 
out) tun j ok; (discover) ryatakan; 
(make known) bri tahu; (show) 

Indication (in-di-ka'shun), s. (act 
of pointing) pri* mryatakan, etc., 
as above; (mark, token) tanda, 
kryataan, 'alamat (Ar.). 

Indicator (in'di-ka-ter), s. per- 
t an j 'ok 'an; (pointer on a dial) 
jarom, pnunjok * 

Indict (in-dit'), v. t. tudoh* d'awa. 

Indictment (-ment), s. tudohan* 
surat d'awa, perd! awa an. 

Indifference (in-dif fer-ens) , s. 
rngan, alpa* lalai, as below. 

Indifferent (-ent), adj. (unim- 
portant) rergan, tiada brat; 
( mec] i ocre ) sdarg, pertrgahan ;* 
( i nipartial ) tiada sblah-miyalah ; 
(unconcerned) alpa (Sk.), lalai, 
tiada pduli. 

Indigence (in'di-jens), s. kpapa- 
an* hat miskin. 

Indigenous (in-dij'e-nws), adj. 
bneh; (of people) anak negri, ier- 
nak* Dvrian bneh tanah Mlayu, 
the durian is indigenous in Malay- 

Indigent (in'di-j<mt), adj. miskin, 

Indigestible (in-di-jest'i-bl), adj. 
yanj lamb at hadlam (Ar.), yarg 
lambat hanchor dalam prot, yarg 
lambat siau (Ch.) (B.). 

Indigestion (in-di-jes'chwn), s. sa- 
kit ta ' hadlam (Ar.), kurarg cher- 
na (N.L), sakit ta'siau (B.) 
(Ch) ; (causing a feeling of full- 
ness) snoh* srgkak;* (with pain) 
Indignant (in-dig'nant), adj. gram, 

mar ah. 
Indignation (in-dig-na'shtm), s. 

gram, marah. 
Indignity (in-dig'ni-ti), s. ararg di 

muka* malu. 
Indigo (in'di-go), s. nila, tarom* 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; Ice, it, fire, 

mirror ; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry ; use, us, minus, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then* 




Indirect (in-di-rekf ) , adj. (not 
direct) tiada lurm; (as roads) 
mle rgkorg, m ryempary ; ( not 
straightforward) tiada tulus, pu- 
siry blit, terlindory* 

Indirectly (-li), adv. drgan terlin- 
dorg* bukan trus-trary. 

Indiscreet (in-dis-kret'), adj. ku- 
rary so pan, kurarg bijak, kurarg 

Indiscretion (-kresh'wn), s. kurarg 
bijak, kuratg b-udi. 

Indiscriminate (-krim'i-net), adj. 
tiada pileh-mmileh, tiada timbarg- 
mnimbarg, yatg tiada mmbeda- 

Indispensable (~pen'sa-bl), adj. 
yary tiada boleh tidak, yarg ta'- 
boleh di-tirygalkan, wajib (Ar.). 

Indispose (-pos'),v. t. (make unfit 
in health) rntankan, Imahkan; 
(render averse) buat sgan. In- 
disposed to work, sgan bkerja. I 
feel indisposed. soJiya tasdap ba- 
dun, tulanj sahya rntan* sahya 
'udzur (Ar.). 

Indisposition (-po-zish'tm), s. ba- 
dan ta'sdap, sgan, as above. 

Indisputable (in-dis'pu-ta-bl), adj. 
tiada dapat di-bantahi* 

Indissoluble (-so-lu-bl), adj. (can- 
not be dissolved) ta'bolrh hanchor, 
taboleh Ibur; (of a union) tgoh, 

Indistinct (in-dis-tingkf), adj. 
(not clear) kurarg trarg, kurarg 
njata, kabus* klabot (B.), sa- 
yup;* (confused) rnckam.* 

Indistinguishable (-ting'gwish-a- 
bl), adj. tiada dapat di-bedakan. 

Indite (in-dlf), v. t. karary, rn- 

Individual (in-di-vid'u-al), adj. 
(single) tiap-tiap satu, tiap-tiap 
$- ; ( di s tine ti ve ) masiry-masiry , 

Individual, s. orarg. 

Individuality (-al'i-ti), s. (distinc- 

tive character) tabi'at masirg- 
mmirg; (personality) ujud* (Ar. 
irujud ) . 

Individually (-U), adv. (separate- 
ly) masirg-masinj. 

Indivisible (-viz'i-bl), adj. yary 
tiada terbhagi, tiada dapat di- 
vhraikan, taboleh, bhagi (B.) ; 
(of numbers) tahabis di-bhagi. 

Indoctrinate (in-dok'tri-nat),' v. t. 
ajar, ajari. 

Indolence (in'do-Irns), s. malas, 
ch ulas* km alasan . 

Indolent (-lent), adj. malas, chu- 
las* brat tulanj. 

Indomitable (in-dom'i-ta-bl), adj. 
yarg tiada tertahan, yarg tiada ter- 

Indoor (in'dor), adj. di rumah, da- 
lam rumah. 

Indoors (in'dorz), adv. di rumah, 
dalam rumah. 

Indorse (in-dors'), v. t. (write on 
the back) tulis di blakaig ; (sanc- 
tion, approve) bnarkan, izinkan* 
akui* ahukan (B.). 

Indorsement (-ment), s. (sig- 
nature) tanda targan; (approval) 
kbnaran, pryakuan. 

Indubitable (in-du'bi-ta-bl), adj. 
tntu, njata, surygoh, tiada shah 

Induce (in-diis'), v. t. (to do what 
one does one's self) ajak, ajat 
(B.) ; (to do what one does not 
do) asut, usot (B.), achumj* (by 
persuasion) pujok; (effect, cause) 
datarykan, bawa. 

Inducement (-ment), s. ajak' an, 
asutan, usotan (B.), pujok' an, 
bawa' an* 

Induct (in-dukt'), v. t. masokkan, 
bri masok, hadaj)ka?i. 

Induction (in-duk'shim), s. (intro- 
duction) hal mmbri masok; (in 
reasoning) pri mrgambil 'ibarat 
(Ar.). Electric induction, kuasa 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, flre^ 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minws, cure, injure, 

hurry; fodd, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




elektrik yarg disbabkan oleh kuasa 

dalam lain kaivat.* 
Inductive (-tiv), adj. yarg mmbawa, 

yarg mndatargkan, yarg mrybab- 

Indue (in-du'), v.t. hgkapkan* 

Indulge (in-dulj') ? v.t. manjakan, 

bri muka, kasi miika (B.), kasi 

hati (B.). 
Indulgence (in-dul'gens)., s. pri* 

mmanjakan; (K. C.) am pun, k- 

Ipasan deri-pada seksa. 
Indulgent (-*gent), adj. yarg mman- 
Indurate (in'du-rat), v.t. kraskan, 

Induration (-ra/slu/n), s. kkrasan, 

Industrial ( in-du s'tri-al), adj. per- 

Industrious (-us), adj. rajin, ber- 

usaha (Sk.). 
Industry (in'dus-tri), 8. nsaha 

( Sk.) , krajinan; (branch of trade) 

Inebriate (in-e'bri-at), v. t. mabok- 

Inebriate (-et), s. pniabok. 
Ineffable (in-ef'fa-bl) ? adj. yarg 

tiada terkatakan, ta'boleh cliakap 

Ineffaceable (in-ef-fas'a-bl), adj. 

yarg tiada terhapus* taboleh 

Ineffective (-fek'tiv), adj. (not 

effective) tiada hasil* tiada jay a,* 

ta'boleh jadi (B.) ; (useless) tiada 

berg una, siasia* 
Ineffectual (-chu-al), adj. stasia* 

tiada mryanipaikan; see effect. 
Inefficacious (-fi-ka/shws), adj. tiada 

hasil * tiada jay a* tiada kuasa, 

tiada berkhasiat. 
Inefficiency (-fish/en-si), s. pri 

tiada hasil* pri kurarg pandai. 
Inefficient (-ent), adj. = ineffica- 
cious, q. v. ; (not able to do his 

work) tiada lay ak, kurarg pandai. 
Inelastic (in-e-las'tik), adj. tiada 

knryal* tiada mrganjal* mati. 
Inelegant (in-el'e-gant), adj. ku- 
rarg elok, kurarg chantek. 
Ineligible (-i-ji-bl), adj. yarg ta- 
boleh di-pileh. 
Inept (in-epf), adj. tapatut, ta- 
in yak, siasia* 
Inequality (in-e-kwol'i-ti), s. pri 

tiada sama: (want of levelness) 

Ikak-lkok; (changeableness) per- 

Ineradicable (-rad'i-ka-bl), adj. 

tiada terchabot. 
Inert (in-erf), adj. (with no power 

of motion) tiada da pat bergrak r 

brat; (sluggish, indolent) prygan y 

pryegan (B.), Irgai* 
Inertia (in-er'shi-a), s. tgun* 
Inestimable (-es'ti-ma-bl), adj. 

tiada terprikan* tiada ternilai- 

kan* tiada terhergakan. 
Inevitable (-ev'i-ta-bl), adj. yarg 

tiada dapat di-eiakkan, ta'boleh di- 

Inevitably (-bli), adv.v nschaya* 

t a' dapat tiada, ta'boleh tidak, 

Inexcusable (-eks-kuz'a-bl), adj. 

ta'boleh di-ampunkan, tiada dapat 

di-mahapkan (Ar. rna'af). 
Inexhaustible (-awst'i-bl) , adj. 

tiada terhabis. 
Inexorable (in-eks'or-a-bl), adj. 

yaig ta'makan pujok, kras hati. 
Inexpedient (in-eks-pe'di-ent), adj. 

tiada patut. tiada berfaidah. 
Inexperience (-per'i-ens) s. kurarg' 

biasa, kurarg mahir* (Ar. mahir). 
Inexperienced (-enst), adj. kurarg 

biasa, kurarg mahir (Ar.), blurn 

Inexpert (-pert'), adj. blurn pandai, 

blurn ahli (Ar.), blurn pakar* 

blurn paka (B.). 
Inexpiable (-eks'pi-a-bl), adj. yarg 

tiada boleh di-damaikan ;* (of 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; Ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minus, cure, injury 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin t7ien. 




crimes) yarg iiada terbayer hutaig- 

Inexplicable (-pli-ka-bl), adj. ta- 

boleh di-trargkan, ta boleh di-arti- 

kwn, her an (Ar. nairan), 'aja'ib 

Inexpressible (-eks-pres'i-bl), adj. 

yatg liada terkalakan, yarg tiada 

Inextinguishable (-ting'gwish-a- 

bl), adj. (of fire) tiada terpadam- 

kan ; (of desire) tiada terpuaskan. 
Inextricable (-eks'tri-ka-bl), adj. 

yarg tiada terumi* yarg tiada ter- 

orak* tiada dapat di-lpaskan. 
Infallibility (in-fal-li-biTi-ti), s. 

pri tiada boleh salali, etc., as be- 
low; (certainty) ktntuan. 
Infallible (in-faTli-bl), adj. (not 

fallible) tiada boleh ml ah, tiada 

boleh smt: (sure, indubitable) ! 

tntu, yanj tiada, x'hak lagi (Ar.). j 
Infallibly (-bli), adv. tntu. j 

Infamous (in'fa-m*/s), adj. (of bad j 

report) bernama bu«ok\ bernama j 

jahat; (scandalous) kji* \ 

Infamy (-mi), s. nama jahat, kji* ! 

kkjian* kchlaan. 
Infancy (in'fan-si), s. mam kanak- 

kanak* mam kchil * tempo kchik 

Infant (-fant), s. kanak-kanak, 
. anak kchik (B.). 
Infanticide (in-fan'ti-sld.). s. pm- 

b uno'h an ka nak-kanak. 
Infantile (in'fan-til), adj. budak- 

budak, kbudak-budak'an* 
Infantry (-tri), s. soldado berjalan 
. kaki. 
Infatuate (in-fach'u-at), v. t. bo- 

dohkan. To be infatuated, mn- 

jadi gila-brahi* To be infatuated 

with a woman, gilakan prempuan. 
Infatuation (-Fi'slnm),. s. kbodohan, 

gila-brahi* 'ashih (Ar.). 
Infect (in-fekf), v. t. (with disease) 

jaigkit, jargkitkan, jargket (B.). 

To be infected (by disease), km 

jargkit; (by bad influences) ter- 
kna, rosak. 

Infection (iii-fek'sh*/n), s. pnjarg- 
kitan; (magical, evil influence) 
badi, sampok; (epidemic) sam- 
par, hawar. 

Infectious (-slw/s), adj. yarg ber- 
jaigkit, yarg m la rat. 

Infelicitous (in-fe-lis'i-tus), adj. 
tiada berbhagia;* (inappropriate) 
tiada patut. 

Infelicity (-ti), s. kmsalian, k- 

Infer (in-fer'), v. t. datargkan fikir- 
an, anibil timbatgan, sargka sbab 
perkara yarg sudah jadi, t'unbarg. 

Inference (in'fer-ens), s. timbarg- 
ari, kputusan. 

Inferior (in-fer'i-er), adj. (in 
place) dibairah; (in rank) kurarg 
pargkat; (in excellence) kurarg 
ba Ik. 

Inferior, s. orarg pargkat di bawah. 

Inferiority (-6Yi-ti), s. kkurargari. 

Infernal (in-fer'nal), adj. nraJca 
(a), m nraka, nor oka purya (B.). 

Infest (in-fesf), v. t. susahi, pnohi, 
knnnuni;* (to repletion) turn- 
pat;* (of insects) urorg* 

Infidel (in'fi-dd), adj. tiada ber- 
iman* kafir (Ar.), tiada perchaya 
Tuhan Allah (B.). 

Infidel, s. orarg kafir* (Ar. kdfir). 

Infidelity (-del'i-vi), s. (want of 
religious faith) hal tiada ber- 
agama, hal tiada beriman;* (un- 
faithfulness) hal tiada kperchaya'- 
au. hal liada slia (Sk.), khianat 

Infinite (in'fi-nit), adj. tiada bper- 
hiigga'an* tiada berhad (Ar.), 
a mat sdtgat* terlahi sargat. 

Infinitesimal (-i-tes'i-mal), adj. 
t era mat kchil* t era mat hal us* 
terlalu halux. 

Infinitude (in-fm'i-tud), s. (bound- 
less number) ksargatan. 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eye, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minws, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




Infinity (-ti), s. pri tiada bperhiiy- 
ga'an* azal (Ar.). 

Infirm (in-ferm') , adj. (of body) 
Imah, lUli, mtan, Imah smargat, 
Imbot smargat (B.),'vdzur (Ar.), 
dlaif (Ar.) ; (irresolute) bim- 
barg; (not stable) tattap. 

Infirmary (-a-ri), s. rumah sakit. 

Infirmity (-i-ti), s. Mmahan, mtan. 
See infikm. 

Inflame (in-flfim'), v. t ryalakan, 
galakkan; (enrage) gmarkan* 
To be inflamed (of the eye), ba- 
kop;* (as a boil) merah. 

Inflammable (-flam'ma-bl), adj. 
yarg boleh mnjala, yaig Ikas miya- 
la; (irascible) prrgus* 

Inflammation (-flani-ma'srwn), s. 
(of anger) radanj; (redness) me- 

Inflammatory (in-flam'ma-tor-i), 
adj. (irritating, exciting) yarg 
mrggusarkan* yarg mrghuru-hara- 
kan;* (of disease) yarg mradarg. 

Inflate ( in-flat'), v.t. kmborykan, 

Inflated (-e&), adj. Jcmborg; (of the 
stomach) bunchit; (with pride) 

Inflation (-fla'shtm), s. pri hmbo-rg, 
etc., as above. 

Inflection (-flek'srnm), s. (of the 
voice) perobahan suara; (Gram.) 
perobahan perkata'an, saraf (Ar.). 
tasrif* (Ar. tasrif). 

Inflexibility (-fleks-i-bil'i-ti), s. &- 
tgaran* ktgohan, etc., as below. 

Inflexible (-fleks'i-bl), adj. (stiff) 
kaku, tgar;* (firm) tgoh, kukoh;* 
(unalterable) tiada Urgrak, tiada 
berobah, ttap. 

Inflict (in-flikt'), v. t. (cause) da- 
targkan; (lay on) Itakkan; usual- 
ly expressed by kan, as, lukakan, 
to inflict a wound, seksakan, to in- 
flict punishment. 

Infliction (-flik'srnm), s. hal mn- 

datargkan, hal mltakkan, as above ; 
(calamity) kmalargan. 

Influence (in'flu-ens), s. kuasa, 
grak; (good) berkat; (evil) badi, 
imbasan;* (royal, either good or 
bad) daulat (Ar.). 

Influence, v. t. grakkan, bawa, ajak, 
ami, mot (B.), see induce. 

Influential (-en'shal), adj. ber- 

Influenza (-za), s. dmam slsma. 

Influx (m'fluks), s. (of water or 
light) pan chut an;* (of persons) 
kdatargan, kmasoVan, 

Infold (in-fold'), v.t. balut, bbat r 
bnrykus, barat, bolot. 

Inform (in-form'), v.t. bri tahu, 
m'al umkan ( Ar . ) , khabarkan r 
vwrtakan* ajar, kad tahu (B.). 

Informal (-al), adj. (without cere- 
mony) tiada bperatumn, t'ada 
pakai ( adat (B.). 

Informant (-ant), s. pmbri tahu,. 

Information (in-for-ma/srmn) , s. 
khabar-j brifa* toerta* (Sk_ 
warta), penrialuman (Ar.). 

Informer (in-form'er), s. pnd'awa, 
pnndoh;* (employed by police) 
pama* ampama* (E.), tahua 
(B.) (Ch. thda-a), prgakap* han- 

Infraction (-Mk'slmn), s. larggar- 

Infringe (in-frinj')., V.t. larggar, 
lawan, lalui* 

Infringement (-nwtt), s. larggar- 

Infuriate (in-fur'i-at), v.t. gusar- 
kan* bera.rgkan* gmberakan* 

Infuse (in-iuz'), v.t. (pour in) 
tuargkan, churalikan; (instil, in- 
troduce) masokkan, pnohkan; 
(steep in water) rndam, sdoh* 

Infusible (-i-bl), adj. tiada terlbur. 

Infusion (-fu'zWn), s. (act of in- 
fusing) pri, nmuargkan, etc., see 
infuse; (that which is infused) 

fi.te ask am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

nurror- old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minus, cure, injure, 

hurry- food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin tften. 




sdohan* rndaman; (liquid ex- 
tract) ayer. 

Ingathering (in'ga^i-er-ing), s. 
(harvest) pnuaian* prgtaman* 

Ingenious (in-jen'yt/s), adj. (skil- 
ful) pandai, pantos, ber'akal, ta- 
jam ( akal; (shrewd) cherdek. 

Ingenuity (in-je-nu'i-ti), s. kpan- 
tamn, kpandaian, 'akal, cherdeh. 

Ingenuous (-jen'u-tts), adj. (noble) 
bargsawan* berbargsa, mulia; 
(upright) tulus hati; (without dis- 
simulation) piiteh hati, trus hati, 
hati btul (B.). 

Inglorious (-glor'i-tis), adj. (ob- 
scure) tiada mulia, rndah; (shame- 
ful) hina. 

Ingot (in'got), s. (of tin) jorgkorg* 

Ingraft (in-graff), v. t. chargkok- 

Ingrain (in-gran'), v. t. (with dirt) 
lumor; (of moral qualities) ta- 

Ingratiate (-gra'shi-at), v. t. per- 

Ingratitude (-grat'i-tud), s. pri 
tiada mnrima kaseh, pri tiada m- 
rynarykan bvdi, pri mighilargkan 
baik orarg, bo-jincherg (B.) (Ch.). 

Ingredient (-gre'di-ent), s. (com- 
ponent part) bhagian; (materials 
collected) ramu-ramuan* awa-s* 
(W '.), prams ;* (of a medical pres- 
cription) rm.pah. The principal 
ingredient, dasar* 

Ingress (in'gres), s. (act of enter- 
ing) pri rrmsok; (liberty to enter) 
izin masok. 

Ingrowing (in'grd-ing), adj. In- 
growing nail, kuku mnchrgkam* 

Ingulf (in-gulf ), v. t. tlan. 

Inhabit (in-hab'it), v. t. diami* 
dudoki* tirggal (B.). 

Inhabitable (-a-bl), adj. tiada ter- 
diami* ta'boleh di-dudoki* ta'- 
boleh tirggal (B.). 

Inhabitant (-ant), s. isi, as, isi ru~ 

mah, isi negri. 
Inhale (in-hal'), v. t. tarek nafas, 

hisap, sdut* 
Inharmonious (in-har-mo'ni-ws), 

adj. tiada berstuju, mergut* jarg* 

gal* sumbarg* 
Inhere (in-heV), v. i. (stick in) 

Ikat; (be fixed) sargkot. 
Inherent (-ent), adj. (permanently 

existing) memarg; (innate) ter- 

tanam, tersargkot. 
Inherit (-her'it), v. t. pmka'i* mi* 

leki (Ar.), warisi (Ar. warith), 

dapat psaka (B.). 
Inheritance (-ans), s. psaka, pu- 

saka, saka-baka* baka.* 
Inheritor (-er), s. waris (Ar. wa- 

Inhibit (-hib'it), v. t. (hold back} 

tahankan, tgahkan; (forbid) la- 

Inhospitable (-hos'pi-ta-bl), adj. 

yarg ta'stika mnjamu* tiada ber- 

bndi; (of places) tiada tmpat ber- 

Inhuman (-hu'man), adj. brgis, 

ganas* tiada mnaroh ka-sehan. 
Inhumanity (-hu-man'i-ti), s. fc- 

Inhume (in-hum'), v. t. tanam,. 

Inimical (in-im'i-kal), adj. ber- 

stru* bermusoh, mlawan, m- 

Inimitable (-ta-bl), adj. tiada ter- 

tiru* yarg tiada dapat di-turut, 

tiada berbandiry, tiada bertolok* 
Iniquitous (in-ik'wi-tws), adj. ;V 

hat, amat jahat * jahat skali. 
Iniquity (-ti), s. kjaioatan, dosa. 
Initial (in-ish'al), adj. mula-mula, 

yarg perlama, kpala, awal (Ar.). 
Initial, s. huruf yarg pertama,* 

huruf mrgganti nama* 
Initiate (-i-at), v. t. (commence) 

mula'i, mulai (B.) ; (instruct) 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minus, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




ajar, ajari; (confer membership) 

Initiation (-a'slnm), s. permula'an, 

prgajaran, pri mmasokkan, as 

Initiative (-a-tiv), s. (first step) 

largkah permula'an. 
Inject (in-jekf), v. t. bomba k- 

dalam, masokkan. 
Injection (-jek'shim), s. (act of in- 
jecting) hal mmbomba k-dalam; 

(thing injected) bararg yarg di- 

Injudicious (-ju-dish/ws), adj. tiada 

timbarg-mni'mbaiy , kurarg budi, 

kuratg bijak. 
Injunction (-jungk'shun), s. (com- 
mand) hukum, preniah; (pre- 
ventive) tgahan. 
Injure (in'jur), v. t. rosakkan, cha- 

chatkan, chdrakan (Sk.), bncliana- 

kan, bri mudlarat (Ar.) ; (wound) 

lukakan; (slander) busokkan, ja- 

injurious (in-iur'i-Ms), adj. yarg 

mrosakkan, berbnchana, yaig wm- 

bri mudlarat (Ar.). 
Injury (in'jur-i), s. krosaVan, 

chdra (Sk.), bnchana, chachat, 

mudlarat (Ar.) ; (wound) luka. 
Injustice (in-jus'tis), s. aniaya, 

tlalim (Ar.). 
Ink (ingk), s. dawat (Ar.), tinta 

Ink. v. t. lumorkan drgan dawat. 
Inkling (ingk'ling), s. isarat (Ar. 

Inkstand (-stand), s. tmpat dawat* 

bkas dawat* tmpat tinta. 
Inky (-i), adj. hitam Igam. 
Inlaid (in-lacT), adj. bertatahkan* 

bermdikan* di-tanam (B.). 
Inland (in'lcmd), adj. (upcountry) 

ulu: (as opposed to on the sea) di 

Inlay (in-hV), v. t. sndikan* tanam 

Inlet (in'let), s. (place of entrance) 

pintu; (in the shore) tlok; 
(small) suak* 

Inmate (in'mat), s. orarg isi* orarg 
yarg mnumpaig. 

Inmost (in'most), adj. yarg dalam 

Inn (in), s. rumah tiimpargan, ru- 
mah makan, hotel (E.). 

Innate (in-nar/) , adj. (inborn) 
mka-baka;* (inherent) tertanam. 

Inner (in'ner), adj. (interior) da- 
lam, sblah dalam; (pertaining to 
the spirit) batin* (Ar. bavin). 

Innermost (-most), adj. yarg da- 
lam skali. 

Innings (in/ningz), s. giliran* 

Innocence (in'no-sens), s. (freedom 
from sin or guilt) hal tiada 
berdosa, ksuchian, ktulusan; (sim- 
plicity, silliness) kbbalan. 

Innocent (-s^nt) ? adj. tiada ber- 
dosa, tiada bersalah, tulus liati. 

Innocuous (in-nok'u-7is), adj. yarg 
tiada mmbri bncliana, tiada mmbri 
mudlarat (Ar.). 

Innovation (in-no-va'slmn), s. per- 
kara bliarv. 

Innuendo (in-nu-en'do), s. sindir- 

Innumerable (-nu'mer-a-bl), adj. 
tiada terhitong, tiada tpermna'i* 
tiada terhimbkan* (Ar, nisdb). 

Inoculate (-ok'u-lat), v. t. tanam 
rhachar atau lain pryakit, jargkit- 

Inodorous (-o'der-ws), adj. tiada 

Inoffensive (-of-fen'siv), adj. yarg 
tiada mryusahi, yarg tiada mmbri 
bnchana, yarg tiada mndatargkan 
mudlarat (Ar.). 

Inoperative (-op'er-a-tiv), adj. yarg 
tiada berlaku* yarg tiada jaya* 
yarg ta'boleh jadi (B.). 

Inopportune (-op'por-tun), adj. 
yarg bukan ktika-rya, salah waktu, 

Inordinate (-or'di-net), adj. tiada 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, mhms, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin tften. 




bperhirga'an* terlalu sargat, ter- 

lampau, terlampon (B.). 
Inorganic (-or-gan'ik), adj. tiada 

berryawa, tiada hidop, tiada turn- 

Inquest (in'kwest), s. siasat* deri- 

hal kmatian [preksa (B.)~|. 
Inquire (in-kwir'), v. i. (ask a 

question) tarya; (make an ex- 
amination) preksa, siasat (Ar.), 

slidek* tafahus* (Ar. tafaiiKus) ; 

(secretly) risek. 
Inquirer (-er) ? s. yarg rnnanja, p- 

narya, pmereksa, ptylidek* pryia- 

sat (Ar.). 
Inquiry (-i), s. per tarya' an, p- 

mreksaan, siasat (Ar.), prylidek- 

Inquisition (in-kwi-zish'im), s. 

(inquiry) see above; (B. C.) 

majlis yarg mryiasat* dan mryeksa- 

kan orarg yarg bukan Katolik. 
Inquisitive (-kwiz'i-tiv), adj. yarg 

suka mrylidek* yarg pdidikari hat 

Inquisitor (-ter), s. sidang* majlis 

" inquisition," q. v. 
Inquisitorial (-tor'i-al). adj. yarg 

mryiasat* digan kras [preksa 

Inroad (in 'rod), s. pryraigan* larg- 

garan musoh. 
Insalubrious (in-sa-lu'bri-M-s), adj. 

tiada mmbri sehat. 
Insane (in-san'), adj. (mad) gila; 

(deranged in mind) sasar, tiada 

si urn an * 
Insanity (-san'i-ti), s. gila, k- 

Insatiable (-sa'shi-a-bl). adj. ta- 

puas, taboleh knnpug, slak* 
Inscribe (in-skrib'), v. t. (engrave) 

tikir* lukis; (mark with letters) 

Inscription (-skrip'sh?ai), s. ukir- 

an* Inkisan, tulisan. 
Inscrutable (-skroo'ta-bl), s. tiada 

terslidek* ghaib (Ar.). 

Insect (in'sekt), s. ulat dan binatarg 
kchil-kchil, srargga ( Sk. ) . 

Insecure (in-se-kiir') ? adj. (not 
secure) tiada kukoh* tiada tgoh; 
(unstable) tiada ttap; (not safe) 
tiada slamat, berbahya; (tied or 
rixed too loose) chopoL* 

Insecurity (-i-ti), s. pri tiada 
kukoh* etc., as above; (danger) 

Insensibility (-sen-si-bil'i-ti), s. 
•pri tiada khabarkan diri* hal 
tiada sdar. petgsan. 

Insensible (-sen'si-bl), adj. (devoid 
of feeling) tiada her rasa; (uncon- 
scious) petgsan, tiada sdar, tiada 
khabarkan diri;* (as in epilepsy) 
slap;* (for a short time) liilarg 

Insensibly (-bli), adv. (impercep- 
tibly) peirlahan-lahan, plan-plan. 

Insensitive (in-sen'si-tiv), adj.. 
sbar, lali* See numb. 

Inseparable (-sep'er-a-bl), adj. 
yarg ta'boleh di-chraikan. 

Insert (in-serf), v. t. (put in) 
masokkan; (slip in between two- 
surfaces) slit, sisip* 

Insertion (-ser'slu/n), s. (act of in- 
serting) pri mruasokkan; (lace) 
pita (Port.). 

Inside (in'sid'), prep, dalam, di 

Inside, adj. dalam, yarg sblah da- 

Inside, s. sblah dalam. 

Insidious (in-sid'i-ws) adj. (lying 
in wait) yarg mrgndap, yarg mrg- 
adarg; (deceitful) pnipu; (trea- 
cherous) khianat (Ar.) ; (con- 
cealed, hidden) sulit* 

Insight (in'slt), s. (perception) 
prgertian, prgtahuan. 

Insignia (in-sig'ni-a), s. tanda k- 
bsaran, tanda jawatan;* (royal) 
alat k raja' an (Ar.). 

Insignificant (-sig-nifi-kant), adj. 
(meaningless) tiada berarti; (un- 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minws, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful) ; law, how, oil; thin then. 




important) alarg-kpalarg , rergan, 
sia-sia;* (mean) hina, terhiria. 

Insincere (-sin-ser'), adj. tiada 
tulus, pura-pura* muka-muka, 
dusta* munaftk (Ar.). 

Insincerity (-ser'i-ti), s. pura- 
pura* itmka-muka. 

Insinuate (-sin'u-at), v. i. (flow 
gently in) srap;* (ingratiate one's 
self) chumbu,* lech eh* 

Insinuate, v. t. masokkan perlahan- 
lahan, masokkan plan-plan, tlap- 
kan;* (hint) sindiri. 

Insinuation (-sin-u-a'shtm), s, 
chumbuan* sindiran, as above. 

Insipid (-sip'id), adj. tawar, tawar- 
hebir* tawar-mrganibar (B.), pa- 
yau, champak* 

Insist (in-sisf), v. i. (be persistent) 
bersurggoh-surggoh hati, berhuat- 
huat; (urge others) paksa, ga- 
gahi;* (by punishment) dra.* 

Insolence (in'so-lens), s. somborg, 
cho?ykak J pwtgah* borgkakj* as 

Insolent (-l^nt), adj. (haughty) 
somborg, chorgkak, purgah;* (dis- 
respectful to superiors) borgkak* 
kuraig ajar; (brazen faced) muka 
slamba, imul* 

Insoluble (in-sol'u-bl), adj. tiada 

Insolvency (-ven-si), s. pri tiada 
terbayer hutarg. 

Insolvent (-vent), adj. yarg tiada 
dapat mmbayer hutaig-rya. 

Insomnia (-som'ni-a), s. pnjakit 

Insomuch (in'so-mueh'), adv. s- 
hirgga* sampai. 

Inspect (in-spekf), v. t. (look on, 
scrutinize) lihati, belek, tatap* 
perhatikan; (examine) preksa, 
slidek* siasat (Ar.). 

Inspection (-spek'srmn), e. pm- 
reksaan, pri mlihati, etc., as 

Inspector (-ter), s. pmreksa, p- 
n/lidek* pnjiamt (Ar.), natlir 
(Ar.), inspekter (E.). Inspec- 
tor of police, mrityu (Port.), bri- 
tya (B.). Inspector of schools, 
pmrekm skolah. 
Inspiration (-spi-ra'shwn), s. (draw- 
ing breath) tarek nafas; (divine 
iniluenee) ilham (Ar.) ; (a higher 
form) wahi* (Ar. wamju). 
Inspire (in-splr'), v. t, (infuse into 
the mind) datargkan; (super- 
natu rally) ilhamkan (Ar.), wahi- 
kan (Ar.). To inspire courage, 
perraigsaigkan* branikan. To 
inspire confidence, datargkan k- 
perchaya an. 
Inspirit (-spir'it), v. t. (animate) 
hidopkan, bargkitkan; (encour- 
age) bri hati, branikan, perrarg- 
Instability (in'sta-bil'i-ti), s. pri 
tiada tgoh, tiada Map; (of cha- 
racter) rncham* linchah* hat 
tiada Map, 
Install (in-stawl'), v. t. (set in a 
seat) dudokkan; (place of office) 
glarkan, lantek;* (of kings) tabal- 
kan* (Ar. Tribal), nobatkan* (Ar. 
nan bat). 
Installation (in'stol-la'shtm) , 6. 

glaran, lantek' an* 
Instalment (in-stawl'ment), s. pm- 
bayeran sdikit-sdikit ; (fixed por- 
tion) ansuran; (irregular) wn- 
Instance (in'stans), s. (solicitation) 
permintaan; ( time, occasion ) 
kali; (illustrative case) perkara. 
For instance, umpama-rya, mesal- 
rya (Ar. mithal). 
Instance, v. t. umpamakan, mesal- 

kan (Ar. mithal). 
Instant (-stent), adj. (urgent) 
than, yakin (Ar.), ta e at (Ar.) ; 
(without delay) sgra, bargat* 
Instant, s. s-kjap, s-kjap mata, s- 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minus, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




bntar, s-sa'at* (Ar. saat) ; (pre- 
sent month) bulan ini. 

Instantaneous (in'stan-ta'ni-ws) , 
adj. serta-merta, s-bntar juga. 

Instantly (in'stant-li), adv. (im- 
mediately) serta-merta; (earnest- 
ly) drgan than, city an la' at (Ar.). 

Instead (in-sted'), adv. akan ganti, 
vmhkan* Instead of gaming he 
lost the more, mahkan* beruntorg 
bertambah-tambah rvgi-rya, ta- 
kata imtorg balek rugi lagi wa?g- 
nja (B.). 

Instep (in'step), s. kura-kura kaki* 

Instigate (in'sti-gat) v. t. asut, usot 
(B.), achum* see induce. 

Instigator (-er), s. prgasut* tu- 
karg-mrgusot (B.), pmbatu-api* 
bain api (B.). 

Instil (in-stil'j, v. t. (drop in) ti- 
tekkan; (impart gradually) ma- 
sokkan perlahan-lahan, tan-am, 

Instinct (in-stingkf), adj. (ani- 
mated) hidop. Instinct with life, 
berlrykap drgan hayat* 

Instinct (in'stingkt), s. (natural 
impulse) labi'at. 

Instinctive (in-stingk'tiv), adj. 
(natural, with intention) s-me- 
marg, as, an instinctive dread, s- 
meniarg takot. Instinctive actions 
are expressed by the prefix ter, as. 
terkjut, terprattjat, etc. 

Institute (in'sti-tut), v. t. (esta- 
blish) adakan, jadikan, dirikan, 
Itakkan, tntukan; (begin) mula'i, 
mulai (B.). 

Institute, s. (society) perskutuan* 
korgsi (Ch.) ; (college) skolah 

Institution (-tu'shwn), s. (act of 
instituting) pri mrgadakan, etc., 
see institute; (laws or customs) 
'adat, 'adat Imbaga,* undarg- 
undary;* (society) perskutuan* 
korgsi (Ch.). 

Instruct (in-strukt'), v. t. (teach) 
ajar; (advise) nasiludkan ;* (com- 
mand) psan, suroh, prentah; (as 
kings) Utah* 

Instruction (in-struk'shim), s. pry- 
ajaran, naMhrit* psanan, huhum, 
prentah ; as above. 

Instructive (-tiv), adj. berisi pry- 

Instructor (-ter), s. guru, prgajar. 

Instrument (in'stroo-inent), s. per- 
kakas; (of music) buryi-buryian. 

Instrumental (-men'tal), adj. 
(helpful) berguna. Instrumental 
music, buryi-buryian. 

Instrumentality (-men-taTi-ti), s. 
pri mmakai. Through the instru- 
mentality of, dry an per tola ly an, 

Insubordinate (in'sub-or'di-net), 
adj. derhaka, tiada ta'at* (Ar. 

Insubordination (-na'shwn), s. 

Insufferable (in-suffer-a-bl), adj. 
yary tiada terdrita* tiada ter- 
tahan, tiada tertarggorg. 

Insufficiency ( in 'suf -fish' en-si), s. 

Insufficient (-ent), adj. kurarg. 

Insular (in'su-ler), adj. deri-pada 
prdau, put an (a) ; (narrow, illi- 
beral) srnpit. 

Insulate (-lat), v. t. (isolate) asirg- 
kan, mku-sukukan* 

Insulation (-la/shun), s. (act of in- 
sulating) pri mrgasirgkan; (that 
which insulates, on wires) pmbalut 

Insulator (-la -ter), s. (telegraph) 
marykok taligrap* 

Insult (in'sult), s. chercJm (Sk.), 
nxta (Sk.), 'aib (Ar.), honar 

Insult (in-sulf), v. t. chercha,* 
nsta* hinakan, 'aibkan (Ar.), 
kasi malu (B.) ; (by extending the 
thumb and finger) mnjrgkal muka. 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minus, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




Insulting (-ing), adj. yarg mnsta- 
kan* yarg mnibri'aib (Ar.), yarg 
kasi main (B.), yarg mmbuat 

Insuperable (in-su'per-a-bl), adj. 
yarg tiada dapat di-lalui* yarg 
tiada teralahkan* yarg ta'boleh di- 
kalahkan (B.). 

Insupportable (in'sup-port'a-bl ) , 
adj. tiada terdrita* tiada ter- 
tahan, tiada tertarggorg. 

Insurance (in-slmr'ans), s. (guar- 
antee) prgakuan; (indemnifica- 
tion) inshuran (E.). 

Insure (in-shur'), v. t. (make sure) 
tntukan, surggohkan; (against 
loss) masok inshuran (E.). 

Insurgent (in-ser'jent), adj. der- 

Insurgent, s. orarg derhaka. 

Insurmountable (in'ser-mownt'a- 
bl), adj. yanj tiada dapat di-lalui,* 
yarg tiada terdaki* yarg tiada ter- 
alahkan* yaig ta'boleh di~kalah- 
kan (B.). 

Insurrection (-rek'slnm), s. belot, 

Insusceptible (in'sus-sep'ti-bl), adj. 
tiada berrasa, tiada tergrak. 

Intact (in-takt'), adj. tiada ter- 
sntoh, tiada chachat, tiada rosak, 
lagi smpurna. 

Intaglio (in-tag'li-o or in-tal'yo), s. 
gambar terukir* gambar terlukis. 

Intangible ( in-tan' ji-bl), adj. yarg 
tiada ter jamah. 

Integer (in'te-jer), s. argka gnap* 

Integral (-gral), adj. pnoh, gnap, 

Integrity (in-teg'ri-ti), s. (com- 
pleteness) kmipurna? an ; (hones- 
ty) ktulusan, ekhlas (Ar.), tulus- 

\ ekhlas* (Ar. ikhlds). 

Intellect (in'tel-lekt), s. 'akal, 

Intellectual (-lek'choo-al) , adj. 
ber'akal, bijak, 'arif (At.). 

Intelligence (in-tel'li-jens), s. (act 

of knowing, capacity to know) 
prgtahuan, prgertian; (news, in- 
formation) khahar, brita* werta.* 

Intelligent (-jent), adj. ber'akal, 
ber prgtahuan, 'arif (Ar.), pintar 

Intelligible (-ji-bl), adj. yarg dapat 
oraty mrgerti, berarti, trarg, ryata* 

Intemperance (in-tem'per-ans), s. 
klbehan, klarapauan* kmabok'an; 
as below. 

Intemperate (-et), adj. (immoder- 
ate) tiada bperhirggaan* tiada ter- 
tahan, lb eh deri-pada e adat, lam- 
pan* deri-pada f adat \terlampon 
(B.)]; (in the use of alcohol) 
yarg mirium mabok. 

Intend (in-tend'), v. t, (fix the 
mind) mau, hndak y berkahandak, 
berniat, bermaksud, tntukan. To 
intend to do (do intentionally), 
buat drgan srgaja. 

Intended (~e&), adj. (purposed, 
designed) tertntu, di-kahandaki* 
di-maksudkan* srgaja. 

Intended, s. tunargan. 

Intense (-tens'), adj. (earnest) 
tkun, yakin (Ar.) ; (extreme, ex- 
cessive) sargat, amat* terlalu, ter- 
lampau* terlampon (B.) ; (of 
pain) trok; (of heat) trek, kras. 

Intensely (-li), adv. teramat,* ter- 
sargat, etc., as above. 

Intensify (-ten'si-ff), v. t. lbehi r 
tambahi, kuatkan. 

Intensity (-ti), s. ksargatan. 

Intent (in-tenf), adj. tkun, yakin 
(Ar.)/ rajin; (of the gaze) m- 

Intent, s. kahandak, niat, maksud. 
To all intents and purposes, dalam 
sgala hal-ehtval* see event. 

Intention (-ten'shwn), s. kahandak, 
niat, kmauan, mau, maksud, kasad 
(Ar.), hajat* (Ar. ndjat). 

Intentional (-al), adj. srgaja. 

Intently (in-tent'-li), adv. drgan 
tkun, drgan yakin (Ar.). 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minws, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




Inter (in-ter'), v. t. kuburkan, ta- 

Intercede (in'ter-sed'), v. i. (me- 
diate) jadi orarg tiyah, jadi pry- 
an tar a* jadi pndamai;* (make in- 
tercession) mint a damai* minta 
am pun, soroig damai* mohon* 
berbuat shafaat (Ar.). 

Intercept (-sept'), v. t. (catch on 
the way) tatgkap tigah jalan; (by 
a short cut) pintas;* (stop) ta- 
hankan, berhntikan; (obstruct) 

Intercession (-sesh'im), s. pmohon- 
an,* per damai an* shafaat (Ar.). 

Intercessor (-ses'ser), s. prgan- 

- tara* pndamai* orarg ttyah. 

Interchange (-chanj'), v. t. (ex- 
change) tukar; (mutually) tukar- 
mnukar; (intermingle) champur. 

Intercourse (lVter-kors), s. (con- 
nection) perhub organ, perramah- 
an* ramah;* (association) per- 
skutuan* Sexual intercourse, per- 
satuan, perstubohan* jim'a (Ar.). 

Interdict (-dikf), v. t. tgahkan, 
laraigkan, pantanjkan, haramkan. 

Interest (in'ter-est), s. (feeling) 
chita* perrasa'an; (share, por- 
tion) bhagian; (advantage) fa- 
idah; (prorit) untorg, laba;* (for 
a loan) butga wan}, laba* riba 
(Ar.). To take an interest in, 
indahkan* To take no interest 
in, tiada pduli, tiada hirau* 

Interest, v. t. (awaken interest) da- 

■ targkan fikiran, barykiikan chita- 
chita* sukakan hati. 

Interesting (-ing), adj. yary mnju- 
kakan hati, yary mmbatykitkan 

Interfere (in'ter-fer'), v. i. (come 
in collision) mlawan-lawan; (in 
conversation) sampok, mryampok 
(B.) ; (intermeddle) champur, 
masok mulut, masok targan. To 
interfere with, garggu* kachau. 

Interference (-ens), s. pri masok 

champur, etc., as above. 
Interim (in'ter-im), s. antara. In 

the interim, dalam antara itu. 
Interior ( in-ter' i-er), adj. dalam, 

Mali dalam. 
Interior, s. dalam, sblah dalam; (of 

a country) ulu. 
Interjection (in'ter-jek'shmi), s. 

pcrkata'an yaty mrgjot atau rn- 

tyru* sruan.* 
Interlace (-las'), v. t. anjam, srg- 

Interlard (-lard'), v. t. champur. 
Interleave (-lev'), v. t. slarg-slaiy- 

kan kertas. 
Interlinear (-lin'i-er), adj. berslarg- 

sla-rg baris. 
Interlocution (-lo-kfi'shwn) s. per- 

Interlope '(-lop'), v. i. (meddle) 

masok champur; (intrude) tmpoh 

Interloper (-er), s. orarg yarg m- 

nmpoh masok. 
Interlude (in'ter-lud), s. permain- 

an smantara* lagu smantara* 
Intermarriage (-mar'rij), s. pri 

kahwin-mahwin, k ah win satu 

soma lain (B.). 
Intermarry (-ri), v. i. kahwin-mah- 

icin, berkahwin-kah winan. 
Intermeddle (-med'dl), v. i. masok 

champur, masok targan, masok 

mulut, see interfere. 
Intermediary (-me'di-a-ri), s. orarg 

Ugah, pry antara* 
Intermediate (-et), adj. (in the 

middle place or degree) pertrgah- 

an, sdarg; (intervening) berslarg- 

Interment (in-ter'ni^nt), s. per- 

Interminable (-mi-na-bl), adj. 

tiada bperhirgyaan* tiada ber- 

ksudakan, tiada berkputusan. 
Intermingle (in'ter-ming'gl), v. i. 


ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry ^ ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, min-ws, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful) ; law, how, oil; thin then. 




Intermission (-mish'tm), s. per- 
hntian. Without intermission, 
tiada berkputusan, tiada berjda 
(Ar.), tiada bersla* 

Intermit (-mif), v. i. berhnti, ter- 
knti, berslarg-slarg. 

Intermittent (-tent), adj. berslarg, 
unckarg-unckit* Intermittent fe- 
ver, dmam berslarg kari, dmam 
lat-lat hari. 

Intermix (-miks') v. i. berchampur- 

Intermixture (-miks'chur), s.cham- 

Internal (in-ter'nal), adj. dalam, 
sblah dalam; (pertaining to the 
heart) batin* (Ar. baTin). 

International (-nash'tm-al), adj. 
bbrapa bargsa (a), antara bargsa- 

Internecine (-ne'sm), adj. ber- 

Interpellate (-pel'lat), v. t. preksa, 
siasat (Ar.). 

Interpolate (in-ter'po-lat), v. t. 
tambak perkata'an, slit. 

Interpose (in'ter-pds'), v. t. adarg- 
kan, masokkan, slitkan, galaiykan. 

Interpose, v. i. Irai* masok sama 
trgak, see interfere. 

Interpret (in-ter'pret), v. t. (ex- 
plain) trargkan, artikan, m'ana- 
kan; (dreams) t'dbir (Ar.) ; 
(writings) tafsirkan (Ar.) ; (lan- 
guages) terjmakkan (Ar.), satin- 

Interpret, v. i. jadi juru-bkasa. 

Interpretation (-pre-ta'srmn), s. 
arti, m'ana, fabir (At.), tafsir 
(Ar.), terjmah (Ar.) ; as above. 

Interpreter (-pret-er), s. juru- 

Interregnum (in'ter-reg'nwm), 8. 
masa pmargkuan* 

Interrogate (in-ter'ro-gat), v. t. 
sual, preksa, tarya-mnarya, usul- 
preksa* tarya'L* 

Interrogation (-ga'shwn), a. per- 

tarya'an. Mark of interrogation, 
tanda sual, tanda tarya [?]. 

Interrupt (in'ter-rupf), v. t. (stop y 
hinder) 'mparg, skat; (in conver- 
sation) sampok, mryampok (B.), 
jampok;* (cause to cease) berhn- 

Interruption (-rup'srmn), s. (act 
of interrupting) pri mrymparg r 
etc., as above. 

Intersect (-sekf), v. t. (divide into 
parts) bhagi-bkagikan; (cross) 

Intersect, v. i. (meet) bertmu. 

Intersection (-sek'slmn), s. tmpat 
pertmuan; (of roads) semparg. 

Intersperse (-spers'), v. t. tabur~ 

Interstice (in-ter'stis), s. (crevice) 
cklak; (interval) jarak* 

Intertwine (in'ter-twln'), v. i. ber- 

Interval (in'ter-val), s. (space) 
jarak * sla* mygary, perantara- 
'an, perslatgan; (between pillars) 
ruarg;* (between joints of fingers 
or bamboo) ruas;* (of time) slary, 
antara, jurus; (pause, leisure) 

Intervene (-ven'), v. i. (come be- 
tween) masok, lintatg ; (happen 
to prevent) gndala (Sk.), ami 
(Ar. f aradl) ; (interpose) Irai,*" 
masok sama trgak (B.). 

Intervention (-ven'shim), s. (act 
of intervening) kal masok, etc., 
as above; (mediation) skafa'at 

Interview (-vu), s. (meeting) per* 
tmuan, perjumpa'an. 

Interview, v. t. (a prince) mrg- 
kadap; (gen.) berjumpa, bertmu. 

Interweave (-weV), v. t. berpakan- 

Intestate (in-tes'tet), adj. tiada 
berwasiat* (Ar. ivasiyat). 

Intestinal (-ti-nal), adj. prot (a). 

ate, ask, am, final, care, ear, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror ; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry ; use, us, minus, cure, injure, 

hurry; fddd, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




Intestine (-tin), adj. (internal) 

Intestine, s. tali prot, isi prot y usus 


Inthral (in-thrawl') v. t. taivan- 

Intimacy (in'ti-ma-si), s. perra- 
mahan* ramah* karib* (Ar. 
qarib ) . 

Intimate (-met), adj. berramahan* 
ramak-tamah* rapat, karib (Ay.). 
rafik* (At. rafiq). 

Intimate (-mat), v. t khabarkan, 
bri tahu, rnalurnlcan (Ar.) ; (give 
a hint) imraikan (Ar. v>harat). 

Intimation (-ma'shiai), s. khabar, 
isarat, as above. 

Intimidate (in-tim'i-dftt), v. t. 
(make timid) bri takot, takoti; 
(threaten) ugitt* gertalc; (dis- 
hearten) tawarkan kati, backol- 
kan;* (so as to prevent some ac- 
tion) srekkan* 

Into (in'too), prep, k-dalam, dalam, 
k-, masok. To change into, berobah 
m njadi. 

Intolerable (in-tol'er-a-bl), adj. 
tiada terdrita (Sk.), tiada ter- 
tatggoig, tiada tertahan. 

Intolerance (-ans), s. kurarg sabar. 

Intolerant (-ant), adj. (not en- 
during} yarg tiada da pat mnarg- 
goig ; (not tolerating) kurarg 

Intone (in-ton'), v. i. borlagu, ber- 
zikir* (Ar. dzikir). 

Intoxicate (in-toks'i-kat), v. t. ma- 

Intoxicated (-^d), adj. mabok. 

Intoxicating (-ing), adj. yarg 
mmabokkan, kiiamir (Ar.). 

Intoxication (-ka'slum), s. kmahok- 

Intractable (-triikt'a-bl), adj. dgil, 

Intrench (in-treneh'), v. t. (forti- 
fy) kubukan. 

Intrench, v. i. (invade, trespass) 

tmpoh masok. To intrench on 

one's authority, mnindeh prentah 
Intrenchment (-ment), s. (fort) 

kubu; (encroachment) tmpohan. 
Intrepid (in-trcp'id), adj. brani, 

perkasa (Sk.). 
Intrepidity (in-tre-pid'i-ti), s. k- 

branian, perkasa (Sk.). 
Intricacy (in'tri-ka-si), s. srg- 

Intricate (-ket), adj. siykerut* 

Intrigue (in-treg'), s. pakatan, 

s-ubahat* elah (Ar. nilah). 
Intrigue, v. i. pakat, bersubahat* 
Intrinsic (in-trin'sik), adj. (in- 
ward) batin* (Ar. banin) ; (in- 
herent) memory ; (real) surggoh. 
Introduce (in'tro-dus'), v. t. (bring 

in) bawa masok; (put in) masok- 

kan; (make acquainted) knalkan; 

(to a superior) hadapkan; (begin) 

inula i, mulai (B.). 
Introduction (-diik'slvwn), s. (the 

act) pri mmbaiva masok, pri miy- 

nalkan, etc., as above ; (of a book) 

p tgn a la n , * pndh u I ua a . * 
Introductory (-to-ri), adj. inula- 

Introspection (-spek'shun), s. prek- 

sa kati sndiri. 
Intrude (in-trood'), v. i. tmpoh 

masok, masok tmpat yatg tiada 

pa tut. 
Intrusion (in-trod'zlum), s. lial m- 

nmpoh masok. 
Intrust (in-trust'), v. t. srahkan, 

plarokkan* amanatkan (Ar.), 

perch ayakan. 
Intuition (in-tu-ish'tm), s. pig- 

taliiian batin* (Ar. bavin), per- 

rasa an. 
Intuitively (iu-tu'i-tiv-li), adj. 

dry an prgtakuan batin (Ar.). 
Intwine (in-twin'), v. t. aryam, blit. 
Inundate (in'un-dat), v. t. (over- 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minus, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




flow) sbakkan* liputi* 'mpoh;* 

(overwhelm) lampaui* liputi* 
Inundation (-da/slrim), s. ayer bah, 

ayer sbak* 'mpolian* kojoh* naik 

ayer (B.). 
Inure (in-fir'), v. t. biasakan, lateh- 

to?.* lalikan* 
Inutility (m-ii-til'i-ti), s. sia-sia* 

pri tiada berguna. 
Invade (in-vad'), v. t. srarg* larg- 

gar; (encroach on) tmpoh ma-sob. 
Invader (-er). s. pryrarg* plarggar. 
Invalid (in-varidj, adj. (of no 

force) Imah, tiada salt (Ar.) : 

(mill and void) batal, mansukli 

Invalid (in'va-led), adj. Imali, saint, 

■'udzuf (Ar.), see infirm. 
Invalid, s. orarg sakit. 
Invalid (in'va-ied'), v. t. (makeill) 

datargkan sakit; (classify as sick) 

bilargkan sakit. 
Invalidate (in-val'i-dat), v. t. tiada- 

kan, bataJkan, mansukhkan (Ar.). 
Invaluable (-ii-a-bl), adj. tiada 

ternilaikaii* tiada terhitorg lierga- 

nja, inda/r skal-i. 
Invariable (in-vfir'i-a-bl), adj. 

tiada berobah, sntiasa (Sk.), ttap, 

Invasion (in-va'zhwn), s. pryrarg- 

an* larggaran. 
Invective (in-vek'tiv), s. nsta 

(Sk.), chercha (Sk.), cbla. 
Inveigh (in-va'), v. i. nsta* cher- 
cha* clila. 
Inveigle (in-va'gl), v. t. ssatkan, 

tlpu, pujok. 
Invent (in-venf), v. t. (discover) 

dapat; ( devise) ^ adakan; (fabri- 
cate) reka-reka* 
Invention (-ven'shim), s. pndapat- 

an, rekaan;* (falsehood) lohoig, 

dusta:* (wonderful contrivance) 

hikmat (Ar.). 
Inventive (-tiv), adj. pandai rnrg- 

adakan, pandai mreka.* 

Inventor (-ter), s. pndapat, yarg 
migadakan, yarg mreka* 

Inventory (-to-ri), s. daftar (Ar.), 
lis (E.). 

Inverse (in-vers'), adj. surgsary* 
miyurgsatg (B.), terbalek. 

Inversion (-ver'sh/m), s. ksurg- 

Invert (in-verf), v. t. surgsargkan* 
terbalekkan, surgkopkan* tlukop- 
kan, tlurgkopkan. 

Invertebrate (in-ver'te-bret), adj. 
yarg tiada bertularg-blakarg. 

Inverted (in-vert'ed), adj. terbalek. 

Invest (in-vesf), v. t. (dress) pa- 
kaikan, persalinkan ;* (with office) 
aiyka.t, lantek ;* (adorn) hiasi* 
riaskan (B.) ; (surround) kporg, 
Jeigkorg;* (money) jalankan 
(icarg), blanjakan. 

Investigate (-i-gat), v. t. preksa, 
siasat (Ar.), slidek;* (secretly) 

Investigation (-ga'slvun), s. p~ 
mreksa'an, siasat (Ar.) ? risek* 

Investiture (-i-clmr), s. (clothing) 
persaUnan :* (ceremony of invest- 
in//) lautelcan* 

Investment (-ment), s. (act of in- 
vesting) pri rnmakaikan, etc., see 
ix vest: (that with which one is 
invested) persaUnan ;* (money in- 
vested) modal, pokok. 

Inveterate (in-vet'er-et), adj. kla- 
ziman (Ar.), mernarg, ttap, kkah 

Invidious (-vid'i-ws), adj. yarg ran- 
datargkan drgki, yarg mrgirikan 

Invigorate (-vig'er-at), v. t. kvat- 
kan, sgarkan. 

Invincible (-vin'si-bl), adj. tiada 
teralahkan* taboleh di-kalahkan. 

Inviolable (-vl'o-la-bl), adj. yarg 
tiada boleh rosak, tiada bercha- 
chat, tiada berchla; (of promises) 
tiada terobahkan. 

Invisibility (-viz-i-bil'i-ti), s. (ma- 
gic) halimnn* 

ate ask am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry ; Ice, it, fire, 
' mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, mnws, cure, injure, 
hurry j food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




Invisible (-viz'i-bl), adj. tiada k- 
lihatan, ta'nampak, huyap, ghaib 

Invitation (-vi-ta'shfm), s. jmput- 
an, surat jmpvtan, parggilan. 

Invite (in-vlt' ) , v. t. (request) 
mint a, jmput; (ask to one/s house, 
to eat, etc.) lawa,* ajak, ajat 
(B.) ; (to an entertainment, etc.) 
jmput. parggil;* (when address- 
ing the guest) persilakan;* (re- 
mind of invitation) sonsorg* 

inviting (-ing), adj. (of food, 
etc.) yary mmbnkakan nafsn. 

Invocation (-vo-ka/shun), s. pry-m- 
an;* (prayer) do' a. 

Invoice (in' vols), s. daftar dagarg- 

Invoke (in-vok'), v.t..sru f * minta, 
polio nkan* 

Involuntary (-vol'im-ta-ri), adj. 
tiada sigaja, bukan dry an sryaja. 

Involve (in-volv'), v. t. (envelop, 
cover) liputi* s/uborg; (compli- 
cate) kusutkan; (imply) lean- 
do rg;* (entangle in a quarrel or 
crime) babit. 

Involved (in-volvd'), adj. (com- 
plicated) kusut. 

Invulnerability (in-vuTner-a-biri- 
ti), s. kbal ; (magic to produce in- 
vulnerability) apory* pnimbul* 

Invulnerable (-a-bl), adj. kbal, ta- 
li an bsi, tahan tembak, tiada di- 
nt aka/n snjata. 

Inward (in'werd), adj. (inner) da- 
lam; (of the mind) bat in* (Ar. 

Inward, adv. (into) k-dalam, ma- 
sok; (of the mind) bat in (Ar.). 

Inwardly (-Ji), adv. (mentally) da- 
lam batin (Ar.). 

Iota (i-5'ta), s. (small quantity) 
tiiek, no la (Ar. nuqrah). 

Irascible (I-ras'si-bl), adj. Ikas 
mar ah, prig us* 

Irate (I-rat'), adj. marah, berarg;* 
(of princes) murka (Ar.). 

Ire (ir), s. marali, berary;* (of 
princes) murka (Ar.). 

Ireland (Ir'land), s. negri Ayerlan. 

Iris (l'ris), s. mala hit-am, hitam 
niata (B.). 

Irish (l'rish), adj. deri-pada bargsa 

Irk (erk), v. t. pnatkan, susahkan. 

Irksome (erk'si/m), adj. pnjmu,* 
yarg mryusalii* small, sukar* 

Iron (fern), s. (the metal) bsi; 
(flat-iron) strika (D.) ? ut-tau (B.) 
(Oh.); (chains) rantai, blrggu* 
Cast iron, bsi tuargan. Corru- 
gated iron, ze?y (E. zinc), timah 
sari (B.). Magnetic iron, bsi 
brani. Pig iron, jotgkorg bsi* 
Wrought iron, bsi. tmpawan* bsi 
fmpa'an* Iron rust, karat bsi. 

Iron, adj. (of iron) bsi; (firm) ku- 
koh* tgoh. Iron foundry, tmpat 
tuatg bsi. Iron .ore, bijeh bsi. 
Iron wood, kayn Mian. Iron 
works, pertnkavjan bsi. 

Iron, v. t. ylrika (D. xtrijken), tit- 
Ian (Oh. ut-tdu), (B.) ; (with a 
shell) grus* 

Ironical (i-ron'i-kal), adj. pryindir, 

Ironing (fern-ing), s. pkerja'an 
strika (I).). 

Ironmonger (-mung-ger), s. pnjual 
perkakas bsi. 

Irony (i'rim-i), s. sindiran. 

Irradiate (ir-ra/di-at), v. t. sinar* 

Irrational (-rash'/m-d), adj. (void 
of reason) tiada berakal ; (foolish, 
absurd) bodoli. 

Irreclaimable (-re-klam'a-bl), adj. 
yarg tiada boleh di-kmbalikan* 
yarg t a 'boleh da pat boleh (B.), see 


Irreconcilable (-rek-^n-si'la-bl) , 
adj. tiada terdatnaikan* tiada ter- 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minws, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




Irrecoverable (-re-knv'er-a-bl) , adj. 

tiada boleh di-kmbalikan* taboleh 

dapat boleh. 
Irrefragable (-refra-ga-bl), adj. 

yarg tiada tersargkal. 
Irrefutable (-ref'u-ta-bl), adj. yarg 

tiada dapat di-bantaki* 
Irregular (-reg'u-ler), adj. (not ac- 
cording to rule) tiada bperaturan; 

(uncertain) tatntu; (uneven) 

tiada sama rata, tirggi rndah; 

(as writing) chonykah-marykeh ;* 

(changeable) berobah-obah. 
Irregularity (-lar'-i-ti) s. pri tiada 

beratur, pri tiada tntu, etc., as 

Irrelevant (-rel'e-vant), adj. tiada 

kna-mryna, tiada mbit* (Ar. iha- 

Irreligious (-re-lij'i/s) 3 adj. tiada 

Irremediable (-re-me'di-a-bl), adj. 

tiada terobatkan, tiada terbaikki** 

tiada boleh di-btulkan. 
Irreparable (-rep'a-ra-bl), adj. yaty 

ta'boleh di-baikki, yarg taboleh 

di-btulkan ; (oil a loss) yarg tiada 

dapat di-ganiikan. 
Irrepressible (-re-pres'i-bl), adj. 

tiada tertahan. 
Irreproachable (-prdch'a-bl), adj. 

tiada berchla. 
Irreprovable (-proov'a-bl), adj. 

tiada dapat di-chla, tiada berchla. 
Irresistible (-zist'i-bl), adj. tiada 

Irresolute (-rez'o-lut), adj. bim- 

barg, ragu* tattap. 
Irrespective (-re-spek'tiv), adj. Ir- 
respective of, drgan tiada hilorg, 

drgan tiada pduli. 
Irresponsible (-spon'si-bl), adj. 

(not to be trusted) ta'boleh di- 

Irretrievable (-trev'a-bl), adj. ta'- 
boleh di-kmbalikan. 
Irreverence (-rev'er-ens), s. kurarg 


Irreverent (-ent), adj. yarg kurarg 
hormatkan, tiada mmbri hormat. 

Irrevocable (-o~ka-bl), adj. tiada 

Irrigate (ir'ri-gfit), v. t. (by pour- 
ing) dims* jirus;* (by streams) 
kojohkan* achap* 

Irrigation (-ga'shwn), s. pri mrgo- 
johkan sawah* 

Irritability (ir'ri-ta-bil'i-ti) , e. 
rryus* rampus* bergkery* as be- 
low ; See TRKTTATION. 

Irritable (-ta-bl), adj. Ikas marah r 

prrgvs* prampus;* (of animals) 

bergkerg* yrendety ;* (itchy) ya- 

tal, miary ; (smarting) pret. 
Irritate (-tat), v. t. (excite anger) 

sakUkan hati, giisari;* (annoy) 

usek, sakat; (the skin) miary kan. 
Irritation (-ta'slmn), s. (act of 

irritating) hal mryakitkan hati, 

etc., as above; (the state) gusar* 

mar ah, gram; (itchiness) gatal r 

miarg ; (smarting) pret. 
Irruption (ir-rup'shnm), s. (of the- 

sea) 'mpohan;* (invasion) p- 

ryra igan* larggaran. 
Isinglass (I'zing-glas), s. prot ikan* 
Islam (iz'lam), s. agama Islam. 
Island (T'knd), s. pulau; (very 

small) tokorg* 
Islander (-er), s. anak pulau 
Isle (II), s. pulau. 
Islet (l'let), s. tokorg* 
Isolate (T'so-lat), v. t. asirgkan, 

sblahkan, sukukan* chraikan, 

Isolated (-^d), adj. turygal, asirg, 

s'orang diri. 
Isolation (-la'shwn), s. perasirgan, 

kturggalan. * ks'orargan. 
Israelite (iz'ra-el-It), s. orarg Ya- 

hndi, or an j J audi, orarg Ibrani 

Issue (ish'u), s. hal kluar, kluaran, 

panchuran, pancharan, as below; 

(progeny) bneh, kturunan; (out- 

ate, ask, «,m, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; Ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minws, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




come, end) kxudahan. Point at 

issue, perkara yarg di-bantahi* 

To join issue, bantahkan* Side 

issue, perkara yarg bersdbit* (Ar. 

Issue, v. i. (pass out) Mvar; (flow 

out) panchur; (as light) pan- 

char; (rush out) terkam kluar; 

(proceed, as progeny) terbit;* 

(end, turn out) jadi. 
Issue, v. t. (send out) khtarkan, 

lahirkan* (Ar. tldhir). 
Isthmus (is'mws), s. s-gntirg+* 
It (it), pron. m,* dm. The pronoun, 

when it is the object, is usually 

omitted, as, take it home, bawa 

pularg; (sometimes) -lah takes its 

place, as, it is wrong to do so, 

mlah-lah, katau bvat bgitu; it is 

true, bnar-lah. 
Italic (i-tal'ife), s. huruf cliondorg* 

huruf merirg* 
Italicise (i-tal'i-siz), v. t. chap 

drgan huruf cliondorg* 
Itch (ich), v. t. gatal, miarg; 

(slightly) grmyam. 
Itch, s. gatal, miatg ; (the disease) 

lend is. 
Itchy (ich'i), adj. gatal, miarg. 
Item (l'tan), s. perkara, bntir* 
Itemize (-iz), v. t. sbotkan satu- 

mtu, see detail. 
Iterate (it'er-at), v. t. ulargkan* 
Itinerant (I-tin'er-ant), adj. yarg 

beridar* yarg mrgmbara* yarg 

Itinerary (-er~i), adj. daftar per- 

jalanan (Ar.). 
Itinerate (-at), v. i. berjalan-jalan, 

Its (its), pron. -tya, ia,* dm, dia 

Itself (it-self), pron. ia* sndiri, dia 

sndiri, diri-rya. 
Ivory (T'ver-i), s. gadirg. 
Ivy (I-vi), s. daun pamtg-pasatg* is 

somewhat similar. 

Jabber (jab'ber), v. t. bechok* 

grichau* repek* repet (P.), m- 

repek (B.). 
Jabberer (-er), s. pmbechok* 

prepek* mrapek (B.). 
Jacynth (ja'sinth), s. (sapphire) 

batu nilam. 
Jack (jak), s. Jack boots, spatu 

berbtis* Jack fruit, nargka, chm- 

pdak. Jack plane, ktam kasar^ 

Jack of all trades, orarg yarg tahu 

s-bararg pkerja'an. Screw jack,. 

bichii* Union jack, bndera Iig- 

Jackass (jak'as), s. kaldai jantan; 

(conceited fool) bbgorg-bagak.* 
Jackal (jak'awl), s. anjirg hutan^ 

Jacket (jak'et), s. baju pendek; 

(worn by women) kbaya (Ar.. 

Jackknife (jak'nlf), s. pisau UpaL 
Jade (jad), s. (worthless horse) 

kuda mandom;* (vicious woman) 

prempuan jaliat. 
Jade, v. t. (weary, exhaust) llah- 

kan, pnatkan. 
Jaded (jad'ed), adj. llah, Ueh-lsu*. 
Jag (jag), v. t. (notch) sumbirg- 

Jagged (jag'ged), adj. sumbirg, 

sempnk* sovipek; (badly) bet- 

grigis; (of hair) tokalc-takek t di- 

krip tikus* 
Jaguar (ja'gwar), s. hrimau A me* 

Jail (jal), s. pnjara* jel (E.). 
Jailer (jal'er), s. kpala pnjara,*' 
kpala jel (E.) ? spir (D. cipisr) 

(N.I.), see WARDER. 
Jam (jam), s. (preserved fruit) 

manisan, jem (E.). 
Jam, s. (crush) k'asak'an* krumun- 

an; (as logs in a stream) ksarg- 


ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire,. 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, mimts, cure, injure, 

hurry ; food, foot, awf oo\ (awful) ; law, how, oil ; thin then. 




Jam, v. t. (pinch,, squeeze) apit* 
spit; (crush together) asaJc. 

Jamb (jam), s. (of a door) jnarg* 

James (jamz), s. Yakob (Ar. Y'a- 

Jangle (jang'gl), v. i. (as bells) 
gmrncJiarg ;* (quarrel, wrangle) 
bertrgkar, berbalah* 

January (jan'u-ar-i), s. jinawari, 
bulan orarg put eh yarg pertama, 
bulan satu orarg put eh (B.). 

Japan (ja-pan'), s. negri J pun. 

Japan, v. t. samparg* 

Japanese (jap'a-nez'), s. orarg 
J pun. 

Jar (jar), v. i. (clash) berantok, 
teran t o k ; ( shake ) b erg gar. 

Jar, s. (shaking) ggar; (harsh 
sound) bunji jarggal;* (collision) 
ant ok. 

Jar, s. (biggest) karg;* (next) 
tm pagan; (smaller) taJcar* bu- 
yorg, ternary * tajau* kpit* km- 
pit;* (an expensive kind) guri;* 
(for holding drinking water) 
kadi* dorak* gucJii (N .1.) . 

Jargon (jar'gon), s. pelat. 

Jarring (jar'ring), adj. (discor- 
dant) jarggal;* (shaking) berg gar. 

Jasmine (jas'min), s. mlor, mloti 

Jasper (jas'per), s. batu i/ashib 

(Ar.). ' ' 
Jaundice (jawn'dis), s. pryahit 

Jaunt (jawnt), s. (excursion) ma- 

Jean argin. 
Jaunty (-i), adj. kachaJe, Jiebat* 

(Ar. Jiaibat). 
Javelin (jaVlin), s. hnbirg; (with- 
out iron point) sligi;* (barbed) 
. sruit* 
Jaw (jaw), s. raliarg ;* (Xaut., jaws 

of a gaff) ternal* 
Jay (ja), s. noma bur org. 
Jealous (jel'z/s), adj. cJimburu; 

(envious) drgki. 
Jealousy (-i), s. cJimburuan. 

Jeer (jer), v. t. olok-olok, sindir. 
Jehovah (je-ho'va), s. nama Allah 

di antara orarg YaJiudi. 
Jejune (je-jfm'), adj. sia-sia* 
Jelly (jel'li), s. (of seaweed) agar- 
agar, jparg;* (of fruit) manisan. 
Jellyfish (-fish), s ubor-ubor; lam- 

bok;* (a stinging variety) ampai- 

Jemmy (jem'mi), s. alabargka 

(Port.), pnuil bsL 
Jeopardize (jep'erd-iz), v. t. datarg- 

kan bahya. 
Jeopardy (-i), s. bahya. 
Jeremiah (jer-e-mi'a), , s. nabi 

Jerk (jerk), v. t. (sudden pull) 

sentak, rrggut, rurggut (B.), sn- 

tap; (flick with, finger and 

rhumb) jntek; (snatch) snjali;* 

(up and down, as a fish on a line) 

rrggut. ^ 
Jersey (jer'zi), s. baju panas. 
Jest (jest), s. jnaka* snda* gurau. 

chura* la/rak-lawak* clialcan 

main-main (B.). 
Jest, v. i. ber jnaka* bersnda* ber- 

gurau, bersloroh , olok-olok, ogak- 

ogak* lawak (P.). 
Jester (jest'er), s. klakar, pran* 

bad at (Jav.). 
Jesting (-ing), s. jnaka* chura* 

lawak-lawak ;* chakap main-main 


Jesuit (jez'u-it), s. (R. C.) orarg 

siiatu madzhab 8 rani* 
Jesuitical (-it'i-kal), adj. clierdek. 
Jet (jet), s. (spurt) panch atari. 
Jet, s. (the stone) rnerjan* hitam. 
Jettison (jet'ti-son), v. t. buarg 

muatan k-laut. 
Jetty (jet'ti),s. (wharf) prxjkalan* 

jmbalan, bagan (J?.), prgkalan 

Jew (ju), s. orarg YaJiudi, orarg 

•J audi. 
Jewel (ju'el), s. permata, jauhar 


ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; Ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minws, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful) ; law, how, oil; thin f/ien. 




Jewelled (ju'eld), adj. bertatahkan 
permata* b permata* ber mala 

Jeweller (ju'el-ler), s. tuharg mas- 

perak, saudagar mas-intan, jauhari 

Jewellery (ju'el-ri), s. mata-bnda, 

bararg mas-perak. 
Jewess (ju'es), s. prempuan Ya- 

hudi, prempuan J audi. 
Jewish (ju'isb), adj. baigsa Yahvdi 

(a), baigsa J audi (a). 
Jew's-harp (juz'barp), s. girg- 

g° r g* 

Jib (jib), s. (Kant.) jip (E.). Jib 

boom, pruan jip. 
Jibe (jib), v. i. (Xaiit.) berkisar. 
Jig (jig), s. tandak chpat. 
Jilt (jilt), v. t. putus kaseh drgan. 
Jingle (jing'gl), v. i. bergnta, gm- 

ren el\ e tg* berdrirg* 
Jinrikisha (jin-rik'shaw), s. kreta 

lloigkorg, becha (Ch. be-chhia = 

horse-carriage), laiqcha (P.); chia 

Job (job), s. (thrust) tikam; 

(occasional work) kerja ha-ri. By 

the job, bororg. A job lot, jualan. 

bororg. A bad job. clilaka, kma- 

I organ. A good job, untorg, mu- 

jur* balk jug a. 
Job, v. t. (stab) tikam, chochok. 
Jobber (job'ber), s. pnjual-bli, 

Jobbery (-i), s. tipu-daya. 
Jockey (jok'i), s. pniuggarg kudu 

lumba, joki (B.). 
Jockey, v. t. tipu. 
Jocose (jo-kos'), adj. jnaka* 

sloroli, chura* latcak-lairak* 

suka main-main (B.). 
Jocular (jok'u-ler), adj. yaug suka 

ber jnaka* 
Jocularity (-lar'i-ti), s. suka-ria* 

suka-suka (B.). 
Jog (jog), v. t. (so as to call at- 
tention) clruit :* (cause to shake) 

ggar. To jog the memory, in gat* 

Jog, s. (push) chuit, ggar, as above; 
(turn in a road) slekoh* 

John (jon), s. Yahya (Ar.). 

Join (join), v. t. (unite) satukan y 
chant umkan:* (connect) huboig, 
sambo rg; (associate) skutukan;* 
(place in contact) tmukan* tunu- 

Join, v. i. berhubonj, bersamborg^ 
bertmu, as above. To join in the- 
laugh, tumparg tertawa. To join 
in with, xerta'i* 

Joiner (join'er), s. tuMrg kayu. 

Joint (joint), s. (place of joining) 
/ input sambo tg, perhubovjav ; (of 
The limbs) sndi:* (of liigers) 
buku: (knot of bamboos, etc.) 
buku; (space between knots) 
rnaa :* (of meat) s-prggal* Out 
of joint, terkocliU* 

Joint, adj. (united) bersama-sama, 

Joint, v. t. satukan, huboig, sam- 
boig, tmukan* as join; (provide 
with joints) sndikan ;* (separate 
the joints) potorg, sndi* 

Jointed (-ed), adj. berbuku, ber- 

Jointly (-ii), adv. (together) ber- 
sama-sama, berrantam ;* (in con- 
cert) mvafakat (Ar.). 

Jointure (join'ehur), s. psaka untok 

Joist (joist), s. ghjar* anchu* 

Joke (jok), s. jnaka,* snda* gurau x 
xloroh , chura* lairak-lawak* 
chakap main-main (B.). 

Joke, v. i. ber jnaka* bersnda* ber- 
gurau, bersloroh. 

Joker (jok'er), s. orarg ber jnaka* 

Jollification ( jol'li-fi-ka'slrj/n) , s. 
suka-ria* termasa* suka-suka 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minus, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




Jolly (jol'li), adj. (merry) bersuka- 
suka, bersuka-hati. 

Jolt (jolt), v. i. ber'njut-'njut. 

•Jonah (jo'na), s. nabi Yunns (Ar.). 

Jolt (jolt), v. t. 'njutkan, bantirg, 

Jolt, s. 'njut. 

Joseph (jo'zef), s. Yusof (Ar.). 

Joss (jos), s. Joss house, 
rumah berhala* rumah datok(B.). 
Joss paper, kertas prada,* kertas 
mas (B.), kertas per ah (B.). Joss 
stick, gharu China,* cholok 
China;" "hio-sua" (B.) (Ch. hiu n - 

Jostle (jos'l), v. t. tmpoh; (strong- 
er) rrnpohj* (elbow) tmbi* si- 

Jot (jot), s. (point) titek, nota* 
(Ar. nuqTah). 

Jot, v. t. To jot down, tulis peritg at- 

Journal (jer'nal), s. (diary) surat 
pkerja'an s-hari-hari; (book of 
accounts) surat kira-kira; (news- 
paper) surat khabar, kertas khabar. 

Journalist (-ist), s. prgararg surat 

Journey (jer'ni), s. perjalanan. 

Journey, v. i. berjalan. 

Journeyman (-man), s. tukarg. 

Jovial (jo'vi-al), adj. bersuka-hati. 

Jowl (jowl), s. pipi. Cheek by 
jowl, dkat, rapat-rapat, 

Joy (joi), s. ksuka'an, suka-chita* 
kg mar an* 

Joyful (joi'fofll), adj. bersuka- 
chita* b ers u ka-h a ii. 

Joyless (-les), adj. tiada bersuka- 

Joyous (-its), adj. bermka-suka. 

Jubilant (jfi'bi-lant), adj. bersuka- 
suka alas kmnargan. 

Jubilee (-le), s. tahun yarg klima- 
puloh, termasa* pada tahun yarg 
klima-puloh, jab li ( E . ) . 

Judea (ju'de-aj, s. tanah Yahuda. 

Judge (juj), v. i. (be judge) jadi 

hakim; (give judgment) 'putuskan 
hukuni; (discern, determine) tim- 
barg, tntukan, ttapkan. 

Judge, v. t. (try, pass sentence on) 
bieharakan, hukumkan; (be cen- 
sorious, condemn) salahkan; 
(esteem, think) bilargkan, kira- 

Judge, s. hakim; (Mohammedan) 
kadli (Ar.) ; (critic) orarg pandoA, 
orarg bijak. A good judge of 
horses, pandai mmileh kuda. 

Judgment (juj'ment), s. hukuman, 
kputusan, timbargan; (calamity 
sent by God) balak (Ar. bald'). 
The judgment day, hari kiamaL 
Judgment hall, balai* mahkamuh 
(Ar.). Judgment seat, kursi bi- 

Judicature (ju'di-ka-chur), s. 
(judicial power) kuasa hukum, 

Judicial (ju-dish'al), s. deri-hal 
bichara, bichara (a) ; (apt to 
judge) pandai mmbicharakan. 

Judicious (-?/s), adj. (wise, pru- 
dent) bijak, budiman* pandai 

Jug (jug), s. marqkok bertargkai, 
jak (E.). 

Juggle (jug'gl), v. i. berma/in silap- 

Juggling (jug'gling), s. silap-mata. 

Juggler (-gler), s. orarg silap-mata. 

Jugglery (-i), s. silap-mata. 

Jugular (jug'u-ler), adj. krorgkotg 

Juice (jus), s. (of fruit) ayer buah; 
(sap) nira* 

Juicy (jiis'i), adj. berayer. 

July (ju-lf), s. bulan orarg puteh 
yarg ktujoh. 

Jumble (jum'bl), v. t. kachau, 
chanipur, ch ampur-gaul. 

Jumble, s. champuran. 

Jump (jump), v. i. (spring, bound 
forward) lompat, hambur* lam- 
borg; (leap up in the air) lonjak* 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minus, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin t/ien. 




lonchat; (from a stand lag posi- 
tion) rjok.* To jump at, terkam. 
To jump down, terjun. 

Jump, s. lompatan, lonchatan. 

Jumper (jump'er), s. baju lasak* 

Junction (jungk'shim), s. (of 
roads) semparg; (act of joining) 
perhuborgan; (of railways) sem- 
pargan; (of rivers) kuala. 

Juncture (-chur), s. (point of 
time) htika, waktu. 

June (jun), s. bulan orarg puteh 
yarg k'anam. 

Jungle (jung'gl), s. hutan; (of 
large trees) rimba; ( secondary- 
grow th) blukar. Jungle fowl, 
ay am hutan, ay am bruga* 

Junior (jun'yer), adj. (in age) 
muda; (in rank) kchil. 

Junk (jungk), s. tali yarg burok- 

Junk, s. (Naut.) jorg* wargkarg. 

Junketing (jung'ket-ing), s. per- 
jamuan* makan sdap-sdap. 

Jupiter (ju'pi-ter), s. (the star) 
mushtari (Ar.). 

Jurisdiction (ju-ris-dik'shim), s. 
(authority) kuasa, prentah; 
(sphere of authority) tmpat pren- 
tah an. 

Jurisprudence (-proo'dens), s. 
'ilmu file eli* (Ar. fiqh). 

Jurist (ju'rist), s. ahli flkeh (Ar.). 

Juror (jii'rer), s. ahli* knrsi dua- 
blas, orarg dua-blas krosi (B.). 

Jury (jii'ri), s. kursi dua-blas, 
pnimbarg bichara, orarg dua-blas. 

Juryman (-man), s. ahli* kursi 
dua-blas, orarg dua-blas krosi (B.). 

Jurymast (-mast), s. (jSTaut.) tiarg 
kapal smantara. 

Just (just), adj. bnar, 'adil; (due, 
proper) patut. 

Just, adv. (precisely) btul; (exact- 
ly) tpat;* (of time) bharu, as, 
dia bharu datarg, he has just 
come ; trgah hndak, as trgah hndak 
mati, just dying. Just now (past 

time) tadi; (present time) ini 

Justice (jus'tis), s. kbnaran, k'adil- 
an, insaf (Ar. insaf), kpatutan; 
(judge) hakim. Chief justice, 
hakim bsar; (in Mohammedan 
law) mufti (Ar.). Justice of the 
peace, prgaman (Ar. aman). 

Justifiable (jus'ti-fi'a-bl), adj. yarg 
boleh di-bnarkan. 

Justification (-fi-ka'shwn), s. (act 
of justifying) pri mmbnarkan, 
kbnaran. Without any justifica- 
tion, tiada s-mna-mna,* tiada ber- 
sbab, tiada sbab-vja. 

Justify (-fi), v. t, (show to be just) 
bnarkan, lyatakan bnar; (exoner- 
ate) Ipaskan deri-pada salah. 

Justle (jus'l), v. i. see jostle. 

Justly (just'li), adv. drgan s-patut- 

Justness (-nes), s. kpatutan. 

Jut (jut), v. i. anjur* 

Jute (jut), (Corchorus capsularis) 
sunarorg btina* 

Juvenile (ju've-nil), adj. kbudak- 
budak'an* budak-budak (a). 

Juxtaposition (juks'ta-po-zisWn), 
s. perdampirgan* In juxtaposi- 
tion, berhampiran,* rapat. 


Kaffir (kaf'fer), s. orarg Jatggi* 

orarg Kapri. 
Kale (kal), s. kobis daun, pechai 

(Ch. peh-chhai), pek-chai (B.). 
Kedge .(kej), s. (JSTaut.) sauh kchil, 

sauh chmat. 
Keel (kel), s. (Naut.) lunas prahu. 

On an even keel, tgak. 
Keelson (kel'son), s. (Naut.) naga- 

Keen (ken), s. (sharp) tajam; 

(acute of mind) tajam; (eager, 

of desire) rajin. 
Keenness (ken'nes), s. tajam, kra~ 


ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, min-us, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin the*. 





Keep (kep), v. t. (hold, restrain) 
tahan, tahankan, pgarg; (retain) 
simpan; (in custody) kurorg; 
(guard) jaga, turggu; (preserve, 
tend) jaga, plihara; (manage, as 
a shop or school) buka; (have, as 
servants or goods in stock) tar oh; 
(hold to, as a promise) pgarg, 
pegarg (B.). To keep back, 
tahankan. To keep company with, 
bersahabat drgan. To keep house, 
berrumah targga. To keep in 
mind, taroh dalam hati. To keep 
the peace, berdamai* To keep 
to one's self, simpan di hati. To 
keep up (continue), malarkan;* 
(maintain, as a garden) bla* 

Keep, v. i. (remain) tirggal, ttap. 
To keep from, pantargkan. To 
keep on (proceed), largsorg; (con- 
tinue) ttap, malar* llarkan* 

Keep, s. (provisions) makanan; 
(fortress) kota. 

Keeper (kep'er), s. pnwggu. 

Keeping (-ing), s. sim.panan, p- 
gargan. In keeping with, padan 
drgan, s-tuju drgan. 

Keepsake (-sak), s. knarg-knargan, 
tanda perirgatan, tanda mata* 

Keg (keg), s. torg kchil. 

Ken (ken), s. prgtahuan. 

Kennel (ken'nel), s. kandarg anjirg, 
rumah anjirg. 

Kerb (kerb), s. see curb. 

Kerchief (ker'chif), s. (for women) 
trgkolok;* (Javanese, for men) 
sapu-targan kpala; (worn on the 
turban) serban (Pers.), dstar 

Kernel (ker'nel), s. (of nuts) isi; 
(of stone fruit) biji. 

Kerosine (ker'o-sen'), minjak tanah, 
miryak gas* 

Ketch (kech),s. (Naut.) kapal satu 
tiarg s-trgah. 

Ketchup (kech'^p), s. kichap (E.), 
tau-iu (B.) (Ch. tau-iu). 

Kettle (ket'tl), s. kndi* cherek* 

te-ko (B.) (Ch. te-ko-). 
Kettledrum (-drum), s. gndrarg* 

Key (ke), s. anak kunchi. 
Kick (kik), v. t. (backwards) tn- 

darg; (with the sole of the foot) 

trajarg; (with the instep or side 

of the foot) sepak; (with the 

shin) benies;* (downwards, with 

the heel) 'ncharg;* see stamp. 
Kick, s. tndarg, trajarg, sepak, 

bentes* as above. 
Kid (kid), anak kambirg. 
Kidnap (kid'nap), v. t. larikan 

orarg, bawa lari. 
Kidney (-ni), s. buah pirggarg. 
Kill (kil), v. t. bunoh, matikan; 

(for food) smbleh; (large animal 

for food) bantai* potorg (B.) ; 

(insects) tindas. To kill time, 

sampaikan waktu* chukopkan 

Kiln (kil), s. dapur. 
Kilogram (kil'o-gram), s. timbarg- 

an Eropah. 
Kilometer (-me-ter), s. ukoran 

Kilt (kilt), s. kain sergkat yarg di- 

pakai di negri Skotland. 
Kin (kin), s. kaum kluarga* sanak- 

saudara* puak* puak-paak (B.). 

Kith and kin, dagirg-darah. 
Kind (kind), s. jnis, bagai* ma- 

cham, nika;* (race, species) barg- 

sa, baka. Taxes paid in kind, 

Kind, adj. berkasehan, berprgasehan, 

murah hati, pnjayarg* 
Kindergarten (kin'der-gar-ten), s. 

skolah bagi budak yarg blum tahu 

alif-ba-ta* Frobelskul (N.I.), 

skolah anak-anak kchil (B.). 
Kind-hearted (klnd-hart'ed), adj. 

murah hati. 
Kindle (kin'dl), v. t. pasarg, chu- 

choh* njalakan, galakkan, marak- 


ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minus, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin theix. 




Kindling (-dling), s. kayu pmarak* 

Kindly (kind'li), adj. berprgasehan, 

murah hati. 
Kindly, adv. (please) sila,* sila- 

kan* sudikan, minta, choba. 
Kindness (-nes), s. prgasehan, k- 

murahan; (act of kindness) k- 

Kindred (kin'dred), s. kaum-kluar- 

ga* sa?iak-saudara* kaum puak* 

Kindred, adj. (congenial) berstuju, 

sama prargai, satu hati. 
Kine (kin), s. kerbau-lmbu. 
King (king), s. raja, sultan, 

bginda* yarg di-pertuan* yam 

tuan;* (in chess) raja. 
Kingdom (king'dom), s. kraja'an. 
Kingfisher (-fish-er), s. burorg raja 

udarg, burorg pkaka* 
King-like (-Ilk), adj. s-laku raja* 

sperti raja, chara raja. 
Kingly (-li), adj. = kinglike, q. v. 
King-post (-post), s. tunjok-largit* 
Kingship (-ship), s. mertabat raja 

(Ar), pargkat raja. 
Kink (kingk), s. pundirg* 
Kinship (kin'ship), s. persaudara- 

'an, perhub organ. 
Kinsman (kinz'man), s. saudara, 

kluarga* puak* kaum* 
Kinswoman (-w<90-man), s. saudara 

prempuan, kluarga* puak* 

Kiosk (ki-osk'), s. balai per- 

Kiss (kis), s. chium; (the sound) 

Kiss, v. t. (with the nose) chium; 

(with the lips) kchupi;* (all over 

the face, as a child) krumus* 

gromos (B.). 
Kiss, v. i. berchium, berkchup* 
Kissing (kis'sing), s. chium, k- 

Kit (kit), s. alatan (Ar.), klrg- 


Kitchen (kich'en), s. rumah dapur; 

(in a big house) pnarggah* 
Kite (kit),s. (the bird) larg sikap;* 

(of paper, etc.) layarg-layarg, wau 

(D. toouw). 
Kith (kith), s. see kin. 
Kitten (kit'tn), s. anak kuchirg. 
Knack (nak), s. kpandaian, k- 

Knacker (nak'er), s. pmbunoh kuda 

Knapsack (nap'sak), s. bokcha 

galas* (Hind. buqcha from 

Turk.), also, botsa,* borsa soldado. 
Knave (nav), s. (villain) orarg 

pnipu, pygechohj* (in cards) 

Knavery (nav'er-i), s. tipu-daya. 
Knavish (-ish), adj. pnipu, prg- 

Knead (ned), v. t. adunj* (in the 

hand) kpal; (by pressing down) 

uli;* (in the hand, to press out 

juice) ramas; (with the feet) 

la r yak. 
Knee (ne), s. lutut. 
Kneecap (ne'kap), s. tmpurorg 

Kneedeep (ne'dep'), adj. hirgga 

lutut* mmpai di lutut (B.). 
Knee joint (ne'joint), s. plipat 

Kneel (nel), v. i. tlut* bertlut* 

berlutut (B.) ; (of camels and 

elephants) trum* 
Knell (nel), s. taboh* orarg mati. 

locherg oraig mati. 
Knickerbockers (nik'er-bok-erz), 

s. pantlun pendek, sluar futbol 

(E.), sluar sampak* sluar katok* 
Knickknack (nik'nak), s. bararg 

Knife (nif), s. pisau. Chopping 

knife, pararg, golok* Clasp knife, 

pisau lipat. Drawing knife, pisau 

raut. Pocket knife, pisau lipat, 

pisau kchil. Table knife, pisau 


ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minus, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin *7ien. 




Knight (nit), s. pahlawan (Pers.) ; 
(in chess) kuda. 

Knight, v. t. glar drgan pargkat 

Knighthood (nit'hood), s. pargkat 

Knit (nit), v. i. rajut* kait (B.). 

Knit, v. t. rajut;* (join) hub org. 

Knitting (nit'ting), s. rajut* kait- 
an (B.). 

Knob (nob), s. (protuberance) 
bonjol, chombol, putirg; (on a 
gong), tombol* 

Knobby (nob'bi), adj. berbonjol, 
etc., as above. 

Knock (nok), v. i. (strike) ter- 
antok, berantok, tersantok ;* (rap) 
Hole, katok* 

Knock, v. t. antokkan, hntam, ktok, 
pukol. To knock against, rmpoh* 
larggar. To knock down, jatoh- 
kan, rbalikan, robohkan, runtoli- 
kan, tumbargkan, see fall. To 
knock a person's head against — , 
sugunkan kpala k — .* Knocked 
out (in a fight), per eh. See head. 

Knock, s. antok, Hok, hntam; (the 
sound) dntarn* 

Knock-kneed (nok'ned), adj. perg- 

Knoll (nol), s. (mound) chargkat* 
borggol;* (top of a hill) kmun- 
chak, punchak* 

Knot (not), s. (of rope, etc.) 
simpol, simpolan ; (bond of union) 
ikatan; (perplexity) kusut; (in 
trees) buku, mata-kayu; (of hair) 
sarggul, konde* (Jav.) ; (rough- 
ly twisted up) siput; (sea 
mile) s-batu jauh-rya di laut 
= 1000 dpa. Slip knot, simpol 
puleh* simpol hidop. 

Knot, v. t. simpolkan, ikat, sarggul- 
kan* as above. 

Knotty (not'ti), adj. (full of 
knots) bersimpol, berbuku; (in- 
tricate) srgkerut* kusut. A knot- 
ty point, simpolan* 

Know (no), v. t. (facts) tahu,. 
ktahui;* (persons) knal; (under- 
stand) mrgerti; (be expert) tahu y 
paham; (be conscious) sdar; 
(recognise) knal, chamkan;* 
(sexually) her stub oh drgan* ber- 
satu drgan. To know how, tahu* 
I don't know, 'ntah. It is well 
known, m'alum-lah (Ar.). 

Knowable (no'a-bl), adj. yarg 
dapat di-ktahui* yarg boleh dapat 
tahu (B.). 

Knowing (-ing), adj. (skilful) 
pandai, pintar (1ST. I.) ; (intel- 
ligent) herakal; (cunning) cher- 

Knowingly (-li), adv. drrjan s- 
rgaja, drgan s-tahu* 

Knowledge (nol'ej), s. (state of 
knowing) prgtahuan, prgertian; 
(scholarship, learning) prgtahuan, 
kpandaian, 'ilmu* Without my 
knowledge, drgan tiada s-tahu-ku* 
Within his knowledge, dalam 
nialum-rya ( Ar. ) . 

Knuckle (nuk'kl), s. buku jarL 
The knuckles, buku lima. 
Knuckle duster, buku tumbok, 
anak pnumbok.* To strike with 
the knuckles, lulu* klatu (B.). 

Koran (kor'an or ko-ran') s. kur'an. 

Label (la'bel), s. surat 'alamat 

Label, v. t. buboh 'alamat (Ar.). 

Laboratory (lab'or-a-to-ri), s. tm- 
pat kerja tukarg obat. 

Laborious (la~b5r'i-?/s), adj. (toil- 
some) yarg mmnalkan;* (dili- 
gent) rajin; (working hard) ber- 

Labour (la/ber), s. (physical work) 
kerja tularg* kerja kasar; (exer- 
tion) kllahan* kpnatan; (child- 
birth) sakit beranak. 

Labour, v. i. bkerja, bkerja tularg* 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, mums, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




Jcerja kuat (B.) ; (strive, work 
hard) berllah;* (be in childbirth) 
sakit beranak; (Naut., as a ship) 

Labourer (-er), s. orarg bkerja tu- 
larg* kuli. 

Labyrinth (lab'i-rinth), s. jalan 
berchabanj-chabarg . 

Lac (lak), s. malau* 'mbalau* mm- 

Lace (las), s. (the fabric) renda 
(Port.) ; (shoe strirg) tali kasut, 
tali spatu. ^Gold lace, pita 'mas, 
kida-kida 'mas* tkat 'mas* per- 
hiasan* bnarg mas [prasan (B.)]. 

Lace, v. t. (fasten with a lace) ikat. 

Lacerate (las'er-at), v. t. chairg* 
charek* koyak* rabak. 

Laceration (-a/shwn), s. chuarg- 
chairg* rabak. 

Lack (lak), v. t. (want, be without) 
kurarg, ta'chukop, as, he lacks dili- 
gence, dia knrarg rajin; he lacks 
food, dia ta'chukop makanan. 

Lack, s. kkuraigan, kpichek'an* An 
entire lack, ktiadaan. 

Lackey (lak'i), s. orarg gaji. 

Laconic (la-kon'ik), adj. (of per- 
sons), pndiam, yarg berkata dry an 
rergkas;* (of speech) rergkas * 

Lacquer (lak'er), s. (Chinese var- 
nish) miryak kayu rrgas;* (Ma- 
lay) sampary* 

Lad (lad), s. budak jantan; (after 
puberty) truna* 

Ladder (lad'der), s. taiyga; (a pole 
with pins through, or a bamboo 
with branches cut short) sigai* 
Peg-ladder, sigai* 

Lade (lad), v. t. muatkan, bban- 

Laden (lfid'n), adj. bermuat. 
Heavy laden, sarat. 

Lading (-ingj, s. muatan, bban* 
Bill of lading, surat muatan, le- 
ding (E.), konosment (D.)(N.L). 

Ladle (la'dl), s. gayorg, pnchedok, 
sndok* sendok (B.) (jS t .L), chen- 

tory (N.I.) ; (flat, of wood or 

iron) sudip.* 
Ladle, v. t. chedok, sndokkan* 
Lady (la'di), s. prempuan baik- 

baik; ,(European) mem; (Malay) 

'nchek, siti (Ar.), tuan;* (Chi- 
nese) ryoiya, bibi (B.) ; (Indian) 

Ladybird (-berd), s. anak-cliina* 

b lalarg pi jar* ( Kl. ) . 
Lady's finger (la'diz fing'ger), s. 

kacharg bende, kacharg Inder. 
Ladylike (la'di-lik), adj. chara 

prempuan baik-baik. 
Ladyship (-ship), s. Your ladyship 

(in addressing Malay ladies of 

rank) tok puan,* 'ncliek. 
Lag (lag), v. i. (move slowly) ber- 

le-rgah, berlambat, leka. 
Laggard (lag'gerd), s. orarg lergah, 

Lagoon (la-goon'), s. ayer yarg di- 

lergkorg btirg, londarg* (W.). 
Lair (lar), s. jrumun* 
Laity (la/i-ti), s. orarg batyak yarg 

tiada pargkat padri, doktor, loyar 

dan s-bagai-rya, orarg preman (D. 

Lake (lak), s. tasek, kolam, damu,* 

tlaga (N.I.). 
Lamb (lam), s. anak domba, anak 

biri-biri, anak karnbirg biri-biri. 
Lame (lam), adj. temparg, chapek, 

pencharg; (of the hip) inchut; 

(walking on the heel) jergkot;* 

(on the toes of one foot) jergket. 
Lame, v. t. tempargkan. 
Lameness (lam'nes), s. temparg, 

etc., as above. 
Lament (la-menf), v. i. (mourn) 

berdukachita (Sk.), bersusah-hati, 

b ergondah ;* ( w T eep ) mnargis; 

(wail) ratap. 
Lament, v. t. dukacliitakan (Sk.), 

berchintakan* mnargiskan, ratap- 

kan, as above. 
Lament, s. dukachita* perchinta- 

'an* targisan* ratapan, as above. 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, mnms, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




Lamentable (lam'en-ta-bl), adj. 
(sorrowful) berdukachita,* susah- 
hati; (deplorable) yarg patut di- 

Lamentation (-ta'shtm), s. (act of 
lamenting) see lament; (words 
used in wailing) biji ratap* 

Lamp (lamp), s. lampu (Eur.), 
plita, kandil (Ar.) ; (tin lamp 
without chimney) chargkok* 
Lamp chimney, chororg lampu, 
smprorg lampu (N.I.). Lamp 
shade, trendak lampu. Lamp 
wick, sumbu lampu. Hurricane 
lamp, lantirg (E.), lantera* 

Lampblack (lamp'blak), s. jlaga,* 
tlaga* sularg* oyen (B.) (Ch. 

Lamplight (-lit), s. chahya lampu. 

Lampoon (lam-poon'), v. t talis 

Lance (lans), s. tombak orarg ber- 

Lance, v. t. blah drgan pisau daun 

Lancet (lan'set), s. pisau daun 
padi* piso doktor (B.). 

Land (land), s. (as opposed to 
water) darat; (portion of earth's 
surface) bnua* negri, tanah; 
(ground) tanah. Land breeze, 
argin darat. Land office, pjabat 
tanah (J.). Land rent, hasil 

Land, v. i. naik darat. 

Land, v. t. (cargo) purggah; (a 
fish) sentakkan k-darat; (cause to 
fall) jatohkan. 

Landau (lan'daw), s. kreta bogi 

Landing (land'ing), s. (going on 
shore) hat naik darat; (landing 
place) prgkalan* bagan (P.) ; 
(level part of staircase) plantar* 

Landlady (-la-di), s. same as below. 

Landlord (-lord), s. (owner) tuan 

tanah, tuan rumah; (of an inn) 
tuan hotel, kpala rumah makan. 

Landmark (-mark), s. (boundary 
stone) batu smpadan; (prominent 
object) tanda 'alamat di darat* 

Landscape (-skap), s. gambar 

Landslip (-slip), s. tanah runtoh, 
tanah roboh; (small) tanah ter- 

Lane (Ian), s. lororg, lurorg (B.). 

Language (lang'gwej), s. bhasa, 
chakap, loghat (Ar.). Court lan- 
guage, bhasa dalam.* Foul lan- 
guage, charut. 

Languid (-gwid), adj. Iteh, Isu, 

Languish (-gwish), v. i. (of per- 
sons) mnjadi Iteh; (of plants) 

Langour (-ger), s. Iteh, Isu, Irgoh. 

Lank (langk), adj. kurus krirg. 

Lanky (langk'i), adj. tirggi mran- 
jau* tirggi mlonjorg, tirggi mn- 
jolok (B.) ; (less) panjaig lam- 

Lantern (lan'tern), s. lantirg (E.), 
lantera* (Port), kandil (Ar.) ; 
(paper) targlorg (Ch.) 1 ; (glass) 
terg (Ch.). 

Lanyard (-yerd), s. (ISTaut) tali 
tamli, nay an. 

Lap (lap), s. (on the knees) riba- 
3 an;* (circuit on race track) kli- 
lirg; (overhang, as tiles) lapisan. 

Lap, v. t. (fold) lapiskan. 

Lap, v. i. (with the tongue) jilat. 

Lapel (la-pel'), s. lipatan baju. 

Lapidary (lap'i-da-ri), s. (artificer) 
pnchanai;* (expert in stones) jau- 
hari (Ar.). 

Lappet (lap'pet), s. lipatan. 

Lapse (laps), v. i. (slip, slide) glin- 
chir; (pass slowly) lalu; (become 
void) batal, lunchor* 

Lapse, s. (error, fault) silap, (Ar. 
khilaf). Lapse of time, anlara* 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minus, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful) ; law, how, oil; thin Men. 




Larboard (lar'bord), s. sblah kiri 
(di kapal), usually port. 

Larceny (-se-ni), s. churi, kchurian. 

Lard (lard), s. miiyak babi. 

Lard, v. t. miryaki; (as pans in cook- 
ing) lensirj* also see interlard. 

Larder (lard'er), s. bileh pryimpan 
makanan, spen (N.I.). 

Large (larj), adj. bsar; (of area) 
luas, laparg; in some expressions 
ray a or agory, as, jalan ray a* 
msjid agoig* At large (without 
restraint), bebas. 

Largely (larj'li), adv. (usually) k- 
biasa'an; (mostly) terlbeh skali, 
terutama (Sk.). 

Largess (lar'jes), s. hambur-ham- 
bur* derma (Sk.), kurnia (Sk.). 

Lark (lark), s. s-jnis burorg pipit. 

Larva (lar'va), s. ulat, briga;* (of 
mosquitoes) jntek-jntek. 

Larynx (lar'ingks), s. tkak. 

Lascar (las'kar) s. anak prahu, 

Lascivious (las-siv'i-ws), adj. ga- 
sarg* gatal, miary, perlente 
(N.I.), perlonteh (N.I.) ; (of 
animals) biarg* gkirg (P.). 

Lash (lash), s. (end of a whip) hu- 
jorg chabok; (stroke with a whip) 
sbat; (eyelash) bula mata. 

Lash, v. t. (strike with a whip) 
sbat, chaboki; (bind with rope) 
bbat, kbat ;* (tie together) ikat, 

Lashing (lash'ing), s. tali prgikat; 
(of rattan) krawat* Gun lash- 
ings, bndawat* mriam. 

Lass (las), s. anak prempvan, anak 
dara, prawan* gadis* dayarg* 

Lassitude (las'si-tud), s. klmahan, 

Lasso (-so), s. tali pnjrat Imbu, 
jrat; (for fish or snakes) tanjol* 

Lasso, v. t. sank, tanjol* 

Last (last), adj. prghabisan, yarg 
kmdian skali, yarg bldkarg .skali, 
chorot, yarg akhir (Ar.). Last 

night, malam tadi, s-malam. Last 
week, mirggo lain, mirggo dhulu. 
Last year, tahun lain, tahun dhulu, 
tahun sudah. At last, prghabisan^ 
tya, a.khir-nja (Ar.), habis-habis* 
To breathe one's last, putus ryawa. 

Last, adv. (previously) dhulu. 

Last, s. klbot kasut* kalbot spatu.* 

Last, v. i. (endure) tahan ; (con- 
tinue, last long) kkal. This rain 
will not last long, ini hujan s-bntar 

Lasting (last'ing), adj. (continu- 
ing) kkal; (not fading, of colours) 

Lastly (-li) ? adv. prghabisan-rya, 
akhir-rya (Ar.). 

Latch (lach), 8. slak pintu* 

Latch, v. t. slak* 

Late (kit), adj. (tardy) lambat, le- 
wat; (deceased) yarg tlah mnirg- 
gal* yarg sudah mati (B.) ; (of 
princes) marhum (Ar.). The 
late Mr. — , arwah — (Ar.). 

Late, adv. (tardy) lambat. Late at 
night, jauh malam. Late in life, 
sudah 'umor, sudah ada 'umor 
(B.). Too late, klewatan, lewat, 
sudah lat. 

Lateen (la-ten'), adj. A lateen sail, 
layer bulu ayam. 

Lately (lat'li), adv. bharu ini, 
bharu- sahaja, tadi, dalam sdikit 

Latent (la/tent), adj. tersmburyi, 
terlindorg, terslindorg* 

Later (lat'er), adv. kmdian. Soon- 
er or later, lambat-batgat* lam- 
bat-laun* lambat-lawan (B.). 

Lateral (lat'er-al), adj. di sblah, 
sblah erergan* 

Laterite (-it), s. batu merah. 

Lath (lath), s. broti; (to which 
ataps are fastened) jerjak;* (in- 
side the atap) brgkaivan;* (used in 
walls) blbas;* (in floors) lantai; 
(split bamboo laths) bilah* 

Lathe QMh) y s. plarek* bindu* 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, min^s, cure, injure, 

hurry; f65d, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin tften. 




Lather (la^'er), v. i. berbueh, ber- 
busa (B.). 

Lather, s. (of soap) bueh sabon; (of 
sweat) bueh ploh. 

Latin (lat'in), s. bhasa orarg Rom 
dhulu kala. 

Latitude (-i-tud), s. (breadth) k- 
luasan, lebar; (freedom from con- 
straint) hbebasan; (distance from 
equator) janh deri khatti 1-istiwa 

Latrine (la-tren'), s. jamban, tmpat 
buavg ayer, tmpat k-surgai* kakus 

Latter (lat'ter), adj. yarg kmdian, 

yarg di blakaiy. 
Latterly (-li), adv. kmdian; also see 


Lattice (-tis), s. jala-jala* mata- 

punai, jarirg-jarirg. 
Laud (lawd), v. t. puji. 
Laudable (lawd'a-bl), adj. yarg pa- 
tut di-puji. 
Laudanum (law'da-nwm or lod'- 

nwm), s. ayer madat. 
Laudatory (lawd'a-to-ri), adj. yatg 

Laugh (laf), v. i. tertawa, ktawa; 

(loudly) ilai* tertawa glak-glak* 

glakak; (giggle) kekek* kekel* 
Laugh, s. tertawa, glak* A horse 

laugh, ilai* 
Laughable (lafa-bl), adj. prggli 

hati, luchu* jnaka* yarg mmbuat 

Laughingstock (-ing-stok), s. p- 

Laughter (-ter), s. tertawa, glak* 

ilai;* see laugh. 
Launch (ianch or lawnch), v. t. 

(hurl) lontar; (cause to slide 

down) lunchurkan* sororg; (set 

going) jalankan. 
Launch, s. (act of launching) plun- 

churan;* (large boat) bargas (D. 

barkas). Steam launch, kapal api 


Laundress (lan'dres or lawn'dres), 
s. prempuan pryuchi kain. 

Laundry (-dri), s. tmpat mryuchi 

Laundryman (-dri-man), s. dobi, 
tukarg mnatu (N.I.). 

Laureate (law'ri-et), adj. Poet lau- 
reate, prgararg sha'ir krdja'an* 

Lava (la'va), s. batu hanchor yarg 
kluar deri gunorg berapi. 

Lavatory (lav'a-to-ri), s. bilek tm- 
pat mmbasoh targan, tmpat buarg 

Laver (la'ver), s. kolah* loyarg 


Lavish (laVish), adj. abor* habor* 
lempah* mewah, targan terbuka,* 
targan lebar (B.). 

Lavish, v. t. abor* habor* 

Law (law), s. (rule of conduct) hu- 
kum, kanun (Ar.) ; (law of Moses) 
taurit (Ar.) ; (Mohammedan law) 
shariat (Ar.) : (human govern- 
ment) huhum, preniah; (ordin- 
ance, rule) undarg-undarg , lo 
(E.),wet (D.) (N.L); (decree of 
a king) Utah* 

Law-abiding (-a-bld'ing), adj. yarg 
mnurut prentah. 

Law court (kort), s. tmpat bichara, 
mahkamah (Ar.), dewan (Pers.), 
hot (E.). 

Lawful (law'ftftfl), adj. halal, m- 
nurut undarg-undarg , sah. 

Lawgiver (-giv-er), s. orarg yarg 
m mbuat undarg-un darg. 

Lawless (-les), adj. derhaka. 

Lawn (lawn), s. halaman berrum- 
put, padarg main bola. 

Lawn, s. kain kasa (Ar. khasah), 
kain muslin (Eur.), kain maslin 

Lawsuit (law'siit), s. perkara, bi- 
rhara, perd'awa'an, kes (E.). 

Lawyer (-yer), s. pnolorg bichara, 
pguam* loyar (E.), layar (P.), 
pakrol (N.I.). 

Lax (laks), adj. (loose) lorggar, kn- 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minus, cure, injure 

hurry ; food, foot, awf ool (awful) ; law, how, oil ; thin t/ien. 




dur; (not strict) Imbot, rergan, 
rirgan (B.), kurarg kras. 

Laxative (laks'a-tiv), adj. pncha- 
har* julap, obat chuchi prot. 

Laxity (-i-ti), s. hal lorggar, hal kn- 
dur, pra?yai yarg Imbot. Laxity 
of discipline, pr entah yarg leurarg 
" kras. 

Lay (la), v. t. (put down) ltdk, 
tar oh; (cause to lie down) barirg- 
kan; (of sick persons) hantar ;* 
(arrange, as bricks, etc.) susun, 
tindan;* (make ready, prepare) 
pasarg; (a table) atur; (a carpet) 
bntarg; (place in position) buboh, 
bubu (B.), as, buboh alas, to lay 
foundations; (impose as a burden 
or punishment) targgorgkan, Uak- 
kan, jatohkan. To lay aside, tpi- 
kan, sblahkan. To lay bare, buka. 
To lay claim to, alcui* To lay 
down (surrender), srahkan; (as- 
sert) tntukan. To lay eggs, bcr- 
tlor, To lay hands on, targkap. 
To lay hold of, pgarg, pegarg (B.), 
paid. To lay open, buka. To lay 
out (expend), blanjakan; (dis- 
play) njatakan; (exert) kluarkan 
To lay to heart, irgat baik-baik. 
To lay up (store), simpan; (con- 
fine) kurorg. To lay wait for, 
'ndap, mrgnda.p (B.), adarg* To 
lay waste, rosakkan. 

Lay, adj. yarg tiada berpargkat; see 


Layer (la'er), s. (thickness or fold) 
lapis; (course, as of bricks) susun, 

Layman (-man), s. orarg tiada ber- 
pargkat, orarg preman; see laity. 

Laziness (-zi-nes), s. kmalasan. 

Lazy (-zi), adj. malas, pmalas, 
klesa* brat tularg. 

Lead (led), s. (the metal) timah 
hitam; (for sounding) prum* 
batu duga; (on a fishing line) 
batu ladorg* Black lead, ararg 
berbku* Red lead, sdlirggam* 

White lead, abok chat puteh. To 

heave or cast the lead, buarg 

prum,* buarg duga. 
Lead (led), v. t. (guide with the 

hand) pimpin; (conduct) hantar; 

(direct the way) bawa jalan; 

(draw with a rope, as animals) 

eret;* (with a stick, as a blind 

man) tuntun;* (precede) dhului; 

(be a leader to) hulukan* To 

lead astray, ssatkan. To lead to 

(cause), bawa, datargkan, sbab- 

Leaden (led'n), adj. (made of lead) 

deri-pada timah hitam; (the co- 
lour) kbam* 
Leader (led'er), s. pmbawa jalan, 

prganjur* pandu* kpala. 
Leadership (-ship), s. rsmi prg- 

Leading (led'ing), adj. yarg mula- 

mula, yarg dhulu. 
Leadline (led'lin), s. tali prum* 

tali duga. 
Leaf (lef), s. daun, daun kayu; (of 

palm trees) plpah; (of nipah) 

samir;* (of a book) hlai* lai. 

Gold leaf, 'mas kertas, 'mas prada.* 

Leaf insect, blalarg daun. 
Leafless (lef'les), adj. gondol, tiada 

berdaun, rergges* lokos* 
Leafy (-i), adj. (full of leaves) ren- 

darg, rimbun.* 
League (leg), s. kjauhan tiga batu. 
League, s. muafakat (Ar.), per- 

skutuan;* (in a bad sense) su- 

League, v. i. berskutu,* bermua- 

fakat (Ar.). 
Leak (lek), s. bochor. 
Leak, v. i. (as a roof or vessel) bo- 
chor; (as fluids) tiris. To leak 

out (as a secret), pchah. 
Leakage (lek'ej), s. bochor 
Leaky (-i), adj. bochor; (of atap 

roofs) bintarg-bintargan* 
Lean (len), v. i. (incline) chondorg, 

serget, si*enderg;* (rest on the 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, min-us, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




hand) bertlkan;* (on the elbow) 
bertlku; (conform in conduct) 
chondovg. To lean against, san- 

Lean, adj. kurus. 

Leanness (len'nes), s. kkurusan. 

Lean-to (-too), s. atap pisarg sikat* 

Leap (lep), v. i. t. lompat; (a stand- 
ing jump) rjok; (with both feet) 
lonchat; (as animals) hambor; 
(as fish) lamb org. To leap down, 
terjun. To leap on, terkam. 

Leap, s. lompatan, lonchatan, terjun. 

Leapfrog (lep'frog), s. main lompat 
katak [kodok (B.)]. 

Leap-year (-yer), s. tdhun kabisat 
(At.), tahun panjarg, tahun lun 
(B.) (Ch. lun). 

Learn (lern), v. i. (gain know- 
ledge) blajar, kaji* mrgaji; (re- 
ceive information) dapat tahu. 

Learn, v. t. To learn the Koran, 
mrgaji kor'an. To learn by heart, 
hapalkan* (Ar.hafatl). To learn 
the sciences, mnuntut 'ilmu* 

Learned (lern'ed), adj. berilmu* 
'alim (Ar.), berplajaran, arif 
(Ar. 'arif), pandai surat (B.). 

Learner (-er), s. murid. 

Learning (-ing), s. (acquisition of 
knowledge) plajaran; (acquired 
knowledge) 'ilmu* prgtahuan, k- 
pandaian. A man of learning, 
oravg 'alim (Ar.), pndita (Sk.). 

Lease (les), s. sewa, pajak; (of 
government land) gran hidop (E. 

Lease, v. t. sewa, pajak. 

Leash (lesh), s. tali pnambat. 

Least (lest), adj. yarg kchil skali, 
yarg kurarg skali. At least (not 
iess than), s-kurarg -kurarg ; (at 
anv rate) bgimana pun. In the 
least, sdikit pun. Not in the least, 
satu pun tidak, tidak skali-kali. 

Leather (leth'er), s. (raw) blu- 
larg;* (tanned) kulit, kulit sa- 

Leather, adj. deri-pada kulit, kulit 

Leathery (-i), adj. sperti kulit, 

Leave (lev), s. (permission) kbnar- 
an, izin; (vacation) chuti. To 
take one's leave, bermohon* minta 
din* mnampun* 

Leave, v. t. (depart from, let re- 
main, abandon) tiiggalkan; (let 
be) biarkan. To leave alone, biar- 
kan, diamkan. To leave off (de- 
sist from), berhnti, brenti (B.), 
Ipas; (forsake) buargkan. To 
leave out, tirggalkan, largkaukan* 

Leave, v. i. (depart) pergi, bertolak, 
beratgkat (N.I.). 

Leaven (lev'n), s. ragi, khamir 

Leaven, v. t. (cause to ferment) 
ragikan; (imbue with) champur 

Leavings (leVingz), s. (of food) 
sisa; (on the floor) remahj* (of 
cloth and other materials) reja; 
(refuse) hampas. 

Lecherous (lech'er-^s), adj. ga- 
sarg* miarg, gatal; (of animals) 

Lectern (lek'tern), s. (stand for the 
Koran) rihal* (Ar. raiial). 

Lecture (-chur), s. prguchapan, prg- 
a jar an; (on religious subjects) 
khutbah* (Ar. khiwbah), see be- 

Lecture, v. i. bacha prguchapan, 
bershurah (Ar. shuraii). 

Lecture, v.t. (reprove) ajar, tgur, 
kalut (B.). 

Lecturer (-er), s. pmbacha uchapan, 
yarg bershurah (Ar.). 

Ledge (lej), s. kumai* pak* terg- 
kat-tetgkat pak* 

Ledger (lej'er), s. buku kira-kira. 

Lee (le), s. tmpat tdoh. 

Lee, adj. sblah baivah argin. 

Leech (lech), s. (of the jungle) pa- 
chat;* (in water) lintah. 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; Ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minws, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




Leek (lek), s. bawarg kuchai (Ch. 
ku-chhai) . 

Leer (ler), v. i. jlirg drgan niat 
jdhat, kerlirg* 

Lees (lez), s. pi. kladak* 

Leeward (le'werd or lu'erd), adj. 
sblah bawah argin, mrgekor argin* 

Leeway (le'wa), s. (Naut.). To 
make leeway, hanjut, babas. 

Left (left), adj. kiri, sblah kiri. 

Lefthanded (left'hand'ed), adj. ki- 

Leg (leg), s. (gen.) kaki; (from 
knee to ankle) btis;* (thigh) pa- 
ha; (of grasshopper) ktek* 

Legacy (leg'a-si), s. psalm, pusaka. 

Legal (le'gal), adj. (conforming to 
law) halal, mnurut hukum, m- 
nurut pr entah, mnurut undarg-un- 
darg. To take legal action, d'aiva, 
buat perkara. Legal adviser, lo- 
yar (E.), etc., see lawyer. 

Legalize (Iz), v. t. lialalkan. 

Legally (-li), adv. mnurut hukum, 
drgan halal (Ar. Halal). 

Legate (leg'et), s. utusan* 

Legatee (leg'a-te'), s. waris (Ar. 

Legation (le-ga'shim), s. (em- 
bassy) utusan;* (envoy's resi- 
dence) rumah utusan.* 

Legend (lej'end or le'jgnd), s. chri- 
ta dhulu kala yarg 'ajaib-ajaib* 
[heran (B.)]. 

Legendary (lej'en-da-ri), adj. deri- 
pada chrita yarg 'ajaib* [heran 


Legerdemain (lej'er-de-man'), s. 
silap mata. 

Legging (leg'ging), s. lapek btis* 

Legible (lej'i-bl), adj. yarg boleh 

Legion (le'jnn), s. pasokan soldado 
orarg Rom dhulu kala; (mul- 
titude) terlalu baiyak. 

Legislate (lej'is-lat), v. i. buat 
undarg-undarg, kluarkan hukum. 

Legislation (-la'shtai), s. hal mm- 
buat undarg-undarg. 

Legislative (-la-tiv), adj. berkna- 
J an drgan mmbuat undary-un- 
daiy* Legislative council, mar 
shuarat* kraja'an. 

Legislator (-la-ter), s. yarg mm- 
buat undarg-undarg. 

Legislature (-la-chur), s. majlis 
yarg mmbuat undarg-undarg* 

Legitimate (le-jit'i-met), adj. (ac- 
cordant with law) yarg mnurut 
pr entah, yarg mnurut hukum; 
(lawful) halal; (lawfully born) 
anak nikah* ' (Ar. nikdii), anak 
kali win (B.) ; (proper) patut, 

Legitimize (-miz), v. t. halalkan. 

Leguminous (le-gu'mi-nws), adj. 
deri-pada bargsa kacharg. 

Leisure (lezh'ur or le'zhur), s. (va- 
cant time) laparg, klapargan, Iga; 
(convenient opportunity) snarg, 

Leisure, adj. laparg, Iga, snarg; as 

Leisurely (-li), adj. perlahan-la- 
han, lambat, plan-plan. 

Lemon (lem'-un), s. limau susu. 
Lemon grass, srai. 

Lemonade (-ad'), s. ayer lamnet 
(E.), ayer limon (N.I.), limonada 

Lemur (le'mer), s. kuborg* 

Lend (lend), v. t. pinjamkan, bri 
pin jam; (grant, afford) bri. To 
lend a hand, tolorg. 

Lender (lend'er), s. yarg mminjam- 

Length (length), s. (distance from 
end to end) panjarg, kpanjargan; 
(as opposed to width) bujor ;* 
(duration) Ian jut, lama; (a single 
piece, of long objects) s-batarg; 
(of flat things, as ataps) s-bidarg;* 
(as partitions) s-pnamparg ;* (of 
rope, if cut) s-potorg; (of bamboo, 
between joints) s-ruas* At 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minus, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




length, prghabisan-'rya, akhir-rya 

Lengthen (length'n), v. t. panjarg- 

Jcan, lanjutkan; (as garments, by 

adding a piece) torgkah;* (as a 

plank of a boat) targkir* 
Lengthwise (-wiz), adv. mmbu- 

Lengthy (-i), adj. panjarg sargat, 

terlalu panjarg, terlalu lanjut. 
Leniency (le'ni-en-si), s. (mercy) 

bias, kasehan, see below. 
Lenient (-ent), adj. (mild) Imah- 

Imbot; (merciful) berkasehan; 

(not severe, of a punishment) re- 

rgan, enterg (N\L). 
Lens (lenz), s. (of telescopes, etc.) 

Jcaclia troporg; (of spectacles) ka- 

cha mata. 
Lent (lent), s. puasa orarg Msihi* 

ampat-puloh hari lama-rya [Kris- 

tian (B.)]. 
Lentil (len'til), s. kacharg hijau. 
Leopard (lep'erd), s. (yellow) ha- 

rimau bintarg* hrimau dahan* 

rimau akar; (black) harimau 

kumbarg, rimau kumbarg. 
Leper (-er), s. orarg berkusta* 

orarg berpryakit jahat, orarg taiko 

(B.) (CYi.'tMi-ko). 
Leprosy (-ro-si), s. kusta* pryakit 

jahat, pryakit bsar, taiko ' (B.) 

(Ch. thai-ko). / 

Less (les), adj. (not so much) ku- 

rarg; (smaller than) kchil deri- 

Lessee (les-se'), s. orarg yarg mrye- 

Lessen (les'n), v. t. kurargkan, 

kchilkan, rergankan. 
Lesson (les'sn), s. (something 

learnt) plajaran; (something read) 

bachaaru; (rebuke) ajar an, trgkirg, 

Lessor (les'sor), s. orarg yarg m- 

Lest (lest), conj. spay a jargan, asal 

jargan; (for fear that) takot 

Let (let), v. t. (permit, allow) biar, 
biarkan, bri, kasi (B.) ; (lease) 
sewakan. To let alone, biarkan, 
tirggalkan. To let down (lower), 
turunkan, labohkan; (the hair) 
gerbargkan. To let fall, jatohkan. 
To let a person go, Ipaskan. 
To let in (allow to enter), masok- 
kan, bri masok, lulus* To let 
loose, Ipaskan. To let off (fire- 
arms), pasarg; (release) Ipaskan; 
(pardon) mahapkan (Ar. ma'af). 
To let out (release) Ipaskan; (en- 
large) bsarkan; (lease) seivakan; 
(divulge) pchahkan. 

Let, s. Without let or hindrance, 
drgan tiada tersargkot, digan tiada 
aral* (Ar. 'aradl). 

Lethargic (le-thar'jik), adj. yarg 
rnrgantok, lalai. 

Lethargy (leth'er-ji), s. rsmi rn- 
rgantok, lalai, klalaian. 

Letter (let'ter), s. (written charac- 
ter) hnruf (Ar. iiuruf) ; (written 
communication) surat kiriman, 
warkah (Ar.). Letters of ad- 
ministration, surat kuasa psaka. 

Lettuce (-tis), s. daun salada (D.). 

Leucoderma, see discoloration. 

Leucorrhoea (lu'kor-re'a), s. puteh- 

Levee (lev'a), s. (of a king) mn- 
junjorg duli* 

Level (lev'el), adj. (even, flat) rata, 
datar;* (on the same level) s-lari* 
sama rata; (of two things) sama 

Level, v. t. (make flat or horizontal) 
ratakan; (bring to the same level 
as something) araskan;* (bring 
down) ratakan drgan bumi; (aim, 
as a gun) tujukan; (bring to a 
common level) samakan. 

Lever (le'ver, u. s. lev'er), s. tuil* 
prgumpil; (of a rice huller) gan- 
dar;* (of large fishing stakes) 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, mhws, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




Leviticus (le-vit'i-kws), s. hitab i- 
mamat (Ar.). 

Levity (lev'i-ti), s. (lightness, buoy- 
ancy) klamporgan; (frivolity) 
rsmi yarg sia-sia* 

Levy (-i), v. t. (collect, as troops) 
krah;* (as taxes) purgut, kutip* 

Lewd (Kid), adj. luchah, chabol* 
gasarg* gatal, miarg; (of conver- 
sation) charut. 

Lexicographer (leks'i-kog'ra-fer), 
s. pryararg kamus (Ar. qdmus). 

Lexicon (-kun), s. kamus (Al\). 

Liability (li'a-bil'i-ti), s. (a debt) 
hutarg; see liable. 

Liable (-bl), adj. (bound by law) 
terpaksa. Contingency is express- 
ed as follows: a horse is liable to 
-stumble, kuda terkadarg-kadarg ter- 
-sradonj* [tersutrjkoh (B.)~|. Li- 
able to happen, liar us, mumkin 

Liar (ll'er), s. pmbohorg, pndusta* 

Libation (H-ba'sh?in), s. persmbah- 
an minuman. 

Libel (H'bl), v. t. nsta* chercha* 
busokkan nam a. 

Libel, s. nsta (Sk.), chercha (Sk.). 

Libellous, (-ws), adj. pnsta* pn- 

Libera] (lib'er-al), adj. (generous) 
murah hati; (abundant, bounti- 
ful) lempah* mlepah (B.) ; (not 
narrow) bebas. 

Liberality (-al'i-ti), s. (generosity) 
kmurahan; (abundance) klempah-* 
an;* (independence) kbebasan. 

Liberate (-at), v. t. Ipaskan, bebas- 
kan; (of slaves) merdhekakan 

Libertine (-tin), a. orary chabol* 
orarg luchah, perlonteh (N.I.). 

Liberty (-ti), s. (freedom) kbebas- 
an; (from slavery) kmerdhekaan 
(Sk.); (leave, permission) izin. 
At liberty, bebas. 

Librarian (H-brar'i-an), s. pnjaga 
perkumpolan buku. 

Library (lfbra-ri), s. perkumpolan 
buku-buku, tmpat mryimpan buku. 

Licence (ll'sens), s. (authority, per- 
mission) izin, kbnaran; (a docu- 
ment) surat izin, lesen (E.), bslit 
(N.I.) (D. besluit) ; (excess of 
liberty) kbebasan. 

License, v. t. bri izin, bnarkan. 

Licentious (-sen'sh-ws), adj. lu- 
chah, gasarg* gatal, miarg, cha- 
bol* perlonteh (N.I.). 

Licentiousness (-nes), s. luchah, 
gasarg * perchabolan,* perlonteh- 
an (KL). 

Lichen (H'ken), s. lumut. 

Lick (lik), v. t. jilat; (beat, con- 
quer, si.) alahkan* 

Licking (lik'ing), s. (si.) gasak, 

Lid (lid), s. tutop, tudorg; (eyelid) 
klopak mata. 

Lie (II), s. bohorg, dusta* bid'ah 
(Ar.). To give a person the lie, 

Lie, v. i. bohorg, mmbohorg, ber- 

Lie, v. i. barirg; (prone) tiarap, m- 
niarap; (of sick persons) terhan- 
tar;* (on the back) terlntarg; (be 
situated) dudok; (abide, con- 
tinue) tirggal; (consist in) jadi 
deri-pada. To lie down, barirg; 
(children's talk) bam* To lie 'in 
wait, 'ndap, adarg* To lie on, 
tindeh. To lie over (be deferred) 
targgoh* pospon (E.). 

Lief (lef), adv. (willingly) ber- 
knan. I would as lief go as not, 
pergi atau tidak sama berknan. 

Liefer (lef er), adv. (rather) rmak, 
atggor* Liefer die than live 
thus, deri-pada hidop bgini rmak- 
lah matt. 

Liege (lej), adj. (having full au- 
thority) maha kuasa; (loyal) ber- 
bakti (Sk.). 

Lien (len), s. (right to control pro- 
perty) hak* (Ar. naqq). 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minus, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




Lieu (lu), s. In lieu of, akan ganti, 

Lieutenant (lef -ten'ant ), s. Jcpala 
lima-puloh soldado, m'alim di lea- 
ped prarg, letnan (N.I.). 

Lieve (lev), adj. = lief, q. v. 

Life (lTf), s. (state of being) hidop; 
(principle of life) hay at (Ar. Ha- 
yat) ; (duration of life) 'umor, 
usia (Sk.) ; (vital force) jiwa, 
ryawa; (way of living) kahidopan, 
klakuan; (biography) hikayat.* 
The life to come, akhirat. A life 
sentence, hukum jel sampai mati. 
All one's life, s-panjarg 'umor, s- 
( umor hidop. See spirit. 

Lifebelt (lif'belt), s. baju plam- 

Lifeboat (-bot), s. prdhu pnolorg 
orarg karam. 

Lifebuoy (-boi), s. boya* bairup* 

Lifeless (-les), adj. (without life) 
tiada ber ryawa; (spiritless) Mesa,* 
kurarg chergas* 

Life preserver (pre-zerv'er), s. 
tali knot* (D. knots = cudgel). 

Lifelong (-long), adj. yarg s-'umor 

Lifetime (-tim), s. 'umor. 

Lift (lift), v. t. (raise) argkat, naik- 
kan; (to a higher place) tirggi- 
kan; (with one hand) tatirg;* 
(as a curtain or skirt) selak. 

Lift, s. (act of lifting) hal mrgarg- 
kat; (elevator) lip (E.), psawat 
mrgargkat bararg atau orarg dalam 
rumah* Topping lift (Naut.), 

Ligament (lig'a-ment), s. (any- 
thing that ties) ikatan, pdrhuborg- 
an; (of the muscles) urat pry am- 
borg hdarg. 

Ligature (-chur), s. bbatan, baruU 

Light (Ht), s. trarg, chahya, sinar; 
(daylight) siarg'; (that which 
gives light, as a lamp or light- 
house) api, suloh. To bring to 

light, ryatakan, trargkan. To give 
light, berchahya, bersinar. 

Light, adj. (bright) trarg, ber- 
chahya, chrah; (of colour) muda, 
ledarg (W.) ; (in weight) rergan, 
enterg (iST.L) ; (in specific grav- 
ity, as soft woods) lamporg; 
(easy) snarg, mudah;* (of wind) 
svui-spui;* (of ships, without 
cargo) arggal* To make light of, 
rergankan, permudahkan* 

Light, v. t. (set fire to) chuchoh;* 
(kindle fire or lamps) pasarg, rya- 
lakan; (illuminate) trargkan; 
(with a torch or lamp) suloh. 

Lighten (Ht'n), v. i. berkilat. 

Lighten, v. t. (illuminate) trarg* 
kan; (make lighter) rergankan, 
kurargkan, entergkan (N.I.) ; (re- 
duce cargo, of a ship) arggalkan* 

Lighter (-er), s. torgkarg, toako 
(Ch. toa-ko'). 

Lighterage (-er-ej), s. warg sewa 

Lightheaded (lit'hed'ed), adj. m- 

Lighthearted (-hart'ed), adj. ber* 

Lighthouse (-hows), s. rumah api. 

Lightly (-li), adv. (with little 
weight) rergan; (in small degree) 
sdikit; (without heed) drgan ku- 
rarg irgat; (without reason) tiada 
s-nnna-mna* tiada bersbab. 

Lightness (-nes), s. (buoyancy) 

Lightning (-ning), s. kilat. Forked 
lightning, kilat saborg-mryaborg, 
kilat samborg-mryamborg (B.). 
Flash of lightning, panah ptir. 

Lights (Hts), s. paru-paru 

Lightship (lit'ship), s. kapal yarg 
mnjadi rumah api. 

Ligneous (}\gm-us), adj. deri-pada 
kayu, kayu (a). 

Like (Hkj, adj. (similar) s-rupa, 
sama. Something like, s'akan- 
akan* mau sama (B.). 

&te, ask, am, final, care,, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minws, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




Like, adv. or prep, sperti, sama 
sperti, laksana, umpama, s-laku* 
s-rupa drgan. Like father like 
son, bgimana bapa dmkian* juga 
anak-rya [bgitu (B.)]. 

Like, s. (counterpart) iara, bandirg; 
(liking, preference) suka. 

Like, v. t. (enjoy) suka, gmar* 
akan; (approve, be pleased with) 
berknan, berkna?ikan, sudikan. 

Like, v. i. suka, sudi 

Likelihood (lTk'li-hood), s. (pro- 
bability) hal yarg boleh di-sargka, 
lial yarg boleh di-harap. 

Likely (lik'li), adj. (credible) yarg 
dapat di-perchaya; (probable) 
yarg boleh di-sargka, yarg di-sargka 
boleh jadi; (promising) yarg boleh 

Likely, adv. see above. 

Likeminded (-mlnd'ed), adj. satu 

Liken (llk'n), v. t. (compare) ban- 
dirgkan, umpamakan (Sk.), sama- 

Likeness (-nes), s. (similarity) k- 
si'upaan; (appearance) rupa; 
(portrait) gambar, .-port-ret (1ST. I.). 

Likewise (-wlz), adv. bgitu juga, 
dmkian juga* 

Liking (-ing), s. (desire, prefer- 
ence) ksukaan, Jcgmaran* 

Lilac (li'lak), s. (the colour) urgu 

Lily (lil'i), s. (Crinum asiaticum) 
bakorg. Water lily, tun j org,* tra- 
iai kchil. 

Limb (lim), s. (of the body) arg- 
gota (Sk.) ; (of a tree) chaharg, 

Limber (lim'ber), s. (of a gun) 
kreta mriam yarg di hadapan ber- 
isi plum. 

Limber, adj. Intor. 

Limbo (-bo), s. c alam barzakh 

Lime (lim), s. (Citrus acida) limau 
nipis; (the smallest kind) limau 

ksturi; (oxide of calcium) kaput 
tohor; (birdlime) gtali bur org. 

Lime, v. t. (with birdlime) gtah, 
mrggtah; (with calcium) sapu ka- 
pur, labur* 

Limekiln (lim'kil), s. dapur mm- 
bakar kapur. 

Limestone (-ston), s. batu kapur. 

Limit (lim'it), s. perhirgga'an* 
smpadan, aras,* had (Ar. Had); 
(of time) pretggan masa;* (of 
measurement) jargka* 

Limit, v. t. (apply limits) perhirgga- 
Jcan* etc., as above; (circumscribe, 
restrict) smpitkan, pichekkan* 

Limitation (lim'i-ta'shim), s. (act 
of limiting) pri mmperhiiggakan,* 
pri mnjmpitkarv; (that which li- 
mits) perhirgga'an* had (Ar.), 

Limited- (lim'it-ed), adj. (restrict- 
ed) smpit, sergkat, pichek;* (con- 
fined within limits) b perhirgga- 
'an * berhad (Ar.). 

Limitless (-les), adj. tiada bper- 
hitgga'an* tiada terliirgga* tiada 
had (Ar.). 

Limn (lim), v. t. tulis gambar. 

Limp (limp), adj. (lacking stiff- 
ness) Imbek, lusoh; (hanging 
limp, as a broken arm) terkulai;* 
(as breasts) kopak, kopek. 

Limp, v. i. berjalan temparg, ber- 
jalan inchut. 

Limpid (lim'pid), adj. jerneh, ft- 
nirg* bnirg* 

Limulus (lim'u-ks), s. (king crab) 

Linchpin (linch'pin), s. pasah 

Line (lin), s. (thread or string) &- 
narg, tali; (long mark) baris; (if 
scratched) garis; (ruled on paper) 
mistar (Ar.) ; (course, route) ja- 
lan; (direction) tujuan, hala;* 
(row) baris, jejer* deret; (short 
letter) surat yarg rergkas; (creases 
on the hand) rtak; (lineage) Jc- 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, flrew 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minws, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin Men, 

\ . 




turunan. Hard lines, nasib ta y - 
baik, untorg malarg. Line of bat- 
tle, iJcat prarg* Bail way line, 
jalan kreta api. Telegraph line, 
Jcawat taligrap. 

Line, v. t. (as clothes) lapis; (as a 
box with paper) alas. 

Lineage (lin'i-ej), s. Jcturunan. 

Lineal (-al), adj. (in direct line of 
descent) s-jati * 

Lineament (-a-ment), s. rupa, pa- 

Linear (-er), adj. (consisting of 
lines) berbaris. 

Linen (lin'en), s. lenen (E.), kat- 
tan* (Ar. kattan). 

Liner (lm'er), s. (slip of metal) 
ganjal* sndal* sntal (B.) ; 
(steamship) kapal mel (E. mail), 
kapal chain* (Hind. chat). 

Linger (ling'ger), v. i. leigah, ber- 
la-mhatan, berundan;* (in disease) 
idap* pryakit, mrana. 

Lingering (-ing), adj. lergah, lam- 
bat; (of disease) mrana. 

Linguist (-gwist), s. yarg tahu ba- 
ryak bhasa. 

Liniment (lin'i-ment), s. obat go- 

Lining (Hn'ing), s. (of a garment) 
lapi&an*; (of a box) alas. 

Link (lingk), s. (single ring of a 
chain) mata; (sleeve link) kan- 
chirg targan; (that which binds or 
unites) huborgan. 

Link, v. t. (unite, join) samhorg, 
huborg, jrepet* jreket* jrait* 

Linoleum (li-no'li-wm), s. tikar 

Linseed (lin'sed), s. biji kattan* 
(Ar. kattan). 

Lint (lint), s. kain obat luka, ghn- 
porg* (W.). 

Lintel (lin'tel), s. ambarg* 

Lion (ll'wn), s. sirga. Lion's 
share, bhagian yarg bsar. 

Lioness (-es), s. sirga btina. 

Lip (lip), s. bibir mulut; (of a ves- 

sel) bibir. Hare Up, bibir sum* 
birg, bibir somberg (B.). Pro- 
jecting lower lip, bihir jueh* 

Liquefaction (lik'we-fak'shim), s. 
hot mnclia'irkan, etc., as below. 

Liquefy (-fl), v. t. chairkan, encher- 
kan (N.L) ; (as metals) Iburkan. 

Liquid (lik'wid), adj. chair, encher 

Liquid, s. bararg yarg cha'ir. 

Liquidate (lik'wi-dat), v. t. bhagi- 
kan hutarg, slsaikan hutarg, slise- 
kan hutarg (B.). 

Liquidation (-da'slnm), s. hal mm- 
bhagikan dan mnjlsaikan hutarg. 

Liquidator (-da-ter), s. pgaivai* 
yarg mnjlsaikan hutarg orarg [ofi- 
ser (B.)]. 

Liquor (lik'er), s. minuman yarg 
kras, arak. 

Lisp (lisp), v. i. chakap telor, ber- 
tutor tclor; (as a child) bertutor 

List (list) s. (roll or catalogue) daf- 
ter (Ar.), lis (E.), stat (D.) 
(N.I.) ; (Naut.) serget, merirg, 
senderg;* (pi.) (field of combat) 
medan (Ar. maidan). To enter 
the lists, masok glarggarg* masok 

List, v. t. daftarkan (Ar.), serget- 
kan; as above. 

Listen (lis'n), v. i. drgar. 

Listless (list'les), adj. (spiritless) 
Isi* t'ada hati; (heedless) alpa 
(Sk.), lalai. 

Litany (lit'a-ni), s. do a tobat (Ar. 

Literal (lit'er-al), adj. (following 
the exact words) mnurut satu-satu 
perkataan; (real, not metaphori- 
cal) surggoh. 

Literary (-a-ri), adj. Literary 
work, kerja kararg-mrgararg . Li- 
terary man, orarg c alim (Ar.) r 
orarg pandai surat (B.). 

Literature (-a-chur), s. (acquain- 
tance with books) f ilmu* kitab r 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire,. 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, min-ws, cure, injure, 

hurry; fddd, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




'ilrnu* kararg-mrgararg ; (writ- 
ings) karargan. 

Lithe (\lth), adj. Intor; (of the 
body) lamped.* 

Lithograph (lith'o-graf), v..t. chap 

Lithographer (li-thog'ra-fer), s. 
tukarg chap batu. 

Lithography (-ft), s. 'ilmu* chap 

Litigant (lit'i-gant), s. orarg yarg 
ada perlcara, pnd'awa. 

Litigate (-gat), v. i. buat perlcara, 

Litigation (-ga'sh?m), s. bichara, 
perkara, perd'awa'an, d'awa-d'awi. 

Litter (lifter), s. (stretcher) u- 
soigan;* (straw) binclia, jrami;* 
(scattered things) bararg yarg ter- 
ser ak; (rubbish) sampah, sarap* 
(of dogs, etc.) prindun* 

Litter, v. t. (spread straw) serakkan 
jrami* tar oh bincha; (strew) 
serak, sepah, kaparkan;* (in dis- 
order, as clothes) prok. 

Little (lit'tl), adj. (small) kchil, 
kchik (B.) ; (short in time, small 
in quantity) sdikit. The little fin- 
ger, jari klergkerg. Little ones, 
kanak-ka,nak, budaJc-budak (B.). 

Little, adv. sdikit. 

Little, s. sdikit. Little by little, 

Liturgy (lifer- ji), s. surat do'a, 
surat maulud (Ar.). 

Live (liv), v. i. (be alive) hidop; 
(have life) berryawa, berhayat 
(Ar.) ; (dwell) tirggal, diam* du- 
dok;* (have a house) berrumah; 
(dwell temporarily) tumparg; 
(subsist on) makan. He lives at 
ease, kahidopan-rya snarg. To 
live long, berumor panjarg, hidop 
lama. To live on one's means, 
makan modal. 

Live (liv), adj. (alive) hidop; 
(burning) berryala 

Livelihood (Hv'li-hood), s. pn~ 
charian, pndapatan, kahidopan, 
nafkah (Ar. nafqah). Means *of 
livelihood, rjki (Ar. rizki), jerki 

Lively (liv'li), adj. (brisk in move- 
ment) pantas; (in work) cher- 
gas* gancharg* 

Liver (liv'er), s. (the organ) hati, 

Livery (-i), s. pakaian orarg gajL 
Livery stables, bargsal kreta sewa r 
stal kuda sewa (D. stal). 

Livid (liv'id), adj. Ibam. 

Living (-ing), adj. hidop, benyawa. 

Living, s. (life) kahidopan; (means- 
of subsistence) nafkah (Ar.) - r 
(manner of life) klakuan; (bene- 
fice of a clergyman) pgargan* 

Lizard (liz'erd), s. (the largest) bi- 
aivak;- (grass lizard) mrgkarorg* 
brgkarorg, chrgkarorg (B.) ; (large 
house lizard) tkek, tokek;* 
(small) chchak, chichak (B.) ; 
( chameleon ) sumpah-su mpah ; 
(flying lizard) chchak tcrbaig r 

Lo (16), int. hah n , tergok-lah. 

Load (lod), s. muatan, bban* pi- 
kulan, targg organ. 

Load, v. t. muat, isikan. To load a 
gun, mrgisi snaparg. 

Loadstone (lod'ston), s. batu brani.. 

Loaf (lof), s. (lump) ktul* A 
loaf of bread, s-biji roti. Loaf 
sugar, gula buku. 

Loaf, v. i. berharyut drgan malas, 
rayau;* (as a thief) imbarg* 

Loafer (lof'er), s. orarg haryut. 

Loam (lorn), s. tanah gmbur, ta- 
nah berchampur pasir, tanah 

Loan (Ion), s. (thing lent) pinjam- 
an; (debt) hutarg. 

Loan, v. t. (lend) pinjamkan, bri 
pin jam. 

Loath (loth), adj. (reluctant) ta'~ 
suka, tasudi, sgan. 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire,. 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minus, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




Loathe (loth), v. t. bnchi, gli, chi- 

chik* bnchi mluat. 
Loathing (losing), s. gli, chi- 

Loathsome (-sum), adj. (in ap- 
pearance) jijik; (to the taste) 

pdar;* (to the smell) maurg. 
Lob (lob), v. t. umban* 
Lobby (lob'bi), s. bilek tmpat m- 

Lobe (lob), s. chupiig* Lobe of 

the ear, chupirg tlirga* 
Lobster (lob'ster), s. udarg galah 

Local (lo'kal), adj. pada s-negri, s- 

tmpat. The pain is local, sakit s- 

tmpat sahaja. 
Locality (lo-kal'i-ti), s. tmpat. 
Localize (15'kal-Iz), v. t. tmpatkan* 

unjokkan tmpat. 
Locate (ld'kat), v. t. tmpatkan* 

tntukan tmpat. 
Location (lo-ka'shwn), s. tmpat, 

Loch (lok or lokh), s. tasek. 
Lock (lok), s. (forelock) jambul; 

(on the crown) bocherg* 
Lock, s. kunchi. Lock of a gun, 

tmpat psawat snaparg* 
Lock, v. t. kunchikan. 
Locker (lok'er), s. kotak, petak; 

(drawer) lachi, took (B.) (Ch. 

thoah). Sail locker (Naut.), 

lokor (B.). 
Locket (-et), s. agok* loket (E.). 
Lockjaw (-jaw), s. pryakit berkan- 

chirg gigi, kaku. 
Locksmith (-smith), s. tukarg kun- 
Lockup (-up), s. kurorgan, lokap 

Locomotion (15'ko-mo'srmn), s. 

(act of moving) pergrak'an; 

(power of moving) kuasa bergrak, 

kuasa berjalan. 
Locomotive (-mo-tiv), adj. yarg 

bergrak, yarg berjalan. 
Locomotive, s. enjin kreta api. 

Locust (ld'k^st), s. bilalarg. 

Lode (lod), s. bijeh di dalam bdtu, 
kararg, batu tlerarg* 

Lodge (loj), v. i. (spend the night) 
bermalam* tug gal satu malam 
(B.) ; (longer time) tumparg. 

Lodge, v. t. (give shelter) tum- 
patgkan. To lodge a complaint, 
haw a prgaduan. 

Lodge, s. pondok, teratak* rumah 

Lodger (loj'er), s. orarg yarg m- 
nnmparg, pnumparg. 

Lodging (-ing), s. tmpat mnum- 
parg f tmpat bermalam* 

Lodging-house (-hows), s. rumah 

Lodgment (-ment), s. kdudokan. 

Loft (loft), s. para.* 

Lofty (loft'i), adj. (high) tirggi; 
(noble) mulia. 

Log (log), s. batarg kayu; (Naut.) 
(common log) ikan-ikan; (pa- 
tent) topdal (L.) ; (record book) 
buku perirgatan, jernal (E.). 
Log cabin, pondok deri-pada batarg 
kayu. Log line (Naut.), tali top- 
dal. To heave the log (Naut), 
buarg ikan-ikan. 

Logarithm (log'a-rithm), s. hitorg- 
an bagi mrergkaskan jalan mm- 
bhagi dan mrgalL* 

Loggerhead (log'ger-hed), s. To be 
at loggerheads, bersliseh. 

Logic (loj'ik), s. 'ilrnu mantik* 
(At. ?nanTiq), 'ilmu mmikir 
drgan peraturan. 

Logical (-al), adj. yarg mnurut per- 
aturan mmikir, sabit di f akal (At. 

Loin (loin), s. pirggarg, sulbi (At.). 
Loin cloth, kain chawat. 

Loiter (loi'ter), v. i. lergah, leka, 
berlambat, lanchorg* 

Loll (lol), v. i. (recline) bersandar. 

Lone (Ion), adj. (solitary) turg- 
gal; (unmarried) bujarg. 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fixe, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minws, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (awful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




Loneliness (lon'li-nes), s. ksuryian, 

Lonely (lon'li), adj. (solitary) turg- 
gal; (by one's self) s'orarg diri; 
(without neighbours, unfrequent- 
ed) suryi. To feel lonely, berrasa 

Lonesome (-swm), adj. s'orarg diri. 

Long (long), adj. (of length or du- 
ration) panjarg; (duration only) 
lama, Ian jut At long intervals, 
jaranj. The long vowel sound, 
madd (At.). 

Long, adv. lama. All day long, s- 
hari-harian* s-panjarg hari. Be- 
fore long, tiada brapa lama, tiada 
berlanjut masa* Long ago, lama 
sudah, lama dhulu. 

Long, v. i. rindu, irgin, kpingin 
(N\I.) ; (of pregnant women) 
idam* mrgidam (B.). 

Longer (long'ger), adj. lb eh pan- 
jarg; (of time) lb eh lama. 

Longevity (lon-jev'i-ti), s. 'umor 

Longing (long'ing), s. krinduan, 
k'irginan, prgidaman* hasrat* 
(At. Hasrat) ; see long. 

Longitude (lon'ji-tud), s. Jcjauhan 
sblah Umor atau barat deri Green- 
wich di negri Irgqris. 

Longitudinal (-tu'di-nal), adj. bu- 

Long-lived (long-llvd'), adj. ber- 
'umor panjarg. 

Long-suffering (long'-suf 'fer-ing) , 
adj. sabar. 

Long-winded (-winded), adj. ber- 
kata-kata drgan Ian jut. To be 
longwindecl, leret* 

Look (look), v. i. tergok, lihat, kleh 
(P.) ; (more intently) pandarg; 
(still more) tatap* rnorg, amat- 
amati;* (very closely) belek;* 
(secretly, peep) intai; (up to the 
sky) trgadah; (behind one) to- 
leh;* (sideways, without moving 
the head) kerlirg* jlirg; (look 

away) palis;* (out of a window or 
hole) jrgok. To look after, jaga, 
plihara. To look back, toleh* 
To look black, bermuka masam. 
To look down on, pandarg tamata. 
To look for (seek), chart; (vermin* 
in hair) slisek;* (expect) harap- 
kan, nantikan. To look forth, 
jrgok. To look into, preksa. To 
look on (esteem, consider), bilary- 
kan; (be a spectator) pandarg. 
To look out (watch), tinjau* 
To look up (search) chari; (after 
looking down) toleh* It looks 
to me, pada pmandaiyan-ka* 
Look, s. (appearance, aspect) rupa. 
Look-out (look'-owt), s. (person 

who watches) pninjau* 
Looker-on (look'er-on'), s. orarg 

yarg mmandarg, pmandarg. 
Looking-glass (look'ing-glas), s. 

ch erm in-m uka, kacha mu ka. * 
Loom (loom), s. tnun. The frame 

of a loom, rumah tnun. 
Loom, v. i. bludoh* (W.). 
Loop (loop), s. lergkar, blit, gloty;* 
(for hooks on garments) raharg 
ay am* 
Loop, v. t. (rope) lergkarkan ;* (a 

curtain) sirgkapkan. 
Loophole (lddp'hol), s. lobarg p- 

Loose (loos), v.t. (untie) buka,. 
luchut, urai* orak;* (set free) 
Loose, adj. (untied) Ipas; (of the- 
hair) terurai* mrggerbarg; (not 
tight fitting) lorggar; (not 
stretched) kndur ; (not firmly fix- 
ed) galir;* (rickety) gual-gail;* 
(insecure) chopol;* (as sand or 
earth) gmbur; (as a ring) chlus* 
blus;* (of a cough, or the seed of 
a rambutan) lorgkah. 
Loosen (loos'n), v.t. (make loose) 
lorggarkan, kndurkan; (a knot) 
buka, orak;* (the hair) urai* 

ate, ask, am, final, care, car, carry; eve, hen, recent, mere, her, ferry; ice, it, fire, 

mirror; old, not, connect, sore, sort, sorry; use, us, minws, cure, injure, 

hurry; food, foot, awfool (a\rful); law, how, oil; thin then. 




Loot (loot), v. t. rampas. 

Lop (lop), v. t.( branches of a tree) 

tutoh;* (cut the end off) pan- 

Lop-eared (lop'erd), adj. ber- 

tlirga mnjuntai* kupirg terjbek 


Lop-sided (lop'-sld'ed), adj. (not 
properly round) imbal* 

Loquacious (lo-kwa'sh-us), adj. ble- 
tir, chramah* chlupar* chloteh* 

Lord (lord), s. (master) tuan; (ru- 
ler) yarg di-pertuan;* (nobleman) 
orarg bargsawan;* (God) Tuhan, 
Rabb (Ar.), Rabbi (Ar.). My 
lord, taan-ku. House of Lords, 
majlis mashuarat* orarg bargsa- 
wan. The Lord's day, hari mirg- 
go. The Lord's prayer, perminta- 
'an Tuhan (X.). The Lord's sup- 
per, Perjamuan Tuhan (X.). 

Lord, v. i. To lord it over, tunjok- 
kan kkuasa'an atas, tun j ok pa- 

Lordliness (lord'li-nes), s. rsmi 
orarg bargsawan* rsmi orarg bsar- 

Lordly (lordTi), adj. sperti orarg 
bargsawan;* (haughty) somborg. 

Lordship (-ship), s. (condition of 
being a lord) hal orarg barg- 

Lore (lor), s. prgtahuan, kpandaian. 

Loris (lor'is), s. korgkarg* 

Lorry (lor'ri), s. kreta muat bararg. 

Lose (]66z), v. t. hilavg, which how- 
ever is used intransitively, as, he 
lost his knife, pimu-rya sudah hi- 
larg, or, ia kahilaigan pisau-rya* 
To lose control, tiada terklola* 
lagi To lose ground (fall back), 
undor. To lose heart, tawar hati. 
To lose one's head, naik birgorg. 
To lose sight of, ta'nampak lagi, 
tiada klihatan lagi; (overlook) 
alpakan* To lose one's way, ssat. 
To lose one's life, mati. To lose 
one's sight, jadi buta. Neither 

winning nor losing, blum alah 
mnaig* takalah ta'mnarg (B.). 

Lose, v. i. (suffer loss) rugi; (suffer 
defeat) alah* kalah, tewas* 

Loss (los), s. (destruction) krosak- 
'an, kbinasaan; (deprivation) k~ 
rugian. To bear' the loss, ganti- 
kan krugian. To be at a loss, 
bimbarg, khuatir. At a loss what 
to do, fikiran buntu* 

Lot (lot), s. (fortune, fate) nasib, 
imtorg; (die) undi;* (portion) 
bhagian, untok* tandirg;* (of 
land) petak, lot (E.) ; (large 
quantity) batyak. To cast in 
one's lot with, s-pakat drgan, ber- 
skutu drgan* To draw lots, 
bva?g undi. 

Loth (loth), adj. sgan, ta'suka. 

Lotion (lo'shwn), s. obat pryuchi 
luka, ayer pryuchi. 

Lottery (lot'ter-i), s. lotn (D.). 

Lotus (lo'tws), s. tratai, sroja (Sk.). 

Loud (lowd), adj. (of voices and 
shrill sounds) ryarirg; (of deep 
sounds) gmuroh* gamat* 

Lounge (lownj), v. i. (spend time 
lazily) lergah; (recline) bersan- 
dar. See loaf. 

Lounging-chair ( lownj 'ing-char ) , 
s. kursi malas, krosi sandar (B.). 

Louse (lows), s. kutu; (smaller) 
turgau* tuma;* (on cattle) kutu 
babi. To crack a louse, tindas. 
To h